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Mirin stories thread
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Fit I just had my first unsolicited mires since I started lifting so I have to share. I checked the catalog, fuck you if there's already one going, I didn't see it.

>getting food after work
>standing in line waiting to checkout
>whistling to myself and tapping my leg to the song over the PA
>7/10 milf at the counter in front of me getting cigarettes
>turns halfway around and looks directly at me over her shoulder
>"is that all your getting?"
>show her my food slip and say I got a hoagie coming
>asks how much it is
>bout tree fiddy, why?
>"because I can pay for it for you"
>I ask "what's the occasion?" and smile a sly ass smile
>"no occasion just feeling generous"
>proceeds to briefly look me over, down then back up
>makes the hardest do me eyes I've ever seen
>there's like 8 people in line behind me, could have offered to pay for anyone
>say "I appreciate it hun, but I'll be OK" and throw her a smile to state my understanding
>she smiles back and goes back to checking out
>see her again after I leave, thank her again for the offer
>she complies, says "hopefully I'll see you around"

These feels. I'm making it.
>captcha related: momst
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This happen yesterday, typing on phone so excuse error.

Be fat chub, parents are asian so they say fuck that go get fit or they will disown me.
>past six months focus on getting /fit/, made newb gains, parents is proud that their son could give them grand children.
>hide power levels all throughout the semester
>career fair happens so i dress up in a suit and tie, got mires throughout the day
>went to a club meeting afterward and a qt grill was flirting with me like crazy
>asking me to touch her biceps, asking me to get instragram/snap chat and add her.
>caught her taking pictures and videos of me
>best feeling ever, currently at skinny fat/built fat mode, just need to cut 25-30lb more fat and i will be all set for the summer.
Good on you anon
>anon you have a really great ass. You should be proud. We should also hang out sometime.
Lol, thanks rippletoe
Not really a 'mirin story, but kind of.

>10 year high school reunion
>Don't want to go, fucking hated everything in high school
>Guy on the football team made it his life mission for him and his friends to make me miserable everyday
>I was scrawny as fuck, played oboe in band
>Family was poor, dressed like shit
>GF convinces me that it's a good idea to go
>"It'll be fun, anon. I bet you surprise them with how much you changed."
>Most people from my class didn't even bother to go to college unless it was for sports
>Got a scholarship and bailed on that place.
>Been lifting since freshman year of college in 2005
>I am now 6'1" 190lbs at around 10% body fat
>Got rid of my glasses, got a clean-cut haircut instead of my mop, tossed out all my fucking weeaboo hoodies and cargo pants
>Actually started reading and going out
>Graduated college and became a pharmaceutical sales rep, recently promoted to senior sales rep
>GF is an actual pharmacist
>Fucking bankroll
>Travel back to home town with GF
>Show up at reunion, literally no one recognizes me
>Recognize a few of the band captains talking to each other
>Walk up and say,
>"Hey, I don't know if you remember me, but I'm anon."
>Both of their jaws hit the floor
>Spend the rest of the reunion with people dragging me around the reunion
>"Holy shit, remember anon? Just look at him!"
>"How much do you make in a year, anon? Jesus, send some of that my way?"
>One of the people in the class now owns one of the bars in town.
>Go there with the rest of class for drinks after the reunion
>Cheerleading captain who was already smoking hot in high school is now a 9/10 recent divorcee.
>Flirting with me really aggressively
>"Anon, your arms look sooo strong. Pick me up!"
>Didn't even know she knew my name
>GF makes sure to keep her hands on me and step between me and her the rest of the night
>Buying everyone drinks, having the time of my life.
>Didn't think night could get any better
>Holy shit, in walks football douchebag

>Football douche is major hambeast now
>Walks with a limp
>Somebody walks over and motions toward me
>Oh fuck, please don't. I hate this motherfucker.
>"Hey, you remember anon, right?"
>Literally looks right past me
>"Yeah, where? I don't see his scrawny ass."
>He's wearing that same shit eating grin from high school
>Can't help but nostalgia rage a little
>"I'm right here, dumbass."
>Finally looks right at me.
>His eyes are huge, like he's in shock.
>"You got fat, man."
>He looks me up and down, mumbles something, then walks off.
>Turns out he tried to play college ball, couldn't make it.
>Played in JUCO, got injured
>Works as a forklift driver
>One of my class mates shrugs
>"I hate to say it's karma, but..."
>Douche sulks in a booth in the corner for the rest of the night
>Spend the rest of my night showing off
>Leave drunk off my ass
>Girlfriend pounces on me back at the hotel room out of drunken jealousy
>Head back home the next day
>Lots of people from high school hit me up when they're in town now.

It was a huge ego boost. Loved it.

I am probably too autistic to notice when I get mired. But I have a funny experience to share.

Back in undergrad I used to party a lot, but always just wore some random shit that didn't show off my gains. I had nothing to wear for halloween, so I put on my sleeveless workout shirt and made myself look like a bro. I went home with a girl on friday, a girl on saturday. Both were feeling up my pecs all night. Felt bretty gud mane.

Also more recently, hot chick I'm chatting with keeps grabbing my triceps and running her hand down my arm, I'm too autistic to catch on, say bye when my friends leave without getting her number.

Am I m-m-making it f-fit?
File: 1420638214448.jpg (144 KB, 1242x1248) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Wow anon, your biceps are really big, can I touch them?
>Damn anon your ass looks so perfect we should hang out soon ;)
>Hey anon! Here's my number, text me soon
>Holy shit anon your abs look awesome I wanna lick them haha jk
T-Thanks dad
>Why are you losing weight?

>You look skinny and weird.

>Are you sick?
>not fucking your dad
Anon, what is wrong with you? Daddypussy is best pussy.
> down 40lbs so far
> wearing the same uniform @ work so it looks baggy no one notices - did have to get a new safety belt because the old one would fall off
> working with a fellow fatass who puts on the most obvious poker face when but on a new safety belt
> the poor guy ends up fishing for information to find out what my secret is

That's as much as I've gotten so far. Got another 30lbs to go and still in cocoon mode.
iktfb, last week I noticed how bony my upper body is, but my legs are still really thick
I started bulking and I'm hoping my legs just look big because of the extra skin
>tfw get mired like someone who beats cancer gets mired
>tfw just want to be treated like a piece of meat and used for sex
>asking me to touch her biceps

I kind of just got used to people referring to my muscles, or sometimes it feels slightly awkward if anything. I duno, thought I'd enjoy it but not really
You're half making it anon.

Once you realize that your improved looks allow you some slack to be a mildly weird fuck as long as you can play it off and rebound, you'll begin to ascend.

Really, even the most charismatic fuckers sperge sometimes. The only difference is they can play it off and bring it around and reset the focus before anyone has time to go "wtf is wrong with this motherfucker"?

Depending on your level of autism that Is.
I never want to read that word again.
Made a 21 year old woman spill spaghetti

>waiting at the bus stop, just came back from the gym
>notice a girl I haven't talked to in a while
>she sees me
>she starts stuttering
>"sorry, there's so many questions I wanna ask you. Hi how are you?"
>tell her I feel pretty tired because I just got out of the gym
>"haha yeah I can tell"
>she immediately blushes
>apologizes to me and says she's nervous when she's tired
>see my bus
>tell her that I'll talk to her later
>walk away

Felt like I was in a moe anime and I was senpai or some shit.
motherfuckin kek'd hard.
This is why I lift, to one day be able to post a story like that.
Same here anon, same here
Motherfucking made it
Good on you anon
10/10 would read again
>asian parents
>get /fit/ or disowned
Ok.. I have literally never stopped reading a story midway through but I will not read the rest of this shit past the second line. I can already tell it's a lie. Chink parents care about good performance in school at the expense of physical health (I actually watched one of my peers balloon to 130kg over the years because his chinafuck parents made him study like mad and he never had time to eat a proper meal. Just greasy chinese takeaway)

0/10 anon. Not even points for effort
File: supposed-to-feel.jpg (68 KB, 546x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think I just got mired by a really young girl. Felt really weird. I don't even understand why she would be mirin. Maybe she just thought I look like a werido.
File: 1427505438133[1].png (120 KB, 850x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Women are below man. To get off on being validated by sub(hu)man is like getting off on the thought of a bee buzzing around your apple pie on a summer's day.
Does all the miring and women throwing their selfs at me on tinder count?
You are so cool!
Feels good when grills drop their spaghetti but I can't handle it at all.
>in class, sitting next to 6-7/10 grill
>teacher says something that can be related to sex with a bit of imagination
>both of us laugh
>eye contact for a sec, she looks away
>class ends
>she starts spilling spaghetti like crazy, I had no idea what she was talking about just pasta everywhere
>I just watch
>she runs away, ashamed
How do I reach out my strong manly arm to drag her out of the spaghetti swamp?
You didn't even get a handjob off her?
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>was fat last year
>starting doing compounds while losing weight
>lost access to the gym
>still lost weight through diet, but looked skinny
>access to gym again, have gone to the gym for about 1 month
>old gainz are coming back fast
>already getting compliments



Honestly I'm happy that it's paying off but at the rate I'm going I'd rather people see me in a couple months.
File: 1425992993739-1.jpg (56 KB, 638x647) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What are you bitching for? You haven't even made it and are getting compliments
HAHA i remember you. Remember this? "SIT OBOE SIT!!!" LOL

I don't care what you look like or what you do for a living, you're still a scrawny dork inside. Everybody at the reunion was talking behind your back about you compensating. And you didn't call John a dumbass to his face. Lying on this autistic piece of shit aerobics forum.

You basically need to get them to stop talking and take command of the situation. Otherwise they just spiral into embarrassment.
> hey, if your not doing anything right now, want to grab coffee?
> hey, this party sucks, want to leave?
Etc. Assuming you're interested of course. Once you break the spiral they'll usually recover.

Oh boy, here we go
That's exactly why I'm bitching.

I haven't made it yet, I don't deserve compliments.

For what exactly? He has a successful career, is attractive, is in good shape and health, has a loving girlfriend and got to rub it in his old bullies face.

He has nothing he needs to compensate for.
Fork lift driver john detected
What are your goals?

And if it bothers you so much wear unflattering clothes. Cover yourself up in that cocoon.. when you finally reveal your final form it will be that much more amazing
>implying you're not still in high school and this isn't your big "I'll show them all one day" fantasy.

hey john how's the football?
Be prepared to make it and people call you a roidhead. Mom included, she calls fucking whey "steroids". Whey.
ib4 >mom
My goals are being an aesthetic sick cunt.

>doing compounds at 5 rep range for aesthetics

Laugh all you want but I think it did me well because I have a decent base and I think it was better for cutting.

Heard brosplits with 8-12 rep range is better for looking good so I'm probably going to do that. I'm not very knowledgeable about splits so I'm hoping I don't choose a retarded one.
>tfw mom said I have nice boobs (she meant pecs)

Th-thanks Mom.
File: 1424825400436.jpg (7 KB, 241x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Not fucking her right there in the bathroom
implying his picture perfect revenge fantasy was real
File: apocalyptic.png (41 KB, 150x277) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>At work
>Crappy retail job; still at least well above minimum
>carry tremendous bookshelf from one end of the store to the front
>7/10 Girl at customer service desk is like, "You carried that up here yourself? With no help?"
>"You're insane!"
>Called up to the register later
>finds an excuse to come over to the register and lean over me to touch my register
>rubs her tits against my arms, feels triceps
You didn't even fuck her you retard
This is the worst mirin thread I've ever read
not sure if mirin but
>walking out of supermarket
>walk past two 7/10 sales girls
>"hey mate would you give us a go.....and buy a ticket for the surf lifesavers lottery"
thought it was a clever sales pitch
forgot to mention as I was walking in I saw in the glass reflection of one of them looking me up and down
File: mistake.jpg (54 KB, 615x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 6'2" 250lbs
>at work
>co worker ask me to help her lift a box
>I ask her why
>she says well you're a big guy anon
>I just couldn't resist
>i say 4 u
>she thinks I was flirting with her
Haha. We don't give a shit you degenerate. Fuck off thanks.
Im not chinese /pol/, also i will admit asian parents value education, but actually they value social status/bragging to their friends even more. In my situation i was already good at school, so they told me to lose weight as well.
>writing a mirin' story without posting a progress pic for reference
Don't they also hate fat people?
Sort of, we hate fat girls, we will hate fat guys less if they are successful
File: 1427515947130.jpg (76 KB, 425x487) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>be paper pusher at Rape The Poor Financial, inc.
>meet gymbro to lift
>still dressed in khaki's and a dress shirt with a tie
>girl at check in counter says I look nice
>spaghetti emergency pressure release valve doesn't engage

Not really sure if a mire, but i'm pretty sure we're all gonna make.
Stop being so jelly im almost embarassed for you and I don't even know who you are.
Not a mire bro people just tell people they look nice when they see someone dressed nice, especially when they never dress nice themsleves.

I get that shit all the fuckin time when I wear my suit. And I live in NYC.
>out shopping for a new shirt
>skeleton guy who works at the store helps me
>try one on, he asks the usual questions about how it fits etc
>tell him it's restricting my movement
>"well yeah, that's because of your very wide shoulders... and big arms... and big chest..."
>y-you too
Schopenhauer was the original incel MRA
He was quite the womaniser m8

>Works as a forklift driver
>Bad thing

Pft, yah right. Fiance broke 120k last year operating forklifts.
>walk into grocery store
>chubby clerk-grill checking me out
>make eye contact
>she makes some wheezing noise runs away
>bumps into a shelf


Where on this earth can you earn 120k driving forklifts? Please anon I need to know
I'll be brief.
>new finance chick at work
>mfw I catch her looking over her shoulder
>curly hair, olive skin, big butt, big tits, heels
She's hot mane.

>valet chick at work notices gains
>starts random convo about gym stuff
>"I hate my gym annon"
>"you can come to my gym with me"
>start her off on the machines
>I proceed to max all the machines for reps
>"why are you always showing off?"

>at the store buying supplies with dyel bro
>woman with skinny dyel husband approaches
>eyes all over my chest and shoulders
>make eye contact and smile
>she blushes and starts walking faster
>husband visibly annoyed
>they leave, I can't hold my shit
>laughing my ass off whilst holding a cabbage

>wife is working on the other side of the country
>dem east coast money gainz
>tell her my amazing stories
>pics of tits and ass blowin up my phone.
She needn't worry. she loved me when I was fat and weak.
Probably at a mine or something
>start her off on the machines
For What Purpose

Idc if none of this ever happened.. Made me feel gewd
"She" is a dude
Girls use that as an excuse for you to touch them
Shes clumsy as fuck. She's constantly dropping things and running into things. It's strictly safety related.
Oh it happened. We turned that cabbage into purple mist with a 30-30 later on.
>be yesterday
>meet up with work friends for this guy's leaving drinks
>walk into bar
>friends cheer and say "woo the mountain is here"
reading that you dumped your weeb shit made me proud of you anon
You're probably the biggest dumbass on this site... She was throwing the pussy at you and your beta ass didn't even get her number.... How much more obvious can a hitch get?

You needs are pathetic ...
pls confirm?
>She was throwing the pussy at you and your beta ass didn't even get her number
My guess is he didn't want to. Not everyone is as desperate as you, you ginormous faggot.
So, did you fuck her?
Just because you like boy pussy doesn't mean us real men who like pussy are desperate ... I can't believe how pussified you fucking nerds are and you don't even realize it...I can tell by the way you type your nerd as s gets no hoes...

You need to shut your nerd ass mouth and let me teach you how to get hoes
Is this a safe place to tell gay mirin stories?
N-not that I have any...
File: image.jpg (41 KB, 662x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be at gym
>doing my baby OHP
>7/10 girl is taking glances at me
>I catch her
>she suddenly looks away
Fast forward to the end of my routine, i always sit at a bench(not for working out)
>guy comes
>girl huges him, in front of me, like if it he was coming from deployement
>he's not because I see him everyday at the gym

Some girls have done this to me, once a girl tried to talk to me but I ignored her because I was in te middle of a set. A while later she comes with a guy that she loves and kisses like it was the frst time he saw him.
File: 1419309530749.jpg (3 KB, 224x186) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw no mires
I wasn't gonna go to the gym today but I think I've changed my mind
You give a shit about this?...nobody ever even bullied this kid, I don't even remember his name, just everybody called him "oboe" and didn't even call him that, they just said "sit oboe sit" whenever they saw him because of band and that was all he was known for. That was the extent of his "bullying." Then he comes to the reunion trying to strut and be all arrogant. That's why everybody was laughing behind his back, he was getting "revenge" for nothing.
>whey steroids

Fucking lost it man, kek
Is this some kind of americode? What does that mean?
It will never be enough, anon. Enjoy life instead.
fuck your mom and the only piece of shit boyfriend she could get because no one else would want to fuck her flabby pussy.

keep getting fit anon, no matter what.
File: sweatingfrog.png (102 KB, 241x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>at bar, sitting across from some thots
>chillin and drinking, waiting for my turn on the pool table
>qt one comes over and starts talking to me
>asks what gym i go to
>caught her mirin my biceps
>asks me to sit with her friends
>gets me to talk with her indian friend
>she says the pimple on my forehead looks like a bindi
>qt says were perfect together
>get up and play pool
>they leave

that was a close one m8s
>>show her my food slip and say I got a hoagie coming

To a non-Amerifat that sounds like you were coughing up phlegm, or were halfway through taking a dump, or something. What an unaesthetic name for a food item.
they think you are gay and judging them with that judging stare of yours.
File: 2dd.jpg (15 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>doing security work for a unit complex.
>standing at driveway into car park
>car drives out and a guy hangs out the window
>"Oi! Time to get off the roids!"
>"T...thanks, you too. N...natty"

I think he is saying that that shot cabbage with a .30-30 caliber rifle
Ah, that would make sense. Thanks, anon.
I have no idea what you're talking about
>being in HS
>gym hour, watching a volleyball tournament or something ike that
>sit near 4/10 girl with her 4/10 bf
>she looks at me costantly
>"hey anon, the gym work is paying off"
>"yeah, i guess"
>"can i feel your arm?"
>"yeah, sure"
>her bf is looking at us
>i stare at him while his fucking goblin's touching me
>mfw i know i could fuck her if i wanted to
>mfw he knows that too
>I appreciate it hun, but I'll be OK
>hopefully I'll see you around
normies are so fucking stupid
a key point there, is that jelousy is one of the biggest aphrodesiacs for women.

If a girl sees another girl mirin you, all the girls want you. Pre-selection man. Best tactic.
File: 1385583892916.jpg (112 KB, 1159x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 1159x900
I know that feel
I'm with you bro. We're both gonna make it
File: Gettin_Swole.gif (24 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 200x200
Got a mire from my mom the other day

am i making it?
>Get bike fixed
>zoom zooming all over on my Duc
>Cruiser DYEL and his bitch ride by
>She turns around to check me out
You inspire other people's affection

A-alpha as fuck
>drove up to campus to get a book I needed
>dressed casually, a henley, jeans, chukkas, and aviators
>sorority girl walked past me and did a literal triple take
felt good
Are you Alex Turner?
File: index.jpg (10 KB, 203x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Haha yes my fellow man, i also frequent the red pill *tips fedora*
Pls be realiro

Yet you're so mad you're making multiple asspained posts on a Guatemalan sheep-shearing magazine about it, Kek.
Top kek
Baneposting always makes me laff.
>buying clothes
>getting help from a male sales rep
>go to the fitting room to try the clothes on
>walk out of fitting room to talk with him
>the male sales rep is now on the other side on the store and a quite giggly female sales rep is outside the fitting room
>I-i really think it looks good on you, and I like how it compliments your eyes

Realize she was flitring with me when I come home, god damnit
Ya blew it, anon.

I bought a nice pair of jeans a couple months back with gift cards from Christmas, and my intent was to hit on the sales girl and ask her if my ass and legs looked good in the jeans. Unfortunately the only male working in the whole store was the one that helped me....God damnit.
>Honestly I'm happy that it's paying off but at the rate I'm going I'd rather people see me in a couple months.

my thoughts exactly. I don't want to be mired at all until I'm bigger. The bar is set so low for what passes as "fit" that it bugs me
File: 1310483412100.jpg (34 KB, 413x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 413x395
>Used to be scrawny 6'4" 170lbs
>Join the Marine Corps.
>Start lifting in MOS school (specific job training)
>Now 195
>People barely recognize me and when I see them the first thing they say is how big I've gotten
>MFW I'm a reservist and I'm going to run train on these hoes when I go to college
>aerobics forum
bait detected
File: 7768.jpg (113 KB, 646x862) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 646x862

>go to dive bar with my brother and his girlfriend after work
>hang by the bar and talk
>a group of 5-6 milfs approach me
>they buy me drinks all night
>tell me how cute i am and that i have a amazing body
>constantly grabbing me and grinding on me
>one of them asked if she could lick my neck
>made out with 2 of them and took one home

pic related
pls go
Can you post a body pic

How was it?
ehh, i don't want anyone to recognisze me
Because of a body pic?
I dig. I don't wanna criticize im just curious and wanna compare myself to you
then censor your face or crop it out
>lose 20-30 pounds
>ready in time for summer
No anon, you won't be
File: Swmd9SZ.jpg (509 KB, 2235x3785) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
509 KB, 2235x3785
Never really posted on one of these, but two days ago I had an experience that boosted my confidence a shit ton and made me realize the progress I've made
>Used to be fat shit, 210lb and 5'8
>Decided to get super dedicated last september
>I'm 165lb atm, can't lift much (135 bench) because on cut
>Girl I've liked for a while is easily an 8/10
>Known to be a slut, but idgaf, pussy is pussy
>Going to sleep when I get a call from her at 11 pm
>She feels like "talking to someone"
>No idea why she called me, we don't talk often, but say fuck it and have conversation for an hour or so about random shit
>Conversation gets more sexual until she tells me she's touching herself thinking about me
>Get super horny, basically have phone sex and get nudes
>MFW an 8/10 was touching herself thinking about me
>Afterwards she asked me out but I said I didn't want to go because (I didn't tell her why) she's had relationships with my friends and I'm leaving the country in three months
Fuck it felt good
why don't you go the FWB route until you leave? or at least a hit and quit, sounds like shes definitely down
Gj bro but sounds like a waste of a good opportunity
It's too late now, probably would've been a good idea in the moment but she's salty that I said no now
if there's nothing else major to this story, shes definitely still dtf.
either way keep makin it anon.
>waiting with slip

god - the images... what is wrong with you?
File: 1427125432237.jpg (9 KB, 219x219) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 219x219
>Only mires you get are from under age grills
>Same aged women are looking for husbands and do that weird subtle "i want babies" vibe
>Mfw i have a wife and it makes stuff awkward

you are such a faggot. who lie about being anything other than that white. moron
The freakiest grill I ever had was an Indian. They're so bloody repressed

You goofed son
>open day at my mom's workplace
>just wearing normal cloathing (V-Neck sweater, T-shirt underneath and Chinos)
>get compliment that I look bigger and fitter than last time they saw me
>mfw my mom tells me that her co-worker said to her that I look really good and if she were younger she would hit on me (or sth along those lines)
>Well it's something maybe one day a 3.14 qt will mire me also but it seems I'm on the right track as I start to get more and more compliments on my looks

Got a friend that is a fatass and he also thought I had some big secret when I lost 40lbs+ and put on muscles within a rather short period of time. After I told him it was as simple as cutting out candy, soda, eating healthier in general and working out 3 times a week he looked at me like I was making fun of him.

Sometimes I feel like fat people think there is some hidden secret when in reality it is just dedication and discipline...
Sheetz. It's a knockoff of Wawas.
go for it.
I'm fucking mirin anon 10/10

That is my goal af
Just graduated, so I have 10 years to go. Plenty of time
File: 1421538202657.jpg (35 KB, 406x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 406x364
Literate=\= nerd kiddo
That;'s what I've wanted to. I'm a skelly now, but avoiding all contact with everyone for a good 6 months until I look DYEL, that would be sweet
File: caughtyoumirin.png (1 MB, 1440x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1440x960
>be trail race
>compression gear
>win race
>photos and shit on podyum
>as I come down bros/broettes joke about podyum girls mirin
>nah man, laugh it off thinking they're joking
>get called to podyum again for a special price
>broette takes pic related
>shows me
Which girl is supposed to be mirin?
>"I appreciate it hun

that sounds cheesy as fuck. but im not from america so perhaps it's normal there
according to broette, the 3 of them were taking turns mirin except for, and I quote, "that greedy bitch in the middle who never stopped staring".

I'm starting to think broette has a crush on me.
You sound like a tool, man and, worse yet, you're one of those tools that actually manages to look like one.
sorry but you are utterly dyel, not even by /fit/ standards

go back to the gym
File: 1353461660478.jpg (88 KB, 561x915) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 561x915

Cheesed over an anonymous opinion? Pic related, my face when I read your passive aggressiveness.
>cycling competition
>being this overdefensive, projective and jumping to conclusions over a single letter posted on a malasyan comics board
File: girl-204327_640.jpg (67 KB, 640x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 640x426
>>nah man, laugh it off thinking they're joking

they were
Why are you on your tippy toes in dat pic?
> So anyone have experience with fuckin milfs?
I mean the first grill I did was a milf but I was dyel and 18 so... not like it was a bonafide /fit/ milf, but it was hella fun and would totally do it again.
Only now do I realise you're male

Oh, you've degraded yourself to green texting and claiming I'm being "projective." Once you come up with an original come back and stop using words you don't understand I'll consider even reading your next post.

protip: You are going to stop posting now because you wanna take the higher-ground yet you'll still feel bitter about it because you're a tool.
The fedora is squeezing your head too tightly m8
>go to my little sisters high school softball game
>sitting with my dad
>high school grills everywhere, but I'm not a pedo
>dad turns to me and asks if I noticed that
>noticed what?
>apparently I'd been getting mired by jailbait this entire time
underrated post
terrible habit I have for podyum photos, I'm not really on tippy toes, I'm just leaning towards my left leg.
>15-16 y/o
Think again, m8
File: 1346331605363.gif (1 MB, 504x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 504x280
Oh, you've jumped to fedoras..you're so bad at this dude. The amount of butthurt you're experiencing is fogging your head, man. You're spouting insults that autstic 12 year olds do..
but but... muh friends told me they were ;_;
but anon, that's not me, I was >>31619653
clearly I can't post in less than 1 min
wtf is a slip? does he mean the receipt with the order number?
>getting trolled this hard
I'm not even the guy you're arguing with and I'm kekking at you

Nah, she has a boyfriend and is definitely the false rape type of girl
why are u so mad lol
i dont think so
>former nerd gets swole and rich, goes to 10 year reunion and gets his revenge on the mean football playing bully and wins the mires of the head cheerleader

This shit reads like a bad 80's movie and the quotes from the background characters make it obvious you have no clue how human interaction actually works. If you actually graduated in 2005 it's probably time to stop making up revenge fantasies for 4chan, son.
nigga this gain?
>strongmen doing marathons
>cardiofags doing 6 plate DL

How do you keep that train of thought? holy shit...
>le umad maymay
>stupid haircut
>standing on tippy toes

nothing mireable here at all
File: usu.jpg (95 KB, 646x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 646x481
File: image.jpg (69 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 640x960
The type of girls you pull are probably 6/10 at best. Sit the fuck down
>Wear a turtleneck at school
>mires from grills everywhere
>even had a girl walk a corridor two times to mire at me, probably would've continued if I didn't eye contact her. I've seen it happen on other people

Either that or I'm fedoracore at wearing turtlenecks, shouldn't matter much if your chest is wider and more built.
>>"I'm right here, dumbass."
u didn't make it
wait what? I mean, the first thing the dyke said was race, and you expect people not to be dyel? Man summer sure is getting close...
ya well I wouldn't take anything below that for carrying nuclear waste and shit either
people say these things but i have never actually experienced this ever in my life

sometimes it seems like a myth, where it's even possible for me to be the charming, sexy, good-looking one and someone else gets insecure and lets it show in a certain way

people make me insecure, it is never the other way around
First time getting mired besides from close friends and family members.
>Go to a party with girls I've gone to school with
>This one girl felt my abs and gasped, wow Anon! Your abs are really hard!
>5 sloots was on me that night and touched me
>As the party was coming to an end a girl who I haven't spoken too came and kissed me.
>H-have I made it /fit/?
File: oh im fine.gif (1 MB, 245x140) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
oh im fine.gif
1 MB, 245x140
>wearing purposefully tight cotton pants, cream colored, been through the wash a few times and getting almost TOO tight now that I've upped my legs game
>complete with similarly colored sweater, with black tee and trimmings
>walking into break room at work, getting coffee and pastries
>notice reflection in glass on dark painting of the girls sitting around the coffee table behind me all staring straight at my ass
>one gurl actually looks at her colleagues and does the "y u no" expression, along with the groping hand gestures

not all good though

>in Salem the other day, doing karaoke hosting for some ppl
>crap songs for the most part, trying to up the quality, but people are just too damn drunk
>one insane woman ends up trying to brain a guy with a bottle, after he's called her a cunt
>whatever, not too crazy under the circumstances
>later get dragged outside by group of girls after having broken up the fight
>suddenly, five minutes in after talking to a friend and these bitches who keep butting in, I'm left alone with one of these skanks
>takes about two sentences of strained conversation before she's got her hands all over me, squeezing everything and trying to get her hands in under my shirt
>lie and say I'm gay and endure thirty seconds of horrible awkwardness after that, trying for the fastest exit before I have to actually physically pry her off me and risk an assault charge
>grab a cab, get home as damn fast as I can
>look in the mirror, shake head, lay down in bed and try to rub one out but it's impossible to get her pasty face out of my head
>fall asleep and wake up the next day with a hangover and the most utter feeling of failure
>"y u no" expression

I actually vomited a little
>y u no
get the fuck out you're not gonna make it
Get a lot of this guy. Who lies on the internet?
File: 1424864371316.jpg (99 KB, 500x441) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 500x441
I have a couple

>work at restaurant, just a shitty bussing job in the evenings after class
>working a morning shift on the weekend
>walking around in street clothes before opening
>white t-shirt, blue jeans
>my 8/10 qt manager looks over
>"wow anon, you look really ripped today"
>leave as spaghetti begins to emerge
>mfw she squats 3pl8 and played college hockey in the states

number 2

>working same job at restaurant
>carrying a rack of glasses to the bar, start putting them away
>one of the regulars tells this 7.5/10 waitress she should hug me
>they both know I'll leak mad pasta and they'll have a giggle
>she hugs me, pinning my arms to my sides
>"mmmm anon"
>her arm brushes against my abs underneath my slightly too large dress shirt
>she is noticeably surprised
>"anon, what...wh..."
>big shit eating grin on my face
>she just freezes with her hand on my abs for like 10 seconds
>everyone is looking, wondering what is going on
>I smile and disengage awkward hug, walk back to the kitchen
Turned the tables on her, felt good man
Samefag, a dipshit, and illiterate all at once. Good troll, 7/10.
Somebody should screencap this related thread. I r8 8/8 creativity despite the possibility that it's a clever samefag.
Pls respond
why are you asking? you getting off on this you fukn perv
>Work as a server in bakery
>3 girls come in together regularly for brunch
>Typically polite and leave good tips, so I give them extra attention when we're not busy.
>Get to the point that I can joke with them or they walk up and say hello if they see me in public
>Always got the impression that two of them might be interested, but didn't act on it
>One of them asks, "Anon, why are the pastries always so good?"
>Remember stupid fucking joke from the side of a taco truck
>'all tacos are hand rolled by mayan virgins... or Carlos, depending upon who's available.'
>"All our pastries are hand delivered angels... or me, depending who's available."
>7/10 jokes back "I mean, same thing, right?"
>Both her friends make faces like pic
>"W-wait, I mean..."
>Covers her face and spaghetti's the fuck out
>Friends are laughing and looking at me
>I'm too autistic to understand what was going on when it happened
>Awkwardly chuckle and continue business as usual

I saw her twice in public over the next week or so and she always looked super embarrassed. Eventually the awkwardness faded and things were normal again.

Get. Her. Digits.
>dumped my weeb shit
otherwise 9/10 would mire again.
>mfw she squats 3 ply and played college hockey
File: forkilft.jpg (55 KB, 570x241) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 570x241
120k, you say?
>B-but special forklift driver!!

People on 4chan always have these ridiculous jobs they make at least 150k with.
File: 1426353086702.jpg (52 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 600x600
>dat ring

She's married.
actually a lot of girls just wear rings there. no clue why and i dont assume theyre married because the ring is plastic looking
I'm not out of DYEL yet but still i have been mired

>met a girl at a party
>hook up with her
>her hands grope my abs and tits like hell
I almost felt a little raped

Unless she has any injuries or the like then you should start with free weights. It's not like you're running around with a barbell on your back. You're also not gonna drop something that you're doing your hardest to grip on. It would probably even be safer to start with free weights, since they help her gain structural integrity as well as enhancing her kinesthetic awareness, making her less clumsy and making her body stronger against impacts.

Fuck me, just because you know how to train doesn't mean you know how other people should train. Coaching is a whole another skill you gotta learn. That's why the best coaches are not necessarily the fittest ones.
I dont think this really counts
>Be checkout operator at a supermarket handing out dominos
>Chillin in self serve, standing tall cos great posture
>some chicks eyeing me off a bit while buying shit
>comes round to grab dominos, only needs 10 or so
>she grabs the dominos and my hand and pulls them to her tits
>holds them there for a few seconds
>I pull my hand out from between dominos and tits
>she eyes me a bit on the way out

She probably was just trying to hold them all, but maybe not...
More stories pls.
File: 1228155581570.jpg (135 KB, 573x415) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135 KB, 573x415
>be at a party, drunk
>talk to a colleague about something i cant remember anymore
>i'm sure it wasn't important
>holding beer up in the left hand, muscles slightly flexed
>girl i like comes around, tries to wrap her hands around my upper arm
>says my muscles are huge
>i just nod, turn back to the guy to say something and completely ignore her after that
>Been awake for long time.
>Get talked into showing up at a party
>Not really into it, but get hammered
>Have a good time anyway
>Pass out on lounge chair in living room
>Wake up
>Shirt's off
>Don't remember doing that...
>Look across room see another guy passed out on the couch with writing all over him
>Oh fuck, really?
>Go to bathroom
>No writing on me
>Weird, but guess I'm lucky.
>Pictures pop up on Facebook
>See pictures of everyone writing on guy from party
>Then see tagged pictures of me
>Girls took off my shirt and posed with me
>One pretends to lick my abs
>Untag myself, but don't know how to feel about pics

That's 'mirin, right?
>at Drake concert
>Drake points at me in the crowd and winks
>after show he gets guys to ask for me in back
>i meet him, he wants to see my penis
>i'm not comfortable but it's Drake
>show my weiner and he starts sucking it
>starts making beat noises with his throat
>little wayne comes in and starts recording
>they both are now sucking my dick
>they remix the sounds and turn it into a few radio songs
>this was 2008

I'm not gay
>tfw no gay dicksuck tracks by drake, wayne and my penis

I am so jealous
>not signaling to the bitch that she's yours
>not casually putting your hands around her shoulders and bringing her close whilst continuing conversation with college
I don't know what i was thinking.
kek holy shit

pics now
To ward off unwanted attention easily.
File: image.jpg (241 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241 KB, 1280x960
she's cute

but I meant pics of your body

n-no homo
Meant to say boring***
Dude she is a squirter throwing herself at you. Having a bitch squirt on you sounds like a blast, not that I would know
oh so you're a grill then. took me a second. that messenger pic at the top right threw me off.
Yeah I just got back from the gym. Lifted heavy today.

Nobody has posted any progress pics yet
that's not the girl, >>31624138 is my friend btw not me

File: 1427593809286.jpg (123 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 1280x960

when I wake up in the morning, I want to see a qt girl facing me when I wake up. I wonder when that will happen?

Pic related
Probably never.
yeah I don't understand what's going on in this thread anymore. someone explain?
Well, you're here. Odds aren't in your favor right now.
Ignore the faggot posting the random fucking girl
File: march 22.png (4 MB, 2153x1572) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
march 22.png
4 MB, 2153x1572
>345 loaded up, doing a few sets at 6 reps
>extremely elderly gentlemen strolling by at 0.025 mph
>looks at weight, then back to me with a smile that I read as "you made it"
>finish deadlifts, have some energy left so I decide to stationairy bike for a while
> ~20 minutes go by, 2 fat grills join the elipticals to the left of me, one semifat grill gets on the machine to the right
>one ugly and one mildly attractive grill behind me doing ab exercises
>all 5 ladies staring at me for the next 15 minutes constantly
>one of my gym bros comes in and gives me a high five for having the nuts to (successfully) ask the one girl (wasn't there today) that everybody mires hard out on a date.

Fat chicks and old dudes love to mire me. Not sure about these feels, I'm not even swole or ripped either
1 step from rape, but if those grills were hot you probably wouldn't have had a problem with it.
>for having the nuts to (successfully) ask the one girl (wasn't there today) that everybody mires hard out on a date.
what did she say?
She said she would love to come on a date. I got her number, we've been talking and I am taking her out to coffee this week.
>be exchange student in Japan
>load up lmao4plaet for the first time
>nail it, get excited as fuck, yell out a big YESSS"
>notice there was a qt3.14 stretching about 2 meters away
>she looks truly frightened, thought she was gonna run out of the gym

I know everyone on /fit/ warmed up with 180kg on their first day, but it's God mode to normies
Yeah, that was kind of my opinion too. That's why I'm conflicted about it.

>>31624547 here, I can put up 345 for 6 reps, 365 for 4 reps, and I have even gotten 375 for 2 reps. How about 385? Can't move it an inch, unfortunately.

I'll get to 405 sooner than later though, it just takes time. I remember my first 2pl8 deadlift, 16yo me felt like a badass.
Are you some kind of faggot?
No, but i must have worded that in a manor that your autism could not understand.

I got a date with the girl.
America here
This is not a cultural thing
It sounds no more appealing here than anywhere else
File: image.jpg (18 KB, 250x173) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 250x173
I remember my first lmao4pl8 deadlift. 16 year old me felt like a badass.
File: 6qu5iJz.jpg (439 KB, 1204x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
439 KB, 1204x1920
>school volleyball season ends
>start lifting again
>haven't seen coaches for a couple of months
>get invited for a co-ed tournament
>at practice day before the tournament
>male coach comes up to me
>anon have you been working out? female coach and I both noticed

>after practice handing out jerseys
>wore a medium during the regular season
>didn't fit and had to get a large jersey instead

skip ahead to the tournament
>2 game break
>eating my lunch and hanging out with some ugly girl, qt 3.14 asian and red haired qt girl with an alright face but holy shit dat ass and dem legs from playing volleyball
>eating my yogurt cups by squishing the cup and using my tongue (might have looked kind of weird but I can't be bothered to bring a spoon
>qt with red haired girl with dat ass says "hey anon you wanna spoon?"
>ugly gril cut in "haha qt you want to spoon with anon?"
>qt asian "so anon what's your answer"
>the whole time red haired qt was dropping spaghetti "uhh.. uh, no uh that's n-not what i m-meant!"
>reply "sure, you want big or little spoon?"
>grils start laughing and red haired qt starts blushing
>keep referencing the spoon for the rest of the day and joking around with them
>lost in the finals but qt's were mirin my huge digs and hustle

pic related is pretty close to what I got to defend behind for most of the day

>feels pretty gud man
Volleyball is the greatest. Nothing better than smashing it down on your feeble opponent for a point, or laying out for a full extension dive every time you MIGHT be able to make a save, abrasion will heal.
This, I mean great job on getting mired OP, but you essentially had an underhand ball pitched to you and you struck out.

>Be me, traveling home.
>3 Hour layover at airport, FTGE
>Go to bar, sit next to older woman
>Order bloody Mary at 9 AM because it's college football season, why not
>Woman says hi to me
>We start chatting
>She mirin' hard
>Feels my arms
>buys my drinks

Felt good man.

pretty decent, not spectacular by any means. She rode me the entire time because "that's the only way she could get off". Busted a huge no-fap load all over her chest though
>Not making $300,000+ with a Math Ph.D.

top kep
wait are you a dude on a women's volleyball team?
>at work
>bottom of the ladder
>have to move desks and bookshelfs and other furniture from one storage room to the other
>Use my funkshunal strength
>no mires
>still look small
>they probably thought that shit was lightweight
solid wood motherfuckers
File: image.jpg (53 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 480x360
>friends mire my gains (mostly DYELS but some gym bros).

> people leave their fucking kids at my gym in the weightroom it's fucking ridiculous but lil children always be mirin.

>bro history teacher keeps telling me to play football.

>cardio bunnies giving me some looks.

>tfw not noticing any female mires. Probably my ugly face ayyy lmao.

d-does my mom count??
Are you a homo
nah man co-ed volleyball, as in girls and boys play together, 3 girls minimum at all times and girls have to touch ball often (refs discression)
>be OP
>brag about a 2/10 (I mean 7/10) milf wanting to fuck you
>tells us how you opted for a free sandwich that you turned down instead of the puss
>yfw we tell you that actually you smelled like shit and were wearing dirty smedium MLP tank and gym shorts and reciting "fuck you mom and dad I'll show you" out loud.
#rekt nigger
Why is it purple
Cabbage isn't purple

dude, they were laughing at you. RIP
some cabbage is purple
oh so like intramurals. I was hella confused
File: purple_cabbage.jpg (39 KB, 426x334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 426x334
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