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>tfw get into car accident so no lifting
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>tfw get into car accident so no lifting
>tfw friends visit the city I go to school in and don't text me to hangout
>tfw didn't get accepted for my military scholarship because of a stupid reason
>tfw problems with current gf because some guy was flirting with her in a snapchat story
>tfw seeing increase in anger with myself and hate for life
>tfw start binge eating and losing gains because no lifting
Please give me words of motivation to keep living, lifting, and living a good lifestyle.
also how's your friday night going /fit/?
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tfw nobody replies to my post.
Try and focus on YOUR happiness and YOUR well being, everything else can and will be forgotten but if you see that you are failing yourself, you will end your life.

Godspeed bro.
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Commence funny image dump for OP.
I use reverse grip rows to maximize my lat size.
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I also do wide grip pull ups but they are really hard after shoulder day. Any tips?
What part of your body did you injure?
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I feel like cals in out is not completely reliable.
Chocolate makes me feel like a fat fuck every morning.
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These pics are so old.
Not as old as starting strength, one of the most basic strength routines of our time.
thanks man,
how is your day going?
i kind of just need to talk
i'm sad and angry at the same time and i've been angry as fuck.
it sucks when you can't lift to take out your anger there.
Goooood, I wish yours was better brah.
Torrent a funny movie!
>tfw didn't get accepted for my military scholarship because of a stupid reason
What was it?

I just got the 4 year Army one and I'm kind of a fuckwad tbh.
Not OP but I needed to read something like that, thanks
Accept you're alone, accept bitches come and go and accept that your friends sound kind shitty.

Focus on yourself, get a hobby like boxing or something and focus on that.

I don't have any advice for the anger though, I am angry as fuck at the world, I hate how degenerate society is, I hate fatties, I hate alcohol, I hate people who drunk on a saturday night and piss in the street, I hate their friends who think them pissing in the street is acceptable behavior, I hate the girls who only value money and guys with cocaine and other degenerate habits.

Oh man I'm mad, I'm mad as fuck at the world and it consumes me all the time. I know I sound like a fedora faggot. I used to be a fun guy, I used to have girlfriends and drink and smoke weed and party hard.

Now I just fucking hate everyone like that, i think our species is doomed and our potential is wasted because of degenerates, so I focus on bettering myself and becoming the change I want to see in the world.

Man I am fucking angry, and no one else is angry about this shit so I feel angry and alone.

And I like being alone, I don't even want a girlfriend because they're happy with the way society is just like every other fucking degenerate in the UK.

Man I sound like an edgelord. I am so fucking angry about this shit and I don't know why I can't just chill out. I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I eat clean and when I go out with friendsI don't drink alcohol, i just spend my time being disgusted by people in bars acting like fucking morons because they are drunk and they think it's funny they are degenerate.

Man I fucking hate everyone. I think I'm slowly going crazy, I'm really scared I'll turn into some kind of psychopath and go on a cleansing or something.
Humans are degenerates, and you're a human. Accept it. You obviously can't deal with it.
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:( sad feels
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le supreme meme.jpg
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You forgot to post pic related.
>university internet blocks torrents tho
glad you're doing good
He isnt mad because he can't be apart of it
He said he used to enjoy it. lrn2red
As for no lifting OP - go read up and plan out your attack for when you get back into the gym. Lay out an excel sheet, plot out your reps/sets, lifts, %, volume, days/week, etc. etc.

Set yourself up for a really good return to the rack.

Don't let silly BS get to you - your gf was being stupid and you had a right to be upset and its alright to let your diet go to shit every now and again. Don't let it become a constant and you'll be fine.

Apply for another scholarship? That ain't the end of the world - and it also wouldn't be the first time good friends have done something gay like that. I've had and known of other peoples friends ho have done that exact same thing. All you can do is shake your head and keep moving on.
These always used to cheer up my ex gf


I broke up with her because she always used imperfect tense to talk about me "I hope my husband will do blahblah" and we never hung out in person.
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Marines brah,
this year they changed how applicants were chosen.
they made is so that there were 35 Aviation Scholarships and 15 Ground.

Ground was super fucking competitive so 15 dudes got the scholarship. I didn't know about this because the Marine Officer Selection Board didn't tell anyone of the changes. Only 5 got accepted for Aviation because only 5 were submitted.

The 30 leftover were scholarships thrown away and those that got the Aviation scholarships had like 2.0 GPA and 260 PFT score which is like 20 pullups/100 situps, but like 26 minute 3 mile run.

I have a 280 PFT score and 3.0 GPA so i got greenie weenied like shit.
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>Dat feel when you are turning into someone you would of called boring 3 years ago
>Dat feel when you are becoming an edgelord
>Dat feel when you picture yourself as someone stood on a pedestal looking down upon the degenerate masses

I'm really fucked up. I think I need to go to a shrink or get stoned or something.

Fuck accepting it, accepting it is how we got here in the first place.

Consumerism got a grip on people and people started to watch TV like zombies, this kept them distracted so they started to just "accept" things rather than try to fight against them. Theres a reason why degeneracy is running rampant in our modern society and that reason is "distraction tactics".

We can be something better but we'll never get there because of cunts like the tumblr whales saying it's fine to be a big fat fucking pig eating junk food.

Yes they should be discriminated against, they are weakening our species.

I met a girl down a few months ago I really liked, but the other day I got ranting about plus size models and she told me they are a good thing because there shouldn't be discrimination.

This girl isn't fat or anything, shes really hot but shes too positive and naive and refuses to see the bad things in the world, the fact she thinks fatties are fine disgusts me. I see her as a degenerate too.

Forever alone.

Man I'm not perfect but I fucking strive to improve everyday. I try to be a good guy, I try to help people, I help frail people who need their heavy shit lifting, I help people who need help pushing their broken down car, I help people who are struggling and in a bad place, I try not to get involved in bullying against people.

Hell a month or two ago I used my MMA skills to restrain a guy who was attacking a security guard in a shop. Other people are just stood watching like fucking entertainment hungry zombies because it's not their problem. What the fuck is wrong with this world? (pic related)

I am such a fucking fedora .
H-how big of a fuckwad?

I'm going to meps Monday (army) and I'm scared af they're gonna pull my credit scores (lost job and got credit cards that went to collection) and tell me to get the fuck out asap
i'd probably break up with her also. Hope shit gets better for you man.
>The 30 leftover were scholarships thrown away and those that got the Aviation scholarships had like 2.0 GPA and 260 PFT score which is like 20 pullups/100 situps, but like 26 minute 3 mile run.
>I have a 280 PFT score and 3.0 GPA so i got greenie weenied like shit.
Sounds about right.
Shoulda gone Army; I'm a bit of a fatass with a 7 minute mile and I got one first cycle.

They're not giving out any more ROTC scholarships until next year m8; you missed the boat.

If you're straight up joining and then trying to get free college off it then that may be feasible.
I'm 19 and didn't do rotc tbh, just worried that the credit would be a thing. It's a lot for a 19 year old but less than 10k maybe? Dad died and left some money, and after using it all up I've still got debt

I've heard that it doesn't matter if you don't want clearance though I think?
>I'm 19 and didn't do rotc tbh, just worried that the credit would be a thing.
You don't need to do JROTC to do ROTC; they're literally completely unrelated.
I did football in highschool.

And from what little I know about the system the Army gets real fucky when it comes to debt.
Garnishes paychecks and such.

It's why loan sharks thrive around post.
I guess a garnished paycheck is better than no paycheck, so it's no big deal. Thanks bro, little less worried now.
Yo brah. I feel you.

one advice a friend of mine shared w/ me, is that in this world, the people worth saving, are only the people who want to be saved/ change for the better.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

Yes, you are mad. Do you not see that wasting your anger is pointless when you're trying to co-erce the world to see your point of view?

Life isn't all drab and dreary m90. Gotta have a laugh here and there, It's all the absurdity of life . You should read some Camus, and if I may suggest, there's a book I'm reading right now, and it helps with your self-improvement perspective

Julius Evola: ride the tiger: A survival manual for the aristocrats of the soul.

"he who fights monsters should be careful lest he turns into a monster himself"

*tips fedora*
>birthday in four days
>sitting at home alone on a friday night
>accidentally opened a folder with a bunch of pictures of my ex and I
>it's been 3 months and I'm still sad as fuck about that and I miss her now
>want it to be tomorrow so I can go to gym and try and get it off my mind by lifting heavy objects
>probably going to have an awful summer because I refuse to be just friends with her, meanwhile she's in the middle of my friends group

I feel your pain, at least you still have your girlfriend OP.
>Julius Evola: ride the tiger
I'll buy this thanks Anon. I'll buy it now from Amazon.
>>accidentally opened a folder with a bunch of pictures of my ex and I
delete it

This is important.
No problem, brother. I was once where you were
please no more chinese cookie dumpling fortune wisdom
Do not join the military big mistake
>in National Guard very little priorities but still uncle sam's bitch
>the people worth saving, are only the people who want to be saved/ change for the better
>tfw learning this the hard way
I know I read this in some book as a kid, but you really don't understand until you're in that situation, take a step back, and realize you're wasting your life trying to do something nobody wants you to do. It's really really hard to just walk away though. Or maybe I'm just weak.

Point being, just DON'T bother saving someone who doesn't want to be saved, or helping if they DON'T want help ... If you just can't seem to "reach" someone, guess what? They don't want to be reached. It's like calling over and over again but they decline the call each time.
I did. I was looking for some older music and a bunch of jpgs just appeared. How long does it take for these feels to go away I thought they'd be gone by now but I'm literally just so fucking sad right now.
Why not? Say you were 23 and essentially neet, wtf else are you doing with your life, yknow? I'm not at that point just yet, but I might be, right?
I'm 22 and I'm joining the Air Force, just took my Air Force officer exam. Should be in by the end of the year. It's a great way to go if you know what you want to do.
sumting wong wid coookie

same, I learnt it the hard way too.
The best thing you can do in this life is to be the best of you. Through your actions, you'll be able to reach people who truly desire change for the better.

It's a lonely journey, so man the fuck up and embrace the solitude

im angry cause I used to be fat, and now im in great shape, and people treat me completely different.

i'm bitter. probably that's why I dislike people so much.
You need to find something you enjoy and realize how much better life is single.

Only you can make that realization brah.

Since I got single I got lean and sexy, I've had alot of one night stands, I've been travelling and I finally had my first boxing match after 6 years of lazy training twice a week due to girlfriends.

I don't want another girlfriend, I love having free time to do shit. Do I really want to be sat indoors with a girlfriend watching TV all night bored? No i don't! I want to be out with my friends in town trying to get in the pants of sluts, I want to be free to go out when I want.

The only thing I miss about having a girlfriend is sex on tap.
I never used to be like this but eventually I became independent. Man isn't meant to love in the way he loves anyway, modern love is closer to attachment and materialism over love. Man should be too busy trying to survive to be super romantic, "love" used to be about survival and not "feelings", now we're all busy trying to get married and settle down with a white fence and the american dream; naturally historic man didn't have time for that shit, he wasn't able to settle down like that because consumerism didn't exist, man was forever hunting and surviving. He and his bitch were too busy trying to survive, and if his bitch fucked off sure he'd be a little sad but he had bigger things in life to worry about.

Love is trivial but for some reason in the modern world we think it's the most important thing in the world. We are so spoiled we get "depression" because our fuckhole has left us, when in true nature we should be all depressed because we're fucking starving to death and we've not eaten for a few days.

This kind of realization is what got me over relationships, I hope it helps you.
i understand your feel.

being single allows you to focus on yourself 100%

fuck girls, all they do is waste your time. the only time you want to be with a woman is if her legs are spread.
Cheers brah
It may be lonely but what's worse? Knowing that you're banging your head against the wall, and that's your destiny, or saying fuck it and going to the gym, or even just going out for a walk?

I feel bitter sometimes but screw that, I'd rather listen to fish flop around in the river and squirrels fight over nuts than hear people compete in the pity Olympics one more time.
>hear people compete in the pity Olympics one more time.
So much of this. When you hang out w/ regular people sometimes you have to dumb yourself down to their level

I'm w/ you brah. Just had an amazing walk in the forest yesterday without my phone without any sense of time.
I understand. Issue is she was my best friend, and it felt good having someone I could talk to with my issues and just having someone there for you if you need them. I'm just so lonely now. I'm not very into one night stands either, I've never really understood them. I'd rather just beat off.
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saw avengers 2 with a girl, it was pretty subpar

i also cannot into relationships
Not sure what your disability is brah but in my experience (just recovered from 2 back to back injuries, broken ankle and arm 6 month total)
Something that helped me not feel useless was just doing whatever exercises I could, even if its only doing one armed bench press for 3 months, or not working legs for 3 months, or perhaps in your case it would be only doing shoulders, I dunno.
Some people can say that this is stupid it will give you am inbalances and that can be true, it taken a little while for me to even out my body but for your mental health and feeling not useless it was worth it for me, just something to think about. Hope your stuff gets better and youll be okay
Girls like me.
I'm an idiot.
Girls no longer like me.

Ad Infinitum
>I'm just so lonely now.
This is the key ingredient to understanding yourself more.

The difference between being 'lonely' and being perfectly okay with being 'alone' is self-awareness.

Yo brah. Try meditating. It's really none of that new hipster shit. It not only works wonders for your resting heart rate, but it also helps you reach a few epiphanies (sometimes) about the way you think and do things.

Try it brah
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>my life
>tfw people are happy to settle for mediocre
>tfw people won't strive for excellence because they're scared of failure
>tfw they criticise and ostracise people who aren't afraid to strive for excellence

All I've done is started uni and gone to the gym more just so I can do something with my life and I lost so many fucking friends because of it.
Let go of the anger mejt

I had both my parents be alcoholics

I don't drink, never cared for it

Who cares if other people drink? It isn't healthy obviously, but in the same way that you choose not to, let them be free to choose.

If anything the most you can do is be that shining beacon of hope for your friends, by being as much fun as possible. Don't be angry, show them they can have a good time with only drinking a little, thats how it starts friend.
I started putting my phone on silent, it's a completely different world. Eventually I want to be confident enough to just leave it at home.

I might not that far right away, but I schedule "face to face contact only" days once a week, feels good.

It's weird being in your 20s, stuck between millennial kids who have never known a world without smart phones, and gen X, latch key kids who still don't understand the Internet, where do we even fit in? The questions just run too deep sometimes, so anons pls perfect your squat form
friend i'm right where you are

I hold my hands to my hips and stand tall and repeat this phrase, you can try it and see if it helps

"It doesn't matter if no one else loves me, because I love myself and I am complete by myself".

"I do not need her, and though it would have been nice to have her I am going to be doing just fine without her".
I appreciate it. I'll try that. Will it help with the nightmares and anxiety that I've begun undertaking since the breakup?
I fucking love you sparrow.
Please stay c:
>it's a completely different world
Isn't it.
Suddenly you reclaim time as your own.
never liked the appeal of messaging/calling as opposed to face to face contact.

yo try leaving your phone at home for 3 hours.
i should add yeah meditation helps, thats how i got to those phrases above >>32199256

lot of self reflection
Don't know about you but I'm always happier when I don't know about it. The crushing depression and regret for not following through is too much sometimes.
>Will it help with the nightmares and anxiety that I've begun undertaking since the breakup?

Aw man.I'm sorry to hear that.
It will. You have to want to move on though. Anons here and I can't make you feel better unless you want it as well.

May I suggest an audiobook/book? The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

This world is so so so big nigga. Have you gone out and taken a walk? The ocean stretches forever, the sky never seems to end and there's motherfucking space staring back at you during night.

10 years from now, you will look back onto this moment and laugh to yourself how silly you were for brooding and losing that spark of happiness for that one person.

Yeah, sometimes the person we love the most hurt us the most because we let ourselves become vulnerable to them.

I'm very certain meditation will help you.
Godspeed brah
>never liked the appeal of messaging/calling as opposed to face to face contact.
I see the appeal and I prefer face to face for people I care about, and even a lot of times for people I don't, but people are just so disparate and spread out it seems. Everyone wants to be a witty movie character, hence this weird culture where you leave a text for twenty minutes so you can come up with the perfect response.

Then when you talk to the texter in person they're a dead fish.

I can do 3 hours, it'll be weird not googling random questions but if it's important enough I'm sure I'll remember and do it later.
I know I don't need her or anything it's just so hard to transition from a long term relationship where I can be comfortable around her and all my friends and now I can't even go out with my best friends due to her presence. I'm not even unconfident, I just don't care about anything anymore. I've lost interest in everything.
I actually saw that in a book store today and was contemplating buying it. I appreciate the recommendation. I actually do go for walks and spend 90% of the day outside of my house because if I don't I have these awful panic/anxiety attacks and then I have really bad thoughts during the night time. None of this used to occur before either. Thank you for the help though.
your friends sound shitty
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