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Just pure anal, nothing else.
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Anthony was an incredibly masculine high school senior, with sharp piercing eyes and a mischievous, dimpled smile framed with soft pink lips.

He had wide shoulders and muscular arms with biceps that protruded through the short sleeves of his tight Hollister tee. He’d rub his hand under his shirt, across his toned stomach, lifting it and exposing his chiseled abdomen and the gentle trail of soft hairs running from his naval down into his shorts.

Anthony was in my gym class when I was a freshmen and he was a senior. I was quiet and had chosen a locker in the back...
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The guys, though nice enough, soon came to understand the different worlds that we lived in and often jokingly included me in their risqué conversations. They found humor in the shock I had in their stories, as much as I may have tried to hide it. When they thought that I had become too comfortable, they would try to bring up something even wilder.

One day, Anthony called my name and I turned around to see him completely naked wagging his limp cock in his hands as they all cackled in laughter at my utter shock. As their laughter filled the locker room I remember seeing the perfectly shaped pink head, long smooth shaft and his large, low-hanging balls, as I too masked my shock by joining in with awkward laughter.

They would pounce on somebody when they least expected it, pretending to dry hump each other with the exaggerated moans of a bad porno. If anybody ever bent over to pick something up, they could count on being mounted by a friend that would moan their name and pretend to thrust against them. It was as though they were so unbelievably straight and masculine, that they acted gay for a laugh.

I was able to watch from a far without being dragged into these jokes for sometime, but nothing lasts forever.

Everybody was changing for gym, and just as I was pulling my shirt over my head I felt somebody grab my neck and guide me into a bending position. I heard Anthony start moaning heavily as his hips slammed against my ass. He pulled my shirt off from my head and I saw the other guys laughing as they watched. Anthony couldn’t help but laugh at his own joke through his hyperbolic moans. Just like everybody else would do when they were the victim of this prank, I laughed it off. I laughed as I felt Anthony’s warm, strong hands on my neck and lower back, and as I felt him against me through both of our shorts.
(Part 2)
One afternoon I had to make up a gym class after school and to my surprise Anthony was also making up the class that same day. It was late after school had ended and we had just returned to the locker room to change out of our sweat-drenched clothing. He had been telling me about a girl that he had just been able to get with that past weekend and when we had gotten into the locker room he showed me a naked picture she had sent him.

He had pulled his sweaty t-shirt that clung to every muscle on his body off over his head and began to take off his shorts, still talking...
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I resisted for just as long as I needed to without giving myself up. But as he continued to persist, I quickly brushed my tense tongue against the tip of his pulsing dick.

“Are you joking? That doesn’t count, bro. Let me show you,” he said as he led his dick against my pursed lips. “Come on man, open up,” he laughed.

I opened my mouth, as if I was going to say no, just enough for him to force it in the rest of the way if he really wanted to. And he did.

Somewhere along the line his prank and dimpled laughter turned into him gently leading his...
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So Colby Keller just messaged me on Scruff, and I have never sperged out so hard in my entire life. He is so beautiful. Let's have a Colby Keller appreciation thread.
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For the ones who like seeing men getting slapped in the face, here's the thread.
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black dominating white
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Post best amateur pics
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Diver thread.
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Post the most beautiful male face you can.
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>most beautiful male face you can

and THAT'S the face you're going with? oh lawdy
Lol, yeah? Everyone has different preferances of beauty... for instance I don't find your guys face that attractive, while it's nothing against you or your tastes, I mean he's attractive.. just nothing I would be awestruck by.

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Have you ever mixed sex with and kind of drug? Once I dated that guy that really was into marijuana and we smoke pot after I bottomed to him and the whole experience was the best sexual and emotional experience I ever had, I really felt connected to him at that post orgasm high. Tell me your stories of drug use and sex!
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Took acid, smoked weed and fucked my (now) ex for hours. Shit was amazing. I really know why the hippies did it back in the day now.
Yeah either i'm high and fly high fucking with my bf, or i'm alone and I tend to stroke at least one time during my buzz... shit feels soo good
I once snorted xanax with this guy and we fucked for HOURS. Can't remember most of it. We didn't even remember his brother walked in on us that night lel.

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Post Big Latino Cocks:
Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Brazilians, Spanish, Colombians, Venezuelans, Argentinians, and any other Hispanic nationality you can think of...
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underwear on but off 2.jpg
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Please help /hm/, I need to find a face with better bone structure than him. He's the most attractive guy I've ever seen
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Another pic of him

so handsome I had a dream I made out with him
Indeed, very hot man.
His nose is horrible.

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need some quick advice, gays.

>lose virginity to guy
>we had to stop mid way through because i couldn't control the pain and felt really cornered
>i rented a room just for me and him tonight
>willing to try again
>preferably not fail again

wat to do make it less painful and more enjoyable?

spare me the point-blank obvious stuff, please

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Drinking a quart of bleach will numb the pain.
don't do it too fast, you have all the time in the world. stretch, relax...

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shiny full body coverage
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training10 (1).jpg
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Confession time: I got a huge fucking boner for this scumbag former cop, who used his authority as a cop to get away with rape. The fact that he's a convicted rapist gives me this sick fantasy of getting brutalized, called a faggot, and fucked in the ass by him. WTF.
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How is he a scumbag? If I was in his position I would use my authority to feel up and exploit/rape/whatever as many hot guys as I could. Just imagining taking advantage of a hot, muscular guy, and strip searching him and penetrating his ass against his will is making me hard af. It's just human nature.
You're not a very nice person ;__;
him in his cop uniform and football uniform... He played for EMU.

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