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post your stories and or pics ;)
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>Be me 14, live alone with just my Mom
>Mom works long hours, has to for money, works at a private doctors hospital thing
>I usually get home from school around 4pm, Mom usually got home a few hours after me(unless pulling a night shift)
>One day, we had a replacement teacher because normal one was sick, replacement teacher 9/10, super hot
>Think about her all day, am 14 so only been fapping for just over a year
>When I get home, am still horny, but don't think about it, end up just playing some PS2 in the living room
>Am sitting on floor, controller held on my lap/close to my crotch
>Get to point in game where a certain action I do vibrates controller like mad
>Feel vibes in dick, get insta hard, horniness of day comes rushing back, start thinking about teacher
>Decide to fap, but instead use the controller
>Take off pants, lay back a bit and hold controller to my dick vibrating continuously
>Never felt anything like this before, am in Heaven
>feel orgasm coming on
>just before I begin cumming, living room door opens wide, Mom standing there, I begin to cum cuz was too far in to stop, cum shoots onto floor
>Mom stands watching whole time, after I finish she just exclaims "Wow! That was a big one!" she apologizes and tells me to clean up and help for dinner as she closes the door.
>Am in some sort of shock, realize it wasn't that bad, put pants back on, mop up cum with my sock
>Rest of night goes normally, end up shrugging it off like 'whatever'

>Next day, get home from school a little earlier
>Mom had morning shift off, but was working later that day
>So come home to the usual empty house
>Enter my room like usual, except this time there is a box on my bed
>Open up box, find note, along with a variety of items

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omg post more!
>a shoehorn
>20 lbs of potting soil
>the complete works of Omar Khayyam
>two AAA batteries
>and about tree fiddeh in change


>Items included: box of tissues, bottle of lube, bunch of loose mix and matched condoms (presumably from the 'free' bowl at her work), and at the bottom were 3 magazines (all big titted themed) for some reason I guess she thought I liked big tits, im not complaining, and finally a cheap porno dvd big tit themed also, was mostly softcore titty play, oil etc was amazing at 14
>Note said something like: "Hey I found a few things I think will help you out! Try keep to your room and not the living room with your controller!" it went on saying something about how she was gonna be home late or something signed with a winky face.
>Me, biggest boner ever from going through this box, horny as fuck, push my door a bit more closed after retrieving PS2 from living room and hooking it up to a tiny tv in my room so can watch porno.
>Get naked, pop dvd on, loud volume cuz home alone, lube up and start fapping like ive never fapped before
>lost track of time, turns out Mom had got home sometime during this fapathon, but never disturbed me (later found out she was outside my door listening for a few mintues), but didn't care, too busy fapping my days away
>After that, she kept buying me magazines every now and again, and restocking my tissues, lube and condoms (not sure why condoms, she said I should use them to masturbate with, which I did, but still), once in a blue moon she'd bring home a new dvd for me, each one getting more explicit, but still big tit themed, i never said anything
>When i turned 16 she said it was about time I got the real stuff, and she gave me 3 dvds, a lesbian one, a generic straight porno, and the last one she held before giving it to me, and said "this is a little different, but I think you'll really enjoy it" or something like that, was a big ass anal dvd, after that, went to room, popped on the anal one, and fapped furiously...
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mfw Mom vaguely looks like Jordan Carver but with smaller tits

Feel free to ask any questions or whatever! I'll be here for a long time! <3
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lol just realised what i said...obviously my mom would have smaller tits than JC....but yea, she still looks like her in some ways <3

also, not really wincest, but we did do some wincesty type shet...will post later <3
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Will post stories from other Anon's that I saved:

>Be me, 14
>Am home alone
>Go into office, only live with Mom
>Put on some anal porn
>Take pants off, begin fapping
>Been edging for a little bit
>Mom swings open door
>I freak the fuck out
>She calmly walks over and tells me not to freak out
>Am frozen, so pants still off
>She watches some of the porn
>Leaves room
>Try to catch breath again, heart pounding
>Start to pull pants back up
>Mom re-enters the room in a rush, telling me to leave my pants down, I panic again, freeze
>She has box of condoms with her
>Takes one out, asks if I know what this is, what to use it for
>We have quick discussion, all while my pants are still down, dick still hard as porn is still playing...
>She says some other shit, then gets on her knees
>Pulls condom out of packet, am confused and still in shock
>She tells me to close my eyes, don't know why, but I do anyway
>Feel her start rolling condom down my dick
>As it's just about on, I start to cum, out of no where, must've been cuz I was edging before, and having someone else touch my dick
>She says a few 'wow's and 'that was a big one' she then taps my dick, gets up smiling and leaves the room
>Me sitting there, condom on, just came in front of my mom, porn blaring, in shock
>Nothing like this ever happens again, but she just occasionally would ask if I still masturbated and if I was cumming ok...always was weird when she asked..other than that, was pretty normal from then on

Description of Mom:
>Big tits
>Average weight
>Very attractive
>was 34 at time
>Nice ass too

The day it happened she was wearing a low hanging shirt so max cleavage and tight pants...
Another one:

>Be 19
>Mom long asleep
>Sister out for the night
>Put a porno on my tv in my room, headphones
>Lay back naked, lights off, only the tv illuminates the room a little
>Do this thing where I close my eyes and just like to fap while listening to the porn noises
>About to cum
>Open eyes as Im cumming to watch it shoot out
>Corner of eye sees my door is slightly open
>Sisters head is poking through, freak out as im cumming
>Start scrambling around, jizz flying everywhere
>She says something like 'turn the noise down' then leaves
>Heart pounding
>Next day, turns out she was at a party, and got dropped home cuz uber drunk

mfw she doesn't remember anything/or at least pretends not too
mfw I found dried cum stains in weird places of my room 1 month later

not really wincest^^^ but being caught fapping is just as fun!
that being said, feel free to also post stories about being caught fapping by family etc!!!
This is my story though, just to stop confusion <3
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where OP at yo?
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could you share the story of your mom sucking your dick one time?
been very curious as to what happened
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I shall later buddy :) after thread gets rolling, ill type it up over the next hour for ya, and it's not as exciting as you think!
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my aunt. Fondled her tits and ass when she was passed out. I used to watch her shower and change.
Never change, hajeeds.
any questions though while we wait for this to pick up?
>shoot your sperm

underage caption. ruined fap
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More... Please continue!>>770642
>be 13
>live with my mom and two sisters
>we live next to my grandmas house
>it's a big property, two other houses and a few acres of land
>A main road and different houses on the sides
>our shower is fucked, all the pipes in the house need work
>have to take showers in grandmas house
>she doesn't like me taking showers there
>mom and sisters are ok
>mom suggest i ask my aunt who lives a house down if i can use her shower
>she lives alone, never married 40 year old
>I ask her, she saya I can take showers there whenever i want
>the next day after school and practice, I go home get my shit and go to her house
>take a normal shower, her shower is huge the size of a small room three damn shower heads
>take long shower
>come out dressed, aunt is watching tv drinking wine or something
>"thanks aunt ana"
>"whenever you want to take a shwoer just come by anon, you know the door is almost always open"
>its the weekend, i don't shower fsat or sunday
>it's monday morning i decide to take a shower before school
>wake up early go to aunts house
>I knock a few times, i decide to try the door
>it's open, i go in close the door behind me
>i walk towards the bathroom
>I pass her door, it's semi open
>she is definitely in there I can hear her
>I peek thru the door
>There she is, my dear aunt on all fours with her ass on the air fucking herself with a dildo
>she is also rubbing her clit
>I freeze, don't know what to do, too mesmerized to look away
>I stay there a good three minutes
>boner, slowly walk to shower, slam the door behind me
>i hear her jump from the bed
>I start running the shower
>she runs to the bathroom door "anon is that you?"
>"oh my god you scared the crap out of me anon, i was i was sleeping"
>..... dont know what to say "yeah i saw" ... fuck
>"ahh I saw the door was unlocked and just walked in to take a shower
>"Ok anon, you want breakfast? I know my sister never feed you guys anything before school"
Here's a small story of me and my JC Mom:

>Was winter
>Our house is small, cold, old
>Mom and I watching tv around 9pm
>Next to eachother on couch
>Mom wearing her silk dressing gown, no idea what beneath
>"Anon, would you like a hot drink?"
>She got up, tits giggling, before she left, she bent over to scratch her leg, silk clinging to her tight ass
>Semi Boner
>She comes back with drinks, we drink them, small talk, tv watch
>After she finishes her drink, she says she is still cold and wants to huddle with me, so she scooches up the couch and lays between my legs, put my arms around her stomach
>Have full view down her gown, she's wearing a thin lacy night shirt
>Move my arms to readjust myself
>She sneakily pulls open her gown revealing the nighty
>She puts my arms back on her stomach, feel her breathing and heartbeat
>She lets out a sigh and says she's still cold
>I'm like, well that makes two of us
>Few mins later, she stretches back into me, simultaneously places my hands on her breasts and hold them there
>Im like 'hey what you--'
>Get cut of by her shushing me, says its ok and just leaves them there, i dont complain
>Feel her rock hard nips through her nighty
>She starts moving her hands, thus mine as they are resting on my hands
>She starts making me squeeze her breasts, they felt amazing, huge and amazing!
>Insta huge boner, she can feel it
>Starts grinding her back/ass against my crotch
>After awhile of massaging her tits, now below her nighty, she was rubbing between her crotch as i pinch her nipples
>I eventually came in my boxers from her grinding, she could feel it
>She sits up and kisses my forehead, says that heated her up somewhat, then said goodnight and went to bed
>Night went on, and that was that

I'm >>770638 anon, in case you're wondering!
continue please <3
>get out of shower
>we eat breakfast together in silence

>a week pass by, i notice my aunt starts hugging me more, she also stops wearing a bra around the house
>I can see her nipples poking thru her shirt all the time
>we have meals together, she starts being indiscreet with me telling me about her life her boyfriends and about sex
>she starts using the words dick, pussy, fuck cum in her stories and conversation
>i starts jerking off to my dear aunt And her stories
>one morning, i decide its time for another early shower
>I go to her house, i knock she opens the door
>"anon, youre early again, but you know what I'm about to take a shower too"
>I go inside "it's ok i guess i can wait aunt"
>"hmmm no you will be late for school, hmmmm this sucks... how about both just go in, the shower is pretty big"
>I don't know if im cool with it
>"its ok just don't tell anybody, you keep on one side and i'll be on the other"
>"ok sounds good aunt"
>we go to the shower,
>she starts getting undress, i just watch
>she looks at me form the corner of her eye
>"its ok anon, it's just a womans body you'll be learning all about it in a few years don't worry"
>I watch as she takes off her bra, her big full tits fall majestically
>she takes off hre shorts and panties
>I stare at her big bush
>"i need to shave " she said casually running her hand over her pubic hair
>she starts the shower, "well anon get undressed if you wanna take a shower"
>I start getting undressed a little embarrassed
>she just goes right into the shower looking at me the whole time
>I take off pants and boxers, my boner comes out proud and waving
>"cmon anon you can be on this side" she says pointing to the opposite side of the shower
>I go in facing the wall giving her my back
>She just continues taking a shower
>I decide the best thing to do is to get it over with and get dressed
>I shampoo my hair
>I look for the bar soap, its not there
>"its over here anon" she says
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Both of you continue please!
any questions? :)
no questions, just post the stories pls
>damn she has the soap
>I cross the shower to get it, now im under the same shower head as her
>instead of giving it to me, she turns around
>"anon before you go, why don't you do my back, yeah?"
>she hands me the soap,
>I stare at her ass in front of me, "hmmm ok"
>I start washing her back slowly, i ge tinto it do it all over her shoulders all the way to her ass crack
>massive boner
>"it's ok anon do it all the way down, my ass needs to the clean too" she says laughing a little
>I start washing lower and lower until im full on grabbing her ass with the soap on my hand
>I grab each cheek and squeeze, I start using my other hand over her soapy ass, i run my hand thru her ass cheeks
>she leans back a little, my dick touches her ass, she looks back and smiles
>she take a step back towards me, my dick is pushed to the side by her ass, her back is on my face she is taller than me
>she takes my hands reaching back and directs them to her tits
>"these too anon"
>by that point im going insane, i adjust my body so my dick is pointing up resting on her ass
>I start to "wash" her tits i grad the nipple, massage the big sacks
>she moves one of my hands down down to her pussy
>i just take the hint and start "washing" her pussy
>I'm basically just rubbing the soap up and down her crotch
>she starts to moan
>"all that will be gone " she says referring to her pubic hair
>in like 5 mins i go all over her body from her pussy to her tits to her ass
>"it's your turn anon"
>she turns around. " turn around anon"
>she takes the soap from my hand
>" i turn around, she does the same thing I did starts washing my back
>she is not shy, she washes my shoulders all thew way down to my ass
>she leans her head on my shoulder and moves her hands to my chest
>she makes soapy water run down to my erect dick
>"well we can't send you to school like that anon"
>she moves her hand down to my dick
>she makes her hand soapy and grabs my dick
>"oh shit its very hard anon"
please tell me this is true <3
>her other hand holds my balls and the soap
>she starts jerking me off
>I just leanmy head back and moan
>She is going at it, jerking me fast
>"cum for me anon, cmon"
>i'm over the edge
>i tense up, and start cuming, i shoot my load across the shower
>she says "ahh omg" after each stream
>she slows down as i finish
>"very nice anon, but you can do better"
>I just stand there
>"Ok now get out and get ready for school" she says "im going to finish showering"
>as I leave she holds her hand to her face level looking at the remains of my cum that ran down her palm
>I get ready and leave for school, she was still in the shower when i left
100% anon, i never told anyone. the incident didn't affect me or anything, to the contrary my aunt gave me the confidence to talk to girls
hey OP, is me, I do have quite a few stories to tell you over the course of this thread...before that 'caught fapping' thread I was 'scared' or worried about posting these things, thinking people would hate me for the 'incest' degree of what me and my Mom did those years ago, I was hiding some facts, let's just say we did a lot more than just a blowjob ;) will post the stories soon, once I have them in order
File: 1430200710283.jpg (302 KB, 1920x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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wow :) like me, the incidents haven't affected me either, haven't told anyone until these threads, I'm with you bruh! It is somewhat the greatest feeling, being taken care of by an older woman who knows who, who just happens to be related to you!
And how long do you figure that'll take?
also, please post more incidences :)

whenever I desire anon, no need to rush a good thing, this is big for me, haven't told anyone before, hope you're understanding
Go ahead anon, this thread always get derailed. But we can't change the shit that happened, some times it was good soemtimes bad but now all we can do is remember and share.
thank you anon :) the things that happened to me were all good :) I was never affected by them, it was just the way I grew up I suppose!
There kinda is cause it's 3:27 and I need to wake up in like 2 hours
Appreciate you posting the stories tho.
Not like this thread is going to die with us all in here, if it does, we'll make a new one but...
JC Mom Story 2:
>Be same winter
>Still 14
>Mom and I huddling on couch together
>Can tell she isn’t wearing a bra, cuz those hard big nips poke my back
>Tv show ends, she mutes the tv and starts talking to me
>Asks if I know about sex, like how to make love to a girl properly, not like the pornos she got me
>I say not really, but what’s there to know? I jokingly say
>She cutely giggles and says she’ll show me a few things
>She pushes me off her lap, gets up, wearing her silk dressing gown
>She tells me to hand her a pillow
>She then mounts said pillow, and begins to grind it
>She first grinds it like she would, as a girl
>Tells me this is usually how girls ride guys
>She then tries to hump it, and says this is kind of how guys ride girls
>She looks at me, im confused as fuck
>She says it is difficult to show on a pillow
>Tells me to come lay down, she then mounts me
>She begins grinding my crotch, showing me how girls ride guys again
>Her silk robe conveniently opens revealing her big tits covered only by a thing white silk nightshirt, nipples poking through
>I boner so hard, she can feel it for sure
>She begins to giggle, says it will feel much better during the real thing
>Ask her to stop, not because freaked out, but because I don’t want to cum my boxers
>She hops off, helps me up, and tells me to go get some sleep after I’ve taken care of my boner
>Kisses my cheek and whispers “I’m going to go take care of my wet pussy too” then she rushes off to her room
>Go to bathroom, fap it out, go to bed
>Continue as normal the next day
I'm probably gonna end up forgetting about this thread during the day, cause ya know, life.
But thx these stories are gold
OP here, im pretty tired and prob have one more good fap left in me before i pass out
but PLEASE for the love of god post the blowjob story and other good ones, since apparently you did more than that, and im REALLY interested in hearing what other kinky fun you guys had.. ;)
just keep posting all your stories, these are fuckin amazingly good fap material, and i dont work tomorrow so i can monitor this thread most of the day HUUUGE thnx in advance
No worries OP, I'll try! <3
Bumping for the continued survival of this glorious thread....
it will survive <3
Am posting this one because you asked for it specially, it is out of the timeline order, but for you, the blowjob story!
JC Mom Story: The Blowjob 1

>Be 15
>Be 1am, in bedroom looking at one of the magazines
>Hear footsteps, don’t freak cuz she catches my jerking all the time, this time Im not jerking atm, plus she buys me these things
>Hear toilet flush


>My door opens, she says she came to check on me (must’ve seen my light was on through door crack)
>Tell her I’m fine, just doing some ‘late night reading’ I say jokingly
>She asks if I’m hard, say I am obviously, asks if I’ve fapped already, say I haven’t fapped for a couple of days
>Asks why with shock on her face, say I had been tired, plus it’s better to save up for an orgasm
>She comes over and sits on side of my bed, starts looking at the mag with me
>Asks me things about it, who I like most, who I’ve jerked to the most etc
>She moves up to lie next to me, pushing her boobs into the side of my face as we read it together
>She’s wearing one of her famous thin nightys with no bra

File: IMG_2532.jpg (108 KB, 683x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>She asks if I’m going to fap yet or still save it
>Say I wasn’t sure, she says ‘it’s not good to leave it for so long, let me help you’
>All the while she had been fondling her own crotch
>Don’t quite get what she means, so dismiss it, feel her nips go hard on my cheek
>She tells me it’s ok if I wanna start stroking my dick, so I kinda just put my hand on my crotch and fondle around
>Eventually she pulls the mag away from me and kisses my lips, and then she sucks on the fingers she used to rub herself
>I ask what was that for, she says ‘you’ll see’ with a smile
>She tells me to stroke myself properly, I say not now, plus the sheets and my pj’s are on
>She whips back the duvet and sheets, and sees my boner, she’s like ‘you’re not going to cum touching yourself like that!’ she then shoos my hand away and takes hold of it herself, begins slowly stroking
>Tells me to lay back into her breasts and enjoy it, it’ll help me sleep
>I oblige
>Feel her pull my bottoms down a bit revealing my dick, she gets up
>I open my eyes, she says don’t worry and to lay back down, close my eyes again
>Feel her climb either side of my legs, begins stroking me again
>Am nervous as to why she is doing this, but don’t mind, we have done other stuff before, nothing like this, but still
>All of a sudden feel a warmth wetness, it was her mouth, she starts sucking my diamond hard dick, stroking it for added effect
>I let out some moans, no one has ever done this before, feels 100x better than fapping
>Open my eyes to watch, she locks eyes with me, starts sucking harder and faster
>Begin to feel orgasm coming on, start making louder moans
>She gets the idea, all of a sudden deep throats me, sending me into an orgasmic orbit
>Let out stream after stream of cum into her throat, she moans as I cum
>She sucks me clean then sits back up, I’m speechless, I try to say something but she shushes me
>Wipes her mouth dry, compliments me on how big I came, and says if I’m having trouble fapping again to tell her and she’ll help me, I nod in a dazed approval
>She kisses my cheek, says goodnight then leaves turning my light out
>Slept like a baby that night
ugh sorry it's chopped up like that, forgot to format it into two parts...enjoy anyway!
File: 1429156922875.jpg (142 KB, 750x971) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142 KB, 750x971

my cock is diamonds..
DEFINATELY looking forward to fapping to this when im well rested tomorrow..my god..
that was just..wow

me daring you to make out with her seems like nothing after reading this..
this almost makes me want to dare you to fuck her next time you see her.. ;)
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Anyone lurking? Requesting saved green text dump.
File: 1387321878219.png (977 KB, 3024x3992) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
977 KB, 3024x3992
damn anon. would LOVE more
Still lurking. These stories are gold
glad you think so :)
File: 1423144599652.jpg (261 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you lurking?
am now sort of :) in and out
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can you post some stories you had that's in the correct timeline?
It's late, I'll try write up some more and post tomorrow, hope you don't mind! Busy times! <3
Who is this...?
That's Kennedy Leigh.
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neil der.jpg
8 KB, 250x140
is dead?
Maybe, but here's an archive of wincest in case it isn't.

http://goo .. gl/j18y4x
how does this work?
Just realized all you guys banged your mom's..y'all must be filled with shit only therapy can fix.
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Great thread. Thanks for sharing the fantasies.
what is this from? I have a huge stocking/pantyhose fetish
Any good vid places for this kind of stuff?
Well obviously you have to edit the link a little bit, but it should be obvious how you're supposed to edit it. The site doesn't let me post the exact link.

Not that anon, but I found it in this set.

Whoop, shit, I'm retarded.

Yeah, the google link doesn't work for me
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