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Have you ever prostituted yourself?
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>bf is owing rather large sum to work colleague (pic related)
>can't pay back
>colleague (who's bi) threatens my bf with bailiff
>unless I'm willing to reduce the debt by having sex with him (he has seen me a few times & taken a liking to me)
>bf asks me to do it
>agree to it after a few days of reluctance
>go to colleague's place
>hope at first he might be a bottom, but he quickly makes clear that he's a total top
>have to suck his cock
>then have to bottom for him, in the most degrading way
>when he's finished says that I was good, and he'll "allow" me to continue paying the debt off like this
>show up at his place once a week
>blow him and let him top me each time (always in a humiliating fashion)
>sometimes he fucks me first cause he wants to finish in my mouth and have me swallow his cum
> every encounter reduces the debt by 200 bucks (50 extra for swallowing)
>cum every time he fucks me
>he usually points it out smugly
>e.g. by "complaining" about me making a mess on his sheets
>or asking if I'm the same with my bf (I'm not, but don't tell him)
>or saying that he likes how I always reward him for making me cum by clenching hard around his cock
>once has a friend waiting with him
>"you're going to let us spitroast you"
>tells me not to be so proud
>says he'll triple the reduction for it
> relent and let them do it
>says "I told you" to his friend
>feel super cheap as they both cum at the same time
>have paid off the debt after a few months
>ironically, break up with my bf shortly afterwards
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Posting some more pics of him to follow the rules for new threads
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hot as fuck
do you regret it?
I feel conflicted about it.

When I'm horny, the memory kind of turns me on (or I probably wouldn't have posted about it here).

When I'm not, I feel rather ashamed about it.
(..and of course annoyed at my ex for basically pimping me out)
>>in the most degrading way
>(always in a humiliating fashion)

Sorry to ask but....details?
Yeah, right....!
Pick a pic from a cute yet unfamous guy on instagram and claim that he's your "boyfriend" or "yourself". Get a life, sad fag. If you wanna ask stories about self-selling and what it feel like then just ask, no need to pretend this and that, OP. I'm not gonna buy your shits!
>ironically, break up with my bf shortly afterwards
There is noting ironic about this, instead of owning up to his mistakes and dealing with them in a responsible fashion, he whores you out like a cheap fuck toy. In the end you got used and your former boyfriend lost nothing. Did you get tested for STD's or anything?

To answer your question, no I haven't whored myself out due to money troubles or otherwise.
STDH.txt gets old so fast. Take your selfies to /soc/.
i swear this has been posted before

The first time, he told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed, then gagged me with his dirty socks. I protested at first, but he said that it would have to be part of the deal, so I let him put them in. Then he verbally humiliated me as he fucked me.

Both the degrading dirty talk and the socks were regular features subsequently (though sometimes he put his fingers in my mouth instead of the latter). He almost always did me doggy-style, sometimes with my hands tied together or to the head of the bed.

You seem confused, as the guy in the pics is neither me nor my bf.

>Did you get tested for STD's or anything?

No - I never let him cum in my ass without a condom. He demanded it once or twice, but I think he realized that this was a red line for me, so he didn't try to insist on it when I refused.

Yeah, I think I posted about it on /lgbt/ before.
>bf is owing rather large sum to work colleague (pic related)
So what you tryna implying there?
An older guy offered me money to blow me and I wanted to buy a video game so I let him. He was pretty good looking so no shame there. I had sex with him twice after that for free.
How old were you, and how did he approach you?
19 and grindr. I wouldn't have even considered whoring myself out unless he'd offered
>the other looked married

Umm, how the fuck do you "look" married?
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He's the colleague. I thought that was pretty obvious - why would I post all those pics of my (ex-)bf when the post is about sex with someone else, after all?
You are a great boyfriend. What u did...is hard.
It's called blackmail, and if you have text/email records of him insisting you do this to reduce the debt, you can sue for big bucks.
yes,no, maybe. Now? no.we all whore ourselves out, various ways. once when a lot younger, and on the road. called an "escort" service. meet a guy in a motel bar.. He was nice, attractive and we talked for while price was 200 bucks I just could not. I wasn't oger ugly and desprate. just curious. I baid for the drinks, gave him 100 and said thanks but i don't think tis is gonna happen. Not condemning, it was just, to mechanical. not for me. maybe the same reason Ii dislike pick up bars etc if that's you, have at it. not for me. what's a four letter word for intercourse? talk just not THAT (lol was once 18 and horn all the tme)interested any more with out friendship. chose file - don't know what to say, it is what it is.
>prostituting yourself for free
are you retarded?
don't worry anon. some of us aren't full blown retarded. Does anyone think before they type shit on this board?
Why would you post a bunch of pics of the guy who supposedly used you, and has created these conflicting feelings? Clearly you're still in contact, or stalking his social media. Or he's a totally random dude whose selfies you fished off the net to use as the backdrop for your prostitution fantasy.

>inb4 ridiculously implausible explanation
No, he's just lying about the reservations he had. Or the entire scenario. He specifically mentions this guy making him cum but not his ex-bf, and feeling "conflicted," meaning he enjoyed it/misses it. He also posted a bunch of pics of the guy, so it's safe to say he's pretty in to him.
how much did he pay?
Who is the pictures of?
Ugly as fuck. Would definitely feel ashamed of it.

please give more details.... this is so hot.
I've done it before, a few years ago.

Easy-ish money even if you feel dirty after
For money? No.

For grades? Yeah, I did that.
I'm sorry but if you dislike the situation then you are a retarded moron. However, if you did it because you wanted to and because it turns you on then there is nothing wrong with that. I hate when people do stupid shit by CHOICE and then act like they were FORCED when in reality you were not.

The guy is kinda ugly though, idk. Needs body pic.
where is the fucking porn? where are the nudes? WTF is this shit
Not OP but holy shit read the threa. >>1177365
ive done it a few times, though i got lucky in the town I live in where most of the guys here are quite unattractive so I got paid to let guys blow me. Pretty easy money.
I use to suck some like 50 year old guys dick for $20. One time he gave me extra for bus change.
Can still possibly get AIDS from oral. Get tested
I once blew my bf for a chocolate bar.
Read the thread - it's the guy who fucked OP.
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You should have stood up for yourself and just told both of them to fuck off. Also I'm assuming your bf broke up with you, which is awfully convenient he waited until the arrangement was over.

You should go bash some heads in.
HUGE fantasy of mine--especially because the chair of my major department was a big homo. Probably could have easily.
Never did it but not for moral reasons; just never got asked and would be afraid of someone finding out, STDs, etc. I do not bottom so it would be hard to find someone to ay me to only suck/top unless they were really old, which is no problem for me--if they were plain or a little bit unattractive I think it would be more of a turnon later and make me feel much sluttier.
Anything specific you'd like to know?
I did quite a bit from a young age up until I was 21. Once I started looking older, it was too difficult to bother with anymore. Generally, it was just guys who got off on the fact they were paying for a rent boy. Even if I would have done it for free, the guys liked to have that authority and power to give me a fist full of bills and kick me out.
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>I've whored myself out a good few times by now, most always through craigslist, though not for some time.
>1st time I cuckolded a couple.
>$100 plus two drinks when we met at a bar prior to going to their apartment to fuck her and she started by saying she'd get really wet if we started by letting him sucked me off.
>it was really sexy, fucked her and busted on her stomach, & he lapped it up.
>after that I got blown a few times for $, usually not too much, but at the time I was pretty desperate for cash anyways.
>really drunk one night, I ended up stranded & walletless w/ no means of paying for my cab home, my cabbie eventually offered me a free ride... well, if he got a free ride. He blew me & then I fucked his hairy ass until I told him I was drunk & not gunna be able to cum so he took me home.
>after that fucked a few more guys and a coulpe trannies, usually for around $80.
>most I got was over $300 from two different guys on different occasions.
>helps that I got an impressive cock, in fact once the guy was particularly impressed cause I had been doing yoga & was flexible enough at the time that I could selfsuck.
>other than my own, havent sucked dick, though, & only have bottomed for my gf w/ a strapon, but I def enjoyed all the experiences, though I was a bit uncomfortable initially.
>consider myself pretty bi nowadays.
>BTW, OP, pictured is how hard this thread made me at work!
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So - assuming this is true - you had unpleasant sex with an unattractive man for MONTHS, just to repay a totally inconsequential sum of money (~$2500) on behalf of your 'boyfriend', who you knew to be a demonstrable piece of shit?

Absolutely fucking disgusting. This is the reason people hate fags.

I'd tell you to kill yourself, but a degenerate like you is going to be dead of AIDS, drug OD, murder or suicide in 5 years tops.
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>This is the reason people hate fags.

please, OP's post is copypasta and has been around since the beginning of the internet.

why are you people so dumb?

A fat old guy paid me $200 dollars to let him suck my dick back when I was in college.

He was gross........And yea. It's been like 7 years. I'd say I regret it but personally I just don't care that much anymore.

I wouldn't do it again though.
Was homeless and let a guy fuck and suck me for a place to sleep. Would have slept with him even I didn't need a place to stay.

He treated me like a cheap whore after so that was upsetting

i answered an ad on craigslist for a "handyman" cuz i needed the money and got to the big house in a rich neighborhood. an old man tells me he "knows rob lowe" and asks me why i answered the ad and i said i was poor and needed some cash and basically made it clear i would do whatever he wanted me to do to help around the house and he smiles and stands up and walks behind me and puts his hands on my shoulders and gives me a little massage then bends down and around and sticks his tongue in my mouth. i was grossed out but decided to go with it anyway and see what happens. well he starts grabbing my crotch while kissing me and gets really excited and takes me into the bedroom and he undresses me and sucks my cock and it took a while to get hard and then he gets undressed, older and fat and a big scar on his chest from open heart surgery or something, disgusting, but i needed some money and i was betting he was going to give me some money after because there wasn't any other housework to be done or anything. so he gets all lovey dovey and snuggles up next to me like a woman and then sucks my cock for a long time then he asks me if i'm going to cum and i say "do you want me to?" and he says yeah, and so i cum on his face and he jacks off and cums and then we lay there for a while and he says "that was really good. you are such a hot man" and i say "thanks, you too" and then we get up and get dressed and he says "can i see you again" and i say "sure" and then he gives me $200 and i leave. so he texts me about a day later and asks to see me and takes me to a restaurant and then an antique furniture store and the guy working there is some fag that i fucked off of grindr who is married and his wife works with me (small town) and we pretend like we don't know each other and the old fag is all excited like he is showing me off and then he blows me in the car and only gives me $180 bucks this time and i ask why and he looks pissed and says that is all he has on him.
nowhere near enough punctuation and paragraph spacing to make this worth reading.

This board has all the uptight bitching of lgbt and even less intelligence. No wonder its so slow.

If I was a teen reading 4chan gay boards I would try to turn straight just out of fear of becoming one of you.


Neat. Sometimes I wonder when I see those handyman ads. I've considered posting one for house cleaning with essentially the same idea.

so i don't give a fuck about punctuation you fucking anal faggots.

anyway, the old dude with the scar never texts me again, i guess i pissed him off asking about money or he got bored with my cock or whatever doesn't matter cuz i paid my rent that month. so the next month i was in a park getting my jog on just tryin to stay fit and was freeballing that day hoping to attract a hot boy to take home and fuck and all there are is old dudes and women. well this one old dude is sitting on a picnic table and every time i jog by (going around the park) he sort of smiles and stares at me until the third time he whistles and stops me and says "what's your name?" so i tell him a made up name and he says you look really hot and sweaty and i'm like "duh" and he's all "you have such a muscular young body and you should be careful because all the women can see your dick flopping around you need to wear a jock strap" and i tell him i don't care that i like it when they stare at my dick and he gets all wide-eyed and i can tell he is a faggot at that point and so i start into telling him how i just lost my job (not true) and that i need to make some extra money (true) and that some guy on the internet offered me $100 to give me a massage (true) and i was wondering if i should do it and the dude says "well, you shouldn't cuz he might be a murderer or something but if you need money then maybe i could help" and i say "oh that would be cool" and so we talk some more and finally he says he lives nearby and i should come over and help him move some heavy shit out of his garage to his curb to be picked up by the trash collector because he isn't as strong as he used to be and he has been procrastinating doing it for months and what luck that i am so strong and i could help him do it and he could pay me for my efforts. so i say okay and go to his house and i move the shit out for him and then he says "would you like a drink?" and i say yeah so we go sit by his pool
look at that fat blob of text, why would anyone subject themselves to this.
Well you were a cheap whore
so we have a few drinks by the pool and he is telling me his life story and i am bored as fuck but whatever, so i go to take a piss and he comes and stands in the doorway while i am pissing pretending to be a bro just talking and shit but he is staring at my cock out of the corner of his eye when he thinks i'm not looking and it is making it hard to pee but i have a little buzz from the drinks and smoked a jay before my run so i don't give a fuck and i piss like a racehorse and get sort of a chub cuz it feels good and i know this old faggot wants it so then i'm shaking it off and it grows into a half-hard semi-bone and the old dude says "fuck your dick is huge!" and i'm all "well alcohol makes me horny" and i sort of point my dick at him and it totally is standing straight up at this point and he just drops to his knees and hungrily starts sucking and i say "wait, hold on, i'm not sure if i'm comfortable with that" and i kinda push him off my cock and pretend to pull up my shorts a little and he says "well how about if i throw in an extra 100?" and i say okay and i let him start sucking me again and he is totally deep-throating my cock, gargling my balls licking my asshole and i decide what the fuck i'm gonna cum, so i unload on his face and he seems happy about it and he jerks off on the floor while looking up at me. so i pull up my shorts and tell him i have to go and kind of wait for him to, you know, pay me. and he gets the hint. and gets up kind of bitchily and goes to look for some money and says he only had $20 and i say "what the fuck man?" and he can tell i'm pissed so i say "let's go to an atm" so i make him drive to an atm and get out $200 and he gives it to me and is pissed and says "i never paid for sex before" and i'm like "you're paying me cuz i moved all that shit" and he's like "yeah, you're right, thanks" and i'm like "no problem." so he asks for my number and i give him a fake one cuz i can tell he is an asshole who don't want to pay.
Not everyone has reading disabilities and dyslexia like you. Go complain to your mommy.

some useful reading, i highly recommend it
I'm not generally a grammar nazi, but I agree that a few paragraph breaks here and there would make this far easier to read and more likely to get the response you're looking for.


some useful readin, i highly recommend it
>If I was a teen reading 4chan gay boards I would try to turn straight just out of fear of becoming one of you.


To be fair, this is one of those uncomfortable situations where the younger guy is being creepy. He seems like he was a bit dull witted but not a drooling perv, measuring his approach at every step.

You, on the other hand, were being conniving whore that didn't have the balls to come out and say what the deal was, wasting both of your time on mixed signals.

I have a whore sister. I have no problem with whores. I kind of respect it. What I hate are whores like her who pretend they arent. Whenever she needs money, she posts a bunch of come fuck me pics on her FB and waits for some loser to come running with her grocery money. She ends up souring a lot of mens expectations and natural, nice intentions because she just wont come out and admit to herself or the men that shes a slow-con whore.

If I had a whore, I wouldn't have a problem paying a little extra for the guy to pretend like hes a human being for a few hours and actually trying to be a person rather than sleazing along with bullshit small talk because he needs an hour of slithering around to see if he's getting paid. You initiated the sequence. Dont blame others because you are ambitious enough to sell dick but too coy to come out and state your business.

Until the whore tantrum, it was almost an interesting story. Even whores of your caliber usually have a little better finesse than sulking immediately after coming because you went from taking an hour to take your dick out to a minute to bitch about money.
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>didn't have the balls to come out and say what the deal was
>What I hate are whores like her who pretend they arent.

Since it is illegal in most places, it is understandable that hustlers have to be wary about clearly stating their objectives.
yeah this totally happened and isnt some teenagers masturbatory fantasy

Maybe. I just think it would make more sense to make it clear sooner than later. Its illegal either way.

The guy he was with does sound a bit thick headed, but the whore took so long to play the part from beginning to end, I can see why he might've been confused.

The whole 'moving' thing for example. Most guys who would pay for sex would offer enough for 'moving' that there would be no need to quibble later as a simple matter of class. I'm not sure where it was derailed from 20 to 200. I know older guys that would do that; pay outright for the labor and then cajole for sex and give a big tip so the guy doesnt have to ask. But those are usually guys that weren't actually intending to hustle, so for them its a lucky day.

Then you have guys that are just cheap skates. They play the whole "I need a handyman" bit and then want to be cheap or weasel their way out of it, which is why I guess street walkers get their money up front.

Its a shame. Prostitution doesn't have to be tacky. Between cheap tricks and manipulative whores, it really is a game better for pros I guess.

Someday I wouldn't mind trying either side of it. But I do think its contemptible that some men pay for it so often they try to economize by going cheap. Wheres the fun in being sleazier than you already are to pay for sex.

I have rich friends and friends who pretend they are rich. Rich ones dont quibble about that crap because everyone knows they will leave happy. It may as well be prostitution even if it technically isnt.

The ones who pretend they are rich are the ones that clumsily stumble on such things and just seem like sleaze balls.

I dont begrudge ghetto hustlers. At least they are up front about what they are doing.
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>Have you ever prostituted yourself?
when I was a freshman in college (2011) I was really horny and into being kinky with guys, but I could never do it with guys my age, even more so when I was attracted to them. So I found some dude on craigslist and he was middle eastern but not rlly attractive but he seemed like the right fit. So he picks me up from my dorm and takes me to his place like 25 minutes away and plays justin bieber on the way there (LM F A O). I think he must've had a thing for the whole justin bieber twink w/ swoopy hair look because tht is totally what I had. He said I was a beautiful american boy. We got to the house and started to mess around and he kept trying to fuck my butt but I would only let him rub it between the cheeks. Then I told him he could fuck my face, and I think he didn't understand because he literally was shoving his dick against my face and humping it....... and then he came. When we got back to my dorm he gave me $60 and I was like oh... no thanks, but then I ended up taking it because that bought me chipotle 8 times.
>Have you ever prostituted yourself?

not knowingly. i was having sex with an older guy (i was in my teens, he was in his 20's). he was real controlling but i liked having sex with him. he ended up pimping me out to another guy saying he was "lonely" and he got paid for supplying me. I didn't see a penny of it.
I've done it too
>Horny fag as a kid and after I turned 18 I became a slut in a town 2h ride from mine. Loved to bottom.
>Met an older dude online who really wanted to fuck me.
>I was reluctant but he said he'll pay for my ride, dinner and anything I want so I agreed.
>It was boring and lame but he fed me pizza and then he fucked my ass for 10 minutes and came inside.
>After he gave me money for the ride he also gave me an extra 100 euro. He said he loved it.
>The weekend came and it turned out having extra 100 euro is awesome.
>Started daydreaming about stuff I could buy if had money and I was hooked.
>It took me half a year to figure out what the fuck was actually happening.
When I reflect on it now I get mixed feelings like the OP. Both hot and ashamed. Now I have a big fetish for being a sub/slave as well as degradation.

There are couple of encounters I'm most ashamed of/turned on by, will write if you guys want it and if I get turned on enough.
Defo want to hear about the encounters.
>be me 19 yo
>Goin trought college
>go on manhunt cause why not
>35 yo daddyy wants to meet me
>picks me up in his nice car
>police cars following us
>"oh thats just my bodyguards"
>take me to the fanciest place on town
>talks the whole night about my carrer college, he's super into my area
>"wow anon, you are indeed really smart"
>oh stop it you
>agreed to meet a few days later
>his place is HUGE i mean castle-typeHUGE
>i heard histories about this gay gatsby
>the legend was true
>he always has huge private parties there for young boys
>fuck him on every room
>he just jizzing all over the place
>finally drop my load inside his ass under the stars next to the pool
>go back home
>don't talk to him for a couple of days
>i go to the bank to pay my College tuition
>"Uhm sir, excuse me but you debt is 0, your whole tuition has been paid off"
>wut? there must be a mistake
> Suggar daddy pay my entire college fee
>try to track him down, but no place to be found
>graduate and my parents think i was hard working the whole time
>later on discover sugar daddy passed out OD himself
>sometimes i go and put flowers on his grave
>hope you are enjoying the golden buttplugs up there
>rip in peace
I was in college before the internet, back in the eighties. The Advocate had a classifieds section and I noticed an ad from a man looking for a partner. I answered the ad via snail mail and eventually started corresponding with this man who lived in New York City. He invited me to come visit him for a week during summer break. He sent me a plane ticket and I took a taxi to his apartment on 5th Avenue. That first night was a nail-biter because I came from a conservative state and I didn't want to have sex with this guy. In person, he was older than in the pics he had sent me and he had a very bad toupee that was darker than his actual hair meaning he had had it a long time without getting it touched up to match his hair. So that first night I told him I would sleep on the sofa and not in his bed. He agreed and I slept on my stomach because I was afraid he would try to suck my dick in the night. Well, I woke up the next morning to him licking my ass and then he kissed me on the mouth with tongue (tasted like ass) and said Good Morning with a smile like he knew he had gotten away with something. He gave me some money and sent me to Washington Square Park to buy some weed and we got high and watched the gay pride parade from his apartment. That night we went to a Broadway play (Phantom) and then an East village club which I thought was dirty and small and hot and overrated compared to the discos I was used to in Lexington. That night I let him suck my dick. The next day we met some of his "friends" for brunch. They all were much younger than him and they hated me immediately. I could tell they were sizing me up, wondering why he had chosen me over them. Long story short, I went home and told him I wasn't interested in dating him even though he offered to pay for my schooling if I moved in with him and transferred to NYU.
Best story I've read on /hm/. You took me on a journey, anon. RIP gay gatsby
I went cruising at a bookstore near the edge of town, looking to get my dick sucked. Most of the stalls were empty, so I decided to just Jack off and leave. Suddenly this older skinny guy opens my stall and takes out his dick as I'm stroking mine. In Spanish he asks if 80 bucks is ok, but I pretend I don't understand. I turn away and he comes up behind me and puts his hands on my hips, grinding on me then whispers in my ear if I like it. I turn around and he puts the money in my hand, and pushes me down with his other hand. He locked the door to the stall and turned up the volume to the porn Iwas watching as I sucked on his cock. I didn't know what I was doing, but it didn't matter to him, he just kept thrusting into my mouth and he came pretty quickly. I swallowed it, realizing that it wasn't that bad. I gave him my number but I never heard from him again.
Anyone still reading this?

Have a story about an older guy that lives in my city. Owns a rather large business, and suddenly became interested in 'barely legal' aged boys.

Met up with him at a hotel...and well...learned how some people live & have fun.

Will post if requested..
go on
I'll keep it short.

Was horny. Dunno if I should post how old I was. Decided to reply to an ad on Craigslist that an older guy wrote. He was seeking a younger HS 'legal' age boy.

We chat, he tells me that he wants to fuck me, and that he'll teach me how to please a man with my throat. I was semi-inexperienced at the time. Figured it would be vanilla.

Day before we meet he tells me he's well off and will get a hotel room for the day, and that I shouldn't worry about the cost. I was like....OK.

Arrive...he helps me undress. Tells me that hes going to fuck him roughly and if it hurts we can stop, but if I let him he'll give me $800.

I bend over, bite the pillow and grunt. Medium size cock. Tall, talll older skinny guy. White. Drove a BMW M6.

Paid cash. And told me it only gets harder from here
He fucked me for 30 minutes straight. Paid for some stupid porn on the TV and when he left told me I could have the room for the day and anything from the bar.

I left right away :/
File: sdfsdfsdf.png (2 MB, 1278x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1278x1400
>and suddenly became interested in

I doubt that. He's more interested in power and control.
At the time I was really young and pretty much 'whatever' about it. But now I realize he took advantage of me.

Basically wanted to corrupt me I feel like
If you're watching porn in a stall, where you were isn't called a bookstore.
File: 1423279080437.jpg (152 KB, 1332x1123) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 1332x1123

Did he ever contact you again?
Ok, I won't start from the beginning since it's already there

>Extra money was awesome and I started planing what else I could get if I had even more money.
>PS3 went out last year and I really wanted to have it as well a whole collection of games
>I messaged the older guy and came up with a bullshit story how I really need the money for school (not really true for where I'm from)
>He was glad I called and he had a whole arrangement planed out already
Should have guessed here that I was a sucker but greedy, horny, stupid.
>He wanted to have me for the weekend, actually friday night and saturday for 300 euro.
>I came over and he already put on the whole show.
>Pizza, friends dvd (it was almost 8 years ago, eastern europe) and he was only wearing a robe
>So I got comfortable, we watched couple of episodes while eating and then half a season in he just comes hard and eager.
>He started pushing himself inside my mouth, not really fucking it, more like using my mouth if it makes any sense
>"come on Anon, I'm paying for this" and he grabs my hair
>I get hard and horny almost immediately and start sucking like a pro
>"yeah you are a good little slut" he removes his cock, puts his thumb in, opens it and spits in my mouth
>I almost gag and take a sip of coke, I'm ready to leave
>"Take your clothes off"
>I do it, not really scared but kind of numb
>He comes over and feels me up roughly
>"Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up"
>I do that too. While I was alone I was scared but once I got out I went numb again
>Last time he came after 10 minutes and it was slow and sloppy, I thought it will be the same so I can get the hell out
>Wrong. We started kissing first. It was awful since he was licking both my face and mouth.
>This time he fucked me both hard and deep.
>He made brakes often so he wouldn't cum.
>He made me suck his cock almost after every position.
>He liked it sloppy, he would spit a lot. Both on his cock as I suck it, and in my ass.
>He called me his fucktoy, boyslut and lot more which all sound way worse in my native language.
>This I remember clearly after he had me doggy, "You should see your asshole Anon. I'm ruining you."
>I don't know how long he fucked me but he ended up blowing a huge load over my face, some in my mouth.
>I didn't want to cum even though he really wanted it.
>I know if I did all the horny part would be gone and I would probably brake down.
>The I realized I have to spend the whole night with this guy
>"Anon sir I really need to go. Tomorrow, family is visiting and I have to be there."
>He didn't like that, but he made no objections.
>"Sorry Anon I only have 50 euro on me. I'll give it you next time."
And this is where I should have taken another big clue but horny, greedy, stupid.
> I dress up quickly and get out of there. Had to wait the 6 a.m. bus to get home
Should I cont.?

Fuck off you cunt. If you've never been desperate, great. But sometimes we do things when we need to. And just because he said he'd fuck the guy even without getting a place to stay, doesn't mean he didn't need a place to stay.
We met a 2nd time. After that I can only guess my age scared him.
Adult Book Store
Thank you. It was a tough time
>So a week passes. And I've been horny all the time, starting with that bus ride home.
>I was cumming probably 3 times a day at the memory of it, always feeling shameful afterwards.
>you all know the feeling.gif
>I forget/suppress the fear and numbness and decide I want the rest of my money
>So I contact the old guy again
>"Sure Anon I have your money, in fact I feel bad for not paying you the last time. I have a friend who would pay even more."
>We arrange a meeting
>Again I come over and it starts out nice. He gave me the money from the last time even though I didn't spend the next day with him.
>We eat, talk for the first time, gives me beer to drink
>He takes my pants off and starts sucking me off
>I don't like the feel of his beard but get hard either way
>He gets me completely naked and tells me to go clean myself
>I go to the bathroom. This time I wasn't numb but actually eager. I get my ass ready for the pounding.
>doorbell? What the fuck!?
>I don't have my clothes with me.
>After I hear them laughing I decide to get out.
>"Hey Anon, why did it take you so long? This is my friend I mentioned. Don't worry we'll pay you double."
>600 euro enters my mind
>The other guy is younger and buffed.
>He comes over and starts grabbing me allover while the older guy starts pounding drinks
>For a next hour they drank a lot while I was on my knees sucking them off and them fingering me.
>They loved it when I would lick their fingers after they take it out of my ass.
>They tried to get me to drink but I didn't.
>The old guy looses his erection but his friend turns out kind of violent, loves name calling.

>He would call me a whore. He would say that I'm his Severina. (female pop star that got her porn video leaked).
>He would fuck me like that singer got fucked, from behind, hooking my cheeks with his fingers
>It lasted for an hour, also made me go ass to mouth and slapped me around.
>The old guy just watched out, jerking it off when he could get hard.
>I would lick his balls and he loved rubbing his limp dick all over my face.
>Also spit.
>His friend came in my ass and then went to the bathroom, since by the end there was a bit of poo on his dick
>"I'm gonna go now Anon sir"
>The old guy didn't object. I start dressing up.
>"I'm sorry Anon, I only have a 1000 dinars" (less than 10 euro)
>I feel gutted but don't say anything, just leave.
>As I close the door I hear "Where the fuck is the kid?"
>I run down stairs, to the station and manage to catch the last bus home
>Never contact the old guy again, delete all of my online profiles.

Whenever I look at my PS3 I feel ashamed, sometimes I get hard. I only played two games for years because I was waiting for jailbrake and couldn't buy games because poor fag.
I'm not saying it's a bad thing but I mean it's not surprising that someone would treat another person like a cheap whore when they well are one.
>eas 14 at the time (long time ago)
>used to cut lawns for extra cash
>ride my bike around my town and neighboring towns
>use their lawn mower to cut grass
>go to one guy's house
>he's overweight, married and lives with his mother
>cut his lawn. barely high enough to cut
>put lawn mower in garage
>he's there talking to me as he pays me
>we're talking about jobs that pay better with less effort (legit jobs like doctor, office jobs, etc...)
>tells me that even kids my age can make better money
>asks if I know what a prostitute is
>explains how it's someone who uses their body to make guys feel good and get paid to do it
>i'm clueless
>asks if I masturbate
>deny it but he says bullshit we all do it
>tells me that's the "feel good" part
>"if you made ME feel good, I'd pay you more"
>he tells me he'll give me $5 (a lot of money back then) to stroke him off
>figure why not?
>we go behind car in garage so no one sees
>he opens his pants and pulls out cock
>pretty big, thick but since he's fat it's almost hidden
>he strokes it a little to start it getting hard then lets me stroke
>tells me to take my time
>he's moaning and telling me I'm doing a good job
>he stiffens, grabs my hand so I stop stroking and shoots his load onto the floor
>pulls his pants up, hands me $5

future encounters were more involved and more costly for him
I don't think he's lying about how bad it was for him--it's possible to find a guy attractive and cum while fucking him without actually enjoying it. Beyond that, if he had actually enjoyed it, why would he lie on an anonymous message board?
Y'all still feeding this troll? Sigh...

After I got out of the service, I was in a bind and ended up being a "high-class" beach bum for awhile.

It was really OK and was surprised at all the nice folks who would party with me and buy meals 'n stuff and I would always find a good place to crash on the beach, in shelters or in peoples' homes, so it wasn't really an ordeal at all, although I did get into a few scrapes with the "Beach Patrol" as we called them.

Then one day, I was relieving myself behind a sign, thought I was alone but there was an older daddy-type I hadn't seen and he seemed riveted by my dick. We got into a conversation, like he was in his 40s, but good looking you know, and I ended up going to his hotel and we ended up having sex.

I mean, I'd done this before lots, but the difference was this time afterwards, he seemed a little mean afterwards and told me to take a shower and he watched me do it. After I got uncomfortable dressed, he threw a wad of cash at me and told me to hit the road.

That started a two year stint as a beach hustler, which segued me into being a high-price call boy. You would not believe the demand for that sort of thing among the rich and powerful and connected in southern California and I seen some shit.

Best part was actually getting out of the business and fortunately I managed to save a lot of money.

I still fondly remember being a beach bum sometimes, which was way more enjoyable for the most part than being a hustler, all gay guys' fantasies notwithstanding.

I told my wife about it finally, after we'd been married for awhile and she'd noticed that some of the guys she'd 'introduce' me to on the party circuit seemed to know recognize me already. She ended up being cool with it, since it was in my past, but we'll never ever tell the kids, you know.

But my one fuck buddy was totally creeped out by it and ended up 'terminating', so honestly, this is the first "True Confession" episode for me, you know.

No...I'm not Chris Pratt, btw
Is that man gay?
>That started a two year stint as a beach hustler, which segued me into being a high-price call boy. You would not believe the demand for that sort of thing among the rich and powerful and connected in southern California and I seen some shit.

No need to mention names, but...

-would we recognize them if you did?

-what kind of shit went down?

-exclusively a gay hustler or bi?
>find attractive
>willingly have sex
>cum from fucking
>didn't enjoy

I don't understand you people. Next you'll tell me one can chew food, swallow it and poop it out without "eating" it.
Was horny...posted an ad on CL last night. Older guy emails me...Says he'll pay me to give me a massage and have me dominante him.

None the less I go over....details, details details. Walked out less than an hour later with $200 to pay my car insurance.

Would I do it again with him specifically? No he wasnt that good looking. With someone else? Sure. Dont feel bad one bit about it.
you already posted this entire story b4
File: 9000keks.png (297 KB, 655x653) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
297 KB, 655x653
>He called me his fucktoy, boyslut and lot more which all sound way worse in my native language

brate, umirem. osecam transfer blama samo sto prevodim u sebi ove nazive

>$5 HJ goes on for a few weeks
>one Saturday he asks if I want to make $10
>ask what I have to do
>he's concerned about doing this in garage so has me go into basement
>says his mother is home (wife works Saturdays) so we have to be quiet
>tells me he wants me to suck his cock
>never done it before so he tells me what to do
>he's hard and in my mouth
>mother yells down "do you boys want something to drink"
>his cock goes soft immediately
>tells her we're fine
>start sucking him again
>he's hard again
>mother yells down a few minutes later
>"you boys hungry?"
>he goes soft again
>starts swearing under his breath
>sucking him again
>hard again
>starts jerking off while I suck him
>starts to cum
>shoots into my mouth
>I gag and spit it out
>he cleans it up
>"next time if you want $10 you have to swallow it"
File: 1428825455725.gif (2 MB, 400x223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x223
>Not cute enough to sell myself as a bottom, also have a hemorrhoid from sitting on my ass all day as a NEET
>Not hot enough for people to want to buy me as a top
continue please. How did you feel about all of this then? How do you feel about it now? How old was your neighbor?

I was a smallish, nerdy kid, not real savvy about sex and needed money (working mother, no father). It wasn't like I could compare this guy (overweight loser type) with anyone else. Back then it was easy money, at least easy before it got more complicated.

Now? It doesn't really bother me. I realize I was young and naive and didn't make good choices. Was I taken advantage of by some perv? Yeah.

He was about 45. His mother was in her 70's. His wife was a bossy bitch who ruled the house.

I'll write more later.

>going into basement to give him blow jobs continue
>sneak in so his mother doesn't disturb us
>now swallowing all the time
>$10 each time (in addition to money for cutting the lawn)
>one day after BJ he tells me next time we'll go upstairs to the bedroom for fun
>tells me to come at 2 when his mother is napping
>Saturday comes and he's waiting for me outside
>sneaks me upstairs to his bedroom
>locks the door
>tells me to take my clothes off and he starts taking his off
>I'm kind of hesitant and he snaps at me to hurry the fuck up
>he gets on bed and tells me to start sucking him
>doing it and he moves me into a 69 position on our sides
>starts sucking my cock
>feels good
>starts fingering my ass
>feels weird
>he's sucking and fingering me and starts face fucking me
>gets pretty rough for a few seconds and then cums in my mouth
>pulls me up and spoons with me for a few minutes
>tells me to get dressed and I can cut the lawn next week
>hands me $20
>tells me we'll do more next week

next time i'll write about how his wife almost caught us
have you actually felt any pleasure in these encounters?
It's just a physiological reaction. I mean a fat chick could ride my dick and I'd probably cum after a while but that doesn't mean I enjoyed it.

Yes. probably 50% of the time i'd jerk myself off or he'd blow me to completion. I also liked sucking his cock and felt good that i got him off.

But probably less so when he got to doing anal with me.
You'd have a point if I only said cumming. The whole "find them attractive" and "willingly engage in sex" parts make it more than physiological. You can't not want the sex that you, by definition, want.
>went to sauna yesterday
>chilling and relaxing
>see someone I went to high school with and don't pay much attention
>we talk for a bit and I'm about to leave but decide to go take a nap in the reclining room
>he follows and lays by me
>talks to me and we end up jacking off
>old fat white guy walks in asks us to join
>he laughs and says no while I say I'm good and turn away
>guy from HS leaves to drink water and the old 40 year old guy asks to pay me $50 just to jack off with him
I felt stupid because I could have bought persona Q or kid Icarus right now.
Jebulja, kurva, spermulja, muska drolja.
jebiga, sve znam...
ayyy lmao

last episode since this isn't my personal blog space. as I mentioned before we almost got caught by his wife.

>over next few weeks routine is to sneak upstairs, get naked in bed and blow him while he fingered my ass
>more often he'd rim me while fingering me
>increasingly using more vaseline when fingering me
>in hindsight now realize he was loosening me up
>this day he's more aggressive with fingering. feels like he's fisting me but probably has three fingers in there
>has me lay flat on the bed and he climbs on my back
>remember he's a fat shit so I'm pinned down pretty hard
>feel him fumbling around my asshole again
>feel myself getting stuffed
>a lot of pain even if he opened me up pretty good and used a lot of vaseline
>i'm crying but buried my head in the pillow so he wouldn't see me
>waits a few minutes, pushes in a little further, waits, pushes
>starts building up a rhythm of in and out
>feel like I have to pee everytime he pushes in
>he's grunting and I'm crying
>suddenly he stops and says "oh shit"
>his wife had just walked in the front door
>he grabbed me and pulled me into the bathroom and locks the door
>wait a few seconds
>knock on the door.
>her:"are you in there?"
>him: "Yeah"
>her: "I forgot my wallet."
>him: "OK"
>her: "Don't forget to do...." literally 10 minutes of telling him what to do and how to do it
>all the while he's stroking his cock
>I'm kind of hoping he jerks off so we can finish
>she leaves
>he hardly waits, just bends me over and pushed his cock back into my ass
>lasts about two minutes, cums in my ass
>spend 10 minutes wiping ourselves clean
>pays me $25 plus money for cutting the lawn, which I did with his cum dripping out of my ass
How rough did he go?
> you never even got paid.. fuck that
Persona Q is literally the worst Persona game of them all. Maybe worst in the SMT series in general.
To be honest, I don't really care. It seems fun. But regardless, jacking off with the creep could have made me $50 richer. Or at least for gas.
yeah, at least I bought ps3
or so I keep telling myself
i'm curious what the going rate is to suck off a twink. i'm a successful professional guy, but just want NSA fun with a hot young guy once in a while. i would be willing to pay for the privilege, but don't know how to go about suggesting it. i'd rather not go with a pro either - if you know what i mean.
I don't believe there's anything about OP's story that's unrealistic and in spirit of that I can't signal boost 1177483's suggestion enough

just injustice

I'm curious who broke up with who.

Also how conventionally attractive are you?

When asshole said "told you" to his spitroast bud do you think he was telling people he was getting you specifically to prostitute? You might not have recognized his bud but he might have recognized you.
Sounds completely hot and beyond disgusting.

>nice dubs
I've actually got a story for the reverse, i was fooling around with this guy for a few months but could never get him to let me fuck him, what's worse is that he wouldn't even blow me he'd get off then be done, anyways i loaned him some money and he couldnt pay me back in return he's giving me his virginity
File: 1435697017463.jpg (34 KB, 535x462) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>he literally was shoving his dick against my face and humping it....... and then he came.
Not sure if this counts, but when I was struggling to pay for college, I met with some couple involved in the swinger scene on craigslist.

For about a year, I was their "houseboy". Every weekend, I'd end up going to their place and they would dictate every little thing I had to do for them.

When I arrived, they would usually provide some form of clothing for me to wear, typically something that was either tight or humiliating. At one point, the guy gave me a pink jockstrap and made me shave everything below my neck because, and I quote, my dick was too small to see. Once that was finished, he had his wife/gf fuck me with this dildo until I came and then grabbed my head and force me to swallow my own load.

If anyone wants to know more, just ask. I'm probably going to be here for the rest of the night and have nothing better to do.
that is fucked up and strangely hot, did you get paid for this?

Yup, about £700 for each weekend.
that suddenly sounds worth it

It did pay for my tuition so in the grand scheme of things, I suppose it was. Plus, most of it was just humiliation so there wasn't too much pain involved, with the exception of anal.
go on post more of that shit!

One weekend, as punishment for not swallowing his load, he forced me to wear these tight pair of green briefs and spend some time on his treadmill running. After about an hour, I told him that I had to use to bathroom and he refused, saying that only "real men" could use the bathroom (which I thought was strange because i'm in no way feminine). In the end, he just made me piss myself.

At the end of the night, he gagged me with the piss-soaked briefs and forced me to sleep at the end of his bed in case he wanted someone to suck him off in the middle of the night.

Is there anything else in particular that you want to know?
>>bf is owing rather large sum to work colleague (pic related)
>>can't pay back
>>colleague (who's bi) threatens my bf with bailiff
Well the problem here is that that wouldn't work. The colleague would need to take your boyfriend to small claims court to try to get the money back. He can't just acquire the services of a ballif by himself. So basically you whored yourself out for nothing, and your boyfriend is a total jerk for even suggesting it to you.
I'm going to call it a night soon, if anyone has any last min questions, fire away!
Where are you and can I get in touch with this couple and earn me some moolah?
London and no idea. I haven't seen them in about a year.
>Actually being a houseboy in real life.

I'm fucking jelly as fuck. Please tell me you used to suck his dick while he did something like watch the game.

Happened once, but he wasn't watching a game. He just told me to get a beer and suck him off as he read some magazine and not to forget to swallow.
I understand that people do what they have to do for their various personal reasons, but reading these stories has made me realise I'd never pay for a prostitute, because I don't want to be the cunt they talk about in stories on 4chan in years to come.

Again, I understand that people have reasons for doing what they do, and not every story of prostitution is of pure regret and desperation, but I'd never want to take the risk of being the reason why someone had a shitty sexual experience. Thanks for the eye opener.
So i'm going to head to bed in about ten mins, if anyone has anymore questions, feel free to ask. I'll get back to answering them in the mourning.
any other kinky stories of what they made you do
Their apartment building had a bathroom down the the hall of their room. One night, he woke me up and threw a male g string at my feet and told me to get dressed and come with him. He then told me to get on my knees and blow him, which I did. Before climax, he moved my head so he could come in a urinal in the corner of the room. He promised that If I "cleaned that mess" up using my tongue, he would double what he usually paid me, so I did. When my face was buried in the urinal, he decided to take a piss in the same urinal which began to irritate me, but £1500 is a huge amount of money where I come from, so I let him.

After all this, he asked me If I wanted to raise the stakes a bit? He then offered me three grand if I stayed in that position with my face in the urinal while he fucked me for however long he wanted. I was starting to get horny at this stage so I figured, why not? In the end, I let him fuck me for the next two hours in that urinal.

I'm still surprised no one caught us.

I'm off for the week, so if anyone has any more question, don't hesitate to ask. Although, i'm going out with a group of friends for the next week, so today is probably going to be the easiest to answer your questions.
If you could be specific, it would make things much easier.
One time on Grinder I went to a convenience store and sucked off this hot young arab guy.
The pictures he sent were really shitty so I thought it wasn't gonna be great but I was horny and went anyways.
He ended up being like 8/10 with abs and was sexy and I sucked him off in the stock area on top of a case of gatorade and he came on my face and sucked me off/swallowed.
As I left he gave me $20, I didn't even know I was being paid but I took it and would go back in a second
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you can own me on skype and make me do whatever you want or follow my anal gape cam
rip in peace Gay Gatsby, wherever you are.
I did just once for a busfare.
Sucked the driver but got so nervous that instead of getting the ride back home I just walked away.

/int/ laughed at me a lot when I told them this story :(
well one way of preventing that is just to be a good gosh darn patron

communicate with the person you're paying, actually pay the amount you said you'd pay, don't do any of the shit these anons aren't happy about, and so on. you'll be alright and they'll have the money they needed. win win
moar stories.
Assuming this is a true story...you actually let that disgusting faggot fuck you? If my boyfriend as much as hinted to pimp me out, I'd beat the living shit out of him and leave his ass. You're a stupid fucking faggot OP
File: 1361595194023.jpg (89 KB, 640x431) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 640x431
Well... I basically spent a year and a half as a de facto rent boy, in exchange for food abd housing. It wasn't a formal/explicit arrangement, I just sorta fell into it.

My parents kicked me out of the house when they found out I was gay. Typical story. I couchsurfed for several weeks until my best friend's dad offered to letting me stay in one of his guest rooms. The guy was divorced and two of his three kids had already moved out, so he had plenty of room. This was supposed to be "just until I got on my feet"... but this was right after the big 2008 economy catastrofuck.

So several months later, I'm still jobless, and my friend's dad is starting to get impatient with me mooching off him. But at the same time, he's also gotten increasingly friendly and flirty towards me. I thought I was just misreading him at first (I mean, the dude was married for 12 years and has three kids, no way he's interested in a gangly teenage boy right?). Then he started getting physically flirty. I was kinda freaked out, but also kinda turned on, so I went along with it, and we started regularly fooling around.

It was fun and enjoyable at first, but after a while he he started getting pushy and selfish about it. It stopped being this occasional spontaneous thing and started being this thing I "owed" him whenever he felt like letting off steam, regardless of whether I was in the mood or not. He also got increasingly aggressive during sex--started spouting lots of degrading dirty talk, stopped using condoms, stopped helping me get off for the most part, and often went way too rough on me.

He never explicitly threatened to kick me out for not giving him sex, but it was definitely an unspoken understanding. Any time we disagreed about anything, he laid the guilt on and harangued me about finding a job. Ironically, he seemed surprised and a little hurt when I finally landed a decent job and immediately got the fuck out.
Rough enough that I was sore.

When he fucked my throat I was gagging uncontrollably. He'd often 'talk shit' while he was doing it. Little annoying things like 'don't take my cock out of your mouth or you dont get the money'. One time I accidentally bit him and he said 'bite me again and Ill make you take my dick in your throat until you cant breathe for a few minutes'

I started to get a little uneasy but continued with it. When he would fuck me, he would do it in positions that hurt. I remember saying "fuck this hurts, please sir go easy" and he laughed. I couldnt understand at the time why it was funny. years later I realized after thinking about it all, he ENJOYED hurting/using me. Like it was what got him off.
Can you explain how you were fucked? How rough he got? Did he make you taste or swallow any piss? Did he talk dirty? Did it hurt when he fucked you?
damn this is hot, more details?
Any anon tips as to pick up someone interested to pay for sex? I can't seem to pick up guys through chat, Idk how to tell them I need money in exchange for sex
Bring in the tips
Dont let this thread die, this was epic
Did it too. AMA
How does it feel being a dumb whore?
>sauce on the animu?
i work for a huge corporation. i prostitute myself every minute im on that clock.
Sweet dreams Gay Gatsby

>Can you explain how you were fucked?

Pretty hard, but I was high on poppers so I didn't really care.

>Did he make you taste or swallow any piss?

Nope, just his cum.

>Did he talk dirty?

All the time. He'd usually make me say that I was his bitch, or slutboy whose only function was to look pretty for him, and his wife/gf. The standard D/S bs.

> Did it hurt when he fucked you?

On this occasion, no.

I'm >>1177813

Wasn't dumb, at least in terms of grades. I needed a class that was filled and if I took the class when it was open I couldn't work full time and would lose my job. The professor suggested exchanging sex for "attending" and passing the class I needed to get into.
I once let a really old and somewhat wealthy guy use me for taking me for a 7-day trip during summer holidays. Does that count? Anyone insterested in hearing that story?
>Anyone insterested in hearing that story?
trips say yes
i lol'd, i cried, i felt so many feelings, best story on /hm/
so you're basically an idiot
my best friend is an escort and i have fucked a few escorts for free because they wanted to bottom and all their clients want them to top. i have respect for them, cause they make money out of ugly people and have to get hard and fuck them, i know i wouldnt be able
get money bitch
>Have you ever prostituted yourself?

No but I have thought about it.
Worried I will get picked up by the cops.
How do you advertise online without getting caught?
Are there hot johns or are they all ugly as fuck?
Double book. This is coming from someone who feels like absolute shit when he has to cancel plans, but you will go insane and/or broke if you don’t double book appointments. When a client makes an appointment more than a few hours in advance, there’s a HUGE chance he’s gonna cancel because something came up or he’s tired, not feeling it, etc. I made the mistake of not double booking at first and wasted an infuriating amount of time and money. A good tip on this; never close off a time slot until he’s sent you his address or the hour beforehand confirmation (for repeat clients). In the rare case that you have to cancel (choosing which client you see is always a weighing of pros and cons), I try to direct them in the direction of rescheduling. For regular clients (particularly the ones I like), I’ll typically offer the next session on the house. For new clients who give me good vibes and most repeat clients, I’ll offer the next session 50% off. New clients who weird me out I just offer to reschedule.

3. Getting myself to enjoy a session is a healthy combination of psychological tricks and closing my eyes. For instance, one of my favorite clients is a bulky (fat-muscular) middle aged dude who works in finance. His cock is pretty average and his hair is salt and pepper. His face is meh. Not exactly my type, but I focus on the fact that he was a starting QB when he played football in college which is a huge turn-on for me. I focus on that part of who he is, and by the end of the session I’m begging for him to fuck me. Some aren’t so easy and some you just have to tune out entirely by closing your eyes and zoning out because they’re that awful. Trying to make it enjoyable for you is a top priority. If you need to, you can always stop seeing a client of they make you uncomfortable. Not getting the money sucks, but feeling like a slave to someone you can’t stand is so much worse. Your happiness and mental health take priority.
>Worried I will get picked up by the cops.
Reminds me of the old joke:
Two prostitutes walking down the road. One says to the other "have you ever been picked up by the fuzz?"
"No" says the other "but I've been swung round by the tits"

I'll get my coat
>This will never happen to me

It sounds like you weren't in to it, but that's pretty exactly what I want right now.

It's one thing to give sex for money, it's a very very very different thing to be completely dependent on someone else. Always keep enough in the bank to be able to get out when you want to, and never let them handcuff you or beat you. Also condoms are a must.
I did pretty often back when I was underage, but not sure if those would be too depressing or creepy for /hm/
Once I posted on Craigslist that I needed help with money (god I'm such a little slut)
>professor from University of Florida hits me up
>I tell him I need 400 bucks
>He says that he could help me out bit by bit
>I told him we could meet up
>He tells me to come to his office
>I get to the area and he's waiting for me outside of his building
>Meet, seems like a nice guy
>Go to office and start rubbing his cock through his pants
>Both end up fucking around and sucking eachother's cocks
>Successfully get him to cum
>Wasn't too crazy about him, he had a slightly beefier dad bod and his face was nothing to call home about
He gave me 60 bucks lol
>I leave after light conversation
>Turns out he's a professor of the same Major I was pursuing.
>He hits me up another day
>I shower and head over
>It was after a long day of work so he hadn't showered but he didn't smell bad
>Get my cock sucked, do whatever, End up telling him I want to top
>He lets me try, he gets on top of me and tries to ride.
>I try to put it inside him
>Can barely feel his hole
>Turns out that he should've taken a shit before, got shit ALL OVER my dick
>Grossed out, smelled horrible.
>I sucked his dick for a while until I couldn't. He had an 8ish inch dick, maybe bigger.
>Everything still smelled horrible
>When I would get closer to his groin, he had his hand right next to his cock and his hands smelled like shit.
>I ended up throwing up from how big it was. He wanted to train me to be a better cock sucker (lol sex talk)
>Probably threw up cause of his shitty smelling hands too
>Gave me 60 bucks that day too
>He hit me up a couple of times after which I didn't reply to.
Don't get yourself in....deep shit... k guys?

my professor story (told this before)

>registering for classes
>need all my classes Mon-Wed since I work full-time Thurs-Sun (10 hour days)
>one class I need is filled except for Friday afternoon
>will lose my job if I can't work FT
>go to professor, ask if he can let me in his Wednesday class
>no, it's filled
>explain situation
>he tells me that maybe I can meet him weekly at his apartment on campus for "lessons"
>I know what he means
>agree because need this class
>agree to meet Wednesday afternoons
>go to his place
>he greats me at the door in a silk bathrobe (he's about 300 pounds, not a pretty sight)
>walks over to a chair, opens his robe and tells me to get started
>kneel down and start ducking. he's got a thick cock but it looks short because of his fat rolls
>blow him until he cums in my mouth
>tells me to be back next week
>continue meeting him
>he gets kinkier every week. water sports, spanking, bondage, fucking
>after third meeting tells me not to bother showing up for class as he's "got it covered"
>spend semester being his cum rag/sex toy
>pass class without attending the rest of the semester
>he asked if I'd keep seeing him
>I passed on the offer
Your ex should have done it, not you.
Did you like the spitroast? How was the other guy`s cock?

Were you ever DP`d? If not would you like it?
he says he's 7.5inches and is generous. should i fuck him?
ask how generous and i will almost bet money he is 5.5 inches. but that is still average so get it in and get your money
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I did though it wasn't really hot...

Met some older white guy who was overweight and clearly submissive (which kind of turns me off bc im the same way) anyway he tells me he'll give me 100 dollars if I let him suck my dick so I agree.

Was the best blowjob I've ever gotten, no lie. I doubt anyone can do what he did... it was almost like having sex, he was pulling me into different positions, pulling me on top of him and alternating between rimming me and sucking my cock. It was kind of mindblowing. I went back to his place one more time after that then stopped because I was kind of grossed out by the fact that I wasn't attracted to him at all.

So I made 200 bucks. He still hits me up from time to time but I can't do it... maybe if he were somewhat in shape but he's just an old overweight dude, like what am I supposed to do...

I remember he was even telling me he wanted to buy me stuff on my birthday. I dunno it just made me feel really uncomfortable. Like not that I didn't want free shit but you know, I don't even know the guy or anything... was definitely a weird experience.
I was a 'pimp' to two people once, a guy with a twin(both 'straight') and an 40+ woman who was really gross.

She was the worst. Bitch actually had me arrested for forcible touching after she slapped me. Long story. She got a bf and her bf was friends with my neighbor. After she started dating him she got really judgmental about me and whores in general and would talk shit to me constantly. I usually just ignored her. One night I was drunk and she was going on and on so I called her out on being a cheap whore herself. Her bf didn't know she used to let nasty guys do whatever they wanted to her for $100. Not even $100 because I got half lol. I was talking shit about complaints some of the guys used to tell me after and she slapped me, then slapped me again after I didn't do anything. The second slap I pushed her away from me. This was all in front of my neighbor and her bf. I left after that. The next day I get a call from the local PD asking me questions about last night and was yelling at me and told me to come down the next morning. I did and the questions were about how I knew her and what happened and shit like that. I felt real sketchy during and asked if I needed a lawyer and what was up. He pulled out her complaint and it made it sound like I grabbed her tit and was touching her ass and fucking lol that I told her she could never move away from me, I would find her. All sorts of shit that never happened.

My public defender pretty much destroyed it though. Easy enough since her own bf and my neighbor wouldn't confirm her story. The fucked up thing is everyone knew she was just bullshitting and her story kept falling apart, but the pd still strongly suggested I plead down to disorderly conduct because of the nature of the charge I still might have lost. $250 for some old drama whore making a stink,

The guy was an idiot. Like I think he might actually have been a little retarded. I still slept with him though. He had a twin and both of them really are straight I think, but really the only reason I fucked around with him was so that I fucked around with both of them. His twin was a pill junkie and one night he was trying to get some money off me and I was drunk and bored so I had him suck me and I tried to fuck him, but I ended up losing wood and I just gave him the money. The twin that I was a pimp to though was so fucking dumb. I set it up with this old guy and I knew the kid was dumb so I went in there with him and sat on the dude's couch and we went over everything and the money was agreed to. I went outside the apt building and waited. Over an hour later this happy idiot struts out so proud talking about an IOU the old guy's next paycheck. Totally believed him and was all 'wait and see bro' Fucking moron, I got head from him one day, I wanted to fuck him and he said I could, but he had to drive his daughter some where and would be back, I'm pretty dumb too.
File: tim-122-s5-4.jpg (35 KB, 613x345) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And that awful bitch still wouldn't quit after all that court stuff. She still kept coming over, only now she started to always try and get physical with me. I was literally pretending she didn't exist and she would block my way out the main door and hip check me and then fall down and be really dramatic about it. She was fucking awful, I'm not violent at all, but if I knew I could get away with it I would have that cunt murdered. She tried to ruin my life and after that failed, she settled for making it as misreble as she could. Just because she regretted being a whore and blamed me for it.
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a guy on grindr hit me up out of the blue saying he was in town for the weekend and would i show him some "hotspots" while he was there. we chatted for bit and he seemed nice (pic related) and i met him at a local straight bar for a beer and then i took him to a gay dance bar and had a couple of cocktails and he kissed me while we were waiting in line for the bathroom and put my hand on his hard dick through his pants and said "this line is too long. let's go to my hotel to pee" so we went to his hotel and he ended up fucking me - some of the best sex of my life - and then he said he was tired and thanks for a great night and he opened his wallet and gave me a handful of bills - about $200 - and i was like "what is this for?" and he said "aren't you a hustler?" and i said "no!" and he said "well keep it anyway, you are incredible and i wish i had more to give you" and i was like "can i see you again?" and he's all "no, i'm married and i have only done this once before and i really love my wife and, please, just go" so i was really sad and ended up crying on the way home (i was drunk) and i tried to message him on grindr but his account was deleted and i never saw him again.
this is hot.
>Have you ever prostituted yourself?


i lived with a guy rent free for a year because he thought i was cute and wanted to get into my pants. i let him suck my dick once and then i told him i didn't think we should be boyfriends because it would ruin our "friendship" (total lie he was disgustingly old) but he said okay. i think he used to smell my dirty underwear and jerk off outside my bedroom door when i was fucking someone but he never got too annoying and so i tolerated it until i moved out. does that count?
I have one experience with a hook up on craigslist but it wasn't for money, most of the guys I hook up with are from A4A.

I've never made an add on craigslist or even offered sex for money but I'm not stupid I think I could make a pretty good/decent one I'm just wondering if any one has some good tips for this what should I type in the add when I'm offering sex for money. Like how should I weed out the cheap guys.

I've had sexually encounters that were kinda bad and disappointing but I hasn't ruined my life I got over it pretty quickly and I've always done it safe so I'm emotionally safe.

I'm a pretty good looking guy bisexually I'd say about a 7 or 8 I'm 21 but look younger I have a skinny/slim body and I'm about medium height have longish hair I have a very good twink look which I'm sure sells well, I don't have a naturally girly voice I though I can be in between feminine, boyish or just normal but I'm very slutty acting now matter what.

I'm find with older dudes as long as their not gross and can get hard I don't care to much if their attractive, I'm not interested in having my dick sucked by and older dude so I guess I prefer being a submissive but I would be willing to be dominate if the money was decent so I'm open minded. I'm experienced and have been told I'm great at it I can deep throat and I'm some what flexible and can take anal decently depending on the size of the dick and I practice every so often. So I don't think finding a willing guy should be hard maybe I could be a part time houseboy for a single guy or a couple depending what they want me to do.

I live in a town with lots of near buy farmlands but its pretty close to a major city in the USA so travel would be a little difficult if their not willing to come pick me up I also live close to a cheap motel I might advertise there. I'm hoping I can find some one I can just walk to if I'm lucky. I know not to have too high expecatoins since their paying me for the service.

I think I could maybe make a manhunt account and some others as well too to broaden my reach.

All anons feel free to let me know what you think and hopefully leave some advice.

"older dude" here. I've been "generous" with younger guys before since sometimes it's the only way I'm going to have sex.

My advice?

-remember who is paying. if i'm paying to fuck your ass, i'm going to fuck your ass. if i only pay for a BJ, that's all *I* expect but other guys may push it.

-have certain boundaries such as condom use. Make this clear up front so there is no questions

-remember you're probably going to have sex with ugly guys. they're the ones that have to pay for it. we all lose our looks sooner or later but always before our sex drive goes.
Thanks I write something down like come with condoms or don't bother coming at all although I still have my own condoms at hand just in case but I don't plan on tolerating it.
Well I'll be going for now. I'll come back to this board later on. If anyone has some good tips. Also what are some good hook up sites for pennsylvania, I might add back backpage.com to the list.
File: aaron.lawrence.png (75 KB, 635x321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this book helped me when i was just starting out. it has a lot of good advice.
Cheap whore... Should of done it for at least $50

Wait.. So you're saying he didn't propose to you the next day?



That he was anon.. That he was.

I didn't even bother looking at your link after I read what you typed.
>some useful readin
I'm sorry, but I just read that with a heavy southern accent. Browsing stormfront long enough, you remind me of the people there.

Grats, you're not a cheap whore like everyone else! One pricey whore!

Yeah we do shit we wouldn't normally do in desperate times, doesn't change the fact that he was a cheap whore. People should own that shit.

>$5 (a lot of money back then)
Was this the 1940's?
File: muhdick.png (463 KB, 500x669) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
463 KB, 500x669

thought about it a couple of times. never did it.
> be me, 19, working in a bar
> this guy, arab, hairy, big belly, buying drinks for everyone
> slips me a note with his cash
> offering my £100 to blow him
> shif finishes in an hour
> think about it for an hour
> its obviously more than i'd earnt that shift
> decide to do it
> tell him i'll meet him in the city centre square when im done with my shift

should i cont?
>>$5 (a lot of money back then)
>Was this the 1940's?

OK >>1206861
> so i'm a kinda indie looking guy, red/blonde hair, fairly muscular arms but otherwise pretty skinny
> i get off my shift and tell my friend im going to text him in an hour (incase this goes wrong) and if i dont to ring the police or something)
> i wander over to the square
> i see him there under the streetlamp smoking a cigar
> hnng daddy fetish activated
> I ask his name. he says Amir. he asks if im willing to go through with this. i ask how much. he says £100. i agree.
> He stands up and holds my hand
> (which isnt something id risk doing in my city but he seems cool with it)
> I let him lead me, wondering where we're going
> He leads me near the canal
> Getting nervous now
> round the back of a (closed) pub
> he stops me near the bottle bin shed, past the security lights
> ipanic
> "money first dad"
> calling him dad seems to activate something in him
> "you do not trust in me? you think i am to rip you off?"
> He looks angry so i try to smile and claim i was just nervous
> to calm him down i kneel
> "No, i think you are not to want the money"
> fuck, i really kinda DO want the money now
> and the dick
> "No, please, im sorry dad, i was just nervous, please let me suck it...
> he places a hand in my hair, continuing to smoke
> i snake a hand up and pull his dick out
> its cut, think but short, like a coke can
> i begin to suck it
> not the nicest tasting dick to be honest
> all the while he's just silent, smoking his cigar
> i suck, obediently, pretty degrading
> without warning he just blows a load of the wateryest cum ive ever known into my mouth
> was not expecting it
> coughs and spits some over him, most over my own face and shirt (black, of fucking course)
> hes not happy, demans i clean it
> I oblige, jerking my own dick
> he objects to this and has my place both hands on my head while i clean him
> which is all but fucking impossible to balance
> i look up at him eventually and whisper
> "done daddy... please can i be paid now?"
> he pulls out a wad of the most bills i think ive ever seen
> tosses me £100 plus a 20 for a new shirt
> still have to walk home with a cum stained shirt and super horny
> made 120 quid out of it.
> felt dirty and ashamed but
> so fucking horny.

and thats how i got started.
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I read these stories, and the idea of being used to that level or being a temp houseboy for a guy actually sounds really fucking hot. But that gets overrided by the idea of being fully reliant on a guys horny whims for cash, so I'd never do it.

I'll stick to occasional Submissive play. MAYBE pretend to be willing to do almost anything (safe and private with condoms) for cash for the thrill of it.

...I feel like I should be worried about myself to think that setting up a scenario where I pretend to be a slut is a "thrill"...
anyone want to hear more?
this thread is sttill alive? da fuck
every day, just for men
File: DSC001.jpg (8 KB, 138x155) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm a 21 year old ottermode and have been thinking lately about getting a sugar daddy.

Not just for the money. I'd like a relationship with an older man who's probably wiser than me and perhaps has some good stories and advice to offer. We could get along and make a good time for both of us. Getting stuff bought just as a bonus because poorfag student would be nice. Not that much either since I'm not a greedy person.

Mainly blaming treads like >>1184114
and >>http://1193605 for the idea
File: 1437564565470.jpg (212 KB, 640x889) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Meant that and >>1193605
Gonna do it anyways, so might as well get some money for it
File: 1432935283102.jpg (80 KB, 500x648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I mean it wouldn't be like some stories Ive heard where the guy pays for a car or phone, just small stuff like books or ingredients so I can cook something nice for him. Doing it more for the fetish than for the money.
he looks kind of dumb. like unintelligent

also he looks a little sociopathic
OK so, i went back to work. about two weeks goes by with nothing. then i see him come in again.

>Amir pretends like he doesnt know me which kinda pisses me off a little
>he sits in the corner chatting to some other men (both look arab)
>My friend Katie (fellow bar staff) taps me on the shoulder saying a customer just bought me a drink
> "buying a drink" where i work is how tips work, it never takes the form of an actual drink, just the money with which you could buy one
>thanks katie...
>katie laughs and hands me a fruit shoot (a crappy childrens drink in a tiny bottle)
>err... ok?
> on the bottle it says from dad and a phone number
>im blushing like mad here because katie has witnessed this
>fucking crazy customers huh katie
> cue laughing awkwardly
>stick the fruit shoot in my pocket
>20 minutes later discreetly go to the bathroom
>suckle on my child's drink like a good boy and text daddy
> "same arrangement?"
>get a reply about 30 frustrating minutes later,
>"dinner, my place? tomorrow?"
>reply "no, but we could go to a hotel room?"
> i was kinda scared to go back to his place because... well i didnt trust that itd be safe...
>about an hour later i get a reply
>"Travelodge [the big one in the centre of town] tomorrow, 8pm, meet in the foyer"
>"i readily agree. texting back desperately, "100?"
>reply comes: "£100+"
>so im at home getting myself ready for the event
>cleaning up, trimming myself, etc
>should i shave myself downstairs i wonder? arabs are hairy arent they? but he likes calling himself dad?
>i settle for shaving my (red) pubes and trimming everywhere else short
>wonder what i should wear?
>getting super horny
> text amir "he dad what would you like me to wear?"
> kinda excited, kinda turned on by the possible answers...
> kinda boring answer comes back
> "bar uniform, y-fronts"
> lol ok. not turning up in my uniform so everyone knows where i work, ill change there
> put on grey track pants and a tightish t shirt, carry a holdall with my stuff, head off
> he's there in the lobby
> he's only fucking dressed up like some fucking sheikh in the white robe
> er... "er...mr..."
>"please, call me amir, i am glad youcould come."
> he leads me towards his room
>my heart is thundering inside my chest i am so fucking nervous. but... it worked out ok last time didnt it?
>"why you are not wearing as I have asked?"
> s...sorry amir i bought my uniform to change into..."
>"Do so for me now."
>"i go into the bathroom and change... my fantasies of him being an oil rich prince in saudi or something are maybe not quite acccurate
>look through his stuff hat is in there.... looks pretty normal
> doesnt look rich, doesnt look poor... hmmph ok...
> emerges in my uniform (how it would turn anyone on i do not fucking know: it is black trousers, a black shirt with the company name over the left breast pocket)
>i have also bought a cocktail shaker in case he gets turned on by the barman aspect (arabs arent allowed to drink alcohol are they?)
> however, he merely laughs when he sees me and smiles
> "you wish to earn money. it is good you wish to work. are you paid well at (the bar)?"
> oviously not
> "I... i get by..."
> "you are earning what an hour?"
> "um, about five 80"
> then i had my moment of clarity
>Amir isn't a rich arab sheikh or anything
>but he gets off on pretending like he is and throwing his cash around
>decide to play up to it
>"oh dad yes i have to work so hard for so little money
>plus i have so many bills and... my sister... to care for
>i must do anything to make money dad"
>amir clearly likes this
>"you would be willing to suck dick for it?"
>try the coy approach
>"oh dad...suck dick, i don't know...
>Insta boner.
>"you will like it i promise Will"
>"yes daddy..."
>go to take off my shirt
>"no, undo it so i may see your chest but leave it on"
>sigh, ok
>undoes it, goes to get out his dick
>its as i remember, thick but short, smells kinda musky today
>suck it like a champ
>moaning like a slut for good measure
>"boy bend over for dad"
>"Yes daddy"
>i bend over the bed, waiting for him to take down my work trousers
>same as before, no warning, he just spunks a huge wad of really watery arab cum over the arse of my trousers
>w...t...actual f?
>"er... oh... oh thanks daddy...."
>watch him sit back on the bed, gasping for air and sweating, his arab robe thing hitched up
> take a moment to consider my weird lot in life...lying with cum on the outside of my clothed ass...

cont? theres only a little bit more
technically i do prostituted myself, but accidentally

>when i started to use gay chat and app (17) i met a guy (same age) who was really into me
>he's father has a factory, he is pretty rich and presumptuous, quite a jerk, asked me several times to go out with him and i always refused on principle and because he wasn't my type at all
>he tried for some months and then stopped, until three weeks ago (we are 22 now)
>he got reeeally better, still a jerk and still into me, asked me to come at his place
>before i could even say "yes why not" he proposed me 150€

i accepted because "he's a jerk after all, if he pays me it's even better" and now we are kinda a couple :)
Umm.. Okay.. Still a better love story than twilight?

You know you want to..

Do we really have to even tell you anymore?

good read
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When I was in college I let rich older businessmen fuck me from time to time. Sometimes got up to $300 for less than an hours work. Usually good looking dudes from out of town that just wanted to bust a nut while on business. Almost all were regulars, wasn't really too into random one night stands. Often got to use the hotel for the night all to myself, room service was billed to company, etc.

Easily made an easy several thousand dollars doing something I would have been doing anyway (I have a thing for getting fucked by older guys, having a threesome tomorrow morning in fact). No diseases, nothing too sketchy or weird, no regrets. Still do it from time to time.
If the men were attractive I would so fucking do this. Why not get paid to get fucked by someone you find attractive and would wanna fuck anyways.
Yeah I really enjoyed it. I originally was just meeting up with hot older dudes online and I kept getting offers for "generosity". I had enough suitors to be pretty selective.

Most of them tended to be mid 40s, around 6ft, nice looking cocks, no proper fatties just dad bods.

Basically I could get fucked 2-3 times per week and my rent was paid. Since I was on scholarship anyways (ROTC of all things) I ended up with a fuckton of disposable income.
ive never done it but I was very seriously tempted back when I was a heroin addict. if I ever fall thru the cracks again [which I probably will because fuck were all impermanent] im almost sure ill sell myself if not also deal drugs. I don't think ill have much of a moral/emotional problem with it, I feel like it doesn't have to be a problem if you decide it not to be. im 21 but look 18 and im a submissive bottom, is there a market for me?
i made a little extra spending money last semester letting a guy i met on grindr put things in me lol

>be me (19) and broke in college (this year lol)
>guy on grindr starts chatting me up
>he's 34 dad body
>he's not sending dick pics
>asks to meet up, i have no car
>he picks me up and drives me to his place
>lives in a nice house in a rich part of town
>we go to his room, huge bed, softest sheets i've ever been in
>we start making out, dry humping, etc.
>i finally unzip his pants
>it's an uncut five-incher
>i think whatever and start sucking him
>after that and some more foreplay he says he wants to fuck me
>it feels like when i used to finger myself in eighth grade
>i'm trying not to be rude and am pretending to like it
>he's super into it
>he pulls out, asks if i like toys
>"yeah i have a buttplug i use when i masturbate"
>"cool" he says, and he reaches into the drawer next to the bed and pulls out a huge dildo (like nine inches, super thick)

to be cont.
i don't post on threads that much so excuse my awfulness at posting
part 2/?

>so this small-dicked guy wants to put a huge dildo in me
>"ummm....no thank you that's way too big"
>"come on, it's hot"
>"no i think it'll hurt"
>"just try it a little"
>i don't wanna get murdered so i agree to let him put the tip of it in
>fuck it feels like my asshole is being ripped out
>"stop! it hurts!"
>he takes it out
>"yeah i don't think i wanna use that"
>"you sure?"
>"what if i paid you?"
>i'm intrigued and a little shocked because i've never been paid for sex
>"um how much?"
>that's a lot of money to my broke ass but i don't think it's enough to let my ass get broke
>he sees i'm thinking about it but am not that excited
>that makes me agree but i start to think he's probably done this before
>"ok, but go slow"
>slowly, he starts shoving that monstrosity in me
>every time it gets deeper it gets more and more painful
>he starts whispering creepy shit
>"good boy...that's a tight little pussy"
>my eyes are teary and i can feel my face getting red hot
>i can feel the plastic balls against ass
>the whole thing's in
>somehow i'm hard
>he's really turned on and starts making out with me again, holding the dildo in place
>the thing is in me for what feels like forever
>"i wanna fuck you again"
>he starts pulling it out, it hurts like a motherfucker
>"pull it out slowly!"
>he pulls it out slowly
>when it comes all the way out i feel the greatest sense of relief but also some pain
>i had just read an article about anal prolapsing so i am freaking out a little inside
>"damn..you took that whole thing"
>he fucks me again, cums inside me
>i cum while he's fucking me, can barely feel a thing in there though
>he spoons me for a while
>"alright, time to take you back"
>thank god
>"you can clean up in the bathroom, i'll get dressed out here"
>i clean up in the bathroom, wipe my ass and there's blood
>i get dressed as fast as possible and go out into the kitchen where he is
>"ready to go?"
>he drives me back to my dorm
part 3/?

>i wanna get into my bathroom and check out the damage asap
>"have a goodnight"
>"wait i have to give you this"
>i forgot about the 250
>he hands me the money in cash as i get dropped off right by the security gate
>it's like 2am and i'm getting dropped off by an older guy who just gave a wad a cash
>security guard looks at me sketch, asks for my id
>"who was that?"
>"my dad"
>"oh ok"
>i can't believe that worked
>i go to my dorm and get into my bathroom
>realize i look like a mess
>drop pants, use a hand mirror to check myself
>everything looks normal but redder
>i wipe, no more blood
>shower, go to sleep
>wake up with the worst pain in my ass, back, and legs
>someone get me a fucking wheelchair
>have to sit down to go to the bathroom all day
>never doing that again
>i'm in my bed doing homework
>roommate comes in
>"woah is this yours"
>he grabs the wad of cash that probably fell out of shorts at some point
>"where'd you get this???"
>"my dad"
>"oh cool"
>i can't believe that worked again
>(ps my dad lives in another state, but most people don't know/forget)
>i'm glad i have some extra money, but i never want anything like that to happen again
>i get a message from that guy on grindr again
>fuck, not again
>he messages me again the next day, i ignore it because it's just a "hey"
>he messages later, "wanna make 400?"
>i gues i'm an amateur prostitute now
>"doing what?"
>"more of the same stuff. a buddy of mine wants to join in"
part 4/?

>"what would i have to do?"
>"more of the same stuff. i wanna fist you and he wants to dp you"
>"damn...800? he's got some gift cards he'll throw in too"
>instantly regret my choice but i've always wanted to see what getting dp'd is like
>he picks me up by himself that night, asks how i'm doing
>"little sore, but i'm good"
>"did you like it?"
>not really but i just say it was fun
>"we're gonna have some more fun tonight
>we get to his place
>"where's your friend?"
>"he's in the bathroom, he'll come out after i blindfold you"
>oh no what am i doing
>whole thing feels like an out of body experience
>guy A lays me down on the bed, wraps blindfold around me
>"suck my dick now"
>i'm sucking his dick when i hear the bathroom door open
>feel someone start rubbing my asshole with their fingers
>guy B spits on my asshole, rubs his hard on around it
>he puts it in, it's bigger than guy A's and feels great
>i'm getting spitroasted
>"my turn"
>guy B pulls out, i think guy A is about to start fucking me with his small dick
>i'm sucking guy B's dick now, guy A still isn't in me
>guy A isn't fucking me, he's fingering me with two fingers
>three fingers in now
>fourth finger goes in and i yell/moan
>thumb goes in and he's now puppet fisting me
>ass is going numb
>guy B is facefucking me like a champ the whole time
>i can't find enough breath to moan or anything now
>kinda want it to be over
>i lean forward and his hand pops out of me
>"guy B lay down on your back"
>guy B lays down, guy A makes me straddle him
>guy B slips his cock in me again
>feels good
>i feel guy A behind me
>shit i forgot about the dp
part 5/5

>internally screaming as i prepare to get dp'd for the first time
>guy A slowly starts putting his dick inside me while guy B is thrusting
>it starts going in
>suddenly i remember guy A has a short, thin dick
>this dp hurts a lot less than the giant dildo
>feels pretty good
>pretty fun time afterward
>guy B says he's about to cum
>they both pull out
>one of them lays me down on my back
>someone cums all over my face/the blindfold
>other guy cums on my abs
>i realize i'm soft and can feel cum dripping down my balls
>probably came while i was getting dp'd
>"i'll lead you to the bathroom"
>guy A walks me to the bathroom, takes my blindfold off inside
>i catch a quick peak of guy B
>he looks like he's in his early forties, bald, pretty muscular
>don't see his face
>door closes
>i clean up
>no blood this time
>"you can come out now"
>guy B has left
>"ready to go?"
>guy A hands me an envelope
>gives me ride back to school
>"see ya"
>it's only 11pm as i walk through security
>people are still outside and in the dorm lobby
>a lot of people keep looking at me
>oh no do they know what i just did
>i go to my room and greeted by roommate
>"dude is that dry cum in your hair and on your forehead!"
>go to the bathroom
>i do indeed have dry cum in my hair and on my forehead
>fuck, i just walked past several people i see on a regular basis
>i open the envelope
>800 in cash and a couple dozen random gift cards, mostly $50 each, some still in cards addressed to some business
>use a $50 gift card at applebee's the next night
>never get asked to do that again and i'm glad
>can't wait to tell my grandkids this story
>I was about 25
>working for a tech company during .com boom
>laid off during the .com bust
>pretty much broke
>like hiking so head to local trail to get my mind off problems
>see guy standing at trail head parking lot
>older, doesn't look like he's dressed to hike
>says hello, I say hi back and go hike
>hour later I come back and he's still there
>a little concerned. maybe car trouble?
>ask if everything is OK
>says yes. says he's trying to meet someone
>asks if I come to the trail often
>start chatting, tell him about layoff, hiking is cheap entertainment, not sure if I even have gas money to get back home
>asks if I want to make some money
>I say sure. what kind of work?
>he's pretty blunt. says he wants a blow job and he'll pay $50
>never done anything with a guy but had been curious
>ask him where
>tells me to follow him home
>drive about 5 minutes to nice house
>go in, he gets a couple of bottles of water
>make a little more small talk and then he says let's get to it
>pulls his pants down and sits on a chair
>cock is about 3", average thickness
>kneel between his legs and start sucking
>gets up to about 6" and I gag on it
>tells me to take my time
>suck on him for about 30 minutes, start using my hand too
>tells me not to use my hands, only mouth
>few more minutes of intense sucking and he finally cums in my mouth
>no where to spit so just swallow it. horrible taste in my mouth
>pulls his pants up, hands me $50 (all fives for some reason)
>tells me if I want to make more money just call him
>I do
I've only been in 'the scene" for about a year. A couple weeks ago a 30 something year old guy offered me $100 for him to suck my dick. I never replied. Did I goof?
I sort of prostituted myself for my step father. Sucked his dick for years in return for everything
I love these stories.
please, share more of them.
I have a cousin, who's about 7 years older. He "used" me for about three years, when I was sixteen. I just came out of the closet, and he made use of it immediately.
Everyone always kinda suspected he might be gay too, but he said he wasn't (at the time).
But he started talking to me alot after I just came out. Basically came down to the point that he wanted to use me as his own little fucktoy. I knew I could play him so asked what's in it for me. At first he just said awesome sex (yeah, he's arrogant like that), but then I said I could show some people the text messages, and everyone would find out his dirty little secret.
So he'd give me stuff in order to shut me up (not that I would've outed him, but hey, free stuff is free stuff). He'd give me videogames and money. The sex was great, and he always just kept giving me stuff for three years. Then he came out of the closet one day because he found "the love of his life". So everything stopped from that moment on.

>same guy
>meet with him 1-2 times a week
>blow him for $50 (again, all fives for some reason)
>would like to do it more often. need the money
>start calling him to see if he needs a blow job
>get a lot of "not today"
>one day he calls me
>"want to make a little more money?"
>of course I figure more money means doing more
>ask what I'll have to do
>"come on over and we can discuss it. no pressure though"
>figure worst that will happen is another $50 BJ
>get over and I get down to sucking his cock
>about 20 minutes into it he says that he wants to fuck me
>tell him I'm OK with that but condoms and need to stop if it gets too much (anal virgin at this point)
>head to his bedroom
>strip down and he tells me to lay face up on the bed
>feel his fingers poking my ass with cool lube
>positions himself so I can suck his cock while he fingers me
>tells me to start playing with myself
>start jerking off and he's encouraging me to cum
>still sucking him, he's fingering me and I eventually blow my load on myself
>he grabs a condom and watch him put it on
>he climbs on the bed, flips me over and aims for my hole
>since I just came I realize I don't want to do this
>before I can say anything he pushes his cock in

t/b continued
>slides in a little. it hurts. I'm wincing, tears in my eyes and I'm gripping the sheets with my fists
>waits a few seconds and pushes in further
>not sure I'm going to be able to take it
>he waits a few more seconds and pushes again
>this time he's all the way in
>slowly starts stroking in and out of my ass
>pain subsides but have that stretched, full feeling
>feel like I'm taking a shit
>he speeds up now
>starts pounding my ass
>he's grunting. his sweat dripping all over me
>I just want this to be over
>pounds for about 5 minutes then tenses up, pushes in as far as he can go and blows his load in the condom
>rolls off me and just lays on the bed
>we both lay there for about 10 minutes not saying a word
>tells me to get dressed
>hand me $100 (again, all fucking $5 bills)
>tells me he'll call me when he wants to fuck again
>two days later...
would u share some details?
>"my cousin has licked my peepee, it was amazing, would you lick it too?"
>"eeeeew, no, that's gross"
>"I'll give you 5€ pleeeeease"
>"ok then"

We were two weird 10yo kids

>now a regular thing
>one BJ and one fuck per week
>making $150 per week
>barely making ends meet since unemployment sucks
>he knows I need money
>calls me up one day and asks if I want to make $500
>jokingly ask will it be all $5 bills
>he says "yes, why?"
>ask what I have to do for $500
>he says it's a night of sex. no pain but everything else goes
>not sure what else he could do but for $500 (in fives), why not?
>show up at his house at 8 at night
>leads me up to his room
>tells me he realized how I lost interest when I came when he fucked me so he's decided to put a chastity cage on me
>I'm OK with this
>locks me up. feels weird
>start with blow job which turns into a face fucking
>saliva dripping all over myself
>leads me to the bed where he ties me spread-eagle
>lubes me up and fucks me until he shoots
>starts playing with my ass with a dildo
>inserts a vibrator in my ass and turns it on
>tapes it in place
>comes back about an hour later
>bed is soaked with my precum but I haven't cum yet (despite trying)
>pulls vibe out and fucks me again
>inserts vibe and leaves again
>back in an hour
>removes vibe
>fucks me again. he can't cum this time. keeps going soft. tells me his viagra is wearing off
>unties me and leads me to the shower
>tells me to kneel in tub
>starts pissing on me. tells me to open my mouth and drink it
>feel like puking but haven't cum so still horny and willing to do what he wants
>we shower together, he dries me off and ties me back on the bed
>inserts vibe and leaves
>comes back an hour later. it's after midnight by now
>walks over to my head and tells me to get him hard
>viagra must be working. he's diamonds
>climbs up, slides in and fucks me until he cums
>unties me and tells me to get dressed
>hands me 100 $5 bills
>ask if he can unlock chastity cage
>"no. that's part of the deal"
>go home locked up
>think about trying to get out of it but can use more money
>can't get off while caged
>wonder if it's all worth it.
That was... that was fucking hot

Funny thing is that I always felt cheap and used when I was handed the money but a few days later I'd be horny and broke so I'd go right back to him.
I was on growlr, just looking to play with some bear or something, and this one guy I talk to seems really nice, but he keeps asking for pictures of me in socks and sneakers, and he keeps sending me pics of him in them, even though I tell him I'm not into it. We finally meet up and go to his place. He tells me he bought me shoes and socks, and he wants me to wear them while we do stuff. We don't do too much, just cuddling together, and I rub my hands and new shoes on his bulge, and then finally I jerk him off till he's done. Would have done more with him, but he said he wanted to be safe so he just wanted like a handjob for our first time. So yeah, I guess I whored my self out for shoes I never asked for, I still have em too, I think I started getting annoying with how demanding he was for pics, so I just kind of ignored him after a while, cut contact, especially because he seemed to get angry if I just didn't want to take pics, definitely would have done more otherwise.
>be 18, need money for rent
>meet uni professor online
>exchange $400 to let him fuck me
>was gross, think Larry David
>kept begging to do it bare
>no thanks
>at least he was quick

Did this so I could pass a course in college. Professor was fat, hairy and into kinky stuff. And he wasn't quick.
please, elaborate

told the story before

>registering for classes at uni
>need all classes Mon-Wed so I can work full-time Thurs - Sun
>can't get into one class. only one available is Friday afternoon
>go to professor and explain situation. lose my job if can't work full time. ask if I can get into his Monday class
>says no. class is filled
>he says I should come to his apartment Wednesday morning to see if we can work out something
>know what this means, but desperate
>go over to his place as agreed
>meets me at the door dressed in a long silk robe
>he's easily 300#, hairy chest showing through half open robe
>asks if I'm willing to "work things out"
>I'm thinking "yeah, let's get this over with"
>he sits on chair, opens his robe
>fairly fat cock hidden under his fat gut and mass of pubes
>tells me to get to work
>kneel down and start blowing him
>he's pulling his belly up so I can get to his cock
>using mouth and hand to get him off as fast as I can
>takes about 10 minutes before he cums in my mouth
>tells me to swallow. I do
>glad it's over
>he tells me to come back next week
>ask him how many times I'll have to do this
>says the entire semester if I want to pass his course. tells me don't even have to attend class.
>show up every Wednesday morning
>he gets kinkier. face fucking, degrading shit like spitting on me, pissing on me in shower and of course fucking me
>semester ends. I pass the course
>he asks if I'll keep coming just for fun
Nice. Have you submitted it to fanfiction.net?
no. never heard of it. should I?

He's saying that your story is fake as fuck, dumbass.
please tell us more. What did you have to do to get out of your chastity cage?

Met him the following week just for a blow job. Gave me $50 plus another $20 for having the cage on. Met him about a week later for another full night but at the end of the night he unlocked me because I had bad chaffing around the base of my cock.
Let it out Paco
Had a guy give me $60 bucks once to suck me off. Met him on the train when I was freeballing in basketball shorts.
was he any good?
did you enjoy it?

Wanna hear moar!
did he ever suck you off or did you top him? how big are you?

He was older and overweight and unattractive and bald but the fact that he was so thirsty for my cock turned me on and I like blow jobs anyway so I had no problem and came pretty quickly just from the excitement of the whole thing. I just held onto his ears and fucked his face. It helped that I knew I would probably never see him again and that I was going to have some extra cash. I still freeball in shorts when I have some free time just to see who checks me out (mostly women) but nobody has ever hit me up since then. I probably don't look gay enough but I'm not sure what more I can do to let horny guys know I'm interested without looking like some kind of deviant perverted sex-crazed maniac. (implying i'm not, haha)
>did he ever suck you off or did you top him? how big are you?

No. He was strictly a top. Most times I left his place with blue balls (and a fist full of fivers).

I'm 5-6 150# 5" cut
File: lick.gif (2 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i'm really good looking so i get men and women hitting on me all the time. i learned pretty young that i could get men to give me money just for hanging out with them and listening to them talk about themselves. when i got older they started propositioning me for sex and i was curious and pretty soon i was doing it all for money. i learned pretty fast who i could trust and who was going to try to fuck me over. i had a guy buy me a car and pay for my schooling. the hardest part is keeping them all apart so they don't find out about each other. men can get really possessive and they think they own you if they are paying you for sex. i had to get a couple of restraining orders against dudes who practically tried to kill me when they found out i was fucking other men.
if you want to be a hustler you have to have the natural talent (handsome, good body, big cock) but you also have to know how to flirt and stay hard with gross older guys. i always just focused on myself and how hot i was. the other person was just a hungry hole that needed me to fill it.
i quit when i turned 30 and started a normal job and got married. nobody really knows what a pervert i used to be. thank god i never got any major diseases, i always used rubbers and was an exclusive top.
It's so fun to roleplay on the internet, amirite?
come on, bitches.
There has to be more ;-)
Pic please?
File: pic.jpg (79 KB, 612x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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about 6 months ago i started escorting, posted on backpage etc. i was 23 but looked 15/16 which was a hit for a lot of guys

im in a very conservative area so pretty much everyone who contacted me was in their 30s and married, generally not super overweight but maybe had a little extra.

im only into guys my age, not daddies so i wasn't into any of them. but they paid me well.

got caught in a sting like 3 weeks in because i thought male escorts were under the radar and the police wouldn't try to catch us so i wasn't careful enough. now its on my record but im getting it sealed.

never done it since and i wish i never did it, it was so much more stress long term than the money was worth short term.

What kind of stress did you have while doing it?
stress being the fact that i was always the 'good kid' and i couldn't handle getting in trouble with the law for the first time alone. i had to tell my mom what happened the same night which in turn was also coming out to her since i wasn't out of the closet (conservative area like i said)

the law also moves very slowly and despite this happening in may, it's still not full resolved. applying to jobs was awkward because it was on my record, i had to do a background check for my university class since i want to be a special ed. teacher which was also awkward. it didn't show up on that particular one thankfully, but if it did I would have had to drop the class and be set behind a full semester before i get my degree

not to mention the stress of if my dad ever found out, he'd prob never talk to me again so it's still a secret between my mom and i. i choose not to tell most of my friends since i don't want to be judged but at the same time i don't feel like it's healthy to not talk about it to at least a few different people.

while doing it, it was not stressful. it was the aftermath of being caught that really got to me and still gets to me. also the night i got caught was stressful because they came barging into the room with like 5 guns pointed at me. like wtf? and then i had a huge breakdown in front of the detective.

i could go on forever about why the couple thousand $ wasn't worth it. i will say it paid for my trip to nyc for pride though so that was pretty cool. but any time i get messages on grindr asking to pay in exchange for 'services' (which happens a lot in nyc) i always think back to that night i got caught and feel incredibly depressed for having been so stupid

Fuck, you're hot. Contact info?
What's it like having such low standards?
more what is it like not being able to tell a fake
come on, more stories.
who paid you?
what did you have to do for it?
how was it for you?
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Jesus this thread is still going?

I posted in this shit back in June right after uni finished for the year so I guess it's fitting to post here again now it's started again.

>Arrange to meet with a guy who travels through my area a lot at a hotel
>When I get in he lets me up and I notice right away that he isn't as good looking as his profile showed but w/e that wasn't the point of the meet
>he brings me upstairs and we start making out and it's strange. He's much older than me, old enough to be my dad even (59).
>his mouth is super soft and it feels strange. He tastes very strongly of mouthwash or something, a bit off putting.
>we strip and he throws me onto the bed
>kneels with his balls above my face and pulls my knees up to my chest so he can see my ass
>instructs me to lick his dick while he pulls us into a weird 69 ish position where he's licking my taint
>slowly begins to push my legs further into my chest until my ass is within his reach
>starts eating me out, something I've never done before. I start moaning loudly and he's suddenly very excited and starts going at it much more enthusiastically.
>my dick is pulsing at this point and I'm half enjoying it and half feeling dirty/weird
>over the next 3 hours he plays with my ass a ton until my hole is loose and covered in spit
>leave with £190

We repeated it a few times but not a lot. I'm now married and ceased prostituting a long time ago.
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I need an extra income and would like some tips. Where do I go? Is there any kind of code? Dating apps?

I used craigslist a lot, back when it was fairly decent. I'd look for guys who said they were "generous" or had "$" in the ad (like "looking for fun time$" and would contact them.

Never discussed money until we were naked and going at it, just in case it was a sting.

Made some decent money, dealt with plenty of assholes (literally and figuratively) with a few close calls in between.
>Never discussed money until we were naked and going at it

Wait, really? How does that work?

Did the guy ever think since you never discussed money before then that you just wanted to for fun, and never had any cash on him? Doesn't asking totally ruin the mood?

And more importantly, how much did you usually make.
Mood? What the fuck are you talking about. This was a business transaction, not candlelight and romantic music. At least on my part.

Get naked, making out, maybe sucking dick (or him sucking mine) and then I pop the question. "You said you were generous. What are we talking about?" We'd figure it out at that point.

Just like anyone in this situation it depended on what the guy wanted and how desperate they were. I could get $200 for a blow job from a guy who looked like a troll because he couldn't get his cock sucked even if it was the last cock on earth. Price really varied.
>>1237479 here

I did it. Horrible experience. The (old) guy was like a gnome, all white and shaved. Uncut dick, small, disgusting. He fucked like a rabbit. He preccumed like crazy... just ew.

I'm >>1237500 and yeah you usually get older guys who need to pay for it.
bumping for interest
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Is this the same dude as in your OP, posted in this thread? >>1235819
File: rate me.jpg (812 KB, 1936x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
rate me.jpg
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sure it was a blast...got 50 euro for a lausy BJ...then guy fuck me in ass, so I said 55! euro ...He said no! and SUDNENLY ame all over me! my ass, my shoes, my mouth... my ear, my Iphone, my fucking all! THEN I SAID vely stronk FUCK NO ! 5 EURO MORE FOR CUMMING IN MY FUCKING ALL... and he wrote me a cheque...I was wery happy but in the bank laydy said to me... there is nobody in a world whos name is a ; N.'Joy MyCuMgay Junior
How can you tell if a craiglist ad is for an escort? I'm looking at ads for my local area, and some seem to be older men asking for casual sex. I'm guessing they're not going to be paying me or anything, or am I wrong?
Wish my dick was that big ;_;. No one ever likes small dicks :(
Pics of cock?
>Be January 2015
>Go on grindr for a quick fuck.
>18 year old twink messages me.
>He isn't catfishing so I agree to head to his place.
>Get there
>He's a virgin
>Cute as fuck
>Very nervous
>Sex is going to be awkward
>He's 5'1
>I'm 6'5
>Start by doing some foreplay
>Kissing,rubbing his crotch
>he gets hard
>Average sized dick
>what ever
> I take his pants off and start jacking him off
>He's moaning loudly.
>I'm getting really hot
>pick him up and take him to the bedroom
>he starts sucking my cock
>Virgins not knowing how to give head is one of my kinks
>He gets naked and wants me to fuck his ass.
> he doesn't want lube
>"Fine. But you fucking asked for it"
>Start hitting him raw.
> he's crying.
>Keeps saying "don't stop"
>Fuck him for a good 20 mins
> cum in his ass
> get dressed and about to leave
>he's still lying on he bed with my cum dripping from his ass
> say's "wait"
> reaches into his pants on the floor.
> gets 100$ and gives it to me
> I tell him I'm not a prostitute
> he shoves it down my crotch
>Says we need to do this again.

Every two weeks since january I've been fucking him and getting paid 100$ each time. Feels pretty good.
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