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Anyone have any virus stories?
No, I've literally never gotten a virus
the last time I got a virus was when I visited a street fighter fan site

it was annoying to get rid of
i downloaded sanandreas.exe from megaupload once when I was a kid
>Spanska out of nowhere (probably from some marginal small game website)
>suddenly everything fucks up
>some star wars sort of scrolling text appears on screen
>windows is completely nuked

the rest are some boring browser hijackers or rootkits not worth mentioning
There was this one time when I clicked a .vbs file in Windows 98, and all my .txt and .mp3 files were deleted.

My brother once downloaded one of those porno site dialers, and all the favorites and saved internet pages were changed to porn site links.
I had a folder that when clicked lead to another folder and so on for 30 more times. I just kept double clicking on the folders to get to the next folder and it lead to an exe that had a folder icon and I double clicked it automatically and got a virus. It was pretty clever.
ITT: An unsettling lack of FUD.
On an old computer the webcam LED would turn on and I would sometimes hear russian voices out of fucking nowhere. Probably not a virus, but still creeped me out
pirated a cracked copy of photoshop cs6
worked perfectly, no problems whatsoever, but it changed the system's default language to hebrew and I had to manually reset it
it wasn't til recently that I realized the guy who modded the .exe was calling me a jew for not buying the full adobe suite
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That's fucking genius

>tfw google redirect
>tfw trovi

Once, I tried installing a Linux® OS, but it was incompatible with the processor I had built for my computer, so I had to buy (gag) an x86-64® processor to get it to work. It was unbelievably restrictive; Everything was pre-programmed and written in unfree languages, like C®, C++®, Python®, or Bash®. The programs themselves were restrictive as fuck, like Firefox®, or LXDE®, or Linux® itself. I don't see how anyone is able to call this Trojan "free," when it costs something more valuable than money: freedom.
And you're positive you weren't licking on several, equally clever disguised .exes that opened another folder with disguised exes?
Like, just priming the head honcho for massive damage with each click?
You know, like the guy was expecting you to get a clue somewhere along the way?
this was in the early 2000's
>roommate is writing essay in word
>letters starts falling off the document
>calls me over
>letters slowly starts raining
>nearly everything is at the bottom of the screen
>a little tractor comes and arranges them in piles
>roommate reboots
>windows is fucked
I hadn't seen malware on my PC in nearly 10 years, but a few days ago I fucked up badly.

>I'm a private tracker faggot
>Every game or program I download I know I can trust the uploader and do absolutely 0 checks
>Saw a game on /v/ that looked interesting
>Can't find it on my usual tracker, odd
>Check kickass and some other public trackers
>Found it, added to the hundreds of torrents I have in download or in seed
>Start playing another game and totally forget about it
>About a week later I extract all the games I've downloaded in the last days to try them
>Carelessly run the game
>Game takes about 2 seconds to start with high disk activity
>See network activity on my router
>Open task manager
>Find a process called IMPORTANT.EXE uploading at full speed
>Kill process and open file location
>It extracted itself to appdata, like most malware, in its directory there are 2 files, the virus itself and a file with a random name
>Open in hex editor
>It's a zip file
>Open in 7-zip
>Find a text file and a PNG
>PNG is a screenshot of my computer
>Text file contains all passwords stored in Firefox, Thunderbird and Steam, including bank account login, credit card data, amazon login, and so on
>Oh shit it uploaded them to some slav!
>Reboot into Debian because the current system could not be trusted
>Spend the next hours changing every password

It pisses me off that Windows doesn't have any kind of sandboxing to prevent an apps from accessing each other's data. I know it's for backwards compatibility but still, fuck.
There's "jew" for cheap stuff.
Then there's Adobe.

You're on /g/. You can't afford this without compromising your rent and monthly meals.
oh don't misunderstand, I have no qualms about pirating adobe or autodesk's stuff (although maya and max are free for students so it's whatever). I just thought it was hilarious
>have windows 7 laptop
>trying out different antiviruses
>install a panda cloud crack
>my machine starts to rev up like a plane
>try malwarebytes
>it shows up as 'Salt2 virus'
>it infects the whole machine, even in safe mode
>keeps infecting and dropping random files
>no other option but to reinstall

Yup, that's it.


holy shit that's hilarious
I have no idea how it happened, but I once went to some site searching for a porn vid.
Had ESET 6 back then, Firefox, not really protected, general notion of what's safe, what's not, but was overconfident.
Went to yet another site without a hit. Suddenly, Java starts running. Some web app or IDK, still got out of the site and tried to close the Java app.
Too late. Got some shit-ass scamware, ESET can't detect it, Malware bytes niether, can't uninstall, PC slow as fuck.

Back up, format, reinstall.
deserved it, pirating scum
That's actually pretty cool idea
I've been around Windows a lot and have seen a lot of malware and viruses.
That's hilarious.
Did you actually get infected with anything or was it solely meant as a joke?

>My brother once downloaded one of those porno site dialers, and all the favorites and saved internet pages were changed to porn site links.
It's not a virus. It's a cool program.
guessing it was just a joke because I never had to reinstall that version of photoshop, was the most reliable program on my old laptop. haven't been able to find that particular torrent despite very much wanting to
Did you check the torrent's comments afterwards?
God, that's great.
nice post!
>have a usb stick
>2 partitions
>1 for data, 1 for some usb locking crap
>plug usb into university computer
>get some work files
>get back home
>plug into my laptop
>all work files are infected
>format data partition
>forgot about the other partition
>run the usb locking.exe in the other partition for no fucking valid reason
>Ramnit reaching for my anus
>spend the next 3 days removing that shit

I like installing the lightest modern windows os available(so it doesn't take much space) and install as much shady stuff as possible, then try and restore as much as i can, the worst i had to try to save was some ransomware, but after getting rid of that some bizzare issues were had.
The funny thing is that you don't realize plenty of Linux distros run on other architectures, like Debian.
I got multiple "Rogues" (bogus virus-scanner viruses) from visiting Lexicanum on wikia in around 2011

I got rid of them all with MBAM relatively quickly
It had none.
But yeah, it's what I deserve for pirating shitty indie games
I really like your post
you guys should try out Sandboxie, it lets you run whatever you want in its own isolated instance that cannot affect the computer outside of the sandbox

Basically you can run a virus.exe in a sandbox and it will not be able to fuck up your computer, even with no virus protection
I use my gf's iMac for that. I then format the stick before it gets anywhere near my pc. University students are retards.

Back in the mid 90s I had been given a long retired system that had a gigantic 5.25" HDD that connected by ribbon to ISA.

I decided to see what was on the disk and installed the drive into a Windows 95 box. After a one minute spin up Norton shit the bed with hundreds of virus detections. I looked up the virus and the drive had a virus from the late 1980s.

Considering the original system didn't have a modem, and wouldn't have used IO to external hardware the only way it got infected was by 5.25" FDD.

Times have changed.
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>12-13 years old
>video game didn't work
>tried downloading direct x through internet explorer 5
>ended up installing some gay porn auto-starter
>had to ask older brother to remove it

game still didn't work :-(

we all know you wanted it bro
My grandmothers computer is FILLED with adware and optimizers, what should I use to clean out all this shit, and what anti virus should I give her so I don't have to worry about this again?
One day I made a virus. People never noticed it, and though they were clean the whole time.
Didn't make any money, but had fun.
The end.
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Id: 9No12
Key: XA2K-TMYR-CPT0-10N1
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>not using an antivirus
So it's like a VM?
My neighbor always had no idea about computers, so my father helped him out a little. At the beginning of my programming carreer he needed something again and my father thought it was good experience for me to go helping this time. He had gotten a bill from some company I didnt know and a file which was supposedly the bill. I didnt care (why the fuck would i be sent over for a fucking thing he bough?t) and told him we will make his pc faster first. he let me alone and let me look around
>tfw pin on desktop: password for email: 123456789
>tfw getmefucked.com on most visited sites of the firefox my father installed
>tfw just a shitton of goodgame games on desktop
got some shit clean and after that he still wanted to look at the email
>i was young
>it was xp and i wasnt used to it anymore
>file extensions werent activated
>i opened a .exe he got by mail

>pc crashes
>"your pc was spotted for illegal activities and will be inspected by the police. if you want to use it, enter your credit card id to temporarly get access again until police arrives"
>"i guess it was a virus. where the hell did you get it? You shouldnt have opened it, it was so clear" <- my words
>he fucking believed me
>tells him it need to be set up again
>get cracked xp cd from home and install it

>all his data were lost
>"thats what happens when you get a virus"

>be 3 years later
>"anon, could you check my hdd? it doesnt work anymore"
>it was one terabyte
>i was a little more experienced so the first thing i did was shake it while it were off"
>click clack
>realise it fell down a lot of times
>cant get it to work of course
>"its dead. did you at least back it up?"
>"no. but i was thinking about getting a new one because that one got full and i had all my data on it. i wanted to make sure that it cant be destroyed by a virus again when its on the intern harddrive"
>he lost 1TB that day
he is just an unlucky guy
Thanks :^ )
I thought generous anons already left 4chan
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>install malwarebytes on friends family computer
>suddenly every single virus on his computer reanimates within a day
>mfw I was just trying to be nice
>tfw it was all my fault
I had a virus once.

Damn fucker took over the entire machine, forced programs to go it's way, phoned home like there was no tomorrow and worst of all every single antivirus or security suite staunchly acknowledged it's existence.
I tried everything but in the end i had to wipe out the HDD clean.

Windows it was called
None of them run on the architecture I built, though.

Better plot-twist than most movies these days.
sort of, if you could somehow make a VM of your native machine, that is running your native machine. It runs completely integrated with your OS: >>47355622
>be me 13 yo
>I want to be an epic hacker in that free2play shooter I was playing
>download hack.exe from a Youtube video
>only shows an error message
>get in contact with the site where it supposedly came from
>some guy adds me on MSN and tells me to try his new hack
>it's a shitty RAT
>starts to continuously open and close my CD drive
>it wasn't until about 9-10 months later when I reinstalled windows, so for that time I've probably been part of that fags botnet
>probably two botnets since I'm pretty sure hack.exe was one as well

well now I know what to look out for with malicious files
sorry didn't mean to quote anyone
>not backing up all the time
yeah "unlucky"
>13-14 years old
>Horny as hell, just discovered porn
>Turns out clicking around on various porn sites without updating anti virus database was a bad idea. Esp using IE
>Get a redirect bug that keeps re-routing me to a site with Naruto tranny porn
>wtf this isn't "big tit milf titty fucks"
>Panic, this is family PC
>Remove IE from start menu and task bar. Only leaving IE (without addons) to be used.
>For some reason that version wasn't infected.
>Parents need to watch video, so without addons wasn't cutting it
>Dad's friend was kind of computer savvy so he found out the problem quick
>Dad and him make light of the fact that I was "into chicks with dicks"
>Thankfully they chalk it up to childish wonderment and curiosity.

I honestly got as good with computers as I am now because of the drive to never be in that position again. Now I'm the one who fixes people's embarrassing mistakes.
I had a virus once. Fucked up my Gibson. Darn hacker named ZeroCool. My financial company tanked and we filed for chapter 11. They even repo'd my VR machine, skateboard and trench coat.
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