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Not as ugly as you, probably.

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Drawing gets a lot more fun when you stop being shit. Staying with it for that long though is the hard part
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>Drawing gets a lot more fun when you stop being shit. Staying with it for that long though is the hard part

Thanks for that
Did you mean to make a new thread for this?
Its already really fun.

You fucking faggot

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>make a "tutorial" video on youtube
>its a bait and switch video thats just a sped up speedpaint with some obnoxious music playing in the bg so despite getting lots of views it has a lot of dislikes
>doesn't matter in the end
>all those butthurt idiots complaining about how its not a real tutorial vid
Shut up and get gud you losers.
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I make sure to report all videos I find that are like that as false advertisement. Fuck off you pos.
>being this desperate for attention of any kind

whatever floats your boat I guess.
Every artist on youtube does it. Especially mexicans. Because they know its a easy to get lots of bait and switch views from people hoping to improve. Its genius albeit pretty manipulative.

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I recently discovered an artist called Peter Mohrbacher and saw that one of his newer pieces (of some original project 'Angelarium') uses the human transmutation circle from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist (design created for the anime, and pretty recognizable for fans). Seeing this though, I realized I have no idea how to approach him about it, or if I SHOULD approach him about this. Anyway, I'm genuinely curious whether this is considered legitimately inappropriate or just plain lazy, and where the boundaries are.
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You're kidding right?
Are you sure both aren't referencing something much older to begin with?
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Literally Jews did FMA.

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More like "belongs in the trash"

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Last thread: >>2353187

Post your current drawing here and give constructive critique to others!

Please make sure your posted image is clear, downsized to around 1000 pixels wide, rotated to the correct orientation, and that any unused space is cropped.
If you want critique on a drawing from the previous thread, you can delete it there and repost in this one.

>dA /ic/ group :

>/ic/ Resources/Reference/Downloads/Links:

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current WIP in pastels. Still a lot work left on the face but Id love some advice.

Didn't see one in the catalog.

I've been wanting to buy a Cintiq Companion 2 for a while now, and the hefty price tag (as well as the lack of a payment plan) has prevented me from splurging on it from the getgo.

So, now that I have the cash, I'm ready to buy a new tablet.

Anyway, I just before pulling the trigger, I've watched a lot of reviews on the Companion 2, and a lot of the cons seem like real dealbreakers for me, things like battery issues, driver failures, etc... Especially at that price point.

I've heard a lot of things about the Surface Pro 4, and it's much cheaper than the Companion 2. However, watching people draw on it, and the performance, it doesn't seem like it's the same as drawing on a Wacom tablet.

Thought's /ic/?

Surface Pro 4 vs. Cintiq Companion 2, which is the better device? I don't mind spending larger ammounts of money for a device that WORKS. I don't wanna spend $1000+ on a device that will leave me disappointed. Any other alternatives?

My most commonly used programs are Photoshop CS6, Correl Painter, and Manga Studio.
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Just bought a Surface Pro 4 after doing a lot of research.

Surface Pro 4 i7 6650U graphics = Intel Iris 540
Surface Pro 4 i5 6300U graphics = Intel Iris 510

Wacom Companion 2 i7-4558U graphics = Intel Iris 5100

SP4 i7 > Companion 2 > SP4 i5
How does it perform though?

I mostly care about what it feels like to draw on it.

Something I really liked about the Intuos is that it really does feel like you're drawing on paper (barring the hand-eye coordination), and always wanted to try drawing on an on-screen tablet like the Cintiqs. Plus, I'm always on the go, so a portable tablet is a must these days.

How does it compare to the Surface as far as how it runs, and how it feels to draw on it? Does it hold up to wacom tech?
Brah, I feel you. I went through the exact same dilemmas, and currently own an i5 SP4. Like you, I found the flaws of the CC2 to be deal-breakers, namely that it supposedly has a horrible failure rate, and I am currently abroad, not wanting do be dealing with Wacom customer service and sending my device away multiple times.

As a tablet, the SP4 is superior to the CC2 in virtually every area except one; the pen, which is arguably the most important area right? That's what makes this decision complicated. So the question is; is the 'inferior' Surface Pen still good enough?

So far, my answer would be 'I think so', but I do need to spend more time with it. Firstly, when I draw/paint, I am doing lots of short quick strokes, so the jitter issue is not encountered here.
The other issue with N-Trig is activation force, where you have to press a bit harder than you would with a Wacom pen to register that first light stroke.

I think if you can deal with those flaws, you'll like it. The pressure sensitivity beyond the activation force is good. Latency is negligible enough to be a non-issue for me.
You also get the benefits of less parallax, better edge accuracy, and a screen with better colour accuracy.
The form factor is also great to draw with, like a real sketchbook that you can easily flip from portrait to landscape, and the 3:2 aspect ratio is nice for portrait mode. Battery life is good and fans have never come on when using Manga Studio, unless plugged in and charging.
I don't mean to come across as a Surface shill however. I will be keeping an eye on what Wacom does, because if they ever release a CC3 that fixes the problems of the 2, then I might be tempted to upgrade. I guess my dream device would be a Surface Pro 4 with Wacom digitiser, but since that doesn't exist yet, I'm making do and just getting on with actually painting.

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Anyone who is in the NYC area check out the Picasso Sculpture Exhibition? Thoughts?

Reminder that the Exhibition is still up and ending early February. So definitely check it out while you still can! It was pretty swell.
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Guess I will do a bump with a different material each time.
Lurking. Keep posting man I'm quite interested.
O yea it was pretty cool

File: skyscraper_aufbau_2.png (3 MB, 3840x2160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What are your thoughts on my concept of a high-rise?
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Not in my neighbourhood buddy
it's pretty weird to have the habitation between business and hotel. business in the middle would made more sense. and what supposed to be on the top of the building?

One thing I've noticed over 3 years of studying architecture is how many typos there are on presentation drawings. Photoshop really needs a spell check feature.

It's interesting I suppose. I feel like the shape of it will starve some interior office areas of natural light on the lower floors. Also I find labeling as East/West etc is better than Front/Right; it gives more information

Why are artists who have really good construction, use of space, value, all that junk, usually really bad at character design?
You'd think someone as advanced in their craft would be able to spot their weaknesses, and this doesn't only apply to Japanese illustrators, but many western artists' original characters (that are not your generic space marine/medieval knight) are usually shit.
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Character design usually revolve around the same stereotypical overused shits. It's kinda hard to be truly creative and original in that field.

How do Korean artists draw so well and almost all carry a certain unique vibe? Is it cultural for them to get inspired by their peers' style? Do they have their own communities where they discuss their works or share secrets with each other?
I want to know if anyone has any information regarding of art in Korea and has anything to share as a tip or websites.
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its shit move on.
I honestly don't know OP, but my guess is that they grow up in a certain culture that points then in a common direction artistically. It's the same thing with Japan. I also think that children there grow up with a stronger sense of self discipline, unlike the US. But if you want that style, you will have to work hard for it.
what unique vibe? they are just like japan with darker color palette.


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I dont know whats wrong with me

> at the thought of painting my heart starts to pound in excitement
> i watch loads of painting videos
> i love being in the paint section of shops
> browse art websites (including /ic/) nearly everyday

but when I sit down with a canvas/ paper infront of me,my heart sinks and lose all want to paint/ sketch.

no matter how much Bob Ross I watch, I still get the same feeling

pls can you help me /ic/ , ?
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Listen cousin Ivan.

Paint is craft, like hammering of nail. However rather than bear protection hovel it is fashioning of pretty picture. Let not yourself be deceived by the women emotions pretty pictures replace your balls with though Ivan. No, painting is a craft, like hammer nail. To hammer nail, one simply must lean to hammer nail. Everyday Ivan, you hammer nail. It matter's little if women emotions tell you hammer nail is not what you shall do today, should this be what action you take, you will become bear's fucktoy. Likewise, Cousin Ivan, if you fail...
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What he said.

Starting is the hardest part, and at a close second is gitting gud. But to git gud, you have to start man.

what kind of beta pussy ass faggot are you.

forget about painting for now though, if you haven't even overcome the fear of the blank paper you need to become a better drawer for now.

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Could somebody describe this piece to me? I'm not sure where or how to find more like it..
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Looks like a magic the gathering card art.
Never even thought about that, you're right.. I guess I could call it fantasy then, but im still open to more suggestions
I don't know if you have ever been on an airplane and had a seat by the window.
If you have then maybe you flew over clouds. To some people this looks like a sea. A sea of clouds. Now in a regular sea whats the biggest creature not counting the scary giant squid? That's right. A whale. of course in our world we dont have whales in the sky but this is a fantasy setting. This person probably had a awesome view from way up high and thought man i want a whale in the sky in my fantasy setting. There you go...
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>yfw you realize a degree is actually important for an art career

What's other stuff that /ic/ preaches that is totally wrong?
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Can we just agree to stop this meme so people don't accidentally fall for it?

I mean, we can all agree that its a fun hobby, and we can all laugh at people who take it too seriously and waste their lives by treating the arts as if they were worth anything. But there are actually impressionable people browsing who are probably at the age where they are thinking about the direction of their lives.

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Nice pasta

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My Books.png
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Hey, guys as I mentioned in the Super Pose Book thread that used to exist I ordered all 24 Super Pose Books, well 10 have arrived now and another 13 are on their way from CDJapan and 1 is still on preorder.

I've got a knife ready to start cutting the pages out the binding but I still don't have a scanner. I asked you guys what scanner to get but you told me I was a liar, I forgive you.

So what scanner should I get? Cost isn't a concern.
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Fuck off faggot we know you won't deliver so piss off.
File: laughing_meidos.jpg (48 KB, 231x208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I've got a knife ready to start cutting the pages out the binding but I still don't have a scanner.
lmao do your research before lying bruh
What do you mean? Shouldn't I cut the pages out? Is there a better way?

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