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Do you have one/multiple historical figures...
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Hannibal the Based.jpg
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Do you have one/multiple historical figures that inspired your interest in history?

For me it's Hannibal.
>I was about 12 y/o
>I played demo version of Rome: Total War that had only tutorial and 1 historical battle available - battle of Trebia.
>replayed this shit like 200 times (sweet times before internet and losing interest in anything in 20 minutes)
>decided that I want to know more about this guy, because idea of using elephants in war sounded pretty based
>After searching through history books from earlier years of school and encyclopedia I went to the library and got old, dusty book written in 70s-80s (based on the looks) and swallowed it in few days
>was absolutely blown out, not only by his history (and the fact that there were no elephants in combat in Trebia ;_;), but also the fact how interesing the history can be, and how fun it's read something of this quality (only reed shit like Harry Potter by then desu senpai)

I'm still not sure if I should mad that he didn't get high budget movie during /his/ movies boom in early 00s or grateful since it'd be hollywood tier bullshit.

Judah Maccabee

>fuck Hellenizers
>fuck Seleucids
>fuck edomites
For me its probably after reading that Ramses II novel when i was little, pharaohs looked cool as fuck in my imagination
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joan of arc.jpg
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>Joan of Arc

She was a farm girl, with no military or political power. Her family had some money, but nowhere close to be influential on the larger scheme of things.

One day he heard voices that told her to go and save his country from invaders. She said "ok", and managed to turn around the war. Eventually became a saint.

Is... like pulled out of a fantasy novel, about predestination, beating the odds and plain magic. It was quite incredible to me to learn about her.
Probably Martin Luther. He finally broke the hegemony of the Catholic church over Europe
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Agreed, she's based af. I actually expected her story to be legend as a kid and was surprised that it was real.

>tfw no brave, godly maiden to warn and guide Hannibal
Alexander the Great
>desu senpai
Ok, desu is t.b.h. but what's senpai?
kek lad mate m8 senpai
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If you don't know who he is, for shame.
Probably Napoleon.
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The Teej.

> bantz with Hamilton in the Cabinet

> promised his wife he'd never remarry at her deathbed but had kids with his slave and flirted with an actress in France

>secured freedom of religion in Virginia

>spoke six languages

>died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration

>loved coffee and ice cream

>received a huge-ass wheel of cheese from his supporters (andrew jackson had a bigger one, though)

>pretty much shaped my political views

Had a based AP US History teacher a while back, and I absolutely LOVED Jefferson when he went through the Revolution and the Early Republic.
>died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration

drunk himself to death?
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Jean de Vallette

My grandfather was involved with the Knights of Malta in new york for a long time and was even grandmaster for a little while.

I was around 10 and on my Tolkien kick and I wanted to know if my grandpa was really a knight. Needless to say I was a little disappointed to find out they were only a charity organization.

I'd been very interested in American history but hadn't really read anything else but I did a lot of reading over the next year on the knights of Malta who I'd found out were originally the Knights Hospitaller.

Anywho, Vallete was grandmaster of the order in the 16th century and had when the Turks attacked he was already an old man. With his force of only 700 knights and a couple thousand soldiers, he led his troops from the walls and ground the Turks down from something like 40,000 + to 15,000.

When they ran out of cannon balls they used the heads of dead turks as ammunition.

However, the Turks were pretty much retarted and retreated as soon as they heard reinforcements arrived from Sicily despite it actually bring a small number of troops.

Valette got offered a position as a cardinal but turned it down, staying on Malta until he died a decade or two later.
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Sounds based
>Genghis Khan
Thought Rome and Greece were cool and shit, but no real interest in history.
Eventually found out about Genghis Khan in an encyclopedia.
Mongols are the ultimate badasses:
>Unheard of tribesmen explode outta nowhere, conquer the "civilized" places faster than anyone else.
>Deadly warriors, almost undefeated tactics.
>Drinking horses blood
>Surprisingly progressive civilization with religious tolerance and free trade.
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