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Fantasy Football
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So I was at my school's football game this weekend and all the hot sweaty beef had me hard as fuck the whole time.

So, hot football thread. Also stories, fantasies, etc. welcome.
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Do you know any of the players in your school personally?
Check out FootballBiggins.com .
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Tfw no cute curly haired bf

holy shittttttt

I want to bury my face in that.
Please don't let this amazing board die
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thank you :3
does anyone one have a link to that guys naughty stories. I remember a series about a jock and a nerd falling for eachother that made me cum hard.
ooh god sauce pls?
I went to high school with them both. We player football together.
Do you have more of the guy on the right?
Also any interesting football stories, or pictures of you? you must be pretty fit if you were on the team.
I had a lot of pictures of guy on the right till my computer crashed a while back. It was one of the folders I could not save. Rip porn folder. I had the largest crush on him. I am pretty fit and started working out again. As for stories nothing really happened between me and him or any of the football players on my team. As much as I wanted it to. I am sure he is at least bi. He left me more sexually confused than anything.
I forgot to say it but I will look into finding more pictures today.
>I am pretty fit and started working out again.
Well what are you waiting for? This is your chance of giving to this board which gave you so much throughout its existence.
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lmao I know the guy closest to the camera
File: worriedfrog.jpg (7 KB, 231x218) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think I know him too, this is spooky. Maybe all football players look alike, but is that picture of the LHS team?
Not american but this thread has me sooo hard

Wait, is that him in the webm? He's fucking hot. Post more, pls.
File: 1423209143626.jpg (9 KB, 268x154) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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moar pls god
File: jordan.webm (3 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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for a football player his body is pretty average

fuck... i wanna get spit-roasted by them
File: jordan2.webm (3 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how do you know him anon...
went to high school together

derek carr?
I know someone knows about these hotass stories someone linked to here in a similar thread!
I have a story about a time with a footballer, I don't know if this is the right thread tho :/
>I'm really not trying to be annoying
>the story is pretty lame anyway

Do tell.
lel okei kay so this happened when I was a junior in highschool and I'll try to sum it up so its not that long.
>be me playing bass drum in the pit of the marching band, muscle fat build kinda (I had to carry the fucking 70 drum everywhere for 3 years so it left me with pretty good arm and back muscles)
>he is a senior, plays football, not necessarily the best at it but his personality makes up for the most of it, taller than me like 6'3, and way more muscly than me.
>we'll call him David
>we never really talked but he was always at the parties I was at
btw I was out to the school at this point and almost everyone was fine with it I guess lmao
(The quotations are him speaking, the dialogue that's not is me)

>Friday night game as usual
>we get the shit kicked out of us
>everyone is cool tho bc this always happened
>game ends and the band is usually the last ones to leave because of all the shit you have to put up
>me and my friend were the last one to leave
>I had my own car so I decided to wait for my friends mom to come pick him up
>after she came and left I got in my car and was driving out the exit
>I see David waving me down from my rearview mirror
>I stopped and he came up to my window
>"HEY, HEY MAN. My friends fucking left me, do you think you could drive me home? I'll give you as much gas money you need."
*incoming stupid ass question*
>omg have you tried calling them lol
>"Nah man, I left my fucking phone in their truck. Please dude."
>yeah sure, just tell me were to go
>"Thanks dude, you're the fucking best. Way better than my shit friends at least"
>during the car ride for the first 15 minutes he kept trying to talk about the game but typical gay ass me had no idea wtf he was saying
>the rest of the things he said were about the girls he wanted to fuck
>it got kinda quiet after that because its like he knew I didn't have any interest in what he was saying
>but then
>"so umm, h-how did... Yknow you were....?"
will continue later today
We'll be waiting.
>I'm really not trying to be annoying
>the story is pretty lame anyway
>will continue later today

Thanks for nothing fuckwit.
Lololol ok
Sorry I have a life u fuck bucket
But here u go anyway<3

>umm i-i don't know, its just kinda always been that way I guess
>"Oh... Well have you ever had sex with a girl?"
>"Then how do you know you don't like it?"
>well I mean.... Have you ever had sex with a guy?
>"Huh? Wtf no?"
>then how do you know you don't like it?
>"........y-yeah but....."
>lmao he acted so embarrassed when I said that, like I could feel the heat coming off his lil red face
>yeeaaaaaaah that's what I thought
>he got quiet again for about 10 minutes
His house was so far away, like I don't even know how he was even in the school district
>I could see him get kinda rustled and moving his crotch a lot
>"uhh dude uh, do you think you could pull over I have to piss so fucking bad"
>umm yeah just let me find a spot
>find spot and he leaps out the car
>it literally took him at least 5 minutes to pee
>oh fuck
>I thought he stepped on a fucking snake
>I turned on the dome lights in my car to see him
>"dude I just fucking pissed all over my fuCKING PANTS"
>he really fucking did like a huge stain running down from his crotch to his ass
>"the fucking elastic snapped back..." Or something like that, all I fucking know was he was soaked as shit
>I looked in my backseat to find a pair of old gym shorts he could wear
> sadly I didn't see his dingle dongle because he ran into the fucking woods to change :/
>he came back he came back with his shirt and his yellow elastic nylon whatever football pants over his shoulder
>wtf why'd you take your shirt off?
>"well I cant dry myself off with nylon"
>b-but I had some napk-
>he slung his pissy shirt and pants to the back of my car and we went off again
>thankfully it didn't stink but when he got in he took off his cleats
>I know this is probably gross but when he took off his shoes the smell was so manly and husky like I lived in a lumberjacks asshole
>"fuuuuuuck dude I'm tired as shit"
btw I know this is taking way longer than I had anticipated I'm horrible at adding to many details :/
dont stop!
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please don't forget about us anon
It's a little too obvious you're dragging this out on purpose, like serialization will make your story more compelling.

You're not too busy to write a few paragraphs on the porn board you keep visiting day after day. Quit it with the apologies and just spit out your story. Or if you only ever visit /hm/ with 30 seconds to spare, perhaps don't tell long stories.
for u

>I was so fucking tired too it was like about 12:30
>he reclines the chair back and puts his hands behind
>I feel like he intentionally was trying to show off his biceps and pecs by flexing and shit
>I was trying not to make it obvious I was looking
>look dude you can't go to sleep, I have no idea where I'm going
>"Ok man, all you have to do is take a turn on [insert street name] and its the only house on the left"
>ok whatever
>its been like 10 minutes going down this road and still no fucking street signs
>FUCKING FINALLY I see the turn and drive down
>had to go down the road for another 10 minutes to find his house which is the only fucking house on that road
>pull into the drive way
>"Huh huh dude im so fucking sleepy"
>yeah me too ugh
>"Thanks, though, man" and he went in for a hug???????????????
>wtf #notcomplainingtho
>so uh yeah I better get going if I'm gonna get home before 2
>".....Nah dude um you can uh.. You can stay here tonight if you want..."
>um ok I mean like, are you sure?
>"y-yeah, my dad isnt home so you can sleep wherever you want"
>ok thanks
>he got his pissy ass clothes out of my backseat and showed me the way to the front door
>I had to follow close behind him because it was dark as shit
>we walked in and he turned the lights on
>holy fuck his house was huge
>he ran to the back of the house to put his clothes up then I followed him to his room
>"Before you come in here, I'm gonna need you not to judge the shit out of me, ok?"
>yea, sure (I thought his room was gonna be messy as shit)
>he turned on the lights and he had drawings and paintings every fucking where
>"you don't think I'm weird do you?" lmao he sounded so impish when he said that
>what? no man this is cool as fuck I didn't know you could draw.
>"yeah haha I guess. The kitchen is downstairs if you want something to eat, I'm gonna go take a shower. You can get one after me if you want"
>ok that's fine
>he went to the bathroom
Why are you doing this to us?
Because the story isn't real and he needs time to come up with what happens in the next post.

>I look around his room at all the paintings and shit
>i spy a dresser
>I get really fucking nosey and look all through his drawers
>typical highschool boy shit like high black socks, polo t-shirts, short ass shorts
>and finally the underwear drawer
>mostly just those compression shorts and Hollister boxers
>but then
>the same odor came off as the one from him in the car
>instant boner
>was thinking about taking it but since I only saw one I put it back
>started looking under his bed
>only interesting thing I could find was a couple towels you could break over your knee :/
>that's enough snooping for me
>was going down stairs when I heard him come out of the bathroom
>he saw me walking down the stairs
>"hey man, did you wanna take a shower? Waters still warm"
>ok yeah
>I followed him to show me how to work the shower
>he left and I hopped i
>half way through my shower he just fucking comes in
>the lock was weird so i didnt do it but I didn't think I had to worry about it
>"hey anon I got you some clothes"
>alright, thanks man
>got done showering and changed into the gym shorts he laid out
>I walked into his room to ask him where to sleep
>"Anywhere you want to man."
>I was leaving his room heading down stairs to the couch
>"Or uh.. Or you could sleep with me..."
>I turned and looked at him
>his face turned red
>I laughed
>do you want me to sleep with you?
>"I mean you don't... You... Um..." He shook his head yes
Let me clarify by saying that his bed was fucking humoungous so it wasn't like we were right next to each other
>haha ok dude
>I got into the bed
>he acted so nervous when I got in
>pretty quiet and then he starts with the questions game
>"so umm have you ever had sex like... With a guy?"
>I kinda looked at him
>y-yeah....umm why'd ya ask?
>"just uh just asking"
>"umm if uh I tell you something you um....promise not to tell?"
>yeah dude... what is it
>"you promise?"
>I shook my head
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a fake story.
Do you have a face pic of him?
Oc it's fake but i like me some fiction so keep it coming
A poorly written anecdote is excusable when it's an interesting, real scenario. Well-written erotica is likewise enticing.

But this is like "my first erotic short story" in lazy greentext format, and he's dragging it out over multiple days because you bitches are so damn thirsty that you'll beg for this gutter juice.
>all this salt
yeah this is pretty shitty.
Did you get pissy when people made fun of Twilight too? :3
>"I've been wanting to expirement with a guy for a long time"
>my face got red as fuck and it got so fucking hot in that bed
>I couldn't really say anything like the words wouldn't come out
>I try to comfort him
>I lean over and start to hug him
>"its okay man, that's okay"
>it was so pitiful, he had his hands over his eyes and everything.
>after he got his feeling out I told him that "its okay to feel those things about guys" and other mom-ish shit to him
>he turned on his side to where he was facing me
>it was kinda weird bc we were looking like directly into each others eyes for like 4 minutes
>he closed his eyes so I thought he was going to sleep
>lol ok
>realize he's creeping in closer
>oh shit
>I do the same til our noses met
>we stayed there for a while I guess just to feel things out to make sure we both wanted this
>or at least I fucking did
>I opened my eyes and his are still closed
>still had tears in them
>we tilted our heads and went in further
>when our lips touched it was such a weird feeling, like his whole body was so warm
>I could tell he was scared
>he was shaking a little in his hands
>his heartbeat went up to his face
>he started loosening up more and letting his tongue explore
>likewise to mine
>I could taste his teeth and his breath
>they tasted like fucking blueberries it was so weird
>his hands started to caress my neck and mine ran threw his hair
>after things started getting more serious I started running my tongue down to his neck
>I tried really fucking hard not to leave any hickeys so I didn't spend to much time on that section
>started going up to his ear
>other direction to his chest
>he had a really good chest if I haven't said that before
>even chest hair, big round nipples, I could smell his deodorant from there
>began to suck on his nips, run my tongue all around
>his breathing was enough to tell me that I was doing the right thing
>switched to the other side and did the same
>put my left hand down below the sheets to explore the rest of his body
>my hand slid from his stomach to his pubes
>looked up to make sure I was in the clear
>he looked down and rubbed my head with a smile
>I guided myself down to his boxers
>I moved the sheets to where I could see what I was working with
>as I expected he had already pitched a tent
>I laughed and looked back up at him and he just smiled and laid his head back
>I went back to kissing his hairy happy trail down till I reached where it ended
>I pulled the boxers down and his hard dick flopped to his stomach
>it was a good size, 7inches maybe, girthy with veins
>his balls hung down below his taint
>I worked his stood his dick up just admired it
>soon after I decided to lick his balls and stroke him gently using my thumb at the top to massage the frenlum
>moved my mouth up his shaft to the tip of his dick
>looked up yet again to double check I'm doing what we both wanted
>his hands were behind his head just like how he was in the car, looking down and biting his lip
>I knew what to fucking do
>I took the head into my mouth and moved my tongue accordingly
I could feel his upper body tense and move
>to every time I went down
>while doing so I rubbed my hand up towards his stomach
>he gasped more and more and with every exhale getting a little louder
>he ran his hand through my hair and followed me
>after doing this for about 5 minutes I felt his breath getting shorter and his body start to squirm
>he started panting and his pelvis started to thrust
>"oh my god, oh my god, oh mY GODDDDDDDDDDD"
>I kept my head planted
>I swear to god he shot so fucking hard I thought he pierced my uvula
>I had no choice to down his sweet and salty man butter
>mainly because it already hit the back of my fucking throat
>I felt his body convulsing as his hard dick now softened in my mouth
>I toyed with his balls while I made sure I got every last drop
>once I did that I made my way back up to his face
>moved in close to kiss him
>realize he fell the fuck asleep
>I was horny and tired but really fucking tired
>I pulled the covers up to cover us both and put my arm around him while I tried to fall asleep
>it was cute
>next morning I wake up before him and try to gather up my clothes from the bathroom
>I walk out with them and I see him standing up naked as shit in his door frame
>"you leaving dude?"
>um yeah man I'm gonna head out
>"oh... alright well be safe"
>will do
>I start to head down the stairs and he stops me mid way and says
>lolz ok
>I walk to meet him and he hugs me tightly
>he sorta whispered to me
>"you gotta promise not to tell anyone, ok?"
>I nervously shook my head and said
>yes sir
>he smiled at me and pinched my fucking cheeks (which fucking hurt btw but I let that slide since it was pretty cute)
>"you gotta purtty mouth"
>he laughed and waddled back to his room
>I went down stairs and stole a poptart then I was my merry way

That's pretty much the end of that long ass story I really shouldn't have started in the first place. Sorry for all of you I kept waiting.
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>loses consciousness inmediately after orgasm
>footballer pinches the faggot's cheek goodbye
>"you have a purtty mouth"

Sorry we rushed you. Kek
Sounds fake as fuck, but thanks for sharing anon
I really hate to see such a great thread at the bottom again.
Sorry about the late posts had a busy last few weeks.
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OH. Mah god.
I'm currently hooking up with a college football player who plays for a top 25 ranked school. Started off very one sided and I would mainly suck him and he would top me, but recently he has been wanting to be fucked, but when he comes over he will change his mind and top me.

Why do I feel the impulse to rape?

Is there something wrong with me?
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>and they say tumblr is bad


I've fapped twice to the first page only.
Holy Awesome Ass, Batman! Is that thing real?
longhorn ass is best ass
google image search "jeff driskel ass"

yes, its very real.
File: dr31.jpg (140 KB, 800x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140 KB, 800x718
no it's not real. here's the original, which is still great. i wish people would stop doing that photoshop liquify brush shit
Yeah...getting tired of these "touch up" faggots. Fake speedo bulge, fake vpl, fake bubblebutt and the obvious fake penis "adjustment" and "add on".
If a man doesn't have a massive bulge, then leave the photo alone.
If a man doesn't have a seductive vpl then don't bother "drawing" one.
If a man doesn't have a shaniqua-tier bubblebutt then don't try to "create" one.
If a man doesn't have a penis of your dildos size then don't be a smartass adjusting his penis based on your desperation.
If a man doesn't wear an attire where a penis can be seen then don't be a sickfuck and add one.
I prefer to look at images of beautiful men just how they were captured, not how these faggots want them to be.
I guess some faggots are beyond help...
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he's right tho
College player here.
The atmosphere in the locker room is more homoerotic than you'd believe.
>tfw comparing dick sizes in the shower

Most straight guys are totally cavalier about their dick flopping around if they don't think anyone is interested. I'm guessing you're not out to your teammates?
They did see me with a bf a while ago but he's super feminine and it was from a distance so they thought he was a girl.
>being so feminine people think you're a girl
was he a borderline trap like the disturbia guys?
I don't know who they are, but yes he was.
>tfw he'd wear my jersey in bed
Best feel.
>tfw no strong football bf to protect me and let me put on his jersey
>be 17
>senior in high school
>on football team
>very undercover bisexual
>have a gay friend
>we start fucking around at about age 16 because we live in a smallish town and there's not really any other gay people at our school, so both need a sexual outlet
>fucking him one time in my football uniform
>came buckets
I don't know why but the jersey thing is the best. Plus the guys I'm into are typically smaller so it looks huge on them unf
Also that crazy adrenaline rush after games gets me ridiculously horny.
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Miss seeing him...
What position did you play anon? Fuck if I had a bf the hottest thing would be to watch him play. I'd probably cum right there on the stands
I play along the OL wherever I'm needed. Most of the time LG.
guys there was some stories an anon linked us to in a thread about jocks a while ago. It was about some kide falling for a jock and it had like 10 parts... does anyone know how to find it? Shit made my dick into diamonds.
I just came in my pants
You're not alone
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