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Multi-hair out of one follicle
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Will a close shave with a safety razor eliminate them?
Can I after that just grow them out and trim them? That's my plan.

Long story:
So I have quite hairy legs, but it's the result of fucking up in the past and having shaved them.
Now I have very many 3er-folliceles (3 hairs out of one follicle). I even have one with 6 hairs coming out of it.

I want to fix that and start over fresh, since I'm not naturally that hairy and it looks better.

Will a trimm, shave with the grain + shae against the grain, be enough to eliminate them?
Are you sure you aren't better off embracing your new life as a Sasquatch?
I already trimmed one leg yesterday. Too late.
Never go half-Sasquatch. Full Sasquatch, or no Sasquatch.
I don't think you understand how shaving works, let alone hair follicles.

Shaving does not "eliminate" hair follicles, nor does it cause more to grow.

The only way to get rid of hair follicles permanently is a process called electrolysis. It burns the hair follicle's root with lye. It's done by a professional and they charge by the follicle.

Waxing and epilating can all thin the hair by pulling hair follicles out by the root and potentially even stop growth permanently if done frequently enough, but there's no guarantee.

Laser treatments can potentially kill hair follicles permanetly, but they're rather expensive and you'll need touchups every year or so. As technology advances, we can assume laser treatments may become more permanent in the future.
So pulling them out with a pincette is going to work better than shaving the with a safety razor?

Wew there lad, this will take a long time.

Also I'm cis male, so I'm not really that interested in permanently removing fair follicles, I just don't want them to all split up.

Btw I'm not completly sure, since it's already many years back, if I had these follicles before I shaved my legs once.
I'm not completely sure you even know what you want. By the way you type, you seem pretty young, so I can only assume that your body is still developing new hair over time.

So what you're trying to say is that your hair is too dense? You could try epilating or waxing. Epilating is cheaper, there are mechanical ones that do it for you that cost about $25 but it'll take up lots of your time if you're super hairy. Waxing is much quicker, but costs more. If you do it yourself you can save money and learn a new skill, or pay a professional to do your legs for around $30
Sorry, here is my end goal:
1 hair per follicle, so I can just trim them every other month or so.

Is right now pulling them out with a pincette or maybe wax, I would have to look that up, going to fix my problem with multi-haired follicles?
Will they then just grow normally out, 1 hair per follicle?
Epilating and waxing will pull all of the hairs out, then they will regrow over time. Hair grows in cycles, so you'd have to wait awhile to see if you're going to have six hairs per follicle like before, but yes it's possible that you will only have one or two hairs.
Okay, I just asked my mother to give me one of her old Epilaters.

Gonna trim them to make them shorter, epilate them and then I'm going to punish my skin by brushing it harshly the following days to prevent ingrown hairs.

Am I missing anything?
Wet your skin with warm water before you epilate, give it a few minutes to "open up" your skin, it'll help. I usually wash the area that I'm going to epilate with antibacterial soap beforehand too. Also, it's going to be painful for your first time, but pain doesn't mean you're doing it wrong. If you get things that look like pimples, don't pop them.
Yeah, I will shower beforehand, so check.

>If you get things that look like pimples, don't pop them
But brush them hard, right?
I've never heard about brushing the skin to prevent ingrown hairs, but the pimples aren't ingrown hairs. It's bacteria that gets into where your hair used to be. Just leave them alone and they'll be gone in 3 days or so. Brushing them hard might cause them to pop, but everyone's skin is different and I'm sure you'll figure out what works best on your own.
I used to get that all the time and waxing or epilating can help get rid of them. My legs still have them since I usually leave them hairy but my ass doesn't get them anymore at least.
Though I've been epilating my butt for a good 5-6 years now.
thanks fam, I'm going to do it tonight
One question.

I NEVER shaved my legs and arms so i have average body hair (Not thick, no problem with multiple hair coming out of a follicle).

What would be the best way to shave my legs? It seems like a razor tends to terrible results ( I've used a razor on my chest and the hair is more visible and thick now.)
This is not how shaving works. Shaving doesn't change anything about your hair coverage. Learn a book.
I've always assumed that waxing/epilating would work even better on people with pili multigemini since it would damage that particular area 2-6x as fast. Technically each hair has it's own root though, but I figure since it all shares the rest of the follicle structures that it would at least do a lot of damage if you're ripping a bundle of hair out rather than just a single one like most people have.
I have it and I waxed my legs once and although now all the hair has grown back the hair on my legs was thinned out a ton for a good year. I was scared it was permanent because I actually kind of did it on a whim and all of a sudden it was all patchy for a good 10-12 months after and looked really weird.

I'd imagine if I kept doing it then it would probably significantly damage the follicles. That was the first time I had ever waxed my legs and and I only did it the once and was quite surprised at how much it reduced my hair. I did have hair grow back within like a week or two but the pili multigemini was reduced for about a year.

But yeah 3 hairs per follicle seems to be the most common for me as well, but I have some that are like 4-6 all over my legs and arms. It's really annoying since I don't get them anywhere else on my body.
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