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SS wikia update
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Just a heads up.
After this thread >>34515421 I decided to check the SS wikia (that's linked on the /fit/ sticky) and found out that it was very out-of-date and the info there was very confusing.

So I edited the page about the program with info that was actually written by Rippetoe.

If you're doing SS or thinking about starting it, I suggest you take a look at the new improved page.


The programs described in the old page ARE NOT UP-TO-DATE. You should give the updated one a read if you're already doing the program.

The source for these changes are on pages 296-297 for the main program description, and page 271 for the description on weighted chinups - all from the 3rd edition Starting Strength book.

Quoting from the other thread, on what the main program looks like:

From the book (capslock on the emphasis): "For most people, and for quite some time, this schedule will work well. After two or three more weeks, chinups can be added as the only really useful assistance exercise at this point in the program. You might decide to add THREE SETS OF CHINUPS AFTER YOUR POWER CLEANS, and stay with this program for as many months as possible."

He then goes further to describe that back extensions are only useful for people who have issues recovering from the DL/PC - i.e. women, old people, people who don't eat/rest enough.

As a healthy dude, this is the main SS routine:

>A: Squat OHP Deadlift
>B: Squat Bench PowerClean Chinups

Basically back extensions are for dyels.

Hope this was helpful and cleared out some doubts.
I always assumed the back extensions were for health, they made my back and hammer feel good.

Same with curls or chins, doing so much bench and squat fucks my elbows if I don't do any bicep work

This is some great contribution. Thanks trappy.
You're fucking awesome.
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Back extensions work your spinal erectors.
But they are already worked really well on Deadlifts, and all lifts that require you to be on your feet as well. They're not needed at all.

Oh, and maybe these will help with the elbow pain: https://www.youtube.com/user/JDCav24/search?query=elbow


Thanks bby. I was honestly surprised at how bad the info on the SS wikia was.
The entire sticky could use some updating.
is Mehdi a memester trappy-senpai or is SL ok
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>They're not needed at all.

They = back extensions.

The back extensions or glute/ham raises version of the program are there to help people who have difficulty deadlifting. It's basically a lighter substitute that works the same muscles.

But deadlifts are a lot more important. If you're a healthy man there's no reason to do back extensions instead of deadlifts.
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SL is definitely OK, it's a great program. It includes the main lifts and is focused on linear progression without anything useless standing in the way.

But between SL and SS, SS is far superior in my opinion.
3x5 has faster progression and is harder to stall than 5x5. There's literally no reason to do 5x5 as a beginner. You get the same benefits from 3x5, and you miss out on a lot of benefits from 3x5.
SS also has an amazing book written for it, with very detailed text and pictures about all the lifts. Rip goes into a lot of depth writing about the mechanics and the form of each lift.

Also, power cleans are a great exercise and chinups are more important than barbell rolls imo. But that might just be my personal opinion.

But SL is not bad at all.

Oh, and Rip outlifts Mehdi at 55+ years and with fucked up knees. kek
Just to add on here, SL is great if you're going on your own with no prior lifting or coach.
Which I basically am

Still would do SS over SL, though.
Then i think it's a great program for you. At any rate, I'd get ahold of a copy of SS for the read if you learn that way. Excellent resource for learning the lifts. It's the one book I recommend no matter what program you use.
Can you name some of the benefits of 3x5 over 5x5? Serious question
Less volume = less stalling. But if you're following SL it doesn't matter.
Bumping for awareness.
This is actually really fucking awesome.
I've been doing SS but didn't know the actual program was that one. But I checked on the book and you're absolutely correct!

Info on SS can be quite confusing. I wish Rippetoe himself would make a small guide to the program, instead of letting people find out through confusing wiki pages.

Thanks a lot, "trappy"? I haven't seen you on /fit/ before but apparently you're pretty well known here. But really, thanks a bunch for this.
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Thanks! And yes, there's lots of misunderstanding and confusion about the program.

Even in the book Rip manages to be confusing about the routine, believe it or not.
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