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Rape Fantasy Game Part III
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You are currently reading a thread in /hm/ - Handsome Men

Thread replies: 300
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For those unfamiliar with the earlier threads, this is how it works:

You make a request by posting a brief description of yourself (age, body type, gender if you're female, maybe a kink you have), and I assign you a rapist and rape scenario - the idea being that you're than obligated to masturbate to this rapist/scenario.

All choices will reflect my personal preference for twinky guys, so if you'd like to be raped by a daddy type, this thread is probably not for you.

ITT, I'll be responding both to the backlog that's left from part 2 and to new requests, in a random order. (Btw, I'm sorry that some people have been waiting for ages, but I'll get around to every request sooner or later - if you made yours a long while ago and are tired of waiting, just let me know and I'll try to prioritize it)
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Response to
>24 yo, 5'11, 150lbs, white, virgin
>have a huge foot fetish. The bigger the feet the better

Your rapist is Thomas Mann

>he's your sister's fiance's best friend
>the three of you play tennis together
>you've been misinterpreting signals from your sister's fiance for a while, and when you're alone in the changing room with him afterwards, you boldly decide to make a move on him
>he is appalled, pushes you away so that you lose your balance and land on the floor, and storms off
>before he leaves, you hear him talking agitatedly to his friend outside
>his friend enters and sees you on the floor
>he puts his bare foot on your face and pushes you further down with it
>"I suspected you were a fag right away, but I didn't expect you to hit on your own sister's man. that's really low, you know"
>"it was just a misunderstanding! now take your foot off me!"
>he covers your mouth wth his foot
>"he won't tell anyone, don't worry...But I might...unless you do exactly what I tell you to do, that is"
>he pushes his toes into your mouth
>"that's it, open up - and now suck"
>you start sucking on his toes
>"very obedient. smart move"
>after a while he takes his foot away
>he sees that you've got a semi and pokes it with his foot, like he's examining an animal cadaver
>"hm, did that excite you this much? you really are a slut, aren't you?"
>he gets a pot of cream out of his bag, then sits down on a bench and takes off his towel, revealing his large, erect dick
>"get over here and ride my cock"
>"please...don't make me do this. I...I've never done it before"
>"what, you've never taken it up the ass before? what kind of a fag are you?...but don't worry, sweetie - I'll open you up!"
>he twitches his intimidatingly large cock, and you stare at it
>"don't just look at it"
>he pulls you closer and hands you the pot of cream
>"here, get it ready"
>you smear cream all over his dick,while continuing to beg him not to make you do this
>"shut the fuck up and sit down on it"
File: pc.jpg (418 KB, 690x805) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
418 KB, 690x805

>you slowly lower yourself onto his cock while holding onto his upper body for support
>after several minutes, you've not even managed to take in the whole head
>"I'm losing patience here"
>he grabs your shoulders and roughly pushes you halfway down his cock
>you scream out, and he puts a hand over your mouth
>he holds it there as you get used to his cock, then pushes you even further down
>"now move your hips"
>he grunts appreciatively
>"move your ass in circles"
>you're met by his thrusts as you try to follow his instructions
>"that's it, babe"
>he grabs your ass-cheeks
>you look off to the side
>"hey, where are you looking?"
>he turns your head back by the chin
>"keep looking at me as you ride my cock"
>you look at him in silence, making the moves he demands
>"say that you're my whore"
>"fuck you"
>he slaps you
>"say it"
>"I'm your whore"
>he forces you to repeat it thoughout the rest of your fuck
>his thrusts get more and more forceful
>you're both covered in sweat now
>he grunts and moans as he empties himself into your ass
>you say that you're his whore one last time, but his orgasm is already over
>(wryly) "I know, baby"
>he gets up, letting you slide off him, and leaves for the showers
Long, brown, curly hair
Thin, fairly hairless in upper body. Somewhat hairy in lower body. Like a twink/otter.
Really into rape, gangbang, and tying up.
23, white, fit, huge underwear fetish, let me have it
Response to
>Suuper twinky, look about 13/14, am actually 19. I get off over looking younger a lot, and that sort of stuff. Love wearing tighty-whiteys and stuff. Ageplay, kinda.

Your rapist is Michael Angarano

>it's your first day in prison, and he's your cellmate
>you're relieved cause he seems harmless
>"hey, shouldn't you be in juvie rather than here?"
>you say that people always think you're younger than you are
>after some friendly chat he says
>"with your looks, you're in a tricky position here. everyone is gonna try to fuck you"
>you blush
>"and they won't care a bit whether you want it or not. but, listen, I can help you. I may not be the toughest guy, but I've been in here a while, and people respect me. if they knew you belong to me, they'd leave you alone"
>"what do you mean?"
>(in a low voice) "come on, you know what I mean"
>he grabs your hand and puts it on his crotch
>you violently jerk it away and push him off
>he roughly pulls you closer, then pushes your head down into his crotch
>he takes out his dick as you struggle
>"you don't get it, do you. if you don't do what I say, I'll pimp you out to anyone who wants a piece of your ass. and there'll be lines before our cell all day long, believe me. so get licking"
>defeated, you put out your tongue and gently lick his cock
>he sighs with pleasure
>"good boy"
>he makes you lick his treasure trail and his balls, then finally suck his cock
File: 005ma.jpg (203 KB, 454x743) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203 KB, 454x743

>after a while, he tells you to lie down on your belly and pull down your trousers
>"please...let me just suck you off, ok?
>"I said get on your belly!"
>you do what he says
>he spits on your asshole and gets on top of you
>he mutters "shit, I haven't been this hard in ages", and fucks you in the ass
>"oh yes..that's it baby boy...take that dick...jesus"
>he tells you to call him "daddy"
>you do it
>"say 'fuck me daddy'"
>you do that as well
>you feel his heavy breathing in your neck
>"oh god...I won't last, baby boy...ah...aaahhh"
>when he's finished, he cuddles you
>"god, you're amazing"
>he kisses your neck
>"I haven't fucked like this in years - that's why I came so quickly. I'll last longer next time - and if you want to, I'll try to make you cum as well. you're much better off doing it with me than getting passed around, trust me."
Response to
>23, cub/bear build, white, brown hair and eyes requesting whatever.

>you meet at a gay club and you take him home with you
>you make out in bed, then you want to put on a condom
>"what are you doing?"
>"you don't wanna get fucked?"
>"I'm not a bottom"
>"oh...well, me neither. hm, that sucks. let's just do oral then, ok?
>"no, you are."
>"huh? what do you mean?"
>you ARE a bottom"
>you laugh
>"sorry, I think you'll have to trust..."
>suddenly he pushes you facedown onto the bed
>he crosses your arms behind your back and holds them there
>"what are you doing?! let go!"
>he spits on his cock
>"give it up. I'm stronger than you"
>he fucks you in the ass bare, ignoring your protests and screams
>"this is how we do it, bitch"
>he cums deep inside your ass
>he puts his hand under your cock and feels the wetness around it
>he holds his hand in front of your face, then wipes off your cum in your hair
>"you came. I told you you were a bottom, bitch."
>he gets up, slaps your ass and leaves

Short dark hair, light blue eyes, fair skin, and a few freckles around my nose

6'1 in height

Somewhere between a slim and athletic physique when it comes to body type

Verbal humiliation, dominance, submission, wrestling/fighting, etc - the standard bdsm bs. Would usually consider myself more dominant than submissive but honestly, I could go either way.

Prob went into too much detail but yeah, there you go. Rape me biatch
18, female, 5'6, around 50kg/110lbs

exhibitionism and gang bang, maybe sth w hair pulling or just Violence
File: crewcut.jpg (50 KB, 551x425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 551x425
24, 6'6, 150.
I am not a human but a spirit and a demon from the hottest hell. Send your finest rapacious beasts that they may fall, flowing out like virginal gowns beneath my splendour!
18, m, 6'1, 165lbs

Foot fetish, submissive, cum lover.
25, 6'1, 165lbs

Muscle fetish, cum lover and very submissive
5'11, 23, slim and hairy.
Got a feet and armpits fetish.
Also, I'm a virgin...
18/m/tall and skinny build

preference for blonde guys but I dont really give a shit tbqh give me whatever
Officially straight but curious and probably bi (sucked a dick once but would probably do more), 22, tall, white, slim/toned footballer, smooth, blue eyes and kinda medium length brown hair. I like shower/gym stuff and quite like piss play
File: jascheroff.jpg (219 KB, 556x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
219 KB, 556x680
Response to
>Requesting as well
>im 18 5"7, thin, and bi

Your rapist is Constantin von Jascheroff

>you've hooked up with his gf a few days ago
>you find him waiting for you gun in hand
>"don't do anything crazy! look, I'm sorry - I didn't know she was your gf! I'll leave her alone now, promised. just calm down, ok?"
>"oh, don't worry, I'm calm. I know you're no rival for me - you're a faggot, after all. I just want to make sure you don't forget it"
>he gives you a lipstick
>"here, put that on"
>"are you serious?"
>he raises his gun
>you put on the lipstick
>"happy now?"
>he points to his crotch with the gun
>"and now you're gonna smudge that lipstick all over my cock"
>"fuck off!"
>he points his gun at you and cocks it
>"get down on your knees"
>you do it as he opens his belt
>he takes out his cock and orders you to put it in your mouth
>he keeps verbally degrading you as you suck his cock
>he starts thrusting into your mouth, making you gag
>"eat my jizz, you fucking bitch...yess!...YOU COCKSUCKER!"
>he keeps his cock in your mouth till you've swallowed the last drops of his load
>he strokes your cheek with his gun
>"you've sucked me dry like a good little faggot whore"
>he walks off while you're still on your knees
20, 6'4', 210, white virgin
like fit/twink types
Age: 18
Sex: Male (gay)
Body: pretty average, 6 foot, brown medium hair
Kinks: fucked by little blond twink
spit/piss in my mouth/on my body or cock
verbally abuse me too

>fuck me up
>>20, average body at 180lbs/6'1", White, schizophrenic, rave-going hippie, pretty turned on by the idea of a dude being controlled by an incubus

Dis gun be gud
Should also add I'm Pansexual, really submissive, and don't know when to shut the fuck up.
File: Thomas_Mann_1947.jpg (1 MB, 2911x3790) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2911x3790
How the hell could a twink rape someone?Wouldn't they like brake in two if they tried to do something with their """"Muscles"""" or for that matter top someone?
18, small ans submissive, kinda shy who likes athletic guys but far toi intimidante to approach them
18/f/straight, Average height, lean, pseudo tall, well rounded assets, 30D 23 33, I like someone obsessing over me, bent over making me his and his only, you know a madly in love, sad, jealous, psycho stalker. Looks kinda like a geeky version of the young Leonardo DiCaprio.
Also, I'm brown, with black long curly hair, a long neck, big dark brown eyes, comparatively fatter bottom half, hairless body, almost.
Fuck off, cunt.
> 19 y/o , very slim (65 kg), tall (190 km) ,long hair, no body hair at all
>tall (190km)

boy you outta this woooooorld
File: yt.jpg (382 KB, 1208x627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
382 KB, 1208x627

Your rapists are YouTubers Calfreezy, Joe Weller & ChrisMD (left to right)



>you're at a house party
>you get drunk and pass out for a while
>when you come to, Joe is sitting beside you and fondling you
>you push him off
>he slaps you hard, then grabs you forcefully and starts pushing up your skirt and pulling off your panties
>you scream for help
>you realize that nearly everyone's gone, and you, him and the other 2 are the only ones left
>"let's have a look at your litte pussy then"
>he spreads your legs apart
>the other 2 come closer to check it out
>"time to fuck, love"
>he gets on top of you and pulls down his trousers
>you try to push him off, but he just pins your wrists down and penetrates you
>"yeah, baby, fight me. it's gonna make me cum even harder"
>the other 2 watch with their hands down their pants as he fucks you
>he cums with a yell that's so loud it makes you flinch
>"you wanna go next?"
>you protest feebly as he lets Chris take his place, sitting down beside you so he can hold you down for him
>"spread your legs for my mate, bitch"
just wanted let u guys know ur all sick and need to see therapists.
File: yt2.jpg (431 KB, 1362x642) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
431 KB, 1362x642

>when you don't do it, Chris spreads them himself, and gets in
>"aw shit she's tight"
>"she was even tighter 5 minutes ago, mate"
>Chris plays with your boobs as he fucks you
>"listen to her moans, man. guess she likes me better than you"
>"dream on, mate"
>"no...she's cumming...the...whore"
>Chris closes his eyes and bites his lip, then collapses on top of you
>Cal has already taken off his trousers, and pulls him off you impatiently
>"turn her over"
>Joe does it, grinning widely
>you struggle, but are helpless against Joe's grip
>Cal pushes your skirt up over your ass, pries your buttcheeks apart, and spits on your asshole
>your protests grow more urgent
>Cal grabs your hair from behind
>"shut the fuck up, bitch"
>he puts his hand over your mouth and fucks you in the ass
>"ah...jesus...talk about tight..."
>like Joe, he cums noisily
>(catching his breath)" oh yes...your shitter was quality, babe"
>Joe finally lets go of your arms, and Chris high-fives him
>"we wrecked that bitch, mate"
>"pfff... you two fucked her pussy - big deal. a slag like her has probably had 100s of guys up there. I did her in the ASS...that's the fuck she's gonna REMEMBER"
>he leans over you
>"right, love? we've got something special, you and me"
>he sticks out his long tongue and licks your face as you wince
>they all laugh, put their trousers back on, and leave you behind with their cum in both of your holes
That's why we are here. For the rapists.
Age 21, male, skinny build. Like dressing up as trap and being dominated

File: freddie h.jpg (851 KB, 1034x2069) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
freddie h.jpg
851 KB, 1034x2069
Response to

>Make me a sex slave
>19 years old
>muscular legs and toned arms
>Love forced blowjobs.

Your rapist is Freddie Highmore

>(rape by blackmail)
>he forces you to take off all your clothes
>meanwhile he takes off his shirt and opens his belt
>"get down on your knees before me"
>when you're in position, he orders you to lock your hands behind your head
>"now blow me, you whore"
>you haltingly start sucking on his mushroom head
>"deeper! much deeper"
>you work your way down his cock
>he orders you to go deeper, till finally your nose has reached his pubes
>"that's it. now suck it - and keep a steady rhythm"
>he starts moaning appreciatively
>"look into my eyes!"
>you see him staring down at you, a faint smirk on his face
>he makes you keep looking up at him throughout the blowjob, reprimanding you when you close your eyes for too long
>"I'm gonna cum! you'll swallow it all. and keep looking at me!"
>you hold eye contact with him as you swallow spurt after spurt of his cum, having difficulty keeping up with his huge load
>finally it's over, and you're allowed to take your mouth off his dick
>you cough and gag
>"you did a god job, cocksucker"
>"please let me go now"
>"no. first I'm gonna have you from the other end as well. get on your hands and knees"
>you start crying but do what he says, getting on all fours on the floor
>"no, over there. on the bed. "
>you follow his instruction
>"I thought I'd need a few minutes to recuperate, but seeing you offering up your ass so obediently, I'm rock-hard again in an instant"
>he kneels down behind you and puts it in
>before you can accomodate to the feeling of his cock up your ass, he starts thrusting away
>the bed is squeaking loudly
>"I'm almost there again..almost..there..."
>"please...don't cum in my ass"
>(among moans) "too late, sweetie...too late"
>he slaps your ass when he's done
>"you can go now. but this is going to be a regular thing from now on"
kek, nice.

It's been over 50 days for my request but you answer a girl's request first? Do me, please.

>23, male, 1.83m, 82 kg, mostly defined, love threeways.
5'8 kinda skinny but not a skeleton
Pale, dark hair, glasses. Basically peter Parker
I've always been sorta repressed sexually. Not in a I-hate-myself sort of way, I just really shy and it's hard to ask for things. Everytime me and my boyfriend do it, he starts it and I always think to myself "yay finally!"
Oh and I'm a guy btw
>It's been over 50 days for my request but you answer a girl's request first?

Haha - well, it makes for some variety. But you're next...
19, gay, male, 5'7, 120 lbs, submissive, shy, easily persuaded, like getting physically and emotionally abused while I get fucked (hitting & name calling)

Ty OP c:
Age: 19
Body type: hourglass-ish, C-cups, neither fit nor fat
Gender: female
Kink: fingers in mouth
File: cherrybomb42.jpg (228 KB, 2126x1535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
228 KB, 2126x1535
Your rapists are Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan (as seen in "Cherrybomb")

>you've done something to piss them off and they want revenge
>they hold you up in a dark alley
>Rupert holds you at bay with a knife while Robert ties your hands behind your back with rope, pulls down your trousers & pushes you to your knees
>"you want his arse or his mouth?"
>Rupert smirks down at you
>"arse. definitely arse"
>"wtf are you talking about? what are you doing??"
>they change places, and Rupert kneels down behind you
>he lubes himself with spit,
>he brings the knife up to your throat
>"now don't move. you know the saying 'shit on my dick or blood on my knife', right?"
>he rams his cock up your ass
>you scream
>he grabs you by your hair & pulls your head back towards him, bringing his mouth close to your ear
>"yeah, feel that dick. you like that, cunt? you like my hard dick up your arse?"
>he thrusts upwards
>meanwhile Robert steps up to you, opens his trousers & takes out his cock
>"go ahead, suck it"
>when you don't open your mouth he slaps you
>he pokes your lips with his cock
>"suck. it."
>Rupert holds the knife against your throat again
>"you heard him. open your mouth, bitch!"
>you open up, & Robert slips in
>you start sucking him
>his musky smell fills your nose
>"yes, man. he sucks like a bitch. I won't last long"
>"wait till I'm ready as well"
>he takes his dick out of your mouth & just lazily slaps it against your face
>finally Rupert starts panting and grunting
>(to Robert) "now!"
>(to you) "take it, you cunt!"
>Robert jerks himself furiously, aiming squarely at your face, and cums all over it at exactly the same time Rupert is shooting his load in your ass with loud groans
>Rupert gets up, and once again smirks down at you contemptuously as he's wiping off his dick with a tissue, then doing up his trousers
>he spits on you, and they both walk off, leaving you behind with your hands tied behind you, your trousers down, and cum all over your face

I fucking love The Magic Mountain.

Your rapist is Frank Dillane

>his roommate hits on you at a club
>you're attracted, but only after a lot of back & forth do you agree to go home with him
>at his place, he introduces you to Frank, who then disappears to his room
>after more persuasion, you finally let him fuck you
>you spent the night
>the next morning he has to get up early & leave while you stay in bed
>suddenly Frank walks in stark naked & slips into bed with you
>"wh---what are you doing?"
>he puts a finger against your lips
>"just let it happen"
>he starts stroking you
>"stop! are you crazy?"
>he chokes you
>"x told me all about you -how you act all coy and shit for ages, but then turn into a huge slut once you've got a dick inside you. I don't have time for those kinds of games, understand? so just shut up, & give it up"
>he wets a finger & sticks it up your ass
>"no...it's not like that...I don't want this...I really don't...please stop"
>he slaps you, then gags you with a handkerchief
>"I told you not to play games with me, slut."
>he grabs lube from the nightstand, then puts your legs over his shoulders
>he lubes your ass up as you desperately try to fight him off
>he grabs your wrists
>"just take it"
>he penetrates you
>you throw your head from side to side,
>"I'm gonna make you cum hard, slut. just let yourself go"
>he fucks you while holding your wrists
>"oh yes..I feel you clenching around my dick, you tight bitch. you like getting taken by force, don't you? you love it."
>he keeps telling you to "take it" and to "let yourself go"
>"look how hard you are"
>he lets go of one of your wrists & tells you to start jerking off
>he slaps you
>you do it
>"faster! let's cum together, you slut"
>he speeds up his thrusts as you speed up your strokes
>finally you shoot all over your stomach as he shoots inside your ass
>he lets go of your other wrist & takes the handkerchief out of your mouth
>you're crying, & he wipes first your eyes, then your cum
>"you were just as good as x said"

Please do me one I've been waiting months need to feel horny
File: 1176480 (1).jpg (369 KB, 1000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1176480 (1).jpg
369 KB, 1000x1500

Your rapist is Zayn Malik

>you work for his record label
>your boss tells you that you've somehow offended him in a recent interaction, and you'll have to apologize in person
>you have no idea what this is about, but have to go to his place
>his bodyguard takes you to him, then leaves
>you realize right away that he's on coke
>he rants away about respect and how he felt disrespected by you, and who do you think you are - but you still don't know what you've done to offend him
>you apologize profusely anyway
>suddenly he pushes you down on your knees
>"show me your respect with your mouth"
>he opens his jeans
>you try to get away, but he grabs your head
>"where do you think you're going?"
>he slaps you
>then he takes out his semi-erect dick and growls at you to suck it
>you do what he says
>he thrusts into your mouth
>"you need to learn your place. you cocksucker"
>the musky smell of his crotch is overpowering
>from time to time he pulls you off his dick to slap you, then shoves it in again
>finally he shoots his load in your mouth
>"eat it all, cocksucker!"
>when you're done and he's slipped his limp cock out of your mouth, he orders you to look up at him and open your mouth again
>"swallow this too"
>he spits inside your mouth
>when he turns away, you get up and start to leave
>"hey! I'm not done with you yet!"
>you try to leave anyway, but outside the door stands the bodyguard who drags you back in
>"bend him over the table"
>"no...please...he's crazy...don't do what he says"
>the bodyguard ignores you & fulfills his order
>Zayn pulls down your trousers and underwear, then spits into his hand
>"hold him down"
>the bodyguard holds you down as Zayn fucks you in the ass
>he fucks with slow but super hard thrusts, calling you names
>finally he squirts inside your ass with a yell
>immediately afterwards he says "get him out of here"
>the bodyguard takes you to a bathroom so you can clean yourself up, gives you a $500 note in the foyer, and sends you off
Damn, nice.
File: 1461986150841.jpg (270 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
270 KB, 960x1280
>thick-rimmed glasses
>Book nerd
>Still have my anal virginity. Never moved beyond the occasional bj with boyfriend in highschool. Too shy to ask for the rutting I so desperately want/need.
True story, I gave my first blowjob by asking my bf "so, um, I was wondering if we could, idk, do stuff. If that's okay. Like, do you want, or would it be cool if i, you know, helped you out. If you want. Like, idk, maybe..."
"...you want to suck my dick?"
"If it's alright with you."

Oh, and if you could set it in a library, that'd be nice.
Wait - were you and >>1413442 separated at birth?
Not that I know of. We should probably hook up. Throw two wallflowers together long enough and at least one of them will have to learn to be more assertive.
At the very least, it'd make for a great sitcom.
male 18, mixed asian\white , jock type, big dick
please don't forget this one, this shit is gr8 m8
20 yo tanned 5'5 virgin,
Really into the usual submissive roles, facesitting+++
> Male
> 18 but look younger, like 14/15 because I'm small
> rather small but not very fat
> blue eyes and dark blond hair
> into popular boys, i mostly prefer sexy athletic boys but I'm to shy to approach them
> virgin and submissive
Anything on mine yet? Would like to read about myself getting raped.
Do you think you could do me? :)
25, male, 5' 5"height, 127lb, brown medium long hair, brown eyes, average... 4,7" dick. Bottom. I've bf.

Verbal humiliation, dominance, submission, rape, bdsm, cum lover, gang bang.
Repressed sexually with bf. I just have sex with him... and I want to try more...
30, male, 5'10 height, toned body, 8' cut cock, curly brown hair, glasses. into forced blowjobs, water sports, big cocks
Find me in the gym locker room, after playing tennis. Or walking home from work. Or in an airport lounge.
You're a hung Italian, or Spanish dude. Fuckn go to town on this ass

>you walk through a park in the evening
>the guy on the left runs up to you and puts his arm around you
>he's drunk and has mistaken you for a girl from behind
>"hey, how are you, baby - you want some dick?"
>his 2 friends, who are drunk as well, catch up with you
>they laugh
>"that's a guy, you shithead"
>(to you) "my mate's not queer, you see - he just thought you were a bitch"
>guy #1 is briefly embarrassed, but then tries to play it cool
>"yeah, well, it's his fault if he has hair like that. and I bet he takes dick like a bitch anyway. don't you, you little queer?"
>"leave me alone already!"
>he just draws you closer
>you smell the beer on his breath
>"what, my dick's not good enough for you? what about my mates'?"
>you elbow him in the rips to get away from him
>he punches you
>he tells one of his friends to help him drag you over to a high fence close by
>they turn you over against it, and use plastics bags to tie your hands to it
>then he pulls down your pants and lubes up with spit
>"now you're gonna get my dick anyway"
>he fucks you in the ass standing up, pressing his hand over your mouth
>"shit, she's tight. maybe I am her first after all"
>his friends watch, snickering
>"I'm tearing that ass up, man...oh shit, here it comes...here it comes,,,TAKE IT, BITCH!"
>when he's done the other 2 fuck you as well, one after the other, all putting their hands over your mouth
>"so, which one of us gave it to you best?"
>(crying) "fuck you"
>"no, we fucked YOU. and you weren't half bad to be honest"
>he pats your ass
>they untie you, and you sink down to the floor
>"anyway, gotta go now, bitch. maybe we'll run into each other again"
I'll do yours next, just a small clarification beforehand - when you say "little blond twink", do you mainly mean short or slight?
basically a light blond boy, guys in the range of Davey Brooks or Kyle Ross are a huge turn on for me

school or school related settings are also a kink of mine, don't have to be too specific though, pretty much everything you've written has been 10/10 haha
20 yo, 5'7, fit, white, short brown hair, virgin
Into spit and verbal humiliation
>21yo, 5'10, 140lb slim asian
>have a thing for upper class well-groomed english boys, even hotter if they're younger than me
OP forgot about me too :(

>22 latino 5'9 with a big ass, huge foot fetish and humiliation fetish. Make me someone's little bitch.
File: ___paul2.jpg (136 KB, 560x620) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 560x620

>he's your classmate
>he's out, you're deep in the closet
>you're sitting alone in a classroom, before anyone else has come in
>he walks over to you, saying that he wants to show you something on his phone
>shows you screenshot of your gay dating profile
>you ask him not to show/tell anyone
>he says he won't, but you'll have to do what he says
>starting with leaning back your head and opening your mouth
>"what the hell?"
>"just do it. unless you want everyone to see this"
>"what are you going to do? they will walk in any minute"
>"don't worry, it won't take long. just hold your fucking mouth open"
>he looks down into your upturned face and spits directly into your mouth, once, twice, 3 times
>then heturns and walks back to his seat as if nothing had happened, just before the other pupils start filing into the room
>he tells you to come to his place later today, when his parents will be out
>you show up and he takes you to his room
>he tells you the two of you are going to fuck now
>"I..I don't know if I'll be able to get it up, to be honest"
>he laughs
>"no need for that"
>you look confused
>he cocks an eyebrow
>"seriously? I spit into your fucking mouth earlier today, and you figure I want you to top me? lol. you're getting fucked. come on, get down on your belly."

>"I.. I don't think I'm into getting fucked"
>"what makes you think I give a damn? now if you don't want the whole school to know your secret, put your limp little dick against the mattress and spread your cheeks for me"
>with tears welling up in your eyes, you assume the position for him
>he lubes your ass up, gets on top of you, and fucks you
>"yeah...you feel that big dick? now you get why I'm the man, don't you?...say it! say that I'm the man"
>"you...argh...you're the man"
>"yes...and you're my little bitch....and you're gonna stay my bitch from now on....you're gonna take it up the ass any time I want, and any way I want"
>he underlines the last 2 points with extra hard thrusts
>he keeps verbally humiliating you as he fucks you
>he grabs you by the chin and turns your face back towards him
>(very gruffly) "open your mouth"
>you do it, and he spits into it again, though with less exactness this time
>seconds latter, he cums
>he takes a while to catch his breath afterward, then says
>"I fucked you, you whore"
>he rolls off you onto his back, smiling satisfiedly
>you get up, wiping tears from your face, and quickly get dressed
>"I'll send you a text next time my parents are out"
this is A+ stuff. Saved it all, thanks dude
18/m/tall slim, 6'3 155lbs
Excellent, thanks for attending my request. Although I do prefer >>1414564
Age 24
6ft 1
Have a things for scally/uniform guys or celebs younger than me

Need someone to give me some good material been waiting for a while love wanking off to the fitties on the Olympics and especially boy band style looking people

Give me my story

Any luck OP?
21/m/slim, kinda skater looking. Never got past the scene hair phase. Into forced submission/chastity and nipple play.
>18 year old
>5' 9"
>120 pounds
Into older men
18 M Short brown haired combed to the right, 5'11, skinny
File: hoult.jpg (3 MB, 2000x4276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2000x4276

Your rapist is Nicholas Hoult

>he's your prison cellmate
>"I'll protect you, but you'll have to do what I say. understand?"
>you nod, without looking up
>he lies down on his bunk and takes off his socks
>"then suck on my feet"
>you kneel down beside the bunk and take his toes in your mouth
>"good boy. a punk like you has to learn total submissiveness. you're doing a good job so far."
>after a few minutes of feet-sucking you ask if you may stop now
>"not yet"
>then he tells you to pull down your trousers and show him your ass
>you do it
>"nice. really nice...I'll be fucking that ass every day for the next few months. are you happy about that?"
>when you don't answer, he kicks you in the face with the sole of his other foot
>(with his voice raised) "I said are you happy about it, cunt?"
>"then let's start"
>he makes you get up, then bend over and hold on to the posts of the bunk bed
>then he tells you to open your mouth, and gags you with his socks
>"I fuck balls-deep. just so you know what to expect"
>he is true to his word
>"push your ass back...uh-huh..that's it, you dirty whore..oh yes!"
>the bunk bed you're holding on to is rattling
>he slaps your ass
>"you did well, faggot"
>he takes his socks out of your mouth and nods toward the sink
>"now go and wash your ass"
38 white male
180lbs 5'11"
Blonde hair blue eyes
File: moises1.jpg (565 KB, 1366x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
565 KB, 1366x1024

Your rapist is Moises Arias

>you meet him at Burning Man
>you get chatting
>after a while, he asks if you want to come along to his tent to smoke something
>"sure, cool"
>when you're there you both sit down on the floor and he lights a pipe for you
>"wait - this isn't weed."
>"no, it's something special. don't worry about it, just try it"
>you smoke the pipe
>he's sitting very close to you - it's making you a bit uncomfortable
>he makes some weird hand gestures in front of your face, like he's performing some kind of ritual
>he lays an arm around you and brings his lips up to your ear, lightly touching it as he whispers into it
>"I want to fuck you, you little slut"
>you try to shove his arm off and stand up
>but your limbs suddenly feel like jelly, and you have no control over them anymore
>he grabs you and carries you over to an ottoman like a rag doll
>you're unable to resist
>you try to scream for help, but can only speak in a barely audible whisper
>he bends you over the ottoman and pulls down your trousers
File: moises2.jpg (854 KB, 1024x1962) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
854 KB, 1024x1962

>he smears a strange-smelling salve on your asshole
>"your ass belongs to me now"
>he fucks you
>you keep saying "no", but it's so weak you can barely hear yourself
>finally he cums inside your ass with an animal noise
>still unable to move or speak, you watch him as he washes his crotch with a sponge
>then he stands in front of you and yanks your head up
>"I'll enjoy you from both ends tonight"
>he slips his dick in your mouth
>it's limp at first, but grows rock-hard inside your mouth
>you desperately try to will yourself into biting it, but can't bring the relevant muscles under control
>meanwhile he's grabbing your head with both hands and moving it up and down on his dick
>you tear up
>finally his bitter-tasting cum shoots down your throat
>over the next few hours, he fucks you again & again - both in the ass and in the mouth - as you remain completely helpless
>after a while you've lost count how many times he's fucked you
>finally you pass out
>when you come to, you're lying naked under a blanket, outside, in a completely different area of the festival
19 y/o, white male, 6ft 1, 170 lbs, athletic/fit body type. I like guys around my age with fit bodies. Big fetish for football gear and pants & stuff, that's pretty much why i play football lmao. So excited to hear this :3
28 y/o, white male, 5'8'', 152 lb, average body, do not work out, wear glasses, dark brown eyes and hair, fair facial features

fetish for scallies or middle eastern boys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

can't wait to e raped.

>walking through a deserted park you see a cute twink who looks kind of gay
>you go up to him & hit on him
>he starts shouting at you
>"fuck off! do you think I'm a poof or what?"
>suddenly his friend pops up
>he'd been taking a piss behind a tree & guy #1 had just been waiting for him
>"what's going on?"
>"this queer bastard just hit on me! fucking poof!"
>now they're both shouting at you, but - to your relief - are also walking off
>you sit down on a bench
>about 15 minutes later the friend returns alone
>he's coming directly towards you
>you're thinking "uh oh"
>"so, you're a poof?"
>"look, you need to relax. it was just a misunderstanding"
>"no, it's ok. I don't really mind"
>he looks from side to side to make sure you're alone
>"you can suck me off if you want to"
>you look at him surprised
>"oh...I see. uh, thanks for the offer - honestly. but I'm afraid you're not really my type. sorry"
>his tone and facial expression change immediately
>"what do you mean, 'not your type'? you're saying I'm ugly?"
>"no - of course not. it's just a matter of personal..."
>"you walk round the park hitting on randomers like a slut, but I'm too ugly for you?"
>he slaps you
>before you've recovered from the shock he's taken out a knife
>"get down on your knees"
>"listen..let's be sensible now"
>he puts the knife at your throat
>"get on your FUCKING knees!"
>you do what he says
>he pulls down his trousers while holding the knife at your throat
>(growling) "suck it!"
>you take his cock in your mouth & start sucking
>his crotch smells like he hasn't showered in a few days
>"yeah. you cocksucker! eat my dick!"
>he keeps looking sideways to make sure nobody's approaching
>he orders you to play with his balls
>when you slow down he barks at you to keep sucking, or to suck faster
>"yeah...eat my jizz...eat it all...you..fucking... poof!"
>you swallow
>"is it all down?"
>you nod
>he quickly pulls his dick out & pulls up his trousers, then walks off
Make me raped now BB
24 years old .11st 6ft 1
Prefer fit younger boys especially Cole sprouse

Please write me one your so great at writing these I'm hard most night from them especially the YouTube boys one i love myself some Joe weller would orgasm and Cum if you wrote one about Joe sugg and caspar Lee for me
Please fuck the bookworm next
File: cole.jpg (628 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
628 KB, 1600x1200

Your rapist is Cole Sprouse

>he's the sociopathic son of a gangster boss
>your dad is a gangster boss too, but a more small-time one
>you both work for your respective dads
>your family has meddled in his family's turf, and as a punishment, he has you kidnapped
>his henchmen take you to an underground garage
>he makes them strip you
>then he walks up very close to you, cigarette in hand
>"no need to be afraid. I'm not going to kill you - or even injure you"
>he blows smoke into your face
>"I'm just going to humiliate you a bit"
>he slaps your face, spits into it, then slaps you once more
>"and I'm going to FUCK you"
>he tells his henchmen to put you onto all fours, and hold you down
>you beg him not to do it, so he makes them gag you
>he slowly takes off his shirt
>"I think doggystyle will be most effective to teach you some humility; I'm sure you'll agree."
>he kneels down behind you, opens his trousers, and lubes up with spit
>"I should warn you that I've got a very big cock. also, I'm not going to use a condom - I think taking my load in your ass is an integral part of your lesson"
>he fucks you very hard while 3 of his henchmen hold you down, and you scream into your gag
>meanwhile, a 4th one takes pictures of it all with a polaroid camera
>finally he says "done" and gets up, stuffing his dick back into his trousers
>his henchmen let go off you and give you back your clothes
>you put them back on while trying very hard to hold back tears
>he hands you one of the polaroids
>"here, this one is for you, as a memento, so you won't forget what I did to you. I'll keep the rest as souvenirs. and if you, or anyone in your clan, step out of line again, you'll get brought here again, and I'll fuck you in the ass again."
>he turns to leave
>"you can take him away now."

Just to check, you were this post >>1415902 as well, right?

I normally don't let posters request the rapist by name, but I made an exception here. I didn't go for Joe and Caspar though - I'm an avid watcher of Joe, and just couldn't imagine casting these 2 as rapists in any way (not even in versions far removed from their actual personas), haha.
20yrs, 5'7" thin nerdy femme boy with short brown hair thick circle glasses, into muscular guys

kinks: underwear, abuse, and lots of cum
paul could rape me anytime ^^
25. Average body, quite hairy, long-ish hair, a beard and gasses.
I'm very submissive and have massive foot fetish. I like to get used by very dominant men. Even better if they have some hair too.
Can't decide if this is the worst one or the best one.
I'd like to see this one next.
Nerdy boys are so cute when they're covered in cum
Can u rape me, please?
Do me OP :'(
its been more than 2 weeks
19 Year old blond haired military school cadet. Maybe high school if that works better for you.

5'9", blond, very in shape, baby face, virgin, skiddish when talking about sex

Do something violent, beat me up before you have your way with me
18, girly body, long hair, big butt.
very into being feminized and called names
19 y/o bi male. Virgin. Very twinky. Fit from running. 5'5 and 135 lbs. I get off on cute crossdressing guys
File: HqqZvgt.jpg (148 KB, 737x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 737x1024

Your rapist is Diggy Simmons

>you're at a concert of his
>another guy in the audience chats you up
>afterwards he says he's friends with Diggy and wants to quickly say hello to him backstage, do you want to come along?
>"sure, why not"
>he introduces you, then says that he's gotta go, but will be back in 10 minutes
>Diggy calls after him as he leaves you alone with him
>"make it 15!"
>you're confused, and even more so when you hear the door being locked
>suddenly Diggy pulls you into his lap
>you're much taller than him, but he's much stronger
>"what are you doing?"
>"come on, loosen up a bit"
>you feel his hard dick rubbing up against your ass
>he puts his fingers in your mouth
>you pulls his hand away
>"what are you doing? let me go"
>he slaps you
>"shut the fuck up, bitch"
>he pushes you to the floor
>"get on your hands and knees!"
>he grabs your hair and tears on it
>"do it!"
>you follow his order
>"now pull down your pants"
>he pulls on your hair again
>"I said pull 'em down!"
>you obey
>"that's it, you white bitch. get that ass up in the air for me"
File: diggy.jpg (345 KB, 567x902) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
345 KB, 567x902

>he kneels down behind you, takes off his shirt and unzips his trousers
>you hear him spit into his hand
>"you're gonna be so good, baby. I know it already"
>he grabs your buttcheeks, spreads them apart with his hands, and rams his dick in your hole
>you scream
>he leans over & puts a hand over your mouth
>"shush, bitch"
>after a while, he takes it off again & grabs your hair again
>he doesn't pull on it this time, but it feels like he might do it any moment
>"back that ass up, baby"
>he pulls your hair a bit, and you start moving
>"that's it, you white bitch - back that ass up for daddy. good girl...fucking good"
>with one hand he keeps holding your hair, with the other he slaps and kneads your buttcheeks as he's fucking you
>he keeps repeating "you fucking bitch!" 3 or 4 times, his voice growing louder, till he finally yells "fuck yes!" and cums in your ass
>the door opens, and his friend comes in again
>"you done? was he any good?"
>"man, I nearly broke my cock off in that bitch's ass"
>"yeah, I know how to pick 'em"
>he helps you up and starts leading you outside
>Diggy gives you a slap on the ass as you're scrambling to pull up your trousers
>he hands his friend a 100 dollar bill
>"give him this. bitch earned it."
23 y.o. FTM
Pale, scrawny nerd
into Viking/metal head types
Kinks are bdsm and petplay

Okay with having my front hole used btw
21, fit, toned, trimmed body, white male, into huge, muscular black guys, armpits, bareback and domination
19, 6'4, Black/Asian
I want to be cum marked as somebody's slut as he cums in my mouth, in my ass, and then slathers my balls with his potent seed.
Make the guy chubby, with a thick, chubby uncut cock.
18, 5'11 toned/muscular body, blue eyes, caucasian w/ tan skin. Twink.

Kinks; really young looking , fit, muscular looking guys. Group rape, public play. being forced to do things infront of people.

thanks ahead of time
25 yr old skinny FTM
into military and athletic guys
kinks: gang bang, creampie, verbal abuse, recording/taking pictures
Do me a rape story
6ft 2
Into young British gb Olympians like adam peaty for example
Can we have an Olympic one pleae
Mmm, do this one next
Age : 19
Body Type : Skinny
Your rapist is Jacob Lofland

>go out as a trap to a straight bar in a Texas town
>hook up with buff 20-something guy
>he takes you home with him
>he lives with his parents, but they're away, only his teenage brother is there
>you make out in his room
>he feels your dick and realizes you're a guy
>he gets angry, shoves you, calls you a faggot and tells you get the hell out
>tell him you're sorry about the misunderstanding, and move to leave
>suddenly he holds you back
>"no! wait a minute"
>he calls his teenage brother, who's lazing about in his room across the hall
>"what's up?"
>he pushes you down to your knees
>"you want this slut to give you a blowjob?"
>he immediately drops his pants
>"go on, suck his cock!"
>please...I don't want to"
>he slaps the back of your head
>"I said 'suck it'!"
>you slowly take his brother's cock in your mouth
>it smells/tastes slightly of piss
>it's still limp at first, but quickly grows hard in your mouth
>he puts his hand on your head
>"blow me, bitch"
>he closes his eyes and sighs with pleasure
>he moves your head back and forth, forcing you to take him deeper, and dictating the rhythm of the blowjob
>"does she swallow?"
>"if you wanna..."
>"sure do"
>"you heard my bro - you're gonna swallow every drop, got that?"
>"oh shit...here it comes...eat it, baby!"
>he cums in your mouth and you swallow it
>"yes, bitch..."
>when you're done swallowing his cum, he pats you on the head
>"good work, sweetheart"
>his brother starts cracking up
>"what the heck's so funny?"
>"you just got blown by a dude, man!"
>he looks down at you confused, then up at his brother again
>then he just shrugs
>"pff...is that your idea of a prank? guy looks just like a chick, and I got great head. seems like a win to me"
>he leaves the room
>his brother calls after him, calling him a fag, as you're sitting on the floor crying
20 years old, 5'10", 148lbs, white, virgin
I'm really into humiliation, blackmail, feminization, public and body paint/writing.

Don't worry about fitting all those in, just pick whichever one you'll have the most fun writing :)
24. French. I love dom men with strong body odors. Like spit too.
20, slim 150lb asian, 5'9
muscle fetish/loves huge muscular men/bodybuilders
File: troye.jpg (3 MB, 1185x3233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1185x3233

Your rapist is Troye Sivan

>you meet him though your gf
>you exchange texts, and finally decide to hook up
>you're lying in bed together, and he sucks your cock
>then he suddenly turns you over and gets on top of you
>he brings his mouth up to your ear, so close his lips are touching it, and whispers:
>"I want to fuck you in the ass"
>"sorry, but nope - I'm not into that"
>you try to get out from under him, but he grabs your hands
>"you're gonna let me do it - unless you want me to show your gf our texts..."
>"what...I thought I could trust you, man!"
>he rolls his eyes
>"don't be a sap. anyway, I just want to open up your mind"
>he grins
>"oh, and your asshole. now don't move"
>he grabs a tin of lube from inside the nightstand and smears a big glob onto your ass, then poises his dick at your hole
>"please don't"
>he enters your ass
>"no...it hurts...please!"
>"hold still. you need to learn how to take it"
>his hands are on top of yours as he fucks you, his fingers (with painted nails) on top of and between your fingers
>he nuzzles the back of your neck
>he thrusts hard and penetrates you deeper, getting his dick in to the hilt
>you gasp
>"is that it? am I hitting the spot?"
>he brings his lips up to your ear again
>"push back now""
>you do it, and he lauds your obedience
>he takes one hand off yours and makes you suck on his fingers
>you cum, and soon after he shudders and cums too, sighing "yes, bitch"
>he pulls his dick out with a plop and gets up
>he slaps your ass
>"you were dope"
>he pops in a chewing gum
>"oh, and I felt you clenching hard around my dick when you came, so don't try and pretend you didn't enjoy it"
I'm 20 250lbs white
I'm really into the idea of being verbally abused while a dominant man has his way with me.

I'm fucking jealous. Raped by Troye Silvan is fucking hot.
18 yo, 5'10, 155lbs, white
Like it rough, bondage, fisting etc.
18 average, Pakistani, into race play- specifically with jocks with huge white cocks
19, tall yet skinny, Male, kink for feminization and men older then me (35-45 range usually)
File: master.lucas.piss.gif (3 MB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 480x270
17, 5'7", 110 pounds, into guys in tank tops, snap backs, and sneakers
25 but I look 18
Light skinned black boy
fit body, 160lbs
Black curly hair
Brown eyes

I am into being tied up or locked in a room and being used by a master who whores me out as breeding stock. I love being dominated by white guys.
File: 1399584080927.jpg (40 KB, 540x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 540x720
File: mauff1.jpg (270 KB, 1015x635) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
270 KB, 1015x635

Your rapist is Max Mauff

>he mugs you in a dark alley
>pushes you up against a wall and holds a knife at your throat
>makes you hand him your wallet
>"good boy"
>he flashes a crooked grin
>"now turn over"
>"what...what are you going to do?"
>"I said 'turn'!"
>he grabs your shoulder and turns you over
>"and now pull down your trousers. underwear, too."
>"please no... I gave you the money, just let me go..."
>he brings the knife closer
>"pull. them. down."
>you do it
>"nice. you've got a pretty little ass. just as I hoped"
>he sucks on a finger and sticks it up your ass
>you moan
>"oh yes....I'm going to enjoy your tight little cunt"
>you hear him open his belt and unzip
>"please don't...I beg you"
>"come on, spread your cheeks for me"
>he hisses into your ear
>"I'm fucking big. soon you're gonna wish you could spread those little cheeks even wider. now grab them and spread for me, if you know what's good for you!"
>you grab your asscheeks and pull them apart
>"that's it. you're a smart girl."
>he spits loudly into his hand and smears the spit onto his dick
>then he pushes into your hole
>"and in it goes"
File: mauff2.jpg (473 KB, 1099x659) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
473 KB, 1099x659

>"oh, no..."
>"oh, yes! it's happening, baby. you're getting fucked in the ass."
>you say "oh god" as his mushroom head pushes past your sphincter
>he pulls your shirt down over your shoulder, then puts his chin on your naked shoulder
>"am I your first man?"
>you reply "fuck you" - defiantly, but in a teary voice
>he slaps you, then hisses into your ear again
>"answer the question, cunt! am I...your first...man?"
>he emphasizes each part of the question by circling his dick around in your ass
>"thanks for the privilege, babe"
>a short while later he announces
>"I'm halfway in. but you're taking all of it...be brave, sweetie"
>you gasp as he slowly shoves his dick in to the hilt
>"I knew you could take it. good girl"
>each thrust makes you gasp again
>"you belong to me now, you piece of shit"
>he spits onto the back of your neck
>"look at me, bitch"
>he grabs your chin and turns your head back over your shoulder
>he grins at you, then spits in your face
>his thrusts keep getting harder and faster
>"yes, babe...I'm about to ...pump you full...take it all...you dumb whore!"
>he shoots squirt after squirt with loud moans, till he finally says
>"done...you'll be shitting out my cum for days"
>he slowly pulls his long cock out of your hole
>when it finally flops free, he puts down the knife and pats your ass
>"your wallet wasn't the biggest catch, but you were the best assfuck I've had in ages"
>you turn around, tears running down your face
>grinning, he takes a tenner out of your wallet, and wipes his dick with it
>he drops the cum-, blood- and shit-stained note in front of you
>"here, for your services"
>then he turns and leaves

Wow, you gave me a boner. How hot...
File: fresh_prince.jpg (9 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 300x300
>I love being dominated by white guys.

How often does that happen for you? Just curious.
Probably the hottest story you've wrote so far imo!
I'll give this a try.

24 white/latino young vers. Top

I love older men, and sometimes I crave a cock inside me. I'm a horny guy. :-P
sounds hot. OP can you do one for this post?
19, chubby, white male, into crossdressing and voyeurism
All the fuckin time. Idk why but white boys love me. I tried to get with blak guys but wasn't feeling it.
Long hair (died baby blue)
Love bondage
Big fan of anal
Thin, b cup thick butt
Disgusting nigger
21, tall and chubby, and I love degradation and roughness to an extreme level. Practically every kink you can think of
6 foot 2
250-ish pounds
Hairy legs and crotch, not much else

Your rapist is Thomas Brodie-Sangster

>sometime in the 1st half of the 20th century
>you're a servant at his parents' country estate (after having first served his father when he worked as a colonial official, and been taken with him when he went home to England)
>he's just graduated from his public school and is spending the summer at home before going up to Cambridge
>you've stolen from his parents, and he finds it out
>he confronts you about it in your room
>when you confess and say that you're sorry he slaps you
>a tear runs down your cheek
>"there was a boy at school who stole from me and the other boys in our room. do you want to know what we did to him when we found out?"
>"wh--what did you do, sir ?"
>"we buggered him. all of us."
>he raises your chin so you look at him
>"have you ever been buggered?"
>he strokes your chin
>"n...no, sir"
>"well, you will be tonight"
>he puts his other hand on his crotch
>"please, master tom..don't make me...please"
>"I won't make you do anything. the choice is up to you. but if you choose against it, father will learn how you've betrayed his trust, you will lose your job with us, and very likely go to prison. so - what will it be? will you let me use you like a woman?"
>after a while, you slowly nod, your eyes pinned to the ground
>"answer me, boy!"
>"yes...I will, sir"
>he smirks
>"then take off your clothes"
>when you're naked he says
>"now wash your arsehole, so it's nice and clean for me. I'll wait outside , to give you some privacy"
>he waits outside the door as you prepare your hole at the sink in your room
>"are you ready yet?"
>he comes in again
>"get on your knees on the bed, boy"

>you do it
>"now lean forward and get your arse up!"
>he tells you to hold on to the bars of the footboard
>he takes out a little tin and puts it down on the bedstand
>he undresses, folds his clothes and carefully puts them on a chair beside the bed
>then he gets onto the bed behind you
>he opens the tin and smears something onto your asshole
>"I'm going to enter you now"
>almost as soon as he's said it, his mushroom head is buried in your ass
>"oh god...Master Tom...please...it hurts!"
>he leans forward
>"open your mouth, boy!"
>he puts a folded up piece of white cloth between your teeth and tells to you bite down on it
>"now take your punishment!"
>you bite down hard as he fucks you
>"that's it, you little whore. oh yes...you cheap little slut"
>you're crying, and gripping the footboard bars so hard that your knuckles are turning white
>finally he cums inside your ass with a sigh
>he pulls out and wipes blood and cum from his dick
>he lights a cigarette, then pats first your ass, then your cheek
>"I enjoyed you very much. you took my prick well - better than the boy at school. I didn't go this deep with him."
>he slowly puts his clothes back on
>"this is going to be a regular thing. I'll be using you like this all summer. do not worry, after a while you won't bleed anymore - your hole will get accustomed to my treatment."
>he puts his leather shoes back on
>"next time we'll do it with your legs in the air, so you can look at me when I take you; and I'll teach you to use your mouth on me as well"
>he leaves, closing the door behind him
18, 5'11" 200 lbs muscular but not defined, very long blonde haired black metalhead. It's not a kink but I reeeeeeaally like punks.
I'll take Raped in the Library for 200, Alex
20, little gay experience, 6'1", 150-160lbs
Short blonde hair, not much body hair, white
28, not out to anybody, university lecturer in a STEM subject in the UK. Redhead, 5'10, cute face with stubble and studious looking glasses. muscular thighs. nervous but excited by this page :D
Here's a tough one for you.
>22, 6'3", musclechub, vore fetish
Good luck! I'm looking forward to it
I'm so excited for mine
22 yo, 1.83m (6'0), 83 kg (182 lbs), white, tight asshole, in shape.

Would prefer anything but effeminate guys. I like twinks and I get off with two or more guys.
'18' ;) Skinny, got a bubble butt tho 5'8, White. Teachers and older (not too old) men turn me on.
>>1412931 more youtuber ones please as this one has turned me on the most may I suggest maybe Marcus Butler next
Stuart 19 yo, 6'3" 160 lbs, white, tight ass, skinny and lanky

Would prefer to be slutty and submissive
20, muscular but in an athletic way with a bubbly butt and flattish chest, female, 5' 8"

i dont know many kinks but i like rape fantasy which is why im posting

i know this is mostly gay guys but im bored and would like one too if possible

maybe i misunderstoood what this game is idk lemme know
>23, slim body, 180cm, 74kgs, white, virgin
>into the idea of having a guy pin me down and use me as a chew toy

And not unlike my actual experiences at public school ;)
Please OP, do me. I check this thread several time a day...
18 yo,chubby,246 pounds, 5'11. Long,Wild,brown hair.
Huge muscular legs.
Kinks:Body odour,Gokkun,Watersports,and being whored out to people by a dominant.
18, slim, slight humiliation I guess?
>28 yo, 5'7", 160 lbs (some muscle, some a little too much junk food), white.
>At least once a week I find a guy on Grindr, tie him up, milk him dry, and then fuck him. I wish someone would do that to me.
Oh please God.
White Male, 15 (in scenario please), military boarding school, black kid enters my room after lights out, BBC fetish PLEASE
>246 pounds
>Huge muscular legs

Yeah, lemme just stop you there.
As the guy who was replied to, I'd say best. Fucking hell that's hot. I'd probably fap to that in the future if it happened.
18, overweight, male, kinks: watersports/scat
Also a virgin and I only have one hand. (easy to hold down)

Do this guy, he sounds hot
18f, 167cm, 60kg (sorry, Germanfag not gonna look up that retarded american shit desu), thin but not muscles, very pale, long dark blond hair, b cups, always shaved, bisexual.

Please make me a total slut thats gonna be blamed for getting raped. Bdsm and cum fetish, rape by several people would be appreciated as well.
18f, 167cm, 60kg (sorry, Germanfag not gonna look up that retarded american shit desu), thin but not muscles, very pale, long dark blond hair, b cups, always shaved, bisexual.

Please make me a total slut thats gonna be blamed for getting raped. Bdsm and cum fetish, rape by several people would be appreciated as well.
Typical arrogant German, you guys are worse than the French

>26, 200 lbs, muscular, blonde, blue eyes
>Kinks: Submission, black cocks, oral
Go back to pol you jew
22 yo, 5'10, skinny, short-medium wavy hair, olive skin tone, hairless body except pubes

I have a big thing for someone sucking on my nipples.
File: 1461893921462.jpg (108 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 768x1024
I'm the virgin who wants to be raped in a library. Sad to see I've been overlooked, please reconsider OP.
Oh, and I like strong black man. Not like, a stereotype or anything, just manly men who happen to be black.
File: 010.jpg (1 MB, 1491x2489) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1491x2489

Your rapist is Dylan O'Brien, as seen in "Deepwater Horizon"

>you're co-workers on an oil rig, bunking together
>there's been some tension between you since he's found out you're gay
>he returns after a shift, his face dirty, as you're lying on your bunk
>he peels off his overalls (not wearing any underwear)
>suddenly he's standing over you and his erection is poking you in the cheek
>"blow me, faggot"
>you quickly turn your head away
>"wtf? that's not funny, you creep"
>"it's not meant to be funny"
>he grabs your arms and ties your hands behind your back with cord
>"have you lost your mind? leave me alone!"
>"shut the fuck up. if I have to share my bunk with a faggot, I should at least get an occasional blowjob out of it"
>he slaps you, and continues doing it - left, right, like clockwork
>you tell him to stop
>"are you going to give me a blowjob?"
>"please, just stop"
>you keep pleading with him to stop, tearing up, and he keeps slapping you and asking you if you're going to give him a blowjob
>finally you say yes
>he smirks
>"good boy. but I don't trust you on my dick yet. I have to make sure you're tame first"
>he puts you down on the floor on your back, then puts his bare foot onto your face
>"open up!"
>you open your mouth and he sticks his toes in
>you suck on his toes for a while
>he smirks again
>"yeah, I've tamed you alright"
File: dob.jpg (625 KB, 1023x1003) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
625 KB, 1023x1003

>he yanks you up onto your knees
>"continue on my dick, punk!"
>he pushes your head into his crotch, and you start blowing him
>"yeah, that's it...you cocksucker...submissive little bitch..."
>he keeps telling you to suck harder and faster
>he holds onto your head and pushes it very fast and very deep into his crotch
>you gag and pull away violently, almost retching
>this is repeated twice
>he loses his patience
>"I'm not gonna cum if you go on like this!"
>he yanks you up and pushes you back onto your bunk
>then he turns you over onto your stomach and pulls down your pants
>"no..please, not this...I've never..."
>he gags you with his socks before you can finish the sentence
>ignoring your muffled protests, he lubes himself with spit and fucks you in the ass
>"that's it..you got a tight little pussy...tight...little...pussy...I'm gonna...CUM!"
>he shoots his load in your ass, then pulls out
>"are you hard?"
>when you don't answer, he feels for himself, confirming it
>he unties your hands
>he grabs your head and pushes your face into his armpit
>you try to pull back, but he holds it firmly in place
>"jerk yourself off, punk"
>you have to jerk off as he keeps pressing your face into his pit
>"that's a good boy. jerk it"
>finally you cum all over your fingers, with your nose still buried in his pit hair
>he lets go off you and smirks
>"I think you know your place now, faggot"
>he gets up and leaves to take a shower
>>"I think you know your place now, faggot"
Holy fucking shit! Thanks for doing me OP! I think that's both the hottest story AND the hottest guy of this thread! Thank you so much, made me cum so hard :D

19 yo, white, virgin, bisexual, about 5'9, 85KG/198lbs, chubby, short blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty small 4/5 inch dick.

My biggest turn on is being humiliated, played with, and being made into a bitch, though I don't like cuck shit.

Go wild! I can take a lot of abuse! <3
Me: 23/white/male. Somewhat toned, hairy guy.

Kinks: Love gettin facefucked hard, the bigger the dick the better. Also love pits. Love sadistic tops that get off on hurting me with the size of their dick.
24 M, 5'9", 190 lbs, white. Into feminization, cucking, public humiliation, cum, piss, slavery, etc.
18yo, 5'6", 150lbs white, sporty, virgin. i love doggy from guys bigger than me
28 years old, 6 ft, average shape, 185lbs, white, straight but curious forever
21, white, fairly chubby, I have a pretty big ass eating fetish
18yo, 5'6", 103lbs, latino.
I'm realy into domination.
Alright, OP, do me.
27, 6'1", 231lbs, curly hair, bearded, bearish, hairy, latino, straight-looking. Into domination, small tops on big bottoms, drugs and slightly into feet.

Do your worse
Adding details: I'm a versatile, secretly into humiliation and I work as a doctor.

Go wild on me.
Slim white virgin
Muscles, brother incest, crazy for armpits
19/slim with a bit of muscle tone. Kinda athletic. Hope I get a story ;)
18 years old, swimmers body, 138 pounds.
Fetish for smelling ass.
>19, 5'3" 120 lb turbotwink, virgin, long blonde hair, actually very cute not even lying
>absolutely obsessed with big muscles and sweaty armpits
pls raep
18, female, slim/skinny, domination, public, double penetration, fisting, multiple orgasms, spanking/biting/slaping/choking, pussy/ass licking.
19 M, 6ft 2 175lbs fit from running, football, skiing. I like young fit guys (especially people who look like Dylan O'Brien). Looking forward to this!!!
23, athletic muscular build, 6ft tall, 170 lbs, white,

kind of always want to be a bottom for a hung strong guy but never find the right situation
>19, slim/toned, male, white, 6', dark, long hair
>submissive, into being filmed/exposed/public sex
>theatre student

Your rapist is Diggy Simmons

>you're sitting in a library, reading in a book by John Rechy
>he sits down at the opposite side of the table
>when you later look up from your book, he's looking directly at you
>he starts smirking, and you quickly look down again
>a few minutes later, you get up to go the the toilet
>he follows you
>he stands at the urinal beside you
>when you've finished and start to leave, he holds you back by your sleeve
>"hey, wait - I wanted to ask you something"
>"sorry, I'm in a hurry...let go of me, please"
>"just a quick question"
>he grabs your hand and puts it onto his dick, which immediately starts to grow under it
>"do you like my big black cock?"
>you raise your voice
>"let go of..."
>he cuts you off by putting his hand over your mouth
>"shhh...we're in a library. you can't shout in here"
>he drags you into a cubicle, locks the door and pulls down your trousers, all while keeping his hand firmly on your mouth
>he spits onto his dick
>"don't play the innocent...I saw what you were reading , you little slut...well, here comes the real thing"
>you moan into his hand as he penetrates you
>"you like that, white boy? you love it, don't you...take it all between your little white cheeks, you bitch"
>you're weeping, tears running onto his hand
>"oh shit...I'm not gonna last...hnngh..."
>he orgasms inside your ass, and it goes on for ages
>finally he pulls out
>"thanks baby...that was great"
>he slaps your ass
>you slowly pull your trousers back up with trembling hands, still crying
>"maybe you should give your ass a little wash before pulling them back up...I've left quite a mess there"
>he walks out
30, average, gay male, foot fetish
File: 877.jpg (1 MB, 1564x1371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1564x1371

>you're on holiday in Southeast Europe
>you're leaving the only gay bar in the city late at night, on your own
>they hold you up around the corner, both with knifes in their hands
>the one in the white shirt is the spokesman, speaking broken English
>"give us wallet!"
>you hand it to him
>"now down, on hands and knees"
>when you've done that as well, he kneels down in front of you
>"you take both of us. I go in front and he go in back"
>"no! please..."
>he slaps you
>"you shut up now!"
>he puts the point of his knife to your throat and takes out his dick
>"and no teeth, you hear?"
>meanwhile his friend has pulled down your trousers and underwear and is spitting on your asshole
>white shirt pokes your lips with his dick
>his crotch smells very musky
>you obey, and they enter you at the same time from both ends
>"aah...you suck like woman!"
>the guy in the back snarls words in his native language at you - presumably slurs
>the guy in front grabs your head, forcing you to go faster
>suddenly he stops, pulls out and slaps you again
>"I say NO TEETH!"
>he puts his dick back in and continues face-fucking you
>"you swallow!"
>they both cum simultaneously, the guy in the back shouting out the same slur repeatedly
>they get up
>"you good - like prostitute"
>he takes a low-value note out of your wallet and drops it in front of you
>"here, you earn"
>they both walk off laughing
31, slightly chubby, 5'7". Very submissive, into differently attractive men (like Rami Malek who someone posted in another thread), enjoy being slapped and hit
File: image.jpg (335 KB, 1080x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
335 KB, 1080x1080
Well guess I'm up

> 18, 5'7", 163lb
> Just clearing 6" fully erect
> Virgin and Nigger, double whammy
> not gay, but gets hard to cocks

And somehow I swear I'm not gay.
Mmm... so worth the wait. :)
You gay. You just gave the definition of being gay.
Into race play, kidnapping, humiliation
You can't just leave it at that
123lbs, 5'75, blonde, hairy, virgin
pecs/chest fetiche
18, 5'11, 150lbs, east asian

always been self-conscious about looking feminine

fantasize about crossdressing/gangbang/humiliation a lot
26, average build, tall, a little hairy. love getting throat/face banged by thick uc cock :3
File: 1333001342471.jpg (114 KB, 682x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 682x1024

>he's one of your students
>he comes up to you after a lecture, saying he wants to discuss something with you
>reveals he's found out that you've plagiarized your dissertation/a paper for a scientific journal
>you deny it at first, then, when you see he's got proof, ask him not to tell anyone
>"it's not that easy - this is a serious matter. come to my place this evening, then we'll see how to proceed"
>he gives you his address and leaves
>you turn up, feeling queasy
>he opens the door wearing only a towel
>inside, he takes off the towel, revealing a semi, and sits down on his couch
>he's grabs his dick and jerks it a bit
>when he releases it again it's pointing at the sky
>he tells you to kneel down between his legs
>"can't we deal with this in a civilized manner? look, I..."
>"get on your knees, I said"
>you kneel down
>he makes you lock your hands behind your head
>he flexes his dick
>"lick it! the tip first"
>you stick out your tongue and lick tentatively
>"now the shaft"
>you follow his instructions
>"take it in your mouth already!"
>you start sucking him
>"deeper...deeper, you little whore!"
>he strokes your cheek with his thumb
>"do you like my taste? you're gonna have to get used to it"
>you make a sad noise, which in turn elicits an amused grunt from him
File: 697.jpg (110 KB, 1024x682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 1024x682

>he closes his eyes, breathes hard and moans as you settle into the blowjob
>his legs open and close as he nears orgasm
>with a coarse voice, he asks you if you want him to pull out before he cums
>you make enthusiastically affirmative noises
>he grabs your head and moans:
>"too late..swallow, bitch"
>you have to swallow spurt after spurt, barely keeping up
>he pats your head when it's over
>"you did a good job. didn't waste a drop"
>you want to stand up, but he cages your head with his legs, keeping you down
>"not so fast. stay down there and lick my balls"
>he jerks on his dick as you do it, and in no time he's fully erect again
>you gaze at his erection, and he smiles down at you
>"what? I know you must be pushing 30, but surely you remember what real virility's like? anyway, take off your trousers now and bend over the table there"
>"no...please! I'll...I'll suck you off again, alright?"
>"when I want another blowjob, I'll tell you. you don't get to decide which of your holes I use...or when, or how often. now off with your trousers, and bend over!"
>you do what he says
>he assumes position behind you and applies some cream to his dick
>"aren't you going to put on a condom?"
>"no need"
>"please...just do it for me, ok?"
>"look, I'm clean, and I want you to take my load in your ass. got it? now hush"
>he fucks you bareback wíth long, hard thrusts, grabbing onto your shoulders
>you whimper under him
>"and here...it comes...you...whore!"
>moaning loudly, he shoots his second load, and it goes on just as long as the first one
>when he's finished, he pulls out and throws the towel over your ass
>"see - it didn't kill you, did it? in fact, I think we've got a pretty good arrangement going here, for both of us...anyway, I'm off to the bathroom to wash my dick. would be cool if you're gone by the time I'm done. I'll let you know after your lecture next week when I'll need your services again. see you"
18, blonde, 5 ft, 120 lbs

Cross dressing and spanking fantasies
File: 1475300043530.jpg (109 KB, 1000x1333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109 KB, 1000x1333
>average body type with slight beer belly
>shaved body from eyebrows down
>Owns and frequently wears a chastity device
>Bisexual but still in closet
Rape me op. Pic unrelated and unecessary.
5'4", 140lbs
somewhere inbetween average-fit
white (if it helps)
submissive af
this good?
File: DSC04069-7.jpg (966 KB, 1796x3183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
966 KB, 1796x3183
35, muscled - bi - massive gut punch fetish
pic related
smooth twink
gangbang or humiliation
Eh why not

Daddy/boy and helping hand

Read the rules and fuck off back to >>>/soc/
Curvy as fuck, huge tits, all of the chub
Into rough, hardcore domination.
Also, shy as fuck when it comes to sex.
oh, honey...
very submissive

this is a board for homosexual men. Sorry.
Fuck off, bitch.

no, it's not.
what gave you that idea?
Fuck me
i never said I wasn't a gay guy
File: unnamed.jpg (99 KB, 627x1003) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 627x1003
should of elaborated on rape - bdsm gang bang, bukkake, humiliation..

Should have*
Very true! Should of wrote should have..
not a virgin, one previous gf
5'2" 120
C cup boobs
Tight butt
Love anal, bondage and older men
Female (obviously)
Long blue hair

Also you know how in some of the tape scenarios it becomes a regular thing? Like in a "see you tomorrow" kind of way. That please.
Fuck off, bitch.
Tired of seeing the anti-female, racist comments here. Your type is most likely insecure little faggots that could only get friends who are female. This is why people dont like fags irl, theyre ugly and annoying. Btw Im a white male, go neck yourself.
Stupid fucking phone replaces rape with tape
6 foot
light blue eyes
So, let's roll. 19yo, actual fag, russian/egyptian, 184cm, 65 kg. No particular fetishes atm, apart from a small preference towards 3-ways. Math student for the record
>dirty blonde curly hair
>fair skinned
>shaved from below eyebrows
>123 lbs
Smooth, slim, asian
Into domination and gang bang.
File: shada.jpg (584 KB, 1841x996) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
584 KB, 1841x996

Your rapist is Jeremy Shada

>he's the headboy at your posh boarding school/prep school
>calls you into his room
>he's found out that you've cheated on an important test, and will have to tell the headmaster
>you beg him not to
>"I guess I can let it pass if you show remorse and humility. I mean REALLY show it"
>you tell him you will
>"fine. then bend over my desk, and pull down your trousers"
>you look at him confused
>"are you...are you going to spank me?"
>he makes an amused/contemptuous grunt
>"you're not very bright, are you? no wonder you had to resort to cheating...no, I won't spank you. there wouldn't be much fun in that, would there? no, your punishment will be much more...enjoyable for me"
>he smirks, and starts ostentatiously rubbing his dick
>your eyes grow wide
>"you can't be serious!"
>"that's enough chatting. bend over, or suffer the consequences"
>you do what he says, but keep pleading with him not to do it
>he ignores you and calmly puts cream on his dick
>"will you manage not to scream out loud when I put it in, or will I have to gag you?"
>"no - please don't gag me!"
>"alright. I'll trust you on this"
>he enters you
>you moan through clenched teeth
>he fucks you at a leisurely pace at first, than with harder and harder thrusts
>"move your ass...push it back, in rhythm!"
>you start crying, but move obediently the way he tells you to
>"that's it, you whore"
>he starts moaning
>"yes...here it comes...take my load...ah...you dumb whore!"
>he shoots inside your ass
>"you were better than I expected - I came incredibly hard"
>you're sobbing loudly
>"stop sobbing; you're embarrassing yourself. I just fucked you - it's hardly the end of the word"
>when you continue, he slaps your ass
>"pull yourself together, or I'll make you lick me clean!"
>that does the trick
>he walks over to his basin and washes his dick, while you slowly get up and pull your trousers back up
>(from the basin, without turning back to look at you) "you can go now"
19 yo 5'6" 115lbs very skinny white

long blond hair, easily pullable.

no particular fetishes
19, slim, med silver-blonde hair, fucking love hipsters + the occult.
Everyone in this thread needs to see a psychiatrist ASAP

rape fantasies are extremely common.

that doesn't mean that people actually want to be raped in real life, however.
Not that anon, but...
Things like depression and anxiety are also very common, but they're still dysfunctional. It's not that having a paraphilia is bad. It's more about understanding your urges and finding healthy outlets for them. I bet half the people excited by this thread just like rough sex and domination, but they don't know how to separate that from non-consensual violations. Others probably have been raped or sexually assaulted, and this is an offshoot of their tangled feelings.

Not thinking critically is never a good thing, and analysis isn't necessarily a personal attack. It's worth assessing why one fetishizes rape.
>It's more about [...] finding healthy outlets for them

Isn't that exactly what this thread is doing?
Hard to say. Depends what effect it has on the participants. It seems unlikely to mitigate the desire. For some, they will become increasingly focused on it. Some people may eventually find it hard to cum without thoughts of rape specifically. That's a common effect when porn addiction meets paraphilia.

But if you just mean no one is directly hurt by these posts, then I agree. Better they cum to these stories than by seeking out dangerous situations.
Oh, and as an example, I would consider exploring BDSM in a safe and consensual way to be a healthier outlet than masturbating to graphic rape scenes and stories.
>22 yo, 5'10", 155lbs, White, very toned, and flexible dancer body, Love enormous uncut dicks, and young (mid to late 20's) muscly men
25 yo thin, glasses, long brown hair, submissive.

Into muscle and dominant boys
>123lbs, 5'75, blonde, hairy, virgin
>pecs/chest fetiche
27yo, chub, white
28 yo
5'9 160 lbs, dark hair and skin, versatile but mostly top, love older and daddies
18 years old, Hispanic, slim, bisexual, I'm more dominant than submissive.
>15 y old
>shy virgin
>depressed & an eating disorder
>pretty short guy
>huge fetish for the idea of getting raped
>18 yo, 1.8m (5'11), 90kg (195lbs), white
>have a uniform fettish, mostly cops or firies
FUCK i only just saw this this has got me diamond hard. thanks so much!!
File: image.jpg (750 KB, 500x4833) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
750 KB, 500x4833
>Sandy blonde hair
>Next to no body hair
>Smooth skin
>Girly faggot face
>Act kinda tough irl but I'd love nothing more than to just be some guys bitch
>Despite being a skinny twink always enjoyed fighting
>Would prefer to get beaten up (punches to face and head) and fucked.

Pic related is my kinda shit. That sharp sting of getting a busted lip is fucking orgasmic.
>Brown hair and brown eyes
>Pale skin
>5" cut cock
>big ass
>Shy nerdy virgin
>Just want to be a happy, dumb sex slave who only cares about pleasing his loving, but harsh, twink master
File: 433.jpg (106 KB, 256x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 256x343

>you're vacationing in an Arab country
>he approaches you on the street & offers his service as a guide
>you're reluctant, but he's very persistent, and finally you agree to hire him
>he tells you to follow him
>you follow through narrow back alleys, asking him where he's taking you & when you'll be there
>he just repeats "soon"
>finally he leads you into a room
>"what's in here?"
>he locks the door behind you
>"hey, what are you doing"
>his demeanor suddenly changes from subservience to imperiousness
>"get down on your knees!"
>he slaps you hard
>he pulls out a knife, and you do it
>he takes off his sandals & orders you to lick his feet
>"here - lick, you dog!"
>you obey
>"suck the toes!"
>you see his trousers falling to the ground & look up at his erect cock
>"now my cock. SUCK IT!"
>he slaps you again
>you slowly take it in your mouth
>he grabs your head and pushes it into his crotch, then starts moving his hips
>"suck, you dirty whore! suck!"
>his pitch black pubes smell intensely musky
>he smiles down at you maliciously, his cock pistoning between your lips
>he spits down into your face
>finally he pushes your head away again
>he positions himself behind you and spits into his hand
>"I fuck you like a dog now!"
>you say "no..", pathetically
">yes! and you will enjoy it"
>he fucks you in the ass
>"you are my WHORE now"
>he keeps cursing you out (alternating English & Arabic) as he fucks you
>finally he cums inside your ass with an animalistic roar
>when he's done, he walks round and presents his feet again
>you obediently start licking them
>he smiles
>"yes. good dog. I don't even have to tell you what to do anymore. good little bitch"
>he puts his sandals back on
>he takes all the notes out of your wallet
>he raises a finger, smiling maliciously again
>"for my work as a guide"
>he unlocks the door & leaves you behind on the floor

I've just made vacation plans to Dubai.
I think you may have skipped me
I'm not doing it chronologically, the order is kind of random. But while were on the subject - I notice you put in that you're into older men. Do you mean exclusively? Because in that case, I'm afraid I will have to skip you. See, the one common theme of the fantasies here is that the rapists are young. I can choose s/o who's not super-twinky for you (like Michael Angarano way up there, for example), but it will definitely be s/o under 30 (or at least looking it). Let me know if you're still interested.
20, slim 5'11" 130lbs, light brown hair+eye combo
6~7"x5", sensitive ass but virgin, moans like a bitch at the slightest touch

i do like bigger artsy guys but meh
>150 lbs
>I don't know my fetishes
>145 lbs.
>5 in. cut cock
>6 ft. 1 in.
>Tight ass
>Brown eyes and hair
>95 lbs
>Long brown hair
>in a wheelchair
>into feminization and verbal humiliation
I mean hey, really wouldn't be a rape fantasy if I got to decide who was raping me, so no yeah, please rape me OP
>190 lbs.
>6.5 in. cut cock
>6 ft. 2 in.
>Tight ass
>Blue eyes and dirty blonde hair
>jail rape kink
>Masculine and in the military
>Short but muscular
I would much rather be dominated by a guy like you.

>chubby and hairy
>have a fat round hairy ass

Love sweat,balls,older and taboo
>Also closeted w/girlfriend
19 Years old
Skinny and allways shaved
im 5 ft 08 in
95 lbs.
18, female, thin build, flat chest, 5'3, and a virgin.
Into older guys.
File: 0001.jpg (5 MB, 5616x3744) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 MB, 5616x3744

Your rapist is Dane DeHaan

>you're walking on a deserted street when suddenly a car stops beside you
>a burly guy opens the backseat door, grabs you and drags you inside
>he quickly puts a sack over your head
>the car drives for a while
>finally your kidnappers take you out and walk you up some stairs
>when the sack is removed, you find yourself in a sparse room, with a bed, a table, a little fridge, and a toilet in the corner
>he is sitting on the bed, smoking a cigarette
>"good job. you've picked really well this time. you can go now, I'll take care of her by myself"
>they leave, locking the door behind you
>"what...what do you want from me? let me go!"
>"I'm going to put you to work for me, baby. but first, you need to be test-driven. and taught obedience"
>he stubs out the cigarette and walks up to you, smirking
>"luckily for you, I'm going to do all that myself"
>he takes out his belt and uses it to tie your hands together in front of you
>he grabs your chin
>"and now you're going to open your mouth, and let me put my fingers in. and you won't bite"
>he strikes you across the face
>"because if you do, you'll get 20 like this in a row. understood?"
>he puts his thumb into your mouth and you begin sucking on it
>he takes out his hard cock
>"stroke my cock!"
>he puts your hands onto his cock
>"use both hands....that's it. good girl"
>he opens your blouse and starts kneading your breasts
>you stand there for a while, you sucking his fingers & stroking his cock, he playing with your breasts
>then he drags you onto the bed
>he shoves up your skirt and pulls off your pants
>"I have a theory that no woman really feels like one until she's been fucked by a man who owns her. wanna test it?"
>he unties you and grabs your wrists
>"I think I'll restrict you like this instead - feels more real, doesn't it?"
>"please...let me go"
>he looks at you piercingly
>"beg me"
>"beg me not to fuck you. if you're convinving I won't do it"
File: 0004.jpg (5 MB, 5616x3744) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 MB, 5616x3744

>"please...please don't ...I...know you can do to me whatever you want now, but please have mercy...I'm begging you...don't fuck me"
>"that was very good. I'm hard as a rock. now spread your legs for me"
>"but...you said..."
>he slaps you
>"spread your legs, whore!"
>he spreads them himself, then pins down your wrists and enters you
>"no...you bastard!"
>he proceeds to fuck you harder than you've ever been fucked before
>when you cry out he kisses you roughly
>you turn your head away
>"look at me, you cunt"
>you do it
>"open your mouth!"
>he spits inside
>he forces you to keep locking eyes with him as he fucks you
>finally he makes an extra hard thrust and cums, without making a sound
>he sits beside you on the be and smokes another cigarette
>"alright. time for the next step"
>he takes a pot of cream out of the night stand
>"turn over - I need to sample the other side"
>"no - please not this..."
>"I said turn over!"
>he flips you onto your belly, then takes the belt and ties your hands together again, this time behind your back
>when he reaches for the cream again you manage to get up and run to the door
>you futilely try to open it with your tied hands
>he slowly walks over to you, cream in hand, smirking
>he grabs your neck
>"that was very silly. the door's locked anyway, remember"
>he walks you to the table and roughly bends you over
File: dane.jpg (712 KB, 1240x1302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
712 KB, 1240x1302

>he smears the cream onto your hole, sticking a finger in, then readies his dick
>"stop clenching your ass and take it, you cunt...that's better"
>you cry out as he pushes past your sphincter
>"jesus, you're tight. your asshole is going to make me a lot of money"
>he penetrates deeper and deeper till his balls are slapping against your cheeks
>"tight as shit, but still takes it balls deep on the first go...you were born to get fucked in the ass, babe"
>he grabs the belt that's binding your hands, using it for leverage
>"yes...OH YES...I'm gonna shoot into your dirt, you whore!"
>this time he moans loudly as he cums
>when he's done he pulls out and rubs his dick against your cheeks
>"when a girl needs to learn to submit, nothing beats an assfuck, don't you agree?"
>he slaps your ass
>"that was just the first of many, love"
>he unties your hands
>"I think breaking you in will take a week. maybe even two. not cause you're not learning quickly - you' were clearly born to be a whore - just cause I enjoy it so much"
>he puts the belt back into his trousers
>"tomorrow we'll do it with just spit. and you'll learn to drink my piss"
>you whimper
>"see you then"
>he leaves, locking you in
26 bi vers chubby trimmed
18 years old, bisexual female
5'4ft and about 140lbs
I have a brown messy bob, I'm pretty curvy and totally disgusting
I'd like to be beaten up for being such a nasty failure
Don't do steroids kids
I also have a thing for criminals
Guys like Richard Ramirez and Eric Harris turn me on the most
It's disgusting, I know
>icome to thread
>it die
I accidentally pressed post before space... I can't believe I messed this up too! I hate myself!!!
This, is, literally, the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life.
Already masturbated, and I've saved it. Thank you so much OP
18, 6'1", 165, bi
need to be made into a complete slave with no control
Is this like, a regular thing?
18, male, 230 lbs
Likes: spanking, face slapping
Love to be taken advantage of, drugged maybe
Yeah this is pretty standard for 4chan
You sound like you my type of guy, I've trained to fight most of my life and I've always wanted someone who could handle a bit of fighting for foreplay or fun and then some fun in the bedroom ;)
17 years old, white, Virgin, athletic build, have a BDSM, bondage fetish
No I mean does this guy do this every once in a while or is this a one off thing?
25 yo, skinny, long brown hair, glasses

love muscular and doominant teen gods
im 18
small body skinny
nice butt
brown short hair
green eyes
kink twinks
Medium length brown hair
Slim and shaved
Pls give me a fantasy to fap to ;)
18 5 foot 11 175 pounds
Love rope n got a huge ass
5'6, 135 lbs, slim, Asian 23 year old trap here with fair skin, hair color between brown/black. With a bubble butt, so I've been told.

I also crossplay as girl animu characters and am subby af. Seemingly assertive/extroverted in public, but known to be shy by people who know me.

I guess I'm mostly bi, and have a fantasy where I crush on a friend, and while he ravishes me, I pretend to oppose it while secretly enjoying it. By the end of the rape I've completely fallen for him and practically become his wife. Sorry if this post was long, I wanted to be helpful with giving you details
Spit / Saliva
Are you actually 16?
5'10" 160lb
Fit, abs slim frame w/ a big ass
Slender face
Straight but have big cock fetish
File: hqdefault.jpg (14 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 480x360
Bet few of you recognize the ORIGINAL fantasy rapists...let these two catch you in the backwoods,fun times....
File: giphy-facebook_s.jpg (35 KB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 480x270
19, look like a twink male, I have a vagina, I love being humiliated and degraded the more fucked up the better. (no scat)
18 5'5 white long curly hair brown eyes small build
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