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I'll start.
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I'll start.
An alien life form, called Demoni are taking over Earth by blowing up cities and capturing civillians.
When MC was young, she witnessed her mother be captured by one of them, as she fled with her childhood friend.
Mechas are developed to fight against this evil race known as Viktors.
MC becomes a pilot of a Viktor because she will do anything to find her mother.
In the end, it's shown that the humans started this war in the first place and her mother is long dead.
MC is also shown to bare some kind of superpower, which helps make this development.
>Demoni are taking over Earth
>she witnessed her mother be captured by one of them
>Humans started this war in the first place and her mother is long dead

Who are you, M. Night Shaymalamalmalmalan
What a shitty plot
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>There is boy
>He go to high school
>Second year student
>Meet girl
>They have flirts
>there is dramas
>one day girl confess
>boy is happy
>but then disaster!
>girl hit by sumo wrestler
>girl is kill
>sad end
>boy name is Mecha.
Two buddies find a super robot and fight aliens or some shit with hot-blooded manliness. There's a girl at some point and they use something weird as their weapon themes, like lengths of chain or railroad spikes.
There's a group of faggots on the Internet who argue about grunt robots being better than super prototypes. So they sneak onto a military base to try to steal some on a dare from an internet troll. Four guys get in the grunts and one guy gets in a prototype machine so they can test out their theory. But they're not mechanically adept and they just press random buttons. One guy self-destructs, one guy launches himself in the jettison seat, splattering all over the ceiling of the hangar they're in and two of them actually managed to get the machines moving before crashing them into each other. The guy in the prototype doesn't move or do anything because he was the troll all along and is laughing his ass off. He then jumps out of the machine and gets arrested. His friends having caused millions of dollars in damage, he's sent to prison where he's raped by Jamal for fifty years. When he comes out of prison in his sixties, robots are now civilian use machines and require a license to drive. However, convicted felons cannot apply for one so he goes to his friend's graves and weeps. A robot hand erupts from the dirt and squeezes his throat. His friends actually didn't die, they were taken by the military and turned into cyborg killing machines. They waited for ten years for him to show up so they could kill him for trolling. They bury him in their graves and then fly off in their own grunt mecha, heading to the American space elevator.
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Giant Monsters attack Earth destroying mankind. Only a small resistance group using modified M1 Abrams tanks with a mecha upper body. The pilots are teens who watched their families die in front of them, and they are cold blooded killers.The action is griity, the movements are animated with weight, and there is gore.

Thus my story begins with Shinji the unwilling Monster attacking Earth because his father told him too
A persian gulf war meets wuxia martial arts story set among Saturn and Jupiter. With giant robots, of course.
So G Gundam except on Jupiter?

>Futuristic setting with flying stuff
>MC is some girly boy shit
>works at a second hand machine store
as a delivery person
>one order goes wrong when a customer gets fucking destroyed by local mafia
>they see the MC with the look of rape
>MC opens package, finds wonky arm guard
>a fucking car size hover jet comes out from the dead guys house
>transforms and beats the crap out of the mafia

>whole series is full of escaping the mafia, exploring the world and finding out what the fuck happened

>also your (bro) boss and his store get gunshipped to death
This shit writes it's self:

>Evil aliens (who think they are right) invade earth
>X-teen year old (older than 10, but younger than 18) normal school kid
>Grandpa/Father/Mother is amazing super scientist
>Kid pilots giant robot made by Grandpa/Father/mother for justice
>Robot is powered by borderline magic
>After a while robot is destroyed beyond repair
>Newer shiner stronger robot/upgrade/re-build
>Evil aliens get curb stomped and leave/fight to the last
>Finally the evil alien leader fight's MC
>Desperate struggle
>MC is victorious
>Earth is saved

Ad twists to taste and bake for 12-25 episodes.

Alternatively :

>Spacenoids are sick of Earth's shit (or vice versa)
>X-teen year old (older than 10, younger than 18) somehow ends up in military's super secret prototype genocide machine
>starts to push spacenoid/Earth's shit in
>reluctantly ends up part of military to protect friends/family/both
>MC rebels for a while
>MC grows up a bit
>robot gets fucked up
>replacement/upgrade is produced using old parts/from scratch
>it out preforms old one by miles
>Spacenoids/Earth surrenders/fights to the last
>Victory via peace/surrender of Spacenoids/Earth
>peace never lasts for long

Add twists to taste, bake for 12-50 episodes.
That's... surprisingly creative
And Saturn.

No, but although G. is my favorite gendum, I have my beefs with it, such as Tournament Arc and Domon being an oblivious retard , that presumably wouldn't make it into this hypothetical work.
>Boy finds mecha out in wilderness
>deconstructs it and sells it as scrap metal
>giant aliens come to attack earth and blow it up without issue
>last scene is dude sitting in a shack thinking "wow this sucks"
Somethings happen and protag gets a giant robot.
Somethings happen.
Last episode, the protag fights in a giant robot against a giant robot in a giant robot.
The entire world goes up in flames in a global war that completely wipes out humanity.

The only thing left are humanity's autonomous machines, many of which roam the Earth freely. A small shipment of the latest model domestic androids, designed to look exactly like humans and equipped with learning computers (among other useful domestic functions, if you know what I mean), manages to survive the destruction while in storage. The androids wake up in the ruins of the city. At first, they don't know what to make of it and try to uncover what is going on. As they make sense of their new surroundings, they begin to rebuild and piece back together the civilization that humans left behind, repairing shelters and broken equipment and infrastructure.

In the end, they decide to leave their newly built home in search of others like them. As they meet other sentient machines and eventually a small band of human survivors that come out of the seas, they learn what it means to be human - what it means to be good, and to be evil.
Well done anon!

I'd watch that.
An alien race settles on several planets within a star system and destroys all knowledge of space travel, after years of unnecessary war. On one such planet, covered in dense jungle and sprawling plains, infighting quickly reduces the people to a state of precivilization, and several thousand years pass. The MC, a young male from one of this planet's primitive tribes, is out exploring one day when massive spirits appear in the sky. Afraid, he runs into a forbidden area, wandering into a strange cave where a giant statue stands. He touches it, and it moves, beckoning him inside itself. Then, in a language not unlike his own, it warns him that the area is under attack, and carries him away from his burning world and into the sky.

What follows is the trials of this male as he is thrust into the service of his interplanetary brethren, using his Xygguraut to defend against the war-like ambassadors from a far-flung star called Sol.

That's gen 1.
Humanity builds the first city state colony on the ocean surface. The nation of Atlantis declares independence from the surface nations that built it. Sitting on sea mounts in tropical Pacific waters .Atlantis has become extremely wealthy with mining and selling electricity to Japan, Philippines, Taiwan and China. Undewater mining and construction has developed underwater mecha. That can get around the ocean surface better than submarines.

Our hero is an ethnic Japanese young adult named Keiichi. Keiichi is a pilot of a Naga class mining Mecha and crew member of the Poseidon mining submarine.

It was just another day when an brewing economic crisis in China boils over. China's Communist Party decides to solve their economic crisis by conquering Atlantis. Their initial invasion is partial defeated. China occupies the outer western habitat domes and mining facilities. The Poseidon and Keiichi are drafted into the Atlantis military. The war grinds to a halt in an uneasy cease fire.

During the cease fire the Poseidon and Keiichi are sent on a black ops mission to tunnel from an abandoned mining site to the Chinese held habitat dome, disguised as a rogue mining operation. While on this mission Keiichi comes across a Chinese mining operation. Keiichi is captured for a time and meets a female Chinese mining rover operator named Lan.

Show then goes on from there. As the Poseidon, Atlantis Military, Chinese military, and Lan's mining crew fight for Atlantis and love.

I have a whole world in my head

>The kind of futuristic with a Magical twist
>Magic, machinery and alchemy come together and make something glorious

I've actually thought up more after the plot start

>MC return to store
>boss being a total bro tries to calm MC down
>fuckers from the mafia come in
>boss goes full raid boss and tells you to escape
>escapes to a costal mage town
>learn some magicks
>fuckers from some edgy assasin guild come kill the mages
>and want the MC pussy too
>now the mafia and the guild go on a wild goose chase

Also the amount of "tech" I made up is insane

>Cowbow Bebop esqu bounty system that places a price and threat level of a person/ship
>Cool overlay that appears showing details and stuff
>certain levels of threat would call the MP

>A pistol that can transfom to a blade/repair gun

>Equipment that can convert mana to mechanical energy

>Soul engine that permantly turns you to a battery for tools, though comas are common.

Also I play this world in my dreams, its odd
I just spent like 20 minutes typing out a crazy ass plot and then accidentally swiped and my computer went "back" fuck me Im not typing that out again. You guys quite possibly will never get to hear about the greatest animu never made.
A Super Robot parody centered around a Getter-style team of three pilots. Episodes poke fun at different cliches:
>Lead pilot loses his voice after yelling too much, has trouble fighting
>Fat pilot is paranoid that he'll die in a upcoming battle
>The team visits a hardware store to choose a finishing weapon that hasn't been done before
>A lowly MOTW, waiting for his turn to fight, wants to be taken more seriously by the boss
>The enemy finds success in a new tactic, shooting at the hero mecha while it combines
> An enemy pilot shorts out the hero mecha's sound system, keeping the theme song from playing, morale falls
a normal monster vs. human story
> each episode show human try their best to fend off a monster, and usually ended with the monster back to the sea
> every episode the monster getting stronger and human should race against it
> ended with monster farted and exploding the planet
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Okay so like it's in ancient Egypt and all the characters get magic powered mechs themed after/supported by Egyptian Gods. The main character is a Greek from Corinth. Why Corinth? Athens & Sparta are too popular. He's supported/has the Horus mech. They all fight and the winner gets to be pharroh or somefhing. Main character spends the entire show talking about how Greek gods are better. He only thinks it's a get rich quick game. At the end he realizes he'd have to be pharaoh of he won and tries to throw the last fight. He succedes and goes back to greece for some reason he still has his mech, and he meets Athena and Horus at the end who for no real reason and despite being from different.t pantheons know each other
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I posted this in the last thread we had, but I think the thread was bumped off/deleted not long after I posted. I thought a little more about it, too. Essentially, it was like Dougram meets LoGH with a bit of the Korean War sprinkled in:

Centuries into the future, Humanity now occupies roughly 20 star systems. By this point, it consists of two powers: the Stellar Alliance, ostensibly a confederation of the independent, democratic worlds closest to Earth but, in reality, dominated by Earth's richest oligarchs, and the Stellar Republic, 7 worlds which broke off from Earth's domination in a bloody war 300 years ago. It also claims to be democratic, but in reality is ruled by a junta consisting of the descendants of the generals who led it to victory in the last war--close to a monarchy, essentially.

The two sides are naturally in a cold war, but the discovery of a large, rich planet inhabited by refugees from the last war who secretly colonized it threatens to destroy the balance of power in the galaxy. The series would begin with a civil war, fought by power armored soldiers, on the planet over whether they should join the Alliance, the Republic, or maintain independence.

The story would center on two kids going to school at the beginning of the civil war, who nearly die when a botched bombing from pro-Republic partisans destroys their school. This motivates one of them to join the pro-Alliance party, while the other joins a separate (and more radical) Independence group. The story would track these two boys as they grew into young men and eventually older men. One character fights for the Alliance against the Republic when both invade, but growing disenchanted with all sides, while his former best friend grows more and more fanatical, ultimately committing acts of terrorism worse than the one which initially set both of them on their divergent paths.
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Cold War takes a turn for the worse, instead of a space race, the US and Soviets poured their money into ICBMs.
50years later the world is now split into two, east and west. Missiles have been replaced with railguns and long ranged lasers, leading to giant 1000km wide no-mans land, where any object that enters is immediately met with kinetic energy projectiles and high powered beams.

Reminiscent of World War 1, continent wide unbreakable trenches scar Europe with no foreseeable end in sight.
This is until america in secret introduces the Blitz-Unit, small(3m) battle armors meant to get soldiers across No-Mans Land at high speed.
Equipped with 2 large hip mounted jet thrusters, the Armors fly NOE at speeds in excess of mach 5, under all radar detection.
meant to break through defenses, These highly skilled soldiers boost behind enemy lines and destroy or disable the enemies AA-capabilities.

This is, however, until the Soviets reveal their own Blitz-Unit, leading to a second arms race, where high speed jet propelled mechs dogfight in the barren wastelands of Eastern Europe
The story is about a mixed squad of trainee pilots for VOTOMS style mini-mecha.
First few episodes focus on character interaction and SOL while they go through military life on a base way out in the boondocks.
Suddenly, war is declared, but our heroes are out on an exercise and survive the destruction of their base.
Our heroes must make their way across suddenly hostile territory, living off the land, until they can reach friendlies again.
With their experience and on the job training, they are one of the most experienced combat unit still surviving, and are chosen to mount a decapitation strike on the enemy.
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>training arc where Pilots compete for the best time flying through a giant desert canyon

so long as it's FAST
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Get ready for all my award winning story

>Mech Type:
Real & Super (yes)
A galactic war
>Story Premise:
This is a world were empire made of hundred of planet wage their war using two sort of weapon.
- Gigantic fleets of AI-controlled spaceship obeying realistic law of physics
- and CUSTOM GIANT ROBOT, said to be made of "super science" and manned by heroes which seem to follow the rules of cool, courage and wisdom.

The AI-fleets cannot FTL without those Magic-robot which cannot be controlled by anybody too clever
And thus warfare revolve around pilots fighting mostly for moral or psychological superiority and through the limitation of that hyper-secretive "super-science", the AI-fleet trying to overwhelm the pilots and threatening to bring untold destruction if those doesn't surrender.

But it's implied there's something very wrong going. The pilots of those giant machine are never very bright and all governments keep their population in the dark.
The only exception to those breathtaking battle of stupendous scale are small groups of "terrorist" (made of quite smarter pilot) with very tiny robot of surprisingly superior super-science.

We follow the adventure of one of those Imperial hot-blooded pilot during his glory and fall as he begin to understand the truth behind the super-science.
The truth ? The super-science is all a nonsensical fluff, hiding CRYSTAL of UNKNOWN ORIGIN that allow to REWRITE PHYSIC with your MIND ...as long as one do not know they do.
Thus unknowingly our hero lose his ability to pilot those GIGANTIC SUPER WEAPON as he understand how they really work.

He'll discover that the "terrorist" are made of people who discovered why those CRYSTAL worked like that. Those are the remnant of (now) Ascended being who had built them to refuse being -knowingly- used to oppress.

A truth that government try to hide, as the current system grant them power over uneducated mass.
In fairy tales, many forget the modern age.

We are in 2657 after the great beginning, of all the species who lived in those day by 1880 only the tools-user prevailed as major entity.
The human obviously were the first one to reach industrial age, being weak per nature and relying upon their technology. Then came the Elves, discovering out of the blue how fast human flying-vehicle were progressing. The Dwarf, master of the Earth entered an economic race going as far as to ally with gnomes.

But many other species, relying too much on their innate strength were driven to near extinction. Even the mighty Dragons are now an endangered species hunted for their scale and kept into reserve. Orc and goblins enslaved during the dark age were still treated as cheap workers up to 1950 although they once ruled over entire continent.

The Fairykind adapted by quickly becoming indispensable to other species. Human needed spy and portable-magic-source, Elves needed to spy upon human and grew used to play long-living councelor. Dwarf guilds liked fairies for their ability to do high-frequency trading and scout mines.
Yet, Fairykind never shined as much as they once had... until the modern age. Miniaturization of technology gave them more and more power at a low cost, they also became first rate repairers.

Proud descendant of the great Fruitpip Flamewand, Cybcore Flamewand had been gifted with her incredible control over "flame". Greatest warrior of the CyberFairies Corps her armor allow her to channel a power similar as of a great dragon, she is a pretty big deal for such a small personae. Easy to burst into flame too.

Today she's been asked to investigate with an human officer. The investigation that started checking on human alchemists would lead them to preventing the activation of dangerous void-technomancy created by Elves Suprem(r)acist.

Before leaving her mentor Saturn Cryowand had warned her "Be careful, Human can be charming"(...to fairykind).
We are living the last moment of Earth.

A pulsar is about to destroy the entire solar system in less than a century. To survive extinction Mankind dedicated all its effort to create as much Colony ship as possible.
Earth was ransacked, considered lost Earth-bound government collapsed as most of humanity tried to claw its way into space, and secure a place on a space colony.
To maximize their chance of survival the thousand colony ships are prepped to all begin interstellar travel simultaneously.

50 years later we are now in the last month before the great departure, from Earth's surface one can see the occasional and incredible radiance of their engines tests.
Earth is a wasteland inhabited by various community, groups who don't believe in the apocalypse, misguided organization hoping to survive in underground or underwater base, new world order fanatic trying to build a last utopia, religious clans & sects gathering mortals to transcend, bandits, scavengers and just forsaken inhabitant trying to survive on what's left of mankind's cradle, devastated by pollution and colonization wars.

Our story begin with the death of the MC's last relative and the beginning of his quest to board a colony ship.
His ace in the sleeve is a AI+mech of exceptional endurance and resilience. Originally built to explore Mars for resources (before they stopped building the last colony) it is able to walk for days through impossible terrain.
In this fabulous tales of mankind's innate will to survive our MC will encounter many complex personality.
We need some nerdy millionaires to fund this, this shit is amazing
This could be hilarious if done well
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Super Robot Clash !

In a world where a few mad-scientist are gifted, 2 of them build giant robot to defend their country's industries.
- One is a old man, very narcissistic, He build armies of complex little robots who assemble into a modular super-robot. His attack are always carefully planned trap
- The second is a young boy building Overpowered but basic Super-Robot always bigger like a Matryoshka doll.

Both country had the idea to have another "gifted" as collaborator for those mad-scientist, mostly in the desperate hope of keeping material damage to a minimal.
- One is a women capable of inspiring people by her simple presence, except it doesn't work on the narcissistic old man.
- The second is a serious adult man, like a perfect butler. His gift is to make machine absolutely safe... alas he can never get the young boy to listen to him.

One day, the two collaborator meet in the ruins of an after-battle. Later in a coffee-shop a waiter get inspired to create the most perfect coffee in the surest coffee-maker ever, and both decide to stop the needless destruction by devising a plan to teleport both mad-scientist to the moon during their next combat.

And it work !
But once done, they realize that the 2 country will now war in a very bloodier way, no more predictable attack, no more preemptive evacuation, both side will use army of little bloody bot until new mad scientist appear

Will the collaborator manage to install a lasting peace ?
Will the 2 mad-scientist on the moon stop fighting and put their difference aside ?
It is the year 2215, and a third of humanity has moved out to underwater colonies due to the dangerously high water levels caused by global warming. The business of scavenging the oceans is booming. In the sweltering heat and in the shady depths, teams utilize submarines and robots to search out bounties made by mega-corporations. In this world contrasted by wild oceans and sprawling cities, a small rough and tumble scavenging crew accidentally unravel the mystery of an android girl and the vanished colony she belongs to.

Okay, she didn't have to be an android, per se, that's just personal preference.
Okay, so

An abridged retelling of MSG and the OYW

But it's all performed by cartoon dogs and cats

The dogs are feddies, the cats are zeon

And each episode is only like 8-10 minutes long

And all the mobile suits are the same, except their heads have the features of their pilot's species

Norio Wakamoto plays all the cats

Jouji Nakata plays all the dogs
>bla bla bla Norio Wakamoto

SOLD. When does production start?
bumping a thread I would love to not have to bump
>boy is mecha
>Man is robits
>Man has fights
>Bad robot is wemon
>Man is also wemon from same planet but he no know
Engine Heart as an anime? 8/10 would try.
Thread replies: 42
Thread images: 13
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