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Cowboy Action Shooting
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Can we get a SASS/Cowboy Action Shooting thread going?

Do any /k/ommandos shoot in single action competitions or use "cowboy" type guns as their defensive weapon?

I have been thinking of buying a Schofield and 1873 in .45LC carrying those around my farm when I am working because I am autistic
I shoot in 200 and 300 yard "buffalo shoots" with several different guns.

My favorite is a new-production Winchester 1895 in .405win.
Do you reload .405?
Fuck yes I do. Shit's waaay too expensive for factory ammo.
I would really like to try this out, but really the Wild Bunch version is the only one I can really see myself doing. WWI is way cooler than stupid ol' cowboys.
I can't remember ever even seeing .405 for sale in person anywhere
Most SASS matches are extremely friendly. Odds are good that if you show up, be friendly, and don't drop too much spaghetti people will let you try it with borrowed guns.
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>WWI is way cooler than stupid ol' cowboys.
I'll give it a try one of these days!

I was just pretending to be retarded so you wouldn't realize I'm poor.
Hornady is the only company that loads it, and it's about $45 per 20. Occasionally can find it for ~$36.

Hornady is also the only company still making brass for it, and only Hornady and Barnes make .411 bullets (though most rifles do okay with .410" .41mag bullets with light loads--I primarily shoot 240gr XTP's.

My father has a couple of original, antique '95's in .405 and he gave me a couple boxes of custom-made .413" bullets that are extremely accurate. Sadly the guy who made them died several years ago.
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>a Schofield and 1873
1873 Winchester or Colt SAA?

I've never shot in a competition but I do have a Uberti Schofield in .45 and a Hammerli SAA and Winchester 1873 in .357

the Schofield and Winchester are among the most attractive handguns and rifles ever made, and extremely fun to shoot.

if you do get an 1873 rifle from either Uberti or Winchester do consider a peep tang sight from Marble's. they're a little pricey but very well made. much more accurate and quick to to aim with than the stock buckhorn sights, and adjustable for elevation and windage.
I have been wanting a Schofield for a couple years and I have finally decided to go for it. Ideally I would like two that are identically but I have control myself or I'll end up spending $5000 on cowboy guns and gear
the MSRP is pretty high but they can be had new or lightly used for much cheaper


add that to your saved searches and check the email updates option. there were no good deals for the first month after I started looking but one week several showed up between $650 and $750. I got mine for $680. good deals come to those who wait.
>good deals come to those who wait.

But I'm an impatient manchild who wants to play cowboy
well there's still better deals on there now than you'll find from a gunstore
What would a decent shotgun, pistol, rifle setup look like/cost?
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>carry .44 around the ranch
>sling shotgun across back
>move to Georgia from Texas
>get looked at funny for even open carrying at all
Dutch CAS fag here. Its a small group we have but we are one of the most succesful groups with regards to winning european matches. Too bad travelling to the usa with our guns is such a hassle and a financial burden.

We just switched to the sass rulebook. So looking forward to acquiring a model 1893 pump as the 1897 is banned by name.
my parents got into it, it's what finally got my mom to start shooting. so if the 60-something year old lady can handle .45 colt and her 1897 12 gauge quickly and accurately I never wanna hear jackshit about grown men bitching about recoil. I went with em to one competition, it's fun as fuck.
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1882 Spencer 12ga.jpg
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>a model 1893 pump
damn, that's going to be tough.
didnt' they stop making that in 1897?

remember the reason they made the switch was the 97 was rated for smokeless powder and the 93 was not.
so black powder only if you can even get your hands on one.

the only other pre-97 pump gun I know is the Spencer 1882
Do they allow fake mustaches in cowboy action shooting?
>the only other pre-97 pump gun I know is the Spencer 1882

Colt Lightning, 1884
sorry, meant to say pump shotgun
Ahh. I would have realized if I had looked at the picture better.
are you a male under 12 or a female under 50?
if not just grow a real one
>So looking forward to acquiring a model 1893 pump as the 1897 is banned by name.

The rule book I'm reading says that the 1897 is the only one that IS allowed.
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More western guns appreciation needed.
1875 for best
>Tfw no Whitney Kennedy
Ok i have to correct myself. We went over to the sass rulebook but as the 1893 is the only allowed pumpgun for cas in holland we made an exception. and only blackpowder is correct, but half of us shoot blackpowder or triple 7 anyway so thats no problem. As for acquiring an 1893, its a matter of patience. One will come up every now and then and untill then i can borrow them from at least 5 other guys i know have one.

What revolvers do you guys like best? I have a pair of us firearms single action army revolvers, 4 3/4 inch barrels in .45lc, they are smooth as fuck
I dont want this thread to die, there are hardly ever cas threads, so bump with my cas revolvers
I really wish they still made revolvers.
Do you guys have any info on how i could go about getting onese these revolvers in 45acp?

I hear that they apparently sell conversion cylinders, but have never actually seen one for sale anywhere. The only things ive seen are to send it to a gunsmith to get it converted.

Do any of you know of any place that sells 45acp cylinders?

I own a ruger NV in 45acp with brdshead grips and 3.75 barrel, but would like something with a longer barrel and traditional grip.

I considered ordering a colt saa in 45acp but wait time is 2 years.
I have a Rossi r92, any suggestions on how to sup it up for CAS? I don't think it will ever be as nice as a winchester but I like it enough, I want to remove that stupid safety on the bolt but I haven't found a way I'm happy with yet.
Best sights to put on it? Is it worth installing a sling? I would like to make it nicer, at least because I don't have any projects right now.
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DSC00440 MR.jpg
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not sure if you have seen this place yet, but here you go. check around the site for all the parts you can change out.
whoops, forgot link.
I'd totally get into it, but I'm a gimp.
There are plenty of handicapped SASS members. Unfortunately for you the nickname Festus is long gone.
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