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Extra points for gifs
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Girls with color thread :3
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Images/webms/gifs where the dick game is just too strong, and the girl ends up having her consciousness fucked away

Battleship Nagato confiscated by the US. (Kantai Collection)
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[John K Pe-ta] Geki!! Monzetsu Operation Plus [English] (page 188)
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3 is a good number right? 'Cause that's all I could find >:

[Erodezain Koubou] Dorei Shijou no Ou no Nichijou [English] [kusanyagi]
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Here anon, dutch makes revy make the same expression as when she had a concussion in the series


So I wanted to sort my Shindo L doujinshi by release date and some other artist that have over 40-50 releases, first to see if I'm missing any or there's a repeated one, and also because I wanted to rush over all Shindo L works in chronologycal order while fapping.

So my question is, is there a good doujinshi database where I can see all works from the author and release date with at least year and month?

I knew www.doujinshi.org but never had the need to use it, today I had that need of a database but turned out it wasn't a really good site, a lot...
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You could try the artist's personal website. Also, I think you are probably using doujinshi.org incorrectly and don't even know what a doujinshi is. I assume the missing stuff is the individual magazine chapters, which it's true doujinshi.org does not specify. You can however see the magazine issues in the filename and match them to the magazines shown.

Have fun being an ignorant casual.

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big ass, thighs, or hot legs. let's try to stay away from fatties though.

bonus points for Chun Li
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ok boys

2d fuck/marry/kill

post your choices
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take a guess who is supposed to start this thing
must be new here..
so why did you fags bump this shit?

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>So, comrades, you know what this thread about.

>Buy game here

>v1.30 from Nari

>Patch for v1.30 from Support-kun

Be friendly to each other and enjoy head-patting!
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Already new thread time? Let's do this. I thought I saw something about 1.32 in the last thread, is that substantiated?
mine is mostly Nari's updated with a couple bugfixes, and the Santa dress mod

i did the closet tabs at least.... yay...
Is the patch in the OP the same as https://mega.nz/#!8kVmkQSQ!n-36WlXZUh_UCIZWJLzSdPKDPUpm0plye-VpVh-avsE from the other thread?

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Hi, iam playing this game but im stuck. Is in japanesse, so i cant understand a few things.
I need to get the PUB dress, NUN dress and the GYM dress. Can somebody help me with this?

Name of the game is: ビッチウィッチ ガイド
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Ask in the Hentai Game General on /vg/
ill try ty.
ill try ty.

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big tits hentai.jpg
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I am a woman who is not attracted to other women in real life, yet, I like Hentai and porn with women with HUGE natural breast jumping up and down.

What is wrong with me?

I also get turned on when my sexual partner pays attention to mine. I am petite so no usual attention to them.
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Nothing wrong with liking tits, whats there not to love? Round and soft with milk. Pretty sure when God promised milk and honey this was the milk.
Good hentai can have god tier tit animation

Bad tit animation actually ruins hentai for me a lot of the time desu
Agreed. Sora no Iro is a good example on how to do tit animation well.

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Umineko porn thread! Let's go!

The amazing picture is from the Draw T/h/read.
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>tfw nothing comes even close to Starless
>tfw no 20+ episodes hentai true to the VN with the animation quality of Victorian Maid Maria no Houshi

Why is there nothing as good as this in terms of art, content and length ?
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dumping more of my fav pics
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Where do you watch your hentai? I've started to get bored with just reading and like to throw in a quick watch every now and then. Only problem, doesn't seem to be many site that have both A) and extensive library and B) a efficient/easy to use interface to find what you want. HH is a great example. Love the layout, easy to find...one vid every week or two, and not much in the backlogs. Would someone enlighten me?
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I usually surf 3 sites because none of them have the two points you mentioned

HH has good quality but misses a lot of stuff

hentairelief.com has a good selection and the quality is decent, but some of their videos are down

watchhentaistream.com has a lot of stuff but is way behind in new releases and the quality is horrid, this is what I consider the last resort, if nothing else works I just download instead

it would be nice if someone else knows a site that is THE site
I watch mine on hentaigasm
They don't have a ton of hentai but it has what I like
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Its me or nobody knows hanime.tv?

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I made some edits of my favorite viper gifs

also general viper thread i guess
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205 hd.gif
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219 hd.gif
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>that one hentai artist who has all your fetishes

what's his/her name /h/?
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Breeding Cult Edition

Red board /hgg/ version for general topics, and NSFW image posting about hentai games. Ranging from 2D/3D H-Games, Eroge/ Nukige, Hentai RPGs, and Hentai Action Games


Useful info:

Use web OCR to get kanji of error messages:


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Ayy where can I find a link to get Wolf's Dungeon?
I've seen some WEBMs and it looks alright. Also, from 1 to 10, how fetishy is it? Because I know it was made by the same guys who worked on Fairy Fighting, and fuck that game I'm not playing it.
It's on eluku's blog. It's about a 6 on the fetish scale.
I went to [spoiler]8ch[/spoiler] and got it from there, but now it freezes when I press TAB.

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your dicks in the way of.jpg
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Hey, I am about to move, and I am going to leave the board. Last thread for me for a long while. Bump with what ever!
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As good as it will get
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Life changes, people change.
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I dont know how it came to this in truth but it is what it is

Do you ever read a doujin that just makes you feel completely empty inside?


It's just as bad a feel as watching the actual anime.
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Wow, I was expecting what you said to be exaggerated, but that hit fairly hard. Thanks for sharing.
I don't know if this is a doujin, but killed me...
And this is? Looks neat.

Hitomi.la won't let me see any CGs made by Lolita Channel.
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Everything besides some recent sets are up on exhentai, and new ones get uploaded regularly.
I've been looking for that Hibike set for ages.
>accurate to show's artstyle
>accurate character designs
>giant tits and vaginas and cum everywhere
>same gang rape scenarios
How do you porn that is so good yet so bad at the same time?

This shit is so rare. Let's get a collection started. It doesn't matter what, as long as the males are getting fucked silly.
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That's all I got

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As far as I know all the info is on the cover/last pages.
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Just like the usual, but this time make it difficult. Post hentai pics that would be difficult to fap to. Wether it's a fetish you have or someone else's, post the weirdest kinkiest pics you have. Other than that same as always, fap to the picture that gets posted below you. I will start off with some pics but I don't really have weird stuff saved so some of it will be regular.
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So I got a kindle paperwhite a couple of weeks ago and I'm having a blast so far reading Sci fi books. But I read in the instructions that you could put manga/comics in it. Does anybody got any experience on getting mangoes inside a kindle?
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Hey everyone, I'm performing a little bit of an experiment that started over on /e/ but figured I'd let you guys in on it too. I've started a Discord chat related to the "hentai-esque" boards on 4chan. Essentially the experiment is that I want to see if we can all maintain a stable discord chat while all posting our stuff in the respective board chats (there's a /e/ chat and a /h/ chat, etc.). People can basically just toss whatever they want in there (within the rules of the board chat they are posting to) and just use it as a live chat.

Link: https://discord.gg/0t6nRQdWTYsyRQ2K

In the meantime I'll toss some stuff from my collection up.
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1 MB, 964x1600
File: lfyUn1o.png (999 KB, 677x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Did anyone beat this game if so how do you finish it I am having problem with it
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Too much rape and sluttery. I couldn't get into it. Not a fan of basically selling girls to go have sex with other men. If I'm gonna have a slave, she should be devoted only to me

>Beat the game once, getting enough money for the Monkey machine + enema
>Start again, opting to keep items from previous playthroughs
>Do Monkey thing, rest, enema, rest

This should net you 25 dev/tec/obe every time it's done. Repeat it till you hit 100 on all of them (around day 19). You can probably just stick to the monkey thing but I didn't want to waste Pow.

Make sure to get her to max using...
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I forgot: you also need the washbowl. But what kind of sick fuck wouldn't give their slave a bowl to shit in, anyway?

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001 (4).jpg
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Inazuma thread.
I'll dump some of his works since he's my favorite artist.
He's also the artist who drew Highschool of the Dead if you didn't already know.
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File: 006.jpg (308 KB, 1050x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
308 KB, 1050x1500

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Kafunshou Shoujo Chuuiho
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File: koumekafun0003.jpg (570 KB, 728x1100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
570 KB, 728x1100

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dream come true.jpg
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Well, goods news for vanilla elf fags, if this was animated, then maybe you can get some dark elf sweetie love animated in the future :)
Note that I say sweetie love as vanilla love, not rape "love".
Well then, one vanilla elf manga now animated, waiting for more so we can have that balance and luckily more calm state in hentai world
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Don't have it right now, I can't download, but just type the name and you can find it, it's in.... a site, but I am sure it's there
Vanilla fags are like Trump supporters, still refusing to face the reality that their run has long been over.

File: 300 (62).jpg (389 KB, 1000x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
300 (62).jpg
389 KB,
Starting A new Decensor thread, everyone post your favorite hentai pics you'd love to see get decensored and pray someone with the skill to do it comes along. I'll start
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post more or >>>/r/
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I'm curious to see what the sex lives of people on this board are like.

>How old are you?

>Are you a virgin?

>If not, when did you lose your virginity?

>How many people have you slept with, in total?

>Are you in a sexually active relationship right now?

>Does your partner know you fap to hentai?

If you're a virgin and most of the above...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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83 KB, 600x1200

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