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So Is there anyone who know how to work a arduino?

Solar tracking rig for maximum sunlight using a arduino.

1. Fully automated sun tracking.
2. I must have 2 axil control.
3. Abel to hold 10 panels.
4. High winds must be taken into account and turn accordingly.
5. Low budget.

So there is my project (Personal project for own home. No power grid connection. Solar only) that im busy with. Point 2 and 3 I can do. Im studying mechanical engineering part time right now. So the rig and strength is not a problem for me to build.

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Other thing I forgot to add is stepper motor requirement and sufficiently sized drivers.
Listen bro, I can't help you with this but I just want to share something I've learned through the years.

You're going for the holy grail right now. Don't. First build a platform that can be turned and skewed with a simple panel. Fine tune the shit out of that, it needs to be absolutely flawless. You'll need an Arduino, some motors and a little pit of engineering.

Once that is all done and is working like a champ, once that is done.. don't you fucking dare build a sensor that tracks the sun.. the sun follows the exact same path every...
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You'd have a much easier life by programming it to move according to a timer.

Sensors introduce complication and a damaged sensor can screw over your entire array.
>bird shits over LDR
Another complication you'd encounter is cloud chasing. Your array would get disturbed by clouds since they'd change the values of your LDRs leading to basically your array moving constantly during the day, burning away the little electricity you have.
Now to solve such an issue you'd have to introduce mechanics for dealing with...
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Eurofag here. Why do murifags have doorknobs instead of door handles? Whats the point?
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We dont have the need to feel a phallic shaped object hundreds of times a day.
...not that there's anything wrong with that
Door handles are required on commercial buildings. Something something Cripples Act.

Knobs are just more aesthetic.

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Stupid question
I've got one of these portable ACs in my office, and the exhaust tube goes up to the ceiling
So when it's running, the tube is radiating a quite a bit of heat.
I was wondering what's the best way to insulate it
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Probably pipe insulation, if you can find it in the right diameter.
Best way to insulate an air duct is just wrap it with foam or other types of insulation, but tobehonest just wrap it with cardboard with some duct tape will help a lot since it is not a huge issue anyway

(they are used in starbucks coffee to hold a hot cup so they works)
What do with a cherry log that's 1m long and 20-30cm in diameter? Basicaly i need ideas. Google mostly gives me chairs and benches and i have no need for those. My tools are limited to chainsaw ( could be used to rip that bitch), el. plane,circular and jigsaw and a lot of hand tools. I guess i could have it planed somewhere nearby but i could go the hard route with a hand plane/scraper and a shitload of sanding. God i just love sanding. Don't you?

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I want to get into gas welding. Any anons can recommend some equipment? From what I've read good low pressure regulators are important. The options for torches and tips is a little overwhelming doe. I'm mainly wanting aluminum and steel cut & weld capabilities.
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Get any ARC welder or Tig/Stick combo. It will do everything better and not explode.
Said _GAS_ faggot. If you don't know shit about it, GTFO out my thread
I do know about it. I have done gas, gtaw, smaw, gmaw, Flux core, etc etc welding of all kinds and gas sucks. It's good for one thing and that is cast iron and honestly tig/gtaw welding is better.

A stick and tig machine can do titanium, stainless, magnesium, aluminum, mild steels, white metals, brass, bronze, copper, etc etc.

Gas cannot do those thing. Gas is good for heating metal and cutting. It's a poor welding medium compared to any Arc welder.

Hello /diy/. How to build a circuit for 9 12vDC@1.2 watts with Arduino Leonardo? How it will works is that everytime a button is clicked, it would light up.

I'm currently building a Pop'n Music controller and I'm already done with the wiring. All is left to make it pretty is to lit it up.
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Not sure what you're trying to do but all you need is a push button and a transistor
You mean build an LED circuit, or what OP?
Use LEDs push buttons

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download (1).jpg
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Im planning on the long term to build myself a clean room.
Has anybody tried to DIY hepa filter? Is it doable?
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I've installed camfil farr biological grade filter systems on morgues and biological labs in the past.

If you're talking that level of clean, then no. Not DIY able.
What about a Elctrostatic Precipitator then?
>installing an airfilter system not possible to /diy/

But restoring a old military bunker all by yourself. With included blast doors... Thats within the /diy/ realm.

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no Fireworks Thread?
Fireworks Thread.

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Let the chinese make the fireworks
http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Blow-Your-Hand-Off-Then-Burn-Yourself-To -Death/

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I got this in my workshop/old maids room

I assume they are fuses? They have 30A500v rating on them.

My workshop is only 220v with 2 double outlets on the same line and 2 ceiling lights and that is all the electrical in there.

I want to move/add some more double outlets on the other side of the room and I am not too familiar with fuse breakers. Is there anything I should consider, other than opening the circuit, before beginning?
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Its hard to tell what these were used for without you tracing the wires. It might be that each of those outlets has its own fuse (protip, look into breakers).

The outlets are on the same line as previously mentioned. Wires are surface mounted on the wall
They are wire fuses, if you pull them out and look at the reverse side you will see two terminals with fuse wire across them, the wire thickness determines the value. You will have one for lights and the other for sockets, assuming UK that should be 6A and 13A respectfully. If you plan on using it as a workshop, would get it all replaced with a new consumer unit using rcbo's, cabling and sockets. Those old fuses are notorious for being slow to blow or having the wrong wire installed. You can find modern RCD drop...
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Got a Siemens A14-16 frontload washer, unfortunately the bearings broke. Now a new problem arises: how does one find the type of bearing for the machine? (I'm not at home so I can only look up the model number)
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also got this vague picture of the part numbers
Err.. rotational bearings? Or the struts that support the wash drum?

Was this on the part in question?
The bearings that make the wash drum rotate.
The sticker was on the top of the barrel of the drum.

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2016-06-06 06.33.48.png
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Anyone have any experience with Chinese chainsaws? I have a Haddon lumber maker, a rip chain and plenty of logs. Looking to cut my own lumber.
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some of them are meant to be pretty good. I want to get a bandsaw mill.
Always used husqavana or stihl myself
Logosol M8 master race reporting in...

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/audio general/

I jusr bought my first serious kit, an s-87 from microphone-parts

Really looking forward to it, and also getting interested in cheap pre amps and electret mics for more experimental recordings.

Pic related is a piezo contact mic preamp, ill probly give that a shot after the s-87
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>photo of a screen displaying a scanned drawing
>not a photo of a screen displaying a photo of scanned drawing on a wooden table
so close
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?Who are you quoting?

Anyways, got the kit today, will hopefully start it in a couple days time. Bump for the meantime
This is a direct order to keep me posted, because I have now developed an interest in this, which may develop into an investment.

Now go.

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Post things you made!

Made this paver stone.
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Made a crash bandicoot mask, all i have to do now is find some colorful feathers and attach them to the top
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Made this monstrosity out of scrap and leftovers
>calling an aku aku mask a crash bandicoot mask

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I went to a tool show recently and tried everything from impact drivers to skill saws, jigsaws routers and I can't make up my mind as I want to replenish my cordless set as its ryobi. I'm thinking makita but I'm also swerving toward Milwaukee, what do you guys think?
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You got Ryobi, if it works it works. I mean, is there anything you don't like about them other than "hurrdurr mah milwankeeeeee"
Milwaukee. Makita. Dewalt. Metabo. Hilti. Bosch.
I would go makita because I've had them and still have them. A buddy likes his milwaulkees. My step son likes his porter cable.

Get something that feels good in your hands.

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rather than running a conduit under a road to connect a simple rj11 cord, I am hoping to wirelessly do it, but I cant quite find something that would work exactly

I was thinking of using a hobby drone telemetry transmitter and just going pin for pin or using an rs232 transmitter and going pin for pin though for both of these I'm not too sure whether it would even work

it seems like such a simple concept, yet I am having a real pain finding something designed specifically for it that isnt an "through the power outlet" style extender

pic related,...
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rj11 is a connector, not a protocol
rs232 is a protocol, not a connector
as you can tell, I'm pretty lost when it comes to this, my intention is solely to transmit telephone line wirelessly, less than 50 feet

my knowledge is in plc's not this

rj11 is simply because I have no idea what to call the standard telephone protocol
Its called a cordless phone dummy.

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I've just given an apartment to rent a house.
I want to have a Hank Hill-tier lawn, but it's currently half grass half weed.
If I dump pictures of the weeds, can /diy/ help identify them and their best removal method?
The lawn is in Australia.
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A broad-spectrum broadleaf herbicide will kill almost anything with broad leafs (surprise) - you don't need to do much specialization. Won't touch crabgrass through, like in the first picture. That you need to get before it germinates, i.e. next year.

Meme answer is to just roundup the whole fucking thing, till it and resod/reseed. That's not necessarily a bad idea if it's really too far gone.

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If I cut my headphones and hot glue it to my speaker would it play music?
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im 99% sure yes

but im not to good with computers
It will produce sound
It will be far too quiet to actually listen to anything without an amplifier.
>hot glue
No dude, if you cant solder at least use electrical tape.

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Newfag to /diy/, what is pic related made of and how do I create the mesh? Should I use foam or use wood and go to home depot?
How do I cut the tubular shape out of planks for a fuselage?
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shameless self bump, i really want to get into RC

The frame will be wood, light weight like Balsa, but probably cedar for strength...

The skin is likely some kind of canvas fabric, again for it's light weight...

You will be cutting arcs for the frame, similar to boat/canoe building...

Google rc building ya lazy fucker...

Many large scale RC planes of that size are nonstructural vacuform components over a balsa core structure, or foam with a heat-shrink covering.

Long ago, they were a built up balsa structure covered in tissue paper treated with nitrocellulose or butyrate doped finishes.

Some still are, but most use more modern materials.

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I've determined that my welder is frequently shorting out and flipping the breaker when I use it. Should I make an attempt to have it rebuilt? And if not, is there anything else I can use it for? It is a very old model, and I wouldn't mind replacing it, but I don't want to be wasteful.
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There has to be a shop that repairs electronics. Or go to a hardware store and ask if they have any idea it could be worth repairing. Good to see you don't want to be wasteful :) About half the time it isn't worth repairing though. Gl
sell it for copper :^)
and this >>1007558
if its totaly fucked then get a new one
repairing a lorch is worthwhile, their reputation is good. and old welders are less chinese than new welders.
what breaker are you using? you'd need at least 32A single phase or 10A 3 phase.

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What's the easiest and most profitable craft you can make and sell on etsy? I was thinking wooden spoons.
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550 cord anything....
Anything "steampunk"
Some kind of jewelry item that's either unusual or interesting that costs $10 and is somehow easy and inexpensive for you to make/assemble. Any material.

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Is it a meme? Or can I do better?
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A couple EE guys I know through ham radio stuff have Rigols and they think they're pretty good.

a tektronix tds 360 will give you 200mhz at 1gs/s easily for under 300 bucks on ebay.

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Running rooted MM (N6p) with Chroma. Been using GravityBox but it seems rather shallow.. And xBlast Tools is not working for me.

Google has not been my friend at all on this matter.
You guys have any suggestions?
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Could there be an easy way for me to cherry pick features from a rom and then compile it into an apk?
Xposed installer
App settings for DPI adjustment that actually works.
>Xposed installer

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Mom has hit a rough spot again.
It seems the Alcoholism and Deflated Ego has come to a point.

I've consulted her since I was a young teen but it seems it's out of my hands at this point.

I know this isn't really /DIY/ material,
but how would YOU go about helping/treating YOUR Mother whilst knowing that you aren't putting her through unworthy programs or simply not letting her put herself out of misery?

I'm personally looking into a co-dependency program..
but how far should I take this?

I'm worried of making...
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Also the cops have already been by tonight so no need to blow it up bigger than it already is.
Definitely doesn't belong in /diy/

R9k has a few guys in there looking to help.

YOU can talk to a counselor to see if they can help you help her if she doesn't want outside help.

It is obviously getting to a point where you feel you have to seek outside help through an american cordless tool shilling forum

I need some help guys, my garden is mostly clay and during yesterday's heavy rain completely flooded resulting in water coming up under the door and flooding my house. Is there a way to help prevent this? I was thing of using a yard stick to make deep holes in garden

Also uk sparky, ama
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you need trench, not holes, but really depends on many things
Have a concrete trench with a little drain running along the house, but it just can't deal with the gutter and the garden, water just runs straight off the lawn
Goggle garden drainage.

Look for French drains.

If you can't do that, pay someone to do it for you.

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So I'm probably retarded, but I cannot seem to wrap my head around how to program a toaster oven for reflow using PID on arduino. Anyone offer a quick run down?

Side note, the oven I'm using has the shitty resistive elements, so I don't think it heats up quickly enough for the reflow curves, should I just try to find a new oven or will it be fine?
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Get a job and move out of mummy's basement
have you actually seen this done before? Reflow oven temperature zones are static, so ramping a toaster oven doesn't really compare. You would need to invent your own oven curves since the ramp times wouldn't be similar at all.

If you are serious about doing it then thermocouple each board and use that for the feedback loop directly. You'll be able to tell when you hit thermal equilibrium to end your preheating zone. I don't know how critical the TAL is, since your oven probably wont be...
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File: kester[1].jpg (94 KB, 594x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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shits all over the internet for hobby grade shit. And this is what I was talking about for reflow curve, although I'm sure temperature profile would be a more appropriate name. I was under the impression that there's one provided in the solder paste datasheet to inform what temperatures and times the paste needs.

And of course I have a thermocouple for feedback. How else would I know anything about whats going on inside?

The elements are basically hooked up to mains through a solid state relay...
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Hey guys,
I have a few PSU's
What are my options to do something useful/interesting.
I've already made a bench power supply, a usb charger array, and powered a car deck and speakers to make a really dope speaker system with bluetooth.
I have a few more left. Any Ideas?
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See how many of the wires you can get up your asshole before you bleed
build an inverter to power your power supplies
but srs I already got an inverter

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How it's going one guys? I need a little help here, can you please tell me if I can ran this 3 phase motor as a single fase one? Thanks.
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The short answer is no.

The engineering department at your local university could do it, but it's not worth the effort to look into.
Thanks for the input. I saw a few youtube videos of people doing it but they had a different setup than this one. Care to explain why would I need a team of engineers to do it?

I got this motor for free and I'm willing to put the time it takes to make it work though.
Sure you can.
The cheap and nasty way is to use a capacitor between two phases to simulate phase shift.
The proper way is to purchase a VFD

File: WP_20160610_14_37_08_Rich_LI.jpg (304 KB, 2640x1480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I accidentally bought the wrong version of a Delta sprayer.

I don't have a Delta sink. I only bought this because it seemed like it was the only sink sprayer that wasn't cheap Chinese garbage.

So I need help figuring out how to connect this thing to the water supply. Picture related.
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Picture of the valve.
Sounds like I might need to return this thing to Amazon and get the right one, but finding the right one is proving to be difficult because they use the same image for every fuckin' product.
You gotta return it bro. Its not made to be hooked up to the water supply. Its made to fit in a special connector that built into the underside of the faucet.
What about this one, then?

The comments report that it comes with a "standard 1/4" adapter" but I'm not sure if that means that it threads onto the water supply or not.

I'm not familiar with plumbing at all.

File: 0008148306418_A.jpg (43 KB, 380x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I need more room!

Thinking about moving some books and stuff into plastic containers out in an external storage shed.

This is actually my dad's house I am sorting out. He's too old and I'm too busying trying to get myself together to actually build one like a cousin's husband did. Beautiful work he did himself, but it was expensive and time consuming.

What would you suggest for a simple shed. Thinking $500-$1500 range.
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i have a few Rubbermaid Roughneck boxes outside, and not a drop of water has gotten inside in 3 years time. still, i sometimes use a dollar store tarp to make sure they dont collect water over top, and use a string to wick away any water that does. a thrift-store tent would also work if you patch any holes.
Bullshit. Without a seal, water will get in.

All I can tell you is that Lowes/HD sell displays for dirt cheap sometimes. If you do put those containers in a shed, buy some insulation tape from Lowe's/HD and make a seal around it before you close it up, and put some moisture absorbing shit in there. Arm and hammer, silica, whatever. I still regret leaving mine in the garage.
the plastic ones work decently, but i wouldn't put books in a shed unless i didn't care about them at all, and at that point i'd either sell them or get rid of them. . .

if you're going to do that anyways, get a solar powered vent fan to push out all the hot air that'll ruin the books over time,

go get a plastic drop cloth, and use some black silicone to hold it up no water will make it in, and get any kind of screen and use more of the black stuff to hold it in place over the vents to hell keep flying bugs out

and put borax...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 20160610_130058.jpg (942 KB, 2640x1980) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
942 KB,
Got this all at a garage sale for $65
Did I do good /diy/?

Never really done anything with tubes, but each box was $20 and there has to be atleast 50 in each box, and looking a couple up ranged from $5-$20ea on ebay. They had atleast 10 more boxes exactly the same, and 20 more radios of different types ranging from $25-$45. Should I go back for more tomorrow? Maybe buy in bulk and strike a deal?
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can you feed those to your children when you can't afford to buy groceries?
Well as someone with a massive erection my advice might not be the best

also this

File: 20160609_181722-1.jpg (4 MB, 2614x1913) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB,
Alright /diy/nosaurs!
I just inherited some property and I'm looking to clean up and build something in the backyard because I'm bored, but I can't figure out what to make.
I was hoping you guys could give me suggestions.
I was thinking of a shaded area over what will one day be the garden, but that's all I've really got so far. (California central valley heat is brutal)
Any suggestions? Preferably to do with wood since that's what I'm at least adept at, but really I'm up for anything. I was also thinking about a Japanese smoker...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 20160609_181709-1.jpg (4 MB, 2738x1826) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 2738x1826
are firepits allowed in your area?

get rid of that garden fence and make a bitchin' firepit.
Restoring and maintaining that grass will be a bitch. Would local codes allow you to dig it up and replace it with some kind of stone or sand? You could start a trend in both style and water conservation.

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