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Sup guys. I come here often, but just wanted to know your guys' opinion on the NRA. I've heard that they regularly do shit to trample on my rights just as much as they do to protect my rights. I got an invite with my new gun purchase to "donate" $20 to them in exchange for a year's worth of magazine subscription and a neat-o little keychain. Should I support these fucks, or are they a demon in disguise? I'm honestly a little clueless on this interest group.

Here's Ben Shapiro chiming in on the subject. If you have the time, I'd suggest on watching the whole thing. If not, and you embed and it doesn't skip to where I linked, go to 13:30 and watch a minute or two.

If you make it to 15:20 and want to see the Piers Morgan interview he starts going on about, watch this. Careful not to ventilate your monitor.
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I'll say what I always say. A lot of people talk shit about them for not doing enough in jew york, commiefornia etc... but they don't seem to realize that they depend on local members to get shit done. if every gun owner in america was a member we'd have machine guns and shit overnight
Def support them. They are pretty much the only successful gun lobby. Obama hates em so the must do good work.
People can counter-signal all they want to sound cool, but without the NRA, you would have Euro-esque gun laws. Join GoA as well.
As a Brit, I have to say that while I think the NRA does favour promoting American gun company interests above actual shooting rights, the good it's done and the major force it is in politics outweighs any shady nonsense it does.

Be thankful you have it. I only wish our NRA back in the 1980s was as good an organisation.


That was the British NRA, an organisation originally designed to get ordinary people to shoot military rifles and be pro-gun and pro-Britain, and became thirty old bastards who were only concerned with single shot bolt action rifles shooting at 1000 yards.

Learn the lesson.
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Ah, the 1950s, 1960s. Where people had full battle rifles, No.5 Enfields and Browning Auto-5 shotguns and South Africans, Brits, Rhodesians, ANZACs and more Empire forces fought Communists in Her Majesty's Dominions.

Better times.
This is a British documentary from 1976. It was broadcast as normal programming on mainstream primetime television. Such a show would be unthinkable today.


That is why the US NRA is a good thing.
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amen, brother. amen.
Poor Brits. If they manufactured weapons, there would be no telling what ingenious creative invention they'd design.
It's rather telling that in the 1990s, we had a rifled gun that was actually outperforming the Rheinmattel 120mm.

But then under Labour, we didn't put any money into it.

Right now, British civilian gun development, which once drove firearm development leading to the British Empire having some of the best small arms of the late 19th and early 20th century is now dedicated to either circumventing legislation or is practically just Accuracy International.
fuck Piers Morgan!
Indeed. He should be hung as a traitor to his nation, to his Queen and to Humanity as general.

A cunt. An utter cunt!
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Damn shame. The Imperial British Empire would be mad.
You're right they would. If a million people of 1900 were alive today they would be in arms and marching on Westminster, demanding that their Monarch defend their rights! Demanding that those in the Commons be struck down for being traitors and that those in the Lords, the poor Lords that has been defanged and ruined and vandalised by those who wish it gone, were stripped of all title and rank and property.
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