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Curious anon thinking of going on grindr...
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Curious anon thinking of going on grindr for random hook up. Craigslist is shit in my area so can't use. Any grindr stories? Especially from first timers? How did your Grindr experience go down?
Btw I don't want to go bare, I don't want that aids shit! But the thought of it makes my dick diamonds
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grindr is hit and miss tbh. Mostly 5s/6s all hitting on a small group of 7s/8s.
Yeah don't really want any 4/5 fugglys trying to smother me.. So I guess I'll have to play it very cautiously
Lol your lusting after aids. You are now an official fag welcome to the community.
Why thank you kind sir
>be me
>young, horny college student
>start messaging guy on grindr
>he's in air force, young like me
>actually a year younger
>decide to meet to exchange head
>he also wants to makeout so I say sure w/e
>he hosts, I have to go onto his military base
>he comes out the the entrance and meets me
>we drive over to his single room
>he's rubbing my cock while i'm driving
>get into his room and start making out
>move on to exchanging head
>he wants me to cum pretty quick so I do
>keep doing stuff
>he kinda gets on top of me and rubs lube on my dick and himself...then tries to have me fuck him
>not working so well because I just came 5 mins ago
>still pretty flaccid
>keeps going on for a little while
>eventually give up on making me cum twice
>he cums

Then about two days later I develop a sore throat and UTI symptoms. The fucker gave me some kind of STI. I went to a clinic and got on antibiotics.


>4 months later
>STI had been latent and asymptomatic for 4 months
>Suddenly reemerges w/ UTI symptoms again
>Go to hospital because no health insurance, get antibiotics. Did not confess to having an STI in the past; attribute it to me taking baths that week (which I never do; I genuinely thought a dirty bathtub gave me an UTI)
>next day my wrist begins to swell
>day after my wrist is a 9/10 on pain scale; swelling spreads to knee
>go to hospital
>mfw septic arthritis (arthritis caused by an infection getting into your joints)
>tests are all coming back negative for any type of infection because I lied to my doctor two days prior and was put on antibiotics for a UTI.
>serious enough that I have to have surgery on my wrist and knee
>anytime you have inflammation in a joint it can bring out arthritic conditions earlier in your life
>I have a strong family history of RA
>get tested after I heal mostly from the surgeries
>mfw I now have rheumatoid arthritis
>mfw I'm 20 and fucked myself for life by hooking up with someone on grindr.

True story.
Sounds more like you fucked yourself by not being honest with your doctor.
True.. He should have just told the doc straight
Same guy.
Even if I had told them the treatment would have been the same antibiotics.
There was no way to have predicated that it was going to become septic. Essentially what it did though was not allow any test to come back positive for a bacteria, although you could clearly see infection.
It many ways it was easier because my family didn't have to hear about what caused it, just that it "came up out of no where".
Has anyone here been to a glory hole before?
I'm curious about trying it. But seriously idk how stupid the idea is. I don't want an std. (I just want to suck cock)
I went to one. ended up the guy's wife actually blew me.
use a condom. you lied to your doctor. didnt even ask the guy if he was clean. i dont know what kind of sti you got? was it gonerrhea? cause gonorrhea is curable. so is clyimidia

desu its seems like ur fault.
I don't use condoms

Not using a condom AND not telling the truth to the doctor.
It's like you WANT to get bugs.
>i want hiv
maybe you should try not being retarded instead
>herpy derp
Filthy degenerate aids scum
About 3 years ago.
I'm pretty new to the gay world and i thought that grindr would be a great start. I decided to meet this guy i have been talking to for a while, he was bear-ish and that is what my dick wanted so i went with it. Nervous as fuck but at the same time curious as fuck. He didnt live far away from me (about 10 minute walk.) I knocked on his door and he opened, he was very friendly but very eager to get into my pants. It didnt take long before we went in to his bedroom, he kneeled and i dropped my pants in front of him. He started to lick my balls and slowed his way up to my dick. He used alot of teeth when he gave me the blowjob i was so excited for. And then he turned me around and started rimming me with such force i almost lost my breath (omg i have found my new fetish) Then it was my turn. I sucked his cock for a good 10 minuted then i did what he did to me, started rimming him, he moans so i continued with the same pace i had and going a little bit rougher, atlast he said, "i want your dick inside me"
I push him against the bed and asks for a condom and he says that he's clean and prefers to go bareback. And being the young stupid me i went for it because i was horny as fuck. He even told me to cum inside him which i also did. After i did he wanted to cuddle and i was feeling ashamed for what i had just done, and e starts to talk random shits about life, and i just wanted to get away from there but i went with the small talks and we get into the subject of STD's. I asked hom of he had ever had any and he said he had been treated for herpes and he took his last medication for it about a week ago. I panic out of his apartment and hate myself as i walk fast home. I tested myself for herpes the day after and was negative, but i was still mad at this dude for telling me after the sex.

Hate grindr after that.
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>be closeted 17yo
>living in a small rural town
>exactly zero openly gay dudes around, so I have no outlet for sex aside from a cousin I'd fooled around with a few times
>try Grindr out of desperation
>way more results than I expected
>looks like mostly married older closet cases, and of course nobody posts their face
>but fuck it, I'll take what I can get
>especially since I get tons of interest once I post some pics
>end up agreeing to meet up with a pretty hot guy, looks like he's in his mid-30s
>we meet late at night in a deserted gas station parking lot
>soon as I see him in person, I realize I already recognize him
>he's actually one of my dad's coworkers, lives like 15 minutes away from me
>don't know wtf I was expecting, everyone know everyone out here
>we've never spoken, but he recognizes me too
>he looks super guilty, we make some super-awkward smalltalk
>tells me I'm "a little too young to be doing this" and jokes that my dad would freak the fuck out if he knew I was out here
>I came into this feeling nervous as fuck, but seeing how skittish he is gives me a surprising amount of confidence, and I pretend like I know what I'm doing
>he's reluctant/doubtful at first, like he's about to bolt at any minute
>but I eventually talk him into pulling his dick out
>end up sucking him off while he sits in his truck
>his dick is big, hairy, and musky
>he also loses his nervousness and gets more aggressive as I get him worked up
>eventually he's growling all sorts of dirty talk and pretty much face-fucking me
>when he finally cums he holds my head on his dick and makes a big deal out of forcing me to swallow it (which I was gonna do anyway, but whatever...)
>I expected that to be the end up it, but then he had me get up in his lap facing him with my dick out
>then he jerked me off with one hand while feeling up my body with the other, keeping up the dirty talk the whole time
>kind of an awkward position (I beeped his horn twice), but he made me cum pretty fast

You know that it takes time for it to show on the results that you're infected, right?

I have been a closet case in my country because it's really a big deal and you could legit get hurt badly or killed for being gay.
Move countries. Im in middle of copenhagen, really really shy, don't have a lot of experience, REALLY horny, really want to try myself out but don't want my 'magical experience' to be turned into an aids fest. It's like-- i've been trying not to over-think situations like theese, but from common sense and this thread it looks as if I am hooking myself up with an STD, apprently.
Yeah i know, i have tested myself for all STD's a couple of times now an it all came back negative. And as i said it was 3 years ago
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>of course nobody posts their face

usually if you send them a face pic they will eventually send you one in return, although sometimes they will say they are D/L and can't send face pics. i usually tell them i won't meet without seeing a face pic first because i have had bad experiences with meeting up and the guy is a hideous old man or some race that you weren't expecting.
Did you fuck? He sounds like a keeper
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>some race that you weren't expecting
Not funny.
Not funny. Furry.
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>TFW EQNext Kerrans are going to be hideous unless they change something before it comes out
>TFW Skyrim is still better than any MMO
>implying you can get aids and not hiv from sex
>implying youre not on PreEP
>implying HIV is that bad
>implying everyone on 4chan are virgin idiots who dont know anything about STDs
What do you call this behavior? HIV apologism? Yikes.
The uglier someone is, the more sexually risky they are. They aren't just phenotypically ugly, they have absolutely disgusting genetics.

They've been marked as "prone to disease" by nature and should be avoided. Attractive people might take more risks, but only where it is necessary. They also have better risk analysis. Ugly people have shitty risk analysis and therefore take unnecessary risks like having unprotected sex with someone who has an infection (making them more ugly).

If a phenotypically attractive person gets a disease, they will become genetically ugly through epigenetics.

People with diseases stink (their immune system smells like shit) and it's usually physically apparent based on skin infections or some other nasty shit (check their nails, eyes, and mouth).

People who can't smell someone's shitty immune system or notice other identifiers are probably ugly too.

probably has a disgusting face (asymmetric as fuck), overweight, probably smells like garbage (doesn't matter how many times he showers), probably has some form of skin disease tinea versicolor disgusting fuck

so you're embarrassed about being degenerate

So basically you're ugly and/or have AIDS and you're in denial about one or both.


For any ugly persons information: just don't have sex. You're only going to make your shitty genetics worse. No amount of SJW moralfagging is going to make you attractive or acceptable by nature. Just because our society has become more accepting doesn't mean you deserve a free pass to spread disease.

If you really want to have sex, try virtual reality you disgusting piece of shit.
I love you
Speaking of, why do they call it a race? Wouldn't that mean they're human?
Grindr is pretty much hit and miss.

Even the better looking dudes can be nasty as fuck.

>Hooked up one time, he hosted.
>Ride to his place, nice, big place, all for himself
>He's hot, athletic, pretty much everything a gay guy wants right?
>But still, something was weird
>Start making out
>We had to bedroom, undress
>There it is.
His underwear was nasty, beyond belief
>Shitstains still on his buttcheeks
>Ask him; dude, don't you wipe your ass?"
>He casually responds with; nah, didn't feel like it today, and it's just poo
>I can't deal with this, how can you be this gross?
>Tell him I can't do this, pull up pants and got the fuck out in a real fucking hurry.
>He kept making new accounts on grindr afterwards, I kept blocking him
>Motherfucker found out which street I lived in because of the '... miles/km away' thing
>Stopped using Grindr for about 2 years. Never heard from or saw that dude again
interesting, I must have good genetics, Ive only had sex once and im 22, im just paranoid ill catch something and become ugly
What the actual fuck....
your fault then
That's messed up
Yeah bareback where the guy cums in the bottoms ass is so hot.
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