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How have you improved yourself this week/month/year? Lifting isn't life, a well-balanced human being is productive, has hobbies, pushes him/herself to succeed, is charismatic, and strives to live the best life they can. Share your successes, failures, methods, and everything in between.

The sticky is divided like so:
>Recommended Readings.
>Some tips to get your life back on track.
>Study and Career.
>To-do list habit.rpg (If you’re TOTALLY Lost. Start with this one)
>Focus and meditation

Basic Recommendations:
>Have a productivity Framework that is flexible. A mindset that gets you going.
>Use a calendar, like google calendar. Hours and shit for things YOU WILL DO.
>Learn to focus.
>Do routines for things you should do periodically/daily, this should cover daily things or weekly chores such as laundry, cleaning, shopping.
>Identify and Eliminate conflicts within yourself.
>Focus on identifying the time wasters in your life and eliminate them.
>Focus on the essentials. If you try to do everything at once you’ll burnout. Little by little.

>This is a good ‘sticky’ for self-development
>This one is a good blog for resources of this kind. I’ve seen annons give good feedback.


>If you think there is material that should be added (Or taken off). Please say so.
>There is no central authority for the /SIG/, everyone could copy, modify and upload the info here in a latter post.
>To future curators of the /SIG/. Stray away from PUA, and avoid Fedora stuff please.
>If you try monetizing with this, I’ll cut you.
>I’m looking to expand the ‘how to focus’ Area. If you believe you can help out/have tips. Please share.
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Recmended readings.jpg
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Material reading can be tricky. There will be trash here and there as we're not /lit/.

But we have to trust others.
Image related has a detailed list that an Annon provided on a thread a while back. If you got time to kill, click on the image, and read the descriptions

As time goes, the /SIG/ has had a couple of books recommended. I’ve done my best to try to get talks of the authors of such books so you can get a ‘piece’ before you commit.

Google a bit about the book, if you think you can get something out of it, watch the talk.
In my opinion, try getting the books “for free”.
If you read it and get something out of it, consider paying for the book.

>Michael Mauboussin, "The Success Equation”
>Susan Cain, Quiet: The power of Introverts
>The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge
>Antifragile, Nassim Taleb
>One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way, Robert Maurer
>Mentally Tough, James E. Loehr & Peter J. McLaughlin
>Practicing the Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

> http://pastebin.com/x7BbYimv
Reading material needs to be added/edited

Some free books for you to grab

The Way of The Seal
The Code of the Warrior - Rick Fields
The Story of Civilization - Will Durant
The Story of Philosophy - WIll Durant
Starship Troopers - Robert Heinlein 1959 (actually has a lot of really powerful character building stuff in there)
Bravo Two Zero - Andy McNab
Immediate Action - ^
Seven Troop - ^

Also, Project Gutenberg has Thousands of free books.
You could do lot worse than browsing their top 100
>Freedom is having control of your life

You should at least have 3 hobbies/activities.
-One that will pay the bills, gets food on your table
-One that will keep you in shape. (lower you faggot)
-One that you're passionate about and might be able to develop into a career.

If you're into lifting, taking the tips to better yourself should be simple; as you already have built some self-discipline.

Make peace with yourself and the way things are right now.
Stop thinking the world owes you, how destiny ‘fucked you over’, how those guys have it easier.
Accept things as they are, realize that life is cruel and your circumstances are the ones you were given. You can’t do shit about the starting point, but you can move forward.

Don’t focus in what was given to you, focus in what you’ll achieve.

Eliminate the things you dislike about yourself, about your life. Is as simple as, do you enjoy your job? No? Take steps to change the feeling.
How are you gonna make that? You either make your job more enjoyable, or you change jobs. Simple.
You want a girl? how do you plan to achieve that? Are you too socially inept? Work on that.
Are you piss poor and can’t afford a decent living? Work on that too.

No matter who you are, where you are in your life, or how fucked up you think you are.
You can improve your life. Take control. Move forward.
Dreams keeps us alive, fighting for them makes us feel alive.
About 5-7 years ago, I was a fucking train-wreck.
Right now, I'm doing fairly well.

Get some discipline, set some goals and a way to achieve them.
Cultivate yourself, learn stuff, get your shit together.

And realize, understand. None is coming to save you.
You got to make your way through.
You NEED to take CONTROL.
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If you're still in School. For fuck sake pay attention.

MORE than half of actually doing good in school is attending, the other half is paying attention in class. So then do it.
Or stop it altogether.
If you’re in college and you’re not feeling it, take a semester to think things through.
If you’re in high school, don’t think YOU NEED to enter college to be successful. There are other ways…
Google just started hiring people who never went to college.
WATCH this talk:

Some learning resources, focusing in code since I’m an ‘IT’ guy:
First and foremost. Free language learning tool with a really robust app. THIS IS A MUST. Learning a new language will help you out no matter who you are.
Teaches you the basics, from the ground up.
Similar to codeacademy.
Personal favorite. This guy step by step, learns a shit-ton of programing languages. Give this a check and start watching something you’re interested in.
This one I really like, once you get your shit going, it puts you ‘objectives’ to solve through code, last batch are really complex.
It’s a really nice online-course platform. There are really good things here as well.
>openprocessing.org / processing.org / codepen.io
These sites display some really cool stuff, where you can also check the source code and modify it to see what happens.

As for career options.
Choose anything you want, If you want to go into Philosophy or Social studies, That's fucking great. As long as you’re passionate about it, you’ll find a way.
You can always become a teacher or a writer.

BUT BE FUCKING AWARE THAT YOU WILL HAVE A HARD TIME MAKING MONEY. Don't get a loan to study shit that will be expensive to repay.

Other than that, don't enter into something soulless just because 'I'll get money'.
You only got one fucking life, don’t waste it doing something you hate.
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Habbit RPG.png
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You must have a to-do list, it's pretty essential.
As for which, there are several options
Google Keep, Evernote or whatever suits you.

But currently I suggest you use:
There’s even a /fit/ guild created to keep us in check.

It’s certainly geeky as fuck. But Gamification has been proven to work when applied to certain aspects of human psyche. Helps you stay in check and keeping your eyes on the trophy.

Stupid trivial things I used to do, I stopped once I placed them as ‘Bad habits’.
It also has a mobile app, while it’s a bit limited and on construction, it is free.

There are three main categories.
>Habits. These are things you do by impulse, not under a schedule. Can be good or bad.

+Go for a jog
+Sleep early/on time Sun-Thu
+Walk the dog
+Go for a ride
+Cook something new
+Go out and socialize
+Spend time at the shelter

-Drink soda
-Drink beers
-Eat Junk/Dirty bulk
-Stay up late Sun-Thu
-Fap [?]
-Play 1.5+ Hours vidya a day

>Dailies are things you ALWAYS do. Every day or certain days of the week. Planned, they are only good.

+Lift (m - w - f)
+Eat your macros(daily)
+Buy Groceries (Sa)
+Read 30 min (daily)
+Practice the Guitar 30 Min(daily)
+Study Video Editing 40 Min (daily)
+Cook (We, Sa)
+Do your daily points in duolingo

>To-Do are, well, things you must do. You can have a checklist within one To-Do.

()Fix the shelf
()Go to the post office and send the package
()Buy the ticket to the concert
()Pay the landlord
()Organize my trip to the moon
—()Get the rocket tickets
—()Get the reservation for the moon Hostel
—()Buy some moonars to have some local money
—()Buy a map of moon city

Seeing the numbers go up (or health go down) is a weird sort of motivation. I can vouch for it. Give it a try, if you have no idea where to start, This is a good one.

Fill your bad habits, put the to-do’s and take it from there.
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Meditation and focus is taking a Long fucking while. While I do meditate, It's not my strongpoint, so It doesn't come as easy.
Boils down to, meditation is really advisable in today's world of instant gratification.
It's important to listen to your own voice from time to time.
Mediation will help you focus on the long run, as you gain control of yourself.

Some (non-curated)resources I've been mentioned on the way:


If you have any recommendation, idea or something along the lines, Please reply to this post. I'll check them out.

As for Finance. That's also under construction.
But managing your own money is fucking important.
I'm just scratching the surface on it. I advice you check this:
And read the following advice from finacebrah
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2 MB, 1345x1450

To get started, you obviously need to get an income sorted, now, there are 2 main ways to make money, work for somebody else, or earn money yourself.

Working for somebody else is self explanatory, you go out and get a job, busting your balls, normally for peanuts if you don't have a great career, and doing that day after day, year after year. Is this always a bad thing? No, most people start here in fact, it tends to be a good, at least consistent way to make money. People do it there whole lives, and that's up to them.


Earning money for yourself.

Again, there are two ways to do this. Firstly, is ACTIVELY earning it, creating a business, that you work at and it provides you with profit, and PASSIVELY earning it, meaning you put money you already have to work.

I can't possible cover off every single way to actively make money in 1 post, but if it interests you, look into it. You can start an online business while you already have a job, if you still want the security. You can start a side gig on the weekends, you can import and sell at markets or online.You can jack it all in, and start a physical business (please don't do that without serious thought) Actively earning money is one of the most rewarding things you can do, IMHO

>Earning online

>Low start up cost businesses/part time

There are hundreds of articles out there, have a look, see what you think, and do your research.

You save it, live within your means, don't go into high interest debt, keep expenses low, the more you save, the more you can put to work, and the more you can earn.

Passively earning money.

I like to call this putting your money to work for you, it's takes money you have saved, investing it, and getting a return on it.


Yes. This is how most people become wealthy, saving money, and getting a big return on it. How do you do that? Again, there are hundreds of ways. As a general rule, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. What you invest in depends on your investment strategy.


Read it and create one, it should tie in to your long term goals that you set and have written down.

Again, too many different kind of investments to cover in one post, here is a good overview of them.


This is the risk order:


I personally prefer Real estate, forex trading, and stocks. There is so much information out there, I can just encourage you to read and learn as much as possible. See what suits your life and where you live. And never stop learning.



and finally, the most important one.

Alright, I signed up to this habitrpg. Maybe it'll help me get together my miserable life.
Started seeing a therapist. I don't know what to think about it. Seems to me that it's all bullshit.
Gonna see one in like a month. Idk what to think either.
Did any of you guys find getting fit helped job gains? I mean with professional or at least decent paying jobs.
One step after the other annon.

Seeing a therapist is like being hypnotized. If you go in saying "this is bullshit" it will never work.
Agreed, the therapist should be good, but give it a try. honest.

Getting /fit/ helped me get some self discipline.
Stop rationalizing shitty excuses and stuff.

Went back to college and my life is fairly good at the moment.
I stopped comparing myself to others.

Professionally, Physically, Financially, you name it.

I feel a lot happier at the moment than I normally do. I'm enjoying my job instead of worrying if I'm the best at my workplace. I'm lifting but it's got some of it's flavour back, I'm just enjoying being strong, not worried about 1RM's and comparing them to by bros. I'm not saying give up and just become some amorphous blob who sits around playing vidya all day cause 'who cares?' Just don't focus so much on.... I guess you'd call it status? Worrying about how you are perceived. I'm not sure. It's that innate feeling of competitiveness inside us all and coming to terms with that monster is what I'm rambling towards.
What does /sig/ think about NLP?

wat is NLP?
What language would you learn next if you already now English and Spanish? I'm learning German, pretty good but I want to see your opinion, what would you learn? Why?
I figured I may as well ask here, my TDEE is a touch over 2300kcal and I'm currently trying to bulk at ~3000kcal, yet I struggle to even reach my TDEE some days.
Any tips or tricks for someone without access to cooking facilities?
Nuts and seeds? Energy-dense, dont need to be cooked. "Healthy" by most/all metrics
Ah yes, almost forgot about them despite the bag sitting next me. Although I accidentally bought a bag of roasted nuts so most of them aside from the almonds taste like ass.
I've been through a bunch of therapy. In my experience it works well for acute things (depression since recent, a loss/death), but only marginally for chronic things (i.e. depression since childhood, anxiety disorders).

It depends a lot on the therapist, and is hard to know if you have a good one. Can only figure it out a lot of time and effort later.

But, hold them to stuff... don't let them just sit there. Make sure they push you to have concrete goals, a lot of therapists just want to do mental masturbation. They should be proactive, not reactive.
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progress report;

health gains;
i have been eating much healthier, at the start i really had no idea how to go about it i just dipped my toe in the water by eating a banana and some orange juice with breakfast, a apple at lunch and some carrot sticks with dinner. i have also tried to swap ready meals with home cooked shit, i have made lots of pasta dishes, potato.

its a lot more work and washing up but honestly it really isnt that bad at all once you make it a routine.

i have also been trying to swap my snacks, so instead of crisps ive been having fruit/nut mix and instead of chocolate ive been having smoothies.

a note to all my fellow /brit/s, lidls frozen berries and frozen greens are so cheap. for a pound you can get enough either carrots/berries/greens to last you a whole week. definitely a must for fellow students

i haven't really been feeling all that different so far, but then its early days, i only started two weeks ago.

and ofc been lifting as usual.
social gains;
im a student, i joined the university rowing club, which was a little intimidating, as its a hot spot for lots of outgoing confident, socially active guys. for someone whose social life has essentially been game of thrones and 4chan for the past year it was a little rough. that said, they were all friendly, i think once i acclimatise to the environment a little more i will enjoy it.

im thinking of also joining a powerlifting group or something /fit/ related.


pickup gains;
reconnected with a guy i used to know from school who goes to my uni, and managed to get invited to one of his house parties. i was very nervous going, as i didn't know anyone there, and i only vaguely knew the guy hosting.

i was very very please though as i finally managed to get over the fear barrier, and i approached about five different women over the course of the night, i got blown out by three, had a nice conversation with one. and, i actually kissed one girl for about ten seconds, which was a huge huge step to me as the last girl i kissed was three years ago.

it was her birthday and she was super drunk. Her very very "body positive" friend pulled her away though.

even though i got blown out a lot it was nice, as now that ive faced the worst that can happen when talking to girls i think ill have less trouble getting over the fear barrier next time, and i can start building up reference experience with women.
reading gains;
read "focus", it was ok, more targeted towards business people really. planning on reading "the winner effect"

It's a bunch of BS. No empirical evidence and borderline esoteric. Better start a psychological coaching or meditation
The happier you are the less you care.Or the less you care the happier you are.

I dont know but caring too much about others opinion about yourself or getting obssesed with competition are always bad things to do.

Like you,I enjoy things more when I do them just to enjoy whatever it is and if there are more people involved in it to not get obsessed with victory/being the best.

Dont get me wrong I love competition and to compete but getting obsessed is counter productive

The middle is almost the answer to almost everything and this is not an exception.

The middle in this case is that point at wich you want to win and do your best while enjoying the activity but give 0 fucks if you lose and just keep being positive and trying.This is how you success at things

Otherwise,if you get obsessed you will get frustrated when you lose(and at some point everyone loses at whatever they are doing) ,and frustration ruins everything.Every fucking thing.When you are frustrated you cant be more far away from success.

Tyson said it once:the best boxer isnt the toughest or the most obsessed one its the happiest boxer

He couldnt be more right

My apologizes for my shitty english brehs
My Past Six Months:

-Lost 50 lbs ( 26 to go )
-Dumped abusive GF
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H-hello, everyone. Not usually one to make a persona out of myself, but I figured I'd give it a go in the context of self-improvement. Indeed, I think my social failure has played a fairly big role in the overall failure that is my life. If you have expectations on you and are socially integrated in society, I think it is easier to motivate yourself not to fail. This is of course 4chan, but it is... something. So, I'll introduce myself and where I am in life atm.

Medstudent who is failing pretty badly. Took one term off last year because of failed exams, another one this autumn for the same reason.
Chronically ill in a bowel disease which seems to come back to hound me every summer. I usually lose like 1/3-1/2 of my Hb (hemoglobin value of your blood, ie the protein that carries oxygen) over a few months when I'm ill, which of course is pretty bothersome. also takes ages to recover, I'm still at like 128/160-ish atm (and ive been in remission for like 5 months now). I also have to chug catabolic steroids while I'm ill, which fucks up your gainz, your sleep, your mind and your skin. Mental health is a bit shaky, doc said I prob had a moderate depression.
>social life
Basically non-existant. I'm not awkward per se, I'd actually say I'm pretty charismatic overall. I tend to isolate myself, have a really hard time forming personal bonds with ppl. Family is alright, I just dont feel much connection with them. I've had... ~friends in the past, but i never keep up. One friend that I do keep up with, though he lives p far away.
None, ever. I did have sex with a girl like 2 years ago, though I did ~date her a few years before that and she was the one who initiated contact this time, so that isn't nowhere near a "current" achievement.
>other stuff
Decently skilled guitarist/singer, though perhaps "gifted" is a more apt way to describe it. Because I'm a lazy faggot and have no routine playing in bands whatsoever, its all untapped potential atm.
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Getting my studies sorted out is #1 priority. After that, prob get some routine in my music going on. After that, some kind of social life is probably necessary to help safeguard against depression and help in general with feeling fulfilled (I've never had a normal social life, so this is all just theorycrafting). Gf feels like the natural next step after you've become some kind of pseudo-normalfag, but overall, seems like pretty bloody far away.

Health would be #1 priority if it wasnt such a wild ride that I don't even know. Hopefully, if I can keep the rest of my life in check, I'll stave off the worst episodes of depression, and if I generally live "healthy", I might have statistically better chance of not getting steamrolled by the bowel disease every autumn. It takes a mad man to hope, but I'm pretty bare-bones in terms of mental functions atm, so it's just as well.

>rowing club
best way to get social gains, I think, is to socialize with those that already have shredded social lifes. Hopefull it'll rub off on ya. If they are friendly, and you keep going there, I don't see how you could go wrong
>kissed a girl
noice one, m70.

>chronic illness
mate, whats your diet like? perhaps if you cut the junk, moved more into vegetable land you will have better health.

>no social life at a university
you could try joining a society. there are literally so many to choose from in most universities, art design, sports, harry potter fans.
I thought that those thread were cool but now I see that they are for faggots who need a blog to write their life

>mate, whats your diet like? perhaps if you cut the junk, moved more into vegetable land you will have better health.
Yeah, I thought so too when I got ill. It's really tricky though, because when you get ill nothing you do except taking your pills seems to help. Rest of the time it's quiet, no matter what you happen to eat. There's almost zero studies done on the matter, either. I do eat quite a bit of vegetables (for like 2 years after I first got ill I only ate like vegetables+meat+fish+nuts+fruit), and I did eat quite "healthy" even before, but to no avail.

Good thing you can filter out these threads then.
bitches love french
I used to be super big into fitness, nutrition and lifting when I was in college, but when I graduated, I started working full time as a courier and quickly fell off. Over the course of 2 years I put on nearly 60 lbs (driving around the city all day meant eating at a lot of drive thrus) and was lucky if I could get myself to exercise once a week. I also stopped working on any art for a long time, I had a book project that I scrapped and I practice maybe an hour or two a week.

It's lame as hell but I was one of the people that pulled that 'new year new me' shit at the start of 2015, but it actually stuck. I've lost 20 lbs since January 19th, I have a wedding and graduation to go to in May and my goal is to get back down below 200 lbs before then which is easily doable at this point (I'm currently at 219). I'm drawing multiple hours a day again and have a comic book that's almost finished, and an interview coming up for an illustrator position at a design agency. I've been teaching classes too and actually getting back into the dating game again, I'm off to a pretty good start for the year i'd say.

The biggest thing was making sure all of the things I needed to do to reach my goals became part of my daily routine. I admit I fell victim to the '2 a day workouts and eat a 1000 calorie deficit with 20g/carbs or less every day and spend 8 hours a day doing figure and portrait studies' thing several times before I realized that just wasn't sustainable, but I've been able to cook 2 big meals a week with leftovers, snack on veggies while I drive around, and dedicate an hour each day to drawing practice (more if I am able) and lifting, which is much easier to stick to
Peanutbutter, [insert fruit you like] juice, Yoghurt, milk
Hey /sig/, hopefully you guys an give me some insight regarding this; I tend to talk about myself to others a lot, im sure I sound very self-obsessed and I probably am to an extent, but I want to improve my ability to relate to others. For example, im not great at being encouraging or sympathizing with others, even if it fools them it rings hollow to me, I have gotten somewhat better, but I don't want to feel (or be) callous and self-centered.
Idk. havent really touched that
I think a huge part of this is just showing that you actually listen (and, of course, that you actually listen in the first place!). When talking to patients, we (in medschool) are encouraged to make "listening responses", ie humming in an appropriate manner (matching the patients mood and what they are talking about) and nodding. Another great thing to do is to summarize what they have said. This both makes them feel as if you listened to them, and gives them an opportunity to correct you if there is something you have misunderstood. The latter part probably doesn't make as much sense when you are just doing small talk, but I assume you mean in situations were you are trying to comfort or show support to someone who tells you of something bad they've experienced. Outright asking someone how something made them feel can also be a good thing to do under such situations.

As for how to make it feel less hollow to yourself, I don't know mang. I hope it's not all about appearances for you, and you genuinely want to : encourage/comfort others, but as they say: all the world's a stage. I wish I could get away from the often-present feeling of being some actor just doing what's expected of you

Thank you for all that dear sir, you're a gentleman.
bros remember that all of you can kill it in life.
Major fedora tips to all involved. You fucking losers.
>Doomed to fail

I'll take 'self-improvement for its own sake' for $500.
It's amusing, because half of the battle in achieving something is fighting that embittered and toxic attitude that is so entrenched here, except in yourself.
That's pretty cool. I think I might use it. What happens when your character dies?
It takes a certain amount of concerted effort to start caring about yourself in a healthy way, but it's certainly possible.
Asking questions and rephrasing what people have said to you to confirm that you listened/understood. Most people love talking about themselves and they like it even more when they know the other person is listening.

Tumblr has been here since day one. Just ignore them.

Lose a level and a piece of gear.
>Broke up with gf
>Miss having someone to talk to every day
>Can't stand going back to my old routine every day of work, 4chan and classes every day again
But at least I set some PRs and I started my cut this week, so I guess I have something going for me.
Ok, thanks for the input.
>tfw you realize that life is too short to do anything well if you try to do more than a few things
>tfw you realize that manlets are too short to do anything well if they try to do more than a few things
You'll find your path man
Then add more - learn a language, run every morning, get out and party, meet a sloot on tinder or pof or whatever and bang them, whatever
I'm taking a semester off uni to try to get my shit together and improve my depression.
http://www.arcitea.com/#3W Looks like it's going to be really helpful, thanks.
This (if you can afford it) is highly advisable. Think long and hard on your life man.
just looked on arcitea, keep up the good work guys
Neat site, but what is it? Is it run by a /fit/izen?
Med brah how do i make it to medschool i had a pretty shitty freshman year start. I dont really care if my chances are .001% but i will try but i reallly dont know the steps to do it
Props to whoever keeps making these threads. My girl left me and now I'm getting my shit sorted. Much love brothers
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Had a 3.6, 28 mcat. Applied to 6 schools. Didn't make it in.

If you're a white male it's much, much, MUCH harder to get in. But hard work will get you in. GPA over 3.75 in science and general. 30+mcat 35+ for private schools. Lots of research, get recommendation letters from the profs you research for. Do ~120 volunteer hours. SHADOW DOCTORS.

Pic related,rejection letter showing 1% acceptance rate to VT. Very few people even get the secondary app that I got to VT. It's a bitch man.
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anyone else instantly hiding every thread with a girl in the picture due to NoPorn safety?

I currently have 30 threads hidden.
guys, how do I fix my personality? I feel like everything is wrong with it. I used to be a fat, basement dwelling wow addict who never got around people.
A couple of years ago I started to get fit and improve overall. I started to socialize and even manged to make friends. But still, I feel like all the time alone spoiled my personality and I can't seem to fix it.
In particular:
>I can't appreciate friendships. I don't care for any of my friends. I'd rather stay inside and be productive than go to some place and talk about their shitty lives. Because I don't give a shit
>I have no interest in women, let alone having a GF. Everything tells me I SHOULD care and get a girlfriend but past experiences tell me that women are not worth my time. I also have virtually no sex drive.
>I'm socially awkward as fuck. All the social interaction over the last years didn't help much. I can't hold conversations and I'm extremely unfunny and boring. This is my biggest concern. I really want to improve upon this one but everytime I try I fail and I have no idea how to go about it.
>Unrelated: I have the worst memory. Are there any exercises I can do to improve it?
sounds like you fap alot, am i right?
>Unrelated: I have the worst memory. Are there any exercises I can do to improve it?
i have a good memory but only for things i make an attempt to memorize, otherwise its in one ear out the other

i've seen lumosity advertised quite a bit, has anyone tried it?
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I fap maybe once a week at most. As I said I have no sex drive

thanks, I'll have a look at it
Wassup /sig/ financebrah is back. Just dropped my grill off at the airport, so now I'm back to fapping until I get my visa for America.

How are y'all doing today?
i'm rolling in mad cash but i don't know what to do with it send help

Quantify mad cash.
2k in cash right next to me

Buy penny stocks. Or a stripper.
what kind of a returns can i expect on a stripper

Blue balls
I'm not an ameriburger, so idk how to get in there. In Sweden I just got the highest score on our equivalent to SAT and yoloed in. To be fair it's probably a bit broken, as it allows someone who is highly intelligent yet overall a complete failure to get in
How do I stop depression eating? I eat because I'm depressed and I'm depressed because I eat
you dont

you go to the gym and make sure those calories go to good use

alternatively learn self control
So do you actually like have advice or are you going to tell me things I already know
what would you like me to say?

thats the magic password that will give you self control and now you don't have to do anything

if you already know the answer why ask the question, there is no short cuts
I wanted advice on how to achieve this, not a magic pass to greatness you dumb foreigner.

Not with that attitude.

You stop being depressed.
Why are you depressed? Accept whatever that has you in denial.
Find some meaning in your life, start a project that will take you out of the slumber you're in.

The above poster is right, you shouldn't ask questions which you already know the answers to.
You should instead ask,
>How do I achieve X or Y. I'm thinking of 'this', thoughts?

And you start doing it.

There are no magic paths. That's the Self in SIG.
You need to want it, and ultimately it's up to you.
You're in control of your life, you're the captain of this sinking ship. It's only you and none else that is able to turn this thing around.

Godspeed Annon.

I dun.guffed on the intro, I'm missing the pastebin and the wiki.
Stay fat. You're not going to make it.

Eh, it's better than the last couple I saw with no pictures and half the posts haha
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I like how this general popped in /fit/ , yet somehow combines /fit/, /adv/ , /biz/ and a little bit /r9k/ qualities. Stay alive /sig/.

Pretty much, /sig/ could be its own board
not at our current speed
why would you tell them to read schiff and sowell? those fucking lunes have no credibility after what happened in 08
friedman's ideas are done
so are hayek's

keynes and galbraith won

You should see /biz/, so slow, and half the people have no idea what they are talking about
keep applying man
you can make it in
don't blame or thank your race
has nothing to do with it
thousands of blacks/whites/asians/hispanics/natives get rejected every year
get more letters and apply to a school til you get accepted

Schiff pretty much predicted the housing market collapse in 07. It's always good to get different perspectives then decide for yourself, but i agree with you
true i do agree and probably came off as a bit too hostile, just didn't understand why him of all people were included
roubini also predicted it
but thats neither here nor there

Tbh, I didn't make the list and probably would change or add a couple of things, but i cbfed making a new infographic, its a good starting point for people who don't have much of an idea though.
I find listening to audio books helpful. I found out about A Path With Heart by Jack Kornfield and found it insightful. It teaches mindfulness meditation which has given me some relief in the past few days. As a past lurker of /lit/ I can recommend the following for free book files
>download an IRC client
>enter the #bookz channel
>search a title and author
This is all explained in the /lit/ sticky IIRC. Reading more never hurt anybody. Keep up the good work /sig/ we all gonna make it if we keep trying. It may not work out for you the first time but get back up and try again
>shoo shoo negative >>>/r9k/ browsers
This could only happen on /fit/ because the janitors for most other boards are autistic nerds who delete everything

I'm glad it did happen, it seems to have helped a few anons
really is the best bard. there's a kind of positivity here that just isnt on any other bard
I certainly find it much more useful than most of the stuff posted here. I remember it being prevalent a while back, but it just sort of died out. Hopefully it will stick around this time.

I hope so, it gives me something to do while I'm sat in a country I don't want to be in haha
how was she abusive?
Keep it up, and don't look back
The feeling that I get here is a sort of "I gained what I deserved, and I am proud of it because I actually did it".

It's kind of vague, but most places consist of people feeling like they are intellectually superiour just because they feel like they have some kind of unused potential, not realizing that everyone has that and they are worse off for not using the said potential.
How do you guys make more time? Between college, socializing with my classmates, working out, working on my research scholarship and reading I barely have time to watch my chineses cartoons anymore. And it's only going to get worse because I'm trying for an internship starting in may.
I'm extremely afraid of burning out right now.
>go to bed early
>wake up 10 hours later, tired as hell
>eat breakfast
>go out running
>fall asleep while trying to study
I'll be damned
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went to a korean bar with a girl last night
brought her home
she just kinda passed out so we just slept
tried getting physical this morning but i stopped b/c she didn't seem into it and i asked and she said she wants to wait until marriage

i was afraid this would happen

finals this week got my hyped/terrified

how was your weekend, /sig/

Good job man, at least you got her back home!

My weekend was good, flew my girlfriend over to spend her spring break with me. Depressed as fuck now I just had to drop her back off at the airport haha.

I've got a severe case of oneitis
...aren't you implying that she only _seems_ to be special to you if you say that you have oneitis? I mean, if you can self-diagnose it, doesn't that mean that you don't actually care for her that much?
>>I can't appreciate friendships. I don't care for any of my friends. I'd rather stay inside and be productive than go to some place and talk about their shitty lives. Because I don't give a shit
Its like there some kind of reward system for social interaction that is missing. Yet if I isolate myself I think I am more likely to get depressed.

Eh probably slightly misused the term, I just find it strange I'm still totally obsessed with her after almost a year. Never happened to me before.
honestly breh
I just quit watching anime and I only watched it during my vacation or i watch it on sunday mornings breh.
I feel like the focus in the /SIG threads is skills based, which can be good, but I would like to see more specific approaches to developing more foundational abilities such as critical thinking abilities. I will ruminate on a few approaches I have taken to develop these throughout my semester off from school and share them here.
>Good job man, at least you got her back home!
i mean she's spent the night before

but now i feel bad because i'm not serious about her

and she's kinda neat but i really need someone to fool around with

how are you managing your ldr?
What apps do you all use with the HabitRPG Chrome addon?
I did not even use the add-on. I think I will try it, thanks for making me aware of it. What apps could you suggest yourself?
workflowy looks really cool and powerful but i'm not bothering with it yet

i'm going to try tomato.es

i've been meaning to try pomodoro for a long time

Good man, this was the last goodbye though, I'm just about to finalize my move to the states, only a couple more months hopefully!
Was just about to make a post 'Tips on Becoming the Ubermensch'

I'm been raping my life lately. 6 months ago, sad over a girl, drank every night, skinny as fuck, no job, mad depression/anxiety. Now, baller as job and already got a raise, hot qt3.14 gf, no gluten/sugar, no alcohol, no more cigs, happy as fuck, starting my own business on the side. Still, I feel like I could do more.

Here's what I've incorporated into my schedule. I'll take any recommendations I can.

> Meditation 15-30min daily
> 3000 cals a day minimum
> read 1 book each week (Nietzsche, Rothbard, Aurelius, Fitness Textbooks like SS, Eckhart Tolle, psych books, etc.)
> Entrepreneurship class 1x week
> Sleep at least 9 hours a day for gains
> Fish Oil, Vit C, Vit D, Magnesium, 100% sugar free lactose free whey non-GMO, for gains
> Salycilic Facial Scrub for face 2x day
> To-Do list habit
> yoga class 2x week
> Stand-up 2x per month
> Put 30% of paycheck into savings 1x week
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what's up w missing art
>> Salycilic Facial Scrub for face 2x day
unless you're using some weak shit, that's not good for your skin
>tfw you were a good goy and rubbed that shit on your face for 6 months
Did fuck all except irritate it like hell
Might be your connection being awful. I see it all, myself.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll take a look at them.

I wonder, how much free time do you have? There are some things that could be added, if you have time. Also, I would switch yoga with pilates.
excellent. some tweaks:

>sleep 9 hours a day
maybe just do alarm-less
cut to 1x a day?
>30% into savings
if you have the extra money for it, do roth IRA instead. sign up for a 2% cashback credit card like fidelity amex.
>tfw can't motivate myself to do any studying
>failed 3/5 january exams

with 3 months to go until summer exams i know now is the time to get my shit together and actually work hard for this. i just can't get out of my head. me and my gf broke up a few months back and i haven't even tried to sleep with anyone else because i've been working on myself. working on myself got nowhere so now i'm just depressed and play vidya all day

Don't do a roth IRA unless you already have a significant backup fund of cash or cash equivalents.
I'm in more or less the situation, except I've been ill all autumn instead of just reaping the fruits of being a filthy normalfag. Basically haven't studied at all since like october. Decided to quit vidya thursday this week, havent played since. Set up an account on habbitrpg, set myself some various goals such as studying 4 hours/day (timing this in 30 min intervals), getting out 30 m in every day, exercising, practising guitar, singing etc. So far failing pretty miserably, but I'm doing something. Studying 2hour/day is not enough, but its a hell lot better than studying nothing in 5 months and staying inside playing DotA all day. Do something everyday, brah. Hang in there.
It hurts but you cant let that shit bring you down.
>Studying 2hour/day is not enough, but its a hell lot better than studying nothing in 5 months and staying inside playing DotA all day
my first two years of school i cocooned myself inside my dorm 24/7 shitposting on /fa/ and playing battlefield and i wondered why i was so sad on the weekends when i had no friends to hang out with

so this year i left my gaming computer at home and i don't play any games now

it's made a big difference

i actually study now and complete homework early

like, i actually complete every homework assignment and submit it

but my grades are still shit because my exam grades are shit

i need to find a counselor or therapist that's good with academic underachievement so i can finish whatever i need to do to fix myself

i still kill time on 4chan and i've 90% killed my reddit habit and i still binge on amazon once a week or so but it's not as bad

but i totally recommend dropping video games unless it's a social thing with the bros
There is literally NO sience backing up more sleep=more gains. 8 hours is said to be more than sufficient. I chose to sleep 8 because that was the norm back in the days and I'm used to it. Remove 1-2 hours of sleep and you can knock like 3-4 things on your list in the morning. Nothing wrong with sleeping in, but you are doing it for the wrong reasons!
sorry, good point. my understanding:
1. 6 months of cash, in savings or whatever
2. max out employer 401k match
3. something about HSAs and keeping receipts
4. max out Roth IRA ($5500/year), go vanguard index fund or something
5. max out Traditional 401k (~$18000/year), if you expect to be in a higher tax bracket at retirement.
6. weird shit

and if you don't make enough money for this, ignore it
Free time? Not much. I work 8-6 on weekdays plus an extra 85 minutes if you're including the commute. Also having a qt3.14 gf is eating into productivity. What would you add?

I try to sleep 9hrs a day. Not always possible. Salacylic is only at night. Normal face wash in the am. Mud mask 2x week. I don't have the extra money yet and can't get a credit card yet. Debt is in the shitter. Spent 2 weeks in the hospital last year. Still paying that off.

That'd be awesome. Sick of forcing myself to sleep at 9:30 when I have so much more to do
>What would you add?
More cultural knowledge. Expanding your cultural capital is always good, even if you are just doing something casual like watching a movie every week. As long as you think about what you have watched, and perhaps discussed with someone (Just not on /tv/, they are awful, I am sure even Reddit could have better discussion), you are becoming more culturally aware of the world, and thus, a better conversation partner.

Reading about analyzing different kinds of art is also a great use of your time - it's like learning critical thinking once again, except you can use it in a different way. If you have any friends who are culturally aware, that's awesome, I know that I wouldn't give up people who can talk about different abstract parts of a book or movie. Seriously, I feel like this is one of the most important parts of becoming better at life.

That's pretty much a vague idea, depending on what your saving goals and stuff are.
Already mentioned this on HRPG, but the addon has really kept me on track during the day at school, and I'm actually taking notes on it during class instead of reading articles or playing touhou.
I tied it to getting up early to eat breakfast. I don't always have time for a full tv episode, but I regularly get some /f/ and Youtube videos in.
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What book do you recommend for diet and fitness?

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. It's based as fuck.
I'm going to give this thread a bump because I want to read it when I get out of work tonight and hopefully it'll be there.
I'm back brah, got banned for 3 days for fucking posting a naked womin in /sig/ ;-;

Anyway I decided to finally get out of my shell and start looking for a job this week so I can facilitate strength & life gains.

Got any interview/job search tips dood? I think would also help a lot of people here
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>mfw i am loving life right now and several epople are super jealous of my 50 lb loss
>mfw back injury is getting a lot better
>mfw i shitpost on a mmo forum and everyone hates me there
>mfw all of them are confused furry gay/bis who are at a dead end in life

Who could have thought being successful at being happy would make everyone hate you so much?
Dress well, tuck in your shirt, say yes/no ma'am/sir, practice answering questions from google, and don't be shaken up too much. Chances are you'll get the job if it's a minimal pay one.
What do you guys think about speed reading? I have found a lot of different opinions.

Come back in like 10 hours and I'll write you a paragraph about it. Bed time now.
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i know people influence you more than you think and you are the average of the 5 people you are around most.

Is it really possible to be influenced by people you watch on youtube or interviews?
Well I mean I tried to do all that "common sense" kinda stuff but I failed a few interviews which is really puzzling to me because I felt like I did them perfectly based on interviewer's responses to my responses and how I answered questions. Just a bit confused as to whether I messed it up or they just decided to get someone else instead for some other reason out of my control.

I'll be back, just reply to my post and I'll read it. I always keep /sig/ open in a tab.
Does anybody have any tips on how to become a wittier, funnier person? Like that dude in your social circle who always knows what to say to get everybody smiling. I've started watching some Stand-Up but I'm not sure if it actually makes a difference.
You'd have to get to be the guy who people like and can relate to.

Like for example if you know someone browses /fit/ then saying some /fit/ memes such as "manlets when will they learn" or something like that will make that person laugh because they can relate to you.

I guess being a witty and funny person is based on having a lot of general knowledge about things and being interesting. Making references to popular movies or saying a funny quote, stuff like that.
The more I read the finance part the more it boggles my mind that it's that "easy" to make money from a website. Does anyone here actually run one and make a profit? I've been looking for a job but nothing really interests me and if I'm not motivated to do my work, I'd perform horribly.

Somehow, I wouldn't mind a job where all I would have to do is type shit out all day. I type so fast it's insane.
No such thing as easy money.

Either you do something that few people can do and have a talent, or you do hard work.

In my experience, HR biddies like attractive fit guys more, and are more willing to hire you, even if you hurt their quota by being a white, straight, male.

Other male interviewers will generally like you more as well.
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>No such thing as easy money.
mfw this is what manlets actually think
Well I mean it's relative but either you're doing something creative that other people can't easily copy and recreate or it's just hard work. Although it has exceptions of course.
What do you guys think about traveling alone? Saving up my money and leave days for a month of backpacking across Europe. Do you all think this is a wise investment? Trying to visit a lot of places all around the world already been to Japan, and Australia.
Would it be a good idea to make my hobby my career? I'm pretty good at Roman and Byzantine history and have applied for college. I don't want to be stacking shelves for minimum wage.
>Do you all think this is a wise investment?

Spending money without expecting a return isn't an investment.

So not it wouldn't be a 'wise investment', but if you want to do it it would be pretty cool.
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Ive been training for a triathlon and making a lot of progress.

Finally getting used to swimming in deep water and can do the biking and running legs of the race. I also ran two 5ks increased my time by 30 seconds in the second one.

I also quit smoking weed a month ago but still drink out of frustration with my job and my current situation.
Since I'm living in a city where I don't know anyone I started a tinder account but I'm not getting anywhere with it.

And where are you. if you post this info it would be easier for other anon to take care of you
MIA these spring breakers need to GTFO now
Dw man tinder is bullshit. Most girls are window shopping and even one match out of like 30 is a pretty decent ratio.
Being a person who has always had a pretty nice social life, I would say that "we" don't actually pick on some of the other guys like the movies and teenage dramas would suggest. The only time I ever see real competition is if a real threat is trying to move into our domain.

As for the people who actually are jackasses, they tend to get looked at as an asshole and not very cool in the first place.
sorry bro, i wouldnt do that. its not worth studying something that specific at a university. try take the things you like about it and broaden the category until you find something you dont hate that can make a little bit of money. you can still keep learning what you love at home without the huge cost.
Sounds like you need to put some extra time into studying, brah
Man tinder suuucks. I guess I look a lot better IRL than I do in pictures because I can actually hook up with some decent looking chicks when I'm out and about but on the webosphere, I can't even pull hambeasts.
Do you have a bachelor's or are you just starting out in college?

I have a bachelors and I'm waiting to hear back from grad schools
I'm getting some matches that are ok one girl who I had a decent conversation with said she wanted to meet up but she's always "busy" or something. The other girls seem like sluts
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This is a question for old anon. >30
How did you become financially independent?
Are you happy with what you are doing now?
Do you have general advice/book recommendations?
>want to do shit
>never do anything because it would kill my exp gains on habitrpg
>always procrastinating on making a habitrpg account because i'm a procrastinator
>nothing is getting done

Well... I always go to the gym.
What is your finance background?

I can tell you what to do and what not to do:

>Don`t study: Your charm will get you to be CEO at 32
>Don`t read: Your level of intelligences and wisdom is very high so dont do it
>Don`t work: You are meant to be a CEO, dont waste time in other jobs that maybe not so good but may give you a new look into the word plus money and experience
>Think you are to cool for everything, the reality is that you are very insecure
>Settle for that good loking chick that is a train wreck
>Dont be bold doing things, half assests are ok
>Dont develop hobbies
>Stay away from the TV and internet, life is outside your room
How do you guys stick to your diet? Im having a hard time doing it on my cut. Fucking sucks.

9/10 you are a wizard indeed you must have been browsing the chans for quite some time
I ready my shift key everytime I go to everyboard i visit. fuck it's always 13+ hidden

Im here since 2007/2008, started at /b/ and in advise thread there was a screencap that said something along the lines " there is more on chan tha /b/" so i browse and the only thing appelaing was /fit/ so i enter and stay.

I aint no wizard, i might have fuck thing but its not the end of the road, i finish uni two years ago, im starting a new job in a month, im getting my life in order
What do you guys do when people spout broscience around you?

Getting kind of tired of correcting broscience the more I socialize with people. It's such a lengthy task and at the end you didn't even really achieve anything except for "Oh... cool didn't know thanks anon"
I'm considering doing this too. I feel like I should cause I'm constantly depressed and fantasizing about suicide.
Depends on the situation, but if the topic of conversation doesn't have to be fitness, I just say something like "Huh, interesting" and try to change the subject. Best not to sperg out if you don't have to
Chinese or French, mostly for professional development. But then, knowing Spanish and/or French is a huge boost in my field
Yeah I tend to sperg out... What would be a good way to not sperg out besides changing the subject and ignoring it?

I seem to have a problem with wanting to explain how to do things the right way to people, whenever I hear something ridiculous I always try to correct them
Cocoon mode best mode for beast mode. Greatest GOAT chicken mode wins everytime
Look up Eldredge or Trinity tie knot, they are really good knots and I've heard people being hired "because they bothered to put work in the little details" and such. Firm handshake is a nice thing, always.

When asked about your weaknesses, it is suggested to name something that you are working on and mentioning it, never say that you are "too hard working" or anything like that, it is the obvious prepared answer and it is awful. Think about something that's not too awful, but still work mentioning.

Just do them all. Honestly, I mean it. I was lucky enough to be born (or rather, I read a lot before school and never developed the voice in my head) with reading speeds most people would envy, and being able to read faster than anyone I know is nice and genuinely useful. Telling that you can speed-read is a nice thing to say at a job interview.

This is not something you want to actively focus on, or you will come off as desperate. My suggesstion is developing your own sense of humour. By that I mean - look at things that make you laugh and just try to mimick them in real life, but only when the time is right. Look at the reactions from different people, and adjust things from there, and eventually, you should be the funniest man on the planet.
If you are financially stable and you think that you would benefit from this psychologically or culturally, I think that you should go for it. If you need to save for too long of a time though, maybe try to get more financially stable before.
>How have you improved yourself this week/month/year?

Well, I wrapped up one overdue lab report and am about to start a next one. That's a start.

Job searching is just putting in effort man, depending on what kind you want. You can dress nicely and hit the streets handing your cv out places, grind online applying for everywhere. Just make sure you have a good resume/cv.

>Always dress the part, its easier to dress down than dress up. You can always take a tie off if it looks too formal.
>Research the company, it's always great when you can reference their mission statement in your answer or something subtle.
>Do a little power posing in private before your interview, google it if you aren't familiar with it.
>First impressions are exactly that. If you're sat in the waiting room, sit confidently, learn how to give a good handshake, greet them while making eye contact. You want to come off as confident without being arrogant.
>Once you're in the interview, sit confidently again, don't slouch, don't fidget, maintain eye contact, don't assume a closed body position.
>Answer questions honestly, but with a bit of a twist of what they want to hear.
>Have a general idea of what questions will be asked, and a rough idea of how you will answer them, don't rehearse them perfectly, that seems odd when you give the answer.
>Ask a couple of questions about the job or firm
>When the interview is over, same as greeting them, good handshake and all that.
>When you get home, send them a quick email thanking them for their time.
>Get a great job.

If you want to know how to answer any specific questions, let me know.


Studied it in school for a while, along with some other stuff, didn't like it, left and made some pretty good money investing for a kid with no degree.
Apparently it helps to stick with like minded people.

Trying to finish up some school work and not be a lazy fuck today, wish me luck.
implying anyone can tie this ridiculous shit
That's why I said "look it up". A couple tries are enough for anyone, and the reason why it's worth it is because almost everyone assumes that it's nearly impossible. It's a good eye catcher and first-impression maker. Damn, man, you can do it! Hell, I use instructions to tie it now even though I've known it for a couple of years.

Good luck, you have a nice butt.
Thanks mayne, it's got stretch marks on it but I tend not to let chicks stare.

I literally just finished off an hours worth of work without distractions and it feels pretty gud. I used a fucking giant whiteboard and it really is better than any program or notebook I've used.
Embrace the flutter boys

Hmm I'm also interest in French so seems like that would be my next language to learn after German, it's not just professional development but rather for self improvement in general so I want to pick something that it's fun and interesting for me

French is fun, i'm learning it at the minute and my girlfriend is fluent in it.
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30 KB, 783x36

these have been permanently open in my browser on all my computers for the last two months.

This Any.do thing is pretty cool, would probably recommend.
You have to be proactive about it. If you tend to crave sweets make a weekly batch of some kind of protein powder treat. Batch cook your meals so that you don't justify a Taco Bell stop on the theory that it's quicker than cooking. Have a default grocery list based on healthy recipes that you like. Always be on the prowl or at least interested in new recipes to try and ways to improve the ones you already know and enjoy.
Does anyone know any cheap places to live in southern Ontario?

I need to move out but I want to find a place where I can get a two bedroom apartment for $1000 or less a month.

I was thinking Hamilton.

Nice trips.

I was looking at moving to hamilton if I couldn't live in america, didn't look too bad.
It's supposed to be getting nicer too so the time to move would be in the next few years. I was just wondering if there was some hidden gem town or city I hadn't heard of that wasn't a sketch hole run down piece of shit.

I'm trying to get into McMaster uni there so it would be great but even if I don't get in, U of T is my next shot and its a 40 minute commute from Hamilton and rent is pretty much half of Toronto's

Though what say you guys? I could technically continue to live at home while I go to school and save a butt load of cash. But I'm almost 24 and dying to get out on my own, and my GF wants to move out as well and get her own place. We live 2 hours apart as is and only see each other once a week and after 2 years its getting lame so we want a place together.

But all the older people I talk to say milk living at home as long as possible.
>But all the older people I talk to say milk living at home as long as possible.
There's a lot more to it than money, which you should consider. Depends on how your parents are ofc., but in general they are going to save you a decent chunk of time by cooking for you, doing laundry for you etc. For a non-normalfag like myself, social isolation (even if I dont mind it per se), has probably taken a toll on my mental health. However, this seems unlikely to be a problem for you considering you have a gf.

I'd move out, but then again I'm very independent-minded.
anyone else find the habitrpg chrome addon to be a piece of shit? or is that just me
>This Any.do thing is pretty cool, would probably recommend.
what's the difference between it and evernote and the 800 other apps that do the same thing
Thats really just it. I mean I have it pretty good at home, my parents aren't around too much since my mom works nights, sleeps days and my dad is out of the house 6 days of the week.

But at the same time I already do all my own cooking and cleaning and am very self sustainable. I just want a place to call my own, that I can furnish and be content with. When my parents are home I feel trapped in my room, and no matter what when you live at home you still feel like a kid.

Plus like I said I've been with the GF 2 years now, and we both want a place together. I feel like I'm ready to live on my own, I just don't know if its the right move financially.

Also my mom is retiring in 2 years and I can see myself going crazy if she's around home all day every day(she doesn't have friends or hobbies to go out and do)
If you've got the money, move out. Also, what are you applying to? U of T is much better than McMaster uni.
I'm trying to use habitrpg but I have troubles discerning the "habits" from the "dailies". Whenever I try to add an habit I'm thinking "wait, it should go to the dailies, I want to make this a GOOD daily habit".
Not for Kinesiology and Physio therapy, but yes otherwise you are right. I actually used to go to U of T for English when I was retarded and wanted to teach. Dropped out after 2 years and decided to get a real degree and a real job.

McMaster recommends an 87-90% average for kinesiology where as U of T just says shoot for an 85% but will still accept something like 78% and up for Kin. It was my physio that I saw for an injury that recommended McMaster so heavily.
File: alien.jpg (2 MB, 3840x3789) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3840x3789
So my lack of will is reaching critical as finals and due dates are approaching
essay due this thursday and another essay due next thursday
as well as 2 presentations (not worried about them tho)
honestly I feel like I've given up- I know I haven't because I wouldn't let myself and I don't fail at what I do, it's simply things are grey and there's no want or drive in my life
it's like there's a wall that's stopping me from getting to what I want and accomplsihing things even these banal essays that will decide my grades though I hate them
I have to get past this wall, I have to knock down what I've put up

help me anons
oh and I haven't started on either essay or anything at all
forgot to mention that.
Well, as long you don't apply to a basketweaving course again. Also, use this site to see mcmaster prices. I used it. https://macoffcampus.mcmaster.ca/classifieds/?cat=4&s=&price_from=&price_to=&zone=0&spaces_from=&spaces_to=&occupancy_select=0&bedrooms_from=&bedrooms_to=&internet=0&furnished=0
Though if anyone has any suggestions about school of choice in Ontario for kinesiology and eventually physio therapy I am more than open to ideas. As far as I can tell my plan is Kin at McMac or U of T then Physio Masters at either school. I won't graduate until I'm 30 but its a great career from what I can tell and I love pretty much everything about the job.
I'm currently getting my highschool bio and calc which I never took, but I'm probably going to finish them with an overall 85-87% average. I have a volunteer spot at the upcoming Pan-Am games. Though most schools don't look at volunteer work its still great on a resume.
leave your room
go to the library
drink a lot of coffee
take some adderall
study with friends
Thanks, can I still get student housing if I want to live with my GF who is not a student? I figured we'd get a place somewhere in the city close to campus.

And god trust me I won't, delusional teenager who got spurred on by teachers and guidance councilors "Teaching is a great job!". I was a retard who thought things would magically work out. Thank Christ I smartened up. Paying for that now, but who didn't make mistakes in high school? Unless your parents forced you to get stellar grades I don't think many teenagers are even aware of the possible careers in the STEM fields. Most just choose a program based on their best subject and try to figure it out as they go. At least from what I saw.
no substances needed haha
again studying doesn't affect me writing essays
but thanks
For landlord, just tell your gf to say "oh sorry, I forgot my sutudent card. But my nmber is 'xxxxxxx' (made up)." if they ask. HINT: first 2-4 digits usually represents the year you are registered, so make it the same as yours. Give them post dated cheques, and you're done. And you do not want to live downtown, in any city. It's insanely expensive and sketchy.
What about colleges? Mohawk is pretty good. It's a good safety net in case everything fails.
Oh, schools don't give a shit about what extra stuff you do. Just get the grades and you're done.
Cool, and thanks, yeah there's no way we could afford to live downtown. We're looking for cheaper places, should have clarified I figured we'd find a place in the city as close to campus as possible while still being cheap and not being downtown. Need 2 bedrooms though. How 2 people could ever live in a 1 bedroom apartment without killing each other baffles me.

Never really thought about colleges for kin and physio. I should look into that, I assumed it was degree or no deal. But I'm fairly confident that if I can't get into McMac I can get into U of T or Western.

Though I honestly find it bullshit that they don't care about the extra crap. I mean Pan Am games volunteer work or job shadowing a physio therapist has more to do with kin than getting good marks in that history class I took 6 years ago. Like I get the required classes you need great marks your bio, calc and functions. But after that bugs me that your other 3 U level high school class marks that may or may not be applicable matter more than hands on volunteer work.

I'm also just bitching because I'm worried my 85-87 isn't good enough and I'll get beat out by Asian kids who get beat by their parents to get 100%.
Actually, you going to be in this thread tomorrow? I'm at McMaster University and can ask about your situation maybe sometime tomorrow afternoon, and see how they weigh your situation. I'm sure they'll judge you differently since you didn't just graduate from high school.
>I have no interest in women
You sound like your test is like 100 ng/dL when normal levels for a young man is 600. Low test signs are something like this:

>general laziness, lack of motivation and initiative, protracted and lingering depression
>passivity, lack of assertivity
>feminine mentality: multidimensional train of thought, rich and intense emotions
>no libido, having to go nofap to have any sex drive

You can bring them to normal levels like this:

>lift and do HIIT
>eat animal fats and protein
>sleep well
>if stressed, meditate
>don't smoke or drink
>get sunlight or a vitamin D supplement
>other supplements: zinc and fish oil
>use glass containers and don't eat soy products
File: image.jpg (54 KB, 1024x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 1024x398
>Focus on identifying the time wasters in your life and eliminate them.
How do I lower my sex drive? Seriously, masturbation isn't even pleasurable for me anymore. I need to stop, but I can't. What should I do? Meditation? Supplements? Change of diet?

I work out frequently, but that doesn't help apparently.
>>feminine mentality: multidimensional train of thought, rich and intense emotions

File: 1346179290063.jpg (79 KB, 496x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 496x349
>wake up 9
>tired as fuck
>eat breakfast
>tired as fuck
>take 1 hour nap because I cant stay awake
>tired as fuck
>go out for a walk to catch some sun
>tired as fuck, end up just staring at a treestump for 10 min
>get home, take a shower
>take 1 hour nap because I cant stay awake
>tired as fuck
>go get dinner
>want to go to sleep again
thanks, game
Yeah I work but I'll definitely check the thread out again tomorrow. That's awesome thank you. Just lemme know if you need to know anything else.
How much sleep are you getting? I was hopelessly behind last semester, working late and unproductive nights. About 2/3 through I set a deadline of 9 PM for leaving campus, 11 PM for being in bed with the lights off. Productivity shot up and I was able to generate more output in the shorter hours. Highest grades I've gotten since starting law school to boot.
It's buggy, but it's been keeping me focused during the class. I've probably saved at least a day's worth of time that would have otherwise been sucked into internet forums.

Is it something that makes sense to do exactly once per day? Is the negative version of the action simply not doing it? Daily. Otherwise habit or task.
My sleeps been shit frequently wake up at at 230-330am around 3 days a week.
overall my healths been shit too- some unknown gastro intestinal problems- slowly recovering- meeting with doc in a week- had it since november- catscan+whole shbam

I've been going to bed around 12pm waking up anywhere from 6-9am depending on the day- I don't feel rested or healthy though, especially if it's one of the nights I wake up

congrats on law school btw, I went into uni planning to do that, but after working for some lawyers I see it's not my thing. Have to figure out what to do after next year since I'm finishing up 3/4yrs of my undergrad
>not installing gud linux distro for maximum productivity gains

step ur game up boys
I have to collaborate with pretty girls on projects every day for the 8 weeks.

I'm scared.

You better fuck them anon.
Boys seriously though install linux for productivity gains. You'll learn a whole lot about it along the way and it will keep focused on working/learning instead of playing games
does anyone understand what i mean about influencers?
Basically yes, you can be influenced by those people too
your brain literally changes every time you process something
>FOOM your mind is blown
just checked this out, #bookz is legit.
Well today I got 1.5 hours of work done simply by leaving my computer locked instead of 0 hours of work.

I find that working on a blackboard instead of a computer helps a hell of a lot.

Night /sig/ see you bb's in the morning
Learning to use my own keyboard.

Six hours is not enough. Nine isn't either if you don't stay asleep the whole time. I recommend you do the following

>Improve your sleep hygeine
Move your computer out of the bedroom, install Flux, cut down on caffeine and eliminate it in the evening. L-Theanine makes my sleep more restful, but I can't explain the biology behind why.

>Go to bed earlier
Set up alarms/reminders. My computer is set to display pop up notifications periodically after midnight.

>Get a sleep study done
Apnea is nothing to fuck around with. Losing weight helps, but if you have apnea you need a CPAP.
Not op, but what do you use to "display pop up notifications periodically after midnight"?
alright thanks man
appreciate the help and advice- off to bed now haha
I think this is some bad advice. I mean there are some good things there but still it's mostly shit. For example if you wanna be a CEO, then you've got to have knowledge of in the field of your business and therefore study is required. But higher preference should be given to being one charming motherfucker. Also getting a good looking chick who is a train wreck is worse that getting a chick who looks average and had her shit together and is smart and educated.
Anyone know a good place to live in Melbourne Australia? I plan to move out soon. I'm not sure how I should go about looking for a residence. I wanted a place near the CBD cause I work in the city and plan to go do my masters in Melbourne uni. I also quite often request Dandenong and Coburg/Sussex.
No offence finance brah, even though most of your advice seems pretty legit I think the advice on passive income isn't quite right. There's so many online businesses and the like out there that it won't generate enough income to outweigh the cost. Do you have some sort of an web business? Also why do you plan to move to America? You live in New Zealand correct?
Now, aside from that last sentence, take all that and run it through the OPPOSITE MACHINE and we're good to go.
Damn guys watching programming tutorial videos in another language is bretty cool.

If you know another language I recommend it, seems to be better quality intermediate videos particularly. In English could only really find mostly beginner ones.
That whole Roth ira thing was bad advice. Roth IRA is better then traditional majority of the time. The only way it isn't is if you are making a lot of money to begin with.
I wasn't talking about IRA's. I quite frankly have no decent knowledge in finances especially when interest and shit is involved. I was talking about the sticky he created and the advice on website and stuff he gave.
File: 1351022136531.png (114 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 256x256
>Lift 4 days a week, 1 cardio day
>Cut, bulk, cut, bulk, cut bulk
>Done this for years
>Look pretty good
>0 fucking interest in parties
>0 fucking interest in going out and doing things
>Watch anime, read manga, play videogames on my free time

Why do I even lift?
How do I into investing.
>don't eat soy products

that's a myth, you know?

Depends how much money you have, how safe you want it to be, and how much you want to play with it or just buy and hold
File: 1425809997531.jpg (555 KB, 1200x1726) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
555 KB, 1200x1726
To look swole for your waifu <3

I've had 2 or 3 in the past, and you can run them for under $20 bucks a month if you know what you're doing. I used to make $100-200 a month profit for about 2 hours initial work and around 2 hours a month. There are so many different ways to do it.

I can't give the best advice for everyone with such limited information. I don't expect many people in this thread to be considering retirement plans just yet .

And yes, I did live in NZ, I live in England now while I sort my move out.

Why? I just wanted a change if scenery, I always loved America growing up, I could have made a lot of money staying in NZ exploiting the Auckland property market and fishing a lot, but I thought I'd try something new. Hard to explain really.
So what was your website about? It must've been interesting to get enough ad revenue to make that much profit. How much shilling did you have to do? I used to live in Auckland before too. Family sold a property we had there for a price double what we paid for. It was a pretty good profit cause we also were renting it out while we lived out here in Australia.
Sorry if I'm getting too personal but I was just curious. From my understanding the web sector seems more like a dead end and the market for apps is also on a decline.
he has no muscles though... wtf is this shit
man every time I get into one of these self-improvement phases I improve my lifestyle for a week or so and then it goes back to normal

The only habit I've managed to add to my lifestyle this year has been lifting and I've only been at it for 1.5 months. I started off not recording any weights so I only know how much I've improved in a few exercises and the only think I'm happy about is bench press because it's entry-level and if I keep up this rate I will have doubled my starting weight by 3.5-4 months (because I started at 32.5kg)
It's a mess, really. I'm not passionate enough to git gud.

So I'm trying to get into meditation but I'm finding it hard to maintain it as a daily habit, muh motivation.
I want to moderate the amount of time I spend staring at screens everyday because it prevents me from doing everything else but I don't know where to start. Reduce it by a few hours? From the start or from the end? What if I miss a chance to talk to a friend online because I was offline?

The thing is I always look at these motivational threads as some kind of temporary hope-booster and I get hyped up and try to start changing my lifestyle on a specific day and it never works.
Should I go through every single link in the OP posts? Seems like a lot.

It's okay. I actually didn't get ad revenue. I became an affiliate for a flight simulator, paid like 20 cents per click for an advert on Bing, and made more selling the sim than what i paid for advertising. Did it consistently for about 6 months.

Yeah, my parents house is worth 140% more than we paid 11 years ago, its stupid.

ontario fag here also

im seriously considering pursusing teaching, why did you become so against it?
I used to be a few classes away to be a NEET, thanks to the motivation I got from /SIG, I am doing fucking well in school, I found a job and an apartment. Thanks /SIG

Gj anon, keep up the good work.
I'm leaving /fit/ for a while. I'm going monk mode, and stopping all of my masturbatory online habits like 4chin, twitter and normiebook. I'm a student teacher, and I figure it's the only way I can pass my degree effectively while getting /fit/. Sorry for the blog post, but I wanted too put it somewhere and /sig/ seemed like the best place.
tfw doubt I will ever know this feel
tfw being online motivated me to start exercising (semi-decently) and that's about it
sauce? iqdb and google gives nothing
I see, cool thanks for the info. I thought you had a website that sells t-shirts or some stuff like that. I believe the property market had that massive increase because of immigration. We had the problem here too. Lots Chinese came here and bought properties and most of them aren't even being lived in.
I see, cool thanks for the info. I thought you had a website that sells t-shirts or some stuff like that. I believe the property market had that massive increase because of immigration. We had the problem here too. Lots Chinese came here and bought properties and most of them aren't even being lived in. Anyways have a good day sir, it's time I slept now. You still support the All Blacks?
Plz respond

Eh, I think it's a bit of that, they went up a little when the credit market crashed and you started needing a bigger deposit, and Len Brown is fucking useless, and the building consent process is shit.

Of course, Could never get away with not with my family haha.
Look at it this way - when you are reading all the links, even if you don't end up improving yourself right now, will give you the knowledge of it and it wont be more wasted time than watching animu or whatever. A problem I see with a lot of people doing things like this is the fact that they give up after first mistake, they believe that a small bump in a road is worth giving up, but in reality, everyone has these bumps everywhere and it's fine if you let yourself go for a bit here and there if you just keep moving forward. HabitRPG, any.do or something like that will be extremely useful for you. Also, in order not to give up on yourself, I'd suggest to keep coming to these threads and trying to help others, it's like a small dose of motivation you get every day.

Thats what I do, coming back to this thread motivates me to keep going because I can't just talk the talk without walking the walk.
That's why I recommend the HabitRPG first.
So you can put on the to-do's things to do, and clear out.

And just do them as you see the numbers go up.

First off, focus. Keep lifting, DON'T fucking give that one up. Build some self discipline.
And start, little by little.
It was lifting the thing that kickstarted me all those years ago.
You can do this man. Find a productivity framework or a motivational current that gets you going.

Make a list of the things you want to Stop doing, make another of the disciplines you would like to have.
Think long and hard how to achieve those goals. And start.

Realize that THIS is your life, there are no second chances.
You can turn this shit around.

Cmon man.

You almost sound like you're a troll. But if that's true, fuck man, that's amazing.

Godspeed man.
Ultimately, leaving 4chan altogether is something I would suggest to everyone. I only come to the /SIG/ almost exclusively.

Get your shit together. If you, yourself, are saying "I will never" then there's nothing no one can do for you.
You can fucking do this man.

No idea man.
any tips for getting a sleep schedule started? My alarms don't even wake me up anymore, I'm too much of a deep sleeper. Installed f.lux and I got to sleep an hour or two earlier than usual but I was still way into the AMs.
>out of reach
I have both my tablet and phone maxing out volume, one on my dresser and one on my desk. I sleep straight through them, and I know they're going off because my mother can hear them.
Speaking of this - I need to adjust my sleep schedule as well. I have to wake up around 6:30 every weekday and I kind of get the lost sleep back during the weekends, but that can't go on forever. I have this week free and I go to bed at 11:30 and wake up sometime before 10 o clock, which is the limit I've drawn. I want to push this back, obviously and I wonder how fast I should do it.

One idea is to push both waking time back an hour and the sleep time 30 minutes once every two or three days, but I am not sure if that's too fast. Another alternative is doing it slower, around 10 minutes per day, but that might be too slow. I wont do it in one go, since it is basically like hitting your biological clock with a baseball bat. Anyone with experience with this?
Well gonna try to get 2 hours of work done this time. Wish me luck sig

Goodluck brah
>plebs arguing whether to go to University of Beijijng Toronto campus or Mc "get sick from shitty air pollution" master University.

UWO master race reporting in.
UWO's nice, but it is no MIT.
I'm an 18 year old who fucked up and never applied to college.

>Currently at a community college
>4.0 GPA
>Transferring to local state uni for EE
>Worried my state uni is low ranked and I will only find low paying jobs

Are there any out of state universities that accept community college applicants? I'm a minority if that helps.

What major are you looking at, and what state?
You die in real life
Electrical Engineering and NCSU
Planning on doing lots of programming in my spare time so I can also apply to CS jobs.

Eh, with electrical engineering you'll get a pretty decent job no matter what. once you've been going a few years, nobody cares where your degree is from.
true, but its the best you can get in canada, the most american (in a good way) in the sense that you can actually do some serious networking and get opportunities.
Ehh thanks. I was hoping to network my way into one of the rare 70k+ starting jobs, but I doubt it.

Don't give up, you can network your way into just about anything, just gotta find the right events and people.
I want to be top of my class. I want to be that guy who knows the answer to every question. The guy who is one step ahead of the lectures.

But I cannot get motivated to study.

Nothing is stopping me but my own lack of willpower.
thanks breh
Are we all gonna make it /sig/?
Not me...

Why not young anon?
File: 1419077388157.gif (2 MB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x400
So how does one make an impression on important people around our age? I'm going to be around models, musicians, stuff like that, and I want to know how I can be friends with them and build connections. Any tips, books, classes, ect on standing out like that?
There are some really nice books about this, pretty sure even mentioned in the top posts, and generally, you need to be able to find the person's interests and play on them, which requires great cultural awareness and the ability to like seemingly clashing things, coupled with reasoning why you can like both at the same time.

Of course, there are more obnoxious and easy ways, but I think that if you want to improve yourself, this is the way to go.
I would just treat them like anyone else. Be chill and down to earth. Take an interest in their life and interests. Don't ask or talk about their work, unless it comes up in the conversation. Avoid being a sycophant; have your own opinion. Etc. Like if I saw Adam Sandler on the streets, I wouldn't run up and yell about the films I really like. I would say hi, ask him how he's doing, and get to know him.
Take my advice with a grain of salt though. We're on 4chan.
>models, musicians

How about you start learning what being important means

>There are some really nice books

Such as? Thank you for the advice.
I recently started meditating, but I pop a boner after 10 minutes of sitting and deep breathing, I'm not even thinking about lewd shit it just happens. It's really distracting. Why does this happen?
Humber college master race reporting in. I get to live at home and have great co-op opportunities, college is more practical son.

>no sex drive
To be honest, alot of the problems you have probably stem from this. Men get the drive from testosterone, and the drive to hunt women comes with that. With women in mind, it gives you the drive to atleast TRY to be entertaining, to have an income, to socialise, because it's alot easier getting a women when you're seen as popular from friends, and have a job. The best advice is to exersise alot more, it can help build up a sex drive, and look into eating alot more foods that increase libido, things like figs and even eggs work, look it up or other ways. Your drive and push will come from your balls kickstarting.

It is for me anyway, I always feel at my lowest when I have no relationship going on, but to get girlfriends 10x easier having friends, fitness and money is the way to go.
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