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Anyone know good books about fashion theory...
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Anyone know good books about fashion theory or history? I'm looking to learn as much as possible.
"Fifty fashion looks that changed the 1990s"
Also interested
the only productive discussion and it's ignored, very typical /fa/

Be sure to read up on your favorite designers. These really helped me out last year, it's a good starting point:

Fashion Designer's Resource Book
What is Fashion Design?
Japan Fashion Now
Comme Des Garcons
The Language of Clothes
Skin + Bones : Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture
100 Dresses: The Costume Institute - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Haute Couture : The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Culture to Catwalk : How World Cultures Influence fashion
Japanese Fashion Designers : The Work and Influence of Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, and Rei Kawakubo
Street Style
Rebel Youth
Bespoke : The Men's Style of Savile Row
Fashion Futures
Rick Owens
Yohji Yamamoto (V&A)
Harris Tweed : From Land to Street
The Men's Fashion Reader
The Golden Age of Couture
Extreme Beauty : The Body Transformed
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>Deconstructionism in Fashion, Clothes and Self Perception



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>Comme des Garcons / Rei Kawakubo










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>Yohji Yamamoto




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>Helmut Lang

"After Helmut"


"Helmut Lang, 2004"

interviewed by peter halley


"Helmut Lang on the threat of an outside force"


"(HELMUT LANG) AnOther Magazine, Issue 19, written by Susannah Frankel"

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special thanks to timber for this one

"ABOUT Helmut Lang's major influence over the fashion of the last 15 years there is little doubt. Consumers can thank him for flat-front pants, the number of buttons on men's suits - first three, more recently two - and the spiraling prices of designer jeans and T-shirts. An entire culture of prestige denim was born from Mr. Lang's low-rise jeans with intricate washes, for which he dared to charge close to $200 in the 1990's.

So powerful was his creative leadership that when he said he would show his collections in Manhattan ahead of European rivals, most American designers followed suit, and New York Fashion Week was permanently rescheduled.

Yet this designer, who was once a driving force of minimalism, who was profiled in The New Yorker and who advertised his name in thick black letters on the top of taxicabs, has found himself in a state of free fall, with his empire being dismantled piece by piece.

Four months ago Mr. Lang left the company that bears his name after long-running discontent with the Prada Group, which owns it. In early May, Prada began talks to sell off the business, describing it as unprofitable. This week Prada told managers at the designer's stores in New York and Paris they would be shuttered in July.


When asked of his plans at a recent benefit in Manhattan for the International Center of Photography, Mr. Lang smiled in his typically opaque way and said only one word, 'Patience.'"

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (1985)

It taught me all I need to know about personal style.

Not OP, but thanks for the resources.
p-please post more

Don't go

Good book on the impact of fast fashion on the fashion industry, workers. I'd highly recommend it.
>Mr. Lang smiled in his typically opaque way and said only one word, 'Patience.'"
Based HL
*tips bondage inspired bug chaser fedora*

true visionary
If you have access to peer-reviewed journals via your post-secondary institution's online library they're a really great resource. I recommend reading Valerie Steele's work for general fashion and Bonnie English/Akiko Fukai for stuff pertaining to Japanese fashion. I think even Siki Im's had an article published in the journal Fashion Theory.

If this thread's still up by the time I get home I'll try to upload a bunch of articles I saved.

Some other reading I recommend that doesn't necessarily relate to fashion but design in general:
Tanizaki- In Praise of Shadows
Hara (former designer for Muji)-White
Hara- Designing Design
Koren- Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets, and Philosophers

Happy reading anon
>bondage inspired

this is what /fa/ actually believes
damn my elite high brow sarcasm must have just too much rip
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Not sure if anyone's still watching this topic but I uploaded a rar of approx. 55 articles that you can download here:


It includes some stuff about textiles, material culture, and fashion and identity. I also threw in two books, The Anti-Aesthetic by Foster and Benbow-Pfalzgraf's Contemporary Fashion (2002 edition). I was wrong about Siki Im authoring an article in my previous post, turns out he was only interviewed. I hope somebody finds this stuff useful/interesting.
Thank you so much for these, I've just recently taken interest in fashion
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