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Thinking about getting into drones or quadcopter,...
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Thinking about getting into drones or quadcopter, for the first time. Any suggestions?
Never flown a quad, but I have some helicopters and a plane. My suggestion is to get something cheap, tough and easy to repair for your first quad if you've never flown one before as you will crash.
Afetr you get the hang of it, start getting better ones, or make your own. That's my 2 cents. have fun!
I would say "use the catalogue and find the quad thread", but the retard OP over there used some bullshit webm instead of an instantly recognisable image like /ohm/ and /3Dpg/ do, making it almost impossible to find (unless you know to search for "multirotor" instead of "quad", which is also bullshit, because quads have propellers, not rotors).


So instead I'll say had on over to >>794682 and ask there.
download realflight, buy in ebay the wire for connect ur controler at your pc
do alot of hours of simulator
Learn the theory first, i.e how it controls it self by changing angular momentum, then move on to how this control is achieved, raspberry pi and all that.
Works great on paper, but I've personally always found hands-on learning to work better.

OP, I recommend getting a cheerson cx-10 to learn basic quadcopter skills. They're like $20 and don't break the first time you crash them.
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What a nice day to mow the lawn.
This. Got a CX-10 a month ago to learn how to hold a steady hover and basic navigating before moving up to a Phantom 2 Vision. Granted the Phantom is easier to fly than the CX-10, I still don't need to worry about getting confused when the copter rotates and the directional controls invert.
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>I still don't need to worry about getting confused when the copter rotates and the directional controls invert.
The main advantage is being able to switch to manual mode, which will fly like the Cheerson, when GPS or compass are supplying incorrect data for whatever reason. Lots of things can cause this - powering on on something made of metal (e.g. manhole cover) and flying near power lines by accident or flying into the backhaul microwave beam of an unseen cell towers backhaul connection.
The thread you linked is now dead unfortunately.

Why programming language is most used for quadcopters? I recently got into basic microcontroller stuff and made something sing in BASIC Micro.

I've got stuff I'm going to build before I get into quadcopters, but it'd be nice knowing the language beforehand.
One of the earlier open-source FC firmwares is MultiWii, which is C++ on an ATMega32. It's user base is declining nowadays, but it pioneered lots of concepts and still shares a lot of code which is descendants...

...which are Baseflight and Cleanflight written in C for STM32F ARM CPUs. They're the most common open-source firmwares nowadays.

Both of the above mainly focus on the non-autonomous flight modes using accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer/sonar sensors. Mainly used by acrobatic flyers.

ArduPilotMega (APM) is a firmware focusing more on GPS-assisted flight modes in which the copter can hold position or fly to waypoints on its own. Written in C++. Used to target ATMegas, but nowadays STM32F too.

The OpenPilot project is a hybird between those two intentions and also written in C++, also for ARM CPUs. You can actually run Clean/BaseFlight on an OpenPilot reference board too.

People have moving away from microcontrollers and towards ARM CPUs in general.

FCs must run real-time operating systems, so you're seeing lots of C and C++.

tl;dr C/C++ on ARM
Thanks for the info.
I've done a decent amount of programming in C++, but nothing for hardware yet.
>wl toys v959
>pic related

It was first quadcopter I bought to learn how to fly the thing. First time, Fly it directly into the ceiling, twice. Surprised my roommate didn't text me asking what was going on. I then tied it with a weight until I got the hang of it.
*tied it down with weight, and string.
Torontofag here.

Are there any stores in Toronto with large selections of quadcopters, or am I better off ordering them online? I wanted to get my hands on a Cheerson CX10 and a Syma X12.

Selections at The Source and Future Shop (Well, technically Best Buy now) are fairly limited, and the ones they sell are shit.
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Every motor has a rotor (:
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I'm building a cheap quadcopter made form an aluminium frame (taken from an old shower door) and the basic electronics. (kk2 flightboard, 1200 kv motors, 20 A escs) here's how it's going. I'm working on a cheap landing gear made form the handles of a plastic bucket.
That's pretty neat. How hard is it to make one of those things? I bought one from a local toy store going out of business and I'm surprised with how much I enjoyed it. Thought about building my own, but then I realized I have no idea how to even start.
You can always start here http://blog.oscarliang.net/build-a-quadcopter-beginners-tutorial-1/

Just wondering, does the flight code come pre made, or do I have to make it from scratch?

I remember having to do that for a robot I built a while back and it took fucking forever.
Getting into RC in general can be expensive.
If you want to test flying a quad go buy a Blade Nano you can get ready to fly with controller for $90, they are the best entry quad, i still love to fly it.

If you decide you want to into RC. I recommend starting with a 250 size quad, youll find that it is probably as big as youll want to go. Cheaper overall to build, cheaper repairs, cheaper props, you still get FPV, telemetry, flight modes, and its way more portable than larger quads.

From 400mm and up the only reason to build these over a 250 is if you want to carry a larger camera or FPV + GoPro on a gimbal. And their cost significantly goes up as motor size goes up,

The one thing i wouldnt skimp on is your controller, I use an older Futaba 72mhz ive had for years for my nitro planes. But if I bought a brand new transmitter i would buy a FrSky Taranis, They are pricey but you get everything you could ever want.
Eyyyy Toronto,

Do you know east York well? Search Google for johns hobbies on the danforth, they will tell you all you need to know, great family owned store with tons of copters
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Landing gear installed, made from the handle of a bucket.
>motor wires facing outwards
>Blade Nano
What's this wire called? Can I use a cheap controler, or do I need one with USB?
My Hubsan X4 just came 3 days ago and I love it. I crashed several times and it's still perfect.

The hardest thing is flying it when the copter is facing a different direction than you.

That's how I always crash.
That's true, it's called "nose in" flying.
The only way to get better at it is to crash trying.
But at some point you brain will go click and you'll be able to do it.

What helped me was to fly circles and curves, like a plane would and not a copter, so the orientation changes "naturally" during the turn. For example a large 8 shape. Later on I was able to change orientation freely.
I'd like to do that but I need a large area to do it safely.
And it's always windy here and besides I think I wouldn't feel comfortable with other people looking.

Another thing I noticed, and the cause of my biggest crash, happened when I was flying in the garden. I went like 2 stories high and the wind, instead of just moving the Hubsan left or right, rotated it and moved it.

So when I tried to make it come back my left was his right and so on so I lost visual contact with the copter, got nervous and cut throttle.
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Enjoy buying servos
Hey guys,
Do you think this:


and a Turnigy 9X, or something, would be a suitable "first quad" for a beginner? Or should I just buy a Hubsan X4?

I'm a massive poorfag, but after watching a few videos and reading a bit, I realised I, for no reason at all, really need a quad.
do you just really hate the idea of hover stability?
Here's my first build! Really fun to fly, it's way different to fly 0,5kg than to fly 40g haha

if money is a big issue then don't buy such a large quadcopter that would completly break at the first crash.

At the same time the kit is a cheap and easy entry. (no soldering) but you still need some battery and the included flight controller is unknown to me.

If you're really interested in flying then go for a small one that will provide instant fun at no risk then go reading about how to choose and build parts for a bigger one. (And think about which size you want, 0.5m might be too big?)
Thanks for the reply, m8.

Yeah, I guess that might be a bit too big and expensive for me. Soldering itself isn't a problem for me, bit I still think I wouldn't put it together correctly, or crash it on the first day. I'll just buy a Hubsan (and 50 extra props), and when I'll get good at flying it, and start making my own money, I'll buy a big one.

That 450 still looks rad, though.
some extra batteries and a way to charge two or more at the same time is really great btw

Like this?

They also have 5-packs of 3.7V LiPos for about 15€.
this is only good if you can provide enough power to that usb port

I bought a charger that could also be used to charge bigger battery (IMAX B6AC) and something to charge 5 small battery in parallel, works great.
Guys my hubsan x4 fell in water

at first it wouldn't fly but now it's alright... but the camera isn't working anymore.

There should be a blinking red light near the blue one when the transmitter and the copter binds, which would go off when it detects the micro SD, but there's no red light anymore.

Does anyone know a solution aside from buying a new camera module?

Excuse my awful wording please.
buy cheerson cx 10. cheap fun to fly and tiny. good way to learn how to fly
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