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Is it possible for a resistor to fail closed?
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anything is possible op
but improbable

if it fails due to heat then resistance will increase as it heats up then usually the film/wire catches fire and goes open circuit

if the failure mode is due to being dipped in hot solder for example then it could fail short circuit
Dunno about a "real" short, but sometimes massive overvoltages can reduce the resistance several orders of magnitude.

Source: twice in the last week (although to be fair it was the same fault on two identical boards).

Overheating seems to be a key element to it happening, green pcb had turned a nice caramel colour underneath.

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What's a good size for PVC to make a homemade tricep dip equalizer such as this one?
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None, that's retarded. Get a cheap mig and steel before you break your wrists.
so basically make it out of metal instead or rip my wrists

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How to I make it so there is more water in my toilet bowl? My big shits always go over the waterline and leave stains every time I flush.
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People can't actually know this little, can they?

I want you to tell me just exactly how the height of the water is controlled before I say anything, OP.
also wondering
you know, at first glance this was also my reaction, but thinking about it, i know how to adjust the water level in the tank, but not the bowl.

What types of places will sell small quantities of steel for diy projects?
I'm looking for about 4 feet of 8'' wide c channel steel. I've called a few small fab shops that don't have any and industrial supply places that will only sell me a 20' section
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I say try asking the closest trade school.

Welcome to the world of people who like to do industrial crap for a hobby. I'm lucky enough to live near a metal yard that caters to anyone who walks in. You pay a bit of a premium for small pieces (in the form of cutting fees), but not too bad.

Look around and see if you can find any such place near you. If not, yeah, you're kind of stuck asking people/businesses who themselves would be using it.
discountsteel. They'll sell you any length you want. They will charge you a cut fee and if you're not local, shipping which won't be cheap.

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Old thread >>895624

>open source community

>buyfag buyers guide
Any number of Reprap kits out there

>basic 3d printing FAQs
https://opendesignengine.net/projects/vg3dp/wiki (lots of useful stufff)

>what kind of filament do I want

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So I'm seeing a couple of really good instruction sets for building your own printer, but I'm wondering how the quality is to something made professionally.

All of the test prints I've seen have very obvious imperfections. This isn't a huge problem because I figure you could always go and sand stuff down a bit, but I also wonder how strong the material is in comparison to traditionally manufactured plastic.

A 3d printer would be very convenient for making custom robotics parts but I want to make sure that it will hold up to a certain level of...
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Every plastic part in the picture you posted was 3d printed and they can withstand the forces required of a 4-axis robot (the printer). If printed on the printer in the picture, you can DIY something similar; I have an all leadscrew reprap.

So to answer your questions:
I dunno.
Good enough for me, anon. Thanks a bunch.

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Hi /diy/
I'm interested in brewing my own alcohol that is pretty much only ethanol and water because that will get you drunk without a hangover.
I've figured that if I use sugar and water only the alcohol will be more pure, are there other ways to purify the alcohol other than distillation and activated carbon?
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>because that will get you drunk without a hangover
Test your theory by watering down some Everclear.
Drink til you pass out.
See if you have a hangover upon awakening.

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I made these nukacola bottles. What do you think?
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Nice, i would have gone with all curved coke bottles personally but thats just me.

Seriously dude, nice work, ive got a soft spot for fallout props so a nuka cola bottle is allways a winner in my book.

Plans for any more props?
Very nice.

Just water and a light or did you add colouring?
So... you printed off labels, glued them to soda bottles, and shined light through them?

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What tool is this?

Picrelated 1/4
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File: thing_3.jpg (428 KB, 1080x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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3/4 Scoreline
File: thing_4.jpg (512 KB, 3840x2160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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4/4 Scoreline on various materials

I think im going to buy jbl e40 bt headphones, but i hate their look, giant labels, so i thought i could mod them somehow, ive got access to a small 3d printer, so maybe you have pics of modded headphones for design inspiration. Hope this is /diy/ and not /fa/, if so im sorry _.
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>jbl e40 bt

instead of doing that, pay money for something that is actually good instead of brand/marketing driven headphones.
>I hate their look
Then why the fuck are you going to buy them? That's literally the only reason anyone would buy them in the first place.
This guy is right. Get something decent for the same price.

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Something inside my all-plastic Harbor Freight digital calipers broke and now there's a lot of play between the jaws aka it's useless.

What is the best in-between digital calipers that are better than the chinashit Harbor Freight variety and stupid expensive Mitutoyo/Starrett/etc calipers?? Something very high quality, steel, and guaranteed accurate for $40-60?
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>guaranteed accurate for $40-60

the stainless harbor freight ones are fine for $10. take them apart and wash out all the grit and garbage, lube, reassemble. they only get grossly inaccurate when the batteries are dying. buy a stack of fresh maxells off ebay.
You can buy a mitutoyo like in your pic used for ~$50.
Pic related. $200 solar calipers not even a year old vs a 10+ year old one I got recently for $50 or something used.

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So DC motors are pretty interesting, and they are indeed inductors. So that must surely mean that if the magnet inside has stopped moving some kind of resistance should be changing, as such does that mean that it's possible to tell if a motor has stalled?

I want to try and set up a smart motor, that will stop pumping current through when current spikes.
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Everything you've written is correct, and there have been motor driver ICs that detect stalls like this for the last forty years or so.

Something to keep in mind that current will also spike when the motor is going from stopped to spinning. Your logic needs to ignore current spikes for a short time after switching the motor on.
Sensorless 3-phase BLDC motor controllers use the effect to advance the commutation phase.
thank anon.
could you direct me to a good website that i could read more about this?

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Hey electrical /diy/er's. I don't post here often, but I've been doing some tinkering, and right now I have a need for a digital oscillator (5V, square/ pulse output), and I want it to sweep its frequency range upon pressing a button.

In other words, what I want to accomplish is this: when I press a button or something, the oscillator will start at a relatively high frequency (sub 60 Hz), and then it will ramp down and after a few seconds it will be at a low frequency (maybe around 0.5 Hz or less, or completely stopped).

Because this VCO will be routed to some standard 7400 series TTL IC's, I would ideally like to modulate only the output frequency, and keep the 5V amplitude constant.

An astable multivibrator seems like a good starting point (maybe I'm wrong, I am only a neophyte). Pic related is a good ol' 555 timer. Currently, the output frequency is easily adjustable with the 20k Ohm pot, and I'm happy with the range of frequencies at the high and low ends.

I'm wondering if maybe I can make some sort of voltage-controlled resistor rig out of a transistor, and then using a cap to control the ramping-down speed. I could then control the output frequency of the oscillator. But I don't know how to go about this.

Very sorry about the long post, but if you can help me accomplish my goal from the second paragraph, then please guide me, sensei.
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Basically the opposite of a chirp circuit then? It does the opposite of what you're describing.
555 has built in VCO circuits that most people don't notice. Just build the standard astable circuit and connect your control voltage to pin 5.

4046 is another simple option. It's a common chip with a VCO on it. The circuit is as simple s they come.
Not totally sure what you mean by a chirp circuit, I tried to google it but I was just getting 555 "cricket" type buzzers. Which operate at a constant frequency

Neat, I'l check out that other IC when I can get my hands on one. In the mean time, I'l try experimenting more with pin 5. In the OP pic, its just coupled to ground with a .1uF cap.

I'm just not sure how to get the sort of control voltage signal I want. I'l...
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Remind me, folks.

After the apocalypse, what fuels still work for vehicles?
How long do they last?
What can be done to make them last longer?

No need to go into how to retrofit vehicles so that they can use other fuels, yet.
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Diesel engines can run on vegetable oil.

If you ferment sugar and then distill the liquid, you'll get ethanol which flex fuel engines can run on.
cars can run on wood too. Look up wood gasifier car.
Alcohol and biodiesel are the only practical ones you can make but holy shit it needs so much edible plant matter to make a little bit of fuel.

I think practically electric will be the best option.

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My family has an old hp media center PC 864n pic related and I wanted to know if anything was salvageable for a modern gaming PC like case or anything don't want to open it up unless I know that's the only option
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>don't want to open it up unless I know that's the only option
It doesn't sound like you know what you're doing.
Well I'm trying to start
There's nothing to be salvaged from that POS for a gaming PC, but what's stopping you from taking a screwdriver to that thing and removing 2 or 3 screws to see inside?

File: christmas-tree-stand-bad.jpg (20 KB, 352x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how do i diy a treestand for a 8' xmas tree.
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those stands are fucking horrible. I hate them with a passion
File: s-l300.jpg (19 KB, 297x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know some one that sells these. It is just a pipe with a metal plate welded to the bottom and holes for nails/screws/bolts. They look better than this one and are painted green. They are heavy and rugged.
Those stands are supposed to have boards of proper length screwed to the bottom... (hence the holes in the feet) and are kept as small as possible for storage reasons... Now explain to me how they are so bad..?

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