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Can we have a Genealogy General here?

Post interesting things about your family history, make interesting family trees with pic related.

Find some of your distant cousins here at /gg/
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My dad was adopted,
all that is known about my mothers side is my grandparents.. I tried looking up stuff before but nothing was found.

this anime was made in 1985
Need any help? I can look up your grandparents in the US census if that's where they lived.
Idk anything about my family
If you don't know much about your family history if you post your grandparents names, places they lived or they where born when they were younger or their obituaries I can do my best to find some stuff on them.
Thanks but I'm from yurope, I tried asking at official buros before here locally, but either a name comes up too much to filter out what's right, or nothing comes up at all.

Are there any general tactics to start figuring these things out?
All that I have left alive from family is parents, never got to ask grandparents.
Who italian immigrants descendant here?
Any country, or only USA?
Ask your parents what they know about your grandparents, or any of your aunts and uncles. Your older relatives are a lot more knowledgeable on family history than you might think.

If something doesn't come up it might be misspelled. I was looking for an Almire forever until I realized her name was Elmire. Same thing with my grandmother, her name was Mary Jeanette, not Julie like I thought it was.
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>tfw you only know your mum's parents
>tfw never bothered to find my ancestry
Any country I'll do my best, but I'm best at USA records.
What do you know about your mom's parents?

Your mom might know something about your in-laws, ask your father about his parents too.
I'll give it a try and make a muhheritage for future threads if this becomes a thing,
thanks anon
I actually have quite a lot of stories related to my genealogy that /his/ would probably like. Some of my family members are still alive war survivors who lived under both nazi and soviet occupations, the others helped hide either jews or russian soldiers. I'll probably be willing to elaborate on this when the board calms down and both the /pol/ and anti-/pol/ shitposting disappears.

I really like that idea for the thread, OP
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>every single branch of father's family fought in the civil war
>mfw old south as fuck

I'm at my grandparent's house right now, finding old WW1 trench knives, picklehaubes and old photos while listening to my grandmother talk about family history is comfy as fuck
Np, another thing to ask about is if your parents have any living aunts or uncles, my great uncles and great aunt have been very helpful since two of my grandparents have passed away.
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Please share stories and pictures!

Pic Related is my great great great grandfather, John Newton. He fought in the 19th Texas Volunteer Infantry for the Confederates. In the Battle of Jenkin's Ferry he lost his leg when a bullet shattered the bone from the knee down (my second cousin 1x removed still has the bullet and his cane). He died in 1919 at age 78 of an infection in his missing leg.

Before and after his service he was a farmer.
> Father's side is from Belarus
> Mother's is from France
I think it's cool
Any interesting stories?
That's pretty cool that you know so much. I've got about 8 direct ancestors that fought in the civil war (all confederates) and then countless other relatives.

I'd take a photo of it but I don't have a phone, but there's a picture in my grandmother's house of a great great great great grandfather that died in 1st bull run, unlucky bastard came back to Winnsboro county in a box.

I've got tons of history stuff from my grandparents though. The pickelhaube is the best by far.
My dad/uncle looked into and apparently that side of my family has lived in the same area (East Anglia) since the 1400s. Basically farmers all that time so not particularly interesting.

I need to ask them about it again sometime, I think my uncle still has all the shit they found

My mother's side I know next to nothing,
Reporting in.

I'll try to find a pic, my great grandmother is still alive at 97
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I can post a picture of my grandfather, but i don't know much about my family history
File: Muh Heritage.png (467 KB, 2444x1733) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Muh Heritage.png
467 KB, 2444x1733
I've got a smaller version of that, with loads of other information I added to it
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When my father's family arrived they opened up a shop and started a business that was sold when my father was young which set the family up quite nice financially :)
Apperently my mother's side was full of old french royals (but I remember my grandmother telling me most of them suffered from mental problem aswell sadly)
I think I heard somewhere that almost everyone with some kind of european decent is a decendent of a royal or some shit but w/e

My nigga.
Is Brazil okay?
Where you from, brother?
File: JohnSuttonPetty.jpg (107 KB, 326x488) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've only got 3 Direct Ancestors that fought in the Civil War. I don't know much about my father's mother's side, the Quebecans are pretty difficult to track down. I've got a lot of names but not many stories.

Pic related is John Sutton Petty, he fought in the Mexican War and I believe the Civil War, a lot of the stuff about him is conflicting but on his grave it says he was a member of the 2nd Kentucky Volunteer Infantry.

He won a posthumous citizen medallion from the daughters of Texas a few years ago.

I'm descended from his first wife and family.
Sure, no promises, but I can do my best.
My great great great grandfather, George Washington Worster, I don't remember exactly the regiment he was in, but it was Maine Volunteer Infantry that he lead.

In his infantry was his 2 younger brothers and I believe one of his cousins, they were known as the Nason Boys, after his mother's surname.

My great aunt has most of his stuff, his uniform, this picture, his sword, and his old letters and trunk.

He had a leg injury due to capture and possibly torture that caused him to need to stop his campaign early, but in his campaign his younger brother was shot in the back and Capt George Washington caught his brother as he died in his arms.
I'm still in the process of making mine, it's too big for me to upload though.
I'm from SC, and my Huguenot ancestors migrated straight from Normandie/Brittany.

Isaac Lesesne was the first, he was a cooper that came to Charleston in the early 18th century with nothing but a copper bowl filled with all his belongings. I saw his grave half-sunken in water behind a tennis court in Charleston. ;_;

There are a couple other huguenot lines in my family too, Quatlebaum and the like.

Damn son, that's pretty cool, your ancestors get around. My family's pretty much ben entirely in the carolinas since the early 1700's with the scots-irish migrations from Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. I also had a relative at Jamestown, but I really don't know how he ended up down here.
My grandfather from dad's side was art teacher, while my grandfather from mom's side was philosophy teacher.
My great grandfather from dad's side was mayor but only be chose everytime old mayor is dead maybe you can call it king, but it's not an usual king. From mom's side was counsel from certain kingdom.
One of my ancestor line was from china merchant. This line was the one who I don't know the detail.
File: 2006_11_11.jpg (31 KB, 600x764) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pic of my grandfather, he was a bad mf
Vitorino José da Silva.
Maria do Carmo Cardoso.
Pernambuco, Santa Cecilia or very close to it. I don't know when my grandfather died, but grandmother was between 2009-11. They were mildly rich, but it was the old times, so I don't have much expectations either.
Got any names? I've got some ancestors from North Carolina where I live now, the Hall family mosty, it's a family of Cherokee descent. William Hall was my great great great great grandfather. Don't have any pictures of him, but there is one of his daughter that my 2nd cousin 1x removed hasn't sent me a copy of yet.
Nope, no Halls here. Farmers, Sampsons, Sheelies(?), Lesesnes, Quatlebaums, Litchfords and Aikens mostly.
Is your father's name Miguel? and is Vitorino married to Maria?

I've got a paper due in an hour that I need to work on, but I'll do my best to research tonight.
Anyone with decendents from Nova Scotia here?
In other words WHERE MA CAJUNS AT
My father's name is João. These I gave the name are my maternal grandparents, they were married to each other, yes.
I don't know how you Americans even begin to trace back your roots, considering all the immigration to the New World from all over Europe. Is it difficult?
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Alright story time fuckers

>great great grandfather is some kind of textile tycoon, made it pretty big in the mill business when it was big in the Highlands of South Carolina
>decides he wants to build a lake in the mountains
>him and a couple families invest in a lake
>lake gets built around the 1910s or so
>fast forward to the roaring twenties and moonshine gets big
>great great aunt Pete writes all in her diary about going to cocktail parties and shit on the lake
>no cops so she drinks and smokes and is a general flapper from the 20s up in the mountains
>still abandoned moonshine stills all over the property to this day

>fast forward to the 50s
>couple of guys are dynamite fishing on the lake
>one measures the fuse wrong, makes it about twice as long as it's supposed to be
>blows up the fucking dam
>I repeat
>he blows up the entire fucking dam
>people just abandon their lake houses and leave, my great grandfather buys them all out
>my grandfather buys out his brother for his half of the property after his father dies

and that's how my family got a shack in the woods with a big fucking crater next to it

you Yuros kept pretty extensive emigration records to the New World so it's pretty easy actually. The problem is finding them and sifting through them all but there are 3rd party sites like ancestry.com for that stuff.
My family.. oh boy. I'm Irish and Cherokee from my mom, polish and Jewish from my dad (we weren't a Jewish family tho) and I have half black, Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Japanese cousins. Family get togethers are crazy. We all get along tho.. but I do have one crazy aunt who married a Klan member or something? We're all over the place.
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Oral history is the starting point

From there you can use things like family documents, immigration forms, and old world census records to map our your linage further.

It's difficult for people with Spanish ancestry to do this because Spain doesn't have a national census, and municipal census don't end up on the internet.

I've found old Argentine records to be pretty good. But sometimes I need to ask my parents to translate something for me
Pretty sure my Great-Great-Great-Great uncle was Winfield Scott.
>Be my paternal family in the 1700s
>Great 10x Uncle William Forster is posthumously declared bankrupt and his castle is taken from him
>Bamburough Castle has been ours since 1200 when Sir John Forster was given it by Richard Lionheart for saving his life and exceptional bravery
>Adderstone Hall is also taken, the family mansion
>At least we still have a shred of honor in the year 1700
>Family is still kind of famous, at least reputable
>1725, first cousin 8x removed Thomas Forster participates in Jacobite Uprisings
>Brings shame to entire family, we can't stay in Northumberland anymore

>8x great grandfather moves from Northumberland to Scotland then to Ireland for a few years, finally arrives in America with his son, not to mention changes his name in order to escape this shame.
>Went from one of the most famous and well respected families in England to literal Salt Miners in two generations.

Tfw you could have been heir to one of the oldest families in England but your recent ancestors fucked it up
Yours is interesting, to say the least!
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I'm a bastard but I know my dad's name, is there any hope for me to build a family tree or am I screwed?
File: ftree.png (503 KB, 2444x1552) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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tfw nearly impossible for me to trace back anything before my great grandparents
File: HairyChin-LG[1].jpg (92 KB, 408x647) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is my great great great grandfather from my dad's side of the family. He was one of the Sioux chiefs back in the day with Sitting Bull and apparently died 2 days after this picture was taken. He was participating in a 4th of July parade with the other Sioux chiefs and when he returned to the tribe 2 days later he just kind of keeled over apparently. That's about all I've been able to find on him. My aunt died a while back and she had all of the family records, and we have no idea where she left them.
According to family lore I'm related to John Adams on my dad's mom's side.
Cool tree.
Does anyone have any experience with Canadian Geneaology? I'm looking specifically at Quebecian
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>Genealogy threads
These are a normal thing in /int/, although they're not really as frequent as they used to be.

>69% European
Come home white man.
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my heritage.png
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we have records of the family on my dads side going back to the 15th century.They came to Dar es Salaam as carpet merchants and that's what they did for basically 500 years until Idi Amin scared the shit out of my family and they all left in the 70's.

Fun fact:

great great great aunt married a Hindu and got her head chopped off by my great great great grandfather and he was hanged by German authorities.
/int/ threads are basically how white you are or focused on flags.

This is more historical, every person on your tree has a story and this is a place to share it.
Yeah, my great grandma is from Quebec. What do you want to know?
This is my most interesting ancestor. Created the first map of America made by an American citizen.

I'm looking for my great great grandparents. Elmire or Almire Arguin, born 1882, possible Native American. Married to Cyrille Veilleux, who I don't know birth date of. Had Andrenna (Andrienna?) Veilleux, born 1906, died in the late 30s of TB or Lung Cancer on Mothers Day.

Any information on them at all would be very helpful.

Thank you ahead of time.
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Muh Heritage.png
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Added a bit more to mine. Willing to answer questions
Read the sticky, no generals allowed.
"Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged."

Discouraged, but I think this is an acceptable exception to the rule.
I can trace my paternal lines to the methodist church in the Appalachian mountains in the 1750s but lose the trail from England on the boat
I can't find anything but a myheritage site that has less of the information than what you posted.

I would contact the area (http://ubam.com.br/ I believe this is the site, I don't read portugese) and see if they can give you any birth records. Most of the Brazilian stuff is kept locally, and not put online.

Another good guide is

I'm sorry I couldn't help you any more than that. The language barrier makes it more difficult than usual.
Apparently, one of my distant ancestors was Robert E. Lee, even though I'm from a Northern family.
Just don't make it a general. That's it. Make a thread, let it run its course. Don't force it, like you're trying to do.
Some Englishman who's a distant relative of John's son owned my grandparents, that's all I really know
>Descendant of Cherokee Watumpka chieftains.
>Last chieftain took his people and ran to Mobile, Alabama to escape the Seminole wars.
>A Creek tribe took them in and absorbed most of the Watumpka through marriage.
>The son of the Watumpka chief went back to his fathers land and lived alone save for a couple cows and a goat.
>Government takes the land and compensates him with $20.
>Not much is written afterward, but he married a Cherokee woman and had a son.
>"Dave" Watumpka.
>Refused to sign the Dawes rolls.
>No longer legally recognized by the government as a Cherokee.
>Some time later attempts to marry back into the tribe.
>Tribe disallows it and refuses to recognize him or his marriage.
>Has a son and daughter.
>The daughter is now 98 years old.
>TFW I smoked a huge joint with her the first time I met her.
>She married an Italian and had my father.
My father fucked a 14 year old crack Irish woman and had me.

>Tfw I'm 1/4 Cherokee chieftain lineage, 1/4 Italian high nobility, 1/2 drug addled Irish scum.
^ Crack head Irish kid.
At some point the Watumpka name was changed to weaver through a marriage. I've got a giant folder I accumulated while digging all this up.
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3 MB, 3916x1830
/his/ is /int/ without flags, this is a muh heritage thread through and through no need to mask it with the word "genealogy"
A picture of my great grandfather, attaching how he died in next post.
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