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That one H-manga/doujin
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So your balls have been milked dry and you're struggling to get a boner. Yet you feel the urge to rub out just one more.

What is that one H-manga or doujin that you know you can count on to turn you on and provide an amazing fap?

pic related is mine.
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This is it, I just can't even with this manga.

Oh man. This manga.

Mine would be Finecraft's Discipline doujins.
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anything from tachibana omina
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I don't know the name of it and I can't find it anymore. I've looked through loads of shitty hentai sites and found only this fucking thumbnail.

I used to bust loads to this every fucking day, it was the first doujin I found. I would kill to see it in full again.
Is there a translation of this somewhere?
Unfortunately, I haven't yet learned moon
Voice of Submission 1

a sad panda bear?
first time on 4chan?
not really manga or doujin, but I love listening to the audio of this scene while fapping in bed at night.

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What's the name of that one, OP?

>doesn't know...
Tachibana-san's Circumstances With a Man/Tachibana-san-chi no Dansei Jijou Yaribeya-hen

NTR, but I enjoy the art style and the designs.
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rental ototo 1.jpg
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not that anon but man I dived right into it without checking the tags.
I really loved the first part up to the beach but when the NTR came I just could not handle it and stopped reading there.
then I went back and masturbated over the second part while angry, and it so fucking good.

TL;DR: I hate NTR but I can make an exception for this gem.

as for my favorite manga I'd say Rental Otouto.
I fucking LOVE female characters like in this one
I have yet to make it through the whole manga without cumming. Its just great and can turn me on at almost any time.

My goal is to have the stamina and self control to continue fap without stopping through the whole series and only cum at the very end. Quite difficult to do though.
another thing I was wondering though, are they talking about getting an abortion on the last page or is it something else?
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God I hate Tachibana.
I've never felt violated from masturbating before. This must be what rape feels like.

If I really, really want to rub one more out I pick a single page from pic related and just her face is usually enough to turn me into a wild animal.
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almost anything from hellabunna/iruma kamiri.


Yes but one Anon pointed out that the blonde one might have wanted to keep the baby.
probably, but maybe the stress~anxiety (for big cocks) in them caused being late in their periods.

Next weekend we'll know for sure
I'm going to be at comiket to buy the full version next week for sure.

I hope the new (40+) pages include where Yuu-kun gits gud at sex and is able to get the girls back.

in reality though it'll probably be kyouka getting fucked at a hotel or something
awesome news , anon.
Now we just need QB or Afro to work on it instead of d-m.

With just 40p I'm crossing fingers to have all loose ends tied up, but leaving an opening for a volume 2 in a distant future
nah. He said its going to be the final for tachibana.
stop projecting, the only know thing is we know nothing about it
the fuck? its right on his diary. He said the tachibana series is "finally" going to see the end.
ex-hentai.org was shutted down, unfortunately
>3 Tachibana threads on /h/

Is this thing really really good or just 2~3 samefags are spamming the whole board for 6+ months?
it's 7/10 at best, but it has NTR so /h is all over it,
i'm curious what you consider 10/10.

My balls are eagerly waiting to be relieved.
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3 MB, 1684x2400
anything by royal koyanagi
dat art style isn't my cup of tea though
>no femdom
>no footjob
>no pantyhose

You have shit taste.
File: MMScan091_025[1].jpg (386 KB, 1081x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
386 KB, 1081x1600

from pg 27 - 46

> i don't even know how to read Chinese and still i keep coming back to it.
I forget the name of it but its about this wife who takes her son to this after school thing with other mothers and their sons and it turns out to be this sex thing and the teacher basically forces the mom to fuck her son and she ends up loving it. God damn I'm about to cum just thinking about it. If anyone knows the name I would appreciate it.
Iforgot the name but there was one manga where the girl was a member of school commite or some shit and her duty was to fuck everyone. She was in love with her teacher or something, I canĀ“t remember it that well. Some day I will find it again
That one's from Royal Koyanagi. Search his tanks
Inoue Kiyoshirou. I know it has two chapters but I don't have it at hand.
This was so good, and introduced characters I was really enjoying, but then the NTR kicked in and I feel like crying. I would love a rewrite where this has a happy ending instead.
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1 - S8Rc0LJ.jpg
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is there any place I can find the whole series of these doujins? I've been looking everywhere.

oh also pic related
its futa, but still
JUST H-manga / doujins?

There's around a dozen with scenes usually lasting 2 to 8 pics that I could very happily fap to anytime, but these are the 3 I come back to the most, probably.

Plus the first chapter of these two:
>stop, my penis can only get so hard.gif
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Let It Slide 3.

It's just so fucking good, the art style isn't the best but it's pretty good when you're trying to get immersed since not everyone is great looking IRL.

Where can I find more stuff like this? Just people casually letting the protag fuck them?
care to post the rest of this?
Here's a link to the collection of the comic:
This one probably, but really everything he draws.
This or anything from Maririn

It has never failed me.
I used to have one, then I had a hard drive crash and couldn't remember the name of it. 2 girls and a guy in high school when looking for where the students all had sex, found a massive orgy, and were forced to join. One of the girls was a westerner and the boy had a huge dick. Anyone got a name for me?


503 error on your link
File: 0001.jpg (1 MB, 2106x2868) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm all about the balloon titties and this doujin is perfection to me.

It's got the the point where if the girl doesn't have tits at least as big as >>3781932, I won't fap to it


Forgot link

Thats not really a problem, you just have good taste dude.

And luckily there is a lot of stuff with huge tits out there so that not a problem either.
You might enjoy 3dpd less since 95% of all porn stars seem to have small breasts but thats really it.
>halfway through
>rock hard, really enjoying it
>NTR kicks in
>still manage to cum but feel like shit now
why did you have to do this to me
Literally buckets of cum to this one.


It's so good.
I know your feel anon. I would tell how mine played out but this is /h/, not /r/
>guy meets mother figure whenever he is young
>has a strictly non-sexual bath with her
>meets her again years later
>gives her massage
>massage turns into fucking
I can't remember the name of this doujin and it bothers me every night before I sleep.
Koyanagi Royal, Kandahara Out Of Control.

Part of St. Penalty Academy I believe.
interested too bump
maybe more infos? fetish?
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I lost count to how many times I fapped to this one.

You might also want to check the other ones by the same author.

They are pretty good.
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Thanks, posting my own favourite doujin as contribution

nah fuck off with this stupid elitism, I've been on this site since 2006 and I still don't know how that site works because it's like epic club secret for you people
you must have at least a double digit IQ to post here
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1 MB, 1399x2000
Secret Journey by PoJu. Sexually aggressive straight shota is just way too attractive.
takes like 10mins max to figure out how to do it, and then to do it.
Yeah man, it's not like you could Google an answer in 130 seconds or anything.
Wait what? You don't read this from right to left?
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Funny that you'd say that.

The superior last ditch fap effort.
Where can I obtain this? it's not on exhentai

Fakku may have gotten pretty shit since they started taking down doujins to sell them, but they got some neat exclusives.
when you image search it, it pops up on g.e-hentai first
That one doujin where a boy gets introduced as the new manager (of sportsclub) of the girls who are currently in the shower. Can't find it anymore, but it was good.
Didn't mean that one, but last I checked it had a few that weren't already floating around.
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