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Single Loop water cooling
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Any parts suggestions for external rad setup on a single loop? AMD 8120 and a radeon 6970

Going to upgrade the GPU in the future
Completely depends on your case. Also, you do realize that investing in watercooling with those parts is completely nonsensical. If you're doing it for the fun/cool hobby factor that's fine, but your money would be much better spent on new components. Watercooling is best paired with an already great setup as a cherry on top rather than a way of enhancing outdated stuff.
>ram watercooling
My head hurts.
I'm doing this to reduce sound and to help cool my parts better. It's for a recording setup and I need it to be quiet. I have a cooler master HAF case.
Gotta OC my ram to 2000MHZ bro
if you give me a budget I'll help throw you parts suggestions. but be aware this is a 500+ dollar endeavor if you want to do it right. i've owned a haf 932 and haf x, it's not ideal but if you're willing to mod some shit there's plenty of room to work with

if recording really is the reason, then most people would agree it's probably easier to either record with a blanket over your head, or remove the pc from the room and make a server closet
$500 isn't bad. I'll transfer it to a new build when I upgrade later. unfortunately due to space constraints I can't move my PC to another room and putting a blanket over my head is not ideal lol
so, here's what I would consider a solid w/c setup. you can always spend more for more bling, but there is a sort of minimum so you don't end up underwater. I've seen some tempting fitting and reservoir deals through china but that's your call

pump: ddc or d5. I'd get a swiftech d5 variable speed or ek or similar. spend at least 80 bucks
radiator: skinny 360 in the top is your best bet, be sure to know what clearance you have. you'll need to add the rad thickness + fan thickness, then see if it will hit your ram/mobo heatsinks will hit. if you intend to transfer this rad, then maybe choose the right size for your next case. maybe even do an ugly external rad if it means you can reuse it later
reservoir: lots of options, but just a simple ek tube res will work, you can also integrate the pump via ek pump tops for a cleaner look. to save space, you can always do the dual-bay res that the haf 932 was built for
tubing: 3/8" id 5/8" od or whatever suits your fancy
fittings: barbs or compression; just remember to triple check (count), and draw out your setup so you don't forget a plug or w/e during the build
gpu block: why bother. if you can find a cheap used 6970 block go for it. you won't be able to buy old blocks that are out of production. just wait til you upgrade systems
cpu block: i don't know what rig you plan to build, but many blocks have mounting systems that allow many sockets. just check for compatibility with both. performance doesn't change that much
fans: quiet ones and a way to control them. static pressure will likely be unnecessary if the rad is regular thickness or slim

make sure you can drain it.
make sure you have some way of adding to the res
make sure you don't mix metals (don't buy cheaper components that may have aluminum or cheapo nickel plating
use something to kill growth in the loop
re-tighten your fittings after the system has run a week
I'm partial to parts from EK, swiftech, bitspower, alphacool but that's just me
Thanks man. What case would you consider once I do upgrade? Might just do all the water cooling then.
a fractal define S is cheap and probably the most w/c friendly case to date. but seriously any modern case in the 80-200 dollar range will work just pick your preference. if you really want silence, go for more rad space so you can turn the fans down lower. for high end, the all aluminum caselabs lineup is ideal for crazy w/c setups but $$$
That fractal define s case is sexy! The price is really good too.
You are not going to experience a drastic reduction in sound (unless you were running a pleathora of 60mm fans).

What you will experience is a far more reliant cooling system that actually has effect even in very high temperature sitautions.
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