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Found the attached switch in my apartment living room and not sure what its linked to. I found it in the off position.

It's a 2yr old apartment in the UK and has a mains powered smoke alarm.
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(a) it sets off a fire alarm
(b) it sets your apartment on fire

- pick one. Its Bongoland, its a two year old flat - it will be there to fulfill some bullshit new safety reg, it probably isnt actually wired to anything.

Speaking of safety reqgulations, tho:
>mains powered smoke alarm
-nope.jpg - may alos be mains connected, but must function on battery only. Which is not entirely unsensible, elctrical fire starts, mains trips, you still asleep, etc.

someone installed it sideways, you stupid
Thats the button that launches the nukes.
Your hows use to be an old cold war black site.. It should have been removed but wasnt.

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Sup /diy/nosaurs,

How are your gardens doing?

This is my 3rd summer in my home but my first time gardening. The first year I had to save up for a roof, then the second year I had to refill my savings after the roof. So this year I made it a mission to do the garden.

I decided to do a 4x4 and an 8x4. It's a little cumbersome how I built them so next year I am going to do a massive one and combine them.

In the larger one Ive got peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bushbeans. And in the smaller one I've got 2 more tomato plants, beets, and onions....
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Clean up

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I want to build the Eiffel Tower (3 meters) to my garden. I do not have a 3D printer.
SMAW welding is a good idea. What else do I need?
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You need a garden, which you dont
Are you absolutely that I?
You'll also need an influx of Muslim immigrants.

>inB4 Frexit

hi there guys i have some land i inherited in the Yukon near the Yukon Alaska border it's in my moms name but i'm able to do whatever i want with it,we went up there about 4 years ago and here are some pics of it.

my grandfather used to have a gas station up there back in the 60's but i can't find any part of that actual building.

my question is this, how vital is it that i get it surveyed or can i rely on gov't maps and a handheld gps unit to make my own fence around the land and after wards how hard would it be to mill my own lumber from...
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the road
I've always wanted to build a cabin on some land out in the country but don't have any large amount of disposable income to put towards it

Anyways I remember watching a video of someone using a homemade sawmill called an "Alaskan Mill" using just a long chainsaw and some wood
video here

>1.a garage that can hold a camper or rv
you can probably found a book on torrent about building garages

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I don't think surveys are really necessary but you should definitely have all your existing facilities located. Get a measuring wheel and map you property lines. You should also do a good clean out of all the property before building. Don't build a rigid garage, quansets are all you'll need if you want to just store an rv.
Driveways/ approaches are easy but definitely rent a bobcat or mini-excavator and install a culvert.

A room in the house i just moved into has a window that looks into the laundry room. I'd like to put a picture behind it but can't decide how to light it. I'm thinking i could either make a 2 inch mdf box and throw some leds inside or put leds around the inside of the window and just glue the picture to a panel and stick that up. The opening is 48 x 48 so it would be large photo paper.
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Matte acrylic with polished edges. Shine light in from one edge - whole damn thing glows. Its how LCD backlights work. (There are some diffusing foils and powerful wizardry, but in principle it is that simple.)
How thick would I need? half inch? Could I run LEDs around the perimeter?

And basically, you're saying put the acrylic in front of the picture like in a picture frame, then put light in through the sides?
Ho shit, dont let the inspector walk your house. The laundry room might be unpermitted and he'll force you to tear it down.

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I want to create some sort of sticker stencil to lay on the surface I am painting, and use a blade to cut out the individual sections to paint. But the letters have to much room for error. Any suggestions? Pic related
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Sorry if how I explained it doesn't make sense. I'm just trying paint this graphic exactly like how it is on something.
use tiny art knives
that logo seems doable, but yeah, those "S"s, "C" and "O" are gonna fuck your shit up
steady hands, scalpel with a fresh blade and good luck

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So I bought a cheap screen door and installed it. Stupidly I didn't check if there was enough clearance for the existing door handle and sure enough there isn't. Any ideas how I can get around this? Thought of adding an architrave but that will only lessen the gap at best
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Build a frame around the door and attach the screen door to that. Can use a 2x4 or something to give a little extra space for the screen door to stand proud of the original door frame.
is that an existing exterior door?

need better pics
make a loop from this: http://www.avaryacht.sk/files//lana---prislusenstvi/3/Popruh-PAD-2_5cm1.jpg
and attach it with a screw

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So /diy/

I'm trying to figure out a way to make a speaker portable when its made for a power outlet

I'm thinking about taking a car battery and then transforming the voltage but I dont know how much volt the speaker is using

It says requriment 60 watts in the manual but how do i make volt to watt

I am a giant tech-Moron so Hope someone you can help me
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You aren't just a tech moron...
How about giving us some relevant info such as make/model.
it'll say how many volts on the power adapter

Wattage = Amperage x Voltage.

Amperage = Wattage divided by

Voltage = Wattage divided by Amperage

As long as you know the value of two of these, you can calculate the third.

Therefore, to run a mains speaker on a car battery. In the USA mains voltage is 110-120v AC. So at 12v you'll need ten times the amps to convert it from 120v to 12v. If in the UK Mains voltage is 240v, therefore the amperage will be twenty times as high, in order to run at 12v.

If your...
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Sup /diy/

Finally got around to working on my surplus gun box a bit. Removed all the inserts and sanded down with 80 grit to remove some of the roughness. Needs some chiseling on the bottom to smooth it out a bit, then a lot more sanding.

Should I leave those muzzle rests in on the back or take them out? I'm thinking about leaving them in as an homage to what the box used to store.

Also, dark stain or just teak oil?

For those who haven't seen the past threads, basically I buy surplus army crates and turn them into minibars.
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File: IMAG0649.jpg (4 MB, 4208x2368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 4208x2368
This is with the muzzle rests removed
personally? leave the inserts in. Work them into the design where and if applicable but leave the history intact. And not dark stain.
File: IMAG0580.jpg (3 MB, 4208x2368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm with you on the inserts.

Not sure about the stain though. I went with a fairly light stain on my last one and felt like I could've gone plenty darker.

I don't know if this is the right board or not for this, but I could really use some opinions

The neighbors behind my aunt's house recently added to the fence to heighten it, there's no alley, so for privacy I guess.

They paid for it, and had came to let my aunt know about it and blah blah blah.

Anyway, the fence looks like shit and there's a big mess left over of sand-like concrete and piles of dead torn old vines. We don't care about the vines, but there's still quite a mess in our backyard now.

I looked over...
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Here is how our side fencing looks for comparison.

The back neighbor's side looks close to this in terms of quality
Is the wall right on the property line or is it on their side of the property line? If the latter there is generally nothing you can do. Look into 'good neighbor fence'. Sometimes the local codes require them, most times they don't. Since its their fence they can make it look like whatever they want. You can either put up your own cover or live with it.

If its right on the property line, IE some of it is on your side, some of it is on...
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I have no idea about the property line.

I figured the fence was right on it, I mean it should be, all the fences are like that in this neighborhood (no alleyways)

Google didn't turn up much about good neighbor fence laws, this is Texas if that helps any.

I just feel like we were wronged with it, even though we didn't pay for it. Looked better before, and now in order to make it look decent we'll have to pay money we hadn't intended on doing.

I don't believe the landlord...
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anyone do any sewing? pic not related
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i do, what do you need?
i dont, what do you want
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From time to time.

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I found a motor perfect for my project. The only issue is that its shaft is in metric for 3mm.


Meanwhile, the gears I have are meant to be for 1/8 inch shafts.


Is it possible to just use those gears with the shaft since it's only a 0.007 inch difference? Or would I be better off finding a similar motor but with a 1/8 inch shaft?
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I forgot to mention my project is a small model which needs the motor to provide power to repeatedly push back against spring-loaded lever.
You can get a drop of glue in it, or something
or shim with with 0.007 shim stock (or a bunch of aluminum foil )

or bore out the gear a little more and make a press fit sleeve

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Recently discovered i have a moisture issue in a corner of my basement. Not nearly as bad as the one in the pic as what little mold / mildew there was was contained to the back of the drywall and the 2x4's studs and baseboard (the guy who built it did not use treated wood for the stuff making contact with the floor... i know)

Now i have kept an eye on it and it takes a serious fucking storm to get moisture / water there. BUT its still an issue and i cant re-finish the room until i fix it for good.

The wall has some stair steping hairline cracks but as far...
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If the masonary is cracked and ground water is coming in, you will have no choice
what about relevelling that corner? cracks don't show up without a reason

There are no water stains on the wall which leads me to believe its coming in at the footing.


There is a gutter downspout that dumps water near that corner, and 2 more in the back of the house the dump it near there.

That side of the house is opposite the side that gets heavy rains but with 3 down spouts there thats still a lot of water weight put on the corner.
If i redirect the flow of water im hoping that is enough to solve the...
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Oh boy, /diy/ looks like I got a package! Wonder what's inside!
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Just kidding, not gonna go through all that unboxing bullshit on a board this slow. But it's a free $200 fluke multimeter that they gave me for nothing. If anyone's interested I'll tell the story of how y'all can get your own.
no fuck off
Buy $600 worth of fluke tools and return them?

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>FAA approved


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/diy/ is all about delivery drones

Just not gasoline powered ones
OPs delivery drone is a shit idea and will never work != all delivery drones are shit ideas and won't work

Does the Flirtey drone use a combustible engine?
Does the Flirtey drone force the company to design and build their own software for the drone to work?

So /diy/s criticisms were spot on
File: 03p3RIr[1].jpg (127 KB, 1025x686) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the fug - collect your urgent medical supplies in confort, safety and convenience with a-fucking-literally 5 minute car journey from airport to clinic..

..or choose to duct-tape-n-cardbord-box load them into a random autonomous flying object, assuming the weathers nice, and hope for the fucking best - go on, live a little dangerously! - its only critical medical supplies, after all.

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Wife ordered some new wicker furniture for our deck. Got a set that includes a table like pic related. Didn't notice the glass top when getting it apparently. Unlike pic related, it doesn't slot into the indentation, just kind of floats on top of the rounded edges (it's almost exactly as wide as the table). Only thing included was a 1 inch bumper pad with four little nubs. Doesn't look like it'd really do much - maybe cut apart the single nubs could buffer the edges but since it was packaged seperate from the table, I'm really thinking they sent us the wrong size top.

Any ideas how to secure this thing so it doesn't fly off and shatter at the first bump or stiff breeze?
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look for some brown drawer liner
>it doesn't slot into the indentation
Go home Ikea, you're drunk.
>it doesn't slot into the indentation
Make an indentation for it to slot into

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I'm replacing my kitchen faucet but the new faucet's cold supply line is too short to reach the shutoff valve. On the old faucet the cold was longer than the hot which made it fit just right.
This new one has the hot line longer than the cold as in pic related. So is it possible to switch these out in the actually faucet/handle or do I need to get an extension?
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Why not just switch the lines on the valves?
Surely that will fix the problem correct?
Like from the lines that come from the shut-off vales? Could you re-explain?
The hoses that come off the valves and connect to the faucet
Why couldnt you just switch both of them?

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sup /diy/, I need some help

So I have a ton of succulents, most of which I've had for 2+ years without any issue. I picked pic related up a few months ago at a market (it looked healthy at the time) but within the last week it's completely deflated. I'm assuming based on my googling that it's rotting inside.

Can I still propagate this to try and save it sort of? Or is it completely toast? I've never had any other issues with other cacti or succulents I have, so I'm not sure what caused it to become like this.
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Remembering back to days of a few Botany classes, at this point, it may be best to try to salvage it by replanting it's own roots in a different pot with proper growth-inducing soil.. Of course they would have to be healthy roots and not dead.

I forgot the technical name for this process but it should work if you upkeep well.
What is your climate?

In tropical conditions we can partially bury cacti with dead roots and they tend to just sprout new roots out the body or little nubs that yours has there.

The soil type sometimes doesn't matter because I have seen them shoot roots out on beach sand or even bare concrete during the wet season.

Generally they seem to be happiest when they medium, or lack there of, that they're in dries out between showers/watering

I live in Canada, it's a purely indoor cacti.

Are you saying to just partially bury what I have? Isn't there a way to propagate it that's more robust than just shoving it in soil?

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Hi guys!

I would like to buy a kid's pottery wheel to make some incense burners and sell them around, maybe making a few small pots.

Any suggestions?
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File: 74269-1001-3ww-l.jpg (36 KB, 600x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pic related.
you're better off going to a local studio/community college and taking a few classes. possibly renting out kiln space and buying studio time.

that bake clay isn't worth shit for anything other than grandma's shelf decor.
that's the kind of info i was looking for, thanks.

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I don't know what it's called, or the brand name but the tool is a metal shear. it is hydraulically operated and uses a foot pedal. I need to adjust the foot pedal and possibly addjust the blade. Please help me. The whole blade does not come down at once, it works off a pivot point like GIANT scissors. The closer to the fulcrum the more power...any idea the proper name of this tool and any useful links? please help.
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it is called an alligator shear
Used these machines for years. Is there a question? We called the machines, depending on the type, piranhas, iron workers, plate shears etc.
Goldie search hydraulic plate shear or hydraulic sheet metal shear turns up quite a few results. As far as maintenance and blade adjustments I would look to manufacturer for guidance as different machines will have different specs for blade spacing. For example one of our machines would not cut thin metal for shit unless shims were installed behind the blade to get it close to the other blade. Another machine had an adjuster based on the thickness of the material you were cutting, and a guide for where the blade should be set.

How would you install a bike hanger in an apartment? I'd rather not have a massive hole I have to patch or get interrogated if the landlord decides to pop in.

Thoughts? Seems like I'd dress up the room a bit.
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Build a stand to hold it. The lower part of the stand doubles as a cabinet for bike paraphernalia or whatever.

This man fucks

Not a bad idea, some galvanized pipe should do the trick, easy to get too.
Personally I don't like the look of galvanized metal. I also don't like building things out of pipe.

I'd use some good old fashioned wood for the cabinets and some posts with grooves at the top to hold the handlebars. Then 2 more shorter, thicker posts to hold the pedals.

File: 20160620_082900.jpg (748 KB, 2560x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Whats the best way to go about cleaning this shower?
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it looks clean, what are you talking
>not sure if dirty or yellowed from age
Its not filthy but there is some staining Id like to clean up

Could be

I'm planning on making a PVC nerf rifle/cannon to use with the oversized Nerf mega darts. Now, there's plenty of plans out there for combustion style potato guns, or CO2 powered cannons, but I can't seem to find any solid plans for what I want.
I just want to fire this little dart with as much power as reliably possible, without needing to do things like recharge a separate tank, or refill some sort of fuel. Any ideas?
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Here's a shitty example of the design I'm leaning toward right now. Pump on the bottom to pressurize the larger tank up top, with a valve just past the tank to release the air. It obviously needs reinforced and made in a way that's comfortable to hold, but that's the basic functional plan I have in mind. Anything majorly wrong with it, or any better way to do it?
Get a Schrader valve stem from napa. Use a bike bump with a cam-locking hose so you can either leave the pump attached or drop it when you have an air compressor handy

Don't forget to use primer with your cement. Also google around for the magic PVC gun ratio so you know exactly how long to make your barrel in relation to your tank, and the correct diameter for the tank and valve. A stubby barrel will result in the payload leaving before the majority of the air has time to do work on it
File: Untitled.png (14 KB, 1231x541) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the fewest parts possible to get you launching shit

File: ct90-76.jpg (79 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I just bought a 1969 CT90 that's been neglected for a few years, It's not too far from running but I want to do more with it than just that. I want restore it. Here's the problem though, I know virtually nothing about painting or metal finishing. It's rusted in a few spots and the chrome bits are a little rusted. I can clean the rust up but I'm not sure how to prepare a surface for painting or how to paint for that matter. The chrome really has me worried though, chroming kits online are really expensive and have some really nasty chemicals, so I've...
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Well you either want to do it yourself or you don't. There's no quick fix for bad chrome. Nothing that looks good anyway.

You might want to do a bit more reading online about metal treatment and prep because, no offence, you sound clueless and I'm pretty certain you'll bodge it.
Looks "to clean" for a 69 unless it has been stored very well indeed.
It will be worth more as an original if OP doesn't fuck with the cosmetics.

It's old enough to interest Honda collectors. OP should visit Honda forums.

Anyone on /diy/ have made their own pc case?
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I thought about it, never got around to it. It's too much hassle desu, you can get a nice metal case for $25. You wouldn't save any money building it yourself unless you had scrap metal laying around.
Did you put stand offa in it? Or does pi not need it?

File: Attempt 3.jpg (542 KB, 2240x692) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Attempt 3.jpg
542 KB,
Does anybody have any sewing experience? I enjoy basic handsewing and for the past few months I've been focusing on sewing plush toys. I designed a basic one which came out quite well but now I'm trying to design a Teepo plush from the Tales of Xillia game.

Pic related is a prototype out of scrap fabric/denim, my third complete redesign. The geometric shapes and curves are proving to be an absolute nightmare to get right, real slow trial-and-error shit. I'm normally fine with that but it's taking so long and constant failures are killing my mood. I...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: s-l1600.jpg (126 KB, 838x614) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126 KB, 838x614
Official plush for reference
Fill a sock with cotton, I dunno.

I just take shit off old clothes and put them on slightly less old clothes. Replaced the buttons on my denim vest with leather buckles from old boots. Put leather on the shoulders, that type of shit.
File: shiggy_piggy.jpg (162 KB, 1008x808) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 1008x808
I have very little experience with this but I found that pointy areas that taper off tend to get distorted the most. It's hard to explain but you have to cut the fabric more round that you think it should be. Even then it's easy to get unexpected results.

The only thing I have ever sewed is this pig toy but I think it came out well enough. I did add legs and proper eyes but don't have a photo since I gave it away.

File: Tonayan_y_Kool_Aid.jpg (151 KB, 612x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How to do "aguas locas"?:

this is a mexican (well, at least it is very famous in mexico) alcoholic drink, in english it would mean something like "crazy water", i would recomend it if you want to do a party and you would not like to waste a lot of money.


1.-a full water carboy (preferably, the ones that are about 15 or 20 liters)

2.-6 flavored mix drinks (preferably, kool aid, also, you will need more if you want to use more water)

3.-Vodka or any other alcoholic drinks (i would preffer tonayan, but i dont know...
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Dann son you just explained how to make koolaid with vodka in it great thread
epic original recipe man

koolaid with vodka
so original
so new
>mountain dew
>crystal light lemonade packet

Best drink mix ever

File: IMG_20160624_001858.jpg (976 KB, 2296x2292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have this amber TTL monitor that seems to be defective-not working, has no burn in at all so must be low hour

I only get power LED when turning ona nd heaters but nothing else, now at first I thought uit was just waiting for signal but after trying multiple 8bit Hercules video-cards I am starting to suspect the monitor might have a fault in it.
I have no other monitor to verify that indeed it could be the monitor but am very sure it is

The monitor has 3 IC a TDA2593,TDA1170N and a 74LS136W which I suspect might be the problem, but how can I verify that indeed...
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It's a slow board, be patient
This is a slow board. Bump in 24 hrs. Have you got a schematic?

Instructions on how to clean your oven:

Remove the oven racks from the oven and any other obstacles that might bother you while you’re cleaning the oven.
Heat up your oven to a moderately high temperature so that the sticky grease turns into ash. After a couple of minutes, turn off your oven.
Sprinkle the baking soda on the different over spilled areas of the oven, afterward, spray water on the sprinkled baking soda and get it nicely moist and get it to a level where it’s converted into a paste.
Let it sit overnight in order to let the baking soda eat through the sticky grimes.clean your oven
On the next day grab a cleaning cloth and start wiping the baking soda from the oven (Hint: to know that you’re on the right track, check the cleaning cloth and its color should be brownish, which are the dirty, sticky grease you just cleaned off from the oven)
Use a little amount of vinegar (about two tablespoons) mixed with water to eliminate the dried off pasty baking soda remaining since vinegar reacts with baking soda and foams up which can be easily wiped off with a cloth!
Do a final wipe with a dry cloth and replace the racks back and the remaining tools back into the oven, and there you have! A nice clean oven!
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see more here: http://maxglobal-appliancerepair.com/clean-your-oven-with-backing-soda
those sodium hydroxide based cleaners are way quicker
What's so "natural" in baking soda?

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can I solder a new 3.5mm female into my phone?

the speakers work alright, but whenever I use headphones the audio is crackled and distorted.

I have tried multiple phone roms and headphones.
any advice?

Thank you for your time.
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You can, ifixit and instructables have guides but it usually takes some fine solder work
Having the same thoughts about my nexus 5 after a Chinese cable raped the jack tree point flive is Chinese for 3.7 I guess

Look on ebay for your phone with a broken screen, they are cheap, transplant the entire pcb the jack is connected to. If you use apple your fucked.
The headphone jack is usually a seperate detachable piece from the phone that you can buy for like 4 bucks from any vendor.

Even if it isnt detachable its worth having a look for the same phone models jack piece so it fits snug with the rest of the phone.

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