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1st gay experience
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>1st gay experience thread

>be 14
>goes to friend's house for school project, nobody at home except 2 of us
>did work for an hour
>start to get bored
>start talking about vidya games, mundane topics
>convo veers towards girls and stuff
>he starts asking me questions regarding masturbation, how often do I do it, whether I watch porn etc
>he brings out his brother's dirty magazines
>we start flipping the pages
>I could sense he was getting fiesty
"hey anon...wanna jerk off?"
>both of us took off our pants but left shirts on
>its obvious we are both rock hard
>agreed to pull down briefs together
>holy shit his dick is big, uncut, easily 6 inches
>start to jerk off together
>start jerking off each others' dick
>ended up with a mutual blowjob
>it was summer so his crotch was sweaty and musty, but that really made it hotter

we didnt shoot in mouth or whatever, just cleaned up with tissues afterwards. He made me promise not to tell anyone, and we never got the chance to do it again. He has a girlfriend now.
Well... I'm at my best friend's house right now, and I really want to suck his dick.
he knows I'm gay, and he told me he was bi (I think he only likes traps) my worry is that things will get awkward between us and I'll lose my best friend.

do I suck his dick or not?
If I wanted pasta I'd go to an Italian resturant.
Tell him he's a good boy/cute and watch his ears turn red.

If so just go for it.
If I ask to suck his cock, he'll almost certainly agree to it.
it's just how awkward it will be afterwards that I'm worried about.
>it's just how awkward it will be afterwards that I'm worried about.
Just cuddle and snuggle afterwads while stroking his hair.
I'm quite sure he's not attracted to me.
I on the other hand think he's quite cute. hell, we got drunk a few months ago and he was actually my first kiss.

>6 inches

Pick one.
At the age of 14 it might be big.
Well, it's slightly above average and they're 14
If you've kissed, there's obviously something going on between you two. Just go for it, anon.

that was very similar to mine...

I was at a friends house - in the summer between 8th and 9th grade...he had his room in the basement which seemed really cool at the time...we were looking at his dads penthouse mags...naked and stroking...he was a big kid (tall and built) and I was small for my age...and he had a big cock (mine was not small but not as big)...

....it was all very matter of fact...we just decided to try sucking each other...but somehow it became apparent that I was the bottom and he the top and...we tried fucking but he was too damn big and it hurt so we didnt but we he pretty much dry humped me naked and came allover my chest...

...then for the next few weeks I became his personal cocksucker and we had fun seeing how many places around his house i could suck his cock...in the living room, in the pool, on the deck...I remember him having a conversation with his mom at the top of stairs with him at the bottom yelling back and forth and me sucking his dick....we went in his sisters room a few times and he made me wear her panties which was hot as fuck...

...he and his mom and sister left for a couple of weeks for vacation and that was the end of it....I moved away soon thereafter...but I have been a cocksucking pantyboy ever since.

(while he was gone for 2 weeks his dad stayed behind and invited me to use the pool whenever he was home...but thats a story for another day. :)
>be 6
>new sitter, he works full time
>he's in his late teens, real nice and i like him; he becomes a real good friend
>we're home alone, im playing in my room
>he walks in and suggests we play a game
>makes me rp restaurant i serve him, he acts upset and angry
>says i need punishment
>strips me butt naked and makes me deepthroat his long uncut cock(6inches which is huuuuge for a 6 year old to take)
>shifts to 69, he's takes my tiny dick and nuts in his mouth and sucks on them gently
>mfw i feel some crazy feels + idk wtf is going on
>fucks my face for like 20 minutes, seems like forever but he's on me i can't move or resist
>finally lets out a long moan and cums down my throat
>tfw when you swallow it all so you dont puke
>kisses my lips and says good job you're forgiven now and don't tell anyony about our secret game
>he fondles with my tiny cock for a while and leaves
This one asian girl would lick me. I always wanted her to keep licking me. Now I want to lick asians. What a tweest.
>first kiss
>doesn't suck his dick
Don't remember which came first but there was a period of time during 3rd/4th grade I had 3 school friends I did gay shit with kinda regularly, usually at night during sleepovers.

>Be 9 or 10
>Invited friend or went over friend's house
>We roleplayed and played house and I was always the girl
>Our excuse was we had to make babies
>We dry humped and rubbed our crotches against each other's

>Be at other friend's house
>Lights off and TV on
>Both already in bed
>Guest's/my bed is right next to his
>Propose playing "couple"
>I was the girl again
>Moved over to his bed
>I was on top, we were dry humping, but we used a pillow in between as a "condom" (lol)
>He removes the pillow
>Keep dry humping
>I could feel the tip of his hard cock touching my hole through our PJs
>Hot as fuck

>Other friend
>At his or my house
>One way or the other we always ended up taking our pants off
>I'd lie face down in bed
>He'd be on top pushing his dick against my crack
>No actual penetration but still hot af
Well this is my first time. I was about 12. My friend was 13, we we're very close friends. We went to the same church. I slept at his house many times. We both talked about sex a lot. For our ages we knew a lot. We both were very athletic, we played on the soccer team. The night was hot. We were playing video games. We both took our shirts off. I noticed he had nicer abs then me. I said your stomach is awesome man. He said feel how hard they are man. I noticed while rubbing his abs, he was becoming aroused. He was in underwears. I was also, noticing his bulge my first thought was make a joke... I said what is that. He laughed and we both laughed. I became aroused, he noticed. He said wow, what's that laughing a lot after. He then grabbed my bulge. I then grabbed his, he said shhhhh and got up. He locked the bedroom door. We both knew we were doing something that would make his parents mad. He said we have to be quiet. I said OK, he said take off your underwear. I did, so did he. He said I want to show you something. He said it feels good. He grabbed my penis, he moved it up and down. It felt great, I moaned a little. He said you like that, I said yes...then a knock at the door. Wtf... It was the kid next-door. He came in with a blanket. I'm staying over, what are you guys doing. He laughed and took his clothes off, now I'm like you guys. So went back to my friend jerking me off. The other kid watched. We said that must feel good, he heard my moans. I said yeah, so I started playing with his penis. He liked it a lot. We where all on this bed. We all knew what sex was from porn magazines. Not gay sex though. I remember a women in the mag sticking the penis in her mouth. That came to mind, Slowly my attention moved towards his penis. I said this feels better. I put it in my mouth, he nearly screams in pleasure. My friend said shhhhh. I sucked him, didn't really know what I was doing..licked the head a little bit. My friend was saying ....do me, do me. I said OK. My
My friend was more mature, I put it in my mouth. I noticed it tasted salty. He had pre-cum... He pushed my head in... His dick was bigger. It went in my throat. I chocked, kept sucking him. I feel the kid next door playing with my butt. He sticks a finger it felt do good. I said put it in, he was nervous. He said OK...I kept sucking. Then he slowly entered me, it felt warm. It felt amazing, he begins thrusting. Sloppy at first. He gets a motion going it feels so good. Mean while I'm sucking my friends cock. I noticed him getting tense...he almost crys in pleasure. He cums, right in my mouth. It was very salty. I swallowed it, kept sucking. I want to try what he's doing. So they switch spots. The next door neighbor was sweaty. I began sucking him. Then bam my friend puts it in, omg. It was bigger, so it felt kind of weird at first. He got the hang fast he was moaning while fucking me. I felt good so, we kept this up. The next door neighbor then came in my mouth, it tasted good. Kind of sweet, not like my friends cum. I actually wanted more it tasted so good. I sucked out every drop. My friend started fucking me faster. It was so awesome. He came in me, it was so warm. We all talked after. Swore not to tell anyone. That didn't work. Kid next door told others. This lead to many other experiences. Two other boys joined our secret pack. We kept it secret. I sucked them all off numerous times. They fucked me all the time. I was a giver, I had bukkake before even knowing what it was... They loved the way I sucked. I had four dicks all the time, at the same time. I swallowed so many of their loads. It went on for two years. I eventually moved. I miss this, hey but its done now. The next door neighbor still had the best tasting cum. I sucked him off daily. The other three loved taking turns fucking me, God it was really good times.
Met someone from the internet. Went to some woods nearby and I sucked his dick. It was very big (about 20cm, quite thick). Remember I was 17, told him I was of legal age. Ignored his calls afterwards because he was a disgusting piece of shit, being married and all... Remember being really anxious about whether I got an STD or not.
this thread is bretty hot tbhon.
I didn't have my first boyfriend until this year (Eighteen college freshman) and we fucked after like a week or two of dating. We aren't together anymore but the sex was nice. I topped but he was more sexually experienced than I was.
boku no pico: the thread
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I fucking love these threads
That's hot. Mine was pretty similar with a childhood friend except that mutual blowjob part. We did different things like rubbing our naked bodies together or the other time he tried to stick his penis into me and I went down on him but stopped quick because he tasted salty and pee-like which was like gross at the time. My second experience was touching penises with my cousin but I felt so bad about it because he was way younger than me while his sex drive was unbelievably high next to mine.
does non consensual count? my first sexual experience of any kind was being a first year middle schooler and an older boy forced me to give him a blowjob while his friend held me down.

a couple years later i was staying the night at a friend's house and he brought up the subject of girls. i didn't have any strong interest in anyone sexually or romantically but i humored him. eventually we started talking about sex and he says he has some magazines and asks if i want to masturbate. i think why not, i'm bored and i can't sleep. i suddenly remembered his sister was out of town and. i suggested that we go to her room because its further away from the parent's bedroom and we can talk without waking everyone up. he starts fapping while i'm looking around. i pull out some of his sister's clothes and start putting them on. he gets defensive and tells me to stop, but i ask him if he wants to try it too. i could tell he wanted to so i asked again and he relented. so we end up fapping and he's sort of half heartedly into this magazine, but we're sitting really close and i can see him stealing glances at me. we've definitely crossed the bro comfort zone. we caught each other's gaze for a moment and things kind of stopped. i hesitantly moved in and kissed him. then he goes beast on me and pins me to the bed. we end up sucking each other off and frotting for like an hour. we heard a door open on the other side of the house and realize his room is still open. so we hurry to put our normal clothes on and put everything back but his mom walks in before we can cover all the evidence.

the next morning his mom, who was a crazy religious asshole, beat the hell out of him and i was told to never come back. ironically, his dad was laughter caught cheating with another man and left the mom. last i heard the friend was a repressed bislut living a closet life in some shitty small town his mom dragged him to after the divorce. i came out trans a few years later.
>touching penises

>Be me
>Be 5 years old
>Be in kindergarten
>Be friends with this autism kid
>Convince him that being gay is trendy
>Kiss him, holding hands
>Being a couple for half a week
>Starting to really like this kid
>He breaks up because his parents say its wrong

>4 years later: repeat with same kid

>three years later (12y) : blowing a guy I just met at a festival
That's so sweet and sad at the same time..
>8 years old
>sleep over with my best friend
>he says "i wonder if you blow air into my nose will it come out of my mouth?"
>agree to do it after he begs
>i lean in to put my mouth over his nose and he lifts his head up and starts kissing me instead
>kiss back
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I Came brah.png
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>Be 20 year old virgin
>Self identified as asexual, never masturbated or anything
>Be roommates with high school friend
>One night he comes into my room, sits on my bed, and looks down for a second
>"H-hey, wouldn't it be cool to have a friend with benefits? L-like just on a theoretical level, haha..."
>progress awkwardly until he asks if I want to try something (Think it was a BJ but I don't really remember)
>decline automatically

A little while later...

>Be robotripping in my room
>Feeling good, psychological blast shields down
>Friend comes in again
>Hangs out for a few hours listening to music with me
>Suddenly, awkward small talk
>He brings it up again, says that if I say no again he'll drop it but he really wants to
>I'm not sex-repulsed or anything so I can't think of a reason to say no
>"Sure, why not? I'm not really in a physical mood right now (robotripping) but lets try tomorrow"

Next day: extremely awkward blowjob, neither one of us finished

NEXT day: He comes into my room and sits on my bed and before he can say anything I kind if snuggle up to him and grin. He sheepishly grins back. We try again later, it works, it's great, and now we've been together for 6 months (He apparently crushed on me throughout highschool and wanted to date but said the FWB thing because he suspected I was straight and didn't want to scare me)

So yeah, pretty great
That was pretty cute actually.
>love at first sight with guy I met when I was like 7
>crush on him literally for over a decade
>he finally asks me out after all my flirting after we finish high school (I was 18, he was 19)
And that's my first gay "experience", my bf asked me out on a date :^)
Uhh... thanks?

I was in denial about being gay then. our kiss progressed me accepting that I'm gay.

Although my 20th birthday is coming up and he's bringing alcohol... we'll see what happens then.
I actually forgot about this till I read this thread
> be 10ish
> dad is dating some woman with a daughter my age
> always sleep over and play games together
> play mummy and daddy (I think)
> get under the covers and touch each other
> get caught
> our parents break up
> she gets in a crapload of trouble
> lel woops
>be in 9th grade (14-15 years old)
>have friend at school
>asks if I want to go over his place Friday after school
>he lives across the city so a couple buses and train later we're at his place
>go up to his room, listen to music
>he asks if I'd ever smoked weed
>tell him no
>he says let's do it
>we climb out on roof outside his room and start smoking
>feels good
>go back inside high for first time
>he pulls out playboy magazine
>we're looking through pictures
>he says he wants to jerk off and just pulls his cock out. tells me to do the same
>I'm hesitant since I've never done anything remotely sexual with or in front of anyone but he insists
>we're both sitting on the floor jerking off and he suggests we jerk each other
>I don't answer but he just reaches over and starts jerking me off
>I start jerking him off too
>without asking he leans over and starts sucking my cock
>feels way better than jerking off
>he asks me to suck his
>again hesitant but knowing how good it felt and since he went first, lean over and put his cock in my mouth
>again, feels good
>keep exchanging blow jobs for about an hour until we both cum (ended up jerking off rather than cumming from BJ)
>since he lives in a shitty part of town he asks if I can stay overnight
>OK with both parents
>after dinner go back up to his room
>he puts a chair in front of the door and says we should take our clothes off
>lay in bed exchanging blow jobs again
>both blow in each other's mouths
>night filled with blow jobs and awkward anal sex

not bad for a first time
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Thread images: 4
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