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ITT: Whatever is in the next picture happens...
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Previous Thread: >>4070160

Remember: If your lurking, its always good to post something aswell.
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reported for being gay
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You're gonna like it.
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Bestiality doesn't belong in /h/.
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It took you so long to get the money. You worked so hard for it. But now you can see why this new experimental transition procedure costs so much. It is just perfect. Seamless. Almost like magic. You are a woman, finally. Something you ached for since you were born.
And now you're back from the hospital, finally home, ready for your first test drive.
It's not the first time you masturbate in front of your mirror but it was all just awkward rehearsing, until now. Today all the sensual poses you take make sense. Your naked body looks so spectacular, squirming and bending. Your legs so long, your feet so feminine, arching like you always wanted to.
Your tits are so big and impossibly firm they'll make every girl jealous, and as you pinch your nipples you feel thunderbolts of pleasure racing towards your groin. It's so new. You could never have imagined how your body would become so entirely erogenous.
Everywhere you touch makes you moan, makes you wetter.
"I'm so beautiful naked." you say in that sweet voice you don't even recognize yet.
Today in front of that mirror you finally won't have to penetrate your anus. You have a pussy now. A real fully functional pussy. And it feels so different from prostate stimulation. No pressure needed, the walls of your vagina are burning with pleasure as you simply slide two fingers inside. If this is already bliss you can't even imagine how the rest must feel, all the combinations, you still have your clit, your anus, your G-spot, all left untouched...
This is gonna be so good.
That moment you realize that it would probably be best to stop bathing together now that your younger brother is "old enough." But, you realize that you're as curious as he is about the opposite sex and continue this once innocent practice.
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You've finally become the queen of sluts like you have dreamed of. You celebrate by pleasing the biggest, thickest, and most juiciest dick you can find
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forced impregnation
you just love you're new job
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You and your best friend took a job at a bakery. Too bad you both screwed up and had to be reprimanded.
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Your teacher has been clumsily dropping things on the floor and asking you to pick them up for him. It's innocent fumbling, you thought. Nothing lecherous even crossed your mind.

...Until today.
Want to play
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Give me something fun~
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I am hypnotized and in love with this picture.

Screw you, OP.
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I would love to have this kind of job too...
is this an actual anime?
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あさひと 002.png
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Your master loves to play with your pussy when he can.
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you love sucking your master's cock
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You'd better clean all that mess you made
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Of course I will master! I'll lick everything clean. Maybe then you'll say I'm a good girl?
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ass up face down.png
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bet you can't break me or make me cry!
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>and you have to scoop it up with your hands and lick it up, drinking every drop
You've been stuck here for hours.

Do your worst
...and my picture didn't load.
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You know you love it.
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Dont think you can say the same thing about you...
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When you entered an all girls school you were pretty upset about it. You were met with great suprise though when men were all around campus forcefully taking all of the older girls, you and the other new students could not help watching, in your mind you wanted one of these big strong men to pull you to the side and ravage your dripping pussy. After all of you were led to your new classrooms you were greeted by your teacher who explained that all of you were girls being trained on how to please men. As she was explaining how homeroom was your blowjob sessions a big black man bent her over and started taking her, you and the rest of the girls started sucking the dildos infront of you and hoped that someone would rape you already.
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Get a hold of yourselft, thats only the beginning.

Enough of deepthroating with a simple piece of plastic, please give me the real thing, please...~
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Episode five, my body is ready.
Sweet nazi ass
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Onii-chan finally gives what you've been waiting for the whole day..
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Have fun
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Hisashi blonde.jpg
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Is story-anon still around?
I fapped so much to the anal ones.
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Youre gonna love this
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You had no idea this is what he had in mind for a Christmas gift
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Still here. The story so far! http://pastebin.com/Mn8eXaHz

Now with the continuation from the last thread!

A few more weeks pass as your new owner continues to use you as his personal cum dump. Your resistance to your tormentor has crumbled to almost nothing. It scares you that there are times when you get incredibly wet thinking about what awaits you at the end of the school day and the pleasures you'll soon be feeling at his hands.

This Monday is different. After three days since your last sexual encounter and being forbidden from masturbating while alone, your body is craving a good deep pounding. You hate this feeling of being owned, of being forced to do this, and the shame you feel after, but it just feels too good when you're being fucked. As you walk to your usual meeting spot you freeze at the sight of your “partner” dragging along your only female friend.

He grins as he approaches you, looking smug as he pushes her towards you. The tears in her eyes can be seen plain as day. Out of all the girls in the school, she was only one who was truly accepting of you, not acting jealous of your new amazing body, and supported you when you felt embarrassed. You can come to her about any problems you're having with your new body. To see her like this, you know that bastard did something terrible again and give him an appropriately scowl.

It doesn't take long before he drags you both back to his house. His willingness to involve another innocent person in his games rekindles your resistance. However, what he tells you next shocks you.
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"I tricked her into sending me nudes” he says to you, bringing them up on his phone and showing them to you. “If she doesn't want these spread around she's going to do exactly what I say. Looks like you'll be sharing my dick from now on.”

His open admission of what he plans causes fresh tears to burst forth from the scared girl, and you hug her in support. You have to do something to stop this. You need to think quickly as the minute you're in the bedroom he slams the door shut and turns to you.

"Strip her” he commands your friend.

When she hesitates, he whips out his phone and pulls up her nude photo, his finger hovering on the send button with numerous phone numbers attached. All it would take would be one press of a button and her life would be ruined for years. Before it can escalate you grab her soft hands and place them on your body. A look of shock crosses her face and you nod your head, letting her know its alright.

She slowly unbuttons your shirt, exposing your lacy black bra. Your skirt is tugged down soon after, leaving you in only your underwear. You turn your back to her so she can unclasp your bra, and you pull your arms out of the straps and turn to face her, your big firm tits jutting out proudly on display.

"S-so big” she says softly, a blush curiously coming to her face as she takes in the sight.

Finally, her face incredibly red, your poor friend slowly and carefully pulls your panties down until they join the rest of your attire in a heap on the floor. Its an odd feeling, you had completely gotten over your embarrassment of being naked around your tormentor after all the sex but her being in the room brings back a sense of shame and exhilaration.
File: 16.jpg (663 KB, 723x1023) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Seeing you naked, he steps forward and thrusts his hand to you crotch, rubbing you fiercely. He pulls you in and kisses you deeply during your shock. Its surprising that he does so. Usually he only goes for your ass just as the bet specified, even if you don't mind when he licks your smooth pussy or rubs you to orgasm while fucking you. In the back of your mind you can understand why he's doing this now, to show your friend his dominance over your body.

He stops his assault on your mouth after a few minutes and then turns to your friend. His hands swiftly tugs down her skirt, leaving her in a rather racy black thong. She starts to cry again as he pulls up her shirt, her arms lifting so he can tug it off and revealing a matching bra. She's not nearly as well developed as you, and her body isn't quite as nice, but she's still cute and she didn't have the benefit of being zapped by the machine like you did. A little toned from running and her shorter brown hair gives her more of a tomboy appearance. You'd definitely have no problem fucking her if you were still male. You can feel yourself getting wet at the idea.

"Take her underwear off” he says to you, giving your friend a slap on the ass and causing her to yelp in surprise.

In seconds she's as naked as you, firm breasts covered by her hands as she tries to hide them, ignoring the fact that her well groomed vagina is still on display for the two of you to see. That changes as he pushes you both so that you're bent over the bed, hands resting on it for support. He moves your legs apart and stands between the two of you, reaching down so he can rub both of your cunts at the same time.

"Which of you should I fuck first” he says, savoring the uncomfortable expressions on your faces. “I'll let a coin flip decide.”
File: 17.png (4 MB, 2534x3700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 2534x3700
He doesn't show you the result, only going to his bed and pouring copious amounts of lubrication all over his dick. When he's finished, you see him step behind your friend and rub his greased cock up and down her spread ass crack until it glistens with wetness.

"Looks like its you” he groans as he lines up his cock and places the head against her asshole.

Your friend panics and tries to get away, falling forward on the bed and attempting to crawl away from him, pleading with him not to do this. It makes you sick to think her first time is going to be getting her ass raped just like you. You realize its even worse. You willingly made a bet and chose to uphold it, she had no such agreement. Your heart sinks and you steel yourself to save your friend.

"Do me first!” you shout, catching his attention.

"Oh, so you want it first? What, do you want to save her?”

You nod your head in response, finding it difficult to meet his gaze. You've already done this dozens of times with him, to the point it no longer hurts and just feels good for the most part. Its a small price to pay to save her.

"Then here's the deal. I'm going to fuck your ass as much as I want as often as I want. No complaints, and no hesitation. If you two don't do what I say, she's gonna get it good. Oh, and I don't feel like doing the work today for you, so its all on you.”
File: 18.png (676 KB, 868x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
676 KB, 868x1000
ou grimace but agree to his terms. You can save her, even if you're not able to save yourself anymore. He hands you the bottle of lube and then lays on the bed, his big cock sticking up. He hands something to your friend and whispers something to her as you lubricate your ass crack and climb on the bed.

You stand and move to your tormentor, legs on either side of him, and then slowly squat, facing away so you don't have to look at him while you're doing this. You lower yourself and grab his cock with one free hand, guiding it to your well greased ass. You feel the head slip between your ass cheeks as you expertly aim it at your smoothly shaved opening, the well lubricated head easily parting you as you sink down on him. You're glad he can't take pride in the look of pleasure on your face as his big dick slides into you until finally your butt is pressed against him, taking him all the way on the first stroke.

You feel so full of him as you lean backwards, arms back by his chest and hands on the bed to support yourself as you slowly lift your hips up and down to get used to him in preparation to ride him. You look over and are surprised to see your friend staring wide eyed and blushing, her eyes glued to where you're joined. With your legs open and you leaning back you're sure she has a clear view of his cock going in and out of you as you rock your hips slowly. You can see a string of clear juices dripping from her cunt and down her thigh.

You would never tell him, but being on top is by far and away your favorite. After being fucked so many times you know exactly what angles to ride him at to achieve maximum pleasure as his fat dick rubs all along the walls deep in your ass. In fact, over the last few weeks you've learned how to make yourself cum from getting ass fucked without even having to rub your clit. Its all about the angle of his slightly curved dick massaging the thin flesh separating your pussy from your bowels.
File: 19.jpg (435 KB, 886x627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
435 KB, 886x627
Within moments you've got your eyes closed, panting heavily as you bounce yourself up and down on him. Slow at first, but quickly picking up speed until your big tits are jiggling like crazy, the bed is squeaking on every downward thrust of your hips, and your groans and his grunts of pleasure fill the room. You can feel the orgasm building and after three days its going to be a big one.

It hits you suddenly like a wave as you can no longer hold back, your body going rigid for a moment before your entire body trembles in a toe curling orgasm from the constant rubbing of him sliding in and out you. You feel his hands on your back to support you as you moan loudly in pleasure. Your rapidly constricting asshole transfers every bit of that sensation to his cock. In the middle of one of the most intense orgasms you've had in this female body you hear him yell “fuck” followed by him thrusting his hips upwards. You can feel every rapid throb of his cock inside you as he cums deep in your depths, hot cum splashing against your inner walls and making your ass incredibly slippery as you continue to bounce until you're both drained.

You collapse on top of him, back against his chest, panting heavily as his hands grope your breasts as you come down from your high. His cock shrinks a bit and pops from your ass, a torrent of his cum leaking from your well used ass to drip all over his groin.
File: 20.jpg (315 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
315 KB, 1280x720
When you open your eyes after resting for several minutes, you're shocked to see your friend biting her lip as she rubs her clit. What shocks you even more is the camera in her other hand. A new fear sweeps through you as you realize she's probably been recording the entire thing. You quickly climb off his body and look at him, your face conveying a sense of anger and betrayal. He'd always kept his word about not telling anyone, even if he'd threatened a few times. Now he had hard evidence of what you'd been doing, and your friend had helped.

"Relax” he says. “I told her she had to or else she was next. You wanted to save her ass didn't you? Your secret will be safe. I've kept it so far, right?”

It alarms you that he's taken this to a whole new level, but you don't have any choice. He gets up and pushes your friend down on the bed next to you.

"Kiss her” he tells you both, before leaving the room to grab some towels for cleaning up.

There's a look of recrimination and betrayal in her eyes as your friend leans in and does just that without much hesitation. Still having parts of your male mind and libido, you enjoy kissing her a lot more than when he forces himself on you. She breaks the kiss and looks you directly in the eye, and you sense her anger despite the passionate kiss.
File: 21.gif (2 MB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 640x480
"Is he really forcing you” she accuses. “The look on your face, you were enjoying it! You even had an orgasm before he did!”

Her words sting and you try to deny it, but how can you? You would bet that whatever was recorded on that video could only be taken as consensual if viewed by an outside party. You promise her its just like he said, that you lost a bet, and you're only upholding it against your will. A traitorous thought in the back of your mind keeps prodding you, reminding you that is no longer entirely true.

As he steps back into the room and wipes himself off, he commands you to go back to kissing. Before you know it, you're down on the bed with her on top of you, making out passionately as your tits are pressed together. You can still feel his spunk leaking out of you as you look over and see his cock getting hard again. You mentally sigh as you realize you'll be getting fucked at least once more before the day is over and the friend that you saved from rape now has thoughts you might be partly at fault. As you continue to make out with your friend, you realize now you won't be alone in this anymore, and that is at least a little comforting.
Oh god thank you anon.
File: image.png (516 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
516 KB, 800x600
(Not gonna be able to post quality like the above, but...)

You had the feeling that your party was a little under leveled before going in but stayed quiet. Now you're absolutely sure of it.
File: image.jpg (89 KB, 498x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1410856334000.jpg (256 KB, 650x1040) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256 KB, 650x1040
Hope you like deep, womb filling creampies anon.
Jesus fuck anon, you're hitting my fetishes like you have no idea. I hope we get more of the other girl as well.
File: 1435330200715.jpg (526 KB, 900x847) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
526 KB, 900x847
File: 1227883214422.jpg (196 KB, 705x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Next time posting uncensor things ah ok
File: 1344124485663.jpg (649 KB, 1208x1351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
649 KB, 1208x1351
File: 1445525143642.jpg (42 KB, 450x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1442762576529.jpg (240 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You should post all your fetishes here, maybe I'll touch upon them in the next update.
File: 1423404188384.jpg (53 KB, 400x566) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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why is there a black body and dick but a white hand does the guy on the left have vitiligo?
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My fetish.png
853 KB, 800x1026
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>Still waiting on Anons to post fetishes they want to see for update

Personally, I'm thinking maybe something like this
File: 1392399793194.jpg (545 KB, 1050x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1443391961985.jpg (110 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Since you already introduced another girl, I gotta say I love MFF action, double blowjobs, having the girls please each other as much as the guy and so on.
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File: 1443065644973 (1).jpg (123 KB, 752x1062) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1443065644973 (1).jpg
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2 MB, 1600x1200
Oh my, won't you be happy. Give me a day or two.
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Something rough please
File: 1441404247140.png (1 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1280x720
*step back into the shadows*
Since you were the only one to reply with fetishes, here you go Anon. As always, read the pastebin if coming into the story late and read the continuation above. Story to come below.
File: 4.jpg (806 KB, 1100x1164) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
806 KB, 1100x1164
The next week goes by quickly. He delights in fucking you, forcing your friend to record it, and then showing you the videos the next day. It embarrasses you to watch the video of you enthusiastically riding his cock from the first session. Seeing yourself bouncing up and down on him with your eyes closed and a look of intense concentration and pleasure on your face, your pussy glistening with wetness. Just watching the parts where your friend zooms in on your pussy as you orgasm and convulse, your nectar running down your crack to drip onto his shaft and down his balls as his big dick slides in and out of your butt hole makes you so wet. Hearing his grunt in the video, seeing him slam his cock into you and unload in you, balls contracting, base of his penis twitching in pleasure reminds you how good it really felt the day before. You're entranced from the sight of his dick as it finally pops free and his cum leaks from your well fucked hole in a steady drip, realizing how much he pumped inside you and how good it must have felt for him has you shudder in both delight and horror.

After these past few months you've started to forget what it was like to be a male, even if you're still sexually attracted to girls and not men. However, time and time again you cave into the desires of your female body, letting him have his way with your ass. You've found yourself marveling at new clothes and sexy underwear, trying to find the ones that make you look cutest. If only his stupid penis didn't feel so good and make things so confusing, and taking his load didn't satisfy some deep female need within your new body…
File: 8.jpg (2 MB, 1920x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1920x1440
The three of you sit in his room and go through the videos your friend recorded that Friday. You're forced to sit on his lap as you watch the action, his hand sliding down your cotton panties to rub your overheated cunt. You can't help yourself from squirming in delight. You can appreciate how hot you look in the vids. Six months ago you would've been alone in your room at night, furiously jerking off to such a cute amateur getting fucked like that. Now you're the girl on film, and you have more anal experience than a bunch of porn stars. As he continues to rub your pussy, crotch of your panties now wet from your juices, he clicks on the next video. You can feel his incredibly hard dick through his pants, pressed against your ass as it plays.

This one was from Wednesday. Something must have really gotten him aroused that day, because the minute you and your friend were in his room he handed her the camera, pushed you down on the bed, and tore off your panties. You remember the way his body pressed you face down into the bed as he mounted you, your legs wide open to give him access. He fucked you so deep and hard. You see why he had your legs open now. Your friend was recording close from behind, catching every deep hard stroke and in that position she could get all of the action.

He's still rubbing your pussy as the scene reaches his climax. You hear his groan, then see how it looked to your friend as he slams himself deep in your ass and holds it there as he floods you with shot after shot of thick cum. His merciless attack on your clit continues throughout his orgasm on the screen and you feel yourself about to cum.
You watch as he slowly climbs off of you in the film and the camera zooms in as his cock pops free. Your asshole is gaping from his hard thrusting, and as it finishes zooming in you can actually see straight up your butthole as it starts to close, all the clumps of thick white cum plastered to the walls of your rectum, gravity pulling it deeper in you as it leads to a bigger pool of white sperm deep inside. The erotic sight, the memory, and his deftly working hand finally makes you cum, as your asshole on the screen finally closes and traps all his semen inside. As you moan and twitch on his lap lewdly from all the stimulation, you remember that you had been leaking cum all night after that fucking. Now you know why.

As you come down from your orgasmic bliss you look over and are startled to see your friend with her eyes closed, hands down her panties and rubbing herself. You feel a slight stab of betrayal as you stand on trembling legs, panties wet from your own juices clinging to your pussy. Looks like she was as turned on by it all as you were.

As your “partner” stands up behind you, you feel his erection pressed against you as he playfully pushes you forward with his body.

"Well you two, I think its time for something different” he says as your friend finally opens her eyes and blushes when she realizes she was caught. “Strip. Make it quick.”

Your eyes gaze at the tent in his pants from his straining erection as you step out of your soaked panties and pull your shirt over your head. You look over in your skirt and bra and see your friend complying, eying you up. You've started to have some suspicions with the way the athletic beauty keeps blushing when looking at you, and how into she is when you make out or rub each other down below when he orders it. Still retaining parts of your male mind, you know you definitely are.
In another moment the two of you are naked before him, your perfect, big breasted and paler body contrasting nicely with her toned, tan-lined and athletic one. You look about for the bottle of lube he keeps around his room, wondering how he's going to take you today and what the movie will look like when he inevitably forces you to watch it in the future. He looks puzzled as you search, and then realizes what you're doing.

"You don't need to worry about that today” he says as he places his hands on your shoulders and forces you to your knees on the carpeted floor.

You grow alarmed as he does the same to your friend and then drops his pants and underwear. His long hard dick is aimed right at your faces. He reaches down and grabs a hand from each of you, and places them on his cock.

"You know, fucking your ass feels amazing, but sometimes I want something new you know?” he smirks down at the two of you. “You two are gonna suck me off today.”

"That's not part of our deal!” you yell in defiance.

"You're right, its not, but your friend here made no such deal with me. So you don't have to do it if you really don't want to, but she does. If she decides she doesn't want to go down solo, then I guess her ass will do.”

You grimace and give your tight bodied friend a look to see her reaction and you're surprised to see a rather subdued and thoughtful expression on her face. It becomes even more confusing when she next speaks.

"Are you sure about this?” she questions, looking him in the eye. You sense something more is going on here but you cannot for the life of you figure out what.
"Absolutely!” he replies, turning to speak directly to you. “Did you know your friend here is an expert cock sucker? A certain someone used to brag all the time to a few of us about how she was the best, could make any man blow his load in a few minutes and how she'd suck him off every day.”

You're stunned as you look to her again, seeing the heated blush and her complete reluctance to meet your eyes.

"And if I don't want to, or she doesn't want to?” she calmly retorts.

"Then I have those pictures” he groans. “Besides, its not like I'm fucking you. You've done this tons of times and I always heard him brag about how much you loved doing it. Think how much more fun it will be when you have someone to teach giving her first blowjob?”

"Are you okay with this? If it was only me I could just do it for him and be done with it, but he wants us both” she asks you, all but confirming that what he said was true.

You look away. You really aren't sure about this. You don't want her to suffer, but this is just one more step on the path down the road to complete female slut. You know you won't be able to take back once done.

"Its not bad, really” she says, seeing your hesitance. “You might even like it.”
File: 1400009518800.jpg (261 KB, 950x1044) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Suddenly her hands are on your tits, massaging them as she leans in and gives you a tender kiss. Her mouth opens and her tongue presses against your lips. You close your eyes and let them open, allowing her tongue entry as she kisses you deeply. Your own hands find her breasts in response, giving her firm mounds a gentle squeeze. Her fingers run circles around your hard nipples, managing to coax a gasp of pleasure from your lips as your friend tries her best to shove her tongue down your throat. It feels great, and a cute girl making out with you is something you have no hesitation about.

After a few moments of heavenly kissing she pulls away and puts her hand on his cock, stroking him gently, the fat piece of meat throbbing excitedly in her hand. You watch as her strokes grow firmer and more intense, drawing a gasp of surprise from him. Its like someone flipped a switch, and despite the serious situation, suddenly she's in control.

"Watch me, do what I do” her voice trails off as she leans forward, closing her eyes, and holding his prick tightly as she engulfs the head with her mouth.

Slow at first she sucks on him, drawing gasps from him as her hand moves from his shaft to play with his balls. Her head bobs back and forth as she takes more and more of his cock into her mouth. She quickly establishes a rhythm. You have no doubt everything said about her skill was true. Its like watching a long time porn star. You find yourself getting wet again and that its exciting to watch.

Suddenly she pulls back, a string of saliva connecting her tongue to the head of his cock. It looks incredibly lewd until she points his member right at you. Your earlier hesitation and fear returns.

"You try” she says, noting your fear. “Just do what I did.” She slides a finger in your mouth, mimicking a blowjob. “Don't worry, I'm right here to help you. Just close your eyes and open your mouth.”
File: 1430704241316.jpg (254 KB, 905x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
254 KB, 905x1300
She snakes her way behind you and gropes your breasts again. Her own firm tits press against your back as she nibbles on your ear, eliciting a moan of pleasure. Two of your favorite spots at once. Your eyes still closed, you're unaware that she's guiding his dick to your mouth until suddenly the head is pressed against your lips, giving him a cock kiss.

"Just try it. You might like it, just like I do” she whispers in your ear.

Steeling yourself, you open your mouth. He pushes forward in response and suddenly you have a mouthful of hot, hard dick.

"Suck” she whispers, and you obey as she continues to play with your sensitive breasts.

It's not nearly as bad as you feared, and certainly much less painful than the first week of getting used to him pounding your ass. You can even taste her saliva on his cock from her earlier blowjob as he carefully moves himself in and out of your sucking mouth.

She continues to instruct you, whispering commands. Every time you obey you're reward by her groping hands. When you started to use your tongue on the underside of his shaft, she rewards you by reaching down and playing with your clit. You must be doing good, you can hear him moan. With your eyes still closed you can also hear the occasional click of his phone. You realize he's taking pictures. You shudder at the implications. Naked, on your knees, sucking a big dick while your friend molests you so pleasurably. You pray he keeps his word to the two of you.
File: 1420788898518.jpg (588 KB, 850x1165) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
588 KB, 850x1165
"You're getting good” she says to you. “Picking up technique so quick. I guess watching me helped.” She leans in and licks your ear, teasing you. “Or maybe you're just a natural cock sucker? My turn again.”

Your face burns in shame and lust at her words as she pulls the cock from your mouth and eagerly starts to suck him again. You can hear him groan loudly. You're actually impressed he hasn't cum yet. You don't think you would've lasted if the situation was reversed.

You watch in fascination as she deep throats his impressive length. That really does it for him. After only thirty seconds of it he yanks himself back and out of her mouth, his finger and thumb clamping tightly around the base of his dick to prevent himself from cumming as he grunts in closes his eyes in concentration.

"Whats wrong” she teases. “Big bad blackmailer like you can't handle it?” You can't believe she's taunting him. Where did the girl who was afraid of getting her ass fucked just last week go?

"Just one more thing” he says while panting, ignoring her taunting. “Both of you together. I won't last long.”

You watch as she runs her mouth all along the side of his prick, tongue running along the underside. Her hand finds the back of your head and pulls you in and soon you're doing the same thing to the other side. How lewd it must look for the two you to be working his cock. Once in awhile your lips and tongues meet in the middle of his dick. Its like you're kissing each other around his cock. You find it strangely arousing. You don't have much time to ponder as he groans loudly.

"I'm going to cum on your faces” he says, pulling away and jerking his cock.
Your friend kneels before him and pulls you next to her, so close your cheeks are actually touching.

"Close your eyes and open your mouth” she whispers, and knowing what is about to happen you obey. You've watched too much porn and know keeping your eyes open is a bad idea.

He groans loudly and suddenly you feel a hot liquid splash hit your cheek, followed by another across your soft lips, another directly in your mouth, and one on your chin. For a moment you feel nothing, and realize he must be doing the same to your friend. As his load runs down your chin, you taste his spunk for the first time. His hot cum dripping from your face onto your big tits. The taste isn't very pleasant.

After a few seconds you feel another two squirts on your face, and then his cock rubbing on your cheek as he forces the last few dribbles onto you.

"Stay like that” he says, and the two of you obey.

You hear the click of him taking photos again. What a sight the two of you must be, naked, faces pressed together, mouths open, and covered with cum. You feel it would be more erotic if you were the guy in the situation however.

You open your eyes when you hear your friend giggling. Your pussy tingles as she looks quite erotic with that smile and cum all over her face. He really coated her good. You realize judging from the warm on your face and on your breasts from the dripping that you're probably coated just as well.
"You look so cute with all that cum all over your face” she says, reaching out and scooping some off your cheek. You're amazed when she brings that finger to her mouth and sucks it off, swallowing it all. She does it again and this time holds the finger to your mouth.

"Open wide” she says playfully, pressing until you give in and allow her cum covered finger into your mouth. Before you can spit or swallow she presses her cum covered lips to yours and kisses you deeply. You can taste his cum mixed with your saliva as you make out. She pulls back and proceeds to start licking the cum off of your face, much to your surprise.

"You don't like it” she states knowingly. “I didn't either at first. But, the more I did it the more I liked it. I grew to love it over time. Maybe you will too?”

As you hear your tormentor collapse on the bed in a tired groan, she pulls you in for another kiss. You don't really want to find out, but considering your tomboyish friend's personality shift when sucking a cock you're sure you will.
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Well that took awhile to write, but you're worth it for all the faps /h/. Hope somebody enjoyed it. Now off to search for good anal doujins before bed.
Fucking BASED.

Do you RP or do you just enjoy story-telling?
Just story telling.
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Sorry somebody's gonna suffer
Anon with the double blowjob fetish here, holy shit. You rock.
Tomboy Friend seems to be very into the MC and viceversa, maybe some yuri action is in order? Complete with cute pussy sandwich, because you know at one point the guy is going to fuck them properly.
Or, since the big bad blackmailer was on the defensive for a change, maybe the girls get to turn the tables on him?
File: 1413889691607.png (818 KB, 1710x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
818 KB, 1710x1440
>Complete with cute pussy sandwich
>Guy slides his dick between both and and rubs back and forth until he cums all over both

I will take it under advisement.
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12 - a3lnTUr.jpg
492 KB, 1135x800
Pick whichever
Thank you for giving faps back to /h/

Since you asked for fetishes, mine is ass to mouth and insertions. Fits with all the anal you've got going on.
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Mating press all day long. Enjoy!
in retrospect this image is of a dude being throat fucked by a futa
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127 - 95r1ek2.jpg
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148 - tWOgykg.png
816 KB, 1200x923
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File: 1434411154018.png (1 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1280x720

Will start writing tomorrow, is this the only 2 things /h/ really wants? Last chance for next segment's fetishes.
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File: 1433197554624.jpg (139 KB, 781x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Clothed sex / Spats, can't think of anything else

More of once male MC having to do feminine things.
File: 1446254697788.jpg (102 KB, 960x560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Saw this on another thread just too good.
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When eventually they fuck good and proper, impreg. OH god.

But don't worry, I'm a patient man. We can stay with the anal for a long time.
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I think it'd be real hot if the other girl gets drunk on power and turns on you. I also really loved the permanent changes, like the cum drying into your panties, so more stuff like that would be great.
File: 1441960564744.jpg (216 KB, 435x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Something that hurts please.
Lots and lots of vanilla love!
I'd love it if MC falls in love eith the guy then one night she stays over (his parents could be on a buisness trip and hers work night shifts or something) after they'd spoon all night whilst holding hands!~
I'll take anything that's vanilla though
oh shit i'm into gay shit
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Please be rough on me
File: B7XMFR3CAAEZ3YV.jpg (39 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He meets you at the door with a wolfish grin as he looks you up and down, your extremely short field hockey skirt unable to completely cover your spats. The arm bearing tank top is a little tight as well, emphasizing your large heavy breasts. All in all you look like a porno version of a high school athlete, something you're sure he appreciates.

As usual you're both brought to his bedroom and told to kneel on the carpet. He doesn't even force you to get undressed as he whips out his long prick and commands you to suck. Ever since you tried it the first time he's been wanting this fairly often. Maybe the two of you can bring him off quick. Its been a few days since your last encounter, his balls are probably aching for release.

The two of you expertly work his cock as you alternate between licking and sucking him. You have come up with a good system. One of you sucks on the head while the other sucks on the shaft and uses their tongue on the underside and you alternate as you get tired. Fortunately she's always been the one willing to take his load after that first time. The past few times its been erotic watching her eyes close and her throat constrict, swallowing each spurt of hot cum until he's empty. You feel his cock twitch in your hand as you stroke the shaft to help every time, and she never misses a single drop.

This time its not to be. After a few minutes of sucking him off he pulls away and motions for the two of you to climb on his bed. Its big and soft as you await instructions.

"Face each other, start kissing” he tells you.

The two of you are happy to oblige. You still are mostly into girls, even if your female hormones have you noticing guys from time to time now. Your friend on the other hand, you're 100% convinced is bisexual. To which gender she leans more towards you have no clue as her tongue slides into your mouth. You moan in delight as her hands explore your body.
File: 09.jpg (125 KB, 800x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You feel your tormentor climb on the bed and spoon you from behind, his big naked cock pressed against your ass and tight spats. As he tugs them down slightly to expose your ass you prepare yourself for whats next. Its been awhile and to be honest with yourself you want it. Being ass fucked by him while doing lewd things with your friend always makes you orgasms extremely intense.

Thats why you're so surprised when his cock slides between your slightly sweaty ass cheeks at an odd angle. He pushes forward, missing your asshole completely, his thick member sliding past the wet folds of your hot pussy until your butt is completely pressed to his groin and the large head of his cock tents the front of your spats. Enveloped between your hot thighs, your tight spats holding them together for him, you feel his cock twitch in pleasure and hear his groan of delight.

"Y-you missed” you say weakly, taking a break from your steamy make out session to inform him of the obvious.

"No, I'm right where I want to be” he groans as he starts to slide his cock back and forth between your thighs.

This is new. Thigh sex is just one more thing you can check off your list of sexual experiences. You can look down and see the tip of his cock, perfectly outlined by your dark grey spats every time he reaches the end of his push.
File: haruka_to_p14.jpg (463 KB, 1200x1766) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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As he starts to pick up the speed you feel a jolt of pleasure. Your pussy is getting incredibly wet, your lips parting as his rod slides back and forth. Your fat mons try to wrap themselves around the hard prick that is rubbing against your clit and providing incredible stimulation as your friend kisses you passionately.

The tight spats keep your legs firmly pressed together, and your slimy, overstimulated twat leaks all the lubrication his cock needs as it massages your lips and clit. His dick is so hard, you swear you can feel the veins on his cock as it slides back and forth between your hot thighs. You close your eyes and enjoy this impromptu masturbation session. It is definitely more fun than masturbating alone.

You're exploring your friend's mouth with your tongue when you hear him grunt loudly. Desperate to cum with him, you grab the waistband of your spats and pull them up, forcing his thick cock to wedge itself even deeper between your moist lips. Almost immediately you feel him throb powerfully as his balls unleash their cargo, his rapidly twitching dick spewing thick ropes of warm semen all over your pussy and the inside of your spats. The feel of his cum slicked prick sliding back and forth against your clit brings you off too, and you join him in panting and erratic thrusting, grinding back against him as the two of you satisfy your urges. Soon its over, his softening prick resting between your cum drenched thighs. Normally it would have been quite the cleanup, but the tight polyester spats keep the mess completely contained between your legs. He's content to lay there, breathing hard, enjoying the slimy heat of your mutual orgasm around his member.

"That was so hot” your friend says before kissing you again. There's no rest for the weary. Despite having just cum she reaches down and massages his dick and your pussy through your wet spats.
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2 MB, 2255x3200
A few minutes of your friend's stimulation has him ready to go again. Your previous orgasmic releases make for good lubrication as he fucks your thighs again. You reach down and slide your hand down the front of your friend's spats. Its not fair that she isn't getting the favor returned. Now you can be happy all of you are going to get off.

This time its you who cums first, a trembling, nerve wracking affair as you gush more female released around the fat prick rubbing you. It takes all of your concentration to keep rubbing your friend and you strain you keep your thighs together tightly for his enjoyment as your body spasms.

He follows right after you, a loud moan as his cock starts to throb yet again, fresh splashes of semen squirting all over you and your spats. Your crotch is a swampy mess of sweat and cum as he rides the groove of your pussy for all its worth. Its quite impressive the number of throbs you feel as he continues to fill your spats with his sperm, considering he had just cum so soon before.

Your friend, aroused by the sounds of your mutual orgasms and your rubbing, soils her own spats with her female juices as your constant fingering of her clit brings her along for the ride. Her athletic body bucks against your finger as she rides out her intense release, pulling you in for an even deeper kiss and moaning into your mouth as she cums.

As you rest, still panting and sandwiched between your friend and tormentor, the camera clicks again. You're too tired to care. It takes a few moments before you can stand on trembling legs. You hear an appreciative whistle as you climb off the bed, the warm wetness from his cum trapped between your legs making the spats stick to your skin even tighter.
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He points to the mirror and you look. There's a huge dark wet spot on your grey spats. The entire crotch area all the way to your waistband is strained from his semen and your juices. Its so big it looks like you pissed yourself. As you pull the wet waistband away from your body and look down you can see the inside of your polyester attire and your smooth pussy lips completely coated with his slimy glistening semen. The nonabsorbent material gives it little room to soak in and dry, and yet the are spats too tight to let it all run down your legs, trapping it there. Its actually rather erotic the way the damp material contours to your pussy, showing off an amazing soaked cameltoe.

As you debate changing back to your street clothes and go to clean up he comes up behind you. He takes the waistband from your hand, letting it snap back into place against your skin. As you turn to him you notice the smug smile. You're sure you won't like whats next.

"Lets go out to dinner, the three of us. My treat. Although, I'm really hungry now. The two of you are dressed fine as is.”

You were right. As he leads you and your friend from the bedroom you feel how frictionless it is as your cum soaked thighs slide against each other as you walk. You do want to hit him. You can only hope none of the other customers notice the smell of cum emanating from your crotch as you eat.
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Source on image?
You still rock, anon. Dig how the guy got outplayed, at least for a while. Maybe the girls can force a reverse spitroast?
Did a part of the story get deleted ? 'cause that seems to be the case.

Anyway, great work anon, you gave me many fapps.
Apparently so. Here it is.

For a few days things calm down. Your friend has been trying to get you to go out for some of the female sports teams. You've resisted, fearful people would protest that a former male was taking advantage. Never mind the fact that you're actually 100% female in body now. People are never rational about that.

You eventually cave in and join. It is only after you agree to try out that you realize the bonuses. With practice after school you and your athletic accomplice can avoid your black mailer. He's more than a little annoyed that by the time practice is over his parents are home and he can't just drag you back there to molest you as he pleases. Its a bit of relief from your former schedule, instead of every day the two of you are only meeting up with him once or twice a week. You can easily handle that.

The other bonus was even more unexpected. While changing in the locker room, waiting for everyone else to leave you're approached by your friend. She starts to get changed next to you. You can't help but glance at her firm tanned body, and notice she's doing the same to you. One thing leads to another and before you know it you're against the locker, mostly nude, making out with her. A few seconds later you hear the buzzing of your phones as a text message pops up for each of you.

As you pause to check it you see that its from him. Upon opening it you're greeted by an image from last week. Your face goes red as its the one of your and your friend on your knees together, faces covered in cum. A glance over reveals your friend got the same text. There is an attached message.

“Practice canceled today due to weather concerns. My place in 30. Wear your uniforms” it reads.

You give your friend a look and sigh as she nods her head. The two of you finish changing and head to his house.
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>Warned for loli
>Pic wasn't even loli
>was Kancolle

Alrighty there mod.
you are such a lewd bunny
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You don't quite get a mouthful.
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zz2-TKNR cg04_11.png
654 KB, 800x600

Never thought I'd be into pure text stories but its pretty good.
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Waiting for that shit.
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You used to be so devout...
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You'll make a precious young mother.
Here you go!

Requesting something really hardcore!
I hope this is hardcore enough
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You try to muffle yourself witht he pillow, but of course they can all hear you scream anyway, and the mic on the camera is going to catch every single moan, too.
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why nazi??
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