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Going to start Starting Strength tomorrow....
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Going to start Starting Strength tomorrow. Any tips?

How do I actually get into it? How should I prepare?
Starting Strength is a complete waste of time. Don't fall that fucking meme. Go talk to a trainer at your gym and let them suggest something, and immediately leave if it's starting Strength, though I highly doubt it'd be if he knows anything.
>Go talk to a trainer at your gym and let them suggest something
lol kill self
if you haven't read the book you're not doing "starting strength".
Ignore that cunt

Start low, record yourself doing the lifts and post form videos here so we can help you with your form.

Eat shit tons.

Work on your mobility every single day, after workouts and whenever on rest days.

>there are people on this board right now who havent realized that SS is a fucking meme

if you want to become good looking and have good strength then go with a split, if you prever looking like a unproportional abortion, go with SS
wait how does SS make you disproportional?

OP didnt say about aesthetic or any goals
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Good on you anon. Ignore these faggots. Pic related.
Read SS and understand what you are doing and why. Then do it. Then do whatever you want after. You can look around for good additives if SS volume isn't bad for you.
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>inb4 noone talked about GOMAD you dip

yeah right, "eat shit tons" basicly means GOMAD.
Do melons actually open up like that if you squeeze them? Looks as if it was cut to make it easier.
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Here is some more. Of course this I oriented at strength training beyond beginners. If you just wanna be "aesthetic" do some stupid split. Or if you /fraud/ just do anything.
>He actual believes that pic
Not enough upper body work.
This assumes you have included dips and chins.
who is this cum kobold?
Over double the volume on lowerbody when upperbody requires MORE VOLUME to grow lol.

Tell me how double lowerbody volume will not leave you looking t-rex?

Doing SS the the equivalent of doing a bro split that looks something like this:

Chest: Bench
Shoulders: OHP
Back: Deadlifts
Legs: Squats, Leg curls, leg extensions, calf raises, lunges, straight leg deadlifts.

SS is for offseason athletes - that is it. It is dogshit for powerlifting (go read powerlifting to win's review of it - i cba to list the wall of reasons why elite powerlifters think it is dogshit for novices in their sport).

It is dogshit for people wanting to look good after a year due to the massive muscle imbalances it will build. For SS to be good for building a balanced physique you would have to add rows, pullups, skullcrushers/close grip bench, curls, shrugs, some form of ab work at a minimum.
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>legs are far more important then my upper body, i prever functional strength over aesthetics

premium kek at all you SS faggots
You'll have to eat a lot OP
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read the book you ignorant turd

>here we have a prime example of SS

kek, his upper body looks like complete shit, like he never even touched a weight in his life

cool stats, still looks like shit.
whats so hard to understand for you strength faggots that strength doesent mean shit if you dont look good.

we dont fucking life in the stone age, strength is fucking useless over a certain point.
Only advice is to find a better program.
Reg Parks old 5x5 works far better and evenly than rippleshits craptastic setup.
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I deleted the post because I used the wrong weight in strstd. those were his lifts at this weight.
>i cba to list the wall of reasons why elite powerlifters think it is dogshit for novices in their sport

>For you true novices, I still recommend buying a copy of Starting Strength.

File: le ss meme.png (3 MB, 1536x1127) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
le ss meme.png
3 MB, 1536x1127
OP be prepared to look like shit but have your strength levels go up.

I started at 75kg and I'm 85kg now, did SS for 5 months and started Texas Method monday this week.

Squat went from 50kg to 125kg
Deadlift went from 70kg to 135kg
OHP went from 25kg to 50kg (tfw pressing weight that killed me if I tried to squat it)
Bench went from 35kg to 62.5kg (weakest lift)

All 3x5 except for deadlifts. So basically, whatever you're lifting now you can expect to be lifting nearly twice as much if you train hard for a few months.

Whatever you do, don't think you can wear tight clothing in your first months/year of lifting you will look silly. Yes, clothes will probably get a little tighter and you'll look better when you wear them but you're nothing really.
Why would you want to waste 5 months (especially those that for many could be newbie gains) on a program that does nothing for aesthetics?

No matter who a person is, they will at some point want to look good. So why waste time only gaining lift strength and having nothing to show for it?
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because SS is a beginners' program and I wanted to develop strength before I tried to develop mass. It's not like I was going to achieve my goal body or even anywhere near my goal lifts in that time anyway.

I consider it a productive use of time nonetheless since I'm more improved athletically than I was when I started.

>Pic related
So when are you going to stop half repping squat?
Okay (and thanks for that pic; good read)

But why use a program that leans toward excess caloric intake and disproportionate lifts, when you could rather customize it or use a myriad of other programs to achieve the same principles of cns overload, and still come out looking better?
When my gym allows it's members to record video inside I'll post a video of me squatting.

To be fair I'm more comfortable saying I squat 120kg 3x5, since I lean forward at the bottom and that probably takes me out of depth. As far as I can tell, I'm hitting proper depth though.

Mostly because it's a meme of /fit/ and it's in the sticky. Excess caloric intake was something I needed to do anyway since I bulked for all those months (still going to bulk for another month or so, just to get strength gains where I'd like them). I didn't (and still don't) know enough about lifting and diet and shit to really formulate my own program, which is reasonable considering that I'm still a novice lifter.

Being trex and having shit aesthetics isn't really a concern for me since I'm next-level cocoon mode.

>another early pic
SS is a piece of shit

I feel sorry for anyone who falls for doing that meme program
>piece of shit calling anything else a piece of shit.

why are you still alive?
Hi mong :3

He's right though, well not the part about a personal trainer because they are fucktards anyway, but SS is a fucking joke that makes you look like a sack of shit
hm i thought SS included rows,pullups and power cleans.
So I dont feel exhausted after pulling 250 pounds for deadlifts; doing 3 sets of 5 reps for 225 and benching 145 for 3 sets of 5 reps.

My lifts have stalled despite me eating big to get big.

I dont add accesories.

am i good to go for hypertrophy? i dont care about strength
Eh, it's probably worth reading through the book anyway, gives some basis of knowledge at least.
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Squat 5x6
Deadlift 4x6/6/3/3
Front Squat 4x8
SLDL 4x8
Cleans 3x3

Bench 5x6
Rows 5x6
OHP 5x6
Pec Machine 4x7
Incline Bench 4x7
Pull-down 4x7
farmer Hold 4x7
Biceps 4x5
Shoulder/grip work

Squat 3x5
SnG Deadlift 2x3/5
Front Squat 3x7
GHR 3x7
Snatch 3x3

CGB 3x5
SnG Rows 3x5
OHP 3x5
Dips 10x10
Push-up 10x10
Pull ups 10x10
Inverted Chin Ups 10x10
Triceps 4x5
Grip work/ shoulder work

> SnG= Snatch Grip
> lots of Volume for gains
> eat at 2300 KCal on lifting days
> eat at 1700 KCal on non-lifting days
> Fast on Sunday
> protein 40% Fats 30% Carbs 30%
How are you doing those? Like, how's it set out? A1xB1xA2xx or A1B1A2B2xx
Fair enough. Why are you eating less on recovery days as well? Why not just eat a stable amount all the time?
fucking do jonnie candito's linear program.
Because you should be resting and stretching more often on recovery days. Also you dont want to feel bloated do you? It just doesn't call for as much food when inactive, so we allow the digestive system to have a break from such protein rich eating and at such high caloric intake.
Sure, you should be resting more, but you shouldn't be taking lifting into account as exercise when you work out your TDEE either. Your body needs more protein on rest days from what I know, so that it can actually grow. The digestive system doesn't need a break, either, that's not how it works, enzymes and the actual acid doesn't take any amount of energy we're going to notice in order to take place.

I eat at around 2600 for maintenance, and it doesn't bloat me at all, so I'm not quite sure where you're coming from with not wanting to feel bloated, just don't eat stuff that makes you feel that way.
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