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Amateur Milfs and there stories
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I'm a pretty young (22) guy that stays fit from sports and considers myself decently attractive. Hence I've dated my fair share of girls my age but never found the rush of sneaking around with a milf you're not supposed to be with.

Let's share our pics and the stories behind our encounters with these lovely mature women.

This pretty one, I met on a work mingle. We did some casual flirting during the event and then some sexting before we spent a couple nights together. At 47 and 2 kids she was still tight and flexible and liked it rough in all possible ways.
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Will continue with more Milfs and their stories if interest
Keep going!!
Very interested, please keep sharing the stories
I wish I was in your shoes
This reality of yours is dream
Please more
There's a lot of interest here. Please keep going.
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Okey, so I'm a youth coach and true that I've met a fair share of mothers. This 43y one traveled with the team I was assisting one a cup across the country. She was recently divorced and made some subtle notes towards me.

After coming home she started a conversation regarding her sons absence from training but we quickly strayed. Met her for coffe after work in the city and after 20 min she was on her knees in an alley swallowing me. Spent a lot of nights that summer in her bed and damn she was horny. She liked it rough and bondage or toys where often involved.

Sadly she didn't like pictures...
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New to 4chan so forgive me for formatting or w/e. Feel free to share you aswell
What was her seduction technique, how did you guys make it out to the alley? And were you guys just like making out and she dropped to her knees and unzipped your fly? Did she ever take it on the face for you? Love these stories and pictures man. The asian is my favorite so far.

What a Fucking slut!
Don't have pics, but I fucked a 34 (lost my virginity to her) and a 44yo I met off okcupid. Tbh both were mediocre and there were no second times.
At 22 my long time GF left me for another guy after 8yrs, lost my ego. One night I was in a club with a friend, there was an 80s party. I just ordered a beer then a nice blonde woman talked to me. She looked like middle 20's. I started dancing with her and drank a few tequilas. I asked her if she would come with me for having a last beer in my flat she said "I can't I have a cat at home". Gave her my mobile number, the next day she texted that she is 35 and got a kid, I was very surprised about that. Didn't know how to react because I have never thought about this situation, just asked "does he like Batman?" Two weeks later her son "Romeo" had a weekend at his daddy, so we met in a small bar, had a few drinks, went to her flat and then I made her cum four times. We had a nice party affair for about a half year, she showed me some adult stuff like anal and spanking. One day she asked me if I want to meet her son. I said "no thank you", banged her one last time and then blocked her at WhatsApp. It was a nice experience
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She always found a reason to touch me while talking, asked questions like "how can you not have a gf?" and other small things I guess. We were taking a coffe in the old parts of my city and decided to take a walk. We strayed abut from the rest of tourist and dinner parties that was out and started making out, she quickly slid her hand inside my jeans so I grabbed her hair and she willingly dropped on her knees with an open mouth. Within sight of 50 apartment windows and 20m from a busy walking street.

She didn't like me to cum inside either pussy or ass so always on her or in her mouth. Her face was often covered ;)
God that's sooo hot, thanks for the extra details! Wish I could plaster her face with my cum too, very glad to hear you did many times.
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Tomorrow nights pleasure, 51y 2child mother who found out her ex cheated on her and now "want to try something new". Lives close by and met each other plenty thru her sons football and at the local shops.

Been chatting and teasing in before of tomorrow's class of whine at hers. Any ideas on how she wants it? (Your fantasies is welcomed aswell)
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Hope it went well, anon.
>be me 16
>working in the garden of my partens neighbour
>she was 41 but very attractive
>i'm a sportsman so i'm fit and attractive, also summer so sweat a lot
>dreamed off fucking her a couple of times
>that day in the afternoon she brought me a beer after i finished my work
>she told me that i could shower myself to get clean before leaving
>kinda confused because my home was nearby
>i agreed and she gave me a towel
>while washing myself i heard the door opened up
>thought was the wind because windows were open
>turned my back to the door and washed my hair
>then i saw her looking around the corner to watch me because her mirroring in the chrom-faucet
>i act like i didnt noticed her and she goes away after 2-3 minutes


>after the shower i went into the living room to say her i would leave now
>she said she made dinner for me and would be mad when i leave before, so i staid
>during the dinner we talked about diferent things
>at the end she asks me if theshower was refreshing and if i'm good
>i answered that i'm fine
>time was running out and i had to leave now
>i went to her and wanted to hug her for goodbye
>she huged me and gave me an awesome kiss and puts her tounge in my mouth
>was the greatest kiss in my life till then
>she said goodbye and that she has more work to do if i'm interested
>i was very cunfused and turned on so i replied a short yes and leaved

yes! moar
Just tell the whole story, you don't need permission to continue each post.
Start posting the entire story you fagmaggot.
>She didn't like me to cum inside either pussy or ass

So I assume she let you fuck raw, and anal?
well, then you suck...take some photos-faggot-prove you are a man

She's smoking hot. I'd take that all night and all day. Lucky guy!
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Got two MILF stories.

So, back in 2013, I was on the rebound from a pretty shitty break up. (Bitch just decided to distance herself and cut communication from me, found out from a friend that she just had issues with relationships, despite her being the one who asked me out), anyways, I was messing around on okcupid and craigslist just hooking up.

In late October, I responded to an ad on craigs for a threesome. A guy was looking for guys to gang bang his lady. He had some pics of her up and she was this nice thick curvy milf (47 years old), and I'd had a milf fantasy for awhile so I said fuck it lets go. I'll try a gang bang.

He had her choose all the people she responded to, so I responded with pics, my number, etc. and a couple days later, I got a text from her saying she was interested in me so we met up at a local park and went for a walk and talked and just broke the ice.

We actually hit it off ok, and didn't sugar coat shit either, we got to know each other a little (she had a son two years younger than me, I was 22 at the time), and she let me know what was going on with other guys she messaged. She pretty much said I was the only normal guy she'd met so far/guy she was comfortable with (apparently she'd met up with some cheaters and weirdos).

So, we made out for a minute before leaving and she said she'd keep in touch and we could sext or send pics to each other and just keep in touch.

So a couple weeks pass and we text through most of November and around thanksgiving she tells me that I'm still the only guy who shes been chill with and shes just had nothing but duds and that shes really sorry I've had to wait.

So I just ask her, hey would your man care if we just fucked on our own. So she asked and he said he was fine with it.
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So we met up after I got off work one night early in december and parked at a local bus station with 24 hour free parking. I got in her car (Nissan Altima) and we drove around for a bit and found a dark corner of a Wal Mart parking lot. We got in the back seat and started making out and feeling each other up and eventually were naked with all our clothes on the front seat. She started to blow me and got me to nut a lot faster than I thought. She didn't mind though, she had me eat her out until I was hard again and then I fucked her. It was a little awkward in the back of a standard car but we made it work. She didn't care either, she just really seemed to enjoy me and the fact that I was excited to be with a fantasy woman. A couple random commercial trucks drove by but we never worried if we were being watched, never saw any cop cars either. She wouldn't get off my dick until I nutted inside her either (had her tubes tied)

Either way, we finished and it was probably some of the best sex of my life. We sit and redress and its not really an awkward silence, just a quiet satisfaction. And I tell her she can call me any time and we make out when we get back to my car in the bus lot and go our ways home.

So, I basically had free milf pussy for the foreseeable future, but remember how I said I was still kind of on the rebound from my ex. I never mentioned that to her since I didn't want it to be a buzz kill. But, I was admittedly a little emotionally unstable, and for what ever reason, when I got home, I started crying. It sucks and maybe I'm a huge fucking pussy but what ever.

The next morning I texted her, told her how amazing the night before was but also that I just didn't think I was ready for more and that I was more of a commitment type guy and she said it was fine and not to worry and we just stopped talking
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A week goes by and I feel hard regret about that so I try to text her and see if shes still down but she said no, which, I don't blame her at all.

It's been 3 years and I'm currently in a very happy relationship, dating my best friend who I'm probably going to marry. But holy fuck, do I have some buried regret about that situation. I was such a bitch and should have just kept hitting it till something came along but I pussed out hard.

Sorry no better pics of her. Deleted all the nudes I had a long time ago.


This next story is a lot shorter and not really much to talk about since I don't have pics to go along with

Had an okcupid a year and a half ago (early 2015) when I was still single (started dating current gf in end of 2015).

So, out of curiosity I started flirting with any milfs I could message on there. I was 24 at the time so sometimes I got messaged about me being too young but other times I got some bites. I went on a few casual dates with some milfs there.

Most ended up just not feeling it. But one was just curious, she wasn't much to talk about in the looks department but I could tell she was down to fuck. So we met up one night and just talked, eventually just made out and she sucked me off.

Told me I should come to her place next week

So I go meet up at her apartment, we talk and drink a bit (she was a whole bottle of wine in by the time I arrived) and eventually make out and start fucking. Was nice to have a place to do it in. But it was nothing special really. I was banging two other girls at the time from okcupid and having ad a third to the mix was stressful so I just cut it off. Honestly, she wasn't that attractive, just very plain but her horny personality was enough to get me to try it.

I don't even remember what her name was, last time I had an okc I couldn't find her either.

Definitely wouldn't want to either. Was just something that happened.

Now that I'm committed I'll probably never fuck a milf again unless I warm my lady up to the idea of a threesome. She knows I have a thing for MILFs but I don't think she'd ever be ok with sharing me like that. It's fine, just something I struggle with now.

It's all good
CougarLife experiences?

Didn't find out about it till I was in a committed relationship
I've been with my milf for going on 5 years now, we met when i was 18 and she was 36, she was my neighbor and my little brother was friends with her son. she was outside doing yardwork or someshit and i went over and started flirting, we ended up drinking together a couple of days later and hit it off, the next day we fucked within the first ten minutes of seeing each other. I felt like i hit the lottery , she looks like a "Milf version of katy perry"
>Now that I'm committed I'll probably never fuck a milf again
Or you could just you know....stay committed to your wife. You are aware what milfs are and that they don't grow on farms anon?
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