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#gnudamwar #fuksherokkro #katrro

it'll be there when it finishes
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woah threads can self-bump again? or is it a time delay?
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hrm. so less than 20 mins, more than 1.5 mins
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So this is a bit of a special night for me. Well, morning at this point. Probably the last day for a while that I won't have to wake up for work the next day.
I was thinking, being such a worker, reminds me of a country. A country we all know and love.
A country north of the 38th parallel.
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The new school year (2015-2016) began today in the DPRK with due ceremonies at schools.
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New kinds of textbooks were published on the basis of the experience gained last year when the Universal 12-year Compulsory Education began to be enforced.
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School uniforms and school things were supplied to all entrants to primary schools across the country.
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Educational environment was improved with up-to-date computers and experimental apparatuses.
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Choe Kon, a freshman at Kim Il Sung University, told KCNA that he felt refreshed to study at the university, the highest seat of Juche-oriented education.
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Song Un Byol, mother of O Su Hyang, a new entrant to the Sangsin Junior Secondary School in Sosong District, Pyongyang said in tears that her daughter has benefited from the universal free compulsory 12-year education system. She will bring up her daughter to be a talent, she added.
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Choe Ok Gum, principal of Songnam Primary School in Songchongang District, Hamhung City, said that she would do her best to train the pupils to be pillars of Songun (military-first) Korea equipped with ample knowledge, high morality and strong body, true to the educational policy of the Workers' Party of Korea.
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Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, gave field guidance to the machine plant managed by Jon Tong Ryol.
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In August last year when visiting the plant associated with the patriotic devotion of leader Kim Jong Il, he gave it tasks for consolidating its material and technological foundation, developing various cutting-edge machine products and making light aircraft.
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Going round the plant, he learnt in detail about the development and production of new products.
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He noted with pleasure that its workers made a marvelous sci-tech achievement with worldwide competitive power in the course of developing cutting-edge equipment and thus provided a solid springboard for rapid progress of the DPRK's machine-building industry.
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The plant has a very important mission and role to play, he said, stressing that it should push forward a drive to develop the country's machine-building industry onto a higher stage.
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To train talented persons is more important than to update equipment in a drive for modernizing the plant, he said, adding that deep attention should be paid to the work for building up the designing force and the ranks of technicians and skilled workers and providing the scientists and technicians with better working and living conditions.
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Then he watched the test flight of light airplanes produced at the plant.
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He learnt in detail about mechanism, performance, etc. of the newly-made light airplanes before giving an instruction to start the test flight.
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meh, I guess it's up to others to bump it then, whatever
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Watching their flight, he expressed his great satisfaction over the fact that the plant with a long history is producing not only military aircraft but also various types of civilian airplanes at will.
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And he got aboard one of the planes to personally conduct its take-off and landing test, saying: I have to try the airplane as it was produced by our working class. This will please our scientists, technicians and workers and encourage them to the dynamic work for attaining a higher goal.
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Noting that last year he gave an instruction to make light aircraft and sent samples, he praised the officials, scientists, technicians and workers of sectors concerned, the plant and other relevant industrial establishments for having successfully manufactured those planes whose all equipment and apparatuses are home-made. And he warmly asked officials to convey his greetings to them.
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He expressed great expectation and belief that the officials and workers of the plant would give a facelift to their factory as required by the new century, make a great leap forward in the production of advanced machines and thus creditably play a role of the vanguard and shock brigade in the building of a thriving nation.
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Pyongyang Agricultural College under Kim Il Sung University is paying much effort to improving education.
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The college gives priority to the heuristic method of teaching, while intensifying experiments and practical training.
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It is attaching great importance to foreign language education, so that students can learn from latest agricultural science and technologies.
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In particular, it has made fine achievements in producing educational multimedia and up-to-date experimental apparatuses by its own efforts.
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It has also steadily improved the method of examination to evaluate the academic abilities of students.
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It is impossible to think about a genuine life of the people in south Korea.

Recently a U.S. opinion poll body surveyed more than 40 countries and regions of the world, whose result said only 9 percent of south Koreans were satisfied with their life.
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According to it, 75 percent of south Koreans said one's success depends on one's parents' wealth, bribery, irregularities and corruption, not on one's own efforts.

There is a saying that efforts are a key to success.
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However, this does not work in the corrupt south Korean society where unpopular policy rules and the dollar almighty principle prevails.

Owing to the south Korean authorities' unpopular policy, economic crisis is getting serious and the life of the south Korean people is extremely deteriorating.
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Gap between the rich and the poor in south Korea recorded an all-time high due to the neo-liberalistic economic policy centering on plutocrats based on the principle of market-almighty that has been pressed for by the south Korean authorities.
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The present chief executive came to power with her commitment to "economic policy prioritizing people's welfare." But for the past two years the south Korean people's sufferings and uneasiness have increased.
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Commitments to "democratization of economy" that claimed the protection of weak businesses have become nothing but an empty promise.
Wow, not a single post? Poor dorkly.

I don't remember a time when I haven't been able to bump my own threads though. From the sounds of it they only set a very small time limit for people who post fifty times a second so that they aren't spamming like fuck.
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ah, it's no big deal

seems like it's something where you don't post in that thread for however long and then it can bump
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I wonder if it's five minutes
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so it's less than 6:30
>A country north of the 38th parallel.

Got goosebumps here.
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Policy for preferential treatment for plutocrats and big businesses has caused huge financial deficit and extreme social inequality.
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Under Park Geun Hye's rule the south Korean people have suffered disasters of economy, personnel shakeup and people's living to experience the falsity of the "era of the people's welfare" claimed by the ruling quarters.
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All kinds of corruption, irregularities and bribery of the south Korean authorities are stunning the people.

91 percent of south Korean people are dissatisfied with their life. This is the reality of south Korean society without future.
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The Indian paper Voice of Million carried an article titled "New strategic line" on Mar. 20.

A new strategic line was advanced at the March, 2013 plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, the paper said, and went on:
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The DPRK's decision was the most just and wise option.

Its new strategic line is the most realistic one suited to the specific conditions of the DPRK as it aims to build a thriving socialist nation.
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The Korean people suffered many obstacles and difficulties in economic construction in the past.

It was because it had to divert huge human and material wealth to bolstering up its military muscle, though it should have served economic development and improvement of the people's living standard, owing to the ceaseless sanctions, pressure and threat of aggression by the U.S. and other hostile forces.
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Given that the DPRK has had access to a powerful nuclear deterrence for self-defense, its people now have become possible to accelerate the building of an economic power at will under safer circumstances.
I don't have anything to contribute but this gave me a sensible chuckle.
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The Korean people regard the country's sovereignty and dignity dearer than their lives and staunchly fight for them at the cost of their lives.
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The world will clearly see the DPRK successfully building a thriving socialist nation, mercilessly smashing the imperialists and their followers' threat of a war by dint of the powerful nuclear deterrent.
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stop posting my beloved Zolo. 1/144 never.
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existence is suffering
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Statues of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il erected in Rason City were unveiled on Friday.

They were erected on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung.
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Consciousness is suffering.
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Present at the ceremony were Kim Yong Nam, Choe Ryong Hae, Hyon Yong Chol and other senior party, state and army officials, the chief secretary of the Rason City Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), the chairman of the Rason City People's Committee, officials concerned, officials of the units that contributed to the erection of the statues, builders, working people in the city, youth and students and service personnel.
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Present there on invitation were staff members of the Russian consulate-general in Chongjin and foreigners staying in the city.

The statues were unveiled by leading officials of the party, state and army.
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A floral basket whose ribbon bore the august name of Marshal Kim Jong Un was placed before the statues.

Laid before them were a floral basket in the joint name of the WPK Central Committee, the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) of the DPRK and the DPRK Cabinet and floral basket in the name of the people in the city.
File: 1410609184575.jpg (181 KB, 836x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Also placed there were floral baskets in the name of party and power organs, working people's organizations, institutions, industrial establishments, farms, universities in the city and units of the Korean People's Army and the Korean People's Internal Security Forces.

Foreigners staying in the city laid a floral basket before them.
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64 KB, 502x732
The participants paid tribute to them.

Kim Yong Nam, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee who doubles as president of the SPA Presidium, addressed the ceremony.

He said that the city is associated with the revolutionary leadership of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
The people in the city turned out as one to dedicate themselves to the erection of the statues at the highest level in a short span of time, with ardent yearning for the great leaders and with firm faith and will to glorify their history for all ages, he noted.
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famicom metroid.jpg
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He called on all officials and working people to hold Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in high esteem forever and get united close around the Party Central Committee headed by Kim Jong Un to march forward dynamically toward final victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche.

The participants were briefed on the statues before looking round them.
The 20th Food Festival took place at Pyongyang Noodle House from April 1 to 3 on the occasion of the Day of the Sun (the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung).
The festival brought together more than 900 service workers of 50 units selected from ministries, national institutions and provinces. It was divided into such panels as exhibition of sci-tech successes gained in cooking, exhibitions of holiday food and designated food, contest and demonstration of skills of cooks and waitresses.
I missed your image dumps Dorkly.
Presented to the festival were peculiar dishes, drinks and sci-tech successes made by them.

New dishes, processed food, cooking utensils, cookery books, video clips on cooking presented by public catering establishments were on show at the exhibition of sci-tech successes gained in cooking to draw attention of visitors.
File: Mega Force.jpg (276 KB, 1120x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mega Force.jpg
276 KB, 1120x1600
Designated food exhibition and holiday food exhibition showing various dishes, staple food and drinks added to the festive atmosphere.

There were also skill demonstrations of cooks and waitresses of various units including Pyongyang Catfish Soup House.

A closing ceremony was held on March 3.
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mlcici hvezda_300.jpg
209 KB, 1118x1550
Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, inspected KPA Navy Unit 164.
File: 0719_by_yukitan.jpg (160 KB, 900x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160 KB, 900x675
He was greeted by Senior Vice Admiral Ri Yong Ju, commander of the KPA Navy, Vice Admiral Ho Yong Chun, political commissar of the KPA Navy, and commanding officers of the unit.
File: 1415695938862.jpg (115 KB, 960x664) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He gave the unit a pair of binoculars and an automatic rifle as gifts and had a photo session with its seamen.

He went round the room for education in the revolutionary history and the room devoted to the unit's history. Seeing with keen interest the precious historic data, he recalled the undying feats of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il for the development of the unit which was personally organized by Kim Il Sung in May 1955.
File: 1423430005972.jpg (760 KB, 2067x988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He toured a monument to the field guidance of Kim Il Sung and high-speed transport boat No. 6251, which was examined by Kim Il Sung and whose test sailing was guided by Kim Jong Il.

Then he dropped in at the building of the unit command and gave important instructions for commanding and managing the unit. He set forth the tasks and ways for further building up the unit in keeping with the features of its combat duty and more thoroughly establishing the anti-Japanese guerrilla method of commanding and management.

dat samus
ctrl+f "warmonger"

Dammit DPRK do your fucking job.
This brings me back.

This is how I originally first saw Zeta. Thanks dorkly.
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