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How have you improved yourself this week/month/year? Lifting isn't life, a well-balanced human being is productive, has hobbies, pushes him/herself to succeed, is charismatic, and strives to live the best life they can. Share your successes, failures, methods, and everything in between.

It can be too overwhelming at first, so take baby steps, but START and move forward.

Basic Recommendations to get your life together:
-Have a to-do list. I Used to have Google Keep. Now I’ll be using habitrpg.com (more on that below)
-Have a productivity Framework that is flexible. A mindset that gets you going.
-Use a calendar, like google calendar. Hours and shit for things YOU WILL DO.
-Learn to focus. Turn off everything else. [Working on this]
-Do routines for things you should do periodically/daily, this covers your Monday to Friday morning as you wake up, or weekly chores such as laundry, cleaning, shopping.
-Identify and Eliminate conflicts within yourself. I’ll detail this on a post further down.
-Focus on identifying the time wasters in your life and eliminate them.
-Focus on the essentials. If you try to do everything at once you’ll burnout. Little by little.

This is a good ‘sticky’ for self-development
This one is a good blog for resources of this kind.

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Material reading can be tricky. There will be trash here and there as we're not /lit/.

But we have to trust others.
The image has a detailed list that an Annon provided on a thread a while back, and a couple of books have been recommended. I’ve done my best to try to get talks of the authors.

I’ll also be adding videos/talks about the recommended books and authors.

Google a bit about the book, if you think you can get something out of it, watch the talk. If you like it, consider getting the book.

>Michael Mauboussin, "The Success Equation”
>Quiet: The power of Introverts
>The Brain That Changes Itself - Norman Doidge
>Antifragile - Nassim Taleb
>One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way - Robert Maurer

> http://pastebin.com/x7BbYimv (HTTP)
More reading material needs to be added

The Way of The Seal
The Code of the Warrior - Rick Fields
The Story of Civilization - Will Durant
The Story of Philosophy - WIll Durant
Starship Troopers - Robert Heinlein 1959 (actually has a lot of really powerful character building stuff in there)
Bravo Two Zero - Andy McNab
Immediate Action - ^
Seven Troop - ^

>Mentally Tough - James E. Loehr & Peter J. McLaughlin
>Practicing the Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

I’m also going to try getting a… place, from which one can easily access some of these books.

Also, Project Gutenberg has Thousands of free books.
You could do lot worse than browsing their top 100
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"Freedom is having control of your life"

You should at least have 3 hobbies/activities.
-One that will pay the bills, gets food on your table
-One that will keep you in shape. (lower you faggot)
-One that you're passionate about and might be able to develop into a career.

If you're into lifting, taking the tips to better yourself should be simple; as you already have built some self-discipline.

Make peace with yourself and the way things are right now.
Stop thinking the world owes you more, how those guys have it easier. Accept things as they are, realize that life is cruel and your circumstances are the ones you were given. You can’t do shit about the starting point, but you can move forward.

Don’t focus in what was given to you, focus in what you’ll achieve.

Eliminate the things you dislike about yourself, about your life. Is as simple as, do you enjoy your job? No? Take steps to change the feeling.
How are you gonna make that? You either make your job more enjoyable, or you change jobs. Simple.
You want a girl? how do you plan to achieve that? Are you too socially inept? Work on that.
Are you piss poor and can’t afford a decent living? Work on that too.

No matter who you are, where you are in your life, or how fucked up you think you are.
You can improve your life. Take control. Move forward.
Dreams keeps us alive, fighting for them makes us feel alive.
About 5-7 years ago, I was a fucking train-wreck.
Right now, I'm doing fairly well.

Get some discipline, set some goals and a way to achieve them.
Cultivate yourself, learn stuff, get your shit together.
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If you're still in School. For fuck sake pay attention.

MORE than half of actually doing good in school is attending, the other half is paying attention in class. So then do it.
Or stop it altogether.
If you’re in college and you’re not feeling it, take a semester to think things through.
If you’re in high school, don’t think YOU NEED to enter college to be successful. There are other ways…
If you’re interested in Education. WATCH this talk:

Choose anything you want, If you want to go into Philosophy or Social studies, That's fucking great. As long as you’re passionate you can always become a teacher or a writer.

BUT BE FUCKING AWARE THAT YOU WILL HAVE A HARD TIME MAKING MONEY. Don't get a loan to study shit that will be expensive to repay.

Other than that, don't enter into something soulless just because 'I'll get money'.
You only got one fucking life, life is too short to spend it into something you hate.

I highly advice you to start learning a new language.
Duolingo.com is a fucking AWESOME site for that, with a great mobile app.
Go give that a check, it is remarkable.
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For the to-do list there are several options
I used to rely heavily on Google Keep, but there are people that use Evernote.

But currently I would suggest you use:
There’s even a /fit/ guild created to keep us in check.

It’s certainly geeky as fuck. But Gamification has been proven to work when applied to certain aspects of human psique. Helps you keep in check and stray forward.

For example, I’m not even a big no-fap guy, I fapped without remorse dailysih’, but even since I put that as a bad habit, I’ve decided not to. Seeing numbers go up and down keeps you in check.

It also has a (real limited/in construction) mobile app.

>Habits are things you do every now and then
>Dailies are things you ALWAYS do. Every day or certain days of the week.
>To-Do are, well, things you must do.

Seeing the numbers go up (or health go down) is a weird sort of motivation. I can vouch for it.
You could maybe do better, but If you got no idea… give it a check.

>If you think more recommended readings, video, images, section, material, website should be added (Or taken off). Please say it with a reply.
>There is no central authority for the /SIG/, everyone could copy, modify and upload the info here in a latter post.
>I’m looking to expand the ‘how to focus’ Area. If you believe you can help out/have tips. Please share.
I'm reading everyday and doing lots of studying
I'm also recognising when I'm being lazy and making myself do things
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>I'm also recognising when I'm being lazy and making myself do things

I normally notice when I'm being lazy too but I can't drag myself to do the things I need to do. I can't reach that 100% productivity I want, I feel guilty as fuck instead and end up not doing anything for a longer period of time.

What do you do from the moment you notice you're being lazy anon? Also, what are you reading?
B-but I'm on keto ;__;
Enjoy your diabetes m8
what are you talking about?
Keto is the only high-fat low-carb diet and is used for treating morbidly obese and epileptics, it's not a healthy diet for a normal person and increases risk for many diseases dramatically.
Apart from feeling like shit the first 3-4 days, I'm good. It's not like I'm doing keto for the rest of my life, just wanted to try it out for a couple of months for the summer cut.
Many want to do it for an extended period, which is stupid. It's only used in drastic times for a short period but keto fad dieters will tell you it's superior to a carb-based diet completely, which it isn't.
Ive been massively more productive/healthy in my habits since starting habitrpg, except with junk food. Luckily eating fruits/veggies is on my + habits so there's still been improvement in my diet.
I meditate frequently and I only use facebook to chat without looking at pics or profiles. I'm a lot more relaxed person now.
how long do you guys meditate?
i'm slowly working up from 5 minutes and now i'm on 7 minutes. My goal is 10 minutes but is that even enough?
I meditate for about 5 minutes or so. I know when I'm calm and I meditate for relaxation.
you have the meditation image guide or something ?
I'm think of becoming a surgeon, even though I'd be about forty by the time I graduate.
nice keep it up m8
not fitness related
>being this new
you're right out the box bruh
>How have you improved yourself this week/month/year?
since my semester break i started learning more about web applications and worked on some projects. that kept me busy and i learned lots of new things. i also read 1 book or around 300 pages a day but ive been slacking a bit with that, other than that my discipline has improved quite a bit, especially since i complete all my tasks on my to-do-list
how do you manage to read 300 pages?
I have a hard time with 20 pages everyday already
i think its mostly a matter of picking the right book. every morning i take some time to go through my e-book folder or goodreads recommendations, then i pick 1-3 books and do some research about them and ultimately decide for one book. i also try to choose books that are around 300 pages, so i know for a fact that i can finish them in one sitting, that helps with motivation. so basically i just pick a book i find really interesting and then its not so much of a problem to read so many pages. now if i dont get to decide which book to read, e.g. when i have to read up on a topic for uni im having a hard time, too. i do only read non-fiction or text books though, so im not a person that solely reads for entertainment anyway.
So what? Just do it!

Got a book recommendation for y'all.

>The power of self discipline by Brian Tracy.

Reccomended it in our habitrpg guild.

Great book, also avaliable in audiobook form, pretty much covering why self discipline is so important, and how to apply it in all areas of your life.

This really is a great book, helped me get over depression. Check it out brahs, let me know what you think.
i can also recommend brian tracy. his book "goals" helped me a lot, too. i recently also read brian tracys "principles of success" but as with a lot of his stuff it kinda gets repetitive.

Is 'goals' on goal setting? Been looking for a good book on that, maybe it will tie in well with his other works?
File: 1[1].png (688 KB, 1275x1650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yes, its all about goal setting and it does tie in well with his other works. thats kinda what i meant when i said some of his stuff gets repetitive, as he brings elements from each book into other books, too. i like how "goals" (and most of his other books) has very clear instructions.

Awesome, I'll have a look for sure, thanks bro.
Any of you guys got some advice or reading material about personal finance? Share markets and property and stuff are all things I would like to learn more about but I just don't know enough.
btw i just want to add something about certain methods for achieving goals such as using your subconscious mind or techniques like autosuggestion and visualization. in self-help their effectiveness is vastly exaggerated. they have their place but these methods cater to people who want to achieve their goals without actually putting in hard work. most people rely on such methods because they are easy and dont take a lot of effort or time but then neglect taking actual action.

Found a PDF for anyone else interested


I did some work on a finance/account degree, and have made quite a bit of bank in the last couple of years. anything you particularly want to know about, i tend to know most about real estate, forex and shares, a little about futures trading.

What would you say your level of understanding of finance is already, and i can recommend some books.
there are too many books to pick a favorite. id suggest you just google for personal finance recommendations, i just did that quickly and there are quite a few decent lists.
Thanks on carrying the torch. Got a few edits on the main (a few edits, polish on the habitrpg one, and a "learn to focus module), but I would say it's nearly done.
Search for Jim Rohn in youtube, there are several complete seminars, the Best one is "learn this skill or live a mediocre life, it guide you to set goals and jow to follow the, i really love this speech.
I want my PhD in physics even though I'll be mid to late thirties by the time I finish.
But I know when I'm 40 I'll regret not doing it more than being late to the party.
As long as I can find the time to meet a nice girl and start a family, I don't really care how long it takes.

And if I'm forty, so what? I'll still have another forty years left in me.

Good attitude man. I'm in the process of moving to the other side of the world and buying a business at 23. Eh, if it doesn't work out ill be back where most other 23 year olds are.
watching this right now. really interesting and entertaining. so far nothing revolutionary or new, but im only an hour in and it also seems good to reinforce a couple things i had previously learned.
How do I start over? I'm nearing 30 and many regrets in my life stopped me from trying at this point.
Like going back to college or even starting an entry job, I'm just too afraid.

Well, what're your goals in life? What job do you want? How do you want your life to be?
Tell me that and we can help, but never be afraid of starting over.
just do it. I hate to reference Joe Rogan, but he always talks about how you should live your life as if you were the hero of your own movie, even if that menas you wasted half your life doing nothing, and then with 40, one day woke up and decided to change.
Sorry, I was at school
Really I just realize that I have the final say on what I do. When you're 'too lazy' to do something really you're just deciding not to do it when you can decide to do i

Also I'm currently reading I, Robot. I've really gotten into scifi
>tfw chronic excuse-maker to not go to the gym
>tfw chronic excuse-maker to improve my life
>tfw will never make it with an attitude like this but I can't help kick the negative thoughts
>tfw have constant phobia of being really poor so I try to never spend money and always save to the point of never buying a single thing for months
>tfw have constant phobia of being unable to lift for a while and losing all my gains so it makes me hesitant to eat for optimal gains because I feel i should stockpile food in case of an unfortunate event

How do I fix myself? I never buy anything or put in time to work hard because I'm scared of the future and unsure. Sometimes I get really into things and get motivated to work hard towards some goal and get pumped up but then in a few hours or even the next day I don't feel like doing anything at all.

Especially recently, I remember I would just talk to grils and have lots of fun going to movies with friends and stuff and just in general have a good outlook on life but I get anxiety to even leave my house now...
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Can we get career advice in these threads? I know there are a lot of militaryfags on /fit/

After I finish my aerospace engineering degree I want to join the Army. Would this provide me with a stable and well-paying career?
>I never buy anything or put in time to work hard because I'm scared of the future and unsure
I know this too well.

Heights by great men reached and kept
were not attained by sudden flight
but they while their companions slept
were toiling upward in the night
Also considered this and from what the responses I got from bros on 4chan was that yes it's good and wellpaying, the only reason you don't hear people being richfags from it is because most people in the Army do dumb shit with their money and never save. They just get strippers/hookers and alcohol.

If you actually invest/save/spend your money correctly you would hit your mid 20's far ahead of nearly everyone of your peers. Isn't it like ~$50k+ for most jobs in it and you get free room and board so that's just a fat paycheck without any expenses...
What do you think would happen when you leave the house?
Is it hard to have a wife/family? Planning on marrying my girlfriend before I graduate
Uh depends what branch/job. You going for active duty or reserve?

I'd say it'd be hard since you wouldn't be able to stay with your family very much. You'd be able to visit them and spend time with them but no day to day physical contact.
i leave things to the last minute every time
it's like i want to fail
just let my self slip and mess up so I have an excuse
I never let that happen, and i cant bring myself to be pro-active.
have to figure this out
>make list of things I need to do to become more attractive
>list is so long
>all that money
>how will I ever get any of this done before college ends?
plan things in advance and then just put the tasks on your to-do-list early enough and set a deadline that ends before the task actually needs to be completed. also list all the negative consequences that you will have to face if you dont complete that task.
I cant seem to medidtate
I just wind up in my head with my eyes closed thinking and feeling stupid
File: 1423687264229.jpg (266 KB, 625x833) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i stayed up until 3 last night studying for an optional exam today

i set seven alarms on six devices

they woke me up at 6, i woke up, got out of bed, turned them all off, and then crawled into bed without thinking a single thought

i slept through an optional exam in addition to a recitation and quiz

how do i wake up when i need to wake up

>go to bed at the same time every night
just doesn't work
some nights you are just more tired than others

i use the sleep cycle app on my iphone

a while ago i disabled snooze on my alarms
and now i just turn the alarm off and go back to sleep

when i wake up, i just cannot think
i do not have the capacity for a thought as sophisticated as "just take a shower just take a shower do not go in bed take a shower"
what do you need the money for? also, no matter how long the list is, pick out the things you can work on NOW and start working.
Can someone help me with this? I don't want to be a fag anymore ;-;
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>I cant seem to medidtate

just climb goat mountain

learn to not tp croticize or you will not be a good person or something you idiot

i hate fat people amirite



what does that even mean
there are starving people in your city right now that you could be feeding but instead you are shitposting
Practice this during the day. Set your alarm for two minutes later and put it across the room. Lay in bed and when the alarm goes off, go turn it off and do some body weight squats. Do this like four or five times. Then in the morning when your alarm goes off, you will walk over and do some squats and be awake.
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I got up, went to work, bought food for my family

thus it's my fault people are staving

makes perfect sense

also i live in a city in the usa where even the homeless are obese, nobody is fucking starving in my city right now unless it's some kid locked in a secret basement... bet that is my fault too

don't be mean
im not good at it

no you just don't get it, meditate, if anyone is hungry or starving it's your fault personally

grow up
well you obviously didnt prepare early enough for this exam.
>how do i wake up when i need to wake up
get quality sleep, even if you can not sleep as long as you want.
you will also need a bit of willpower. maybe think of something pleasent you can do first thing in the morning. i enjoy my morning coffee, so once my alarm goes off i go straight to the kitchen and brew some nice coffee. at that point theres no way im going back to bed.
breaking it down seems to be a nice idea
negative consequences dont seem to affect me
I'm already doing the easy shit first, like losing weight and trying to figure out what to do with my Seth Rogen hair.

I need money because I need an entirely new wardrobe, contacts (or new glasses because I hate contacts), and braces that I need to fix my teeth and cure my overbite bringing out my jaw more. Also probably need to get my wisdom teeth removed to get the braces.
>breaking it down seems to be a nice idea

>negative consequences dont seem to affect me
then write down the positive things you experience when you complete the task on time.
>then write down the positive things you experience when you complete the task on time.

oh man that's real fucking deep

File: download (2).jpg (9 KB, 275x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (2).jpg
9 KB, 275x183

Any brahs need financial advice? I'm 23 and pretty well versed in all that shit, made some decent bank last year, ill be here for a while. ask away.

If you do ask, at least include some basic details, like how much you have, job, interests, ect.
who is this asshole?
mm I'll try it out


you are not going to make it
is a nosejob a good investment
Is an index fund pretty much the best store of my money?

I got about $6k(im working on it, ik ik) should I just toss it into a safe index fund? The one im looking at has a high MER but just over 10% return average over last 5 years.
are you real estate guy? cause for us commoners it's a bit more mundane than that
$5k to spare
Please help

you are one sad guy bro, you should probably move or get away from yourself as best as possible, being you is shit
youre making your whole transformation your ultimate goal and it seems you think you will only be attractive once youve changed ALL of the things on your list. achieve your smaller goals step by step and know that with every achived goal you already look more attractive than before. you cant just have it all at once and you dont need to either.

Yes if you want to whore yourself out.


They tend to be a pretty safe option, you won't make huge gains, but you won't make huge losses either.

It's basically a case of choosing one you like, with a fee structure you agree with and going for it, if its got a good track record, you should get a decent return after fees and considering inflation
its not supposed to be deep, its supposed to give you additional motivation. like when smokers try to quit, one of the methods they often use is writing down all the positive changes they will experience, such as having more money, better breath, better health / reduced cancer risk, more stamina and so on.
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my gf.jpg
48 KB, 620x465
If only I could anon. If only I could just start over from childhood. My life is just a collection of mistakes one after the other, although some unfortunate circumstances contributed as well.
>>tfw have constant phobia of being really poor so I try to never spend money and always save to the point of never buying a single thing for months
>>tfw have constant phobia of being unable to lift for a while and losing all my gains so it makes me hesitant to eat for optimal gains because I feel i should stockpile food in case of an unfortunate event

lol man what is wrong with you

go see a doctor you a fcuking crazy


Yeah, hey we all start somewhere bro. I'll help with anything.
Maybe not but I'd like to fix what I can if it's possible to do it right now.
If you are in college:
You can look around for human tests, like electric shocks on muscles, magnetic stuff to brain, or even donate blood plasma. They're everywhere, and it's easy (but low) money.
Or if you have a good brain, learn programming, and write websites/apps for people on craigslist, but they don't come often. You get real life experience (great for interviews) AND you make good money. I wrote a CMS for someone in 3 weeks and got paid $750 (it was like 30 hours of work).
Would a MER difference of .60% be worth setting it up myself? it would either be that or a td eseries fund
File: do eet fagets.jpg (15 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
do eet fagets.jpg
15 KB, 500x375
Back in my day this bullshit belonged to /b/.
PS you're not gonna make it
File: 1400647101130.jpg (29 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 640x480
ok serious question, all my life I haven't known what I wanted to do, everyone around me told me I was smart and I had to go to university, and when the time came to choose I went to university thinking that was my place, but in 2 years I figured out it actually wasn't my place.

So I had to do something else and I got in a programming course at 'higher trade school' (here, after high school and bachellors, you can either go to university or 'higher trade school') and I'm also having the same feels, despite being good at this I don't really enjoy it

On the other hand, I feel like I would love driving a bus or some job like that, a job without responsibilities, one you go, do your thing and you get home without worrying about working tomorrow or taking home work. Maybe a hair stylist/barber, I don't know what kind of jobs are like this, are there jobs like this? While I personally don't care about how much money I make I certainly care about having enough money to atleast not live shittily. There's also the fact that these jobs can look 'lowly', I feel like I would disappoint especially my father, and my family, like I'd be wasting myself, but I can't find something I really want to study or something like that.

help, what do i do? I'm considering dropping this programming course and just looking for a shitty job to pay for whatever crazy shit I end up in and not feeling horrible about wasting my parents money, I feel worthless because I can't even apply myself to these things

eseries can be a ballache to get i've heard. .6% MER difference on a well performing fund on 6k wouldn't be too bad, depends how much time you want to put into setting it up yourself.
what kind of quality do people usually expect when they want someone to build a website for them? ive been thinking about doing that but i am not sure if i have the skills for the job. i mostly lack the skills in designing the websites, im decent when it comes to functionality.
I just ask them to draw me a picture of what they want it to look like, and then fix their horrible design and make something realistic.
yeah alright. now about the finished product, do they expect it to look very professional, or do they understand that they get what they pay for? also what about using frameworks such as bootstrap, etc to build websites that are rather simple or limited in the way they are styled? another thing i recently read was that some web developers actually just use joomla (when it makes sense) and adjust the design. wouldnt customers feel ripped off?
Do trades. Plumbing, electrician, welding are great. It's muscle memory once you've done it enough times. Study for 2/3 years, go to training for a few years, and your cert is ready. The job can't be outsourced and you're going to get paid well.
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27 KB, 400x400

>Everyone shits on the one guy needing real help

stay classy /fit/
I'll definitely look into these anon. It's so conflicting since it's like I've wasted 5 years of my life climbing the stairs only to realize I actually didn't want to be up here and going back down the stairs
he should see a professional

It's a hard choice to make, but one you won't regret.
The client doesn't know shit. They only know what twitter/facebook looks like. When they say stuff like "oh, but jcpenny/rolex/etc looks like nice, why can't you do that too?", I just reply "Sure, I can do that too, but those companies paid $75000 for their site, plus a monthly $5000 to keep it updated. Can you pay me that?".

You use whatever gets the job done the fastest, just like in any real life job. They don't pay me per line. They pay me to get the job done, whether it be line by line, or copy pasting code. But if there are bugs, you better fix it.
>no pomegranate

what is this shit?

I have a small penis wot do
I can't focus on self improvement beyond liftinf mainly since I'm a NEET and can't seem to get out of this hell hole

Gym is the only thing keeping me sane
how can you not focus on self improvement when you have the whole day to work on yourself?
too much negativity itt
how do I not let others especially freinds affect me?
It's so easy to get jealous or angry.
I have to stop comparing and caring so much
but I'll tell you being the short mediocre guy inthe group is fucking awful when everyone else is tall and good looking
>24 yo
>second year in university
>cant get a job anywhere (retail,fast food,internship)
>kissless virgin
>no friends

What do with my life?
>Ive been massively more productive/healthy in my habits since starting habitrpg, except with junk food. Luckily eating fruits/veggies is on my + habits so there's still been improvement in my diet.
Have you got the junk food there as a - habit?
Too occupied with self pity and self hate
sounds like a confidence issue. also youre wasting time with things that are out of your control when you could use this time to improve the things you actually can change.
analyze what youre currently doing and try to understand why it doesnt work for you. then change it.
yea it is a confidence issue
and I should be improving
I'm recovering from some health issues
lost 8 pounds since september just started getting better in febuary. need to hit the gym again and get my routine on
>Too occupied with self pity and self hate

Ok! Seems your day is pretty full already. If you find time to make some space it will get better.
That it's a really generic advice.

Need xp for get a job but need a job for xp thing (volunteering and nepotism it's not a option)
>youre wasting time with things that are out of your control when you could use this time to improve the things you actually can change.

not him

but i have been working on this a lot

i'm very insecure with my looks and it gets complicated because i don't like my haircut, and i can totally change my haircut, but nothing looks good on me due to a weak jaw and large nose

so it's hard to completely detach changeable things from unchangeable things
you may be able to improve the way you present yourself in the job interviews. one of my friends does application coaching and hes helped quite a few people get jobs who didnt have the 'required' work experience. you can also 'disguise' things you have learned by self-study as experience.

> job interviews

I can't even get interviews because the exclusive requirements (x years of xp or that degree) and they dont care for self-study , what they want it's rl xp with reference and call your last boss
>one of my friends does application coaching and hes helped quite a few people get jobs who didnt have the 'required' work experience

how the hell does that work

i got like 15 job interviews for co-ops/internships and i didn't get an offer

which is very frustrating because i'm an engineer and 65% of my competition is literally autistic
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I'm falling into the seduction of manipulation
I'm not sure if this is right but its devouring me. Does anyone know more text on manipulation besides Robert Greene works

Wherever you get your first "real" job is going to be through connections.

It's almost like an unwritten shit-test, "is this guy social enough to get to know someone that can recommend him for hire?".

ALL the guys who complain about "bawwwwww i can't get a job i even have good grades bawwwwww" are usually socially awkward or hugely introvert. It just doesn't happen if you're more extroverted. If you're super friendly, know loads of people, eventually when you bump into them they're gonna say "how's work going? oh you can't find a job? listen my buddy at ___ says theyre hiring, i can let him know youre interested". Unless you're in something like programming, no one wants to hire somebody who can't even get a friend to recommend them somewhere, ANYWHERE.

Every single job I've gotten has been 90% because of connections. The other 10% comes from showing up at the interview and showing the guy your buddy dave wasn't bullshitting you're actually a cool guy who can do this job no problem.

You can do it bro. Just start by improving yourself.
you should think of it like this: given my facial features, which is the best possible haircut? once you think you have found it theres a chance you still not like the way you look, but you will know that you have pretty much maxed out your potential. your hair is as good as it gets under these circumstances so theres no need to worry about it anymore and you have time to focus on other things.
>maxed out potential
and still lower than average
ha sounds almost bitter now
but what can you do?
people can change weight but that's about it
maxed out potential when it comes to your haircut

yeah hes not even talking about a real job though, so i really dont understand why hes having so much trouble finding a job. his applications must be utter shit or hes not really trying.
I got a question.

An acquittance pretty much offered me an interview at his acquaintance's company. It's basically some programming shit he said, he didn't give to many details but when I talked to him later about it he said he had some spots for web development guys and he knew I fiddled around with programming so he'd let me know.

The problem is that I don't know shit about programming in general let alone web development. What do I do? So far I told him I'm probably not at the level yet to be able to do it and he said that's alright just let me know when you're ready.

Am I an idiot? Should I have just went and explained at interview and possibly just figured out what to do during the actual job?
>maxed out potential when it comes to your haircut

yep of course

like i don't think i'd look good with a buzz

but my current hair is hard to manage and looks worse over time because of receding temples and thin hair

and the more i think about a buzz the more i want one

damn i really want lower bf to get rid of the baby fat on my cheeks. i can't wait until i can grow facial hair too

anyway, how hard is it to get a script for propecia from my gp

Do it brah. Get it, or even shave it all off. You will look alpha if you're not a skeleton.

Srsly it looks confident af just go for it
I've had both buzz cut and a clean shave, and I can say the buzz is way easier to maintain. You can get away with buzzing it only once every few weeks and still look good. A shaved head is pretty much like your face; if you don't shave every couple of days, you start looking stubbly.
you could have called and asked about the job and the requirements
This. You could take a best of both worlds approach if you know the requirements. Give yourself a crash course in any required languages or technologies and wait 2-3 weeks before going in for the interview.
yeah nah i'm only 20 my hair is thin and my hairline could be better but i'm not deep enough into MPB to get my head shaved

also i have a set of clippers with guards that i used to use to maintain my undercut

i'm not a skeleton but i'm nowhere near big, though. i'm not being modest.

i need to browse /fa/ for some inspo. buzzcuts are mildly fashionable rn. i think i want something that is still slightly longer on top.

gotta get my acne under control and lower bf% first
Well the thing is that due to the situation... I asked the guy what language/work it would be and he said he's not even sure himself so he'd have to let me know, thats why I said it'd be hard to tell you if I can do it or not because I'm not very versed in all areas.

Should I just call him and say that I would like more details before I can decide if I can do it or not? It would very very awkward if I came into the interview and ended up not knowing shit. I just don't want to get to the point where they're like "Ok what can you do?" and I just sheepishly smile and say nothing in particular... On the otherhand it might just be simple work as well, I'll ask him what it is specifically.
>i'm not a skeleton but i'm nowhere near big, though. i'm not being modest.

I'm about 20% bf and I always have short as heck hair. It just looks much more masculine but it could just be because of my jawline, I don't have too much fat in my face either so that helps.

I recommend it even if you got acne bro. You'll gain a whole lot of confidence, it really does look far better on almost everyone except for some with special facial features, especially if you lift.
I gave up entirely. Why bother? We're all gonna die anyway.
I am not that socially awkward or hugely introvert but never anybody offer me a job or a interview. What i am supposed to do?

> i really dont understand why hes having so much trouble finding a job

I dont have xp and fast food and retail its oversatured in my country

For future reference you should ask him what exactly it involves, there's a shitload of programming languages, even if you DID know how to write in C++, if the company wants you to use Ruby or some shit you'd be in the same position basically. It doesn't make you look bad at all, if you DIDN'T ask what language is mostly used there, then they'd think you didn't know what you were doing.

But don't take a programming job unless you're literally, genuinely autistic. Being serious. You'll hate your life.

Dude you're just full of shit. You want a job at your mcdonalds? Once a week show up with your resume and show that you fucking want it. You're probably applying online like some pussy. Go there in person, talk to the managers, get to them by name, and ask if anything opened up.

No one's going to open the door if you don't knock
>It doesn't make you look bad at all, if you DIDN'T ask what language is mostly used there, then they'd think you didn't know what you were doing.

I did ask though lol, I said Ok what language would I be working in and he said he's not sure it would most likely be web development, which I then responded I don't know too well. I'll ask him to just give me some more details next time I talk to him(he needs to ask, it's not his company or anything, he would just be recommending me to his acquaintance).

I am kind of autistic but why wouldn't I take the job? Seems a lot better than most other jobs, you sit in an office in a chair and write some code sometimes. Seems bretty good
I went personally and they told me i had to upload my cv in the web. This was the same in several mcdonalds
Any tips on spending my money better?

I make 300 euro's a month (350 Dollars approx). I am 18 years old and live with my parents. Until a month ago it went:

>60% on alcohol and other expenses in the pub
>20% to random shit
>20% into savings

Now, trying to make good use of my money, this month I did:

>20% into alcohol and pub related expenses (gave less rounds, drank less or drank a few beers at home with friends because it's cheaper)
>like 30% into some new clothes, seems pretty useful I think?
>10% into other expenses
>40% into an safe investing program to build up some long term cash

Basically I want some advice where I could spend my money on that will be useful

>Other expenses contain whey protein, my parents pay for food so I don't gotta cover that
>I know I'm a little bitch

i hope you die soon

nah dude you just never programmed before so you don't know how retarded it is to scroll through a 500 line code and look for one single missing semicolon thats fukin the entire thing, only to realize you have 2 fukin semicolons missing and need to do it all over again

you have to be genuinely autistic to the point of thoroughly understanding 100% COMPLETELY what you're writing down on your code or you'll end up doing shit like above every day, not realizing what's wrong, and never getting it to work...trust me bro don't do it
Don't give rounds. Ever.
How is that hard compared to just about every other job? Ohhh looking for a semicolon compared to dealing with fucktarded customers, communicating with retards, etc.

Obviously it has its downsides but that's why it's in demand and pays well. I'd much rather do that than nearly every other job I can think of.
OP can you add projectubermensch.wordpress.com to your original post every time you make a thread
>Open site in new tab
>First thing I see it that stupid "Male Social Hierarchy'' image that's been floating around 4chan for at least 5 years
>Close tab
>tfw your family holds you back from achieving maximum gains

Anyone else know feel?
yo i'm 20 and i need to know if it's worth it to pump my engineering money into an HSA for those potential tax-free gains. vanguard roth IRA first, but max out HSA next? should i look into weird rollover strategies to get even more money into those two?

and what do you think of ERE and madfientist?
don't listen to that bro, programming is fun as fuck once you have the syntax down. then it's literally creating-something-your-mind-invented. like, a pure, nearly abstract form of expression.

if you work on a pre-existing codebase, though, you're just gonna be fixing other peoples' fuckups. which you learn a lot from, but it may not be very fulfilling. but in that case, lots of money
Tru bro.

I've went through learning C and C++ but it gets hellllaaaa confusing to make programs that are actually meaningful.

I'm trying to analyze and look through sourcecode to try to understand how it works and WHY it works but I'm getting frustrated... Shit is like some gibberish, even with some comments. Maybe I'm just looking at sourcecode for far too advanced things though.
Mature projects have their set of terminology and conventions that entrenched developers don't even bother commenting. If you read something like Effective C++, and try to apply it to a random open source project, you can probably find violations all over the place.

In a sense, this is inevitable, because people don't care that much about code quality, they just want it to not format the hard drive when it fucks up. Look at the current state of GPG and Heartbleed and shit like that; basic building blocks of the internet are shit code. Because nobody cares.
You put a lot if pub/Alcohol. If you can try to do party into someone's house or at your place it's way cheaper to buy alcohol in bulk and drink it at home than to buy it at a bar.

Where I live a 50cl beer is 3,60€ in pubs and Vodka is 10€ / 700cl in supermarket. The math is not hard.
Watch Gattaca and quit your whining
This for example. HOW THE FUCK do you make sense of this?

void InitWSA()
WORD wVersionRequested;
WSADATA wsaData;
int err;
wVersionRequested = MAKEWORD( 2, 0 );
err = WSAStartup( wVersionRequested, &wsaData );
if ( err != 0 )

if ( LOBYTE( wsaData.wVersion ) != 2 || HIBYTE( wsaData.wVersion ) != 0 )
bool InitSocket(HWND hwnd)
hSock = socket(AF_INET,SOCK_STREAM,0);
bind(hSock,(LPSOCKADDR)&ServAdr,sizeof(struct sockaddr));
listen(hSock, 1);
return TRUE;
Opps forgot not on /g/ so it won't be formatted properly but I hope you can see what im talking about still.

Is this suppose to make sense
so start smaller.
look up celsius to farenheit converter source code, then work your way up
I got passed all that easy stuff ;-; I just can't seem to make the jump to useful programs now. I guess ill just do what some other anons said and just look up how to make whatever I want slowly and surely.

Is that code confusing to you as well or does it read like a paragraph of english?

Invest in what is going to give you value, ej. a nice camera is nice and you may want it but is it gonne give you value, are you gonna get a return from it?

And dont gove rounds
one cheesy quote that helped me was "I would rather live a life of Oh Well's than What If's." i had terrible social anxiety in high school that im still trying to improve even though i have great people in my life and have made drastic improvements to my posture.
no, I couldnt tell you what it's for. Im trying to learn programming too.

You can watch all of the Harvard Intro to CompSci lectures on edx.org, they also have MIT's intro to compsci that's Python-based.
Ay bro. We'll make it soon.

Gonna finish reading all the C++ books I have then move onto the advanced C++ books. Maybe I'll be able to make sense of it at that point.

Exactly what this guy said

'ubermensch' is a terrible word when used seriously.
Can we have 1 of these threads at least every week?

where the hell was this all my life.
this article got me instantly hooked, not sure about the rest though so i'll check that out
If you get round to reading this, my knowledge is pretty much non existant. Like I understand how and why shares are traded for instance, but little more than that.
just reading through the read, i would also like to know about this
i've got almost $2000 that i'm interested as well as another $20k coming my way
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Over the past few years I have been slowly changing my life into being functionally simplistic while growing more physically and mentally challenging for myself. Instead of striving to constantly compete with others in the realm of function (material goods), I have tried to minimize what I own and what I use in order to move that energy to other areas. Areas like what I do and what I think.

I tried several times to improve my life before decluttering it of useless and or toxic items, habits and people and it always ended up crashing for one reason or another. Mostly me getting distracted and set of track. After my lease was up at my old place I had to move across tow into the new place. In the process of moving I decided to get rid of a lot of shit and organize my material possessions. I basically went on a system of use. If it didn't fit into one of the categories I simply got rid of it.

-Do I use it often? Does its use further my goals?
-Is it purely sentimental? Does it sentimentality provide a positive message about moving forward?
-Is it a toxic distraction? Does it not only distract me, but also provide no or negative returns in the ways of progress?

Once I had the way I lived simplified it was a cake walk to actually start working on the self. I know that creating and controlling your environment is a part of improving the self, and often it is the hardest part of improving oneself. However once it it conquered you can pretty much do as you will undisturbed as far as self improvement. I equate it to a detox or purge of negative habits that lead to negative thought patterns. Kinda lets you have a clean slate to work off of.

It also lets you adapt a more objective way of looking at the things in your life, which lets you have better control of your emotions and will lead to a more fulfilling and intelligent emotional well being.

quick shit on objectivity principle:
File: 1425553090804.jpg (9 KB, 201x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 201x200
Being able to think more objectify instead of being ruled by false sentimentality or getting pulled along by emotional retards let me see just how shitty hopeless some people in my life were. I slowly started to cut them out. Most didn't care, as they always haven't, and separation from them was quiet, painless and mutually understood. Other tired guilt tripping, raging, and self righteousness to try to keep relationship going instead of any kinda of relevant discussion. Which only fueled my conviction on hitting the abort button for those individuals. At the end I only had a handful of people that I could rely on, but they were solid individuals who were as goal oriented as I was. At first I missed the distraction all the others provided, but after about a month of having time for myself and my pursuits I'm glad I cut them out.

Quick shit on getting rid of toxic people:
It's getting better.

sorry for the typos

I'm back again. I'm gonna start tripping on /sig/ to make it easier.

If you don't have a great understanding of the way finance works, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is a good starting point, it explains in very basic terms what investing is, and why its done, how it helps you in life, give it a read, and let me know where you think you want to go after it.


What kind of things do you want to do with the money? Do you want it safer, with lower returns? Do you want to actively manage it, or have it managed by someone else, or passively manage it?
Should I buy gold if I want a hedge against economic collapse?
Should I rent or buy a flat?
I hear housing prices are super overvalued. Buying isn't a good idea then, right?
I live in Europe btw.

Personally I'm not a fan of gold, My Dad invested in it when it was skyrocketing, but its held steady since about 2009. Gold only has value because people perceive it to have value. Depends what kind of economic collapse, you mean when the dollar goes to shit? I personally think food or useful machinery would be a better investment.

Which part of Europe exactly? Hyper-inflated prices in real estate can be strange, they can just stay hyper-inflated until they become the normal prices. But if you think they are, I'd just rent, it's safer.

I'll turn my trip back on xD
Why no nuts?
Fuck you
Thank you anon.

You have some interesting points. I'll take some for the next time I edit the /SIG/.
Thanks man.

Sorry for dragging this up from the start of the thread but you should meditate at least 30 minutes.

Breathe energy in and exhale it through your forehead chakra. Do it until you feel pressure in your third eye. Concentrate on your breath until your head is clear of thoughts. Continue forward.

Hail Satan!
i've been good at getting rid of people that aren't beneficial to me

people that seem emotionally stunted, are not aware of their actions and behaviors and appearance, people that don't bother to improve their weaknesses

i'm good at that

but i'm bad at finding people who i deserve

anyway, i'll read those links later
can you recommend any guided meditations

i live with three suitemates

i'd be down for a fifteen minute sesh right now but one of the suitemate's girlfriend is playing some drake p loudly
I find creating weekly goals is important. I make the most out of everyday when I know what I should do. I set up categories for my goals to make setting the goals easy and keeping me well rounded.

First: I set out my role at the current time. For example, I am a student, a son, a brother, a friend.

Then I have categories to keep me well rounded. For example physical, mental, spiritual, social, financial.

I then create goals within those categories, either ones that automatically progress with repetition or one time goals. For example a physical goal, would be following the exercise routine I've chosen. A goal for my role as a student is to attend all the lectures, study, practice, complete assignments.

By setting categories, I am able to make each week productive. I also have long term goals, and try to make sure I'm always progressing towards it. Being a student, for example.
File: 1425176923363.jpg (944 KB, 1345x1450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's a list of finance books from /biz/ for those interested in that kind of thing.
>how to win friends and influence people

File: jack-dsa-side.png (567 KB, 1000x689) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Guys, I have a question for you:

How do you force yourself into ENJOYING your self-improvement journey? It's a problem I have, where I can always find more pleasurable things to do than work on myself. It's not that I lack ambition, I have tons of plans and projects, I want to learn the guitar, new languages, improve my programming skills, learn electronics, read some classics and whatnot. I know I'd have plenty of time for it. I could easily set aside a couple of hours a day every day for the rest of my life, set up a routine (just like for liftan). I know that I'd absolutely love the end result.

But I have trouble enjoying the "work". I can't see myself taking pleasure in spending hours contorting my fingers on a guitar with no apparent result (I tried once, so I know what it is). Playing vidya, browsing fit, jerking off or watching a movie are way more "fun" for me, although I know it's destroying me. What's your trick? How do you get pleasure from self-improvement?

I'm sure I can do it too, I just a kick in the ass or some inspiration. For lifting it was a break-up (like most guys I suppose), but I very quickly started to enjoy the very feeling of lifting, regardless of the presence or absence of gains. Can I achieve the same love for other disciplines?
>no 7 habits of highly effective people

pls improve...
>Should start preparing uni
>Don't know what I want
>Already dropped economics because I realized halfway the first year that's not what I want
Yes you can. It is, after all, mostly a matter of habit. Your brain has been wired to feel good with the dopamine releases that come frome easy-stuff. You must reprogram and overcome yourself.

About the guitar thing, for example, think of it as lifting. What are your goals? If you're into classical, do some research for Carlevaro's Technique books, and get a copy of Pumping Nylon (it's like the SS of guitar, kek) and the studies from Carcassi, Legnani, Sor.

If you're into electric guitar, try getting a copy of Frank Gambale's chop builder or another one similar.

The joy from lifting comes from seeing your muscles grow. You can consider guitar more like a sport, where the technique is fundamental but the actual joy comes from actually performing. Learn some proper technique and start with easy pieces, then work your way up.
>improve my programming skills, learn electronics
look for arduino on youtube and google
after that build a stand alone arduino then program yourself a atmega328 then you'll realise you already started a journey in electronics
Any (student) pilot bros here? Interested in learning to fly airplanes and stuff. Watched some Youtube videos and it seems awesome.
Thanks a lot, I'll try to get a hold of these books. The title "Pumping Nylon" sounds cool, based on that alone I want to read it. How long do you think it would take to know the "basics", i.e. being able to play a couple of simple songs (just to get them bitches wet?). As for mastering the instrument I might be too old for this now... Kind of regret not starting as a kid, but my parents were dirt poor...

Thanks, I have a couple of chinese arduinos, atmegas and an esp8266 I bought for dirt cheap on ebay. Even got myself a soldering station. My goal was to build pic related (I already have all the components), hoping it would make more efficient at programming (I'm a CS student), but in my current state of mind, if I ever get around building it, it'll just make me more efficient at shitposting.

As I said, my main problem is lack of motivation... It's the same with the guitar, I have one (well, even 2) but I can't arse myself into making something out of it. This situation really sucks, because the more I do nothing about it, the more it makes me depressed and less willing to do something...
just take some gen eds dude, not everyone knows exactly what they wanna do right out of high school. I thought I wanted to go into systems engineering, but after one class of that it sounded like shit, so now I'm going into pharmaceutical engineering and spanish
>enjoy your negligible test raise
wtf is this? drink coca cola and eat sugar for testosterone? fuck off
>pharmaceutical engineering and spanish
You plan on engineering some super trenbolona south of the border? If so count me in for them clinical tests ;^)
I want to become a pilot bros. come on

>tfw you will never fly yourself anywhere

It's a feel I cannot live with so I must learn
Say, I used to jog 4 nights a week. Sometimes 5. Great diet pretty active. Lost a lot of weight much healthier overall. Then I stopped for w.e faggot excuse.
Then few months later I get back into it. I don't jog as much but its getting there. Losing weight I gained. Lighten closer and closer to what I used to.

Can I call that progress ? Even though a year ago I did double. I worked harder ?
You have 10 grand? If not keep dreaming
behold this vegan-like broscience!
That's probably 10 grand total over several years. Not that much if it's not just in one lump sum really.

A lot of things cost way more in terms of lessons, equipment, etc. Wouldn't I be able to earn money flying niggas around anyway?

Its more about financial books, not just self help ones.
he could always become Frank William Abagnale 2.0

I'm gonna start working on this soon, can't decide between plane or helicopter though.
helicopter seems autistic. So loud and dumb what is the point of it even?

Now plane... That's that really nigga shit. I wonder if you can fly yourself to places instead of buying plane tickets. That would be incredible but I'm guessing you need a high-end plane for that.
> How long do you think it would take to know the "basics"
Depends on how much time you invest in it. Playing songs for girls usually involves singing, so you have to combine both. Start with simple strums, and learn the songs. Do some singing without playing. Then try to combine both. Record yourself doing all of this and then listen so you can know what to improve. (Think of it as filming yourself to check on form). It might take a while to get confidence, and at first you are most likely going to be repelled by your sound. DO NOT GIVE UP BECAUSE OF THIS BULLSHIT REASON.

If it helps, look on youtube for the 4 chord song. Total pussy magnet.

> It's the same with the guitar, I have one (well, even 2) but I can't arse myself into making something out of it. This situation really sucks, because the more I do nothing about it, the more it makes me depressed and less willing to do something...

Break the cycle. Manage your time. You have so much on your mind that you can't focus. You know what they say, "The secret to getting ahead is getting started". Like when you want to organize your shit you have to first make it worse, so you must do with your plans and dreams.

My advice for you is this: Spend your free time of one day in Music, and the next day in Electronics. Set weekly goals and on the seventh day do both. Next week, invert the order of execution (electronics/music).

You clearly cannot do both things on the same day right now, so start distributing, and when you get more discipline and habits formed then you can try to do them at the same day.

Can I call that progress ? Even though a year ago I did double. I worked harder ?

Sure thing. I would even dare say It's even more of a progress that if you hadn't stopped. Why? because it takes fucking guts to start again after you've fallen. It would be too damn easy to indulge in self-pity and loathing and do nothing. You're acting, showing you can learn from your mistakes. Keep jogging.

Well considering you'd need to buy a private jet, or hire one, and still sit in the cockpit flying it, you're better off buying a first class ticket.

Well for a start, you don't need to land a helicopter at an airport, which already makes it infinity more useful that a tiny little airplane.
>not learning to fly a vtol plane
>Well considering you'd need to buy a private jet, or hire one, and still sit in the cockpit flying it, you're better off buying a first class ticket.

What if you were to bring over bricks of cocaine or roids? There's one upside over a planeticket.
but that's illegal

I wish =/

Well sure if that's the path you want to decide to take in life...
Nah I'm just hypothetically thinking about it. I saw it in a movie once and thought it was interesting
Man, thank you so much for your insight! I'm gonna start scheduling my weeks right now and squeeze a good amount of productive time into it. I can already feel the motivation.

And just a quick question about singing: I know I can't sing for shit, is this all genetics or can I improve on that? I have a rather deep voice, I feel like it makes it more difficult to sing right. My old roommate (who started teaching me the guitar) always made fun of my singing voice, kind of killed my confidence.

Thinking of it, he can't really sing either, and has no real skills besides playing the guitar, so maybe this was his only way of displaying any kind of superiority. Makes sense, since he was also always fit-shaming me. "You're too big, chicks don't like that". Fucker.
Also, maybe join the airforce? You'd be able to fly for free and get hella guap
I'm glad I could help.

About the singing, you can improve. Don't try to sing like Freddie Mercury at once, it would be like loading 2pl8 being a DYEL. You'll only hurt your voice.

Do some warm ups in a given scale. For example, using C Major:

> Up and down Pentachords through the whole scale (CDEFGFEDC G C - DEFGAGFED A D - etc)
> Triads (CEGEC - DFAFD - EGBGE - Etc)

Then you proceed with something like The Doors or Sinatra, or any deep-voiced artist you like, and then you work your way up torwards higher pitches. You might need to sing louder to reach some notes, but don't push it to screaming.

Eating chocolate and drinking mead/honey could also help.

Not that anon but can you also teach me to learn programming?

I have ambitions but I just don't know how to learn effectively.

First, you might want to bookmark some sites:
> Codeacademy
> Coursera
> Processing.org / openprocessing
> codepen.io
> obviously, /g/. Save pic related for when you get more experience

Now, I'll asume you have no experience programming. I would suggest you start with Processing, get a book like 'Learning Processing' and get the basics of Object Oriented Programming. Then it can be easier to migrate to other languages.

Sites like OpenProcessing and CodePen display some really cool stuff, where you can also check the source code and modify it to see what happens. Sites like CodeAcademy and Coursera offer online learning for free in several languages.

If written programming seems too difficult, you can always look for visual programming (vvvv or puredata). Visual programming is not for me so I can't help you with that.

You can check the Unity3D site for live training if you're into game development.

Last, but not least, learn a bit of logic. The whole point of programming is giving instructions to the computer, which is built on millions of pieces that respond to TRUE or FALSE statements. Also, learning to do a fizzbuzz and use correctly the modulo (%) will save you lots of time. Look that up on /g/.
>Now, I'll asume you have no experience programming.

I have some and I've learned quite a bit in C/C++ and python but the problem is I don't know how to improve past the beginner stage. Went through some practice program ideas with a lot of hand-holding in /g/ programming threads .I've asked some other anons and they told me to just look up how to make whatever program I want and learn that way but I'm still not sure if that would really be very effective. I don't feel like I'm "learning" much when I do that.

I've tried analyzing and looking through sourcecode but it makes almost 0 sense to me and that's something that a lot of good programmers swore up and down by.

this is my post >>31246622
How exactly would I go about learning to be able to make sense of snippets like that?

I disagree with this. Singing is an art. It isn't like weightlifting where you just progress by loading more weight. If you aren't an artist at singing maybe it isn't for you. That being said just sing naturally and if you suck go do something else.
Been furthering my reading. Marcus Aurelius says in Meditations, that if you are looking for happiness, externally doing so leads to nowhere, you must look within. So I've started reading Zen: Mindfulness in Plain English. It's literally the rippletits equivalent to SS.
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