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Spooky Scary Innawoods Stories
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Uploaded the wrong thing
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goddamn OP you need help, why do you even have a thumbnail saved?
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from a recent thread
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Bump so I have story
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oh good, I'm not bumping an empty thread
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>mfw this story
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99% of these stories are. Seriously, calm yo titties.
creepy pasta is creepy.

I've yet to read that one yet. good post m8
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that's a fucking pasta tacular story
>holy fuck
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>skinwalker encounters for 400 alex
Does anyone remember the story where some guy (I want to say Bosnian) battles some ghost/demon that's after some war crimes he committed?
I remember being in the original thread, he was typing it as he was sitting in his basement with the ghost/demon outside. Plus there was some text from some chat he was having with anons.

This was several years ago though and may have been on /x/, but is still very /k/ related.
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I don't believe I have it, sounds like a good read though
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It was very spooky. Making it my mission now to find it. Pretty sure there's a paste bin of the chat logs with the anons as he's about to battle it.
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Good luck anon, I'm intrigued
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Well, im not sleeping tonight
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Well I'm done for a bit, gotta go do some things. If the threads still up later I have more I can post.
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Sweet mother of fuck, the bottom pic is freaking me out... it looks like one of Satan's minions.
Have a story, more if wanted

>be inna college
>friends with a bunch of frat guys
>we go out and get into shenanigans often
>one night
>small dose of shrooms taken
>we go out and just drive for fun
>very lucid, just enjoying music and shit
>we have an idea
>hey, let's drive to bunnyman bridge
>them crooked vultures en route
>we drive for a while and put on some super spoopy portishead
>get to bunnyman bridge
>this is it?
>it's just a bridge in the forest
>single streetlight ~50m from bridge, diffused light, slightly creepy
>still having fun, we drive under bridge and make a u-turn at the dead end
>stop about 10m from bridge
>step out of car
>literally the second my foot touches the ground my mood changes from "hey let's explore" to "oh fuck, this was not a good idea"
>move three steps towards bridge
>adrenaline pumping, every step is harder
>streetlight flickers
>literally reverse walk to car
>streetlight goes out
>gun it the fuck out of there
which leads to......
a month from then we have this idea to "not haze" some of their pledges. all of our hazing ideas are really just to build trust between pledge brothers. I own two pretty cheap ghillie suits that work well surprisingly. so what we do is...
>we drop the pledges off with two road flares, two glowsticks, a beer each, a lensatic compass and a map. they have to make their way to an intersection about 1.5km away where they'll be picked up, they're only given grid coordinates of their destination, objectives, and start point
>objectives are shit like blinking rasPi "GPS Strobe" and a plastic skull, really gay shit
>basically a five man fireteam, no weapons though, we take everything from them, not trying to have 18 yolds in the forest freaking out with weapons
>me and let's call him S both don ghillie suits and insert 10 min ahead of the pledges, they're dropped off at bunnyman bridge
>we're there not only so that if shit happens we can call in a pickup and mitigate liability but also to fuck with them
>we carry phones, rocks, ID, laser, cheap NVG (that shit that shipped with the COD4 special edition)
>we insert
>creeped out from last month but no weird stuff happens
>feel better being the hunter and basically invisible
>S and I are both lying there with nvg thinking of what we're going to do
>pledges inserted
>operation engaged
>they light up glowstick and orient themselves, can tell they're freaked out but having fun
>start moving in direction of first objective
>we are following them in low crouch, almost detected a few times
>they're nervous
>this is fucking fun
>every once in a while we throw a rock or laze a tree for a second
>spoops them out but surprisingly they don't run, they all just stop and scan
>they get first objective
shiiiiiiiiiiet nigga the ending on that one
>we decide to head them off at skull objective since there is no danger of them going into private land between here and there
>also him and I want a cigarette
>be lying at skull objective waiting for our team to spoop
>I shit you not I fucking smell something
>i've read the skinwalker stories
>doesn't smell mettalic though, more just like very very rotten dead deer
>still almost makes me gag
>we get up and start moving to try and get away from the smell
>as we're displacing, pledge fireteam comes out of woods about 75m away
>I look in direction of objective
>other ghillie suit is standing bent over the objective
>"oh come on man"
>say "what the fuck are you doing" under my breath
>next to me S says "what?"
>there was no third ghillie suit
>what the fuck is standing over there
>fucking other ghillie suit man whatever it is sounds like it is gasping for air, still bent over our cheap plastic skull we put in the woods earlier
>I stand up, flash flashlight at pledge team
>"come on guys, we have to go right now, let's get out of here"
>other ghillie man snaps fucking upright so fast it bends over backwards for a second
>would have been funny had I not been shitting myself
>400 lumen flashlight on it now, pledges and me and S now running out of woods
>thing looks like it's cripwalking towards us
>we're all sprinting through the woods, along the road, we make it to the intersection doesn't seem like it followed us
>extract in car
>pledges laughing, saying things like "oh man you guys really got us" "were you following us all along"
>one says, "yeah we fucking knew one of you was out there that ghillie suit doesnt work when you just stand up and walk in front of us asshole"
>neither of us did that
I have never gone back to that part of centreville ever again. fuck that place. Granted, it may have just been another brother fucking with us (a lot of people were in on it) I'm not taking that chance.

Note that in stories or mythology dogs are rarely presented as evil figures; you'll see cats or bats or any other animal but dogs are almost never the witch's familiar or the devil's possession or the resentful spirit. There's a reason for that. Dogs are less "wild" than other animals, because they're creations of man; they exist because humans took them and bred them to be our companions and serve us. For a spirit or creature to take the form of a dog they're transcending the world of the wild and crossing over into our world, and not any creature can do that. If you come across a creature of any sort that's taken the form of a dog that creature is a powerful one, a corrupt one, and you are in far more trouble than otherwise. They aren't there because they're defending their forest or looking for a meal or just fucking with you, they don't care about the wild and they aren't there by accident; they specifically chose to take on the likeness of humanity's most trusted companion so that they can prey on us. That's the sort of enemy that won't lose interest easily.
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noonan is kill.jpg
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I've read through countless spoopy threads and stories and this one gets to me more than any others for some reason, maybe its how vague it is but just the picture is haunting
>be me
>turn 18
>party too hard one night
>too much alchol
>too much weed
>think I'm going to die
>have dream of being in basement
>black dog blocks path to exit
>black doge goes to bite me
>no way you nigger dog
>hold doges mouth open by grabbing top snoot and bottom jaw
>wierd random as fuck black mist flys down dog's throat
>wake up
>am not dead

Yeah, not normal. Sometimes a dream is just a dream man.

That dog is way too high of a res to fit in with the rest of this picture.
So one night, me, S, and C are sitting out in front of a starbucks on the bottom floor of a campus dorm
The backstory to this is just this: for about three days, there had been what we all call "tweaker girl" basically living in this 24h starbucks. We call her tweaker because she was twitchy, super fucking weird, and as a coup de grace, someone had called the police on her for having a fuckton of needles in her backpack and periodically going into the bathroom to shoot up. Campus police show up, ask her questions, she tells them it's allergy medicine, excuses herself to the bathroom, and exfils through the back door. Cops leave realizing theyre borderline retarded.
>nice night out
>about 0200
>no one outside
>strange but not midterms or finals so not too strange
>we're just out there smoking and shooting the shit
>laughing having fun just whatever
>tweaker girl is sitting on a bench about 15m away
>weird feeling, here we go
>her head rotates to look at me
>stop looking at her and return to conversation
>look up again
>she is now standing
>not trying to stare, I only look every so often
>every time I look she is slightly closer but in a different position
>like, I had no evidence to suggest she could even walk she would just phase closer
>suddenly she is right behind S
>try to ignore her
"can you drive?"
>scares the piss out of S
>all of us too fucking weirded out to answer
>sensory overload
>the first time I've really seen her up close
>this young woman has:
sores all over her face
blood on the arms of her hoodie
that side-of-mouth-crap people get
the most glazed over fucking look i've ever seen in my entire life
she reeks of rotten blood and shit
is twitching
Literally, this fucking woman looks like Dampe the Gravekeeper
>no one answers
>I say, "uhhh no none of us have cars [lie]"
>she stands there
>stands there
>stands there
>fucking rotates in place and phases away like she came
>sits on the bench
>we get inside as fast as fucking possible
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fuck these threads, why did I come back

Understand this.

>Those things in the shadows, they're hiding.
>From us.
>Because WE are the the real bogey men.

If they could beat us they would. Instead they hide.
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but all I have is a knife and a banjo
Nigga that's the plot of the I Am Legend book.

Humans are scary motherfuckers....

That's true; there's a reason they lurk in the shadows while we develop our civilization and populate the planet. All you need to do is make sure you have a decent tool on hand to put them back in their place if you happen to cross paths.
Best spooky thread in a long fucking time!
Also there's no shadow cast on it.
Why do I always read these threads on nights when I actually need sleep?

Fuck, I'm an idiot.
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>need sleep SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!

Fuck off, Yes Man.
A minor story, my friend is better at telling this then me, but anyways.
>Be inna camp site with a few mates in the Vic (ausfag) bush, there is a clearing in the middle with a cabing rite, group one goes in there (just grills) and da boyes (me and 2 others) sleep in a tent on the edge of the site
>big mistake
>we go to bed when it gets dark, talking bout shit, fall alseep, wake up about 1or2 am ish and we hear these fucking screams out in the distance, me and mate 1 wake up and shit our pants and mate 2 half wakes and screams back, the thing replys with another scream and comes over and walks around our fucking tent.
>it then walks off and we did not get any more sleep for the rest of the nite, and of course the people in the cabin heard nothing.
We rekon it was a yowie but I don't know
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Here is the version my mate tells.




I love this shit.
I have some OC for you. This happened last weekend.

>wife out visiting a old friend for the weekend
>i have a wife-free weekend
>decide to pack some shit and head out into the wilderness to be on my own for a while
>kinda close to where i live is a huge patch of forested land with a decent lake
>drive for 4/5th of the way but have to ditch the car and walk due to a huge fallen tree
>set up a small camp near the lake
>unpack pellet pistol (no funz land) and set up some targets
>plink away for a while
>get a fire going since it was getting dark and temperature's creeping down
>eating dinner
>hear something snapping twigs and moving about in the forest
>don't see anything
>"huh, probably a moose"
>turn my head and see the shine of eyes staring at me
>eyes from something far taller than a moose
>whatever it is lets out a screech that sounded like a crossing of a bears growl and nails against blackboard
>tactically shit pant
>all i have in the way of weapons is pellet pistol, knife and axe
>Nope, Nope and Nope
>not even bothering to pack up my tent
>just grab my ruck in panic and skedaddle the fuck out
>can hear whatever the fuck that thing is following me as i dash to my car
>get to car
>toss my ruck in the passengers seat
>make the quickest three-point turn i've ever done
>haul ass down the icy forest road
>can hear the screech again over the sound of me gunning my car
>final bend before the connector to the main road
>my headlights flash over a huge figure standing about a meter from the forest road
>from my quick glimpse it looked like if a moose had evolved to stand on it's hind legs and evolved arms instead of front legs
>pull 110 on a 70 road back home
>end up gaming and drinking away the rest of the weekend to forget
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kind of a short one here and i don't remember all the tiny details like everyone seems to, but i'll share anyways.

>be around 15/16 oklahomafag
>grandfather owns a 10-acre piece of land
>the front half of it is mostly clear with a mobile home, the back half is left forested because as a kid i liked to run around in places like that
>grandpa gets mosin 91/30
>pretty much lose my shit because thats my first rifle
>get "inspired" and take it to the innawoods area
>bring ear protection, just kind of shooting at random shit
>hear something crunch leaves
>know it must be fairly big because heard that over ear protection
>turn around just in time to see some kind of bipedal, hunched-over shape run back deeper into the woods
>drop nugget and run back to mobile home
>tell grandpa what i saw and that i dropped the mosin
>we go out and find the gun, grandpa tells me im full of shit
>never speak of it again

i never saw it or anything like it again. the way it ran was really weird too; kind of jittery and too fast, more or less like the monster in this

Thank you good sir. I hope to see more screencaps from anon in the future. For example >>25162672 and >>25162931.

I seriously find this shit entertaining. Must be weird.
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no problemo anon

Anon I love you.

holy shit, somebody actually saved that!

And for the record,it's not pokemon...it's raptors.

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nanomachines, son.gif
3 MB, 240x240
you too anon moose
That's not true at all.
Black dogs, ahuizotl, barghests, Black Shuck, Cerebrus, Cù Sìth, Cŵn Annwn, Dobhar-chú, Moddey Dhoo, Freybug, hellhounds, Surma, Inugami, Keelut and others.
Dogs are as often as not seen as evil omens, harbingers of death, and sometimes the ones who kill themselves.
Which part of Oklahoma. You don't have to be specific, just curious about location.
A domestic dog is often seen as a mans watcher and guard.
Those that you mention are dogs that has bitten the hand that feeds them and turned on their masters, and thus seen as an even greater threat than a witch's cat or possessed bat or whatever. They are the monsters we have created ourselves and taught how to kill for pleasure instead of just for food.
dogs respond to body language, as well and it's assumed they behave like normal animals. I think what's creepier than any dog is something like goatmen who have no other purpose than to fuck with you and smell up the forest
or skinwalkers of course

I need to know context of this gif...
Okay, you're interjecting your personal opinion over recorded fact.
This is mythology and folklore - it usually stems from either a morality tale standpoint as to why the story was created, and an explanation story as to why things happened the way they happened.
Dogs can be seen as partners of mankind - Hound of Gelert, Xiezhi, Laelaps - or they can be seen as the wild and dangerous aspect of nature that only seems controlled which is man's folly.
A good portion of mythological dogs are psychopomps or harbingers of death.
There really is no one or the other definitively, as I pointed out above with all the examples, and I have many more that support my argument that it is either in regards to mythological dogs and folklore.
>Phone rings at 1:30am one night
>Answer the phone and it's her dad
>"Anon can you come over with your guns? There's someone outside my house"
>"Be over in a couple minutes"
>Grab my AK, Chinese chest rig with mags and haul ass out to the country
>Call them and tell them I'm outside
>She comes running out the front door and says there's someone in the backyard
>Her dad stops me and says he would have called the sheriff but lol response time
>Go to the backyard and there's some mother fucker standing between two trees
>Something isn't right, he's jerking all over the place like he's convulsing
>Have my rifle up at him and mid-way between the word freeze a second guy darts out of the treeline and back into another section, except he's moving really fast
>Look back to first guy and he's gone
>Her dad comes around with a bigass spotlight and .410 single shot
>Go about 20 yards into the forest and we say fuck this
>Go back to the house and I end up watching Night of the Living Dead with girlfriend, fall asleep on couch
>Next morning go outside and there's no footsteps, no anything, the ground was soft so there should have been something

I know 4chan is full of fake stories, but I just have no idea how to explain what I saw.
He's being shot with pepperballs. His name is Alex Davidson.
recorded history* (would be a better term for it I guess, since it's mythology and folklore).
File: 1409771875427.jpg (28 KB, 660x659) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Holy fuck i need more spookys!
File: 1419481340038.png (542 KB, 1313x4181) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
542 KB, 1313x4181
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I only only dumped like half of my folder, ill be home soon and will dump some more

I wouldn't worry about it...your gf and her father are with us now.

One of us....one of us...gooble gobble gooble gobble
I came across a random fucking deer leg in the middle of a trail in my hunting lease the other day. Have a picture I'll upload from mobile, give me a sec
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2592x1936
Not really all that scary but still gave me a spook. No doubt it was coyotes, those little fuckers run rampant around that lease.
This happened to me a few days ago.

>recently unemployed, taking the new found freedom to camp and hike a lot during the weekdays
>decide to go exploring some nearby forestry trails Tuesday night, plan on camping in the back of my truck at a nice view
>driving down the secondary highway towards the trail I want to explore, road is dark and surrounded by trees, haven't seen another vehicle in 30+ minutes
>reach the trail - there's nobody else for miles. these trails are mostly only used by quadders on the weekends. nothing else out here.
>put my truck in 4-low and begin crawling up the mountain
>25 min into the trail, starting to get dark now. I'll have to find a spot to camp and make fire soon
>see a dark form up ahead on the road, slow down and direct lights towards it
>it's a guy with hiking poles and a big backpack
>it's really late and really far from the road, why is he out here? there were no other vehicles parked anywhere nearby, and no hikes that I knew of in this area
>slow down and ask if he's ok
>expressionless look on his face, dull eyes, pale skin
>"just finishing up here, mind if I catch a ride with you back to town?"
>"sorry man, I'm not heading back there today. If I see you on the trail again tomorrow I can give you a lift..."
>he nodded, said "good luck" and carried on
>he looked like he had overnight gear so I wasn't worried about him, and I didn't particularly want to invite a stranger into my camp
>"good luck?"
>I continued along for another 10 min or so, until I came upon a landslide that had destroyed the trail
>forced to turn around and go back
>didn't really want to camp anywhere on this trail, none of the spots were that good
>maybe I'll just give that dude a ride back into town after all
>getting darker so I'm moving a bit slower, drive for 40-45 min back to the trail head
>didn't see the hiker guy anywhere. figured he must have tucked away into the woods and made camp, since there was no way he already made it out

After that I drove back down the secondary highway, all the way to the opposite side of the mountain I was just on. It's a huge mountain, and it was fully dark out by the time I made it there. There was another logging road here I was more familiar with, that I could navigate in the dark. Since I hadn't seen the hiker guy, I decided I would just camp up on the cliffs on this side of the mountain instead of going back to town.

>begin driving up this logging road, cruise along for 10 or 15 min
>see a dark form up ahead on the road
>slow down and direct lights towards it...
>it's a guy with hiking poles and a big backpack
>it's the same guy
>what the fuck
>it's impossible that he travelled this far on foot, he would have to go through a river and over a fucking mountain to get here
>no other vehicles for miles
>what the fuck
>don't slow down this time, drive right past him and avoid eye contact
>he just stares at me the whole time, his head following me as I pass
>cold, emotionless stare in his dull eyes
>disappears into the darkness as the illumination from my tail lights subsides
>make it to the cliff I wanted to camp at, pretty freaked out
>step out of my truck to take a breath
>movement in nearby foliage, something big
>"just finishing up here..."
>got back in my truck and tore out of there faster than I thought possible
>didn't see hiker guy on the trail anywhere as I left
>went home, didn't sleep
File: 1426606048970.jpg (46 KB, 600x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 600x399
>from my quick glimpse it looked like if a moose had evolved to stand on it's hind legs and evolved arms instead of front leg
File: aborigine.png (409 KB, 1006x3314) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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continuing dump
File: 1911 faggot.png (63 KB, 656x845) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1911 faggot.png
63 KB, 656x845
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baby cryto.png
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blackhills ridge.png
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camping in 'nam.png
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File: coyote camping.png (321 KB, 1066x1823) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
coyote camping.png
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cult shit.png
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dammit john.jpg
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deer man attacks x.png
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dogs dont talk.png
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florida rumbles.png
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fucking cats.png
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hoodie guy.png
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I don't particularly believe any of these stories, but has anyone went innawoods just to find one of these "skinwalkers" or whatever?
File: human hunting.png (104 KB, 1002x930) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
human hunting.png
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Yes! Like that, only with a moose's head and bigger/thicker torso
File: innasea.png (33 KB, 781x503) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeah many have, according to the stories here
File: jeepman vs cult 2.png (144 KB, 600x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
jeepman vs cult 2.png
144 KB, 600x1024

Captcha: ohGod
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k kills a hobo.png
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File: KGBs Wolf.png (275 KB, 857x1929) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
KGBs Wolf.png
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loli skinwalker.png
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mermaid cove.jpg
2 MB, 3961x1079
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the turkeys got em
File: moo motherfucker.png (28 KB, 689x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
moo motherfucker.png
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Holy shit
File: muhreens.jpg (1 MB, 1058x3569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh deer.jpg
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>Thumbnail for part 1.
sorry, i was away.
but it was in norman around lake thunderbird, you know, all the forested areas.
File: roar.png (560 KB, 1920x3126) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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well shit,
File: Rubys Cabin.jpg (1 MB, 1891x2630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rubys Cabin.jpg
1 MB, 1891x2630
File: Rubys hidden lake.png (299 KB, 1000x1472) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rubys hidden lake.png
299 KB, 1000x1472
File: seaweed dude.png (170 KB, 1196x1520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
seaweed dude.png
170 KB, 1196x1520
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skinwalker chick.png
160 KB, 800x1318
You know...
You already fucked it, might as well have seen what it wanted. If it wanted to kill you, it would've the first night.
Plus, could've gotten the gun back.
File: tactical space cat.jpg (837 KB, 700x4611) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tactical space cat.jpg
837 KB, 700x4611

Captcha: doxed
File: tweaker chicken.png (105 KB, 1176x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tweaker chicken.png
105 KB, 1176x1080
File: whistles.jpg (94 KB, 820x686) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Huh. IIRC, men and women can hear things at different thresholds.
One day someone's gonna invent a moving .jpg amd it'll be the end of these threads
lol, he could had put a little more effort into making his and her behavior more believable.
centreville Maryland?
I don't have anything 3spoopy5me but it happened.

A while back I lived in a small, out of the way town in NH. It was actually a nice town back in the day but the roads, buildings and people were now (mostly) old, worn and almost tired looking. I remember checking out the house we were going to move into and thinking to myself "we can't REALLY be moving here" because it seemed so... Off putting. This coupled with the fact that we went from living in Alton Bay (nice area, as "tourist-y" as NH gets) to a dump. The lady who owned the house was nice enough. Apparently either her husband or the owners before her offed themselves in one of the rooms and she was tired of living in bumfucknowhere nowhere anyways. The rest of that summer was pretty much filled with home improvements and landscaping as we tailored the property to our liking, not much went on. I liked messing around outside but never strayed too far passed the toppled rock walls that skirted he property and boxed the woods in. I couldn't shake a feeling of uneasiness and anxiety. After a while I became acclimated with the area and explored new areas of the woods. One day I'm way down back trying to build a fort or some shit when I hear voices a little ways off. Once again uneasiness envelops me like a sheet and I stop what I'm doing and head back towards the house. Weird shit like this would happen time to time but it was so irregular I never became too concerned. Fast forward a few years and I'm out in the yard one evening going to get the mail at the top of my long ass driveway. I decided the weather was pleasant enough so I went for a rare walk around the "block" which was actually a 2 mile loop. By the time I'm back at my driveway the sun is gone and the sky is a grey-indigo. I'm walking into my garage when I feel the most horrible wave of... Fear, anxiety, terror and uneasiness I have ever felt.
I've almost drowned multiple times, I've been attacked by a dog, I've even pulled a gun on my step father for trying to break into the house after hitting my mom (loooong story, shit was scary at the time though), but I have NEVER felt the same degree of pure fear I felt at that instant. I felt as if an icicle pierced through my core and my brain was paralyzed as if someone had a gun to my head. I hurried inside with the mail, locked my doors (which we NEVER did) and sat in my parents' room watching the military channel until mom came home.

To this day I have no idea what it was that caused it and it sounds like nothing but to me it was easily the most intense wave of fear I've ever felt and I get chills thinking about it still.
It happens. Once I dropped my pen while finger twirling and walking up the stairs and the sound of it gave me the most intense and irrational wave of fear I ever experienced. I couldn't even go up the stairs for a couple of minutes afterwards.
Once I was on a really bad high and felt the cold hand of death on me. I was out on the beach by myself and suddenly got real dizzy and couldn't feel or move my limbs, felt like I was gonna pass out any second, like my heart had stopped working. Felt my pulse, it was at about 200 bpm. Every breathe felt like I was breathing in water instead of air. Thought that I was gonna go hypoxic and die alone out there. Got back to my friends and spent the next few hours in my own personal hell, still feeling like dying any moment.
Of course I know you can't OD on weed, but that was small comfort at the time.
> Sunday is my one day off
> it's nice and cool and wet tonight
> no one wants to go innawoods
Only 9mm, that is the context..
Slightly spoopy story my BioMed teacher told once
>Be salmon fishing off a bridge with bud in Michigan
>Big ass thing wanders out of woods and into the stream.
>Stands on hind legs, too thin to be bear
>Stares up at teach and bud for a good 10 minutes
>Walked out of stream still on hind legs
>Teach and bud GTFO
Does anyone else have any Michigan stories like this? Nothing ever seems to happen around here.
Stop posting tumblr-tier pasta man. That one with the "Dead innawoods" was dumb as fuck.

What the fuck this one cuts off mid-post where's the end
texas stronk
can't wrecks the tex
File: Tweaker Girl.png (81 KB, 1890x994) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tweaker Girl.png
81 KB, 1890x994

Also last NOPE thread for additional stories:
it was a fox, its called a vixens scream
what does the fox say?
I've gone skinwalker hunting, but I haven't found shit
Holy shit something happened in Iowa
Holy shit this is my story I just tried to upload it. Nice to see people taking an interest.

Sky and I now have a trip planned this summer to go back. We're /k/'ing it up and going in fully prepared with survey maps and such. Apparently the tire tracks lead to an abandoned truckyard with a bunch of broken down trailers. Spooky af
I'd have been posting but I got roped into a search and rescue training exercise because we needed people to help and I had nothing going on this weekend and it turned into "where the fuck did Joe go? he was just here" for the past couple days....

Somehow one of our search and rescue guys managed to wander 3 miles down the pacific crest trail before realizing he was lost.


dont say crap but it does scream
Toppest kek.
This happened last year, somewhat similar to another story i saw while scrolling through here.

>sitting at home watching Band of Brothers
>younger brother calls and says theres somebody out side his house with a gun shouting at them
>brother and his gf are armed at a standoff with this guy
>grab my AR and my plate carrier and get in my jeep
>call older brother, tell him to grab his gun and get over there now
>about 20 minutes later we both meet up at a gas station and get to his house together.
>we get out of our vehicles, weapons up and aiming at what are now three dudes with Mini-14s.
>after about 20 minutes of attempted negotiations with these guys the sheriff shows up and tries talking to them, while we are all still ready to fire
>suddenly sheriff pulls his gun and all hell breaks loose
>sheriff shot one of them while my older brother shoots the other two
>i should probably mention my older brother is an Iraq Vet.
>stood there in shock for a minute, i just took part in a 20 minute standoff and saw three people get shot
>turns out the dude the sheriff shot told him he had an explosive device strapped to his chest, he was bullshitting.
>i walk up to the bodies to help the sheriff check their IDs
>i started opening one of the guys wallets when suddenly
>a skeleton popped out.

I havent slept in 2 days cut me some slack.
>be polfag, spend every weekend at grandparents' farm
>september a few years ago, taking dogs on a walk through the fields
>dogs are doing dog stuff, running around like crazy, suddenly both stop and look at the cornfield with their ears up
>i look and see nothing, meh probably some critters creeping around
>i start walking back and then the dogs bolt it whining
>i was turned around so i look back and see something standing right where the cornfield starts
>can't make it out but it looks like it's some skinny guy
>the fuck he's standing there for
>i'm not going to get raped with corn by some countryside hobo so i turn around and go back to the house after the dogs
>i tell my uncle about it
>he looks at me with a really serious face and tells me that he had seen that "thing" (he never said it was a person) a few times, mostly in the evening
>last time he went out to check it with an old tantal rifle (uncle's ex-military and has a few rifles)
>he met the thing when it was starting to get really dark and tried getting close to it
>as he was walking towards it, it started to go further back into the cornfield
>my uncle was wise enough to not follow it into the field, so he stood there watching
>he hears rustling and the a gut-wrenching scream fills the air, he shoulders the rifle and puts a few rounds in the direction it would be hiding
>nothing happens for about 15 minutes so uncle goes back to farm
>he tells me he thought he scared it because until that day he hasn't seen it
>tells me not to get close to the cornfields
>nothing happened since that day, but i now hate going alone into the fields
Anyone have any good stories about being watched/tracked by mountain lions?

Those are always cool. Like skinwalker stories, except real.

Why is the fact that you're a polfag relevant?
Nope nope nope
So he didn't have to write that he thought it was a jew.
Is this scary enough?
Does anyone have that link to the webpage that sells the skinwalkers patch? It was a circle shape with trees and said "I wouldn't worry about it"
I think that's crimson caravan. His store is down atm.
Oh Hannibal. I binge watched the two seasons, didn't eat much for awhile..
Yea, I was sent to RCA, Red cliff ascent- program for troubled youth. At rca it's a bunch of kids hiking everyday in southern utah in the middle of butfucking now where. When kids tried to run away from the program we would just hike to the top of the nearest mountain and show them what they're chances of making it out was. Anyhow, naturally ghost and horror stories are common place, as is fucking with eachothers heads. Also if you've ever been to utah, more notably southern utah we're pretty found of the native american shit.
In wilderness, we didn't talk about the skin walkers. I felt my hair stand up as I typed it. Trust me staff liked to mess with the kids just as much as we gave each other shit but, staff didn't talk about them either. Trust me, all it took was one loud moulthed kid to talk shit about them once he figured out that it was taboo, the next day they we're pale as shit, silent. I don't mind talking about them so much as you respect them, also I don't mind talking about them outside of utah, though I never speak negatively or with disrespect. It's not a mistake you make twice in southern utah.
Drive out into the government property in souther utah, bout a 24 hour drive away from the nearest sign of civilization and talk ill about them. Go for it. Bring a gun.
Jesus christ, just doing a 5 minute google search about that RCA shit and their ilk is fucking crazy. It makes me wonder just how prevalent shit like this is that nobody hears about.

Yeah man... that's my childhood, spend all of highschool in programs like that afterward.

DR discovery ranch
MSPA Mountain springs prep academy
4 years of my life fucking in that shit. UT is the most used for treatment programs due to lax laws about adolescences. In ohio if your above 16 you can sign yourself out if you claim you are stable and show that, Utah, they are your legal guardians signed over by your parents until your 18 or your parents take you out. And they're taking your parents money, there is no incentive for progress or for them to get you out because you're an source of income. Some programs are good some are bad. RCA wasn't that bad, I loved it actually. DR was fucked up. Some punishments were illegal, isolation.... fuck man. I didn't even have it as bad as some of my other friends I met in treatment. Didn't leave programs until I was 18, even was in one for awhile while I was 18. 4 years man...
Reality is... When it comes to "mental health" in generally peoples rights are compromised a lot. When it comes to adolescences, what rights...
You're still entitled to at least not having your well being threatened, because that's called fucking abuse. People go to jail for that, except for these people it seems.
This isn't the land of the free man, it really isn't. If I could lead a blood and violent revolution I assure you I have a heart for it. I've seen the worse side of mental health community, police, and first hand how the legal system robs the poor. I fucking hate this world. People sit in they're pretty lives they've built completely ignorant or unwilling to notice what actually is going on.

Not all treatment is bad, it's hard to tell at this point what is brain washing and what was genuine change. My last school was excellent. It's residential treatment centers, psycwards and the worst of all lockdowns that are messed up. There are very real reasons that mental institutions are called haunted- not that I believe in that shit. I've had some friends take up legal action, heard of some success. I promised myself that I would half nothing to do with psychology or any form of treatment after.

Alot of kids go on to become therapists or work in treatment because we know it so well, a staff once joked that we should all have minors in it once people spend so long in treatment like I do. No one really views the world the same way as we do.

The smart ones have issues like I do, hyper analyze people-and are usually right about it. I tend to see relationships crystal clear. from a mile away ahead of time actually. what relationships will fail, who has daddy issues, why so and so did this that etc etc. Kinda depressing, nothing is surprising anymore. And it isn't always helpful...
Didn't proof read for shit, I'm aware of some serious typos. Fuck it
>oh no i spelt something wrong on the series of tubes leading to an african finger painting board

On a more serious note, I don't even really know what to say though. I agree that the system is broken and sick. (referring to America that is, as I have no insight into the mental health system and won't pretend to know anything about it)

I don't know what it will take to change things, will Putin finally go off the deep end and live the Soviet's wet dream of invading the Fulda Gap? Will American Revolution 2: This Time It's Serious happen? Both? Neither? And to top it all off with the way things are going all we have to look forward to in the future is Fallout-style resource wars.
Same shit man, went to an outdoors program for two months, then I went to this place called Island View in Syracuse Utah for 9 months, when I was there they really abused me. Gave me bad meds, misdiagnosed me, a whole lot of other things. Once I broke my collar bone sking, they didn't even patch me up, had to go to a Vietnam vet who actually knew what the fuck was up and he helped me. Those places make me sick.
Well, it is chan we are judged by my content though at this time on /k/ not much activity or shitposting goingon so woo.

I don't either, I keep running different scenarios in my head. Particularly violent vs peaceful confrontation. Part of me just wants to be a good lil consumer and do my part and carve my own little happy corner and try to forget all this shit. I'm fucking disgusted with every thing around me man. Hell, somedays I'd rather just hero with no note. Its all of no consequence, but I'm going to die after dealing with all this shit I intend to deserve it.

Also I'm poor af, rich as parents used money to send me to programs but are unwilling to help me, I'm in legal trouble because... only so much I can say. Basically if I had money I wouldn't have been in trouble. Lost job because of court shit. So I pay taxes so they can protect my lifestyle? The lifestyle that is wrong according to the laws I had no say in, in a country I was born in (without choice). Now I have to pay court fees, among other shit and will have more difficulty getting a job. If you a cop/dea/judge etc you are a part of the problem, not the solution. Yeah, half the time I just want to watch all this shit burn.

SHIT BROTHER, I had friends from island view. place was fucked, heard many bad stories about it. I knew the guy that escaped and made it a few states away, ricky? Still hear stories about him perhaps?
Island view is REALLY fucked, you have my condolences man...

yeah my RTC fucked up my meds hardcore too. Another big problem with this country. script meds I've fucking had friends die off of-one just this Christmas. Docs handing them like candy to some people. Half the people I know that are into hard drugs or any drugs where at least superscribed something as an adolescence- alot of them guys with "adhd" which.. is bullshit, boys will just be boys sometimes.
>Well, it is chan we are judged by my content though at this time on /k/ not much activity or shitposting goingon so woo.
I can understand that, though I tend to overlook most things short of outright shitposting when having an actual serious conversation with someone.
i think he means hes from poland
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917 KB, 881x1200
/k/ this may be spoopy, or not. Perhaps one of you more seasoned dudes can help me.
>Sleep over my buddies house
>His mom has some business at the local church the next day, she needs to help with some bake sale shit
>This involves driving 20+ miles into the country where the other baker lady is and her son
>Kid is cool enough
>Area is legit a lone trailer park in the middle of nowhere
>We go explorin
>Walk maybe 2-3 miles into the woods before we come across this trench that is legit 20-30 feet down, 20 feet across even on the bottom floor before coming back up
>Walking along find blood and shit, nothing ridiculous
>Come across a hole in the ground, like a 4x4 puddle
>It's straight blood
>Not water or anything
>animal parts everywhere
>a stick reveals this "puddle" to go well over 4 feet down

Any ideas?
want to stop reading
need to sleep
because almost all the stories here are from america.

im thoroughly spooped
That's our primal senses kicking in when something our subconscious knows is extremely life threatening is around. Maybe normal danger like a bear or some other predator, maybe a person with ill intent, might be something stranger than that.
I've learned to trust those feelings.

You're just an addict. Druggies gone drug.
It was pepperballs, retard.
normal it just the americans that are loosing their shit with guns in the forest
The only thing scary about that is the serious amount of mental illness she has, and is still free in society to roam around and destroy lives.
If there was a tree overhead, it was probably where a hunter bled and field dressed his kill.
It's not really all that uncommon a finding depending on where you live.

Top lel
Is this /x/ with guns?
>and it's coming for you
What a shit ending.
Anyone know the location of the mine?
I wonder what would happen if you left out an offering for these guys?
Going tomorrow or Wednesday, ill tell you everything that happens
File: 1422377387254s.jpg (2 KB, 70x70) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 70x70

Ok, now that I've read this one fully and gotten a chance to mull on it, other than the dog's body vanishing with nary a blood trail to be found (can't explain that at all)

That sounds very much like a German Shep/Poodle cross (yes that can happen if the bitch gets it on with multiple males when in heat.). Poodles are generally a pain in the ass to train, highly territorial and are a water retrieval/hunting dog.

So that combination could very well result in a dog like that.

Just my 2c worth though.

possibly nothing, possibly something, possibly you and squath becoming range bros. Depends on how much you read into this one.
>can i legally shoot it?
Man, every boy is being diagnosed with ADHD now. Just because they don't want to sit for an hour and are a bit impatient that means they have it. Fucking sucks to see all these hyper kids just turn into zombies from all the meds. I was one of them.
File: 1361422482398.jpg (674 KB, 1198x4896) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1361436475017.jpg (2 MB, 3560x2280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3560x2280
speaking of shooting/hunting cryptids.

Agreed. One of the guys I went to school with got diagnosed with it and the loaded him up on so much stuff that even now that he's of it all he's just a little... fucked in the head and slow.
Perfect description of a nigger, but they stay in low-class areas, not grassy fields.
Goddammit Anon, I'm still one of those guys.
Here's how my week goes
>Monday : Feel like shit, take meds, feel shittier
>Tuesday: Same as Monday, feel a bit better
>Wed-Friday: Get progressively better, still take meds because I need them to focus on work/school
>Saturday-Sunday: Don't take them, feel great all day and I'm social.

I hate them so much, yet I can't not take them or else I'm really obnoxious.
I would love to go innawoods forest or desert but if I open Carry a rifle with my friends will other people who confront me mess with me?

When you go out do you conceal?
Sleep is for the weak!
File: 1423896320238.jpg (33 KB, 814x294) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 814x294
Innawoods stores are mostly works of fiction.

Roughly 10% or less are factual. Enjoy them for what they are and if you ever smell copper and sulfur in the woods walk towards the smell. If you want to stay safe, stay around pine trees. The soft needles will muffle your foot steps. Try not to get scared in the woods. I wouldn't worry about it.

You probably don't know me koffeeguy. But i'm a fellow pa bro and I gotta say It's always good to see you posting brother.
Koffee's in Oregon.
File: 1417040896324.jpg (399 KB, 1260x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
399 KB, 1260x1024
Fug, I could have sworn koffeeguy was pa. There was another tripfag who posted in here that was based like koffeeguy. Dude had cell towers on his property and trolled the workers of the company something fierce.

Fuck, my memory is failing me.

By "in here" i mean spoopy threads.

>dude talked about generator white gas setups or some shit
>based dude

Was it the same as this guy? I'm not sure if I have the cell tower worker one but I think that was also Jeepman
there was an exploit that allowed either that or moving pngs (can't remember which) a few years ago.

the double numbered image board allows for animated pngs on some boards too. its scary shit.
I can't see why /k/ makes such a big fuss over skinwalkers and other creepy shit. We're not that bad.
Nope California Expat living oregon.

That's jeepman alright.

and this is the cell tower crew story.

There's also an exploit for moving .jpgs
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