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The Tit Translation Project 3.0!
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This is a thread about my two favorite things: Big Tits and Japanese.

Hello all, Steven_Even here again. This is the third installment of my project,"The Tits Translations", where 4chan-users gets to request old untranslated works, following "rules"(see below), and then maybe getting it translated by me and edited by some of this boards talented editors. The last two threads was quite a success with many good requests getting translated.

[Read and follow the RULES]:
Requests not following the rules will be ignored purely due to time constraints.

1. Link a semi-old Raw Manga. Please use any source but exhentai (preferbly nhentai or g-hentai)since I cannot acces ex. PLEASE check so no other group has already translated it. This is super important.

2. Make sure it is "well" drawn, and appealing, and that the font seems readable.

3. Make sure the girl has big, full tasty boobs. See the OP pictures collection of titties for a hint about size.

4. 6. A bit of curves on the girls are always a big plus in my book. Girls with personality and a prominent part of the story is also a plus.

5. Write a short description to why you would like this one to be translated, why you like it, why you think it should be translated, what you like about the work. Pitch it to me, essentially.

6. Post the hottest pic from the work as your postpicture, easier to keep track of the requests that way.

No /d/ stuff, no loli,no shota and no incest, please. I prefer vanilla with some feeling myself.

Start requesting! Here are some examples of requests that got translated earlier:


Start requesting! :)
I'm currently working on this manga:


from the previous thread! A couple of pages into it, and loving it.
Will post translated script soon-ish. Was someone willing to edit it...?
Also, I have a list of interesting request that I will try to do in the future from the previous thread(s). I will post this too, shortly!

How's it going with your efforts from the previous thread, editors? :)
>cannot acces ex
It's been available to me sometimes, and sometimes not, since I translate from and iPad, I have limited options, so I'll stick to galleries I know work, if possible.
Here we go again, Page1 of "Yamitsuki". If any of you editors feel the urge to do this one, please say so!

Title: Yamitsuki
Part 1:
Since the girl's name is Mitsuki and he's addicted to her, and "Yamitsuki" is "to be addicted", the whole title might be a pun on the word and her name.

Page 1:
Frame 1-2:
Sfx: bell ringing
Bubble 1: Hibiya-sensei, snap out of it!!
Bubble 2: Ah.. So..sorry, Kaede-san...!
Frame 3:
Sfx: twitch
Bubble 1: When you're at work, you have to live up to your title as a "sensei", compared to the students...!
How many times have I told you...!
Bubble 2: Ah, excuse me, sensei..!
Frame 4:
Sfx left: swoosh (passing)
Sfx right: dokun..! (Badump, heavy heartbeat)
Sfx earring: bling
Vertical text:
The unexpected behaviour...! Such a tense feeling..!
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Here's something older where the first chapter was translated, but not the second one. It's from the artist Lunch who retired and one of his few works left untranslated:
Cross Family Chapter 2. It's a partner swap / swinging story, more or less.

Raw for chapter 2:

Translated chapter 1:
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This is part 4 of a longer Vanilla comedy story.

Someone else dumped the first part in another thread:

It's not that strong in the sex scenes, but the story is pretty interesting and the two main characters have quirky personalities. Definitely good for a laugh or to cheer up the mood.
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Hey Steven this page was giving me hell. It took a lot longer then I would like to admit. Does it look ok to you? I also figured since a bunch of people told me to stylize more I should try it out.

Some other issues I ran into so far.
096 page 4 missing a bubble the left moan one in panel 4
99 page 7 missing 2 bubbles. his moans in panel 3
101 page 9 Frame 4: missing bubbles. isn't last bubble kiaaaaきあ~ like she's excited? Just yay or something similar?

Lastly, not really a problem, but I was just curious. What's the raw text in the "he picked me" bubble on this page? I tried to look it up for like an hour but couldn't find it/ even tried a couple OCR programs. It's just something I haven't run into before, so I was curious.
File: P102..jpg (1 MB, 1676x2500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1676x2500
Also, continuing them speaking in alternating words in the same sentence hell, does this look ok or should I try replicating the dots like the japanese had it. I just want it to convey they're each speaking. No place to put a note on that page either.
Is anyone editing this?
If not, I would love to do it.
Pretty sure that one is free. I'd say go for it.
Is there a reason why this thread doesn't get bumped after someone replies? It's kinda weird.
It has loli/shota in the OP. pretty sure that makes it autosage.
Oh, that's news to me. Steven should probably make another one then.
Yeah, on any board, anytime a starting post contains I think shota and a few other banned words it gets autosaged. notice the last thread didn't have shota. why shota is banned and loli isn't you;d have to ask a mod.
Finished aside from th corrections I mentioned above, and these.

108 page 16 missing frame 5 ク...リエつ guessing the moans

are Ahn han Ahn? I know アa and ハha but I don't know the

bottom one unless it's シ which doesn't make sense.

109 page 17 missing moan can't make out the top one and again don't know if it's shi. you have it listed as "I'mhh..!!" on page 13
Sorry to be such a pain.
Does this project include colored doujins or just black and white?
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2 MB, 1276x1800
Sometimes we do coloured ones!

This will be uploaded tomorrow.
is this one to much to ask? its got bbw and its non-h

I'm not Steve so I can't say if he'd be interested but Big titties and BBW are completely different fetishes.
Page 205 to page 226 of this series please.
if you translated it you would be the first non spanish or korean translator of bang-you's time stop series.
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Ever looking for more translators? I am also a big fan of the two things you mentioned in the OP post and I have been curious about your threads for a little while now. Currently in Kantou area looking to brush up on translating.

Have some boobs too.
What's your Japanese level?

I'm an editor, are you interested in working with me? This isn't a team or anything. I just have a work site setup with several stories I want to see translated and you can pick whatever you want. It works the other way around too if you want something edited.
You can check my work at:
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Michelle DOnut.jpg
200 KB, 714x1000
Hey J~~

Currently in between JLPT 2 and 1. Been living in Japan over 6 years. Just been to busy with work to brush up on my studies, but I have been reading hentai (among other things) in Japanese for quite a while so I don't think it will be out of my reach by any means.

I will shoot you an e-mail and we can get some communication going.
As j said I'm pretty much in the same boat. I've posted quite a few links in the last thread, if any of them interest you I'd edit them.
is this thread still accepting requests? if so then
how about this one http://nhentai.net/g/140730/121/ pages 121 to 140 the author would be yukiguni omaru
File: 07_copy.jpg (2 MB, 1272x1800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1272x1800
Took a break, but now it's done!
Thanks for helping with the redrawing, J!
Awesome job, the both of you. One day I hope to be able to do that.
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How about some 212 and delicious tan
File: 006.png (2 MB, 1057x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Figured I would make a consolidation of links I'd like to edit from the previous threads if either
or steven are up for translating them. These obviously aren't all my requests, just what I grabbed all from the last two threads.
http://nhentai.net/g/124908/13/ again may need help with transparents.
http://nhentai.net/g/16942/208/ anything in this tank really. I love takatsu.
http://g.e-hentai.org/g/609324/23880e8053/ (I would probably need help with some of the transparent bubbles)

and these two are new from me.
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Just saw your work on http://exhentai.org/g/864368/7fad8076f3/

Was hoping you could translate http://nhentai.net/g/136580/
Some chapters of this were already translated like Synchrome and Iregui
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That was me, sorry. meant to say for steven or >>4082098

The last pic was from the last gallery I posted. This is from the first.
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Zero no Mono has a few much older tanks wich aren't translated at all, for example this one:


It's from 2007 and still completely untouched. Kind of a downer when he's really good at both art and story.
These as well.


His output is immense, yet his only translated works are Wasurena and a few oneshot stories.
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His art style is rather unique. It seems like he goes for a kind of realistic approach. I rather like it. The only other artist I know who does something similar is shinichi izawa who is absolutely amazing. The only reason I didn't bug steven about him is because his work is supposedly hell to translate. I love his style though and he has multiple tanks completely untouched, yet one is in spanish...oddly.
Well I should also say he's primarily an nicest focused author too. I think steven isn't a fan. He does have some non incest stuff though.
I think Steven should make a new thread without the filtered words.

Thread is sinking.
name of the artist?
[空巣] からす Karasu He's rather amazing.
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Does anyone with a DLSite account want to buy some art sets and upload them so they can be translated?

Anyone can buy from dlsite. they're like the easiest online retailer to order from. no proxy required or anything.
I guess goodbye thread. Will be looking for the next one steven.

Sure I'll buy/break DRM/upload if you/someone actually pays for them (paypal). Message Dynellen on the ehentai forums for details.
The H stuff requires a credit card and won't take anything else
Get a prepaid visa if you want untraceability, or don't want something showing up on your statement.
Any new stuff?
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Thread images: 18
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