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ITT: CS stories
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ITT: CS stories
>First year programming class
>Breeze through class because of experience with Java and C#
>Professor notices I always finish work early
>Asks me if I know how to code
>Say yes and that I know a bit of Java and C#
>Professor has a thick accent
>Asks me if I can write programs with a "gooey"
>Have no idea what he said or meant because I always pronounced GUI as G-U-I
>Quietly say yeah
>Professor goes back to checking on other students
>Finish class with 97%
>be me
>teacher ask does somebody use linux
>i say..yes, i do
>he then asks
>what distro
>wanted to be smart and 1337
>i say Gentoo
>he says..install it
>i say ...okay i will bring cd next class
>next week
>he forgets abou it
thank you god....i dont know how to install Gentoo
Somebody had a seizure in my systems programming class last quarter.
Was he writing in Java?
Was in C.
The "gooey" thing fucks me up every time I hear it. I always use "G-U-I".

>Basic Data Structures class
>Ask Professor what language will be used for implementing concepts covered
>Says C++, since that's what the department uses as the basic language for low-level classes
>Class progresses
>Professor reveals that he doesn't know C++ (or C), but refuses to let us use any of the languages that he DOES know because he can just google how to into C++ and piece together everything else
>Everyone gets a C at the end of the term
>That professor never teaches classes needing C++ again, always teaches classes using Java, Python, Javascript, and PHP
Shit was terrible. Yeah, I got the credit for the class, but I sat in on the class the next term just to make sure I understood everything.
>first year java course
>this retard in my class called op
>doesnt even know how to create linked list from scratch
>wrote a hello world once, so obviously great programmer
>teacher asks him of he can make gui apps
>doesnt even know what a gui is
>class laughs behind his back with teacher
>teacher gives him good grade because he feels sorry for him

It's good being a second year, all the retards dropped out after the first.
Everyone at work keeps saying gooey and it drives me mad and now they all think I have autism or something
Gooey is the texture of cum. Why do people do this
But that's how you pronounce it, retard.
>thank you god....i dont know how to install Gentoo
you don't deserve your degree

for my thesis i had to install gentoo blindfolded
Not CS, but 10th grade.
>Second year of programming class
>I missed the first year because I didn't have a high enough grade to get in in the first year
>learn C++ by myself
>finish the class with A
>get recommended by adviser to take honors CS1 for CS minor
>honors CS1 is literally nothing but Racket
>CS2 class
>expected to have learned a fair bit of C++ in CS1
>only person in my class struggling because can't learn C++ fast enough to keep up with course work
>drop class 2 weeks in
>drop CS minor because i hate programming anyway
It's actually pronounced "Gwee" like Guido.
>CS course
>Prof literally looks like GRRM

Pretty good guy tbh
"Gooey" is practically universal in the industry and in academia. If someone uses G-U-I, that's a pretty good indication they're inexperienced or autistic.
>le ebin java is bad meme!! xDD
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>not pronouncing it "graphical gooey interface"
Gooey was used much more in the 80's and 90's. Saying G,U,I is only a more recent thing
>mfw some retard tries to correct me when I say "scuzzy" and spells out the acronym.
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Too obvious, anon.
>IT engineering, first year
>people from IT related highschools act smug and show off their mad programming skillz during class
>one dude at some point simply took out a screwdriver and took his laptop apart while people watched in awe
>people with Ubuntu and ElementaryOS on their laptops making fun of windows users
>people with custom ROMs making fun of stock users
>people who play vidya on their high end laptops all the time
>people who actually said shit like "I don't care about all this math stuff, I just want to get to the Videogame Design class of third year"

Damn first year was hell. Needless to say that by the time of second year not a single one of these idiots had made it past Calculus 1 and Linear Algebra.
>IT engineering
Yuro version of CS, with way more engineering stuff like dynamic systems design, physics, electronics, math stuff...
It's better than CS IMHO because when you finish you are a full engineer, and it has more value on the job market.
Programming is practically not required until 3rd year and definitely not required after.

It has a 99% employment rate in 6 month after graduating...
Do you mean computer engineering by any chance?
>end of 2nd year
>have to inform three classmates in my project group that HTML5 is not an object-oriented programming language

Another guy in my class (third year now) is still using IE8. I saw him struggling loading a page so I suggested he tries Firefox, to which he replied "I don't trust software I didn't pay for". Rustled my skittles pretty good.

Not to pretend that I'm the next Torvalds, but these people just don't have an interest in learning anything. I wonder where they'll end up.
Not really... It's part computer engineering and part software engineering. Doesn't really have a specific match in the US..
Where are you from ?
We had a similar thing in a web dev class in high school, the teacher was just some photoshop faggot who'd never written HTML in his life and was reading tutorials between classes. He never showed any example he made beyond "hello world" tier shit and my web site kicked the shit out of his trash, but he gave me the equivalent of a C. No one else in the class managed to learn shit about web dev, I learnt it all in my spare time.
We had single variable calculus and linear algebra in the first year as well, yet somehow there's people complaining that "hexadecimal and binary is too complicated" in the hardware course in second year. I don't really understand how they could possibly make it here, we covered different numerical bases in 9th grade or so...
>take intro to networking
>lecturer gets out a Cisco router then starts talking about IOS
>call him a macfag and walk out
You go girl!
I know that feel.
My prof came with some shit about MAC addresses
>Software Engineering, 2nd year

>Professor explains an excercise, something to do with electrodynamics
>"You'll have to find a minimum of this function."
>>"How do we do that?"
>"Simply find the derivative and stuff. You know it."
>>"Oh, ok".
Half of the class took "Find the derivative to find the minimum" too literally. How the fuck did they pass calculus, analytic geometry and linear algebra without even knowing that?
underrated post
>10 years ago, 1st semster of Computer Science
>learn C
>no ide installed on windows pc
>must use telnet to connect to the uni's bsd server
>must use gcc manually
>must use nano text editor (don't know how to use vim that time)
>no syntax highlight
>sometimes segmentation fault
>doesn't even know how to use debugger
>must check the source code manually by commenting suspicious lines

It's horrible.
what the fuck underrated post means?
That's basically how they teach us on my course today.

>Learn C
>ssh into unix server
>use vi/nano for writing
>compile with gcc in the command line

Now we're past the start we're given more freedom as to how we want to do things
Not enough upvotes
sent (;
Has anybody used CLion yet? Is it good?

i learned c on notepad.
wanted to become a software engineer.
fucking never passed required physics/chemistry/maths subjects...
flunked out. now pursuing town planning
still love programming. code in java sometimes. never use anything better than notepad++.
As senior managers at oil field scada divisions, trailing the world in software and account and network security practices.

... But they use vpns so everything is okay!
This post gave me cancer.
This is scarily accurate. Another possibility is they get involved with networking equipment for a fortune 500 and use default user/password combinations.
...but they use vpns so everything is okay!
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>In "Introduction to Database Systems" with 3 friends; course teaching the history of the evolution of databases, how standard databases work, how to into basic mySQL; to be followed up by other courses (i.e. basically "foundations of databases")
>Instead of final exam, given a group project for entire term
>Professor debates over how to assign groups (RNG, we pick our own, draft, dodgeball game, etc. . .) because he wants us to be comfortable with teams but without having all of the students he knows are more adept working together and all of those that need help stranded.
>Decides to make teams and have students come up one-by-one to sign-up
>Guy, call him OOO, goes up and signs himself, two of my friends, and myself onto a team
>Last friend is cool with it, he has no qualms doing a project on his own
>Start planning project, OOO wants to just turn in this database he's already made at the end of the term instead of doing a new one from scratch, says we'll agree to just report to professor that we all did equal work
>I don't like the idea
>OOO butthurt about someone not liking idea
>I leave group and team up with lone-friend
>End of term comes
>Presenting projects
>Our project goes great, everything works
>OOO's team goes up to present
>OOO pulls up project
>It's a linked-list in Java; no application of the concepts covered
>Friends in that group are mortified
>Class keks
>I kek
>Professor keks
>OOO doesn't get it
>F's for the three of them
Remember kids, "linked-lists are the devil" . . . no wait, that's not the lesson here, it's "Do your own work, it'll help you make better shit-posts in programming threads."
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Thread images: 6
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