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s/ic/k fucks, would you say that it's better to:
> build up a loyal fanbase for commissions
> build up a loyal fanbase for patreon/donations
tbqh don't see anyone over 18 giving their money to a non-professional artist, but the young'uns only have their allowances, which makes a dollar donation feasible senpai.
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Patreon donations is MUCh less work.

Both have payscales from poverty to rich dude.

You'll have to work at it eitherway

1 dollar donations add up.
My personal take on this, by going the commission route you can learn a little on how to deal with clients, bargain your prices, handle deadlines and such, they will help you later when doing more bigger projects, Patreon makes you look like a beggar, have some dignity, don't introduce yourself to everybody else like a desperate " help me pay my rent " guy.
It would take time to introduce your fans to your patreon; off the bat is tacky, but a year and a thousand subscribers later someone will throw some money at you.

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Hey /ic/

It's a code to make a pattern from your name


Lets try
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Post your nsfw, critique work and so on.
Furry is allowed, however do not over indulge on the subject of furries or their culture. Unnecessarily reporting these anons are strongly discouraged. This thread is dedicated to helping anons improve their erotic drawings and paintings.
Do not start flame wars.
Do not reply to funposters.
Stay on topic.
Please stay on topic.
Reminder that if you do not want to view this thread, please hide it by pressing the minus button or by right-clicking the thumbnail on the catalog and selecting "hide this thread."
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reported for pornograhy
reported for newfag and/or idiot
reported for annoucing reports

Need some gift ideas for an artistic friend. He loves to draw different types of realistic monsters. He especially loves anything Lovecraftian or Eldritch. I've been thinking about getting him the Dark Souls 2 design works. Any ideas on other gifts?
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get him a Fur Affinity account. that way he can fap to as many OC eldritch abominations his little autistic heart desires.
usually when you want to gift something which you want the receiver to fully use and don't know what, money is the best answer

let him decide for himself
disregard the second 'you want', too many of them

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What are your favourite digital art tutorials?
Post any and all.

Personally I'm interested in Photoshop tutorials for illustrative, traditional-looking painting. Scratchy inks, some dry strokes, stuff like that.
But I'm open to more. Only thing I'm not really into is the corny sci fi aesthetic with super rendered paintings.

But you can post that shit too if you want

I'm totally willing to pay for tutorials as long as they're relatively inexpensive.

let's hear it please :-)
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>traditional-looking painting. Scratchy inks, some dry strokes, stuff like that.
why not just do it traditionally instead of doing an inferior mimicry

start with ctr+paint before doing anything more complicated
you can't ctrl+z reality

how do you live the artistic lifestyle?

how can you find enough time and money to devote to art, while being able to survive and sustain yourself? it seems like I can only get one or the other. I'm on a year break from university, although I live with my parents I'm still mostly supporting myself with a grocery store job. I work so much and am so tired by the time I come home, I have no motivation or time to work on art seriously. I also have very little money to spend on anything; most of it is paying for my art degree. My parents agreed to let me stay with...
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I work in a warehouse, loading trucks and putting orders together. My boss knows I'm a painter and fully supports it - I can come in whenever I want, leave when I want, and get paid $12.50 an hour. I was upfront and honest, and since it's a family business they're a lot more flexible than a corporate job. I was busy setting up shows in a different city and didn't show up for work for a month, but when I went back in they didn't give me any shit - just asked how the set up went. It's baffling, really.

I've worked so many terrible, shit...
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wew, I typed more than I meant to.

TL;DR: what careers will keep me financially stable while giving me the expendable income and enough freetime to pursue art?
I totally understand your situation. Perhaps a solution might be to try a different kind of art that is suitable to your life's circumstances.

Maybe lots of drawing with abstract simplified forms that can be done very quickly while you are on lunch break or in the bus.

Get a pen and paper, these are one of cheapest mediums, and start inventing your own style. And start selling these figurative sketches online for cheap, to cover your costs.

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does anyone do art for pay? lets say i needed to pay 20 bucks for someone to sketch up a crappy demo cover...would anyone be up for it?
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>demo cover

like what, I have nothing to do for a couple days
Ok- futuristic bitch on the beach in like, a princess layla costume with a laser gun in her hand. and she has a huge cock hanging out of her panties.

You in?
i'm dead serious, btw.

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Alright, /ic/ I need your opinion.
At my art school, there's two classes I want to take:
Figure Sculpture (Fine Arts Department)
Maquette Sculpture (Entertainment Arts Dept.)

Since I can only take so many studio classes, I have to choose between the two. Ultimately, I want to be able to translate my 2d drawings into 3d be it traditional or digital. It's a skill that I think would be very useful in the profession that I'm working towards.

The Figure Sculpture class is basically described as "in strengthens ones eye hand translations as we work directly from models. Besides gesture studies, full body and bust projects during the semester, students are encouraged to explore their own interests in the figure or body. We also discuss how the figure is used in a contemporary context in relationship to its historical significants. But the emphasis is working directly from a model through out the semester."

While the Maquette Sculpture class is basically, "The ability to capture and represent a character in sculpture has many applications in the entertainment and toy industry. Creation of these sculptures are taught from concept drawings, through creation of armatures on suitable presentation bases through to the completion of the final sculptures, that are created in [super sculpey] clay."

Now I have very little experience in sculpting and both instructors said that they would teach it from the ground up. But I'm leaning towards the Figurative sculpture course as it might be beneficial....although I'll probably still learn just as much in the maquette course.

What should I do, /ic/...I'm very torn as these classes might not pop up again for a while after this semester.
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The question is really just do you want to do fine art or entertainment art?

The second class sounds appealing to me because I'm interested in character design for animation

Look at the work the people teaching the class have made. Pick the class with the better artist. Some people will reply to this with, "but what if they can't teach", to which I would reply, "there is no such thing". The "good artist but bad teacher" is a myth spread by slackers who need to justify why they did poorly in a class with a "good artist". If the artist is good, and you work hard, you'll learn a lot from the class, end of story.
I'm gonna disagree with this. I'm both a "good artist" and a good teacher (and I am not a 20-something puppy). I occasionally take classes in media I am not expert in to expand my skills. I do sometimes encounter good artists who aren't very good teachers. The students who usually suffer most are beginners as said teachers have difficulty teaching far below their own level. Despite that, I still tend to choose teachers based on their work because my own teaching experience enables me to eek...
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Why isn't ic interested in fine art/contemporary/new stuff? It's just boring classical and illustration. Are there any communities that are more geared towards making it in the fine art world? Or do I just need to move because those kind of people aren't online
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The fine art world is pretty fractured I think. There's so many different movements and goals and galleries.

What specifically are you interested in? I bet you can find at least a handful here who also are interested in it.

I'm mainly interested in how the art world is going to change with this generation.

the current trends I see in colleges, art residences, and exhibitions:
Emphasis on installation and performance, conceptual, art thats about thoughts not feelings, interest in philosophy, asking the question "what is art", irony is a big one, long artist statements filled with big academic words, a lot of work that is purposefully mysterious or incomprehensible,

I figure most of those things are...
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Because a lot of the "art" we see today requires little to no actual skill to create, just an idea. And while an idea is good and all, there is no way to say "This is good art, this is bad art" since there is no level of skill to judge it on. So you're basically stuck with an art piece where you have to say "WoW aRt is So NicE!" and you're staring at a fuckign dogshit covered with ketchup and put inside a dead cows vagina.

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Where I can buy a newsprint paper for cheap
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Did you try an art store? Depending on the city an 18x24 pad can be anywhere from like a couple dollars to maybe 5 or so. I know some people in the US order bulk online, and some stores let you do that too. In art school I bought a box of like 50 pads or something. Nearly died carrying it a couple km to my house though, did not expect massive amounts of paper to weigh so much and be so bulky, and I didn't have a car.
>art store
>canson newsprint paper
>costs like normal paper
some of those wallpaper stores throw away that stuff, can get that stuff for free or cheap if you ask, save some money

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rate 1-10 any comments are welcome
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Gives a beautiful and quiet atmosphere, although it feels sort of captured. 7.5/10
When seen zoomed in, it doesn't look as neat in my opinion. She could have applied the brush strokes in abstract manner to make it look interesting. Right now it looks like a cheap painting. 7.5 is too high, in my opinion.
the color balance is okay but not used well enough. The shapes are lacking in both perspective and proportions. To much symbol drawing (Example: Crushing waves like that is something you see at the beach, not a lake with no wind.)

I guess you could call it impressionistic, even if amateurish. If you like it then hang it in a room because of the colors it adds.

I'm not sure what 1 and 10 would represent so no vote.

Gotta love this dude's "totally original" artwork.


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None of these links work. Well done.
Replace the ! with .

Wasn't sure the policy for links on this board so I tried to play it safe.
Just make a jpg with the two images side-by-side so we don't need to go to links and change them and stuff only to be assaulted with japanese and not able to see the image in question.

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Image (13).jpg
2 MB,
Post em now.

-Do not rate or give critiques unless if the artist specifically requests it.
-If someone is RUDE tell them to not expect much from an hour's work.
-Posting WIP's, studies, "doodles", and random sketches are highly encouraged.
-The art must be fresh. Like you just drew it in the past hour.
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These rules make me so fucking angry, it's unbelievable. why don't you fucks go to tumblr or deviantart with this shit.
don't expect much from an hour's work

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We already had a thread about how much we hate this
I can't stop myself from just be amazed how different each of the students are.
All the guys teaching are bros but there are better options.

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Post stuff with a sad tone to it
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saddest owl.jpg
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