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Spoopy Innawoods Stories
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Part 2, niggers. Old thread reached bump limit.
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Are skinswalkers... r-r-real?
Yes, but I wouldn't worry about it

I don't know anon.

I think my girlfriend might be a skinwalker.

>Always wants to go camping
>Never eats food
>Sister died under unknown circumstances
>Doesn't have many friends
>Sometimes when we go camping, she just disappears in the middle of the night for hours
>Sometimes when we smoke ganja and have sex, I swear she has cat teeth/cat ears/a tail
>She makes a lot of weird noises all the time
>I always find dead animals around her house
Nobody cares about your shit fetishes

Nobody cares about your shit fetishes
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>Smokes ganja
>Doesn't think it has anything to do with his hallucinations or paranoia
>Hurr durr weed is harmless
>she is /out/
>cares about her health
>she doesn't trust you to tell you about a traumatizing experience because you are immature
>not everyone is a idiot frat boy
>She enjoys being alone, or she needs to rub one out because you dont satisfy her
>you are high
>she is a serial killer
>Alt, you just dont know how to ID how something died

>having my flesh devoured and my skin being made and worn as a suit

Yeah, nothing to worry about...
Anyone have some decent OC? Also if anyone has that story posted recently from Ireland I keep forgetting to save it, would be appreciated
Weed won't make you hallucinate like that so he's either lying, stupid or paranoid schizophrenic.

Source: I am smoking weed and the only cat parts I see are attached to my cats.
I've seen a few stories that share a common creature: a long, low-to-the-ground, panther-like creature. Anyone have an idea what this is? I tried looking it up, but couldn't find anything similar.
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You're a boring, immature manchild she's only dating because it's better than being alone.

She loves the outdoors and being alone in nature but doesn't feel close enough to you to want to spend all her time in the woods with you, so she goes off on her own instead. She'd rather be alone in the woods than with you.

She doesn't want to talk about anything serious and personal with you like her sister dying because she knows you won't get it because you're an immature manchild she's only dating to not be alone. Easier for her if you guys never get too close.

She doesn't have many friends because she's not a huge people person and wants to spend her time alone in the forest.

You've never actually noticed cat parts on your girlfriend, but weed makes your brain a little more malleable and convincing yourself she might be a skinwalker makes your boring manchild life more interesting, so you've created false memories or are just lying to yourself. It also gives you a good excuse for why there's obviously not much of a connection between you two that doesn't involve you sucking.

That sounds like something a skinwalker would say.
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>implying that guy wasn't joking
>tfw taking this bate
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Its obvious that your girlfriend is actually a moth.

You've had consensual sex with a moth, good job dipshit.
Hopefully a sexy one. What is it about skin walkers that people are so scared of.
They disguise as people and slip into society so basically they could be all around you and nobody would know.
Anyone read missing 411? It should be required spoopy thread reading.

Don't worry about it.
So /k/omrades, what would be your weapon of choice for skinwalker hunting?
>16 inch paratrooper FAL
>7.62x39 AKM loaded with wolf JHP
File: zCzWbC0.jpg (112 KB, 669x535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Are you retarded or just pretending
File: 1374940187702.jpg (46 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why in 7.62x39 instead of the way it was meant. 7.62x51
>>16 inch paratrooper FAL
>>7.62x39 AKM loaded with wolf JHP

Read what comes after the x39 part.

I'd take either the fal or the AK.
white ash blessed by a Navajo holyman, is the only way to kill a skinwalker, without knowing their true full name and repeating it 3 times in a row. Both of which would most likely bring you face to face with a skinwalker before you knew it.

He never said the FAL was in 7.62x39

Read it again.
I thought mag dumping it, cutting all the limbs off and burning it was the way to do it.

Then using skinwalker ash on other skinwalkers.
>skinwalker Holocaust.
File: 1334017894127.jpg (566 KB, 1100x751) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my bad!

>payment for my retardedness with a fall
where can i get a nice tent for innawooding ? Dont want to pay out my ass though
Bullshit. If it bleeds, it dies. Incendiary measures are your best means. But applying .30 caliber directly to the forehead will work too. The teick is getting the shot.
.458 winchester magnum
Like to see one of those fuckers shrug that off.
The skinwalker is a magical being and as such can not be killed with mortal weapons. Weapons will injure and slow or scare off skinwalkers but the effects are only temporary.
Depends on what you want out of it. Do you camp in a desert, highlands, forest, plains, do you plan on using it during a snowy winter? How many people will be sleeping in it? How much are you willing to spend?
That's exactly what a skinwalker wpuld say.
I'll be camping in a forest during all seasons at least once. It's just for me and honestly the cheaper the better, but max $400

If they can live among us we can live among them. If they can kill us we can kill them.

The whole thing sounds like an enormous troll.

Everything is magic dude.
Keep shooting until it drops. Coup de grace the head then burn everything.

Fire casts light into the darkness.

Tarps make shitty non water proof god tier waterproof tents
>tfw barred from owning guns
>tfw easy prey
>tfw anti gun politicians are skinwalker
>tfw skinwalker supremacy agenda
>tfw you were skinwalker all along
No a skinwalker would suggest using guns on a being created by dark magic and a skinwalker would try to discredit anyone who wanted to share how to defend oneself from skinwalkers.
So we'll just change our goals from killing them to capturing them, and inflicting pain. Humans are good at that kind of shit ya know.

Also, can skinwalker move through solid objects? Because if not, we can trap it in a box. And then fill said box with anything we feel like, like fire, or acid, or cement.

I'd go with cement, and then drop that fucking box in the middle of the ocean. Enjoy a few thousand years of that hell, mr. fucking 'immortal' creature.
File: 1395796071486.jpg (104 KB, 493x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>not filling the box up with rusted nails then dumping it into the Mariana trench

Traditionally in mythology shape shifting is a power used by gods/immortals.

If a human gains that power it's usually a punishment, such as were-animals, because they lose the ability to control themselves.

Also there are tales of humans being turned into animals as a punishment.

If a skinwalker attacks a human my guess is its an avenging angel in disguise punishing the human.
I like the way you think, sir.
File: skinwalker-ww2.png (248 KB, 1623x2336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ah, this one is nice
Imagine how pissed it would be if it escaped hehe

>payment for my retardedness with a fall
>payment for my retardedness
>with a fall
>a fall
>posts a FAL

Still retarded
>someone with alot of emotional problems and misplaced angst wrote this
It can be pissed as it wants to be, assuming it can get past the giant squid, or fucking cthulhu itself, that is down there.
Depends on the person. I smoked so much with my cousin once I thought there was a pirate ship in his driveway with a projector screen on deck showing a nascar race for about 20 minutes.
bump god damnit
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bumping with a skinwalker story but not necessarily /k/ related
better than nothin
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I never have creepy shit happen to me in the woods and I go out a lot.

>Will now have constant creepy things happen for posting this
>killed skinwalker with drugs
Fuckin Lel
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I really wouldn't worry about innawoods or skinwalkers guys, it's really safe to go alone and no need to take firearms innawoods. Skinwalkers are your friends.
For some reason I just LOVE the idea of a Skin Walker tripping balls on coke/heroin and OD'ing.

Fuckin' skin walkers get what they deserve.

Yay, more /k/ampfire stories.
But anon, they WERE people to begin with.
Nah you're full of shit or smoked laced pot.

Pot doesn't make you hallucinate, case closed.
Wait what?
What about a wood chipper? I think a wood chipper would work.
Apparently white Ash blessed by a Navajo wise man is the same as heroin
Skinwalkers are native american witches that descend into pure evil, according to Navajo legend.
Well... Anit that some scary shit, need to get my red dead on tonight
Scary shit is waking up with one in your tent and the last thing you can remember is it's piercing white glowing gaze before waking up the next morning, a mile away from your friends, naked.
Dat story, last thread. I think there aren't female skinwalkers or male.
>possibly got some fuk from a skin walker.
depends on is female/how hot it is. also how beta you are.
Um go on?
So is the Rake a skinwalker, or skinwalker-related?
Man, I wanna try some white ash. It must be the shit!
Holy shit, human corgis exist.
The myths and legends surrounding the two are so convoluted, and lots of contradictory details, it's hard to tell
that's a bigfoot fetus
File: fix bayonets.gif (482 KB, 400x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fix bayonets.gif
482 KB, 400x250
big foot did 9/11

Pretty sure the rake is slenderman tier creepy pasta.
As in, someone made it all up and it didn't exist in legend before the interwebs.
Okay yeah that's true, the Rake is pretty much just a creepy pasta. But a lot of these innawoods stories, however real or fake they may be, sound a LOT like the Rake.
Yes Anon.

An actual Zombie.

I wouldn't worry about it.
google "Feisntein's spawn"
Because..They're fake?

Then again after watching/reading about people that went missing in national parks under dubious circumstances makes me think there are worse things out there then gardening equipment or feral dermatologists.
File: Xi87J.jpg (26 KB, 405x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>actual zombie
>Then again after watching/reading about people that went missing in national parks under dubious circumstances makes me think there are worse things out there then gardening equipment or feral dermatologists.

True this. That shit is indeed whack. Listened to atleast half a dozen episodes of Coast to Coast AM about it.

>inb4 they're just dumbfucks who got lost
Except many of those who go missing are seasoned hikers or are otherwise very familiar with innawoods.

IIRC there was one lady within the last decade who was a well-known mountain climber or something. She dissapeared off a fuckin' mountain in Washington(?? can't remember.)
>three times in a row
We 2nd grade now, muh Bloody Mary

I've always wondered is it the skinwalker's personal name, the real Indian word for "skinwalker" or the person's name? Or something else?

Also, just got back from a weekend innawoods with my gf, didn't hear or see a single thing out of the ordinary. We went to a pretty heavily traveled and populated area though.
File: fuk u.png (117 KB, 301x586) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fuk u.png
117 KB, 301x586
I wonder what the theories other then aliums or fagfoot are (I think they're piss poor explanations, then again I have no idea and cant even start thinking of one that makes sense and is rational). After a conversation with friends and family about my mother thinks if it was to be paranormal its bad spirits or some shit like that.
>tfw she told me to take my gun innawoods and not to go alone
..thanks mom?
>tripping balls

lel someone obviously doesnt know how these work
>I wonder what the theories other then aliums or fagfoot are

If I could remember the fucking name of the guy being interviewed, I could probably throw up a website or something.

I'm not sure that he had any solid theories, though.

Between Bigfoot and aliens, though, I have to give more credit to the idea of aliens. Some of the people who have gone missing near other people are gone very suddenly without any call for help or anything like that. Also the events of their dissapearance are just plain fucking bizarre.

>Story one: Family + uncles at rented cabin in national park
>All the manly men are outside, most everyone else is innacabin
>Little boy running around, playing near uncle
>Kid goes running for the cabin just as grandpa is leaving cabin to talk to uncle
>Uncle turns around to see grandpa and asks him where boy went
>Grandpa says he doesn't know
>Uncle says he heard the kid say he was going to the cabin
>It's like 100 yards from where uncle was to cabin door. Moderate trees/bush between the two.
>Kid is fucking gone without a trace. No screams or anything.

That one rattled me. What the fuck grabs a kid inside that kind of proximity

I think you cunts missed the AKM part of this cunt's post.

>Story 2: Family living in southwest near a state or national park (IDR)
>Little boy in the backyard. Property is up against park land
>Boy goes missing. Family panics
>Police/officials/alphabet commence search inside of 3-4 days.
>Dogs let loose to track boy's scent
>These dogs lead their handler up and over a fucking mountain. UP. AND OVER. A FUCKING MOUNTAIN.
>Kid is found something like 3 miles from home, dead, missing parts of his clothing which were nowhere to be found.

Another one that rattled me because it's fucking bizarre. This kid was a toddler, still. No way in fuck he is climbing a summit on his own within a day.
No. The rake is a relatively recent story created for internet creepypasta.
Skinwalkers are part of Navajo mythology, and have been so since possibly earlier than 1400 AD when they migrated to their current locations.

Fun fact. Skinwalkers originally were "used" against Conquistadors for all the native's spying and sabotage/tampering needs.

I can link to a Darkness Radio podcast where a guy with close ties to the Navajo talks about Skinwalkers for a bit. Lays out exactly what the Navajo believe them to be.
They're a type of witch that has committed a cultural taboo in exchange for power - typically murdering a family member, sex with corpses, etc.
Personally, I think the stories got started when the Navajo witch slipped someone some peyote they didn't like, and then fucked with them while they were hallucinating. It got the ball rolling on all the stories thanks to the drug.
Love that tactical Hawaiian pattern.
>They're a type of witch that has committed a cultural taboo in exchange for power - typically murdering a family member, sex with corpses, etc.

That's about the long and short of it, yes.

Prior to white man invasion, the skinwalkers were said to be good people who served the tribe. When money and liquor showed up and the tribes were more or less broken, the skinwalker types went off on their own and turned to darker things.
Its just..The nature of space makes Aliens a moot point in my opinion.
Its too fucking big. Just..Too big for Aliums to visit us, why the fuck would we be important enough.

Its very, very easy to lose someone or to get lost yourself innawoods, especially a child even in areas they sorta know. Can't explain how they end up in the retarded places they do however.

The thing that irks me is how very few of the corpses show struggle, non environmental damage or mutilation.
Um thats Rhodesian, god newfangled harder much?
jesus christ no, please no
>Its very, very easy to lose someone or to get lost yourself innawoods

.. Like from your uncle to the cabin you're staying in? A grand total distance of around 100 yards with a path between the two?

I agree that some of them are probably people that did get lost, but..

Like you said, some of them end up in goddamn impossible places.

Many of the people who go missing are people who SHOULDN'T go missing. That chick I mentioned earlier who disappeared off the mountain was very familiar with the same fucking mountain. She had been on it many, many times.
Kids are fucking dumb. Not enough retard strength to climb a fucking mountain in the blink of an eye though. Even easier to get lost when you're in a state of fear.

Maybe they got chased somewhere, refused to leave and died there. Then had their corpse moved by whateverthefuck it was chasing them to another location.

Anyone have the story of the thing that dug up the kid his distant hick family buried in the yard that got dug up by the thing with six legs? I feel as if its relevant.

Then again, its all speculation until someone bayonets whatever it is in the face.
>Kids are fucking dumb. Not enough retard strength to climb a fucking mountain in the blink of an eye though. Even easier to get lost when you're in a state of fear.
>Maybe they got chased somewhere, refused to leave and died there. Then had their corpse moved by whateverthefuck it was chasing them to another location.

I'm sorry but this doesn't hold water for me.
Again I'm pretty much pulling shit out of my ass here.

There is no tangible evidence to suggest anything, its probable that Fienstien is stealing kids as much as big foot.
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a fly.jpg
48 KB, 610x426
>Be inna North East Idaho coming from Oregon during winter
>Camping with my brother and random friend of his
>We have a Ruger SR9 with SR-45, Armalite AR-10 and bushmaster AR-15 for warding of any mountain lions or other animals. We brought some xenon lights cause we like to see things brighter than usual
>We didn't noticed before but we were camping near an old Nez Perce tribe area
>The day was Friday, drove with brother and friend on a chevy 2005 silverado
>We setup camp at 3;00
>everything is normal, we setup a fire and cook
>"hey anon, go find some wood with Derek"
>We bring our axe to cut some fallen trees for the fire
>we take four trips to find dry wood under healthy trees
>on our fourth trip it is 7:00, its dark and we are using the xenon flash lights.
>We found a tree but there was something in the background
>"MOTHERFUCK!!", it was what looked like a totem pole but a spear with dead rabbits, wolves, and a deer's head with antlers on top of it
>we nope the fuck back to our site and tell Brandon that we saw messed up shit
>he acts relaxed, believing it was a prank
>we acted so strange to him that he was convinced
>we setup some chairs to watch the area with our rifles
>its sunrise
>we're all shaken but shrug it off in the day
>we decide to find more wood but in a different direction
>we decide to pack up to the truck
>truck has dents all over it
>we start hauling ass to get out of the area and to the road
>we talk about what the hell was up at the site in the truck and why was the truck turned to shit
>it becomes dark
>still driving
>something is on the road
>we slow down
>something freaks Derek out, he points to the trees
>we turn our lights on and spot it
>it looked is if it was a shadow
>no matter how bright the lights were, we could couldn't point any features what so ever on it.it was running toward the truck.NOPE.GIF.PNG.WEBM haul ass again
>Again I'm pretty much pulling shit out of my ass here.

Quit it. That belongs in the toilet, or a public pool.
File: 1380592587571.jpg (412 KB, 1221x1358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
412 KB, 1221x1358
>Anyone have the story of the thing that dug up the kid his distant hick family buried in the yard that got dug up by the thing with six legs? I feel as if its relevant.
File: VaryingDegrees.jpg (27 KB, 465x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>no matter how bright the lights were, we could couldn't point any features what so ever on it.it was running toward the truck.NOPE.GIF.PNG.WEBM haul ass again
Dude I've got it.

They're being abducted by man eating toilets.

On a serious note, is there any comparison to regular MIA shit that checks out? (mauled by a bear, hypothermia broke neck etc). Would be interesting know the rate at which the strange shit happens at.
>Arrive at the town of grangeville, we cant sleep
>we never ate or anything
>we just drove to Brandon's house, it was in Mcall city
>we never camped again, after years
>only meetup at other friends houses
>still have nightmares of those poles
i was hoping for an "i wouldn't worry about it, anon"
File: shannondale.jpg (174 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174 KB, 640x480

What a cozy place.
File: toilet-monster.jpg (58 KB, 768x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 768x576
>man eating toilets.

Can never trust those fucking toilets. That's why I have to hardcore dominate mine every day. I make it know who is boss.
that is some next level shit
but since they're supernatural entities would they even be able to drown.

The Irish have found the best way to defeat this beast.
>skinwalker detected
File: 1407006480061.jpg (74 KB, 471x490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 471x490
It has to be bait bro.
>Coast to Coast AM
Glad to see others tuning in.
You mean this interview?
>people don't believe in assassins and miracles
Both of which require faith to ease our misunderstanding.
Not my story, something a native american guy posted a while ago, but it's some of the creepiest shit I've ever heard.

> my dad picks me up from school in his pickup truck after he got off work one winter's night
> we were driving on a long stretch of road that goes through the woods, it's pitch black outside
> the truck radio didn't work, so I was just sitting staring straight out at the road getting hypnotized by the passing trees
> suddenly started to get an intense sensation that something is watching me through the window to my right
> I started to turn my head to see what it is when my dad yells "don't look!"
> Immediately start to hear tapping on the window right next to my face
> heart stops
> only time I ever saw fear on my dad's face
> he started to pray loudly in Navajo
> stare straight ahead, heart pounding, not daring to look out the window
> suddenly the truck dips as a weight falls into the bed
> whatever the fuck this thing is is in the back right behind my head
> start to hear tapping on the window behind me
> my father makes me look at him as he continues to pray
> close my eyes tight and wish for it to be over
> after a few endless minutes the truck dips again and the tapping stops
> my father says "tomorrow we will ask your grandfather to say a prayer so the evil will forget our faces"(english to navajo equivalent)
> drive home and lie awake in bed all night
> father and I never talk about it again
>A grand total distance of around 100 yards
A lot can happen in five seconds. That's 300 feet the kid had to cover. Think on that a moment. As for the woman going missing when she was familiar with the area, a ton of people go missing for the same reason. They know the area too well and they get comfortable due to habit. Comfort is one of the breeding grounds for mistakes and disaster.
File: 8K8KXru.gif (243 KB, 292x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
243 KB, 292x200

Apparently skinwalkers have to be invited into your dwelling. Also the best advertisement as to why you should have a canopy in your p/u

>Those leprechaun voices

I'll be guarding my Lucky Charms tonight.

Bill is a bad motherfucker
Bill is the sperglord we all hope to be.
>fucking rough country lift kits

Are you me and are equally /k/ and /o/ and sometimes misplace/misname things, or is the squeaking and tapping and bouncing a joke about the quality of RCX lift kits?
File: Goatman or digo.png (91 KB, 1220x568) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Goatman or digo.png
91 KB, 1220x568

I always love the Skinwalkers/Windigos/Goatmen stories.
File: goatman or digo2.png (55 KB, 1003x602) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
goatman or digo2.png
55 KB, 1003x602
File: goatman or digo3.png (76 KB, 737x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
goatman or digo3.png
76 KB, 737x423
SOOO much this.

look back at the fucking NATIONAL manhunt for the lindbergh baby. it was going for MONTHS, in the end they found it within 300 yds from the house

it's not so much vanishing without a trace, it's natures ability to wash away tracks innawoods quickly and the difficulty to find things in such large areas
I'm glad someone else caught on to what I was saying. "It was only 100 yards away" is no excuse to think something can't disappear in that amount of time.
> when I was a kid my parents made me join the boy scouts
> not really my thing, but I liked the camping trips a lot
> We had a pretty young scoutmaster named Dave, probably about 20
> he was sort of weird and quiet and wore really thick reflective glasses, but he new a lot about the woods and always had cool stories to tell about demons and wendigos
> one night we went pretty deep in the woods to camp
> our troop was pretty experienced at this point, so we did a fine job setting up the tents and starting a fire
> normal scene of telling scary stories around the campfire and eating s'mores
> after rehashing a few old favorites, Dave tells us a new story
> don't remember the exact wording, and it was pretty short, but basically it was about the devil
> the Devil is only called "The Devil" because nobody wants to say or know his true name
> if you say the Devil's true name out loud he'll come up from Hell and kill you
> Dave says he'll tell us the Devil's name if we promise not to say it
> he tells us
> this one asshole tough kid named Jared doesn't like the story
> Even though he promised not to say the name like everyone else, he jumps up and screams it as soon as Dave tells us what it is, gives him a shit eating grin, and walks off into the woods to take a piss
> Dave just shakes his head
> about 30 seconds later we hear Jared let out a long scream that's suddenly cut off with a "chuck" noise like all the air got sucked out of his body
> everyone is terrified, but Dave won't let us leave the fire for our own safety
> the next day we help rangers search all day for Jared, but they never found anything
> except for one thing the rangers didn't notice, but Dave did, and he showed it to us
> a spot in the ground where two charred black footsteps were burned straight into the humus
Fuck you guys. I'm heading to bed. I hope you all go to hell or some shit, now.


>Fucking can't stop thinking about skin walkers
>Has to get up early tomorrow
File: 1331757222714.jpg (4 KB, 251x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 251x251

>Some one running around in circles"

>MFW imagining that

I find it surprising thats all /k/ talks about, theres Windigos and Goatmen too.

However Skinwalkers are by far the most hostile of the 3

then comes Windigos and finally goatmen

They're making their way into the city too
>They're making their way into the city too
>MFW when all I've thought about since I started reading this thread was "thank god I'm a suburbfag".

And yea, I stuck around to read more of this bullshit.
I love cars but /o/ is an /out/ tier board. The name was intentional.
File: fucking a goatman.png (160 KB, 800x1318) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fucking a goatman.png
160 KB, 800x1318

However they only appear at night and not so often during the day. Ironically, when they appear during the day its to be social. From what I've heard Urban skinwalkers/windigos and goatmen are more relaxed than their wild life counter parts. But still incredibly dangerous. They don't kill or attack as often as their wild life counter parts cause well our society and technology can trump them.

>Camera recordings
>Missing people
>Social media

so in urban settings yeah you get the picture

Well goatmen/women are not as hostile of the 2 but still dangerous again.
FUuuuuuuuck noooo.
Tell me about all three.
It seems ppl survive skin walkers more often than not, what is there motivation besides -kill, eat, be a keeper creeper fanboy in the most dickish way possible?

Really would like to learn more about all three
skinwalkers are actually the least dangerous because they were once human. and likely still are very human, wendigos have lost theirs, goatmen never were
they had accidents and died and their corpses werent recovered seems a fair explanation?
>yfw she was just returning anon's gramp's 1911
You're a dumb fuck hasbeen. everyone has different reactions to weed.


Travels alone usually never in packs, Angry and hostile. Inhabits desert regions mostly, when found outside the desert. In wooded areas its found in abandon mines and caves. Extremely aggressive, unlike Windigos and Goatmen its not as sneaky and its more outright creepy and obvious when they attack. For that its why people survive cause you know when its coming.

Thats their biggest fault for the most part you know they're coming and their patterns for the most part is predictable. Like their counter parts its knows when to stop if you manage to put up a good fight. If not it will chase you until you reach more people or till the 8am sun.

No skinwalkers are the most hostile of the 3 they're the most common attack.
What about the wendigo and goat man?

Why the sunlight rule?
Why the hostility?
because they're fucking butthurt pricks about us forgetting our ways or something along the lines. Someone has the screen cap with the big brother metaphor


Also very hostile and can sometimes travel in packs. But unlike skinwalkers once its shot and takes damage it can be killed or put down for a time window enough to get away. Killing it is the hard part cause if its in a pack then you got another one coming at you. Not enough of a time window when you got another one or 2 more arriving. Usually though they will back off when one goes down. For the most part they'll leave you alone once the sun comes up. Or at least proven you're a valid threat.

Windigos for the most part inhabit forest regions and hillsides. occasionally mountainous environments.

Like goatmen it will pose as some one and enter your party/camp. Usually they're probing at that point. But unlike goatmen it will reveal itself given opportunity.

Theres a ton more information on them but hard to remember all of it

Sunlight because it reveals their true form and that can't be see during the day. But skinwalkers and goatmen can travel during the day, thats when they're least hostile. But you're more likely to encounter a goatman during the day. Skinwalker rarely during the day.

Windigos and Skinwalkers are hostile because they've lost their humanity well the skinwalker is still human to a degree. Probably because it has to do with their childhood or some curse laid upon them by a chief or whatever. Nobody really knows.
File: wallpaper-482072.jpg (3 MB, 2560x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2560x1600
Shit, just realized I didn't add the link


Has an annoying intro, starts around 30 seconds in.
File: 1320611062879.jpg (240 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240 KB, 500x500

congratulations, you've inspired a tldr story

> one night when I was in college my more popular friend Jeff invited me to this huge party
> it seemed like everybody at our school was packed into this one house getting shitfaced.
> party was pretty fun until about one o clock when I just started to get tired and wanted to sleep
> I was planning to crash at the house but it was way to crowded for that, and everyone was sort of drunk and out of control trying to find a place to pass out or hook up
> decide to just walk the two and a half miles back to my dorm
> Jeff, his gf, and another sort of weird quite guy named Kyle decided to accompany me
> beat the crowd leaving the party so the streets were totally empty
> we're in a quite residential area and everything is perfectly still and silent
> after drunkenly trudging several blocks towards home kyle calmly informs us that somebody is following us
> look behind us and see this big lanky fucker a block and a half behind us
> jeff calmly suggests that he obviously is coming from the same party as us, but I'm not so sure
> my first impression of this guy was that he was some weirdly tall homeless guy with a gimpy leg
> cant make out anything except this weird silhouette wobbling toward us
> whatever, there's three of us guys and only one gimpy hobo
> we drop Jeff's gf off at her house about halfway home
> the homeless guy is still behind us, but far enough away to not be a threat
> after about fifteen minutes more of walking Jeff realizes that his gf left her house key in his jacket
> decide we have to go back to her house or she'll be stuck outside all night
> don't really want to go back, I'm pretty drunk and tired too, but I don't feel like going off on my own
> something about the ambience of the night had changed
> the air seemed like it was really damp and charged with static electricity or something, it stung a little when I breathed through my nose
File: 1335917604319.jpg (149 KB, 594x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 594x444

> soon we get back to Jeff's gf's house
> she's nowhere to be seen
> suddenly Kyle says "look", still calm but with a bit of a quiver in his voice
> we look down a side street and see the guy we saw earlier standing stock still in the middle of the street, sillhouetted by the sodium arc streetlights and staring at us
> we get creeped out and retreat into his gf's yard and sit on a little bench in front of her house
> suddenly Jeff gets a call from his gf
> he answers it while me and Kyle keep an eye on the stranger
> he's not moving at all, just standing with his head cocked back staring at us
> she sounds a lot more cheerful than you would expect of a tired drunk girl who's been stuck outside her house with a scary stranger for half an hour
> after a really weird and repetitive conversation with Jeff she asks us to meet her at a park down Eldridge Street
> feel a shiver run up my spine, the air feels like it's sizzling on my tongue
> on a hunch look up at the street sign leading to the stranger
> Eldridge
> nope
> Jeff wants to go meet her obviously, but me and Kyle are really against it
> Jeff reasons that the homeless guy is probably harmless anyways
> I look up to see if he's moved
> the stranger is gone from the road
> i'm fucking terrified
> Jeff convinces us to start moving anyways
> we reluctantly start to make our way down the road towards the park, even though shivers are running up and down my spine like firecrackers at this point
> the air tastes like nosebleeds and phlegm
File: 1335923641990.jpg (36 KB, 800x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 800x528

> we reach the park and there's no sign of Jeff's girl
> I used to go to this park as a kid, it's a lot scarier than I remembered it being
> half the street lamps are busted, the cones of sodium arc light are few and far between
> I'm looking around the park when I make out a shape under a distant sodium arc light
> nopenopenopeno
> it's the stranger, walking in agitated circles throwing its arms up and down
> me and Jeff and Kyle watch it in a trance for several long moments
> the figure just keeps going in a perfect circle throwing it's arms up and down with all its might and stomping it's feet
> eventually Jeff swallows and whispers "maybe we-"
> instantly the stranger freezes and turns toward us
> the air is suddenly filled with a nauseating stench of burning ozone
> eyes start to water in shock and fear
> we stare back at the figure for a few seconds until suddenly we hear a cheerful voice
> "Hey guys! Come over here! I'm right over here!"
> "Hey guys!"
> "Come over here!"
> all said with a vaguely emotionless cheerful inflection, doesn't even sound like it's expecting any kind of response, but it's quite obviously Jeff's girl
> Jeff chokes out "b-babe, come over here right now"
> there's a long pause
> the stranger is still staring at us
> "Hey guys!"
> "I'm right over here!"
> "You should come over here . . ."
> A few seconds pass
> Kyle lets out a little whimper and immediately swallows to cover it up
> the figure is moving towards us
> hunched over, taking long strides on it's lanky legs, staying low to the ground, probing the grass with it's fingers as it moves toward us
> like no human movement I've ever seen before
> we watch in stunned silence until it passes out of the light into darkness
> suddenly all the lights in the park explode at once
> Me Jeff and Kyle immediately turn tail and sprint screaming from the park
File: 1345690494215.png (1008 KB, 1408x1095) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1008 KB, 1408x1095

> can't see shit in the pitch black night, desperately just want to be home with people somewhere where there's light
> Jeff and Kyle are no longer by my side
> hear them call out to me in the night
> from multiple directions
> before long there are about four different Jeffs screaming my name
> cover my ears and run onward, screaming to cover the noise
> suddenly I hear straight off to my left, in a perfectly calm tone, through my hands as if they werent even there
> "hey anon. Come over here."
> freeze and look into the darkness
> the moon is shining through a chainlink fence that marks the end of the parks and the beginnings of the wilderness where they have all the sewage pumping stations beyond
> see a figure slouched into the fence, clutching at it with arms at least four feet long
> suddenly it lets out a scream and drops to the ground, limbs twitching as it crawls toward me
> I vomit and run sobbing for my life
> eventually I find myself on a regular street again
> weep with joy, make my way back to my dorm
> outside the dorms I find Kyle pale as a sheet smoking a cigarette
> call out to him
> as soon as he hears my voice he turns even whiter and runs inside
> I make my way to my dorm room, lock my doors and windows, and sleep under my blankets
> the next day I find Kyle and Jeff on the quad
> we file a missing person's report for Jeff's girl
> three days later state police found her body stuffed under a sewage pipe in the swampy wilderness beyond the park
> they never found her face or the vocal cords ripped from her throat.
File: 1378099566049.jpg (235 KB, 1314x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
235 KB, 1314x650

I'm cleaning guns high as fuck right now, you have no clue what you're talking about.
File: Skinwalker IDF.png (71 KB, 1000x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Skinwalker IDF.png
71 KB, 1000x700

No, skinwalkers are a myth.

Camping alone on Indian land is a fun way to spend a weekend. Just leave your guns at home, it would be disrespectful to the native's culture to bring them and stay away from medicine men those people are crazy liars and you can't believe anything they say.
say it
have a story that happened a few years ago in my grandparents woods.

> Two friends and I decide to go camping one night
> Deep central Ohio woods.
> Should we bring a gun?
> Nahh we're gonna be drinking.
> Drive down an old road on grandparents property until woods get too thick.
> Back ATV out of truck and I drive them and the supplies one by one to a good spot I found earlier in the week
> Have a good time drinking peacefully in the woods
> Telling stories having a good time and what not.
> Suddenly all the sounds of the forest at night stop.
> Not a damn thing, no crickets, no nothing.
> Suddenly bi-pedal movement crunches leaves
> Strong oder drifts into my nose, not sure how to describe it other than vomit and sulfur
> Can be heard not even 15 feet from our camp, as if it was there the whole time and just started to move.
> I take out beat up SOG Jungle Primitive
> Friend takes out shitty axe from Walmart.
> We listen, what ever it was pased the outside perimeter for a good 5 minutes.
> Silence again, everyone shitting themselves.
> The sound of hundreds of coyotes pierces our ears from the left, accompanied by a foreign screeching/griding sound.
> only about 20 meters from us.
> I've hunted coyotes quite a bit in this area and have never heard so many howls at once or so close
> No clue whats going on but all 3 of our drunk asses pile on the ATV and punch it.
> Fire still burning, gear left where it was
> Hear howls the whole way back to my grandparents house, left truck there and rode the ATV the whole way.
> Sleep it off and try to explain what happened to grandpa next morning
> Word for word I will always remember what this nigger says to me -
> "There is an old Shawnee Indian grave yard in those there woods, and I recon you just heard it's protector."

When I learned what a skinwalker was on /k/, I never went back to that deep in the woods without significant firepower and witnesses.

Sorry, ever since Dave and the last member of my troop disappeared a few weeks ago I've realized that it's not enough to not say the devil's name. If you know it he'll find you eventually. If only I could forget . . . there's a red star burning over my house that my wife can't see. It wasn't there last night.
can I get source on that picture?
these pictures are giving me PTSD

>be 17
>walking down the street at 4 am kind of drunk
>looks exactly like those pictures with orange light
>eat noises but ignore it
>walk faster
>hear shit over a fence, must be a dog
>shadowy figure at the end of the cut through street i was on fence on either side of me
>book it the fuck home the long way

if i lived in a freestate i could have fixed bayonets and gone to valhalla.
She's coming for your guns anon. The only way to stop her is a gun designed by JMB
File: 420 blaxe it yo.png (32 KB, 309x274) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
420 blaxe it yo.png
32 KB, 309x274
Clever girl
File: dancing skinwalker.png (326 KB, 1263x2478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dancing skinwalker.png
326 KB, 1263x2478


By far the most mysterious and curious of the 3, not necessarily hostile but still pretty dangerous. More likely to scare the living hell out of you with laughter and taunts and blood curdling screams. Also attacking your cabin or tent or whatever. A goatman will usually pose as an awkward strange person or for the most part a beautiful man or woman. Or majority of the time a loli girl/child, which adds more to the creepy factor about them.

But understand they will still attack you, and try and kill you depending on its mood and circumstance. Also can travel in packs but like skinwalkers is alone for the most part.

like windigos it will give up once you've proven you're a threat. But unlike windigos and like skinwalkers it will harass you but like windigos can be killed.

Goatmen are usually found in mountainous regions. But have been encountered in swamps and woodland. Goatmen are by the most common found in the wild of the 3, the 2nd being Wndigos and last being Skinwalkers.

Goatmen are more like jesters and clowns will ultra scary attributes to them. However they're are recorded sexual encounters with them. Which is why they're so mysterious, some of them are friendly while others are blood thirsty laughing maniacs. But the same can be said for Skinwalkers, but a friendly skinwalker is rare.

With that being said maybe windigos are by far the most hostile since there has never been a friendly encounter with a windigo.
>A goatman will usually pose as an awkward strange person
My main problem with nuggetfest, they could easily set up a scenario like The Thing

Remember of the 3 they cannot perfectly replicate some one. They may have the voice perfectly but the movements will always be 100% all fucked up and the behavior will be outright strange.

Its because Skinwalkers have the coolest name of the three.
I have a friendly skinwalker story.. female, too. Or masquerading as female..
>tfw no goatbro to go to the range with

Why live.

I'll give you that, but maybe most of these /k/ommando encounters have been windigos and goatmen. In the stories you got to pay attention to the hostility and usually that will tell you what it is.

You never know, Goatmen do travel during the day too. If you ever saw that one cool person you saw at the range and had a beer with and just hung out and all of sudden just disappeared. That was probably and most likely a goatman
Doesn't matter how hostile they are, what their intentions are, or how tough they are. They have to die for not bowing to the will of Manifest Destiny.

Sure why not kill them all but you have understand and study what they are. They're very interesting creatures. Some of the last supernatural oddities left in this world.

Who knows maybe they'll evolve into a modern society and function as people or prostitutes. They'd make great prostitutes. I often wonder that, they'd become millionaires just fucking random people and shape shifting into whatever the desire is. But then again most of them started off as men.
Quite a few medical discoveries came from concentration camps and the Nip equivalent, I'd be fine with setting up the same thing for them.
File: 1397333677411.gif (3 MB, 302x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 302x231
I know its all luls but lets keep going.

Anything nice innawoods (inb4 snowman)?

Need more nice things innawoods.
File: Jesus loves you.gif (178 KB, 267x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Jesus loves you.gif
178 KB, 267x200
Fuck wrong gif
does a friendly skinwalker count?

Catching one alive is almost near impossible. Bringing back a corpse is also extremely difficult because of the rapid rate of decomposition once it dies.

But I imagine the medical discoveries would be extremely benifical to us

>Immune to disease
>Speed and agility
>How they can shape shift

Just about everything about them would be a golden discovery
File: moray.jpg (45 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 960x720
File: 1405621203718.jpg (495 KB, 1600x1036) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
495 KB, 1600x1036
>Taking it this seriously
File: 1402897611928.gif (2 MB, 500x266) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x266
wait, how could he tell you his name with out saying it out loud?
File: 1RtPQIi.gif (950 KB, 210x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
950 KB, 210x233
>body eaten
>pants found undamaged but turned inside out
>bears shit with no human remains

>sweaty palms.avi

youre right, i shouldve had him scratch it in the dirt or something
File: defconiminnent.png (2 MB, 678x4900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 678x4900
Anyone got any stories from anywhere except 'Murica or Yourup? I'd love to hear from someone who's encountered a Taniwha or other stuff in NZ or 'straya
File: aliums.jpg (30 KB, 553x484) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 553x484
Can't be fucked posting my yowie encounter again.
>be 17
>go up to the 4wd driving spot with my mates for a night
>getting drunk chilling out
>most my mates smoke weed I don't
>they all pass out around 10pm
>I'm by myself sitting on the bonnet of the care drinking and chilling out listening to music
>watching the night sky enjoying the stars and shooting stars etc
>spot this one shooting star
>going at crazy fast speeds changes colour from blue to green
>stops in the sky above me
>changes from green to red
>then flashes between yellow and red
>changes to a dark red colour
>then shoots out east to the ocean
>finish my beer
>climb into the car and try to sleep
>don't sleep for that whole night just sit there trying to figure out what the fuck that was and trying not to panic
It was probably Aliens fucking with me
File: DOITFAGGOT.jpg (77 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 640x640
Please, fuck off.
I want to be spooked out and every time I get close some autist like you has to doff his fedora and try to bring science into this shit. Post pasta, OC, or anything besides taking the shit this fucking literally.

>Let's catch Santa Claus and find out how he delivers presents to all the kids in one night.
>Are his reindeer using PEDs?
>Is elf slavery ethically sound in North Pole culture?
>>Is elf slavery ethically sound in North Pole culture?

Now this is a topic we need to discuss.
>The medical study of phrenology would suggest that elves are likely to be criminals and/or deviants if not ruled over by the more civilized race of Clauscasians. Thus elf slavery is an accepted way of life in the far North, and has been for centuries.
Elf slavery is ethical as this /k/omrade pointed out >>22731265
It is also one of the very few ways the native greenlanders to the south can make a living, with restrictions on the sale of whale products now days they do not see the business they used from the days of whale fleets coming to their areas. As not all greenlanders live on the coast some brave the tundras to hunt down and capture elves to sell to the Clauscasians to the north. If these elves aren't captured and sold these people lose their livelihoods, and as the elf is a naturally submissive creature with no concept of free will they adapt well to slavery as opposed to wandering aimlessly around and dying in the snow as they will do if not put to work in Saint nicks concentration cam- I mean in Saint nick's toy shops.
Straye here
>Be innabush circa 2004
>Myself and another mate hiking up a hill
>Cant see more than 30 metres infront due to scrub
>Not nervous at this point, pretty common here
>hike for 30 or so minutes (cant really remember this part)
>We get to a saddle between two peaks and decide to set up camp there
>All goes well, brew up some tea and cook a few sausages
>Long day so we head to bed about 11 ish
>Wake up next morning, it's fucking freezing (was really hot day before)
>Look around campsite, not where we set up the night before
>Still waking up, think im dreaming a bit
>Mate pipes up
Anon, mate, I dont think this is were we stopped yersterdey arvo
>Well im not dreaming
>We both pack up, a little weirded out
>Decide to cap the rest of the hike and make our way out of the national park
>Head to a river/ stream (we could hear it from when we woke up)
>Arrive at bank and decide to cross because there is an animal track to follow on the other side
>As we are crossing, packs above our heads. Really deep black liquid starts coming down river
>Mate and I freaking out, no idea what it is (Wasn't oil, didnt smell like anything)
>We make it to the other bank prettry ricky tick and look back up the stream
>Massive fuck off kangaroo lying on rock about 7-15 meters upstream with its guts and shit hanging out, black shit oozing from it
>Mate and I book it down the animal track like a band of Abo's out of a liquour store
>We are still completely lost, but keep following animal track
>Power on for 30-45 minutes
>Track is gettign really faint at this point, nothing but scrub
>We stop for a water break, packs off and shit
>Sitting there for 2 minutes when we hear rustling in bushes behind us
>Snap around to look back and get bumrushed by a pack of eastern grey kangaroos who jump straight past us, not landing a nick on us
>When the shit fight calmes down all we could hear was a faint tapping of a drim (like a tribal sort of drum)
>Couldn't pinpoint direction of sound, decided to gtfo for good
>Mate and I packs on and haul ass on this faint as fuck track
>Eventually we run into a campsite with barbeques and portashitters
>Bunch of cadets doing some kind of field activity
>Ranger is having a beer with some of the officers (higher up staff or whatever)
You two mates alright, you look like a fuckin yowie jacked you or something
>Explain to ranger what we saw
>He laughs it off and tells us to go home
>We manage to get a ride from one of the cadet staff back to our car near the entrance of the park
>leave and swear never to come back

I did actually go back a few times to try and figure out what happened, or what we heard. Never saw, heard or experienced anything like it again. I enquired at the parks registration, they said one other group of campers had a similar experience and one of them was lost, body never found. 2/2
I hate going Innabush to anon, had an ecounter with Yowies once, posted in the last spoopy thread can't be fucking reposting it, also had other weird shit happen in places you wouldn't expect
Aussie bush is werid shit mate. I love it most of the time but it gets real fucked up sometimes.
like what anon
Nothing smaller than 8x56
When I shoot something I want it dead
>be camping on mates property
>isn't that big go camping about a k from his house
>sitting in the tent talking smoking cigarettes and drinking beer all the cool shit the 15 year old rebellious kids do
>gets a bit later in the night all of us are in the tent
>start hearing weird faint weird sounds
>sounds get closer hear twig snaps and shit in the bush around us
>start hearing some weird chanting in what I guess was abo speak
>keeps getting closer can't see shit
>we're all paralyzed with fear
>chanting gets closer and closer
>can't move still can't see anything
>sounds like the chanting is right on top off us
>all of a sudden stops
>we all get the fuck out of their and run to his house
>sun finally comes up we all start feeling more relaxed
>still felt uneasy at night time for weeks afterward
I would chalk it up to his parents fucking with us, but they were out of town that weekend and there's no one else living in that area. Don't know what it was and don't really want to know.
Abo's man, if they arent robbing you or punching goon, they are creeping out white kids like you and me.
that some creepy shit right there

personally I want to take some friends of mine to the woods were my grandparents live to see if I can dredge up some spooks inawoods

any more stories anon?
I'm black, nigga
well at least they arent racist then.
You abo, african, (Other?) descent?
This guy is just making shit up.
We know anon, every one knows skin walkers will wreck your shit, or sex you up. Windigos are not friendly, mother fuckers eat people.
>Windigos are not friendly, mother fuckers eat people.

Maybe they want icecream.
>He laughs it off and tells us to go home

Goddamn Aussie Skinwalker cunts.
Yeah, icecream made FROM HUMANS
Never saw the cunt again so maybe he was
They're like Cougars and Mountain Lions. Exact same shit but 2 disparate cultures described and named them differently based on experiences with them unique to that culture.

The Wendigo gets thrown in with the 2 when it shouldn't be. A Wendigo was a demon that possessed a man and made him go crazy and attack and eat the other members of his tribe. Basically, an old timey zombie.
Would've smelled em mate before they got to us.
Got a couple more but I'm a bit busy trying to do uni shit at the moment so I'll post what I can when I can.
>Be crabbing with bro in the estuary down the road
>Riding in the tiny dropping pots in narrow spots and other hard to reach areas
>get to this one spot felt uneasy(my brother as well) the second we started going in to it
>goes on for twenty meters or so till it ends
>find a good spot to tie some pots up
>breeze starts blowing in smell one of the rankest things I have ever smelt
>start gagging, look over toward the bank see some sort of mutilated animal scattered across the ground and bits and peices of it strung up in the trees
>start noticing all sorts of bones and bits of decaying meet scattered along the banks and up in the trees
>decide to get the fuck out of there and never go back
>reversing out start hearing shit rustling in the groves
>drive all the way back to the ramp start getting the boat sorted
>didn't even notice a mate of mine come up to me and start talking still in a state of wtf happened there
>finally realize he's there talking start talking to him
>he notices somethings up asks me what it is
>tell him we saw some weird fucked up stuff in this part of the Mangroves
>tells me yea the reasons no body goes down there, we don't know what it is but I haven't met anyone keen to find out
I never heard of any stories about weird shit in the area till I started talking to old timers at the pubs and lad's from around town who's families have been here since the old days. Lots of weird shit has happened including ufo sightings and shit.
Thank you anon, you actually know your shit.
>Nobody has tried to offer a Skinwalker a Choco Taco.
>Or a Windigo some Ben and Jerries.
>Or a Goatman a rocket pop.

I think we have been going at this the wrong way.
We need to fatten these fuckers up on sugary shit and tame them.
They also grow larger with each person they eat, are always hungry because of this and resemble large emaciated humans (or deer skull headed fucks if you go by the modern depiction), and have a heart of ice, meaning fire is one of the few ways to kill the bastards.
Fuck nigga now I want some ice cream but the shops are closed. Gonna get a 5l of splice tomorrow.
Ok, did the things look like they'd been eaten or was it just mutilation
maybe something was marking territory or some crap
Or it was those pesky devil worshipers again.
I cant stop laughing at the thought of that rifle going *pong*
Get two of them.
Go innawoods with the other one and see if you can make a spooky friend.
I still think the term skin walker is incorrect. These twitchy mimic things that smell bad are, something else. That being said vepr 12 loaded with my special thermite slugs
usually encountered in cold regions, but not exclusively, and especially after a famine.
>Be innawoods
>Totting some new milsurp. Roughing it to see if purchase was not a bullet wound in my wallet.
>Not really knowing where I'm going, I'm an adventurous type.
>That tends to get me lost at times and panicky as fuck.
>This is one of those times.
>In the middle of no where, and it seemed to have been getting dark.
>Take out my GPS to figure out which way was west, the general direction of the way I came in.
>Began trying to make a straight line west.
>Getting real tired and hungry.
>Decide to set up a little spot to heat up an MRE for dinner. It was an alright meal, minus the fucking bread.
>Was getting worried though, it was getting dark fast and the forest was getting awfully quiet.
>Begin jogging my way along, a bad feeling swelling in my head.
>Begin running soon enough, like something was chasing me.
>my boot gets snagged on some foliage, tripping me up and over this small incline, right into some brush.
>Groaning in pain, jeeze I felt like this was it, I probably have something broken and I was going to die there. All because I was a bitch.
>Then I see it.
>Slightly hunched figure, glowing eyes, lean as fuck.
>It was at the top of the incline, looking around.
>Making this panting noise, like a dog that needed to clear it's throat.
>Frozen in fear, not knowing what the fuck this thing was.
>It was looking for me, I know this, but I guess I was hidden in the brush.
>Then I got an idea.
>I hated the bread from the MRE, so I didn't eat it. I still had it.
>I pray to mighty Ivan for this saltine enriched pseudotack to be my salvation.
>Throw it as far as I could from my position.
>Lands in some brush, rustling it, causing the creature to flee off.
>gtfo of there.
>It's dead night now as I leave the woods, hustling it back to the neighborhood.
>Sit down with some friends, one of them is playing a guitar, the tune helping me calm myself before telling my story.
>A friend hands me a bottle of smirnoff with a smile.
>"Such is life in the Zone." he said.
Didn't really take notice if it had been chewed at, there are crocs in the area but they tend to stash their kills in logs or rocks under water, while the bits in the trees looked carefully placed not just thrown their from something trashing around.
It seemed a bit far out of the way fro edgy goth kids to go sacrificing animals to satans.
Can't man got uni tomorrow and for the rest of the week.
Fleshgaits is a term some people use for them as skinwalkers from native american myth are really fucking different
Man, that's fucked
It could have been drunken bogans just carving up a few roos or something but then again why would you do that on an cluster of mangroves with barely enough room to move on an island in the middle of an estuary
So what would be the best way to melt their hearts of ice at a range
Well whatever it was it was a pussy
Hmmm, Well I doubt a drunk could climb a tree well enough to place meat on it
What I mean to say comrade, was that it ran off towards the rustling.
Ok then, the beast has my respect and fear. What do you think it was, sounds somewhat canine to me for some reason
In the original native mythology, yes. In reality, a Wendigo has a mundane explanation behind it. Essentially, you think you're turning into one, so you start acting like one.

Skinwalkers are something else. Ancient things, from further back than humanity can remember. Teachers without students?
>Threads like this.
Sometimes I wonder why I keep an Adder stone near me, then I realize these threads fucking exist.
>tfw my great great grandad would loose his shit at some of these stories.
really good accuracy and incendiary/tracer rounds. maybe?
>it ran off towards the rustling.

So, this horrible monster was also a SJW?
Clearly these monsters know much about Tumblr...
Yeah, But I'd rather meet a person thinking there a creature with a heart of ice than a shapeshifter.
also if they are teachers without students as you say, maybe we can send some swaggots for them to teach
Would a flare gun work?
>We setup camp at 3;00
>on our fourth trip it is 7:00, its dark and we are using the xenon flash lights.
>we setup some chairs to watch the area with our rifles
>its sunrise

Unless you were wandering around all night, you're a fucking idiot and do not belong here
Possible, but I mean since you have to melt the heart and its basically an emaciated person, I mean how flammable are emaciated folks?
Don't know. I doubt it was canine, though I do have a story about a canine if you want to hear. It's from a friend of mine though who was playing the guitar.
Yet it all happened roughly in the same area.
I'd rather meet the shapeshifter. I want a neat looking skull. I'd pop off the dome piece and use it to keep paintbrushes in.
The trees aren't that high, but there is no room to move in there, and the trees and groves around them didn't have any signs of being snapped or bent. Just mysterious and spooky.
>Adder stones.

Anon, please, we are talking about real shit, not your supernatural garbage rocks.
Yeah, I'm a real shitty shot, so crazy and possibly malnourished human for me
oh do tell
Well they wouldn't have as much fat as an average person would they,But I imagine they'd burn well enough
I'm pretty sure batman did this to someone once.

>10,000 years with no company but your own madness
>implying I'd shoot it

Poison or fire. Bullets are a great way to deliver the poison, however.
I'd rather have some kind of accelerate like gas or oil, just to be sure, I figure if possible get it trapped and use Molotovs to make it nice and toasty.
Yeah I suppose so
Oooh now that's clever
Well I have a story. I'm 34 now this happened when I was 8.
My father had a close friend that he worked with. Larry was his name. He was a tunnel rat in nam. He had a dog that he worked with over there that was killed by the VC. Pretty much broke him. He caught the 3 that killed the dog tied them upside down to a tree and tortured them for days before pouring water down their noses till they drown.
Anyway Larry lived in a tiny cabin up in the Sierra Nevada mountains. He liked to be alone. He loved my father like a brother. So one day my dad says were going to visit him. My father calls and tells Larry that were going to come down tomorrow see you around noon. Lary asked us to pick up a few odds and ends on the way up, case of bud and some other groceries, things like that. It was a 6 hour drive from where we lived at the time so we left early and got to his "road" entrance about 11:30 am.
He lived in some really hard to find/navigate back country. Thinking back I have no idea how he even had a phone line and electricity. We pulled up to his cabin and the door was open. Everything was empty and gone no furniture nothing. There was a fire pit that was still warm. He had a lookout in a high crest about 1/2 a mile behind the cabin. We walked up there we found his socks, shoes, pants and half of his drivers license and a revolver with 6 unfired cartridges.
We never saw Larry again, did a missing persons report with local sherif, they never found anything. It's so weird we had talked to him the day before.
gotta have a plan, shit would make a good Nat Geo movie if you caught it on go-pros, and could convince the authority's that you didn't just burn some random starving bro.
Why hasn't anyone ever tried to attack one of these things with a super soaker full of holy water?
Well they never stop growing, everytime the eat a human, they get bigger
so I unless you live in a land of giants, i doubt that be a problem
because it wouldn't work?
What do you think happened?
>Do Tell
Okay comrade. This was way back when my friend first moved here, before I did.
>Friend and company decide to go to some old factory to explore.
>Had some fun running about and picking up some sweet loot. Mostly some copper they were able to find and strip.
>They were hanging out at an old bus stop just outside winding down the day. Guitar playing, eating some sausage sandwiches, that sort of thing.
>All of a sudden, growling.
>Wild dog? They weren't about to stick around to find out.
>They got out of there, with my friend lagging behind.
>Growling was getting louder and louder.
>Friend looked over his shoulder, reaching for his pistol, thinking he was being chased by what he thought was a dog.
>It vaguely resembled a dog, more like a wolf, but it's head, that's what made him go Defcon 0 and break the sound barrier.
>White eyes, no ears, no neck, and the face was like a wrinkled, deformed human than a canine.
>He fires off a shot and ran like a motherfucker. Catching up to his friends that were wondering what the hell was all that about.
>Friend tells them what he saw and they continue to gtfo as planned.
They told me the story when they got back before we tuckered in for the night. Friend decided to stay up though, just in case it followed him home. Playing his guitar well into the night.

I don't think he ever got used to the howling we heard at night ever since then.
How are Adder stones fake?
Man dog? some mutant or someshit?
that's a good point, now I really wanna go operate inna woods and see if I cant find me a wendigo to burn down.
The hero Gotham deserves?
Well you're a braver man than I
We think so. Maybe the other thing was, too. There is an old nuclear power plant near by. Was decommed though long ago.
Make sure to offer it some ice cream first.
So you're living in a watered down version of the zone basically
How did Dave tell you the devils name then
ah, I probably wont go, according to most the tales they like the north especially during the cold winter, I hate the cold, can barley stand Colorado inna winter, so I guess ill just keep stalkin the woods for skinwalkers.
He didn't say it very loud. you have to say it loud enough for him to hear
No idea. I mean Larry was a pretty messed up guy. I could understand a suicide. Or him just driving off forever in his van. But the van was right next to the cabin. Empty as well. And his clothes up on that ridge. I don't know. It's so weird. All his things were gone too.
Wear a suit of sausage next time you go, that may help you find one
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What are you talking about? This all happened in Chernobyl.
>mfw I'm a Rookiee in Cordon.
Yeah, is his place still there?
Ahhh you son of a bitch
All in good times comrade!
that was great, thanks

i'm spooked now
>Inherited a few things from grandparents over the years.
>One of them was a rock and mineral collection.
>Most of it is mundane shit they got from old gold and silver mines in Cali, etc.
>Never thought about it.
>Luck has been going bad left and right.
>Night terrors, hardly sleep.
>Wake to explosions.
>Boss is getting pissed, threats if firing etc.
>Notice a few of the collected vials are of sand.
>One of them is black, save a few specs of white.
>Pop open the lid and see a note.
>"Black Sands Beach, Hawaii."
>Several other vials from beaches in Hawaii.
>Rocks too.
>mfw got a bad juju bomb on my goddamn house.

How the fuck do I get rid of this shit?
>few years back
>Be 19
>semi rural Ausfag
>old mate from school is having a big thing for getting his own place
>in the middle of bumfucknowhere
>rock up in a group of 4
>Me, Dan, James and this Scottish kid from work called william (Willy we called him)
>fair good night, bonfires and heavy drinking, the usual, Willy's just broke up with his ex so he's hitting it harder than the rest of us
>getting late, about 2am we deciede we'll head off to Dan's place to crash cause fuck people
>lol nice cars you don't have faggots
>2 hour walk or so, figure what the hell should be right
>first half hour goes fine, 4 of us cocking around cause we're still pretty gone
>take a shortcut through a forest , should shave half and hour off our walk
>lol no get lost fagit (fuck optus and its lack of coverage)
>fuck it, it's summer lets just get high and sleep under the stars then find our way in the morning
>Willy's been drinking the entire walk back, slumps down in to a little kinda ditch into a tree's roots and is just out cold in an instant
>more bud for us then
>small fire going, we're high as shit and the night is getting really fucking dark around us, but it's a full moon out
>eventually notice that it's completely silent apart from us giggling like school girls
>Dan's noticed this too, he's just sitting there looking around himself really confused
>james keeps yakking but eventually catches on that something just isn't right
>Dan starts whispering "I think there's something watc-"
>snapping noise about 20 meters off into the darkness
>fucking darkness, cant see shit
>pair of fucking eyes just staring at us
>on a slight tilt (musta been behind a tree peering round it or something), about 7ft off the ground
>james has evidently seen them too, and beeing the tryhard he is gets up and starts yelling shit
>heavy fucking grunting and screeching coming from the trees now
>welp that's it, we're dead
Take it back to hawaii?
>three of us are up and shitting out the worlds reserves of bricks at this point
>thing is definately coming closer, hear stamping and shit
>start fucking running in the opposite direction
>fuckloud roar from behind us
>look back and there's this big fuck off silhouette in front of the fire going apeshit
>the beast known as willy, evidently unhappy at being awoken from his slumber, has lashed out at this great beast in a drunken stupour
>with a branch the size of his fucking leg
>sorry willy, but i'm gone
>three of us are putting hussein bolt to shame at this point
>at some point I realise we ain't in the woods anymore and see lights up ahead
>dans up front so i just follow his lead
>apparently make it back to his place
>hold out with bats and knives till dawn
>eventually deciede we should go look for willy's remains
>walking up towards the forest and suddenly hear yelling from a bit to our right
>who else other than mother fucking willy, crawling up over a pile of junk
>"where the fuck were you wankers, and what the hell happened last night, I'm covered in fucking bruises and cuts n shit"
>we proceed to just stare at him, wondering if he's real or not
>eventually deduce that he is in fact real, and definately human by his complaints of a hangover
>dumb bastard was so drunk he doesn't remember a damn thing
>we head back into the forest to try and find out what the fuck happened
>by sheer chance we find the path we forged while running in terror last night, right back to ashes of last nights fire
>upon further inspection we find willy's log, broken in two with tufts of hair and blood on it
>Willy "oh hey, this looks just like where i fought that abo in my dream last night"
Since then I haven't gone anywhere remotely dangerous or spooky to camp without Willy.
Oh like fuck I am getting in a plane with this goddamn thing as cargo.
fed ex?
flamethrower and a shotgun
Willy, slayer of monsters
If the beaches are even accessible?
Kinda double I can detail a note to fed ex to dump a vial at a specific beach and expect it to sign to confirm the shit was delivered.
just do it yourself, smuggle them up your ass or something
Holy fuck, awesome story

I am just getting sick of half waking to a massive Iguana looking at me on my bed.
Or feeling my cat jump on my bed and putting out a hand to feel scales and realize the door to my room is locked.

Should probably get rod of the obsidian carvings I got from Mexico too...
give it to someone else?
>"Spooky shit that has been fucking with me."
>"5$ per, willing to negotiate."
Most awkward yard sale ever.
leave out the spooky shit part, hell give it to your boss as a present
>Pretend it's a Zen Garden.
>Ultimate irony.
So does anyone here have proof of skinwalkers?
>Not all politicans
>Not knowing that Republicans are Goatmen.

Or you DO KNOW and are trying to throw us off!
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