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Hegre-Art produces the best erotic massage pornography in the world, hands down. It is shot in ultra-high resolution, and the best versions of the photos from Hegre can't be uploaded to /hc/.

I'm slightly frustrated with the apparent lack of good Erotic Massage porn on the internet. I'll dump a selection of the best I've found, with Hegre excluded. I'm hoping to receive some good suggestions for new sources. Contribute your favorite shots.
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I did a video search on Bing and Google and eventually found a series of videos with this girl. Her name is Kumiko. Best body I've seen in a massage vid.
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lets keep all the bullshit and impostory out of this one shall we
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again lets keep it real. Redheads are some of the most gorgeous women, usually extremely passionate in bed, the softest most sensual skin, with beautiful scarlet locs. Women should be cherished and respected. Also for those of you who find it a turn on to let "your woman" fuck other guys. I have come to the conclusion that the majority of you do this because you feel insufficient. You know that you can not provide this partner with what is needed to keep interest. This can be a sexual issue or just the fact that you cannot provide basic relationship needs so partners...
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If it involves a girl who is "taken" fucking someone else, it goes here. Pics, stories, whatever.
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Story time Part 2, the Continuation.

By this time, she had turned to me and was looking at me. Our eyes were locked in suspense. Her mom came back over a broken up message. We only heard the last part of what she said. That’s what the long pause was. She said again that she was happy that I was with her on her long trip home. I had worked with her mom since I was in high school and became a friend of the family over the years. I am sure she...
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I watched her walk to the shower. I walked outside and started unhooking things. As I walked around the back, I could hear the shower running. It was quiet, but I knew she was in there. I unplugged the shore power and rolled it into the locker. I glanced at the window and saw that the blinds were cracked. I looked around to see if anyone was visible. I leaned up against the side of the motorhome and peered inside. I saw that the shower curtain was shut. Shoot.

I heard the water stop and I quickly unhooked the sewer. I dumped and flushed in record time. After taking off...
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She stepped to the kitchen as I picked up a few things inside. I noticed her tight dark blue jeans. They fit her waist like yoga pants but had more texture and attitude. She made something small for breakfast. Her butt filled out the top of the jeans and showed up her hips. I started up the engine. It cranked for 30 seconds and then started. The dark blue jeans clung tight to her legs all the way down. I let it warm up for a few minutes while we continued working inside.

We pulled out and left the camp ground. I took the back way to avoid the pool area. She seemed happy...
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I stopped at a long turn out to use the restroom. I parked the rv and she woke up. She cracked her eyes and started to get up. I told her everything was ok. She looked up at me and smiled. I walked to the restroom. When I walked out, she was standing with a pair of pants and some boxers. She held them up and smiled. She must have noticed that I didn’t change after we swam. It felt like the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me.

I said thank you and reached for them. She pulled them away from me and sat them on the dinette table. She bent down and pulled my pants down. She looked up to me and said, there’s a first time for everyone in swimming. She rocked her head boastfully and stuck her jaw out some. She was gloating. She told me to get a towel from the closet. I reached back and got one. She dried me off everywhere. It was still damp between my legs from wearing the wet shorts in the driver’s seat.

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pictits (4).jpg
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your new fuckrag
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probably not going to post much, because i usually get assaulted by saying this isnt OC because I SAW IT SOMEWHERE ELSE HURRR

"OC" doesn't mean this is the first time ive ever posted it. ive been posting my gf for years.
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So you're reposting stuff you've been posting for years and calling it OC? Okay, terrific
i lolled hard...then commenced fapping
anyway verbalize your sexual fantasy's with the gal above = more the usual drill

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Last thread - >>>708440 Tons of links here.

Clothed or nude, gunge or food, enjoy!
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A few years ago, I was on a campaign trip for a charity I was active with. I was close with the family of the supervisor who ran the office in my region. We drove from the south west to the north east one summer in their small 1980s motorhome. It was one of those ugly tan ones with the front that looks like a van.

I was the treasury chair of my regions events. I went along with the supervisor, her son, and her daughter. She thought it would be fun to take her kids across the country. They were nearing the end of their high school terms and would soon be leaving for college....
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They found a flight that night but there were only 2 seats. They decided that the mom and son would fly back home to see the grandma in the hospital. We decided that the daughter and I would drive the motorhome back home, starting in the morning. They packed up there shit and I drove them to the airport. We dropped them off because this was post-911 and you can't really go anywhere inside if you aren't a passenger.

They left and said their goodbyes and well wishes. Blah Blah. Now it was just Alexis and I.
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So Alexis and I drive back to the rv park we were staying. I went to the office and told them we would be checking out in the morning. They refunded the charity the extra nights. They were nice.

Alexis and I made dinner and started talking about stuff. She was sort of afraid for her grandma in the hospital but wasn't sad about it much. We talked about death and getting old and she said she had talked to her grandma about it before, and that's one of the reasons why her brother went home.

We started talking about everything. We talked about letting her drive the motorhome for part of the trip because it was just her and I now. Her mom and I were driving on the way there. Alexis had her drivers license for a year but didn't feel comfortable driving the motorhome. I told her I would help her learn to drive it tomorrow after we got out of the city and on the more open roads.
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We kept talking all night about different things. We didn't go to bed until about midnight. I tried to keep Alexis talking and active so she wouldn't be thinking of her mom and brother on their way home.

We talked about her graduating high school and going to college. Talked about her swim team. Talked about her friends. Talked about not getting any boyfriends, etc etc. I was 21 and was in the middle of my college career. I told her about college and how it really is. Told her it's best not to party all the time and how to live well in dorms or on your...
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I know they're out there, the more personal the better c;
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Definitely need the video.>>738596

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for shits and giggles
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File: orgasminglesbian.webm (3 MB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
thanks op!
sauce ?
slow motion is cool, more of this ?

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I'll start off with some OC
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Because I feel like sharing
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