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Did you ever fuck with your school's...
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Did you ever fuck with your school's computers/technology ?
I used Cain and Abel to get a teacher's credentials; I then proceeded to get every final exam and got an average exam score of 98.
In our computer lab once, I figured out that you could mount any computer on the network as a network share, without so much as a warning message.

I told a friend and we would mess with eachother's desktops, delete shortcuts and send each other lewd things.
Other kids in the class caught wind of it and they started messing with everyone's desktops, sending pictures of horses fucking.

When someone figured out the teacher's computer was also available to mount from the network, someone went in and started deleting all his icons and dropping in pictures of horses fucking.
As you can imagine, he got livid.
Everyone quickly pointed to me for starting everything, and I was banned from the computer lab for the rest of the year and I got an F in the generic "computing" elective class that I had so graciously chosen over another year of PE.
NET SEND * butts lmao
No because I'm not a nigger
When I was 11.
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I would create images like this and set them as the texture for the "waving flag" screensaver.

Oh, and the network security was so weak, I could access anyone's files (including staff) if I knew their username (which was first initial and last name).
mah nigger
No because I don't see how that will benefit the next user
Had access to everyone's files both write and read, changed all of teachers desktops on network to goatse once.
I deleted system32 from one of the PCs in my middle school's library. Keks were had.
>install Google Chrome on college computers with an exe from Filezilla
>IT "Technicians" find out
>threaten to kick me out of college

They were so incompetent, it was hilarious.
Bios password and keylogged the admin password for my design class
Not really tech-related, but it makes me laugh to think back.

>nearly end of year 11 (year you leave school in Britain)
>popular, slutty girls make folder for pictures for the yearbook
>hundreds of pictures of just them
>get some mates together
>spend a week flooding the folder with porn, gore, shoops of people and pictures of Chuck Norris
>end up with close to 250GB of pictures
>IT staff don't even realise
>popular sluts do
>tell teachers
>we all get banned from using the computers for the rest of the year
>totally fucking worth it

We ended up using the accounts of the retarded kids for the rest of the year. Again, IT staff had no idea we had gotten access to the retarded kids' accounts and used them for 2 months.

I don't remember the exact path, but it was something like E:\users\username. All I had to do was replace my username with someone else's in Windows Explorer, and it would take me there.
Wow. That's pretty bad. Fucking IT people in schools/colleges are useless.
I kicked a tennis ball across the room and knocked over/fucked up a monitor. I put it back on the desk, turned it off, turned 360 degrees and walked out.
Similar thing happened by accident, someone broke file permissions and everyone could access everyone elses files. To make matters worse the automounts broke as well and instead of mounting each user's home directory on login it was defaulting to the root folder where everyone's profiles were stored. I was in a programming class so everyone had a field day with this spamming each others' documents folders with all sorts of shit.
we had this as well, everyone used it as a replacement for IM just by updating text files
We used to steal mouse balls out of the mice at the school. Also, we set the homepages in the computer lab to "Peanutbutter Jelly Time" and turned the speakers all the way up to help wake up the class next to ours.
Er, after ours I should say.
We had monitors all around our school and some 12th grade kid got onto an administrators account and put porn in the grad slideshow every 4 slides or so. Lasted almost the entire day.

Every single of the PCs in school has a VNC server installed. So that the teachers can look at the students' PC.
They didn't think this one through. A student can download the VNC client and fuck with every PC in the network. Even with the teacher's PC.
This is in Germany.
go to cmd
type in: telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl
impress friends
all the computers at my school had a few different networked drives, one of which was accessible by everyone. Shit was great, until they installed a program that let them watch your monitor
Doesn't each pc have a account on the network so if you try to log into a pc it asks you for some sort of verification?
i once told someone to google search hentai
>be 16, eight years ago
>computer lab was in library
>30 normal computers and a librarian computer with admin rights
>manage to gain access to a remote desktop software
>remote delete all system32s on the user computers
>since nobody ever shut off the user computers, over the course of 6 months i'd slowly shutdown one computer every time I'd go in there for a project
>no accounts on these computers either, just horribly locked down windows XP OS, so they couldn't track who did it
>by the end of the school year 23/30 computers had a piece of paper with "OUT OF ORDER" taped on the CRT monitor
Put DBAN on usb, go to computer lab during lunch, burn it all down
I unlocked the guest account and pretty much downloaded every worm and backdoor trojan imaginable.

The technicians would see why it was activated and get their admin accounts loaded with viruses, which would then transmit across the network.

Basically the same thing happened like that pirate virus in Archer. All the computers received a malicious 'burning desktop' screensaver, and some people even thought their desktops were bursting into flames behind the glass.
I now work at a school. It's my job to manage all the computers here.

I no longer subscribe to the draconian lockdown strategy. Instead, we have a much simpler super-fast imaging strategy that basically means if anything goes wrong with a machine that takes more than 10 minutes to fix, it just gets reimaged in place. Which takes 10 minutes.
Whilst I was at school someone found the Norton Ghost drive and reimaged my computer, because I was known for saving things in the C drive.
Yeah one of the LAN gaming places I've been to actually had a hardware card that did this on every reboot.

Windows had something called SteadyState that could also do that
File: 1391002288971.gif (2 MB, 297x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>be like 13 in middle school
>school year just started
>everyone gets their new passwrd for the school network
>somehow find a .txt file with every single password (including teachers and shit) on the main network drive
>aw yisss
>copy to usb key
>brag about it like a little shit
>obviously some bitch has to tell the professors
>they tell me to delete it
>I do because I'm retarded
>still get suspended for a day for "hacking"
>mfw a week later everyone gets a new password
Except SteadyState was a buggy and problematic piece of crap that was nothing but pure frustration. I hated it. HATED using it. So glad there are better tools out there.
No, but since I was good with computer I would get blamed whenever some chucklefuck rm -rf'd a computer. Also, the student sysadmin was an incompetent macfag and hated me because I was better with computer than him, so he would blame me.
>Currently 134.2 MB
Oh wow.
Of course. We played quite the cat-mouse-game with the sysadmin before we got caught.

>runat cmd.exe now+1min to get admin privileges on Win XP SP1
>bypassing proxies
>using random machines as personal dumping grounds for flash games and MP3s
>sysadmin updates to XP SP2, exploit goes away
>get Ophcrack on a live CD and crack the admin password
>install a custom "free cup-holder" program on many lab machines set to a random timer
>use BackTrack and Aircrack-ng to crack WAP password
>use Wireshark to find the school's HVAC control system
>default credentials for interface, turn off school's HVAC for the lulz

Here's where I fucked up though:
>gave admin password out to too many people
>they get caught using it in the computer lab
>they immediately squeal on me
>I get called to office and given an ultimate: call the police or help fix everything I broke

I obviously chose the latter. First thing I had them do was remove the BIOS boot options and password protect the BIOS. All in all, good times were had.
What's wrong with that?
Why did Windows have the most retarded elevation bypasses when using the GUI?

Anyone have that GIF of bypassing the Windows 2000 login screen by opening up the help menu, and starting up explorer.exe from the Help Viewer?
What's wrong with YOU?
>im the only person who can operate a flash drive

that's fine I guess
No my university computer system utilized Phantosys, which when a client is booted up, the Phantosys server will load up OS image, software and stream it to the client computer over the network, but ultimately the performance is purely based on client computer's spec. Student ID is assigned to log in the client computer.

Which mean that you can't alter the OS of the client computer because it's simply did't installed in the first place.

I wonder most university in japan did that too.
Keylogged and ratted almost every PC there, but it was about 5 years ago. Had fun.
Senior prank two years ago I and a few acquaintances and some people who idolized me for whatever reason installed Ubuntu on all the computers, leaving behind some hard drives (that I got for cheap and that everyone helped buy) with the school shit on them for easy fixes.

I submitted a tip on how to fix everything in case they didn't figure it out from the two hundred random hard drives sitting around, so people generally knew it was me. Never got in any serious trouble though, and most people thought it was hilarious.
I was born with a slightly curved spine and an uneven pelvis, I have to go to the pediatrician every couple weeks to correct it.

underage b&
>not getting this anyways
I unintentionally got 100 on the last final exam I ever took. Never even studied, and frankly I expected a low grade.
I gave myself access to other websites and local access, stole a harddrive.
Not pediatrician, podiatrician or something. I don't know
>be in high school
>use online maths revision software called mymaths
>each module is a flash with the answers fucking hard coded in
>once a week we have a lesson where we go down to the computer room to use this all lesson
>bored as fuck, start dicking around with the web console (I think this was IE)
>find a way to dump the answers from the flash into the console output
>enter the answers
>get 100%
>tell friend who is also good with computers about it
>we each help our friends for a while
>one day maths teacher standing behind other friend
>"what are you doing anon"

My little cousin is at that school now, and they still haven't fixed shit.
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There was that time that /g/ hacked a school district in New Jersey. I can't find my screencaps, damnit.

>school library
>open command prompt
>ping www.google.com -t
>leave class
>next day get called into the principal's office because they thought I was doing l337 h4cking

top kek
More than enough.
I haven't been a Windows guy for years, but my knowledge from 98/2000/XP was enough to fuck with people in college for the past year.
First lemme mention that the administrators are incredibly incompetent - they have got solid hardware in every computer, Dual Core processors, 2 GB RAM, Integrated Graphics - everything a school PC would need. What do they do? Install Windows 7, with PC-Waechter cards for read only harddrives in combination with NOD32 Antivirus which hasn't been updates for years, resulting in pop up messages 15 minutes after bootup and massive slowdown. Why antivirus when you got a PC-Waechter? You don't bother updating it anyway.
They also gave the local computer User administrator rights. Making it able to uninstall iTALC temporarily (a program used by teachers to monitor and remote control students pc's)
I made a shitty Winblows batchscript into my USB-Stick autostart (yes, they did NOT disable that...) that autostarts the uninstall.exe file for iTALC. I also liked to fuck with people using the network shutdown command (every computer name in the network ends with its last byte of the IP-Address, they gave us a list of which PC has which IP after P2P introduction).
And yes, you can even shut down the teachers computer.
Is this it?
I told someone about NET SEND *
Dumb ass sent "fuck all you niggers" to every pc in the school district.

>,it appears as though the 4chan intruder could have sent a message to students and parents using the school's emergency notification system, designed to send text messages and e-mails to parents in the event of a major disaster.

>It's not clear whether the message went out, but if it did, parents in Plainfield would have received a technically accurate but tedious lecture on the difference between the Linux kernel and the GNU/Linux operating system.

>technically accurate, but tedious lecture
Where do you see that?
the best kind of accurate, but tedious lecture
You have to do this when somebody forgets to log off of their account in the library
if I booted up in linux I could access anything on the entire school system's server. I also backtracked into their server, and was majorly disappointed to see it running Windows 2000 server. I left a text file on the desktop that said "[spoiler]yoursecuritysucks.txt[/spoiler]

That was the best I could come up with.

I later became buds with the IT admin and helped him fix everything.
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Is this from that?
I have a similar experience, though they actually had a good reason to suspect it.

>computer lab
>dicking around with telnet
>figure out that the school's filter does not block anything grabbed this way
>do all sorts of things I wasn't able to do before
>teacher walks past
>"Oh my god what are you doing?!"
>banned from using computers for the rest of the year

I re-arranged my Physics teachers keyboard to spell ''PENIS''
Haha okay that IS funny
>Freshman, entire windows domain was a recently built and had zero security.
>Guest account worked
>VNC server and viewer was on every PC with no password and the tray icon wasn't even hidden
>Domain users had local admin rights and could install anything
>Mapped personal drives all pointed to a single share with no ACLs
>Wreaked havoc on that network for the entire year while the network admin scrambled everyday to lock it down.
Somehow that shitty network admin still works there 14 years later.
If you had to go back every couple of weeks, it seems reasonable for you to know the difference between a pediatrician and a podiatrist.
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>Admins were useless at adding site blocks and locking off Windows features
>Every time they changed something I'd sell people information as to how to get around it
I was the antichrist to you people.
>Admins were useless at figuring out how students got around blocks
>I proceed to spy on every student and feed information to the admins
>Tor blocked, VPNs useless, every app useless, workarounds useless, exploits destroyed
By the middle of the year, student tears flowed and they screamed about being oppressed. It was delicious as all fuck.
>be 16 in high school
>our class always changed windows theme and background picture
>admin guy installed Deep Freeze so that every time we change a setting it will change back after a restart
>this happens with files too
>it lab had the computers in a U shape, mine was the first
>admin guy installs DF on my computer first
>doesn't know how to apply a simple crack, fails to override trial version
>after a week every computer has DF
>joke in front of the teacher that I will hack this shit
>one day I was writing a C assignment and the power suddenly goes out
>the admin's new server blew a fuze
>assignment is lost
>search for some DF hacks on google, can't find any so i give up
>eventually Deep Freeze trail ends
>mine first
>admin guy gets suspicious
>checks my browser history
>sees that i searched for hacks
>i got called to the it lab, every teacher who knows anything about computers there, admin guy says he'll get me kicked out
>they say they'll go to the principal with this if i ever hack again, which was a big deal in my school
>fast forward a week, i get sick so a stay home for a while
>trial expires on the other computers too
>it guy says i hacked them from home
>everybody laughs at him and he had to apologize to me in front of the teachers and my class
No you didn't
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One of the teachers tried that after a while, patching up things as quickly as they could.
Then they left an excel document containing every password including the headteacher's on a publicly accessible networked computer.

Which was fun and games until people started printing 100 copies of dicks from half way across the school to teachers' printers on other people's accounts.
Yes I did. I was sick of the social media and gaming in class. My brother was one of the network administrators, and I had lunch with him every week, so it was fairly easy to keep feeding information.

My school's prom hired a DJ who had an online requests page, where you could vote for what songs you wanted played. It had basically zero validation, so some friends and I flooded it with tens of thousands of votes for every song on the requestable list with "sex" in the title.
Man, the old days.
> crt imacs
> applescript
> "restart"
> inside launch folder
> 18 computers in an endless reboot loop
> of course noone knew how to stop the loop
> they want to shut them down by pulling the plug
> We go all "NOOO FOOLS! you'll destroy them if you do that"
We kept hearing the faint sound of 18 computers rebooting all day long.
Many laughs were had.
Why is it that in every post about British schools on 4chan, the people there are always complete shitheads?
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Man am I kronked.jpg
23 KB, 624x448
>the faint sound of 18 computers rebooting all day long
holy shit
you're such a badass
I figured out how to do this with Windows and OSX recently. Wish I could put it to use, that sounds like fun.
I don't know why I lol'ed so hard at that
Because you've been here for 3 hours max.
Rogue DHCP server that pointed to a local DNS server that pointed every website to the frosted butts video
>Put Portable Halo CE on the shared drive at my school
everyfucking body used to play that shit. computer labs all the time.
Turns out the IT guys at my high school were cool as fuck. They considered joining in a few times. I had an internship class with them and worked with them over the summer and we played Halo a lot. They just told me and my friends not to put it on again because they get pissed with the amount of support tickets they get from teachers going "DA KIDS R PLAYIN GAEMS, DO SOMETHING"
I hated your kind when i was in school.
>go to college
>exact same shit happens
>never study
>get piece of paper
>get out of there
>get shitty job
>do exact same thing at work
not my work but i discovered it
>be two years ago
>one of the servers at the university is slow as hell
>professor asks us to check it out
>discover thousands of instances of a python script trying to bruteforce the admin page of a bio-food webshop
yes once in 3rd gradeI had this computer teacher is that wasn't really good at computers and he was kind of a lazy fucking asshole and he accidentally left his computer on in the computer room and I very quickly snuck over to itand I access the server is at our schools web page is hosted on and I changed every single HTML file because this is before CSS and what not right hes it in some background music from the video game and I think I got fired and that resulted in the music being stuck on the web page for the entire summer every single fucking page. this was the song.this is also the DA I give up the programming because I knew I was too tempted by the forces of evil and I enjoy doing this too much obvious that I was a black hat and that I needed she never learn how to do things or else I would get in trouble all the time and I'd probably end up in prison. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtCK4LAg0HE
5th grader spotted
jesus fucking christ that is the longest sentence i've ever seen
either foreign or 12 years old
in 6th grade i saw my teacher type in the admin password for the school's homepage and I drew a mustache on his face on his profile page.
muh l33t h4xx0r days
Yes, much.

Got system control panel off network before they locked it down.
Access to everything in the local council. Yes, fucking council, work and pensions, everything. I never done nefarious shit there. (I actually told them from an anonymous account)

But fun stuff I did was run magnifier fullscreen on others computers, leave messages in home directories.
We also installed web servers, chat servers, file servers, hamachi.
2 got caught doing it even though I told them to delete a computers network logfiles. They fucked uuuup.
I could have deleted their logs remotely, but then they wouldn't have learned. Plus, they both have decent-ish jobs in computing industry anyway.

Last day of school I ran blackhawk downs map editor as a service at login, hidden, on all computers. Effectively halved resources.
Fixed it fairly soon since they got a sysadmin after some retard sent a global email across all netware computers on the nrtwork saying some homosexual shit if I remember correct, this is 2004, stretching as-is.

Oh, also the usual stuff, VNC, typing dicks in to word docs, spreadsheets, etc.
Sending teachers VB programs to open disc trays. Fun times.
sorry my phones not that great at translating what I say when I first wake up
>tfw was never smart enough to do any of this.

I did find a txt file with the list of every username and password of the school user accounts though, it was just sitting on a public network drive.
How do you fuck up and get a 98 instead of a 100.
I hate when kids try to spend their time disabling VNC instead of actually doing their work.

If you do manage to disable it, what are you going to do? The teacher knows you disabled it and you're going to get moved to a different seat. It's pretty pointless.
>They were so incompetent, it was hilarious.
Says the guy using chrome
I think alot of school are moving towards this, I don't understand how it took them so long to realize that this was the best option
You were most likely breaking their acceptable usage policy. As dumb as it may sound to you, that's just something they don't want you to do. Don't fuck around with other people's machines unless you have permission. And paying college tuition should not give you a sense of entitlement either.
>School tosses out prehistoric 40-year-old PBX system and replaces it with an Asterisk server and IP phones.
>In office one day with principal, watch him pick up his phone and dial the extension to broadcast over the loudspeakers
>Next day, sneak into a storage closet that has a phone connected to it, pick it up and dial the extension for the loadspeaker
>It connects
>No restrictions on which phones can dial into the loudspeakers
>Next day bring an MP3 player and proceed to play "Never Gonna Give You Up" over every loadspeaker in the building
>No one could figure out where it was coming from
>Teachers couldn't teach because the noise was unbearable
>After two and a half hours the IT guy arrives (the city only has 2 full-time IT staff for a district of 20+ schools)
>Unplugs the PBX server to finally shut it off
>Go to broom closet, retrive my MP3 player
>To this day no one knows how it happened
did something similar in high school as a grad prank
>all staff have walkie talkies
>borrow my grandfather's handheld ham radio transceiver
>it has a big ass battery and a huge rubber duck antenna
>rated for 7 watts maximum RF power output
>discover correct frequency and PL tone to transmit to these walkie talkies
>find old pair of broken headphones
>cut 3.5mm jack cable
>connect bare wires to ham radio mic socket
>plug 1st gen ipod into Pentium 4 running Windows XP
>load up "never gonna give you up"
>insert 5 minutes of silence before start of song
>plug 1st gen ipod into ham radio
>hide it at school inside a cardboard box and press play before class starts
>play never gonna give you up during school-wide "quiet reading time"
>disrupts every single class in school
>you can hear everybody laugh simultaneously
>everyone knows that it's me, but nobody has any proof, because I was just sitting there at the front of class reading my book
There was this really annoying kid that sat next to me in keyboarding and every time he got up I'd switch his PSU from 120V to 240V and he'd come to the computer and full on rage because his computer kept "breaking"
It was hilarious

I also got banned from any use of technology for 2 weeks in 4th grade for "hacking" (I entered the BIOS)
That's what happens when you get caught installing spyware on someone else's computer.
>make command prompt full screen
>change font color to green
>tree C:/ while randomly banging on the keyboard
>everybody flips the fuck out
If you do that on a Eurofag computer, the PSU can explode because their electricity is 240v normally. When you flip the switch to 120v, the PSU voltage is double what it's supposed to be
I know. It worked though because 'murrica.
Why? That's stupid.
We had old push button intercom system in my high school, including in the bathrooms. However, because kids are twats, they disabled outgoing in the bathrooms, regardless of it being an emergency or not. I simply connected a CD player to the wiring; it wasn't removed, just detached from the button and capped, and played Queen for my senior prank, all day.
All day. They hadn't found it by the time the batteries died, so I scooped it up, pushed the wires back in.
I intended on it playing only through the office, but it instead played through the office and on every other intercom outside of classrooms.
All of the computers at my old school were on the same network so we put an emulator and a few games deep in the files so we could fuck around.

I also changed the Bios password on one and it was "broken" for well over a month. I don't even think we had an IT department
ITT: A bunch of stupid kids that think their school can afford to have a mega heug IT department to watch their faggot asses all day every day.

We don't. This is why any school worth their shit has all the computers the kids use be a thin client that resets every day.

Today some faggot script kid thought he'd be cool and install a rogue DHCP server. Caught his ass within 10 minutes, now he's expelled and facing criminal charges.
The IT department at my school consisted of one guy who did exorcisms. He was on Penn and Teller's Bullshit, for that matter.
Used to play emulators on the school computers. One day it didn't work, so I changed the name and it worked just fine.
I burned 5 ubuntu disks and put them all in and wiped the hard drive and installed them onto the machines. they didn't bother to change it until 2 years later when they updated to Windows 7 from Xp
>be 6 years ago
>hop on school's wifi
>arp poison whole network through my pos laptop
>ettercap crashes
>arp tables fucked
He's making it look like he didn't cheat.
How do I learn how to do these things?
Don't be a complete retard to late kek lel shit
Can't change boot device on many PCs without BIOS password
God damn that faggot had it out for you.
>implying he isn't 1000 with a never-aging child's body
Luckily the IT fagots in my high school where fat feminist that didn't know what they where doing, for example one time she was installing a printer on my teachers computer and she said let me go get the driver disc even though she was on the driver webpage and she couldn't figure out how to download the drivers.
I also got hold of the nerds PC info and me and mates dumped glassass pics on it. Never got caught
File: 1388785580533.jpg (208 KB, 561x762) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
208 KB, 561x762
> Friend is getting ready to do a presentation for the class on the projector
> Projector isn't on yet and he quickly runs to the toilet before his speech
> I'm at the computer next to his, so i quickly search for sexy black guys in google while the teacher is helping someone else
> change his wallpaper to the fucking sexiest beast of a shirtless nigger
> friend comes back and begins presentation
> half way through, he minimizes his project to open another on his desktop
> mfw the entire class lost their shit
> even the teacher laughed his fucking ass off

Suffice to say that friend didn't speak to me for a few days

He actually came out as gay a few months later too, kek
not so much "fuck with" but my high school (New Jersey 2006- 2010) had a laptop program. My class was the first to try it out so naturally there were a lot of opportunities to fuck around... some kids managed to get HALO on the school servers for everyone to play as well as counter strike.

that was so much fun
LOL laptops where so much better than the shitPads so glad I graduated already
In highschool, we had an open server for storing our files and accessing them on any computer on the school's network. Me and my friend got the idea to put some movies on there to watch in any class. However, some goody-two shoes fuck deleted them because it wasn't "appropriate for class."
its called a flash drive fagit
Retard, the point was that ANYONE on the network could watch it at a moments notice.
When I was around 6, I kept on stealing mouse balls from the mice in the grade school computer lab.

It got into the point wherein they put glue just so we can't remove the mouse balls. Which kind of backfired whenever there's a lot of lint inside that they can't clean it.
color 0a

733t h4><0|2 5|<|772
Should have made it read only, or changed the permissions
alias ls="echo -e scat_porn\ttrannyporn\tdog_sex\tmiscbestiality\tgay_twinks"

why does this shit not even take sudo?

nano ~/.bashrc

or not even su for your normal user account
you can do more malicious things with .xinitrc which doesn't require root either
>nano ~/.bashrc
What do?
File: 1400723438688.gif (773 KB, 285x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
773 KB, 285x228
Between grades 8 to 10, I fucked with the schools network so many times they threatened to expel me

I ended up having to "help" the IT admins for over a month just finding as many exploits and oversights as I could for them to patch

After I left, I was apparently known as the guy that "beat the system" (according to a guy I worked with that went there after me)
File: you.jpg (63 KB, 640x362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 640x362
It's where permanent aliases are saved
how did you dump all the answers?
thats why you never brag about having something, and only giving out passwords to close trust worthy friends
good 'ol apple script
>get new macbook airs
>most things unblocked, they are brand new
>create script that opens youtube video of rick roll
>put in launch folder of anyone that asks me for help
>tons of people confused
>teachers angry
>eventually IT finds out why and blocks it
it was fun while it lasted
Mind telling me how to do it with Windows?

The IT people at our high school were pretty based, at least to the people who were taking the IT class. They used to show us all the stuff they could do at any time to fuck with students. Freshman would think they're cool for making batch scripts that make green trees in command prompt, or open a million programs, they would always call down the student, and play dumb and watch the student squirm around trying to explain what they were doing. Some times they would drag the student into our class room "for learning purposes" and we could watch while they grilled the fuckhead.

>so anon, what is this "epic hack.bat" we found on your account?
>uh I-I-It's not really a hack I-It just shows files you probably wouldn't understand
>so you're lying to us? Is it not a "epic hack"
>uh i-it was, I-I
>so lets say it is an "epic hack"
>did you know by placing it in the share folder you're distributing illegal malware?
>but it's not a hack
>so you're lying under oath now?
>oath w-what oath?

it went on like that for like 30 minutes
Shut up Paula dean.
Was there text on one of them saying "Install gentoo"
This reminds me of when I was in middle school and most of the school staff & supervisors had their own walkie talkies. One of my friends brought his which was the same frequency and started messing with them on it during lunch. He began telling them that he was at certain locations, then we'd watch the administrators all hurry there to try and find him, but then he'd tell them he was somewhere else. It was hilarious for being in 7th grade.
>In middle school, knew more about computers than all of my teachers
>Middle school and high school literally a parking lot away
>Middle school has to call high school IT if something goes wrong
>Middle school never calls high school IT because I was usually the one to fix it... in fucking 8th grade.

Felt like I had a special place.

>Then high school.
>Mac labs. Mac labs everywhere.
>Wrecked me...
>Then I learned Mac shit.
>if only I knew about sudo -rm -rf, I could have easily bricked so many computers...
>>if only I knew about sudo -rm -rf, I could have easily bricked so many computers...
So much summer
>school computer manager
>goes on /g/

somehow this makes me very happy and satisfied

like all those years of being upset at incompetence are finally resolved
Found out in my Freshman year of highschool that the computers on the network had a shared folder for all computers in the entire school. It included administrative and teacher computers. Most teachers never put up anything worthwhile though, the most I ever found was a few grade books and tests.

Also in the school library they had the screen viewer program running on all of them, but for some reason they didn't restrict task manager or killing the task.
Yes, in 1972. But then I noticed girls and stopped being a faggot.

Disabling is only possible as Administrator - there might be ways to get Admin rights on Windows but I'm a Linux user so I have no idea how. The profiles aren't stored locally but on a school server, and not even the teachers are admins, only the webmaster.
It probably should, but it doesn't. I guess it was disabled so the teacher can spy on the students without knowing their password.
My university has a printer system where you email your document to the printers cloud server and it ques it, but it won't print until you scan your student ID at the printer

My friend figured out you could plug a laptop right into the printer via ethernet and print anything you want. So we printed 500 pages with the word "test" in the middle and left them in the print tray.

After we did this they put a lock thing covering all the input ports on the printers
>"This shit ain't working just use another PC"
>"No wait I can handle it"
>Literally just fucking unplug/plug an usb mouse
>"Ok anon since you know so much and you helped us so I think you'll get a good score"
>Days after
>Guy and grill coming to talk to me
>"Hey anon are you the guy that's a technician or some shit please help us we want to do some shit"
>Fix it
>"You're a cool guy we want to friends"
>I'm starting to have sexual thoughts about the female friend
>Then guilt, enormous guilt
>"Hey we gonna call you Chris-Tech cause we know about 7 people called Chris and it sounds sort of cool"
>Everyone around circle of friends and not so friends call me that shit
>Grill organizes a birthday party for me
>We friends enough that even tho she has a boyfriend already I hang out with her all the time like we dating
>Yesterday I got drunk
>She wants me to get drunk frequently
>Uhhh, oh shit this is a technology board ok I installed windows 8.1 last week
>And it runs alright what the hell at least it ain't linux that fucking gives me artifacts and corruption when I want to set it right
Our school computers were locked down pretty tight and the "IT" (Headmaster of Upper Highschool) knew everyone with the capability to fuck with school computers so it was unsafe.

We would often boot Linux and changed the wallpaper once though. I also found storage reports on a drive that let me see what files the students were keeping. Mostly hip hop music videos and games.

One time it got pretty bad we weren't allowed games on our drives and our USBs were subject to random inspections. To fix this, I taught everyone how to embed exes in word documents and hide them to fly under the radar. Of course some idiot let the teacher know and we got into trouble.
I'm in my last year of high school, (Year 13, so no, not underage b&) Someone tell me what I should do to fuck with the fat neckbeards in the techroom that just sit around and play games.

We use the novell network (Pretty hilarious).
>5th grade
>windows XP conputers
>my computer is in the corner if the room
>next me is my friend, and next to him is a nigger
>all they do is browse yahoo images for porn
>nigger sets a naked girl as his background
>he gets caught
>he is no longer allowed to use the pc
>because of him we have strict rules and the teacher is now always watching us

It was fun while it lasted, also there was this illegal mexican girl who downloaded those cursor skins and ended up getting her pc filled with viruses.
Pinch and rub their nipples.
10/10 story
>8th grade
>learning an irish poem in class
>poem was about a stupid lion. Fuck irish
>hambeast teacher uses PowerPoint instead of teaching
>leaves the class for 5 minutes to talk to vice principal
>go up to teachers desk
>computer and slides how still on.
>go on Internet
>download pictures of lions Fucking
>put them on the last 5 slides
>back in my seat before teacher comes back
>last 10 minutes
>clicks on the 5th last slide
>keks had
>teacher finds out it was me
>suspended for 3 days and had to give an apology to the teacher so I could get back into irish class

Worth it
Yes, they ran a Novell system with Windows XP.

On the login screen you could disconnect the ethernet and login and then re-connect the RJ45 and you would be granted administrator. We would use that to install every game under the sun, CS 1.5, Q3, Unreal, DOOM, Broodwar, etc.

Very fun, we also hax'd the Java teachers FTP server, lol.
How did she find out it was you?
it's not about fucking with school's system but when I was in university they had XP computers and the clock was wrong on all of them.
Wish I knew some admin exploits because I wasn't allowed to set them right, it bothered me to no end
>be 13
>go to computer in library
>boot on Gparteid live cd
>reduce Windows memory by 200Gb out of the 500 available
>leave library
>mfw it's been 8 years and it probably stayed the way it is.
how'd you end up here/
Stole a shitload of miceballs in my time.
>~62 GB memory
Nice library computers you have there.
He was the only one laughing ?
Yes I switched the voltage on the back of computers. So when they turn on the PSU would blow up.
I'm so jelly of you fags who got to fuck with shit.

>IT person is some old bat, prolly 50 at the time, whose knowledge of computers consisted solely of rebooting and left-clicking.
>until I was in 5th grade we just had super shitty windows 95 or 98 computers, didn't do anything with them
>in 6th grade school gets some apple shit
>literally the only thing the school has done to lock them down is make an account with no password on each one
>unfortunately, I was unenlightened and just used them to play runescape all the time
>just had to clear the browser history and the IT lady didn't know shit, all she could do is bitch and tell people not to clear the history
>tfw we told everyone, even the kids not goofing off, that clearing history sped up the internet
>literally everyone clearing history
>can't punish all of us

Then in high school...
>continue to use computers for nothing but runescape and neopets until junior year (parents also severely limited my computer usage time until about freshman year of high school, so I never wanted to waste my 1-hour-per-day on anything but games)
>take a comp sci class in jr year
>my eyes are opened to the light
>my mind is flooded with the beauty of logic and programming, I am finally enlightened
My only triumph:
>bored in french class
>fetch the school's main page, downloading the page + all assets
>modify the leading post to be some bullshit about how our french class would be taking over school administration
>show teacher for the lulz

I shit you not, word of that spread so far that I had some meathead popular guy ask me if I could hack the school's website for him and put his picture up with a fake story of him being cool. It took me at least 10 minutes to explain to him that I only edited a local file, and that I don't have access to the web servers.

Anyway, I ended up starting to experiment with Ubuntu in my senior year, and now I'm in my last year of college and exclusively use Arch. I went the freetard path instead of learning to be a skiddie/cracker.
>my mind is flooded with the beauty of logic and programming, I am finally enlightened

lol, is this an actual thing? Did you just borrow TAOCP and start reading through the whole thing?
Like I said, I took a comp sci class. It was AP Computer Science I, with Java. I fucking loved it, and it came so easily. Halfway through the year, I changed the major I was going to pursue in college from Chemistry to Comp Sci.

There were some kids in the class who had taken a year's worth of babby Java classes, and I was caught up and surpassed them in ability within about 2 weeks. I'd always finish assignments super early (talking finished in 15 mins, and we still had 45 mins left of this class + 4 more days of class time to do it).

So I just started writing CLI games and shit, and spending time on keepbusy.net.
Yeah, back in Elementary School, (and I think maybe Primary School as well,) literally all of the computers they had were Macs. This was years ago, so a lot of them were original iMacs, although even those were a tiny bit old by that point.

That was the very beginning of my hatred of Macs, BTW. When I went to Middle School, I was so thankful that they used Windows XP computers.
I knew a fat kid who used to mash food into the computers CD drives.

unfortunately you are still retarded
Fuck of microshill
Yeah, I started using Ubuntu when I was in about 8th or 9th grade or something, and now, a year after I graduated high school, use Trisquel. But I'm not a full freetard, I'm okay with installing propietary software on it, it's just that I like to have my operating system be a fully free, "base," of which if I really want to have any propietary software on it, I can pick and choose what software it would be instead of have it be software that came with the operating system. Plus, I like Windows 8.1 on tablets, so, again, not fully freetard.

I believe I first heard of Linux in 7th grade or something when someone had an article in a magazine open showing people who were frustrated with Windows Vista how to switch to it.
>search for broken lcd picture
>make it full screen
>unplug every peripheral
>did this to 5 computers
>be me, 14
>year 9 in british secondary school
>all machines running XP
>got local admin from USB password finder
>installed vmware + ws2008
>dns server
>reroute traffic to aws instance
>unfiltered internet access
>backdoors galore
>classroom becomes known as block-free class
>even teachers think technicians did this on purpose
>begin programming in IT classes
>teacher pretends he doesn't know for 2 years
>technicians find out about classroom, blocked off
>confused for months, rumour is school was hacked
>no internet for 2 weeks
>i become suspect, constantly pulled in by technicians
>headmaster denies it could be me, "i'm just a student"
>technician mysteriously left
>tfw design + technology workstations are mining LTC to this day
>3 years ago.
I don't know shit really, just dabbled in a few areas but damn it was fun.
cool story bro

>three years ago
>computers installed with desktop viewing
>open a word document
>don't save it
>shut down pc
>prompt comes up
>asking me if I want to shutdown with a unsaved document
>click no
>desktop viewing is now disabled

Later I found out that I could just delete the start up entry from msconfig. After 6 months no computers were using the desktop viewing and the teachers just accepted it.
Let's just assume his birthday is early in the year to avoid the shitposting that will infestate..

>Inb4 200 posts of "lel b&"
When I was younger and edgy, I wrote a little program that would reboot and format the HDD. I thought I was so clever at the time.
>188 posts
>ctrl-f "degauss"
>Phrase not found
>be me at third grade
>some classrooms have computers , most dont
>my classroom doesnt have one
>on recess eveyone gathers at a classroom with a computer to play mario and dave
>recess over
>dick kid that was playing hits the power switch and runs off
>turn it back on
>see booting options come on
>ok english for a none american third grader
>looks cool
>people starting to return from recess
>this isnt even my class
>dont give a shit
>start going into menus
>somehow start a chkdsk although no idea what it was at the time
>looks even cooler
>kids start to wonder who is the kid sitting in the corner on the computer
>teacher comes and i gtfo
>go around the school running chkdsk on all the computers

that was a good day
Degaussing doesn't fuck with anything, just demagnetizes the CRT and looks neat for a second. I would often degauss the monitor of a machine I would sit down to use.
>implying half the population of /g/ isn't underage kids
>be me 11 years old
>attend christian school
>be in computer lab during break, it only has 3 computers
>edit autoexe.bat
>"You must accept Satan and you true lord and savior to continue, press Y to submit yourself"
>watch my teachers face when she saw the message 10 min later
>Class got dismissed, it took them 2 months to fix it
> C:\Users\faggot>telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl
> 'telnet' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

File: 1403528823058.jpg (30 KB, 210x210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 210x210
File: sensiblechuckle.gif (647 KB, 500x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"You must accept Satan and you true lord and savior to continue, press Y to submit yourself"
I used to prepare the degauss option and then pretend I'm punching the monitor as I'm pressing the button, the effect was neat
yes you are dumb, thanks for telling us
Idiot. Obviously you should do a few mistakes or it will be even more suspicious.
That's gold.
>Elementary School
This was in the 90s. Schools didn't have much technology where I was from. But I do remember playing this alien game. One level had like a bumper cart field. I wish I could remember the name of it.

>Middle School
Photobucket was never blacklisted so I would set porn as the wallpapers before I left class. I sat beside a retard so always blamed it on him. He got caught searching porn the second day of class so the teacher never suspected it was actually me.

>High School
I would email porn and death threats to my Math teacher during class. I got caught sexting some 22 year stranger on a school PC. The school had a messaging system that staff would use to communicate. I got my English teacher's login and would sit at home harassing other teachers. It took 2 days before her password was changed.
Yeah you made a mistake of turning yourself in
When they ask for the person to turn themselves in it means they have nothing
deleted and reposting bc forgot a major detail

>me, HS student
>comp sci class teaching easy ass java so get bored
>make a small exe that continuously clicks the mouse forever
>place it in my friend's computer's startup folder
>get out of class and wait for the next day

So he's going to turn on his computer and get surprised right?


>come to class and director is in the room, face red
>apparently after I had left school, the computers were used by guess what
>some little kid squealed that his computer had a virus
>director tells the whole class that some little shit put a program on the computer that does blah blah blah
>tells us that if he doesn't identify himself, the person who's computer it was will get punished


>turn self in
>30 minute detention
The computers in my school had dual channel ram. When I left school they were forced to run in single channel. That glorius feel when I didn't have to buy ram.
I know, but I also knew that they wouldn't do anything and I'm pretty sure he knew it was me anyways; all my friends had seen me do it and it would get out eventually
so you stole a channel? I don't get it
>Yes, in 1972. But then I noticed girls and stopped being a faggot. However girls never noticed me and after years of trying and never ending search for the truth I gave finally up. I'm now here on /g/ with my true family.
Yeah, I did.

>Use backtrack to grab the NT password file off a workstation
>Take it home and run it through ophcrack like a pro skiddy
>Spread admin password around school
>Kids start remotely controlling other machines
>Kids steal info off others machines
>Some one dobs me in
>Suspended for a week
>Advise staff of numerous other flaws I'd notice
>They agree not to press charges (I dont know how well that would have stood up anyway)
>Get a call
>Hired by IT dept

Still working there now casually while in uni. School is far more secure now.
not knowing how to toy with technology makes you more likely to be one
I didn't myself, but back in HS, a buddy of mine who was in the tard room for seemingly no reason had the idea to switch the voltage input on all of the computers in the tard room so that they wouldn't technically turn on.

By the end of the year the entire room was nothing but computers with papers that said "OUT OF ORDER" on every single one of them. No one ever found out he did it.
He nicked a DIMM from each box most likely.
File: aefae.jpg (18 KB, 400x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be in computer class
>doing boring as fuck exercise
>teacher is a cunt
>write a script in batch that restarts the computer
>put in startup folder
>computer time over so i start the script and move on to math class
>hear enraged shouts from the computer room
>teacher runs out of the room and tells me i ruined the computer
>says i have to buy a new one
>tell him to fuck off its not even broken
>he slaps me on the head screaming to fix it
>threaten to tell mom on him
>tfw home schooled
>hide start menu
>while on desktop open some file deletion confirmation box
>use paint to change "are you sure to delete" to "this computer has virus"
>replace ok/cancel with ok/ok
>save and set as wallpaper
>move all desktop icons elsewhere

I know nothing of programming but I still managed to get that PC to repair room for two weeks. I got away with it because classes were very chaotic and we didn't even have permanent seats or decent supervision. Alternative was to use powerpoint slide with keys locked, but that could be bypassed with restart or esc button.
>be in 10th grade in France (lycée)
>router control panel blocked in http
>but not in https
>login and password are "admin"
>have access to all settings
>do fucked up things
>half of a building paralyzed
>they didn't notice for weeks
How small does your cock have to be when you're worried that a 16 year old will up size you on your college education?
File: 1397334774232.jpg (28 KB, 309x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 309x353
4: Do not post the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry"), grotesque ("guro"), post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography. Keep /pol/ in /pol/. In essence: Don't shitpost.
>annoying kid that sat next to me in keyboarding
>in keyboarding

>10 grade
>setting up DHCP Server on PI
>Plug in
>Instant Network chaos
stuff like that happens in work environments too.
Image macros are not allowed
Learning to write with a keyboard/improve writing skillz
They got a special class for that? American education system, top lel.
and this later on

and stealing mouse balls, obviously
File: bo-image11.gif (29 KB, 476x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: bh.png (2 KB, 55x90) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I took everything on my principals computer(just photos)(he deserved he had 6 toolbars and his computer was closing itself every 30 minutes)
Also torrented with library computer.

>mfw teacher asks me if I know anyone who uses computer download stuff)
I broke the copier machine in the hs library by putting a large book ontop of it and crushing the glass screen. I walked away and it was blamed on the next person that went to use it.
>power goes off one day
>widespread chaos
We did that too at our High School. Some kind of RM System viewer shit.
Why not? It's a lot of money. I feel entitled as shit. Go fuck yourself.
Go fuck yourself.
File: 1399771165569.gif (4 MB, 415x212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Me and a friend once stole a single stick of ram from two different PCs each so we could put them in our own desktops.
I havent done anything but I had friend who installed doom on computers of military base.
Later they deleted because people who supposed to patrol actually sit down and played video game.
fug why I havent thought that before
>one day
>notice that one of the network drives can have files added to, but not deleted from.

>go to google
>work up a batch script that creates numerous copies of nicholascage.jpg to network drive
>let run overnight

>next day over loudspeaker
>nobody ever stepped up.
I stole 2 sticks of RAM from other computers and put them in the one I always used

Over the summer of one of my high school years, some faggot broke into the school and stole all the RAM out of the computers. I think he also stole some crts and harddrives. Little dumbass tried to hide it all under his bed and pawn it off to people.

I want to believe
didn't have to the it idiots did that themself

they installed windows vista on to old pcs so that they lagged more than windows mobile 6.x
File: 1345906280170.jpg (66 KB, 310x293) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Students files kept mounted on start up
Make a bat file
 Start \\Server\Students\2011 /
Copy everything to iPod 160gb
>Brazil is the school of niggers
>No such fun allowed
>teacher trusts me
>she types in password to grade servers
>I keylog
>pay friends 20$ to change thier grade up by 5%
>made 500$ a month in High School
No, I ended up being free IT tech support and fixed all this faggotry.

my favorite were the computers infected with the flashdrive virii. Even though the machines were "deep frozen" they still got infected. bretty ez to fix though; boot up a livecd linux, mounted the windoze partition and deleted that shit.
I was friends with the IT and most of the teachers.
One of the retiring teachers gave me his log on credentials when he left.
I was expelled for hacking into my college's network but all I really did was log in as a staff member who gave me her fucking login.....

It fucking sucked
What shitty college did you go to?
Most have a hearing before they expel you over things like that. Not to mention you could have just gotten a note from the staff member.

> 11th Grade
> I was making a chat bot in batch
> Friend made a script which deleted a file at random, named it Internet Explorer, and changed the icon to the IE icon.
> Class in question used a shared desktop environment
> During last month and summer school this thing is ran probably a few hundred times

> 12th Grade
> Rumors that school has been hacked
> One day principal comes on intercom, confirming technical difficulties
> Says they'll catch who did it
> By one month his tone changes
> Says whoever did it won't be punished if they turn themselves in and fix it
> Entire school network got ass rammed by it
> Supposedly North high got hit by it too
> We spend lunch snickering about it under our tree every day the principal begs on the intercom
> Took 4-6 months for them to fix it
File: 1367078202844.png (413 KB, 464x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
413 KB, 464x700
>free IT tech support
>not forcing them to pay you $5 each time you fixed a tech issue because everyone was technologically inept and it would be much less money spent than hiring an IT
>not making $100 a month for swapping two VGA cables
File: image.jpg (103 KB, 582x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 582x768
I had massive Unreal Tournament and Starcraft LAN parties in HS during the early 2000s during comp sci. Sending porn to various network printers was fun too. Too bad he latter is riskier now that technology is more engrained in our culture.
TFW kids will never experience the fun of living in the computer technology transitional phase of America
Eh a local community college and the problem was the staff member turned into a total bitch about it. Probably cause she could have lost her job over it.
>he does it for free
>> Friend made a script which deleted a file at random, named it Internet Explorer, and changed the icon to the IE icon.
but I thought it was deleted, please elaborate
>he takes his "job" very seriously
>not running a portable exe from your thumb drive
Guess who's hilariously incompetent now?
Whenever using someone's credentials or accessing a network or system like that, always get written permission first from either the person whose credentials you are using or from the system administrator.
That's like Day 1 Network Security stuff.
Because the very heart of the British personality is schadenfreude.
The batch file deleted a random file in the computer. Not itself. Though deleting itself is possible if it were the randomly selected file.
No, I meant that if a file was deleted how could it be renamed IE and have the icon replaced?
no, the icon for the batch file

My friend changed the name and icon of the script itself.

The script did nothing more than delete a file.
Fuck, I'm stupid.
File: 1391139197485.png (712 KB, 766x706) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
712 KB, 766x706
I may or may have not flipped the red switch at the back of every dell in school.
>be about three years ago
>go into PC World
>go to the section that is filled with computers that people can try out
>change the icon to a pdf
>save it to the desktop as "Getting started"
>do this to about eleven computers
>walk outside
A few days later
>All of the computers have been taken off the shop floor
>ask why
>say that a number of people had caused the computers to crash and they didn't know why
>hand in my CV
>tell them it sounds like *spew shitloads of IT bullshit*
>say I can fix them if they give me a job
>get job
Every now and then, I'd purposly break a computer, just so they would pay me overtime, and for a young techy, it was a load.
Did it also launch IE.exe?
Elaborate and explain how please.
when i was in highschool i bruteforced the install user's password on my schools network
it was [spoiler]jolly[/spoiler]

i installed halo on every computer.
everyone played halo.
they deleted halo.
i reinstalled halo.
they couldn't figure out how or who was doing it.
everyone played halo.

I don't remember, honestly.

These were mainly high school kids using the computers. If and when IE didn't open they probably spam clicked the icon +20 times.
I brought a bootable USB drive to bypass the internet restriction during class.
(pendrive linux)
Tell me that wasn't really sent out. What schools was that able to be sent to?
Are people in murrika really so afraid of hackers?
>bring in persistent memory USB running your favourite lunix distro
>use VPN
They were right though you fucking retard

God fucking damnit you self proclaimed computer experts piss me the fuck off
[spoiler]mostly because I used to be one, I'm so sorry IT teacher ;_;[/spoiler]
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Shit nigga, If you just right click on the page, and click "forward" a couple of times it gives you 100%.
I assume you disconnected from the Internet so you wouldn't be logging into the domain controller. Why not just type the PC's name and then \\ to log in locally?
I remember that thread
>being this underage
> Embedded loopback of doom
> No storm control
> Put it on a random port instead of a PC

Network has been rekt for 4 days
11th and 12 grade i had architecture and physics in the same room and we had a small computer corner with 15 pcs and they all had some programbthat would stop people from saving anything to the pc
found out password, name of school and year founded, and simply installed cs1.6 and quake 3 since those were the only games it could run enable program for freezing windows again and no tech could get it off the the computers again, our class kept it cool for 2 years having cs lan parties all day long our teacher didnt give a fuck since he was retiring our senior year
man fun times a year after graduating i went back to say hi to a few teachers and was told the lan partys still go on
We got yelled of that.

>learn networking
>spanning-tree portfast bpduguard
>it wasn't that hard
I'm from New Jersey also. What school district, if you don't mind saying?
At the school I went to they just pulled the machine and replaced it with a backup one
If you can deal with Microsoft's products, System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager.
No need the network admin was a dumbfuck, and that the computers were a nice viral breeding ground.
No need to tell*
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>high school still running winxp and server 2k3
>blocked EVERYTHING with that one proxy service that marketed to education institutions at the time (cbf to remember its name) and GPOs
>one day discovered that LGPOs overrode server published GPOs while fiddling with a machine in keyboarding class (how the fuck)
>severely fucked up group policy on the machine to where it was out of commission untill a net admin fixed it
>keyboarding instructor was a beta and incredibly incompetent
>admin comes in to fix the machine
>keylogged his credentials
>3 weeks later when he left the building for his lunch snuck into the IT office
>downloaded goatse to the shared drive
>replaced the school websites logo with it
>shitstorm ensues
>never got caught
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captcha: stephyd them
>Brought in CS 1.6 portable on a CD.
>Copied the files to my computer and two other people's in my HTML class.
>Kid asks to copy files to his USB flash drive.
>We start playing it during the class.
>Soon I see more servers on the LAN; I guess the flash drive kid gave it to other students.
>Play it for the rest of the year with my teacher for that class not caring.
>In another class, whenever we were in computer lab and finished the work, the teacher passes by when we were playing and makes comments like "He's right there shoot him."
>No teachers ever found out that it was me who spread it; no one got caught or in trouble



Pavement ape please vacate the premises.
>be in 10th grade in France
Stopped reading here.
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cat mustache.jpg
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I used to printscreen desctop set as wallpapper then hode taskbar and hide
Icons. Mfw noon cold figure that shit out coze iq -20

You had to post your shitty story thrice?
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>freshman year
>forced to take some research class that was incredibly dull and offered nothing for me
>end of the year
>install some remote desktop program during class
>use the library's computers during my lab to access the computer
>control the PC remotely and freak out the students
>whole class was apparently watching and having a conversation with me in notepad
>lab ends
>go to my next class
>all of the students talking about how someone "hacked" the computers in class
>word gets out
>computers are removed next year
>pug keylogger in sysadmin's computer
>he's a fat dumbfuck that does fucking nothing
>just locks down everything and hides in his fatcave
>get credentials
>spent a month giving all computers admin access
>did that thing in /b/ where it would delete system 32
>saved the text file as an exe, labeled DONT_OPEN_THIS.exe
>on every heavily used computers by students
>a couple weeks come by
>a dumb fuck does it
>followed through the whole process
>keks were had
>sysadmin finally does shit

I had that as well, touch type class on noisy ass IBM Model Ms. This was on the happy side of the millennium though, when things were fun and happy.
Not really 1337 at all, but.

>Our school uses some shit called Edline so students can track their grades and get updates, and what not
>At school on computer
>Inspect Element one of the links so clicking it redirects to porn
>Call teacher over
>She's 60 years old, doesn't know shit about tech
>She freaks the fuck out, gets on the intercom, and calls for somebody to come to the classroom
>They thought something really bad happened so they sent like 3 IT people
>They're literally retarded
>Didn't bother refreshing the page at all
>Decided that it would just be just to replace the computer, and they did so
that person was me, and my life changed drastically that night
fuck you and all those cunts
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>be 14, high school
>find out school's router ip
>no password
>find out router is also a printer
>never heard of such a retarded thing
>printer has no password
>print pictures of dicks
>literally hundreds of pieces of paper with pictures of dicks are printed
>printer jams because of it
>"technician" comes in to try and fix it
>close out of everything on my pc that was a few computers away from the printer

Next Day

>change printer so that it prints landscape, not portrait
>worksheets print sideways so each worksheet requires around 5 pages
My neighbors have a wireless printer without a password, and I would just print pictures of Indian men every Sunday. After about two months of doing this, they disconnected the printer, or some shit.
my school had a mac lab separate from the library, i guees it was for the typing class but they let teachers reserve it because there wasnt a typing class that year

>english teacher takes us there to work on senior year thesis paper
>dont feel like working so start browsing whats in the mac
>find all the computers that are connected to the network
>figure out which ones are in the mac lab
>notice remote connection is possible
>connect to random one and start clicking out of windows and then disconnect
>connect to another and open hella programs
>people freak about 'ghost computer' but no one is taking it seriously
>show friend sitting next to me how to do it
>friend opens up safari for someone, googles 'osama porn' (this was like after he died)
>everyone laughs
>mess with everyones computer for days

>start remote connecting from other computers at school during classes
>school thinks its a problem now
>tells librarians since they double as IT
>whole school no longer able to go to mac lab
>library macs instead
>cant remote connect
/b/ spotted. You literally have no respect for sysadmins. What "shit" do you think he has to do? All he has to do is lock everything down and have no problems. It is faggots like you that cause problems by planting keyloggers you bought off of ebay into computers and gaining access where you shouldn't.
He's full of shit. He says he saved a text file as an exe and it ran; enough said.

Good old Geibheann.

I like to think all of this was going on while still on the projector and the class watching as you drag animal mating jpegs into PowerPoint.
That is why I didn't acknowledge that part. But I knew kids in high school who did that shit and then blamed the IT staff for being incompetent.
>mouse balls

Underage b&
I changed some network settings so it would show up on my home network to share files to it easier

It bricked the bloody thing until I could get it to IT, and this was the first week of summer vacation
Did this last year to a computer in the lab. I got a pic of Dan Schneider, blew it up to 50MB and then spent the next hour or so making copies of it and I filled up the entire hard drive (75GB). Once I filled it up, Windows pretty much locked up and it was just a black screen, no task bar, mouse , or anything. Just a window showing the amount of space on the hard drive. I was just sitting there sweating for about 15 min. I'm assuming Windows deleted some of the recent files I created because it then started working again.

Only other thing that pops to mind is that someone left the computer logged into their google+ account so I sent there teachers emails of buttcracks
Hah, we used to save the CS1.6 files to the student-share in multiple folders, the sysadmin found one copy once in a while but never managed to delete them all.
The machines had mandatory profiles or Deepfreeze (not sure which, just knew that applications were removed upon logoff) so it took about 10 mins to install it every class but it was pretty cash.
That name you tryna' inject some SQL there son
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