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Muv-Luv - how to get into it?
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Heard a bit about Muv-Luv over the years but I've never been near any of the games.

Can any of it be obtained in English? Ideally uncut? I've heard it has "adult content" but is it just a mecha-hentai? Or is there more to it?
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There may be a more updated guide than this one, but here, how to Muv-Luv.jpg
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Here's the link to the stash.

Have fun.
>2.46 MB

Thanks, but does anyone have a version not on MediaFire?

To download that, I'd either have to grab every file individually or upgrade.

Unless something like Jdownloader can do it for me.
If I remember correctly, it's quite easy to grab the original games on torrent
>10-20 hours of high school nonsense to power through
This is going to be difficult
Are any of the Marimo side stories translated?
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>playing next answer
>almost out of ap and bp items

Got like 1,5 million points today on the current event and probably leaving it at that. I can't go on. Started playing this just this week, but feels bad that I can't really continue participating in this event, because only good way getting those drinks seem to be real money.

Also wanted that Yui EX card from those quests, but then there's a mission where I need to send invite to someone and that person needs to actually play the game too. Looks like I'm not getting that either.
if you mean English translated so far none. is Chinese scanlation ok with you?
>I've heard it has "adult content" but is it just a mecha-hentai?
Over the course of about 35 hours of Alternative there is something like 3-5 minutes of tits.
That sucks. Do they have manga adaptations? And if so, are those English scanlated?
manga adaptation? yes as it really related to Marimo. but still Chinese translation so far. English translation will have a long route to reach there.
My credit card doesn't even work there for some reason. You sure people outside Japan can even buy those coins?
I see. Thanks bud. Guess I'll have to wait. What is the name of the manga(s) btw?
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waiting OP.jpg
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Muv Luv Alternative manga, it do contain the past of Marimo, only a couple of chapter & i guess almost same as one the Muv Luv VN if i not mistaken.

good luck waiting for English translation, i'm still waiting chapter 73 Chinese scanlation to be out. update status under hiatus for like, 6 months or so.
derp, & i mean one of the Muv Luv VN which contain Marimo's side story.
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if you had played from the stard you had no problem in any event, i'm going like a train in this one, i still have more than 100 ap/bp drink
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>Chronicles 01 folder is called マブラヴオルタナティブクロニクルズ01
>Chronicles 02 folder is just called オルタクロニクルズ02
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Don't forget it's Kirke's birthday today.
There is a missing line in Takeru speech between "A dream of people risking their lives and living for the sake of protecting something." xxx "I think...only God knows which it was." in Amaterasu Trans.

I'm not sure what Takeru say/mean exactly but it's about dream, reality and waking up. Can someone tell me missing line?
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Why was it necessary to attack EVERY SINGLE HIVE in the world in Operation Ouka? As a "diversion"? What exactly were they "diverting"?

How could, say, the Evensk Hive which Zhar and the ESP squad attacked or the Lyons Hive which Zerberus attacked possibly dispatch reinforcements to the Kashgar Hive within the 24 hours they had before they defaulted to Operation Trident?

At worst, the most they should have needed to do is bombard any Hive from which Magnus Lux could fire on the XG-70 as it passed overhead in low orbit on its way to Kashgar, and even this is incongruent with Magnus Lux SOP and was not something they could have reasonably predicted in the initial stages of planning (before they were forced to move up the date of the operation by several weeks).

There really should not have been a need to launch an assault on every single Hive.

Operation Ouka, more like Operation Bwaka.
I skipped all that and played Muvluv Alternative first because im stupid, but it didnt stop me from enjoying it.
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Why does the Takemikazuchi's airframe have no lightning protection installed? Pretty much every modern aircraft is designed to channel electricity from a lightning strike safely away from the occupants as well as shielding the avionics and flight control systems. Pilots should not be electrocuted if they happen to stab a power line with their knives.
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