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Can we get a /his/tory pic dump going? Gonna...
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Can we get a /his/tory pic dump going? Gonna dump some of my own, please feel free to contribute.
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Nuclear detonations are so beautiful.
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Regan's assassination attempt
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Hell Nuke.webm
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Nuke thread?
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Beautiful yet devastating
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Nah keep it history related, but of course nukes are welcome
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The leader of the American Nazi party with MLK jr

That's a good way to get passed up for promotion
Leader of the American Nazi party attending a meeting in support of NoI
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Have a few from an /x/ thread, I'll post the ones that are at least somewhat based in reality, and try to remember what exactly they are.

This is a girl who grew up in a concentration camp drawing her concept of "home."
Full face swim mask for...who the fuck knows why
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>inb4 le funny rapist soldier meme
/lit/ fag have no sense of humor
Wax figures after a fire at Madam Tussauds in 1930
>skinny sidekick in light clothes
>thickset sidekick in dark clothes
Was this guy trying to make himself part of a cartoon trio?
Trick photography from I dunno when
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She'll shock ww1
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"Vampire" heart and the stake they used to puncture it
I'll dump a few from my historic animals folder.
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asparagus 2.jpg
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>Ohhh boy, here we go.
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H R Gigers nursery.

No, actually it's a uboat control room
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it ate the image for some reason.
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Finns propped up this frozen russian corpse to scare off soviets in the winter war
WW1 right?
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It's most likely not shell shock. He's in a wound dressing station probably fairly far off the front lines and probably just smiling at the camera.
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Maybe? I don't have context for a lot of these.

Here are some more frozen russians
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This picture delights me


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Not a historical photo thread without kids in gasmasks
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Captcha's whipping out street sign meta so that's a wrap for me.
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During the Depression
Elvis with his British fan club
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The richest man in America
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Yes. Rockwell wasn't some bumbling hick, he was a decorated WWII veteran (Fought in the Pacific theater) and attained the rank of Commander. He knew what the fuck he was doing.

Rockwell had a three phase plan to bring National Socialism into American Political discourse as a force to actually be considered (Or at least taken seriously). Phase one was hamming it up and acting like caricatures of themselves in order to have people know they existed. During a government meeting of some importance (I want to say it was a Senate meeting, but I could certainly be wrong), a member of Rockwell's group donned a Gorilla suit and ran about the room chanting "Ah's duh Miss-uh-sippay senatuh and ah demands mah seat!". Likewise, during a meeting between (I believe) the state government and some African officials another member donned a gorilla suit and ran about the scene declaring himself to be the "Upper Volta Delegation". One of Rockwell's boys also punched Martin Luther King.

Phase Two was a toning down of these shenanigans (The Swastika was not displayed on the armband for example) and focusing more on "What the American Nazi Party can do for YOU!" type stuff. Phase three would be getting businesses and a city or region to be solidified as Naziland to demonstrate the glory of National Socialism.

He got shot shortly after Phase Two began.

Pic related is an American Nazi rally held at Madison Square Gardens in 1939. This is obviously not related to Rockwell.
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drought 1936.jpg
2 MB, 3564x2777
I like how all of them are doing their best to look anywhere but the camera, as if the cameraman has some horrifyingly disfiguring handicap but nobody wants to point it out.
Didn't it take like 20 minutes to take a picture? They probably didn't want to stare at one guy for 20 minutes
>that horrid lighting
using that much flash should be criminal.
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This is fake. It was made as a project by an artist. You can Google Image Search it and find his blog. I would post the link but 4chan thinks it's spam.
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Canadian Mounted Rifles, WWI.
>"are you sure those cables are gonna hold?"
>"yeah man it's fine, just watch the test"
>"should we be standing underneath the load though?"
>"Jesus Christ, Hanz I said it was fine, quit being a puss and watch"
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Yes, I'm here about the Children?
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Some Nazi officer inspecting Soviet prisoners of war
>some Nazi officer

That's fucking Himmler you goober
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United Nations psyop pamphlet dropped during the Korean war
>The UN helmets save their soldiers. The UN always takes care of their soldiers. The UN has the most sophisticated weapons for their soldiers. There is no UN soldier without a helmet.. The UN general is not like the Communist boss who has prepared only for his own personal safety. The UN boss doesn't waste his soldiers for his own personal benefit. Why do you waste your life for a horrible boss who won't even give you a helmet? Save your life. It is well known that the Communist troops are on the run.
>Save your life, desert! The Communists don't even give you a helmet. They only give you a "bunk hat". It cannot protect you from a bullet. Your boss doesn't care if you die. He doesn't have to worry; he isn't fighting in the field. Your bosses just reap the benefits of your sacrifice. Don't waste your life for the son of a bitch. Why do you waste your life for your boss? Save your skin
what I wouldn't give to work there
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I wanted to trigger history nerds.

Downtown Baghdad being hit in the first airstrikes of Shock and Awe. The beginning of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. March 20, 2003.
>tfw no helmet
>far left liberal candidate
>champions social justice and less authoritative policing
>using force to remove a black female protestor
>in Seattle, one of the most liberal cities in the nation

Anyone with an ounce of political knowledge recognizes the bind he was in.

Not even voting for the guy, I just think it's a weak attack point.
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Titanic lifeboats on their way to the Carpathia
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Americans (I think? someone correct me) in a small French town after the end of the war was announced
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Cherbourg during the liberation, American soldiers & French civilians
>french women lusting after the BAC
can't blame them
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Oop, wrong pic. That one is German soldiers.
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