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So Gensokyo is supposed to be around Yatsugatake,...
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So Gensokyo is supposed to be around Yatsugatake, right? Where do you think the visible locations should be?
Youkai mountain aside I doubt the rest of Gensokyo looks similar to that location, hell even the mountain itself isn't similar at all.
>visible locations
Op should be talking about the city yukari was facing in the fairies manga...
I have always throught that gensyoko is island
Even if you're a secondary the "Gensokyo has no sea!" is popular enough to not make you think that.
Commit sudoku and I guarantee you will find Gensokyo.
I remember when this board unironically believed that gensokyo existed
Gensokyo is a non-existent place by definition, which means that in a way it truly does exist.
Wait, since when don't we?
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>implying we stoped
point at this faggot and laugh
Image is a good attempt but SDM and Misty Lake are at the sea of trees at the foot of Youkai Mountain(Yatsugatake).
And Bamboo Forest can be reached from the Human Village directly.
Forest of Magic has no connection to SDM.

You can't probably put structures on a map other than guesses.

In addition, the geography is unreliable, as the Yatsugatake (Youkai Mountain) of Gensokyo is much taller than the one in reality and has a water source.
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Doh hoh oh

Good one anon
If you believe you will go to Gensokyo when you die, what religion are you?
I don't believe.
I know.
you will only go to Gensokyo when you are completely forgotten and abandoned by outside world
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I'm halfway there, then. Nice.
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Gensokyo, apparently, has an actual, physical location. Thing is, it's in another dimension, and that makes it exist anywhere in this, and vice versa, in its own way. Probably.
thinking of that, what are outside of the hakurei barrier in the spirit word?
Based on SoEW, weird eldritch shit.

Really weird eldritch shit which makes Gensokyo look like Hobbit country.
Tell us more anon, my pc98 roms text are all gibberish...
Even a post could be remembered.
damn this is interesting
Anon, learn japanese or just read the wiki.
>Garden of the Sun
>If you go towards the heart of Gensokyo from the opposite side of mountain during summer, you'll find a meadow filled with dazzling yellow.

What does Hieda mean by the 'opposite side' opposite of which way?

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I'm assuming she means west, because the sun sets that way/opposite of the Hakurei shrine?
Good thing posts on 4chan are eventually gone, 4chan promotes illusions!

Wouldn't opposite of the mountain be indicating the Youkai mountain?

I assume the opposite side of the mountain means 'facing away from the human village' in this context. This is what makes most sense to me.
For other interpretations, there would be simpler methods to say such information, surely.
I know which mountain, I was thinking in terms of cardinal direction. I took a bunch of info from the wiki and the books that could help put a map together.

Hakurei Shrine
>On the eastern edge of Gensokyo lies its only shrine.
>This shrine exists on the border between the outside world and Gensokyo.
>...The path between the shrine and the village is an animal trail with poor visibility,
>Deep within the mountains, separated from the Human Village, Gensokyo's only occupied shrine can be found situated on the border between Gensokyo and the outside world.
>A lost village somewhere around the Great Hakurei Barrier.

>After the events of Undefined Fantastic Object, the ship returns to Gensokyo and lands near the Human Village with the help of Suwako Moriya, who levelled the ground.

>If you go towards the Forest of Magic from the human village, you’ll see a strange building.
>The road from human village to Kourindou is somewhat long

Forest of Magic
>The distance from the human village is relatively short

Road of Reconsideration
>A small road can be found by going through and beyond the Forest of Magic.
>Proceed along this road, and one would arrive at Muenzuka.
>This area is a place where even the humans living on the furthest outskirts of Gensokyo never approach, for the strong connection between that and the outside world can create openings at any time.
>Connections to the netherworld are also easily created here, as this is a place where several barriers overlap and intersect.

>Heading further along the Road of Reconsideration, one would reach Muenzuka, where the road ends.
>...it's a small area enclosed by trees

Bamboo Forest of the Lost
>Looking out from the human village, in the exactly opposite direction from Youkai Mountain lies the expanse of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

Misty Lake
>At the foot of Youkai Mountain, there is a big lake.
>The river flowing into the lake flows from Youkai Mountain.

Scarlet Devil Mansion
>A red, European-style mansion with few windows built on a bank of Misty Lake.

Road of Liminality
>The Sanzu River flows on the other side of the mountain, but you must travel down a certain road before you get there. That is the Road of Liminality. If you don't go down this road, you can't reach the Sanzu River.

Sanzu River
>On the other side of the mountain you can get to the well-known river separating this world and the next.
>Gensokyo is on the side of the living, and Higan is on the opposite bank.

Garden of the Sun
>If you go towards the heart of Gensokyo from the opposite side of mountain during summer, you'll find a meadow filled with dazzling yellow.
>The field is some distance away from the human village, but its beauty is worth at least a glance.

Nameless Hill
>Opposite of Youkai Mountain is a small mountain, and halfway up it is a meadow with a great number of lilies-of-the-valley.
>Somehow, it is in a place hidden from the human village.

Youkai Mountain
>The Great Youkai Forest: The Great Youkai is a great forest located at the foot of the mountain.
>The Untrodden Valley: A valley located at the very base of the mountain through which a river running from the Waterfall of Nine Heavens courses. The kappa's hideout lies somewhere on land in this area.
>Giant Toad's Pond: A small, mysterious pond that can be found halfway up the mountain.
>The Waterfall of Nine Heavens: One of the many large waterfalls of the mountain.
>The Wind God's Lake: A great lake located at the heights of the mountain. Moriya Shrine is located nearby.
>The Moriya Shrine: Located somewhere near the top of Youkai Mountain with the Divine Lake that was also transported with it.
>Kasen Ibaraki's Mansion: Kasen Ibaraki's home lies somewhere deep within the mountain close by the Moriya Shrine.
>Peony Field: Eirin Yagokoro grows a field of chinese peony somewhere on the mountain for pharmaceutical purposes.

Shining Needle Castle
>A castle that's located in the sky near the base of Youkai Mountain

Abandoned Pond
>A pond variously located both near the Forest of Magic and on the outskirts of the Human Village.

Genbu Ravine
>Near the Forest of Magic and Youkai Mountain

Youkai Trail
>Near the Human Village

Canal of Willows
>A canal near the Human Village
File: map.png (59 KB, 578x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Based on that information I made a map of most of everything that isn't underground/on the moon/wherever.
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Thread images: 8
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