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>Go to clearing to hunt deer
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>Go to clearing to hunt deer
>Kill deer large enough to feed family
>Fucking Cayuga appear out of nowhere to poach my kill
>Get Tomahawked
>MFW I'm dying and my family will starve this winter
>wake up with sunrise
>sprinkle corn meal on family altar and give thanks sun rose again
>sprinkle corn meal toward 4 sacred winds
>eat atole for breakfast
>exit my cliff dwelling
>climb 800ft to the top of the mesa
>check on corns, beans, and squash
>is drought, but they are doing okay
>check on turkeys, feed them some corn
>navajos come and kill my whole clan saying they were here first
>tfw no qt3.14 göktürk gf to conquer evil China.

>Wake up in my tribal mudhut
>Have half a potato and fermented ethanol for breakfast
>Already completely hammered go outside for a day of fighting
>Me and my barbarian buddies gonna launch a raid on a village in Ui Maighleann county, shits gon be cash
>When we get there we are too stoned off our heads to do anything so we roll around in the grass for half an hour
>tfw I know fuck all about the Celts
how is this different than ireland today?
>wake up
>worship hotspring
>hunt for elk for a few hours
>make elk jerky and trade with northern tribe for corn
>worship hotspring
>spirit of the wolverine kills my grouse
>sell wife to apaches for new grouse
>worship hotspring
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>wake up in my family house (picture for ants related)
>there's a cold bite in the air
>it's almost harvesting season
>thank Perkele and Pekko for this year's harvest
>dick around for the entire day
>tfw no proto-Finnish gf
>get drunk on sahti
>pass out by a fire
>wake up next morning
>still tfw no proto-Finnish gf
>wake up
>take care of my horses
>"oh look, roman allies are coming"
>sell some horses at a profit
>have full lunch
>go to the theather (shit comedy, leave early)
>go to the stanga, fuck yeah honor duels
>watch dismemberment spectacle
>go home and have dinner, fuck wife, go to bed

Such is life in foederated Italy.
>wake up
>teeth hurt
>die of a tooth infection

>Wander south from the great forests
>Notice wopps still building that funny looking stone wall
>"Good thing I painted myself blue with a mixture of plant matter and my own ejaculate this morning."
>Consider just sailing around that stupid shit to go and raid like usual
>Feel a little lethargic about the whole situation
>Decide to just go back to the forest and hunt instead
>Maybe Ray Mears will do a TV show about me in a few years
>wake up in stick shelter
>eat witchety grubs for breakfast
>grab my stick
>go hunting with stick
>throw stick at kangaroo
>suddenly fire tornado
>entire tribe burns to death
>fucking white cunts

Shouldn't that read;

>On the opposite side of the world
>In prison
no because it's almost 2000 years before the convicts came you fuckin druggo
>potatoes came from new world

I think you're confused with a month ago
>Go bear hunting
>Don't see shit
>Forage some maple syrup and wild rice
>Fuck bitches in my wigwam
>Go deer hunting


...I didn't think you guys believed in the internet.
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>be Navajo
>get shot
File: 1407385586496.jpg (115 KB, 439x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it's based on geographical location m8. If I were living here 2000 years ago I would be an abo
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>Go outside to hunt boar
>Find boar, slash it with my sica
>It runs
>Boar is wounded and bleeding, only a matter of time before it gets exhausted
>Chase it for 20 minutes, its getting pretty tired
>Skinny Nubian appears out of nowhere
>Outruns me and steals my boar
>Go to chase him
>He sprints away with boar under his arm yelling ">implying white boys can run"
>Disappears into the wilderness
>Mfw Romans believe multiculturalism is a good thing

this is why I'm moving to the mountains
>get up from hammock
>drink some mate from the straw
>go to jungle to forage
>catch this nice colorful parrot
>give feathers to qt 3.1416 kuruminha
>score some sex tonight

>go to paraguay
>get sacrificed
> Raid rival tribes and take their wimminz
> Smoke weed and take shrooms
> Learn how to shapeshift into jaguar and eagle
>Farmed all day yesterday
>Farming all day today starting with the sunrise
>Working that soil, working it good
>Can't feed other plebs w/o crops you know
>Make it through another year, start all over again
not really
>Hot as fuck in the Mojave today
>My dark, wrinkled skin keeps the hellish sun from cooking me alive
>Eat a breakfast of recently harvested pine nuts and jackrabbit jerky, anticipating fresh meat soon
>Discuss plans for meeting up with other tribes in the area for jackrabbit drive
>Travel to hunting area, set up yucca fence traps with deep holes at the end
>Chase a fuckton of jacks into the nets, and into the pits
>Get stuffed as fuck on serviceberries, tubers, wild onion/asparagus and all the goddamned jackrabbit you could stuff in your mouth
>Laugh when fuckers say the desert is barren
anasazi is an offensive dine term meaning "enemy"
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cat ac2.jpg
88 KB, 513x667
This kinda made my heart swell with national pride.
>wake up in long house
>hunt for the day, thank the animal for the bounty he provides us
>go home and warm up by the fire
>Mohawks came while I was away, entire tribe dead and scalpless
>maybe we'll make peace in a few hundred years or so
>>My dark, wrinkled skin keeps the hellish sun from cooking me alive
I thought darker objects absorbed more heat
I figured it was an epithet. Just like the Navajo are really the Diné.

And outside of Pueblo, I don't know what else to call them.

why then would africans/italians/greeks be black ?
Having darker skin prevents burning because the skin is already full of melanin, your body's sunscreen.
ancestral puebloans or cliff dwellers

Don't spread stupid Navajo bullshit propaganda.
Very well. Just know the "Navajo" prefer Diné or Naabeehó.
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>implying i care what the navajo prefer

File: 16513513513513515.jpg (1 MB, 2778x1852) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Go raid Swedish villages
So, you're pro-cliff-dwelling-ancestral-enemy-of-superior-tribe and anti-Naabeehó?

How's that workin' out for you, brohan?
breddy good. utes should have most of navajo land anyway.

go back to your chapter house and make a spam sandwich
>wake up
>exit tipi
>look at glorious plains
>give thanks to sky god
>prepare for buffalo hunt
>collect bone tools and bow
>go with huntsmen to local herd we have been tracking
>Get as close as possibly without buffalo detecting me
>give thanks to buffalo for sacrificing its life for me as I fire arrow
>it misses
>oh no
>everyone jumps up to chase the running buffalo with spears
>one of them stops to charge at me
>die from buffalo goring
>ascend into great spirit
>Implying you're not a greek speaking Roman citizen
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serves you well for trying to invade MUH LAND
we only would accept monkey gods with shiny body like pic related. hopefully they mating with our daughters will give us shiny body genes
>wake up
>don't exist
>go to sleep
>Be me
>VVake vp in Lvtetia
>See cvte greek slave
>Man vp and talk to her
>Pastae falls from troussers
>I rvn
>Guards notice me running
>Get arrested
>be algerian/numidian
>work for roman as mercenairies
>ally with roman against carthage/gaul and remove them
>get well paid
>stop the army because old
>with my money join the aristocracy
>start writting books and meet that based numidian : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apuleius
>aks what religion should I join and meet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustine_of_Hippo
>become richer and richer, start political career
>become emperor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macrinus

Good times.
>This guy again
Seriously, gtfo in your shithole or use a proxy but stop posting with the french flag, fucking shitskin.
>can't even link boards correctly
You need to leave, newfag.
The islands weren't populated at all?
That picture shows a famous Estonian game called "peksid pede rippuvad" where a blindfolded young Estonian male is given an enormous dildo carved out of an aspen log and told to beat the "pede" or "faggot" mercilessly until it is completely demolished. If he does this in the time it takes his grandfather to fuck a horse (pane hobust) the youth is awarded his own horse to do with as he pleases.
>it's shabat eve
>perfect time to jew goyim
>see a couple of Roman legionaries taking a walkabout
>offer them to browse my wares
>get beaten for not having citizenship
>Wake up.
>Go hunting for a boar
>Fian bros already caught a deer.
>Gather berries while we boil the deer
>Drink mead, fight, play ficheall, fuck local girls from the Túath.
>Deer is done
>Sleep under the stars
>Repeat until Samhain
Feels good to be a Féinnid
Says the tripfag.

Go watch Dances with Wolves.
That's a good movie.
It really is. You can even learn some rudimentary Lakota from it.
>wake up
>be elf
>chill with trolls
>bath in hot springs
>no humans anywhere
>Killed some Romans
>collected their heads
>impress a bitch with that amount of heads i gathered
>bitch isn't impressed
>but i have still a right on this bitch
>rape her frequently
>have a happy familiy now
remove elf
Your ancestors were in Scotland eating people.
Guys, I lost Angry Beaver's tomahawk in the Ohio river today. He's the chief and he'll scalp me if he finds out. What do?
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>wake up
>burn some flowers under the feet of ?wiatowid and pray for gf
>brother tells me some asshole bear ruined our family's apiary
>tfw no mead any time soon
>go to the mountains to chop wood for a new apiary with brobro
>practise sharpening sticks for spears on our way
>see a pack of wolves with pups
>run our asses off
>lose them after crossing a river
>gather some berries on our way back, hoping to see a qt and give them to her
>leave wood at my cave
>go to asshole germoni merchant to buy their "wine"
>shit's bitter as fuck
>get wasted
>piss all over ?wiatowid's statue
>fall asleep
Kek'd hard, ami.
Go to hungry bear and we will consult with the council of elders.
Don't forget your peace pipe.
Oy vey
File: 3-hat2-web.jpg (15 KB, 360x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>going hunting with muh bow
File: 1350242071207.jpg (32 KB, 296x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw want to go to the local druid circle and get drunk with Antedrig, Comux and Ruui
>can't go because my wife wants to go berry picking instead
Your hat is shit.
Check this out.
today my ataq and me went fishing, It's been a long time since I didn't do it. You having 2 kids to take care...And now i'm smoking the calumet with my friend Abooksigun. how was you day /int/?
>see Romans
>speak in protobasque
>he doesn't understand
>laugh at him as he goes away

Walker sky got killed by a buffalo and now we're gonna smoke peyote for his burial.
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implying potatofags had potatoes in 100 bc
But you are the roman?
I know that feel bro.
His patrineal line was in Norway and his matrineal line was in Scotland or Ireland.
If my tribe was clsoer to you I'd come. sadly we're in kebek
May the great spirit guide you, brother.
wake up and rape women with no repercussions
Read the name, m8. Just a tourist.
> Be me
> Be 653 Ab urbe condita
> Be in Southern Hispania
> Gaius Marius is elected again there in Rome. What a surprise
> It's so hot
> Go to the boat and fish
> I got many fishes today
> Go back to my house next to the theatre
> Make some garum with the fish and sell it to the Phoenician merchants
> Live is easy and nice. May the gods bless the Republic
>wake up
>do celt stuff
>fuck off back to sleep
>be highlander
>wake up
>see wife cooking dinner
>go outside
>small rural village under protection by a lord
>huge migrations happening and inter-tribal wars ATM
>get recruited to the army of the local lord
>die in one of the inter-tribal wars

Such is life in balt lands.
>collect abalone
>eat so much goddamn abalone
>what the fuck do I do with all these shells
>toss them in a pile, bury it
>hope nobody digs this up and thinks it has any special meaning someday
>Mushroom season
>Me and the fian eat some fly agaric, fun as fuck.
>Tripping, drinking mead, eating boar, salmon, venison and honey.
>Wander innawoods, stumble on a sídhe
>Fuckin Síoga make me dance, fuck with my head, generally piss me off
>manage to escape from the otherworld with the help of Lú Lámhfhada, lucky I made that sacrifice
>Find a cut Leannán sídhe and fugg her

Fairies still butthurt about us driving them underground. Míl Espáine did nothing wrong304
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>be Powhatan inna virginia
>chill in my longhouse smoking that sweet ass tobacco
>go outside
>suddenly arrow in my neck
>Fucking Cherokee faggots again
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I liked this one.
>wake up
>thank the ancestors
>go hunt wit da homies
>stop to get shitfaced
>pour one out for my dead ancestors
>go home
>thank the ancestors
>eat, dance, be merry
>bone my fourth wife even though it's wife #2's night idgaf
>Be arrogant Brahmin
>"those degenerate buddhists don't give a shit about ancient traditions"
>Go to nalanda university
>Study with students from Hellenes and orient
bump 4 best thread innawhile
>fuck this place is cold
>oh god why did I settle here
>I wish I was back in Germania killing Romans
Did some rough archiving, I think it would be a shame if this thread went to waste
Alright lads! we are going south!
File: Belgae.jpg (51 KB, 640x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Belgae master race reporting in.

Who /raiding tribe next door/ here?
did you wish for a nuclear winter
I thought you could only be a Belgian of Danish descent.

Like In Bruges.
>100 BC
>tfw im not even supposed to be here
Berry picker as fuck, m8.
>Wake up
>Be Navajo
>Fuck pueblo bitches all day erryday, men super jelly
>More like pleblo
>Beat weak farmer Hopi unconscious with my superior hunter-gatherer muscles and take his harvest
>Kek how do you even eat this shit without meat. Weak ass farmers don't even lift
>This maize stuff is pretty good though
>I might take another pleblo's crops tomorrow, bring some tribe buddies.
muh sides/10
This gets my autism in a snarl. Neanderthals were also Homo Sapiens. Modern humans are called Homo Sapiens Sapiens.
>Cayuga existing in 100 BC
What the fuck am I reading?
File: cunts.jpg (57 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 640x480
>Be member of Makah tribe
>Live in pacific north west
>Hunt single whale every year
>Whale meat feeds whole tribe for months
>We use all of whale for making homes, tools, medicine, oil...
>Worship whale since they bring tribe so much prosperity
>respect whale
>sure hope no one ever arrives to tell us that our traditions are wrong, especially after making bison extinct
>those dicks would be real hypocrites if they did so.
>nonthinking dummy posting ignorance online
File: dessin-ribemont.jpg (36 KB, 633x299) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Down the hill runs the river.
>The druid says the harvest is near.
>On the other side of the valley live these Parisii fuckers.
>They burn and kill and rape.
>Get sacrificed by fire or arrows or spade blow in the back and decapitation before having head nailed on their door.
Sup, guys. Just arrived this fertile land. I bet we will beat other civilizations asses in the future.
>wake up in crannóg
>pray to Lug
>kill some wolves attacking my livestock
>go hunting
>chill with druid
>Feast because it's Lúnása
I am not supposed to be here at that time, this land is a freaking desert.
>tfw bad harvest kills most of Túath
>be a gallic
>fight with everyday agains romans invaders
>tfw you secretely wish to be a roman
>good life,good house, even slave
>tfw at the end of the day you must return to your shitty house eating some disgusting food
what's the point of living at this state.

>Wake up from my cycle
>Step out of my bunzkilyeep
>Go check on my pets
>Notice that they're coming along well
>Finish showing them a more efficient way of using string
>Walk back to my izgilook
>Fly back to the dark side of the moon
>be plains indian
>kill some buffalo with my bros
>haul it back and let the women take it apart
>practice for combat with the other tribes
>eat jerky
>smoke peace pipe
Where the fuck did that come from, you spastic. And you guys wonder why everyone dislikes americans.

>Not knowing peksid pede rippuvad

i do not exist 100 BCE, neither does stupid americans.
I don't know, maybe this part of the world (Buenos Aires) had no inhabitants during that time.
there was no such thing as the plains indian until white man brought over horses. Before that they were all poor farmers, with a very weak hunting tradition.
Uhm, no. Homo neanderthalis was actually a subspecies of Homo sapiens.
>Birds sing
No they still existed, they used dog sleds to get around and they still hunted it was just a pain in the ass so they forced bison to run of cliffs
File: lekkersliepe.jpg (72 KB, 600x513) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be Frisian
>Most of the tribe is off to Germany to fight the Romans, leading exciting lives
>Not me
>Wake up, scratch my arse, and roll over again
>Wait for something cool to happen in life
>Nothing ever happens
>Don't have the means to make something happen
>Mope on it for a bit, promise myself to change
>Finally wake up, in good spirits
>Dance around a tree for a bit, pray to Freya to give me a qt gf
>Fucking Freya doesn't heed my calls even after an hour of chanting
>Go back to bed, sad, hungry and alone

Nothing has fucking changed in 2100 years, not even my fucking tribe name.
>tfw Illiniwek
>be pésico
>on luggones clay with the other bros
>on our way to join the cantabroi to do the traditional basque shitskin raid, steal their harvest and fuck their wimin
>legion appears
>get slaved
Now i'm digging gold in this shitty mountain with a fucking torch on my head. Fucking olive jews
>be picking berries for clan
>they tell me its time for me to get my name
>go on a trip to discover myself and what not (why.jpg)
>Eat this one berry
>going back to tribe land after getting a dream
>go to tribe
>they tell me its time to pick a mate
>still high as fuck from berry
>no girl wants to be my mate
>im Boy-Who-Plays-with-himself
>no one will shake my hand
>there was no such thing as the plains indian until white man brought over horses.
Much as I think it would be a plausible explanation for the behaviour of modern Prairie natives, they were not - contrary to your implication - born out of horses' asses.
I'm pretty sure that the Goths lived in Sweden at that time.
Native Americans are
which is what were doing.
Räkkä is starting. Time to move to fells with my reindeers.
>Wake up in a crannog
>feed the cattle
>hear the tribe over the hill are being cunts
>paint myself and remove all clothes for battle
>it brings magic
>wake up
>kill mosquito
>hunt many small mammals
>kill mosquito
>alligator catches eye, but is too quick to catch with hands
>kill mosquito
>return to clearing, engage in daily ritual in honor of the many gods
>kill mosquito
>return to own tent, daughter is very sick
>kill mosquito
>go to medicine man, he says there is no herb which can help her; he says only the god of health and plenty can stop yellow fever from killing
>kill mosquito
>go back to tent, daughter is now comatose
>kill mosquito
>lie down to take a nap; I have hunted enough for today, and I must rest up so I can perform ritual that will ensure daughter good afterlife
>kill mosquito
>I never wake up because I too catch yellow fever
>everyone catches yellow fever
>this is why people shouldn't live in central Florida
>Han dynasty
>Age of peace and prosperity in China
>Set up stall selling pork buns
>Get drafted to fight the northern barbarian hordes
>Survive the battles
>Return home and continue selling pork buns
>wake up under tree
>tribe elder clapping rocks together
>time for manhood ceremony
>i and other lads get our foreskins cut off with a sharp rock
>gotta go on a bushwalk towards a smoke signal
>3 of us get killed by snakes and dingos on the way
>finally make it there
>tribal leader takes all the young girls of the tribe and has an orgy, because he can
>go in a cave, and burn pituri bush
>get high as fuck and start having dreamtime
>see the magic cod and magic snake
>at last i truly see
Sorry, I didn't know who was on these lands before the Iroquois tribes.

>wake up
>Huron of the Lakes send out call for war
>gather in war party and slay Iroquois dogs
>come home and do spirit dance to frighten ghosts from my penis
>use penis to impregnate wife and assure her certain death in child birth
>Hong Kong Area.
>Sent to the North
Chances are the Han Government would let you stay. Southern China was still barbarian territory and the Emperor flooded the region with military settlers to keep Jungleniggers at bay.
>be me
>sitting around fire with the tribe, smoking the celebratory pipe
>chief hands it to me
>I breathe in
>start coughing really hard
>everyone around me is laughing
>the bastard put spices in it right before he handed it to me
Fuck him, I hope some light skinned men come here and shoot him with a fire stick

Hill people.
>Wait for husband to get home.

Well that was eventful.
Ooga booga, where the soup at! :D
>be alpine celt
>latin imperialists to the south
>forest barbarians to the north
>nomad barbarians to the east
>wake up
>Take hover car to terraforming plant
>Pass Gunja
>"Goodmorning, fellow Aboriginal!"
>Drive past brewery which has been made for scientific purposes and not for consumption
>Drive past nuclear power plant
>Get to work EARLY
>"Greetings, colleagues! I hope you all had a good night sleep!"
>Just another day
>wake up in my grass and mud hut
>pray to Allah
>go elephant poaching
>pray to Allah
>enjoy saggy African titties everywhere
>dance around fire in my red ochre
>pray to Allah
>drink Malaria and dengue infested water
>Leave village for America
>buy suit
>get elected as USA President
I guess I'll just stick to selling pork buns and having many children then.
underrated post
No they were forced out of the regions that bordered the prairie and then adopted horse riding and buffalo hunting around the end the 18th century
you're in florida?
>be basque
>some pleb tribes try to fuck with our harvest
>Roma is total bro
>they get enslaved
>Basconia will live forever
>Go outside
>Get bit by mosquito
>Get malaria
>Die a slow painful death
>Go outside
>Sacrifice virgin to raise tomorrows sun
>Paint self gold
>Jump in lake
>carve into calendar
>go back home
>Sharpen sacrificial knife.
>Be Roman soldier whipping slaves building a road
>Suddenly, Gauls
>I se them first, alert the centurion
>Fight them off, follow them to village
>Burn it down, it´s right in the middle of the road´s path
>Obtain qt Celtic slave, get promoted
>15 years later, service is over, get patch of land stolen from Celts to farm
>Such is life in Gallia Cisalpina
>>wake up
>>go catch fish and oyster
>>The Han traders come
>>They are rich and educated
>>They get all our women and money
>>Han master race I wish I am Han ;_;
File: celts-stronk.jpg (70 KB, 750x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 750x600
>mfw the Romans will never ever conquer our clay
don't forget to worship brennus which raped your sweet roman boypussies, fucking southerners
>go to Rockstop to buy an Xbone
>cute neanderthal on the counter
>berries drop out of my loincloth
File: why.gif (2 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x240
>Today is my daughter's 14 birthday
>She's finally a woman
>ask wife to prepare TWO WHOLE TURKEYS to celebrate her birthday
>Before we eat dinner the tribe chief comes into my longhouse and gropes my daughters ass
>claims her as his wife
>I get pissed and try to scalp him
>His guards decapitate me and offer my body to the river gods
Replace "Han" with "white man" and its pretty accurate nowadays
>Homo sapiens neanderthalensis
>Homo sapiens sapiens

So they were a subspecies.

I hope it's all clear now.
>be gallo-roman
>live in glorious lugdunum
>go pray to lug
>be rich as fuck from roman and greek trade
>watch theatre
Lel @ others gauls living in mud huts.
I thought you all were killed or enslaved.
>>Replace "Han" with "white man" and its pretty accurate nowadays
You should replace"Han" with "mainland officers"

And white men ,we always ignore them.
Underrated post

Go fuck yourself. 100 years before this era would be the 1900s
Romans are easy going with those who cooperate. In a few decades we'll be citizens you see.
Only a minority consider them a homo sapiens subspecies.
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>wake up
>slave laughs at me
>wife asks for sestertii
>children play new game with the wheel of my cart
>horse is sick
>walk to forum
>legionarii make fun of my sandals
>buy new pair of fancy sandals
>start walking back home
>fall into cloaca maxima
>sandals are ruined
>get home
>wife is being adulterous again
>guy is a libertus straight off the arena
>get beat up
>go out
>drink sweet wine all night
>pay for a greek lady of comfort
>can't get my obelisk up

What race are you, friend? Is Mandarin your first language? I've heard that Macao is an even bigger casino destination than Vegas at this point, has that had a big impact on your daily life?
>100 bce
>pray to allah
Scordisci pls go.
Mmm. They had sex, the two species, producing fertile offspring. It means they were very related in every aspect.
I think they were a subspecies.
>Wake up because I was shitfaced yesterday, slept outside again and a rabbit was gnawing on my toe
>By rabbit I mean breakfast
>Kill, skin and cook the thing
>Still a bit sideways from the mead
>Go back to settlement
>The seer starts giving me a lecture on how bad was drinking the month's supply of mead
>Romans arrive
>They trade our amber for some round metal pieces with some scribblings and some guy's mug on them
>We don't even want them
>They just get the amber, leave a sack of the metal and jet, spouting some herpus via derpus gibberish
>Melt the metal down, because what the fuck are we going to do with it anyway
>Someone Baltic-looking approaching in the distance
>Oh great, the fucking Yotvingians again
>They do nothing, just sit under a tree and giggle sometimes, may be drunk
>Go to site of the eternal flame
>Try to hit up the qt grils keeping the fire burning
>Get more bullshit from the seer for talking to them
>Go to the woods
>Spot a deer
>Start chasing it down because I have nothing better to do
>Probably leave our tribe's clay because I've been running faster than the sun can set
>The deer is tired and t-bones another one grazing
>Kill them both with some random-ass stick
>Drag them back to the hood
>Get some more shit from the seer, I don't even get to keep the horns as a trophy
>Remember that no vaidilut? gf
>Thank Perk?nas for not blasting me with a lightning bolt today and go to sleep
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fuck you don't make us look disunited

Too bad there's like no info on pre-christian balt cultures...
>Wake up
>Eat some food my my buddies caught while I was asleep
>Get dressed and head south
>We're going to Rome
Swedes truly are the fucking worst.

notice that guy in the background contemplating the possibility to cognate the reality
>East-Nords truly are the fucking worst
>contemplating the possibility to cognate the reality
lol I don't understand man, ???? ?? ???? ??????? ????????? ?? ???????
i've just made a fancy philosophical sentence, he looks like he realized the ultimate purpose of life
>last evening in the legion
>drink wine by the flagon
>go back to castra
>black out
>wake up in the morning with the worst crapulam of all time and realize you have signed up as an evocatus
>o canis quid fecerim'd!
>service remaining XXV years
>legate reminds about it daily for the next two years
>sculpture related: my face when I woke up this morning
>Australasia understanding ancient north america

They didn't need horses to hunt buffalo.
They didn't need horses to live in the plains at all, It only revolutionized there tribes and made them great, especially the Comanche.

look at this>>29035363
File: Perun_idol.jpg (43 KB, 320x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>It's 100 BCE
>Wake up in my hut, hungry as hell.
>Mother died at the senile age of 33, so I have to worry about the food myself.
>Pray to Perun, ?wi?towit and Bia?obóg for a good day. If I'm lucky I won't be eaten by something. Hopefully I'll find berries or something, as I suck at hunting.
>try to force myself to go to the forest.
>remember all about Leszy, Borowy, Boruta and Lesny Dziad lurking in the woods.
>decide to go fishing
>remember about Utopiec, Topielec, and wi?ga all hungry for human fresh, deep down in murky waters
>mushrooms, out in a sunny fields?
>nope.jpeg, poludnice are all ready to devour your soul
>bird eggs out in the mountain?
>chmurnicy are ready to anally rape you
>decide to stay at home, starving
>stryga, along with few godlings murder me brutally and feast on my intestines, as I forgot to put a dried rabbit foot over the door to the hut after my mother's death.
>spend the night at the observatory
>return home at sun rise
>eat blue corn and armadillo meat for breakfast with some pulke
>a group of priests come to my house to take 3 of me virgin daughters
>they will have their hearts ripped out by noon tomorrow at the main pyramid
>Wake up
>unga bonga
>Go outside
>wow it's pretty outside
>Oh hey a bear
>Oh shit he ate my arm
>Oh I'm freezing to death because it's fucking cold
Feels good to be nordic masterace
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