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Pre-Islam Arabian Peninsula
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What was the Arabian Peninsula like prior to Islam? Anything of note occurring there?
Tribes raiding tribes
A bunch of these tribes were Joos
The rest were pagans who put idols in the Kaaba
Muhammad was just a massive troll and claims he destroyed the false idols, but he really just wanted everyone to pray to them 5 times a day and do a hajj to worship the idols.
The Himyarites/Yemenites WERE the Spice traders of the Western (by this I mean cis-Indus) world.
They import frankincense (?) and other spices from the East, and sold it to the Levantines/Hellenes.

The Arabs are basically the Semites that didn't get out of the deserts, they populated Bronze Age Mesopotamia (Akkadians) and Levant (Canaanites, Aramaeans), then in the Iron Age... You know the story.

Looks like we got a Arab revisionist here.
They were regularly keked by the Ethiopian BBC.

So what kind of pagan idol did they create back then? Are any still around or were they wiped out?
The crescent moon symbol of Islam is a remnant of ancient pagan moon worship.

Muhammad grew up worshipping many pagan gods in the Kabah including the moon, either called Hubal and Allah. After his conversion to monotheism, through the influence of Christians, Muhammad stopped worshiping the moon. The same is true for all Muslims since, down to the present day. However, the crescent moon is the universal symbol of Islam. Muslims will argue that there is no archeological evidence for the crescent moon symbol being used in Islam for the first few centuries after Muhammad. Yet Muslims also claim that Koran in its completed form existed in the time of Muhammad, yet there is no archeological evidence for this claim either. What we can be sure of, is the moon worship was more prevalent in Arabia than any other part of the world and that the symbol of the crescent moon has been used by the Arab religions as far back as the time of Abraham. It is a falsification of history to think there is no connection with the history of the crescent moon symbol of pagan moon god worship and Islam. The fact remains that most Arab/Muslim countries today still use the crescent moon symbol on their flags and atop of their mosques. The connection is so powerful that only the blind would reject any connection.
only once, after the Yemenite Jews killed and raped all the Christians they can get their hands on.

The east coast (Oman, Dilmun) got BTFO'd by Iranians pretty regularly

The northerners... Well. Hijaz was only a few hundred kilometres from Ptolemaic/Roman control for a good reason.

Nah, they were one people, then the migrating peoples got differentiated while the Arabs just stay there until Islam.

All wiped out, Alhamdulillah.
Unlike, say, Iran or India. (and Nusantara)
no, the crescent moon symbol is the symbol of the Turks, of the Ottomans.
Before it, there were no symbols. And even now it's not universally accepted.

The bedouins did exult the moon more than the sun, as expected from non-farming herders (same with Steppe dwellers)

Also, kek, I thought all you "Christians" disclaim Khadija's uncle as a heretic due to Arianism
Just read the wiki page

Trouves raiding tribes
Proto-muslim nestorians/jews
Pagans killing undesirated children (burying alive girl babies) and beduins killing each other for nothing
Islam was the best thing happening to this peninsula
>burying alive girl babies
That's an Islamic myth though
Arabs in mecca worshiped women as gods
Which is also clear from the influence and power some of the women had in fighting Muhammad, even his first wife was a master and she was a lone woman with big trade.
Burying daughters and exulting women isn't contradictory though.
Look at China.
It's more likely that daughters can only be retained in special occasions, just like in 1-child China.
But they (the Jews) were deceptive, and Allah was deceptive, for Allah is the best of deceivers (Wamakaroo wamakara Allahu waAllahu khayru al-makireena)! S. 3:54; cf. 8:30

An early Islamic commentator Qurtubi observed that some scholars have considered the words ‘best of schemers’ to be one of God’s beautiful names. Thus one would pray, ‘O Best of Schemers, scheme for me!’

The Quran unashamedly calls Muhammad’s god the best liar and deceiver of them all! It even dares to say that ALL deception belongs completely to Allah:

“And verily, those before them did deceive/scheme (makara), but all deception/scheming is Allah’s (falillahi al-makru). He knows what every person earns, and the disbelievers will know who gets the good end.” S. 13:42

In fact, the Quran states that Allah actually raises wicked individuals to deceive and scheme:

“Even so have we placed in every city, ringleaders of its wicked ones, to scheme therein (liyamkuroo): but only against themselves shall they scheme (yamkuroona)! and they know it not.” S. 6:123

Hindis worships women too, that doesnt stops them from killing or abandoning their daughters.
And if you talk about khadija, she was the only daughter of a rich man, islam doesnt prohibit women to do business, its even the opposite.
And women fought for islam (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khawlah_bint_al-Azwar) they can fight if men are too wounded, thats why chechenian women were so feared and thats why there are wlmen patrol in isis held territories
True, but still there's no facts backing that myth other than weak stories from Islamic standpoint
Himyar, Saba, Kindah, Nabataeans, Ghassanids, Lakhamids.

Actually the quote is "Allah deceive whoever he wants and guide whoever he wants"
That means a kuffar can be a pious muslim and a pious muslim can become a kuffar
Well, still even in Islam women in battle were meant to serve the back lines not a front liner, and that's just one thing. You are forgetting about how Islam didn't ban sex slavery of women and nor it did give her a lot more rights than they already had. Islam didn't improve much on the women conditions, it just regulated it and imposed it on a wider base which in effect was due to organized state formation by muhammad and less by the religion itself.
It also means "free well" is shitty lie in Islam :)

Muslims say it was super ultra crazy Gor-level misogynistic, but that seems very unlikely considering Khadijah. Most likely that's just an Islamic myth to make Islam look like some great civilizing force. Much like how the Jews painted the Canaanites as baby-eating monsters.
Free wells? In the deserts?
Fathers will kill their sons for a gulp of water?
Free wells?

But yeah, free will... is a contentious issue.
It doesn't really matter in life though.
Qur'an 3:54
ومكروا ومكر الله والله خير الماكرين

No one banned slave sex back at the time, it was too soon for it, muhammad had to struggle to prohibit alcohol and slavery was a big part of arabian culture due to his proximity with africa, and the conception of slavery wasnt the same as in europe, the slaves were treated like decently, only they were captive, had a value and had to work.
It greatly improved it, before that women were just a merchandise to men
I didn't notice

I would say that they weren't treated that "well" they were used as objects just like any other slave, maybe enjoyed a few escapes but they were treated as lower human objects, there even hadiths of Umar beating the crap out of slaves if he saw them dress like free muslim women. And women were not just a merchandise to men, there are plenty of instances of women enjoying various rights in Arabia, sure some tribes had different standards than the others, but the picture portrayed by Islamists is far from telling the whole truth.

Thats exactly what im saying, he just reminds my quote.
>And We never sent a messenger save with the language of his folk, that he might make (the message) clear for them. Then Allah sendeth whom He will astray, and guideth whom He will. He is the Mighty, the Wise.

Quran 14:4
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