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My political views have always been based around republican values. Values that held our great democracy to be the best possible government that we can aspire to. One that would protect our freedoms and allow ourselves to fulfill our lives. Of late though I have begun questioning these beliefs as America slowly circles the drain. I often wish that someone would take hold America drive home what we need. Abandon all republic tradition and process and just do what needs to be done. To take responsibility and make the tough calls that we so badly need. I see this reflected as America begins its search for a President. We want a strong leader, one that will lead us with both hands.

I wonder if it is all we've really ever wanted when it comes to government. Someone that they can stand behind and call their King or God or President or whatever. Someone that they can thank for getting them where they are address grievances with when they don't.

Humanity wants to be ruled by a strongman, we're just too afraid to admit.

So /his/, do you want an absolute ruler?

>inb4 Edgy
>inb4 Statist Scum
America isn't so much a nation as it is an Empire at this point. Nations, as per the Latin word, need a common root - And America is just a bunch of different racial tribes who increasingly hate one another. That's why you feel the need for an absolute leader, because Empires require absolute leaders, Republics only work with homogeneous populations. Not that the US was a Republic after later Presidents introduced mass democracy though.
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What makes America so important? Why does it need to be powerful? I want a democracy and a country that doesn't shove it's nose where it isn't asked or needed
I want to be the absolute ruler.
Absolute leaders are great in theory, but greed has fucked over every single state that has implemented one.
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It's the classic see saw of democracy vs autocracy.

You elect a god emperor and he's great, but when he dies the next guy may not be so great. So that guy uses his god emperor status to fuck everything up and you decide to kill him and limit the next guys power. Then when you limited that guys power, you realize nothing is getting done so you want a strong leader again.

There is no solution and no right answer to the problem.
Why don't people just elect a dictator upon whose death the dictatorship expires?
Is it really as simple as this? I still look at other republics around the world as they are slowly corrupted and evil. Each new government slides further into a tyrannical state and I see a future of oppression. If I must choose between a two tyrannies, I'll take the one with the hope of a good ruler rather than the one infested with the self serving politicians who slithered far enough.
I honestly favor Trump over the other candidates not for his position but because his message is really at its most basic "I am the strong leader you want and need."
I feel that their must be a way to give the best possible chance of good autocrat? Surely with all the lessons learned in the we can create a royal family with a favorable succession.
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An election will not guarantee a good leader. It's all reactionary if you think about it, after experiencing the benefits of giving absolute power to a competent individual, autocracy seems like a good, but as soon as you get a bad one everyone starts chanting Democracy is the best thing.

You think people haven't tried? History demonstrates to us multiple attempts at making sure the right person gets the throne and yet it is inevitable that someone of mediocre skills gains it. There is no surefire way to guarantee that the leader of a nation will always be an Alexander the Great and eventually you will run into incompetent leaders.
What is a good autocratic leader?
Which class of society does he favour?
What kind of society does he try to create or maintain?
Which groups are discrminated against in this society, and why?
Will he be able to make every single citizen happy and protect their interests?
Perhaps then sometime in the near future we could breed our rulers for the best possible traits. One can only hope.

I'm not saying that an autocrat can provide the perfect society only that I an autocrat can provide one better than democracy can.
What if we built a super-advanced AI to rule us? One that isn't afraid to make hard decisions but at the same isn't disgustingly callous.

Strong Autocract= 10
Strong Democratic leader= 6.5
Mediocre Democratic Leader= 5
Incompetent Democratic Leader=3.5
Incompetent Autocrat=0

Democracy is a nice safety net, but as overall instituation it will always be fairly mediocre. Autocracy is high risk high reward, you get a good leader your set, but you get one that sucks your screwed.

What your saying is true and an autocracy can provide a better civlization, but it's inevitable that at some point you will end up with an incompetent ruler.

And let's not even talk about what if the autocrat doesn't even have 100% control and some corrupt ministers really hold the power.
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