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MFM/Hotwife/cuckold/swinger thread
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If it involves a girl who is "taken" fucking someone else, it goes here. Pics, stories, whatever.
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> Start dating girl
> Blonde, hourglass figure, big tits
> Things going well
> She's always getting calls from guys
> about 2 months in she explains that they are guys she used to hook up with.
> She had 8 guys who hit her up from time to time for booty calls
> She'd been ignoring them since we started dating
> I'm super turned on that she's such a slut
> I tell her she can fuck them
> Sometimes I join in, sometimes watch, sometimes she tells me after the fact.
> We have been together for two years and she fucks other guys frequently.
Lol be honest, she's a cubby. That's so typical of them, all sluts in my experience
what is that?
I'm guessing it was a typo of chubby.

>Share girl a few times after dirty talking about it for a year
>Each time not as good as the last
>Now we CBF with online sites, want to have a steady friend banging her if we ever do it again
>Randoms are too hit and miss to be worth the effort
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let my ex pop this dudes cherry while she was studying abroad, on the condition she record it and take pics.
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>what are STDs?
so post the video
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No less chance they have something than any person in a bar or club. Or any singles that you find on a dating site. That's why you use protection. If you're that paranoid, get them to do a test and provide you the result, some couples do...
uploaded it awhile ago
motherless -625E6D3
bumping in the hopes that the original poster of


will see the thread and make a triumphant reutrn
please post some more oc of this
That was me posting the last webm. I've posted them heaps already or at least that's my perspective. Not sur eon how many new visitors come through here...I might post my previously posted "first time" story instead for now. You can find the rest of the massage and bedded webms on one of the chan archive sites. I used to post under the name ItCameFrom4Chan.

>begin ctrl+c ctrl+v
>no greentext

I'd been talking dirty to my gf for a year about threesomes...started with suggesting dildos during sex, when she was mentally clear, busy really getting off from my cock in her..."I bet you'd love a fat dildo stretching your pussy lips too...". Whisper things like that right into her ear, all hot breath etc. Be convincing, strong. Positive reinforcement (say it during her intense pleasure) goes a long way over time. You have to be able to get your girl to be putty in your hands already though, I can't teach you that. I also love to tease a lot, borderline mean at times. Getting her begging for it is great fun and also I think opens their mind to the depravity you wish to share. >;)

As I said this went on for a year or so, first sex toy talk (and bought some dildos/vibes along the way) and then telling her that I bet she'd like to take the dildo and my cock at the same time, or swapping back from one to the other, the fatter dildo stretching her wider and pushing deeper each time, then sliding it out and her pussy back onto my cock again just as it gets too much...after that had become well accepted fantasy talk I made the bold move...possibly doggy style as it's not as much romantic as it is primal sweaty thrusting, deeply, claiming her cunt ("make it YOURS!" she'd say)... While railing her I suggested it..."I bet you'd love to feel another hard wet cock inside your pussy at the same time as mine, both pistoning in and out in alternating rhythms, fucking you mercilessly and making your naughty little pussy cream all over both of them, you dirty girl!" ... hot.
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You better not bring that out too early or when they are not gagging for it or you risk shocking them (unless you are lucky and they are already that open minded).

So anyway I knew she liked the idea when she made a nice deep ERRRGHHHH grunt sound while I was half way through the description, lol. More dirty talk along the same lines and making her cum really hard. Don't recall if I came, probably but it's not the point. Didn't mention it after sex unless she brought it up. Eventually during sex I managed to get a finger in on her G Spot whilst my cock was in her which is something I'd never tried before. I have slim fingers and average cock (length & girth). This then allows you to add the physical element. Fucking her with your cock as well as rubbing her G spot with your fingers. We still have some of the hottest sex like this. It's tiring for me though, either kneeling over her missionary style or her on her back and me on the side with hand on top...and now even one under her body rubbing her ass! But I digress...
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Enough time passes and it becomes a valid topic outside the bedroom. Just fantasy talk of course, playful. Our anniversary came along and for a month or so I had been asking her what she thought of random guys around the place, at the shops etc, did she find them cute...we were eating dinner and she confessed the young waiter (we were late twenties, he probably 21-23) was quite hot. A few cheeky grins over dinner and we retire to the hotel room upstairs...as we're starting foreplay and she's getting worked up I tell her a story about "what if we'd asked him to deliver our leftovers up to our room...he would be knocking right now and you could tell him to come in while I'm eating your pussy like this, your legs spread for him to get a great view of your swollen clit". She grabbed my head and practically mashed my face to her pussy. As I'd come up for air to give her a dirty look she said these words to me..."I want to have a threesome." Me: "Mmmmmhmmm!" Her: "No, like a real threesome".

Oh baby. Did we fuck that night...
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We made a profile on some adult dating sites, I did a photo shoot for her at home, probably a hundred shots, picked the best couple and posted them up (pic related)...started messaging and dirty chatting. She was timid at first now that real guys were involved but soon warmed up and was even screwing herself with toys and sex chatting while I was out of the house...she was really losing the guilt over her natural sexuality (she was quite vanilla before me!).

We had the usual flakes at this point, people that abruptly didn't return messages and shit...probably married. Sucks when you are dirty talking and they disappear...eventually we found a guy that chatted nice, was available regularly and seemed genuine. We met him for a drink one weekend in a Perth garden bar to see if the chemistry was there in person. Early 30's bloke. Landscaper or something physical like that. Tanned, ok body. Small chat for a bit, talking about our sex lives and whatnot...a couple of "sometimes you just gotta take the plunge" comments lol. He left to go to the bathroom which upon returning he said was our chance to split if we wanted so he was glad we stayed. Eventually after an hour or so he just asked the question...so should we get a hotel room? I looked at my girl and she just said it was up to me...I said...yeah :)

He paid for the room. We headed up the lift to the room (bellboy must have known what was going on...) and she went to freshen up in the bathroom. Him and I took the chance to discuss any rules. I suspected I would get some mad stage fright, and told him if he had the same issue not to worry, we had all night. I'd read many posts that first times could be nerve wracking.

She came out and I forget how we started actually...sat her on the bed and began gentle touching and caressing probably, massage etc to get used to the sensation of 4 hands. Slowly the clothes start to come off...she's in her bra and panties and getting rubbed allll over. I can see she's getting quite wet...her eyes are closed the entire time this is happening. She's nervous too. I strip off her underwear and she's totally naked...he's touching her bare pussy with his hands for the first time...she's softly moaning and starting to writhe around on the hotel bed...things are going very nicely, he's going slowly like we talked about. She's loosening up figuratively and literally...she's opening her eyes now. She points out we aren't naked yet and that's not fair...I strip to boxers, he's got jeans on still.

Just watching the first video now...he's filming, I'm kissing her on her mouth and body. She's joking about how she used to be so innocent before me, not even played with herself...lol. I take the camera from him. He comes to caress her body and I mesh my fingers in hers...he moves up and cups her breast, playing with the nipple, starts to kiss her. She's closed her eyes again. I move away and he starts kissing down her body...eventually getting to her shaved pussy lips...her eyes stay shut this whole time. Short raspy breaths from her mouth are clearly audible as he gently licks her...moans as he takes her in his mouth. I'm holding her hand again (lovely French nails she had done for this).
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She's loving it and keeping her eyes shut gently. He moves up and lays against her, pressing his jeans into her wet crotch, more kissing...I step back to enjoy the show as some gentle tunes play on the hotel TV music station (good to have on in the background).

He kneels between her legs and pulls her thighs onto his, she arches her back so fucking sexily...he pulls her up so she's straddling him as he kneels in his jeans. He reaches under her bare ass and touches her lips more. She's bucking against him, running her hands through her hair, smiling at me...slapping her hand on his back suddenly...I guess he's fingering her but I can't see.

I can see the absolute desire written on her face now. That look where she has her eyes closed, slightly furrowed brow, jaw slightly open, breathing through her open mouth. My hand is on her thigh and she's holding it there while she straddles him. They are kissing and he asks her softly "would you like some cocks to play with...?" She falls back onto the bed embarrassed :)

No videos now (pic from earlier in the night) but I do recall that she then got fingered rather well by him and his strong hands. She squirted for the first time from this. Like me, he's no stranger to it so we are both highly amused when she says it feels like it's raining in here (a few drops flew up onto her). Good times...there is more oral and hands but what I had talked to him about before might have jinxed him as neither of us were hard, as dumb as that sounds. She's smoking hot and into it but we're so focused on her pleasure that we can't relax (or at least that's my issue). She gets tired of cumming and we all collapse on the bed for a rest.

After a bit of chat about how good things are going, he gets up and heads out for some fresh air and a night cap at a bar up the street. We fall asleep in the king bed together.

About an hour or two later I stir slightly, he's returned. lights are off and I'm not sure if she is awake. He gets undressed and hops in the bed. She stirs a bit. She's in between the two of us, facing me...a minute goes by and I feel the most gentle movement and can hear something. I realise sleepily that he is caressing her. She has a nice gap between her upper thighs...I'm later told that he was in fact touching her pussy and she was moving gently, rocking on his hand, before he placed the head of his hardening cock between her thighs.
God I wish this was on video...he begins rubbing her bare lips with his bare cock. They are both getting very horny over this. She bucks against him. I'm now aware that they are getting quite active next to me so I'm kissing her and squeezing her fantastic tits, gently. She loves it, I can tell from her breathing.

She tells him to get a condom on so he does right away. I am wide awake now and watching them together in the dim room...wow it's really about to happen...They are possibly under the sheets as I don't remember seeing him first enter her. This was about 3 years ago now. What I do recall was just about passing out when I saw his cock physically inside her pussy.

They are missionary. It was almost an out of body experience, my eyes and brain were arguing with each other about if it was reality. I thought I'd be comfortable and horny out of my mind when we did it but be careful what you wish for I guess! It was hard to believe. I grabbed the digital camera and filmed. The gasps were coming with each thrust of his cock about every second, as she grabbed at his arms and back. I got my phone for a light source and realised how incredibly wet she was when it caught the light!
File: First Time Wetness.webm (3 MB, 686x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I realised I had HD recording on my phone so changed over and got this nice view as they moved to a sitting up position, just like she was straddling him in before when he still had jeans on. Webm related
File: ItCameFromWebM(HD).webm (1 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
She rode him so fucking sexily I cannot begin to describe it. Seeing her body moving like that, raw sexuality, and knowing she is such an innocent person doing such a dirty thing is just incredible. I love this girl, no denying it, she is entertaining my fantasy and sharing it now too.

They rolled over to have her on top, which is where pic related cock in pussy close up clip of her working it is from. Look how lovely and pink her pussy lips are, so clearly aroused. How wet his condom and cock are from her being so fucking horny. She then lay flat on him, fucked herself against his body for a good 2 minutes and made herself cum on another cock for the first time in over 2 years. Wow.
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The expressions on her face as she was fucking his cock and making herself cum were intense. Staring right into the camera as she did it, a look of exquisite pain on her beautiful face. In a perfect world I could share that with you but you'll need to imagine it. I know I love seeing other women's faces in their home videos too!
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She didn't move for another minute, just enjoying the orgasm and kissing him, whispering things to him that I still can't make out on the video :) We all lay down and relaxed again.

After a few minutes I got up to shower myself quickly, setting the scene for my favourite part of the night! 5 minutes later as I was drying myself off I opened the door to the ensuite and realised I could her them gently going at it. This was super hot. They had started fucking when I was not in the room to watch.

We hadn't discussed this at all but I found it very exciting, probably what gave my brain the cuck tendencies it now has. She later told me that it was very fucking hot for her when they started playing with me in the next room unaware, the feeling of being so naughty really made her wet.

When I came out and they saw me, she started fucking him much faster. I grabbed the phone to record it. The noises that came out of her mouth were fantastic. Grunts, squeals, screams into the pillow to avoid waking other patrons (it was about 3am). I once posted a video of this which I took back down after she got very angry. Those who've seen it seem to love it too. He really jackhammered her, slapping thighs against her ass at full pace.
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She rapidly came and after a few slow let down pumps he let her off his cock and she collapsed on the bed again...I told her how fucking hot it was coming out to see that they had started alone.

We fell asleep and ate breakfast together in the hotel upper floors. That is more or less the story of the first MFM we ever had and it remains my favourite for that reason. Corrupting her in a way to give in to her animal instincts was a once in a relationship experience, once in a lifetime in fact.
What is her name?
any more pics/ webms?
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From chatting to guys online
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