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First Rifle
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Looking to get a rifle in the next 6-7 months, and thus would like some suggestions. I have gone shooting with rifles a couple times (AR-15's) so I have some minor experience.

I had a friend suggest getting a .22 due to negligible recoil and lower ammo cost, however my father already owns a .22, also my brothers have a AR-15 and ACR that I can take shooting almost whenever I please, so I don't see any reason to get any of those.

I don't have a solid price range at the moment, and Would be willing to save for a couple months to get a more expensive rifle if I wanted it. I might use it for hunting deer, but it would be mainly for range shooting/ pleasure shooting.

So currently my thoughts are on a few different rifles, Those being:

AK- should be easy to disassemble / reassemble. But all the different manufactures with differing quality of build make me shy away as I don't know which ones are good.
(Would research this if I wasn't so damn lazy)

K31- Straight pull bolt, WW2 vintage, and I have a couple of friends who love their K-31's to bits, not sure how available ammo is though.

Mosin-nagant- My friend says his isn't comfortable to shoot and it looks like it has a short stock (which could be remedied with padding) honestly I'll probably get one of these eventually even if its just a mantle piece most of the time.

And my current favorite- ARAK 21- Would be nice to be able to swap between 7.62 and 5.56
in minutes (or 300 BLK), has the lower of a AR, but the gas system of a AK. charging handle in front instead of the AR style rear handle. I would get a 7.62 and 5.56 Barrel and bolts, and maybe a 300 BLK but I gotta look into the availability of 300 BLK before deciding.

I'm pretty set on the ARAK at the moment, however I would like suggestions to see if something else catches my eye.
Get an AK in 7.62x39, the ammo runs about 25 cents a round, it's big enough for deer, and the thing is reliable as hell. Magazines are cheap and available and the aftermarket is huge. Here's a quick breakdown of what the general /akg. consensus is:

Low Tier:
>CAI WASR-10/63
Cheap Romanian rifles that do what they need to. Pre-2008 they were a bit spotty but new ones are great entry-level rifles, can be had $500-650.

>CAI Yugo N/ O-PAP
Retard strong rifles that are proprietary. Aftermarket is more expensive and, again, pre-2008 rifles can get shitty. They work as well as any AK and run the same as a WASR.

>DDI anything
Really neato rifles that are predominately American-made. Good fit and finish and the customer service seems to be terrific.

>CAI C39V2
American-made Century rifles. Strong, sturdy, and they work, but they're a little gritty in their action.

>Arsenal anything
Canted sights and shitty finish prevent them from climbing any further up. They're good rifles, but not god-tier as owners pretend they are.

Top Tier:
>Krebs Custom
>Rifle Dynamics
Custom guns, custom prices.
Firstly, thank you for the info, and second, I think I would go with a Arsenal SAM7R or a Rifle Dynamics 703 assuming I chose the AK.

Brace for question flood-

For the DDIAK47SFHPB is the stock the "traditional" AK style? everything I find seems to point to yes.

would go with a C39V2... except they're all sold out on their site. Any suggestions for online purchasing of fire arms through non-manufacturers?

Whats the difference between the SAM7R variants? all I can see is minor things like wider trigger on the 51 or muzzle brake on the 65.

When I looked at the Krebs Custom sight, I didn't see any AK's for sale, and didn't see any build kits or such. Do I just have to wait for a rifle to show up or am I missing something?

And for Rifle Dynamics, Are the 701, 702, and 703 same except for style of stock?

Whew... Question flood over... Gonna take a nap, will check in before work.
Is that a saiga?
what about saiga?
the arak is a great fucking looking gun.
1. All fixed-stocked DDI's use standard AKM-style tangs and receivers, any standard AK buttstock will fit.

2. If you're gonna buy from an online non-manufacturer, look up reviews first. People have gotten shit with Cheaper than Dirt. Most people love Midway USA, Atlantic Firearms, and JGSales. If it weren't for Hickok a lot of others would add Budd's too... just buy the rifle and have it shipped to an FFL, its usually a $25-50 fee.

3. R = Standard, R51 = Wider Trigger, R65 = 4-Piece Muzzle Brake, R66 = Rail System, SF = Side Folder, SF84R = Side Folder w/ Rail & Thumb Safety, UF = Under Folder, K = Krinkov

4. Krebs does limited runs on certain guns as they do their builds. Now it seems they've got Yugo 5.56 and .308's built. They also offer a plethora of upgrades to do yourself. Look around online, maybe find a used one or talk to someone at the company because I have no personal experience with them.

5. Right-o.

Check the dustcover.
Thats the Rifle Dynamics 703.

I Agree.

Thank you for all the answers. Will think on this newfound knowledge for a while.
This, you left out Saigas and Veprs

Anyone got opinions on these?
Another different first rifle fag here.
I've been out shooting plenty of times with the other guys in my family, and I'm 19 now, so it's high time I buy myself rifle to own. I always liked the idea of owning a bolt-action milsurp rifle with some decent historical use since they're cheap enough for me to afford and I think history is cool as hell, so I've got a couple rifles in mind.
I have about $1400 saved, would like to stay under $400, and I'm interested in finding a Mauser K98, but I have no delusion of being above other rifles like a Mosin-Nagant. My oldest brother owns a Mosin, and it was narrowly my favorite to shoot of all my family's guns, of which we have Glock 19's, an SKS, a Mossberg 500, and an AR-15.

What's /k/'s advice? I want something with a nice, smooth action which is why I'm drawn to Mauser.
>favorite to shoot
I like bolt-action rifles, loud sticks that kick good, and target shooting. It fits my gun fetishes better than the other firearms. Sue me.
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