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Goodbye Buddy Complex
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as of 12:00 Japan Time, the curtain has closed on the iOS/Android spinoff game for Buddy Complex. While everything's been shut off, the guys left behind a character wall scroll of EVERYONE in the game that had a card entry.
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This meeting can even change destiny...
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I want to watch over this era just a little more...
No one knows the future, after all
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The days spent with everyone will always be within me...
It'd be great if we don't forget this...
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I will no longer say thanks to you.
Nor will I think that I got a rookie tangled into this mess.
...That's what being a buddy is about.
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Thanks for playing to the end.

We thank you from our hearts.
-Buddy Complex: Senjou no Coupling staff

For a game that lived for about 1 year and 3 months, it's very engaging given that they expanded on the existing story and even REDEEMED BIZON while tying up the loose end that is "Future Bizon" and Doctor Han.
Please elaborate the "expanding story" part buddy anon.
Is that Dio's imouto being a Buddy?
This and build fighters were the only shows I enjoyed last year. I still haven't finished it.
hoo boy, where to start. First things first, people remember the Hina loop trap, yes? Turns out the Senjou no Coupling manga that ran in Dengeki MaOU was something of a what if, where Aoba and Hina did not return through the singularity but stayed on with the Federation. However, for the manga plot, the trigger that created Ichijou Haku(Yet another coupling experiment with Aoba and Hina, this time an experiment as to whether it is possible to overwrite someone's emphater wave) as a coupler apparently sends Aoba back. This creates a second loopset. The game makes for a supposed 3rd iteration, where you, the player, and your coupling buddy, Ichijou Haku the protag of the manga, are dumped back to effectively S1E1 and start nudging butterfly effects here and there, with Haku joining the Federation and the player joining a coupler mercenary company troop that works both sides.

Notable things that happen:
Elite Guard Commander Dorchev SURVIVES(This results in Future Bizon's coup being only half effective)

Bizon and Hina managing to save Hina's dad while extracting with the stolen coupler machines.

More insight into From's past(One of Doctor Han's past experiments on an orphanage to make natural couplers who escaped being disposed of after the experiment was declared a failure, smuggled himself through the border from zogillia and then taking his current name)

I can post in detail, but sadly, with the game closing I basically can only go from memory on stuff. They originally had a "Event prologue" implemented like 4-5 months ago which let you replay the opening blurbs between the participating pilots for both zogilia and federation.

No, that's one of the manga female leads Chloe Vier.
I didn't realise how much I liked Buddy Complex and how good its action was until it was gone.

Kits never.
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Aw, it's a shame that it looks like the series is completely dead. I'd have liked to have gotten a bit of merchandise from the series, like kits of the mecha (or even an RD), or a figure of Hina.
That's one the the things though. They had enough grunts variants to give a single gundam series' GM variants a run for their money. On top of High end units like the Frazetta and Farlane(the Manga coupler units) And even prototypes from those units along with variants of the prototype Federation coupling machines, variants of Tarjim's Ogre, Lasha's Krishna, even Alfried's Alsiel.
I wish this had kits over vvv. I'm not even sure why mjp gets kits now expecialy pic related.
>them shoulders
>them legs
God the bad anatomy and inconsistent design are killing me.
Wait Black Six is getting a kit? I'm so happy right now.
I'm not 100% sure but I heard it was to get a kit on a mjp thread a while back but you might be better off asking for a confirmation on this from someone who knows more. still I don't like the legs they look like Lego's. however you could kitbash a jehuty, astray, gnoace, and scratchbuilding the rest if you had to.
I liked how bizon was basically just a good soldier wanting to get the girl he knows back and end up being crazy because WATASE AOBA
please tell me I wasnt the only one that thought the forced coupling was kind of hot
I liked it.
There's always something melancholic about these sort of games closing down. It's a shame and a sign of the times that all of this content and work and plot extension are going to be lost forever.

I'm not really a fan of Buddy Complex but it still feels a bit sad.
Gold 4 is the next one getting a kit. Nothing has been announced about Black 6.
So... Did the game tell us more about Aoba and Hina? I like them as a couple.
See, Bizon in the game had a rough inkling as to who Ephgani Kedarl was after he didn't end up in the singularity and realized that Doctor Han was MIA. He returned to Trident Squad instead of transferring permanently to the politburo. As the net closed on Ephgani, he countered Ephgani's solo mode by going Acception on him(making it a coupling instead of solo mode) and interferring with the machine's performance so that Aoba, Dio, Hina, Tarjim, Lasha, and other coupler squads present could take him down. For the epilogue, Bizon is back in denial that he's lost Hina to Aoba, but he's more mellow since it's now more "Hina's free to do as she wishes, I just hope she looks my way some more."

Sadly, Aoba and Hina's tale is more or less told, save for the tidbit I posted earlier from the manga about how the alliance/federation tried to mass copy Aoba/Hina's waves to people. Uh, turns out that's rather a bad idea since the official results were mental breakdown and even braindeadness. Ichijou Haku was a fluke in that his special trait of being able to do a high compatibility coupling with anyone was a miracle survival of said experiment, giving him a highly malleable Emphatier Wave that mutates with each coupling...and he wasn't even on site of the experiment, just maybe a few military hallways off, where Hina finds him and rescue him after getting through some of the broken security bulkheads. Aoba at this point has already been sent back by the experiment, thus this is a 2nd loop ending.

I'm currently trying to take screencaps on my phone and transfer the pics so that I can post the pictures of all the pilots/NPCs in the game.
>Ephgani Kedarl
I genuinely do not remember who that is.
I'm assuming it's manga, but I still need to rewatch BC.
It's the name Old Bizon used.
Oh, I see.
Okay, first off. the game gave you 8 categories of personality aspects to play matchmaker with another player and boost all units with corresponding traits.

Lifestyle(Blue) [Left Handed or Right Handed, Do you sleep 2-3/4-6/8-10 hours]
Love(Pink) [Your idea of a confession is face to face/over the phone/leaving an IM, You idea of a good place to date is cozying up at home/a good night scenic spot/a trip to the amusement part]
Hobby(Cyan) [Your idea of a good TV show is Variety/Drama/Anime, Your favorite game genre is puzzle/fighting/RPG]
Sports(Yellow) [Fan of Baseball/Karate/Sumo/Boxing, You would consider Swimming Dover Strait/Climbing Mount Everest/Sailing the Pacific noteworthy endeavour]
School(Green) [Do you prefer Pencil/Mechanical Pencil/Pen, Your idea of a memorable school event is Culture Festival/School Trip/Athletic Festival]
Personality(Purple) [Are you a Lone Wolf/have small circle of/have many friends,
Cooking(Orange) [Do you eat the head/tail of a taiyaki first, Do you put salt/soy sauce/seasoning sauce on eggs sunny side up]
Animal(Red) [Cat/Dog Lover, Likes Birds/Fishes/Small Animals]

Ichijou Haku, protag of the Manga, fluke success of the Alliance's Emphatier Wave Copy Experiment. Had to go through rehab considering the experiment messed with his head quite literally. In the game, Ichijou is most represented by in the Lifestyle/Hobby/Sports sections.

Chloe Viera, the female lead and Ichijou's buddy for the manga. Most represented in Sports/Love/Personality sections

Maezono Ako, childhood friend of Haku, she supported Haku after the experiment through his rehab until he finally entered the Piloting Academy.
Addendum, Ako was mostly Animal aspect.

Mishima Ibuki, the poor OVA rookie pilot. He's only got one card and it's a School aspect due to the fact that he was a drop in the new years event.

Nasu Mayuka, anime operator girl/scientific assistant. Lots of Love/Personality here. Even got a christmas santa card.

Fromm Vantarhei, the "backup coupler", This is as reputed, he's got at least 2-3 aspects that I can remember of, mostly Personality.
Oh man, that sounds kind of interesting.
Was it a card game or something akin to that? I feel kind of bad for not playing it now even if I know fuck-all japanese.
Anessa Rossetti, operator girl of the cygnus. The reason she and mayuka have cards is because they were the test pilots of NEXT variants for Frazetta and Farlane, which were equipped with solo mode capabilities. She also got a christmas outfit shot with Mayuka. Primary aspect was Love, as I was lucky enough to get her UR(highest rarity, scales downSR, HR, R, N)

Lee Conrad, Mr. Veteran, mostly life/personalty aspects, IIRC.

Jarl Duran, Mr. Hotshot 2nd, mostly life/hobby aspects.

The above scrollshots were between the opening splash text and Aoba's blurb.

Yep, each card was 1 of 8 types and capped at lv60, self fusing with the same card would increase that cap 4 times up to lv100. On R rarity and higher, some card would have skills, which could also be raised 4 times for combat skills that had chance of activation in combat. Before combat begins, it'd analyze the matchmaker matrix to assign boosts to the respective unit which also depended on a horoscope like wavelength to change the amount boosted(3% to 15%, non-matched aspects get a 2x on top of that for a possible 30%, matched get a 3x instead of 2x for a possible 45%), as well as apply a bonus if both partners are online at the same time.
Man, I felt bad for her. She was a really good girl but she couldn't possibly win Aoba because Hina.
Now the character scroll from Aoba to Hina

Alex Carter: Supporting male character in the manga, tries to be the ladies man a lot. And yes, that is a Zogilia uniform he's wearing. All the pilots are divided by their side of origin I think. Alex's main traits are Cooking and Love.

Rosary Klienbeck: Cygnus' Vice Commander Takes to the field in a custom-white Beryl Commander and later on even gets a Luxion/Bradyon variant. Mostly School aspect given her role and position.

Fuyutsuki Rui: Seen before in the episode end card with Lee Conrad and Dr. Elvira. She's mostly Food/Sports?, as I can only remember that one of her SRs was a Food type with a Festival outfit.
Renato Valisky: An amnesiac Zogilia pilot who joined up with the Alliance to protect the girl who rescued him. Mostly Life/Hobby aspects.

Chiiro Koyomi: The girl who rescued Renato. The couple end up becoming a romeo & juliet couple after Renato recovers from the Amnesia and then beat the romeo & juliet situation by taking the third option of joining the player's merc group instead of picking one side.

Buddy Anon is going to step out for a bit to run an errand now. Provided he still has the ability to, Buddy Anon will resume posting in 1.5 hours-ish.
Almost forgot, Koyomi is mostly School aspect.

Alam Valisky(sorry for cutting his head off!) The youngest sibling of the Valiskys, he joined Zogilia to take revenge on the Alliance for "killing" his brother. Mostly Hobby

Layra Valisky: The middle sibling of the Valiskys. Tries to play the mediator between a big brother who cannot spit it out and a younger brother who is too heated to think straight. Sadly due to not having many of her cards, I think she's a Personality aspect focus.
I wanted to leave this next guy for the next batch, but the way I took the shot didn't work well so...

Mattias Salan: A hair designer by origin, his aspects deal with Hobby first and foremost. Ends up paired with the next girl for the epilogue as her dedicated makeup and hair artist.
>Buddy Anon is going to step out for a bit to run an errand now. Provided he still has the ability to, Buddy Anon will resume posting in 1.5 hours-ish.

If you have more image of Hina card (like >>12351805 ) then by all means please spam them here, Buddy Anon.
Awaiting your next posts eagerly, Buddy Anon. Thanks for all the info!
I bet Watase Aoba is to blame for this.
You are truly a buddy to us all.
Actually considering what Zogilia is it's probably meant to be Rinat and not Renato.
Buddy Anon returns for now. I'll try to finish the current character scroll before turning in for a quick nap before work.

Suzuno Mayuri, one of the eight single-aspect only pilots to bolster their referral code program. Also is will always be an Idol, due to her manager doctoring her retirement video to make it so that she will be a normal idol instead of a battlefield one. As it was part of the one-aspect promo, she is Love only.

Klaus Obily: A flighty guy who seeks the next craze. Hobby focus with Sports and Personality sub.

Aaron Calvert: A gambler and businessman, he ends up taking over his father's business in the epilogue and seeks to expand ventures. Being one of the original series members, his cards are a good spread through Hobby and Life as main, Food, Animal, and Personality as sub.
after reading this thread part of me wants to curse sunrise for not making a proper 2nd season but at the same time sunrise's 2nd seasons have a tendency to be worse in the overall quality than the original.
I honestly cut this one badly, but I wanted a decent shot of this first girl since she was my main focus.

Naruse Kairi: An Aikido practitioner. She is suprisingly a maiden at heart given that she wishes for a romance that just burns away everything in spite of the fact that she is the shihan for the family dojo. Her aspects are primarily Sports and Love with a dip in Life and Personality.

Minami Nao(her name's on the next shot) A battle maniac who separates her on shift/off shift very clearly. As such her aspects are mostly Sports with a minor tap into Life.

Yuuki Honoka: The firearms maniac and introduced as Nao's partner. Her focus is Food, with dabbling in Life, Animal, and Sports.

Arimura Masaki: A literal free soul with a taste in touring on his motorcycle. His aspects are a balance of Sports, Hobby, Life, and Food.

Firmin Bale: A young pilot who is misconcepted as a thug due to the scars on his right eye. He also has a tendency to sit down wherever and pull out a chunk of jerky to chew on, which has gotten him reprimanded more than once. As such his main aspect is Gourmet with taps in Life, Personality, and Animal.
whoops, buddy anon's lack of sleep is catching up to him. here's the shot with Honoka, Masaki, and Firmin
Totsugi Nichika: The School-only aspect of the 8 promo pilots. A genius girl who finished standard pilot training at age 14.

Aizawa Miho: The sports-only pilot for the promo pilots. She's literally the one you'd see go YOLO.
Sophilia Elro: The journalist of the starting roster. her aspects spread into School main, Life, Love and Food sub.

Nanasaka Kotone: The miko of the cast, introduced during the Tanabata(7/7) event. Her aspects were Life focus with a single card in Personality.

Lily Evans: A farm girl who joined the war because she wouldn't be able to care for her horses in peace. As such, Animal main, School and Sports sub.
yep, Buddy anon's starting to lose it if he forgot the picture...
The next two are kind special since they tie in directly to the anime.

Sazanami Stephanie: An american-japanese half who was raised full japanese. Focus School with a dab of Love.

Rokuonji Hibiki: the daughter of a female alliance pilot, has a huge hero worship for Watase Aoba. Has School main and Love and Life sub.

The above two were the pilots who brought Aoba and Dio their Luxon/Bradyon NEXT coupling machines.

The next three are in a grouping of their own.
Nangumo Mizuki: Operator girl of the mercenary company Venus Venus.

Sophia Viari: The overall commander of Venus Venus

Anna Celshernov: The Zogilia liaison to Venus Venus.

Nasu Mayuka plays the Alliance liaison.

These 4 make up the NPCs, though given Mayuka's treatment, one would think that Mizuki and Anna would have gotten cards eventually.

And that concludes this character scroll between Aoba and Hina. Buddy Anon will now sign off to sleep for 6 hours, prep for 0.5 hours, and then work for 5 hours and then resume...hopefully.
One last gift from Buddy Anon for the night/morning, here's a link to a compilation database the japanese have been manually putting together.

bizon did WHAT
basically, Bizon answered ephgani before ephagani's mech could automate the response, thus forming a coupling link, but preventing Ephgani from being the only unit on the battlefield of being able to perform at high power due to solo mode's noise that messes with coupling links. So yes, Bizon literally killed his time-looping future self to pick his own path on a straightened timeline.
>Senjou no Coupling's leads
It would be cool if this and the main manga got scanlated someday.
I completely forgot Buddy Complex actually had a game announced at the same time as the anime and was riding on the cross media wave everyone and their dog is doing these days
You guys shouldn't worry there's certainly some JP wiki who archived the game's lore.
Man, I wish I could have played a translated version of this. This sounds like a great thing to have for people who were sad about it being so short. But now it's gone for good so even if I knew Japanese I couldn't do it. Shit.
See that's the thing, no one did, and the JP wikis are horribly scattered and mismanaged to the point that the image dump from matome.naver.jp that I, buddy anon, linked is the closest thing to something complete.

Things to post after I get off shift:
Character Scroll from Hina to Dio
Character Scroll from Dio to staff thank you
Is it wrong that I found Buddy Complex one of the better Sunrise mecha in recent times? It had a quality about it that made it not shit.
Not at all. Doing it competently despite having little originality is a blessing.
This is a pretty cool farewell, thanks.

Man, I really hope manage to incorporate elements from this whenever Buddy complex gets into SRW.
Buddy Anon is back from work and will require around an hour to take more screencaps and other post-shift cooldown activities.
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Tarjim Vasily: Mr. gung ho of Team Trident. Has suprising focus in Hobby/Personality while touching at least 4 other categories(Sports, Love, Life)

Bizon Gerafil: The redeemer/culprit. He's entrenched in the Life, Love, and Personality areas with a touch of Hobby and School. Mind you that Ephgani's cards count under Bizon's cards as well, so he actually keeps up in card count with the top 6(Bizon, Hina, Aoba, Dio, Haku, Chloe), if not leading.

Lasha Hakkarainen: The even tempered member, but it takes both him and Bizon to get Tarjim to simmer down. A relatively even spread with Love, Animal, Life, Hobby, School, with focus on Animal and Love.
File: IMG_0161.png (872 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Magaret O'Keefe: Ms Elite got quite a few events with Alfried as well as being the superior for the two Valisky siblings on the Zogilia side. Her aspects were mainly Love and Life with some Personality and Hobby.

Alfried Gallant: He who loves his country.Big focus on Personality, lots of Life and Love and a smattering of Sports, Food, and Hobby.
File: IMG_0162.png (915 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nestor Viktorovich Dorzhiev: The Elite man of Zogilia, the pinnacle of being a "man"! No, seriously, Alfried realizes his potential and even is setting things up in the back for Nestor to take Zogilia leadership, because considering his charisma is what prevents half of the politburo forces from staging the coup, daaaayum. His major aspects is personality followed by Love, and then Hobby

Nina Viktorovna Dorzhiev: Nestor's younger sister, and the entire reason Nestor survives the event that mirrored the episode where he died in the anime(granted, it took them 3 months to introduce Nina and her follower, who will be in the next post). Nina's aspects are an even balance due to being a 2nd half introduction, with 4 cards equally distributed in Hobby, Personality, School, and Love
I actually liked this guy. He was actually incredibly competent for what I thought would be a mook with the strategies he used to combat both Aoba and Dio.
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>Ms Elite got quite a few events with Alfried

Does that mean Alfried got to give her a ride on his Gallant?
File: IMG_0163.png (912 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yuriya Bobrovsky: Nina's follower and yes-person. She is the Dolzhiev house maid and literally accompanies Nina wherever she goes. 3 cards split in Life, Sports, Love.

Guards Division Adjutant: Nestor's follower. He has quite the following as he literally managed to get a card in every rarity but the highest UR and even got into the top 10 popularity poll. Poor Aleksander, we will never know your last name. 4 cards, 2 sports, personality, life.

Alvi Kaatra: Zogilia black ops and battle buddy for Alfried. If Alfried is the light, Alvi is the darkness. Now if only his follower had more common sense... Aspects focus Personality and Food, with a followup in Life.
File: IMG_0164.png (888 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sadly, the epilogue for them is Alfried proposing to start the relationship and Magaret stammered a "I'll think about it."

Tiia Mayra: Alvi's subordinate and source of headaches due to lack of common sense or normal upbringing. Everything seems to objective oriented for this apparent child assassin? One of the quotes on her lines seems to link Tiia to the same experiment that created Fromm though. Has cards in Animal, Personality, and Hobby.

Dine Kleist: Raised as a kid by one of the developers for Zogilia Valiancers to be their test pilot and raised normally, and he loves the dev staff like actual family. Mainly Life, Hobby, some Love and Personality.

Olivia Ainsliey: The queen of popularity polls after Hina. Introduced as Dine's partner, turns out they're also connected the orphanage experiment along with Fromm and Tiia. Lots of Love, some Food, and a single Life.
File: IMG_0165.png (963 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Trisha Langrich: A non-sequiter airhead who keeps both enemy and ally confused. You just don't know how her lines link up with the current conversation... Lots of Sports, some Love and Hobby.

Ada Krauser: Expert Fencer, top of her class, one of Zogilia's elite of the elite. Even volunteered for front line duty to throw off notions that she rode her parent's coattails. Being one of the original cast members, her aspects are varied through Love, Life, Hobby, School and Sports. Also established a rivalry with the next person due to her hobby as an online PvP gamer.

Yanai Sosuke: THE Gamer and Otaku. He is the hobby-only promo pilot. Poor guy gets physically tracked down and harassed for more matches by Ada because she is a sore loser.
File: IMG_0166.png (951 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Takamiya Shion: Daughter of a valiancer mechanic, graduated with an engineering degree, dreams to pilot a Valiancer serviced by her father. As yet another of the original cast, aspects flow into School, Love, Food, and Hobby.

Asliy Norman: The friendly big bro in the original cast, has aspects in Hobby, Sports, Animal, and Food.

Julia Marbler: The voracious learner. She was one of the teachers in the Manga and helped in monitoring Haku's vitals during the Simulation match in the academy. Aspects include Hobby, Food, and lots of School.
File: IMG_0167.png (1007 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cattleya Julius: The medic of the original cast and also one of the teachers in the manga. As such, big focus on School, and touching on Sports, Life and Food.

Beatrice Armgren: the waitress in a waitress/cook combo. Ends up being more of a "when's the next delicious dish, master?" student who focuses on eating instead of cooking. As such, focus on Food, with touches of Life and Animal.

Rosanna Griffey: The food-only promo pilot. She's also the proper pupil of the next person.
File: IMG_0168.png (985 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Diana Cernik: The Cook of the waitress/cook combo. Due to 2nd half entry all she has is Food entries on her cards.

Leonard Ivanovs: The stalking friend of the next person, to obsessive levels in that Ada Krauser saw him circling the resort area in a valiancer and called for a rocket launcher to be given to her to shoot him down. Aspects are School, Love, with a dab of hobby.

Lin Mei-fang: The kung fu person in the original cast.(no Kuu Fei-esque -aru end here, no -aru) Leonard watches over her like a big brother and Lin doesn't really question it since it typically gets her out of a bind in social situations.
File: IMG_0169.png (916 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
916 KB, 640x960
Damn this last scroll is long, etc.

Wong Shoui: A martial arts idiot introduced lategame. He can be equated to Inose Junya from Build Fighters Try in that he tries to get people who are inclined to martial arts to go for the pinnacle. No luck with Lin though, because he gets literally blocked by Leonard. Aspects are mainly Sports, and a dab in Animal.

Kaito Ozroy: The drawing artist of the original cast. As a result his aspects are mostly Hobby with a dash of Life and Animal.

Millay Janet: Daughter a zogilia politician. If anything though, she's a teacher/lecturer. As such, aspects are Personality main, and dabs of School, Life, and Hobby
File: IMG_0170.png (956 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Momoki Haruka: The genki girl of the original cast. The hat is a signature that would have gotten her reprimanded if not for the results she knocks out during operations. Aspects are Animal, Sports, Food, Hobby, and School.

Tina Meir: The smart girl of the original cast. Her mind's always on full processing and gets to results faster, which did result in her graduating early. A decent spread of aspects through Food, Animal, School, Personality, Life.

Bēroul Patilis: The country girl of the original cast. Yes, that is an accented e in her name, and no, I don't think that's the right accent. Her aspects are Personality, Animal, Food, School, Love, Hobby, and Sports. Partially owes her early popularity to the anime end card which had her in teatime with Hina.

Romaz Holzer: The lucky optimist of the original cast. Aspects are Love, Hobby, Personality, and Animal.
Looking at all this, it seems like they were actually planning on making this a much bigger franchise. Kind of makes me sad that it's pretty much officially a dead franchise.
Those designs are so generic they go all the way around and become pretty good.
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Gia Colan: the maximum waifu material of the original cast. She can cook, she can clean, she even thinks about how to avoid stains on clothing during a wedding dress shoot(Gia, Chloe, Magaret, and Hina all had June Wedding dress shots) Aspects are Food, Love, Life, and Hobby.

Dominica Schelenz: Lategame entry mechanic tomboy girl with unique sense of art. Aspects are Hobby and Animal.

I'll cover the next three in a single post.
File: IMG_0172.png (893 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Zakhar Abt: The Personality-only promo pilot. And a bloody sadist.

Nathan Bailey: The Life-only promo pilot. This guy runs his own life like clockwork.

Emilia Weiss: The animal-only promo pilot. Always has at least 2 animals with her of her 3 pet entourage(Cat, Snake, Monkey) and even goes into combat with them in the cockpit.
File: IMG_0173.png (914 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
914 KB, 640x960
Last one for the Hina to Dio scroll, then it's a villian two shot.

Kamiya Yuuri: A circus brat. Also plays the failing rival in the manga because all the girls want Haku. Most of his aspects go in to Animal, with some Hobby and Food.

Priscilla Applegate: Introduced in the new years event working for Alliance PR and an old friend of Yuuri. Daughter of a Circus leader, and knows how to magician up illusions. Aspects are Life, Animal and Hobby.

Natalie Xiuna: The street dancer in the original cast. Her aspects are Animal, Life, Sports, and Personality
File: IMG_0174.png (776 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
776 KB, 640x960
Evgeni Kedar: Yeah yeah, we all know how this goes, and screaming Aoba isn't gonna help your case either. Aspects were Love, Life, and School.
File: IMG_0175.png (746 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
746 KB, 640x960
Wilheim Hahn: Nope, no more mad experiments for you, doctor. Fromm made very sure of that with Anessa watching his back. The guy was genius enough to make the rig a coupling system to become a remote piloting system so he could control his personal prototype valiancer Walkure(a variant of Hina's Karura) from inside his lab. Aspects were Food and Personality
And that's it for the wall scrolling from Buddy Anon .

I'll try to stick around to answer questions to the best of my ability.
Thank you very much. All of this stuff was pretty interesting. Seems like a very diverse cast overall. So which characters were your favorite?
I tried to focus Haku and Chloe early on, especially since they were the special pilots for the 2nd event they threw at us. Then I landed my first SR in the form of Firmin Bale and did what I could to collect of him, but space was at a premium and I started to fuse/sell the N and Rs that were skill-less. It was then I that found Naruse Kairi, who would end up as my backbone R rarity force with 4 Rs, 1 HR, and 3 SRs, onto the Valentines UR(which I regret I didn't get, because it was the only one of the three that I didn't get, the other two were Hina and Olivia)

Why Kairi? The strict warrior girl with a soft romantic side seemed to pull the flags for me. Her first SR card(Practicing outside in Pink and Purple kimono) has a line which said that she pulled off an Aikido move in her valiancer. Additionally, when she managed to rank in for the popularity poll, the next event had her wearing the skimpy battle tournament outfit in her Love-type SR card, in which the descriptions quote her saying "getting used to the Alliance uniform's skirt was hard enough, but this exposure is borderline harrassment." If anything she feels more at ease in a pilot suit than the Dress Uniform.
>almost hime cut
>martial arts
seems like a 10/10 to me
The poor girl just wants to find the one love in her life that she can just throw everything away for. However, she has so many lady admirers that she get piles for Obligatory Chocolates from them. To quote her Valentines UR card, "Obligatory is heavier than Love..."
Oh man, thank you so much for sharing this. I had over 90% of the pilots but stupidly mistook the end date and didn't make it in time to take screencaps of the pilots' artwork. I could have taken them in higher resolution too, god damn it all. I wish they would let us access the collection at the very least, we barely had time to finish using the tickets from the last event.
File: 6uwPakhl.png (112 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 480x640
>the next event had her wearing the skimpy battle tournament outfit in her Love-type SR card
Kindly spam all the card illustrations you have, BuddyAnon
Whoops, didn't see the link >>12353163

My bad.
The two users who manage the matome apparently have datamined the app for reference points and are updating the galleries as we speak, I think. Either that or they took the the shots before hand and are now processing their full galleries.
I hope you're right. I can't stop hitting my head against the wall enough, there's pilots I had that aren't in this database.
buddy anon here, I found a 2nd matome site that seems to have a focus on the collage shots.

>no Fiona cards
Oh well. I guess she isn't a pilot so it's justified, but still.
>Julia Marbler
>Cattleya Julius
They're pretty damn cute.

Any kind anon planning on saving all the illustrations and uploading them on Mega or soemwhere?
This please, the datamine'd ones especially.

I need more Margaret in my life.
So...any character plots that people want Buddy Anon to try and recall?
The anime character's would be cool. And any other ones that are mildly amusing

Not character plots, but did they do anything with Sky Knight and Firebrand in the game? I actually like them more than the Luxon and Bradyon.
As I said, there were enough mecha variants to give the GM variant count a run for its money.

All the starting original cast members started out in Beryl, Krishna, or Ogre variants.

The two manga units, Frazetta and Farlane, get 4 variants each painted the 8 personality matrix colors, plus Grey/White/Green NEXT variants.

Sky Knight and Firebrand have at least 2-3 variants each with Alfried's Alsiel being the zogilia counterpart. I forget the melee counterpart that it supposed to have...but I think it's called Abaddon?

Sadly, most of the anime character interactions are more or less anime lifted. The fact that Haku and Chloe end up getting assigned to Cygnus before Mishima's troop does is an interesting point of contention though. Dio and Fromm find a sense a familiarity when dealing with Haku, but they couldn't put their finger on it. It was only on the final event that Fromm puts it all together(the player being Haku's time warping buddy and sent back in time)
How about the scar guy?
Firmin Bale? He seems a little rough on the edges, but seems to sorta play into the Gentle Giant stereotype. Buddy Anon will post more after work.
So there's nothing on the guy who was supposed to originally pilot the Luxon? Marcus or something.
So why is she so popular?
Nothing for Marcus, yeah.

Probably because she somehow pulled off the mysterious waif stereotype, which seems to click with a few people.

In a sense, a more proactive Ayanami Rei.
-Raised in a facility(said orphanage also had her partner Dine, the black ops assassin Tiia, and Alliance pilot Fromm)

- "The Fortuna(Hina's non coupler unit) looks so cute. I want to pilot it" - Quote from N rarity card

- Somehow hides Lollipops on her pilot suit so that she can replenish sugar even during combat. - R rarity text

- If she keeps silent she'll seem like the flower at the peak of a mountain instead. "I wish that someone would pat me on the head and say good job, since I didn't get such treatment when I was younger. - HR rarity text

- Even if she pretties up and goes shopping, she'll come back to the oily maintenance docks when she's all done. "The unit that everyone made protected me, so I have to protect everyone too." - SR rarity text

- Her sense of fashion applied to non-clothing and even Valiancers. "Ehehe, isn't this cute, this floatation ring? I looked all over to find it." - SR rarity text

- Is strong against the cold, thus she dresses more fashionably even during winter. "Compared to where I grew up, this is great. The ground isn't frozen either, which means I can wear high heels." - SR rarity text

- Looking suprisingly in zone with housework, she puts on her favorite apron and starts making valentine chocolates. "It's boring making heart shaped ones all the time. Let's make the next batch cat-shaped" - UR rarity text

File: kairi naruse 4.jpg (255 KB, 480x642) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
kairi naruse 4.jpg
255 KB, 480x642
I wish some of these were done with better quality it's kinda jarring how bad the shift is from one image to the next.
Now then, quote/translating what cards of Firmin Bale that are available...

-Has very bad relations with superiors, but he'll do everything he can for people he considers comrades, which earns him the trust of the front line soldiers. "MEAT! EAT MEAT! If you pass on it you won't live to see the next day, ya know?" - N rarity

- Has a personality that does not forgive bullying or twisted stuff. As he dealt with more and more thugs, rumors spread about him and he became known as the Legendary Thug instead. - R rarity

- In order to be able to eat meat whenever, he learned how to smoke meat in his own style. He'll even start a fire in the middle of the runway to start cooking, and yet that's another cause for his superiors to get mad at him.

Firmin's epilogue squads him up with Totsugi Nichika and Arimura Masaki, with poor Nichika lamenting over the fact that she, the child genius, has to lead a instruction squad who has a headstrong charger(Firmin) and a free roaming spirit(Masaki).
That's probably because some of them were pulled from gaming news sites while others were screenshotted straight off the phone.
Tell us more about your favorite characters
Oh well I'll still download all the real cards and upload it somewhere poor quality is better than nothing and beggars can't be choosers.
This is literally nothing like Ayanami Rei.
From the anime characters? I actually tried to train the Elite Guard Adjutant. The fact that he managed to rank into the top 10 of the popularity poll(And ranked above Kairi and Olivia, who tied for 9th) speaks worlds about how the player base saw the guy. ...and I was wrong, apparently, his HR card actually gave his full name.
Aleksander Dmitrivich Starodupzev, or at least that's as close as I can get it.

I also tried collecting Bizon to see if there was an actual personality under all the obsession. I was not disappointed either since the sheer volume of cards for the 4 anime characters paints a more complete picture for them. And Bizon has 21 cards, including Evgeni cards.
I meant it in an upbringing manner, raised for war, yet she also does her own thing instead of being on standby all the time.
I'm still not over the fact I can't screenshot my collection anymore and I had most of the pilots. Fuck everything, this is not how you treat your players. I did cap this one some months ago, though I never figured out how to make them look better.
Anyone managed to save all the galleries yet?
Originality is overrated anyway. What matters isn't if something is original, it's if it's GOOD. Which BC was.
Buddy Complex was basically the youngsters at Studio 8 going "Let's make a great mecha show, like those old guys used to before!"
And they did. God bless Studio 8, may they be freed from having to work on Love Live soon.
Buddy Anon, here. I do have one more surprise.

If people want, I can story time the manga tankoubon that stars Haku and Chloe.

Sadly, I don't have the BC actual manga(2 volumes there, supposedly follows season 1's stuff)
Go right on ahead. With any luck, some scanlator might stumble upon it and do a project someday (plus side material is usually neat).
File: buddy.webm (3 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]

Thank you Buddy. This thread is very informative.
Sadly, I haven't been able to find scans for it. What I do have though is a physical copy.
At the end of the 21st century, the world is embroiled in global warfare between the Free Pact Alliance and Great Zogilia.

In this age of warfare, the dominating weapon is the humanoid aerial fighter called Valiancers. In order to maximize the potential of the Valiancers, both sides have been focusing on training proficient pilots.

In a neutral country, a private pilot training institute was created and candidates from both sides with "a certain compatibility" were inducted one after another.

[Chapter 1]

[A certain neutral country, Valiancer Pilot Training Class]

As the hangar doors open...

Yuri: "Even if it's a training unit, the railgun's standard equipment."

The doors fully open, allowing 2 people in, Ichijou Haku, the new arrival, and his campus tour guide, Kamiya Yuri.

Yuri: So what do you think? Any thoughts from looking at it up close.

Haku: A-awesome.

Yuri: I know, right?

As they get on the elevator to the cockpit walkway.

Yuri: You wanna ride(sit in) it?

Haku: I can ride(pilot) it?

Yuri: it's fine, they won't get angry over this.

As they arrive in front of the cockpit.

Haku: So this is the new generation valiancer, Frazetta!

Meanwhile, in the indoor exercise room, a girl runs the treadmill with a guy leaning on the front panel of the treadmill from the side.

Chloe: A transfer student at this time of the term?

Alex: Yuri's showing him around right now.

Chloe: Have you already met him, Alex?

Alex: Nope, lost all interest after I heard it was a guy.

Chloe: What are you talking about?

Chloe motions with her left arm and Alex tosses Chloe her water bottle.

Chloe: We should be welcoming him since it's another person in the pool of potential Buddies.

A sudden noise from above rocks the room.

Chloe: wha?

Alex: Above...a Valiancer?

The two rush out to the rooftop and find Yuri already up there.

Alex: Yuri!? What was that just now?

Yuri: Alex! Chloe! It's bad! The new kid got into the Valiancer in maintenance and... (tbc)
Meanwhile, in the sky...

Haku: Uwaaaaaa!

Systems buzz warnings at Haku as he wrestles with the controls.

Haku: Dammit! Work with me here. Isn't this completely different from the simulator? This power and response time..I can't control it!

As Haku continues to work the controls, the Frazetta approaches the building Yuri, Alex, and Chloe are standing on.

Yuri: Erk!?

Haku presses a pedal hard and pushes the thruster output up...

Haku: Come on, fly properly!

...And barely clips the side of the rooftop railing.

Yuri: Bastard, you trying to kill us!?

Alex meanwhile checks on Chloe.

Alex: Any injuries?

Chlose: I'm alright.

Yuri: I thought he only wanted to sit in the cockpit...

As they watch the Frazetta spiral haphazardly in the sky...

Yuri: That unit's control program has been defaulted.

Chloe: You mean he's flying manually?

Alex: That's too much. Even a veteran pilot would find it hard.

Yuri: At this rate it'll become a matter of crashing if we drag this out...

Alex: Have you tried contacting the teachers? Even on an off day there should...

Yuri: No one's answering for some reason.

Chloe: Let's catch it then. Deploy another unit and grab it in midair.

Meanwhile Haku's still fighting the controls...

Haku: Dammit. Calm down, Haku. Do it just as you had in the simulators...

He taps the other pedal, and the Frazetta boosts into the sky.

Haku: Uwa! The response is too sensitive!!

Back on the ground...

Alex: Can you really do that in mid-air?

Yuri: Chloe...

While Chloe runs for the stair access she turns around to throw back a line before resuming for stairs.

Chloe: Who do you think you're saying that to?

Before Chloe even got half way to the access door, the sound of another Valiancer taking off was heard.

Yuri: Huh?
Alex: Wha?
Chloe: That's the Farlane....but who's piloting it?

Meanwhile, with Haku, a comms channel opens up.

???: You can't treat it so roughly.

Haku: !? Who are you? (tbc)
We get a cockpit shot of the Farlane, but the pilot's face is shadowed. All we can tell is that the pilot is female and wearing an Alliance pilot suit.

???: Valiancers are delicate things. Just a little bit of pressure, like you're gently touching a girl or patting her hair.

Haku: What's that supposed to mean? I've never done those things before and right now certainly isn't...uwa!

And Haku overcompensates and is now flying upside down.

??? Ichijou Haku...when I call your name, anser with [Acception]

Haku: ! How you do know my name? For that matter, your request just now is impossible for me right now.

???: Haku, trust me.

Haku starts freefalling towards the ground due to his head down orientation..

Haku: Dammit...

???: Connective Haku!

Haku: Grk! A-Acception! *kthump*

As the coupling system activates...

Haku:(What the...The conciousness...The emotion... The knowledge...is flowing into my head)

Haku recieves images of a Zogilian-type valiancer, a lady with an half-buttoned shirt revealing a scar on her left breast near the cleavage, and imaging of valiancer controls.
A spectral hand merges with Haku's as he pulls the Frazetta out of freefall with delicate motions to reactivate the main thrusters, flying parallel to the ground before taking the to air again without clipping the building as the AI chimes.

Alex: It can't be...Coupling!?
Yuri: Awesome. They're awesome!

Haku (I feel like my senses have sharpened to the cutting edge, like my nerves are connected all the way to the fingers of the valiancer...like I'm absorbing someone else's piloting technique as my own...

???: Give me your hand.

As Haku looks over to his right, he sees the Farlane reaching out to him and reaches back. A spectral figure of the other pilot appears in front of Haku, despite him on the verge of blacking out due to the burden of the coupling system.
???: We meet again, Haku
Haku: (You are..) [TBC]
Yuri: Wait a sec, is he really a rookie? It's hard to believe he pulled off coupling without any training.
Alex: Yeah...
Chloe: Im...possible... Impossible, Impossible, Impossible! There's no such way he can do that!!

Meanwhile, In haku spectral-vision/unconsciousness...

???: That's right, I know everything about you, Haku, for we are connected. Come over here and connect with me again...

Haku: o...kay...

And Haku wakes up in the infirmirary.

Haku: A dream? ...no. That's right, I almost died...

Alex: Yo, you're awake now? To take Valiancer out for a spin unauthorized, are you a big shot or a big idiot?

Chloe: You okay?

At this point Haku thinks that Chloe was the other pilot.

Haku: You are... Thank you for saving me!

Chloe: Huh? There's nothing to say thanks to me about since I didn't do anything. But it's great that you're okay.

Haku: Hmmm?

Chloe: Huh?

Haku gets closer to Chloe and hooks a finger on Chloe white top down...

Haku: No scar?

Chloe: !? KYAAAAA!!
Haku: I said I'm sorry...

Alex: Now now, he's probably confused from the Coupling.

Alex turns to talk to Haku while Chloe turns her back to the boys.

Alex: Anyways, we weren't ones who saved you, so the girl with scar on her breast is not Chloe. The farlane's cockpit was also empty, so the other party must have escaped since they probably also launched unauthorized.

Haku: I see...I wonder who that person was...

Chloe turns around to see Haku disappointed face and shoots him a question.
Chloe: Say, you managed a coupling just now, right?

Haku: Probably yeah. It was my first time piloting an actual Valiancer, so I wouldn't know if that was a real Coupling or not..
Haku: Rather than the brains being connected, it felt more like the hearts were connected and being encased in warm kind feelings to get your chest racing. I only know that it was girl, but I'd like to meet her directly.(tbc)
Alex has this cheshire cat look while Chloe's dumbstruck.
Alex: sounds like Love.
Haku: Huh? What are you saying? I don't even know the other person's face!?
Alex: There's alot of parts in the coupling system that are still unknown.
Haku: B-but that doesn't mean...

Alex monologue
The coupling system is system made to connect the brains of two pilots for coordination and bring out the full potential of the valiancer.
In sense, it's linking brains. Sure, there's a limiter to prevent sensory information and memories from flowing over, but...

Alex: I don't think it's impossible to have a "Love at first coupling".

As Alex tries to put a hand on Chloe's shoulder

Alex: We'd like to try such a coupling too, no?

Chloe: Eek! There's a pervert here too!

Haku: (This feeling is love? I don't understand. I only want to meet and see who she is..)

Alex: Still spacing out? The burden of Coupling is pretty bad, so take it easy.

Haku: Huh? Yeah, thanks...

Meanwhile in the lab on campus, Julia Marbler reviews the data.

Julia: So surprising, to think he can put out these results on a first deployment...so interesting. To think that there's other people with this ability...

The next day...

??1: Have you heard about the new student from Japan?
??2: To pull of a successful coupling on the first day, gotta be a genius, right?
??3: But there's a rumor he'll suddenly try to feel your breasts
??4: Eh!? No way!
??5: Say, did you know? Supposedly...
??6: ..He has a special condition that makes his coupling capable with any girl.

Alex: Yo, mister famous?

Haku: Ah, uh, Carter-san?

Alex: Alex is fine. You're a hot topic on the net right now
Comments on a phone thread
How's the new student as a person? - within 5 minutes
Ichijou Haku is a pervert - within 5 minutes
I wonder if the rumor is true, that as long as it's a girl he can couple... - 10 minutes ago
Someone go try coupling with the new student! - 15 minutes ago
He touched Chloe's breasts, yipes - (time unknown) (tbc)
Haku: I'm not happy to be the center of attention for that.
Alex: What's the deal then? The rumor that you can couple with anyone?
Haku: You already know that I'm suspended right now. I can't even touch a Valiancer right now. I don't understand the meaning of these rumors...

Haku sinks from elbow on table supporting head to arms stretch face flat against desk.

Haku: What are you doing, Haku. You came here to become a pilot and this happens...
Alex: Consider it a well-learned lesson then.
Haku: right...

Alex: (Then again, the way the rumor sprang up seems unnatural. Yes, he pulled of a coupling on his first day, which is enough for a rumor, but this complexity for the rumor...did someone leak the information on purpose? If that's the case then, Ichijou Haku is really...

Alex: Why don't you try it? Coupling with every girl here?

Haku: But I'm suspended right now...

Alex: Of course, after you get permission to. No matter how good of a pilot you are in this age, you need Coupling to win in a Valiancer fight now.

Panel shows off various girls. Natalie resting her head on her arms face down, Bēroul looking for something on her datapad, Gia learning from Shion something about their phone device with Rui looking on. Lin and Sophilia chatting about something on their phones, Ada staring straight ahead at the lecture podium.

Alex: Everyone's looking for their own buddy. You're aiming to be an Ace pilot as well, right?

Alex: your mystery cinderella is probably one the students here, after all.

Haku: Don't joke around like that.

Alex: But you want to meet her, right?

Haku: (But...)

Haku looks out the window to see two valiancers in the sky.

Haku: (I guess he's right. I can't can't be the Valiancer Pilot I want to be by myself.

Chloe: A moment of your time? Ichijou Haku, pair up with me. I'll forgive you for yesterday if you do.

Haku: Chloe..

Alex: Oh look, that was fast.

Chapter 1 END

expectedly generic
I would find it hilarious if they did Love Live but went fuck it and made Love Live Xenoglossia.
I'd honestly pay to see that.
But Love Live is great. Honestly I'm happy with anything that Studio 8 makes, they know how to make good anime, no matter the genre.
>Looking at all this, it seems like they were actually planning on making this a much bigger franchise. Kind of makes me sad that it's pretty much officially a dead franchise.

The problem is the anime chose the most generic mecha set up ever (time-travelling be damned) that it doesn't look interesting at all

Not to mention, it's SO uncharacteristic for Studio 8 to do something that doesn't have a shit load of prominent female characters taking center stage

With all those supposed designs they could have had a better chance to construct a story about them instead of the bland 2 guys and a girl story
Story time will resume in 8-10 hours
-Signed Buddy Anon
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