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MSGO is a 51v51 Gundam game blah blah blah,...
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MSGO is a 51v51 Gundam game blah blah blah, check the archive.

Everything you need to know:


Part 1
1) They added a new weapon. A support search grenade. This weapon makes everyone hit with it appear on the mini-map for a period.


Jump height and boost consumption at time of jumping changes to corespond with the jump button. Likely nerfed heavily.
Switching to scope mode with a weapon has a delay now. No quick scope
Mortars have a scope mode now. You access it by pressing F since their
Wince threshold of units that can't fall is doubled
When you're on the ground, they're increasing the knockdown threshold dramatically.
Reduction of lock on range
Something about "Reduction of correction of shoot recoil when locked on"
Rate of Fire drops on weapons when you're moving
Bases endurance rises as does repair pod by bases endurance


Minimum Guaranteed Damage of the CBZ is increased.
All CBZ gain increased speed with charge
The Heat Rod!! Now automatically destroys shields on contact
Repair Pods now remove abnormal status
They changed the landing time and display screen for long range mortars
When you use stealth mode and Gogg's gel, you can switch to another weapon and have it still be active
Dash power is now 3x Attack power instead of 2x attack power
Melee attacks with 2 hits are still only double damage for each hit though.
Melee attacks with 2 hits combine their damage for the sake of knockdown
Machinegun: Machine gun is upgraded by 300 points across the board in terms of damage. Ammo increased across the board as well. t last it becomes viable and I become god. SOLOMON I RETURN AT LAST.

Beam Rifle: Just as large of a buff. BR see a big buff across the board of +400-500 damage. Average BR N damage is 1700 per hit for Assault and 1900 for Heavy Weapons. Even Mega particles like ACguy see this buff.

Grenade: Switching time shortened across the board.

Repairgun: +50 HP restore per hit across the board

Mortar?!?!: Damage is increaseed across the board. F2 sees +500 damage, while N type is +2000! General increase of power and effect range on all weapons for artillery

Sniper: Increase of damage on all weapons by about +500. This includes even the charge sniper for some reason.

That's really about it. We don't see anything huge like Zaku I tackle becoming charge melee.

Just those changes applied to each unit and then every unit listed

The last one is statistics, which this person mentioned. Especially Heavy units, Artillery Units, and Fat units like the Dom and Hygogg have all seen fairly substantial buffs to HP. There are other changes though. Several weapons gain the ability to be fired while their shield is up and active; Shield vulcan, and Gyan's two weapons. Basically, when firing hyde and needle missiles, it's considered to have its shield up as well. Other minor changes to suits that needed it across the board as well. High Mobility Dom finally gets its well deserved 10K Bazooka. Certain melee weapons have boost consumption down. Certain personal weapons are given a general buff.

Keep in mind that they've promised to start doing regular updates in the future, so this could be Step 1. And they have further Steps and modifications after these settle and they know the basics are sorted out. Like introducing things like Charge Melee and other new attacks to older units
File: 1405598604029.jpg (93 KB, 637x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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They increased the projectile speed of Alex's BZ and its AoE. But not Kaempfer. For some reason, only Alex got this high speed BZ. This is likely because you're going to be really hard to knock down when standing, I assume. And if they made squatting faster, than I assume you're supposed to be able to react squat. But I don't understand why Alex alone got a BZ BUFF of all things. All these changes won't mean much if Alex is the same.
Some new things for Dec 3 besides the major rebalancing to take your mind off Alex.

They're implementing a jump button. When you're out of boost or don't want to use it, you can perform a small hop for getting around.

They're implementing a button that allows you to ditch your aircraft when you're dying and no one is around to repair to get to the change mobile suit screen faster.

Repair gun can now remove the box that marks you when hit by thef camera gun.

They added a screen effect when you get hit.

Changed the timings on both MS resortie times in general and commander options.

Victory bonus to score of 10% when you win. So if you get 400 points, if you win you get 440.

Strengthening up campaign is next week. Flat 7%

Gold chest appears as combat reward and double play tickets for two weeks

"Interlude_U.C.0083" event Gajah Con play period start no further info yet

Torrington base comes out

Profieciency system (Level up MS by using them to increase their upgrade chance % for stregthening)

Rental aircraft now have multiple layout types so you can test out different combos

If you accumulate 200,000 points 5 times in Co-op, it's counted the same as 1 million for people who can't score good.

OH! Some MS can't jump. The ones you'd expect, like Guntank. But Dom can still jump!
Also to take into consideration, the already good Johnny Ridden Gelgoog Cannon is getting buffed up the fucking ass. Save your tickets, kiddos.
I guess? Alex got a huge buff, while all Kaemper got was +50 to Vulcan damage. We'll see how the BR vs MG battle goes, but I have a feeling that Federal domination has been secured.
I've got the feeling the Physalis is going to be on par with the Alex, while the Zephyranthes will just be another gundam Gundam. Definitely worth waiting and seeing how those two affect things.

I am loving the Dom buffs though, the 10k bazooka as well as the heat rods breaking shields is great. Gouf got nothing though.
Updated my videocard drivers, tried launching the game through applocale, still black textures.
What else should I try?
Nah. They fixed Alex. It was a typo. Only the M type was supposed to get faster to promote its usage. It got the same boosts all high level BZ (same as Kemp).
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56 KB, 470x542
try setting the Region and Language settings format to Japan
Holy fuck you're a /m/an amongst men.
That has solved the problem.
Thanks a lot!
So my understanding of this substantial, sweeping change to game mechanics is that they're basically increasing the power of virtually every weapon in the game?

I'm not sure how that fixes the problem with machineguns and beam weapons though. If all machineguns are only being given a 300 point increase in damage (and more ammo), how does that help when they give beam rifles +400-500 damage?

On the other hand, heat rods are going to destroy shields, and melee is going to be x3 now. Seems like the Gouf may become relevant again, and this is exciting news.
Newfriend here,can I play this from south america without lagging too much?
We play it from America without it being too horrible. My assumption is that if you play it from South America it will be about the same, maybe a tiny bit worse.

The playing experience isn't terribly disrupted when you're the attacker, and when you're not doing melee. When you're trying to avoid attacks is when it's more obvious that you're playing with a bit of lag. You get used to it though.
Since just about every suits are getting their HP increased. I doubt all the damage increase for the weapons will make all that much of differences.

I'm more interested in if we'll get any of our currency back seeing how they're revamping all the stats and adding suit proficiency system.
File: P1040281.jpg (111 KB, 1023x881) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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WTF!? They didn't buff the long range beam projector rifle!? They were already mediocrely bad before, with few people using it. And with the new HP buff across the board, they're gonna end up completely pointless now...
Assault suits aren't getting that much HP though, so you'll see them getting destroyed easier.
The ones that gets huge HP increase is mainly just artilleries and fat+slow heavies which grants them more survivability.

Machineguns fires a lot faster than beam rifles.
>Machineguns fire faster than beam rifles.
But yet machineguns are weaker than beam rifles. While I appreciate that there are some differences between the two styles of weapons, machineguns that aren't attached to the Alex are extremely weak.

I'm not seeing how a 300-point increase in damage across the board while simultaneously making beam weapons stronger is going to help. All they're doing is making ALL ranged weapons stronger, which means that ALL mobile suits (except artillery) are going to be easier to kill in general.

I don't want to be killed faster. I want machineguns to not suck.
File: sieg zeon.jpg (195 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sieg zeon.jpg
195 KB, 1920x1080
kinda ironic since they're releasing Torrington.
File: ZakuISniper.jpg (73 KB, 594x697) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 594x697
Beam projectors suck, period. People only use it when they have yet to have unlocked regular beam/kinetic sniper rifles.
Machineguns fires 6+ times per second, while full auto beam rifles gets 3+ per second.
From the math, machineguns gets the better end of the deal.

Here's for comparison,
Dom Tropen MMP-80 Machinegun full auto type F damage upped from 750 to 1200.
Alex wrist gatling type standard damage is 1100, and is not getting buffed.
There's rate of fire difference but it's tradable for better range, ammo, etc. and what is supposed to be a medium cost suit against a top end NT-1.
Will there be a nuke bazooka?
Very optimistic about the Dom fixes, particularly Heat Saber ripping apart shields. Not that anyone uses shields anymore.
>Heat Saber ripping apart shields.
HEAT ROD. Not the heat sabers, HEAT ROD. Goufs.

Also I believe he said that the MLRS version of the GP03 is the one being used.
File: 324558.jpg (76 KB, 854x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 854x480
I think you can have either MLRS or the beam bazooka.

Is the leveling of suits supposed to be included in this update also? Someone was talking about being able to level up suits the more you use them.
Oh, and one other thing. Does Zeon get Physalis? Or can it be "stolen" in clan mode?
>Not that anyone uses shields anymore.
Is there any advantage to not using shields?
>advantage to not using shields.
Only the overall balance increase. Shields provide better balance than they do by removing them, but that advantage is lost when your shield is destroyed (which usually happens the same time that you yourself are destroyed anyhow).
not yet, it will be on 0083 update.

see >>11742867, also on 0083. save your DX tickets.
Federation strong remove Zeon

Stacked decks suck though.
File: 22392.jpg (187 KB, 681x657) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187 KB, 681x657
Zeon should stay away from today's event matches.
Practically unwinnable, Fed gets all the knockdown bazookas while the Gelgoog is equipped with beam cannon and missile, which is useless on Jaburo.
Up until now the decks I've seen have been great.

What the fuck were they thinking?
not to mention CHAR KICK
Can this game run decently on a toaster of a laptop? I'm going to be out of town for a while and I don't want to miss out.
File: cLYJVP8[1].jpg (210 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So what's this sticker thing? Decals?

Also, how good is the repair gun above it?
File: ss_20141129_132759.png (926 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
926 KB, 1280x720
You use them to unlock emblems. Also the one above it is a color spray, you use them to unlock coloring / paintjobs (the other tab on the picture).
As >>11743639 said, however I strongly recommend you not spending them on those things. Either trade them for the gold blueprints, DX ticket, or hangar ticket (only if you don't intend on spending real cash, since hangar slots are cheap in BC, compared to what you would get by spending it on DX tickets). The other things come by alot easier.
Beam Projector is meant to be solidly anti-material from what I can tell. It didn't get buffed because it's the strongest weapon in the game vs bases if you can actually get near one. Like Texas Colony.

I'm on the west coast of Canada. Vancouver Island specifically. I get the same ping to Tokyo as I do to Miami.It really varies on physical location.

It's also important to note that they're lowering the rate of fire of weapons when moving. They haven't said by how much per weapon. That makes MG even better since they'll be the only weapon besides vulcans to maintain a good RoF when moving.
Guess they sacrificed balance for "muh epik playbonus matchup".
And on the weekend nonetheless.
Hangar tickets sound a hell of a lot better than tiny emblems. The paintjob sounds nice but I'll save it for the hangar. Thanks guys.
>Strongest against bases.
So, wait... Does that mean that beam projectors do critical damage to hero units too? Can we recreate the destruction of the Apsalus III with these things?

>reducing rate of fire while moving
Ah yeah, I forgot about that. All of these things together give me hope that machineguns will finally be worth something.

As in, with other players? People would trade gold prints for those cosmetic items?
>As in, with other players? People would trade gold prints for those cosmetic items?
No I mean trade as in exchange those playbonus tickets for items.
It's not that it does critical damage. It's that it has the highest damage output of any weapon in the game. This is normally impossible on a moving enemy. Fixed weapon turrets and bases don't move so you can keep the bead on them for the entire clip.
Heroes are easier to hit because they move less, but it's not the same.
Not really feeling this event, it seems to just end up with a stalemate at two chokepoints with only the one at the top map having a little push and pull to it.
It varies from deck to deck. Sometimes the event deck is great, other times it's just a borefest.

The previous deck was all artillery. Just thank whatever god your worship that you avoided that shit, if you did indeed avoid that shit.
Yeah, I was there. The sky was practically on fire.

I did get a good match in just now though, a nice strong push through the north tunnels of Jaburo, it helped that I'm finally getting my slow-moving rocket timing down a lot better.
So when does this game start trying to destroy my wallet again? The game has a nice progression to it, the gashacon is punishing but not TOO bullshit, and I can grind my way up to stuff like more hangar space.

I imagine if you want the good new stuff right away that's what the cash store is for and it cuts out a lot of the grinding, but this doesn't feel too grindy so far.
is it only gold blueprints juaggu that gets mortar or there another variation that I'm missing?
There are two types of Juagg, heavy (ジュアッグ) and artillery (ジュアッグ(砲撃装備)). Only the artillery type gets the mortar. Heavy type comes from normal gasha and the gold one gets the bitchslap, while the artillery type is from exchanging playbonus tickets and thus always gold.
Why can't I upgrade suits that I built? Can I only upgrade suits that I've bought?
Did the suits you built come with green bars already? Then they're limited use and can't be upgraded.
Oh, that explains it. Thanks for the quick answer.
You can only upgrade non-rental suits. Ones that don't have the green label on them.

You should be able to upgrade even the starter suits. I recall being able to last time I started a character.
>going for a GM Sniper Custom
>get a GM Command Light Armor
how do I do this thing?
This shit has been nothing but frustration to me. Constantly getting one shotted, constantly getting tripped, even when I only equipped ONE weapon for max balance bonus. Yet for some reason I rarely fucking knock anybody off their feet no matter what damage I put into them. Also, FUCKING KAMPFERS. They loiter in the air like fucking helicopters.

Honestly don't fucking get this.
I was having a lot of trouble with Kampfers for a while until I kinda learned how they play (by getting one on my Zeek). If you're assaulting, you're basically relying on your anti-air team mates to shoot them down. I strongly recommend a gold GM Early Type with the charge beam rifle for popping them, then swapping to your Bazooka with a quick swap module to really rough them up.
I hear ya man.
It's hard to figure out a good setup with efreets and Kampfers everywhere
Though it's probably because your teammates aren't actually helping out with that
I literally wasted my Ez8 trying to help a bunch of dolts who couldn't notice 2 goddamn suits ripping apart a ally and then me.
Beam spray gun No-type, 4k saber. careful it has no shield and it's armor is fairly low, but your balance can be in the +200. I would aim for the spray shooter trait
Is upgrading projectile speed on Bazookas any worth it?
There isn't projectile speed upgrade
do not upgrade any of the starter suits and their weapons. starter suits are all gimped in ways that they have no bonus traits what-so-ever. any upgrade spent on them is a waste. only upgrade the suits you've built yourself.
I did it, I beat the scam machine and got a DX ticket

So am I guaranteed something nice from the DX gashacon when I try it out after the next update hits, or do I have a 90% chance of rolling junk?
Can anyone give me tips for the Support Ground GM? I'm using the radar node, no-type repair torch and a no-type beam spray so far.
The real problem I've had with all the efreet variants is their decent armor, great speed, and that you can't knock them down. It's sad to say, but my answer has been revenge killing them. They're left pretty open after the charge and it's the only chance you'll have of getting a direct hit.

Kampfers suck because they polarize your teams. I commit 2-3 suits to bringing them and efreets down, but if you don't have that support near you or on your team, shit gets ugly.

Also what kind of Ez8 do you have? I fucking love that suit and am patiently waiting and saving to get one.
I actually don't know the specific one but I got it and a gold ground type trying to get the guntank prototype.

I can stun some efreets but not knock them down on the Ez8 unless I use my charge zook.
And for some reason I shrug off sniper shots like they're nothing on my ground type.
This is gonna piss off the ZIDF but Efreets are pretty fucking brainless.
You're guaranteed to get something nice if you have 130 DX tickets. Since DX gashacon doesn't restock items unless you chose to. The chance of getting good shit increases the more you spend your ticket in the same gashacon set. Where regular gashacon always has full stock so you can play for the 1000th time, the chance of getting something good stays the same.

Zeek here.

No argument.
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