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Ethically produced clothing
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do you make an effort to buy ethically produced clothing /fa/?

If not, why?
Almost everything you can buy for < $100 comes from China or Vietnam anyways

nah i dont care about poor people making clothes for plebs

my clothes are all made in the first world
and many, many things that cost up to 500 as well

rip offs run rampant
Caring about ethics is rich men problem.

Don't have enough money to care about this shit. Since "ethic clean" shit costs six times the price of "non ethic clean" shit.
I make an effort to not buy things made in china or the indian subcontinent because it is invariably shit and I don't like wasting money on shit that has to be replaced/looks like worse shit after a few wears.

Apart from some jeans, socks and undies which are made in Thailand (which I don't mind: my friend's family owns the factory so I get them cheap and the conditions aren't that bad relatively speaking) I no longer own, and will longer buy, things made in shitholes.

Not for any ethical reason, I just don't like being ripped off buy some brand that get's their low qual shit made in the same shitty factory in china that everyone else gets their shit made in, and charges more that the item's worth.

It's hard though, finding companies to trust, as looser laws allow countries to get most of something made in the 3rd world, and yet still have "made in England/Italy/USA" etc., on them.

I've found makers I trust, and intend to stick with them.

Costs more, but I'm assured a certain level of quality that's otherwise lacking.

Besides, I don't like those chinese sons of bitches (and indians smell so I don't like them too - disgusting race)
>my clothes are all made in the first world
I'm sorry to hear that
i don't understand the mindset of idiots.

>i don;t want to buy something that is "too expensive"

that they derive from some bullshit arbitrary number hurr durr tshirts should be under $10 hurp

then they go and buy one every 3 fucking months when they wear out or tear at the seams or never wear and hang in their closet new with tags for 5 years before donating it.

higher priced merchandise prevents you from impulse buying costume-y looking shit just because it's cheap

not to mention storing shit tier $1 clearance rack f21 clothing costs money and clutters your wardrobe

why not buy the real piece from givenchy or buy a number of tshirts from a quality brand

>hurp durp no graphics

then cop some raf simons shit, it's only like $150-250 for the tshirts
I don't care at all about how the workers are treated. They could be slaves for all I care.

I just don't want my garments to be touched by brown poor people. That's revolting. The stuff is supposed to touch my skin.
As much as I can, which isn't much.
I generally don't buy expensive clothing aside from pieces that have to be higher quality (shoes, coat, bag) so that I don't have to replace them every month. I work a min wage job and not many things that I can afford are made ethically.
However, when I can I do buy fair trade stuff or things made by locals, but there's also the problem of people not being completely honest when it comes to these things (made in Italy means nothing, for example).
I like to buy things made in Eastern Europe because their labour laws and regulations are much better than in China, they're just paid according to the standard in their country.
No I don't care about poor people.
OP, what you are asking for doesn't exist

what brands you recommend?
what do you want to buy?
Everything, i'm a new fag money isn't a problem but i don't wanna wear faggy shit like slp, i heard apc is good? I want to still look like a human, should i mainly wear "mid-tier" clothes? I'm so lost
apc = knock off poor man's version of saint laurent
Nudie Jeans. Good quality/price and made in Italy
im from italy and i can tell you that even "made in italy" stuff can be chinese.
we have illegal hidden industries with chinese workers who are exploited like shit
>made in italy

yeh when i was in italy i saw a lot of black ppl begging on the streets and selling fake LV/Gucci belts, they were probably illegal immigrants too

hell they probably hire these ppl to work in sweatshops over there
>fuck plebby clothes made by brown people
>daily zara/uniqlo/h&m/adidas/nike/ rafdidas/taobao/fake/clothing rep threads

Never change /fa/
lol racism, such fun, lmao
I usually buy things made in Britain, Italy or Japan. Italian made clothing is usually made by sweaty immigrants as is British clothing (I've seen the factories) so it's difficult. I wish Polo Ralph Lauren wasn't made in filthy countries and Id be willing to pay over twice the retail for that privilege. In the end, though, I really don't care about the ethics within it I just want a good quality product.

it usually comes from a lack of knowledge more than anything else
I think LL Bean makes their clothes in the US
it's something at least
>made in Italy means nothing
for those idiots that claim you don't like your shit to be touched/made by shitskins, better double triple check your sources, because even if they're not made in China they can still very likely be made by the same low-skilled dirty Chinese shipped en masse to some factory in Europe. The most common offenders being Made in Italy/France.
what with all the "moral fashion" threads recently
first the marxist fashion thread, then that chain email fashion health thread now an ethical clothing thread

that being said

i try to buy quality clothing made in the first world whenever possible, honestly theres not much of an excuse not to like take ten minutes of googling to educate yourself but, hey being an educated consumer is too hard i guess
does anyone have a good source for reading about this
google it
it's not a well kept secret
it's well known that in italy there are entire towns filled with chinese companies employing chinese slaves making "luxury goods" just so that the brand can claim made in italy
north italy is chinese labor
southern is north african

the italians in the neighboring areas hate it
but since the country is run by crooks easily bought off anyway no one really cares or does anything

poor italian workers
too expensive to employ i guess
massive, massive profits for the brands though
not like a chinese coolie has to be paid very much, and will tolerate living in a shoebox and being whipped

after all, it's better treatment than they'd suffer if they were back in china

what a shit existence
bangladesh would be worse (because of islam added to the shit mix)

fuck that shit
power rankings for build quality in garments i own


i'm serious too. the factories over here do not have their shit together. my american made shoes are alright but that's all i buy
well, as I said it depends.

I inherited (handmedowns) a lot of decently made stuff (outerwear, ties and other accoutrements) so my biases and preferences may not be the most objective
a lot of shirts from the old english shirtmakers.
many have gone down the tube and outsource their shit to china, which is a shame, but some have maintained their level of quality

I've got shirts from turnbull and asser from the 70's that look fucking new, and yet they've been well worn
that's convinced me of the maker
i buy them when they're on sale (and I'm in london)
good shit

as for more contemporary things I've taken a shining to the small english studio seh kelly
got a ventile mac, some shirts and a blazer from them
stuff's sourced solely from the british isles, from thread to horn/brass buttons - everything

decent, not traditional stuff (like t&a is)
but very, very, very small output
they have like 3 of each size available when they make stuff so be quick
I've missed out on a lot of shit because I hesitated
not cheap
i wouldn't say the style is /fa/ approved

like I said my underwear and socks and handkerchiefs are thai
stocked up when I went there last
but I do have a couple of pairs of socks from tender (uk)
a sock is a sock is a sock IMO
hard to fuck that up, and really they should be replaced half yearly
just don't wear the synthetics that stink

look at albam clothing specialises in uk made stuff - including denim (cept currently there's some blazers made in portugal there too)
tender's got japanese and english denim as well

when these jeans I got in thailand finally wear out - or before, I might give them to charity or something - I'm thinking of picking up some japanese denim
all the usual brands
going to japan in a few months so I'll save it for then
tons of shops in thailand that sell jap stuff
they're currently trending in asia
depends where I go first
Very Tru but those sweatshops R so fuccced it sucks
If ur rich, just buy from sweatshop free brands and save u at least a year of money
footwear's another story
i'm more dadcorish (think old /fa/) and only have 2 pair of sneakers, and one only because you can't really workout in anything else

i can list some options if you'd like, but like I said, you may not be into that shit
I do try buying ethically when I can... But like >>9531846 said... It is usually way out of my price range.
The whole western way of life is dependent on exploitation.
I sort of like the idea of my clothing being produced by people who are so far below my station in life that they could literally be considered animals

Helps break up the despair of being middle class
im sorry but i really can't be bothered to give a fuck how ethically my clothing is produced
>post-nihilism world economy

which on of these things is not like the other?
I buy American-made because they look better and last longer and I can feel smugly superior about it.

American Apparel, Brooks Bros made in America collection, Pendleton, LL Bean, Red Wings, Allen Edmonds.
I try to, but it's tricky when not all the information is laid out for you. Some countries like japan have strong labour laws so you can be fairly confident, whereas a lot of European countries are hit and miss. I've missed out on some grails because of this filter but I'd still rather not directly support unethical labour laws than have a shiny thing I show off to people.
gee, i didn't realize /fa/ is one person

you're fucking retarded
Its a collective mindset you dolt
Why else would actual fashion discussions get pushed down replaced with taobao grneral
You do realize japan sometimes ship materials/finished items in from China and just add the product tag of whatever? Made in Japan
>You do realize japan sometimes ship materials/finished items in from China and just add the product tag of whatever?
That's why you have to do your own research about specific companies, if this bothers you.

Japanese QC is god-tier most of the time, so I personally have less of a problem when a japanese company gets shit made in the mud world as opposed to euromerican company.

Especially if it's a japanese owned factory in the mud. Japanese foremen and managers ensure that shit gets done the way it's supposed to.

Western affiliated factories aren't anywhere near as diligent as the japs are in the regard of outsourced materials.

If it's a jap run factory in the third world, that's okay from a quality standpoint.
Ethics and all that other sentimental bullshit is a different story.
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